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Mikaela*!*@*/freenode/staff/* (you forgot the asterisk after @)05:12
daxpsh, shouldn't trust staff-emeritus07:08
daxemerituses? emeriti? idk07:08
daxyeah, emeriti07:08
nhandlerI know I'm a bit late, but as dax said, the preferred entry is *!*@freenode/staff/* .18:18
totopalmaHi, could you please re-enable the clock with this nick? my profile on launchpad is https://launchpad.net/~palma-salvatore20:52
nhandlertotopalma: Did you old account expire or something?20:54
totopalmanhandler, yes, i have register this nick now20:58
Unit193totopalma: Sending you a message via LP, if you don't mind?21:01
totopalmaok :)21:02
Unit193nhandler: Cloaky please?21:04
Unit193ubuntu/member/totopalma looks about great.21:04
totopalmathanks :)21:04
Unit193nhandler: Thanks!21:05
nhandlerUnit193, totopalma: Done :)21:05

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