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mamarleyapw: It looks like the amd64 lowlatency kernel for v4.6.1-yakkety is busted and won't boot.  Here is the output I get: https://i.imgur.com/U9XvJEl.jpg.22:38
mamarleyBy grepping dmesg, it appears that the "ahci" driver is not loading, which would explain the lack of root device.22:41
mamarleyThe ahci.ko file is included in the initramfs and loads properly if I modprobe it.22:43
mamarleyIt looks like udev isn't working correctly, first because the module doesn't load to begin with and then if I load the module manually, the device files don't get created.22:53
mamarleyI am doing my own build of 4.6.1 now to see if that acts any differently.23:08

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