lotuspsychjegood morning to all05:10
Bashing-omhello lotuspsychje ... Turned slow .05:12
lotuspsychjehey Bashing-om05:12
Bashing-omjust about end_of_session for me.05:13
lotuspsychjeBashing-om: ok mate, have a nice one :p05:21
Bashing-omlotuspsychje: K; will see you and all .. on the flip . Take care .05:23
lotuspsychjemorning EriC^^06:20
EriC^^morning lotuspsychje06:20
EriC^^started work yet?06:20
lotuspsychjehave 2 weeks course06:20
EriC^^cool, how's it going?06:20
lotuspsychjegreat, its crowdy kitchen,but fun!06:21
lotuspsychjefrom 12-14 its real intense06:21
lotuspsychjeall kinds of dishes flying around lol06:21
lotuspsychjehave an appointment with my accoutant aswell to discuss the ubuntu store06:22
lotuspsychjebbl brakfast, see you later EriC^^06:25
EriC^^ok, later06:25
BluesKajHowdy all11:05
lotuspsychjegood afternoon to all13:45
OerHekshey the worker is back13:48
lotuspsychjei have day off today OerHeks :p13:49
lotuspsychje3 days course left in brussels, then ill start for real13:49
ducassehey, lotuspsychje, good luck with the new job :)13:53
lotuspsychjeOerHeks: in belgium there's a guy that has won 25.000 euro in court, because the company refused his soliciation because he was 'too old', so he went to court for age discrimination13:53
lotuspsychjethank you ducasse :p13:53
OerHeksyes we are too old ..14:04
OerHekstoo old to spend 25.000 too :-D14:04
lotuspsychjehey BluesKaj14:28
BluesKajhi lotuspsychje14:28
lotuspsychjewb EriC^^14:32
EriC^^thanks man14:32
EriC^^fml i think i signed up at the wrong company or something14:33
BluesKajlotuspsychje, mucking about with resize2fs is dangerous afaik and he's obviously not listening14:33
EriC^^my phone been going off giving new email msg arrived all day and yesterday14:33
EriC^^146 new emails wtf14:33
EriC^^all spam14:33
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: uh14:33
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: what did you signed up for?14:33
EriC^^i dunno14:33
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: yeah sounds like a monlogue to me..14:34
BluesKajyeah there's no point14:34
EriC^^it's a vps BluesKaj14:35
BluesKajyeah, we're supposed top read minds14:35
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: http://www.canonical.com/careers/all-vacancies 52 vacant oO14:36
lotuspsychjehey de-facto14:36
de-factoHey Guys :)14:39
BluesKajhi de-facto14:40
lotuspsychjeBrunoY: welcome14:44
BluesKajwell I'm impressed with mpv player. i renders difficult video very nicely even compared to vlc and and setting up a.mpv config file enables it to run Dolby Digital and DTS audio without a hitch ...so far> VLC will do this aswell , but not without a lot of setting up beforehand  and the video rendering is not nearly as smooth .15:26
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: yeah i very like smplayer aswell15:29
lotuspsychjeplays 1080p on my old ati X800 where vlc bottlenecks..15:30
BluesKajlotuspsychje, yeah , mpv is just a newer version of mpalyer which has always been a reliable video player15:30
lotuspsychjethink mpv installs togheter with smplayer15:31
lotuspsychje!info smplayer15:31
ubot5smplayer (source: smplayer): complete front-end for MPlayer, MPlayer2 and MPV. In component universe, is optional. Version 15.11.0~ds0-1 (xenial), package size 1453 kB, installed size 3845 kB15:31
lotuspsychjeyou gotta love those lightweight linux pro packages :p15:32
EriC^^man we need some new movies lotus15:34
EriC^^i think xmen apocalypse is out15:34
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: yeah saw that trailer15:34
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: im still waiting for the new kickboxer movie :p15:35
lotuspsychjetyson gonna be playing along lol15:35
BluesKajlotuspsychje, if you have DD and DTS capable audio equipment then this config fiel tut will work for you ;  http://shellscreen.blogspot.ca/2014/11/6-channel-aac-to-ac3-on-fly-encoding-on.html15:37
EriC^^the nice guys seems nice15:37
EriC^^how to make money15:38
DJonesEriC^^: You should suggest to ueber that they install Ubuntu for support :)15:40
DJonesI'm not a fan of not helping for questions just because they're not using Ubuntu, if its general, I don'thave any issues with support15:40
EriC^^same here15:41
lotuspsychjehe never mentioned his ubuntu version indeed15:44
DJonesHe did15:48
DJones16:23 < ueber> it's debian15:48
DJonesDoesn't bother me anyway15:49
DJonesSpecially when the channel is quiet15:49
lotuspsychjehi Switches15:49
Switchesheya lotuspsychje15:50
JanCBluesKaj: mpv is more like a quite different fork of mplayer currently16:03
BluesKajJanC, yeah , but mplayer is no longe being developed from what I read , mpv supposedly has replaced it.16:05
JanCmplayer 1.3.0 was released in February this year...16:08
JanCBluesKaj: mpv is a fork/successor of mplayer2, which itself was a fork of the still being developed original mplayer16:12
BluesKajforks knives , I'm not worried about splitting hairy definitions ...define if you must , but I'm not gonna lose any sleep over whether it's afork or not16:14
JanCBluesKaj: the point is that it's not "a newer version of"16:15
* BluesKaj shrugs ok , point taken16:16
BluesKajit's still a better performing player than vlc , that was my point16:17
JanCVLC has a slightly better UI for most people though16:18
JanCmost of the codec code is shared between all these projects too16:20
BluesKajstuff to do for a while ....BBL16:21
baizondamn, thats pretty hot... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUiEnTLFFdk16:53
lotuspsychjebaizon: nice 117:02
lotuspsychjebbl showertime17:03

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