berglhok, so the interface-scailing set to 1 works well00:18
berglhfollowing the login-userlist guide by using the same interface setting, doesn't scale the login screen on reboot, but it's scaled if i lock00:19
berglhanyway, not major dramas00:20
berglhthanks for your help00:20
jbichause the file darkxst mentioned instead00:24
berglhi've configured it, i'll try later01:04
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berglhdidn't work, missed the dconf update step though09:06
berglhhrm, even just editing the geeter.dconf-defaults only it didn't seem to scale at the login screen09:18
berglhanyway, not a major drama, would be nice to know how to adjust though :)09:18
berglhhmm, thought it might of been login screen resolution, but copying my monitor conf to /var/lib/gdm3/.config didn't seem to help09:22
berglhdoesn't seem to adjust resolution at all after login09:23
berglh"first world problems"09:23

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