CarlFK00:1f.2 RAID bus controller: Intel Corporation SATA Controller [RAID mode] (rev 02)00:30
CarlFKnot sure how it was configured... ran the installer, it seems to have installed, but wont' boot00:30
CarlFKI am in rescue mode, I was able to mount /dev/md126p1 and see the root fs.  here is fdisk / df http://paste.ubuntu.com/16880009/00:32
CarlFKhmm.. I should take this to #u00:32
cyphermoxCarlFK: please file a bug, make sure you add as much information as possible (such as booting with 'verbose' and capturing the error messages on the console, so you probably want to take a picture)01:55
CarlFKcyphermox: k - what do I file the bug against ?02:03
cyphermoxmdadm perhaps?02:04
cyphermoxwe can reassign as necessary02:04
CarlFKcyphermox: May 31 22:03:46 grub-installer: info: Installing grub on '/dev/md126p1'07:32
CarlFKis installing grub to a raid device supported ?07:33
cyphermoxCarlFK: in that case it should install to the underlying devices. grub-installer should already know how to do this and fail early if it's not supported (and tell you it's the case)13:14
cyphermoxif you can reach the rescue shell, you're already past booting with grub.13:14
CarlFKcyphermox: I booted the installer again13:14
cyphermoxoh, actually, it could be a left-over grub though13:14
CarlFKim 1/2 into reporting this against grub-installer ...13:15
cyphermoxI don't think there is sufficient information right now to say it's grub-installer13:15
cyphermoxif you want to report a bug, report it against mdadm, but make sure you add all the logs; that is to say, /var/log/syslog and /var/log/installer/syslog13:16
CarlFKdamm, missed that.  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub-installer/+bug/158788913:34
cyphermoxCarlFK: well, can the system boot after that? doesn't it fall down in an initramfs?14:07
cyphermoxI'll test this in VMs in a bit14:08
mowthegrassHi ..14:13
mowthegrassAny idea on how to pass a variable to a preseed file14:13
mowthegrassI am trying to execute the below14:13
CarlFKcyphermox: after what?  (the only thing I have done is chroot /target grub-install --force "/dev/md126p1" ... grub-install: error: cannot find a device for /boot/grub (is /dev mounted?).14:13
mowthegrassd-i partman/early_command string \14:14
mowthegrass'OSDISK=$(cat /proc/partitions | tr -s " " | cut -d " " -f4,5 | grep "[hsv]d[a-z]$" | sort -n | grep [0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9] | head -1 | cut -d " " -f2); debconf-set partman-auto/disk "/dev/$OSDISK";debconf-set partman-auto/disk \"/dev/$OSDISK\"; debconf-set partman-auto/method string lvm;’14:14
cyphermoxCarlFK: it would be nice if you could do a full installation and reboot at the end if it finishes successfully, so we know whether it manages to boot and all14:32
CarlFKcyphermox: I did do a full install, and it doesn't boot (post ends, cursor sits and blinks)14:33
cyphermoxthough, like I said, I'll do that myself later14:34
CarlFKcyphermox: it not boots - I think what fixed it: grub-install --recheck --no-floppy  /dev/md12616:21
CarlFKI'll re-run the preseed install, then rescue mode, then just that16:22
mowthegrassHello all has anyone tried to chainload a preseed configuration ?18:35
mowthegrassd-i preseed/include string seed1.cfg18:35
mowthegrasslike the above example is that available for Ubuntu installation i dont see this in the sample preseed txt file availble here (https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/installation-guide/example-preseed.txt)18:36
CarlFKmowthegrass:  I do19:16
mowthegrasscarlFK can you help me with a sample preseed file19:17
CarlFKmowthegrass: d-i preseed/include string preseed_video.cfg preseed_disk.cfg preseed_local.cfg19:17
mowthegrassThank you so much let me try that19:18
mowthegrassI am trying to dynamically create a preseed-disk.cfg by partman/early_command19:20
mowthegrassbasically changing the disk names and then perform a preseed/include19:21
mowthegrasslet me check on that , Thx19:21

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