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HappybattlesHowdy y'all01:35
WattisLoveHi. When I switch windows via Alt+Tab is this the only switcher I have available? The problem I have with this switcher is you can't use the arrow keys to more quickly get to the window you want03:38
WattisLoveYou have to keep pressing Tab until you get to the window you need. This is not comfrotable when you have more than a few windows open.03:40
nomicshift alt-tab goes in reverse03:40
WattisLoveyes, but sometimes you also need to go up/down instead going through through rows03:41
nomici think it only rotates through the list left,right03:41
WattisLovethat's the problem03:41
nomicthere are options for window managers03:42
WattisLoveother switchers allow you to go any direction (withyour arrow keys). I'm using "marco no compositor". If I switch it to marco with compositor or compiz will I get this feature?03:42
bdragonslnot sure that I've seen an alt-tab switcher do that before.03:42
nomicask on #ubuntu (busier) or mate/ubuntu forums03:43
nomicubuntu forums is very busy03:43
nomicthis is sort of questin (window manager), that they will readily answer .. it is a general question, about functionality, not a problem03:43
bdragonslhave you tried switching to compiz and installing the compiz configurator?03:43
WattisLovebdragonsl, well, almost all fancy DEs have this feature but they exaggerate averything03:44
WattisLovenomic, by busy do you mean I have a good chance of finding the answer there, or do you mean it's so busy I'll have to wait03:44
WattisLovenvm, hadn't seen your last comment nomic03:45
nomicim saying there are busier places to03:45
WattisLovebdragonsl, I'm thinking of switiching to compiz but I really like the simplicity of marco03:45
nomic93 peeps in here ... normally 1900 in #ubuntu03:45
WattisLoveyeah, I'll ask them03:47
bdragonslI don't think that marco is just that, simple and no frills.  It's why they use it.  If you want the fancier stuff you have to use something like compiz for that.  Compiz isn't all that bad from what I've seen.03:48
bdragonslor used.03:48
WattisLoveI definitely dont want the fancier stuff, just the switcher feature03:49
bdragonslif you get the configurator you can disable pretty much everything that it does and just get the stuff that you do want.03:49
bdragonslyou don't have to have all the fancy transitions and stuff.  They just set that as defaults03:50
* WattisLove switiching to compiz now and willing to do all the configuration, but hoping not to lose his current top panel setup03:52
bdragonslthe window manager really doesn't mess with that sort of stuff.03:53
WattisLoveHey, I tried marco with compositor and I got the nice switcher03:54
WattisLoveJust in case you know, Is there anyway to only enable this switcher feature without having to enable the whole compositor?03:54
WattisLoveem, actually no, it still doesn't let you go up/down03:55
bdragonslI switched to compiz, I like all the bells and whistles, but need to install the settings app so I can configure all the window management since none of it is set by default.  But I'm being lazy right now.03:55
WattisLoveI was a bit distracted comparing software compositor hardware compositor etc. I'm now on compiz and the switcher list is only one horizontal row. I think I recall knoppiz which also uses compiz by default has the switcher set up in a grid fashion so that you can go any direction. I guess I have some researching and configuring to do04:01
sukilHello! I am a new user of Linux and I have decided to try several dystros, one of them being Ubuntu Mate. I am a user of Orca, and I am running Ubuntu Mate on a VM. When I turn the VM on from the Live CD, after hearing the startup sound, the sound seems to mute. Is there any command to turn up the volume again? Thanks!10:05
YankDownUndersukil: If you're using the live CD/live USB, things are going to be slightly difficult...however, the OS will respond to the volume keys on most keyboards...and as well, there is a volume icon on the menu bar on the top of the screen...(or should be)10:08
sukilYankDownUnder: OK, let me try the volume keys.10:10
sukilYankDownUnder: No, they don't work10:17
sukilYankDownUnder: Can this be done using the command line?10:17
YankDownUndersukil: In the live CD/USB you should just be able to adjust the sound from the icon on the menu bar at the top of the screen...but that also depends on the desktop that you're using...but in most instances, it's going to be in the upper right hand side of the menubar...10:19
sukilYankDownUnder: OK, I'll get a pair of eyes to help me then :)10:20
sukilYankDownUnder: Thank you very much10:20
YankDownUndersukil: If you open a terminal, you can try just typing "alsamixer" - and see if it's installed in the live CD/USB10:21
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tianrkingubuntu mate is so beautiful10:53
tianrkingi am new here10:54
sukilThis is weird. Now I've got sound, but I can't seem to do anything with Orca.10:55
sukilTried with Alt+ctrl+T and Alt+F110:55
sukilNo feedback, yet I know the first command works, as I can type "espeak hello" and it works10:56
YankDownUndersukil: Have you gone over: http://www.semicomplete.com/blog/geekery/disabling-battery-in-ubuntu-vms.html ??? Just wondering11:29
sukilYankDownUnder: No, but I don't use a battery, this is a desktop computer.11:31
YankDownUndersukil: Sorry...wrong URL...my bad...11:32
YankDownUndersukil: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Accessibility11:33
YankDownUnderNOT power related, not battery related...11:33
ouroumov__hi nighthawk_11:43
ouroumov__sukil, your Orca problem was solved?11:43
nighthawk_is theres any solution about amd drivers ? for ubuntu 16.0411:45
sukilWell, yes and no. I've got sound (I believe thanks to alsamixer) but Orca seems to not be working properly. I've tried pressing alt+F1 and alt+ctrl+t and it doesn't give any feedback11:58
YankDownUndersukil: Is that still using the liveCD/USB?11:59
sukilYankDownUnder: Yup. And I've read the info on the link you sent previously, I already knew that.12:00
YankDownUndersukil: Ok...so, you're STILL using only the liveCD/USB...and, um, you do know that the real functionality is going to come after it's properly installed, correct? "liveCD/USB" does not imply a complete and solid "installation" in any sense of the word...hmm?12:01
sukilYankDownUnder: So what does the "Try Ubuntu" button do?12:02
ouroumov__sukil, did you try starting Orca in the terminal?12:02
ouroumov__sukil, by typing "orca" after opening the terminal with CTRL+ALT+T12:02
sukilouroumov__: Yes, I did, Orca starts properly after I recover sound12:03
sukilOK, it seems I *do* have sound when Ubuntu Mate starts, only that alt+super+S doesn't start Orca. I start Orca from the Terminal (alt+ctrl+T, type orca) and I can "see" the install screen properly. I'm installing it now, let's see if I can use it after that with no problems.12:24
sukilThanks to everyone, will report back.12:24
ouroumov__good luck sukil12:30
sukilEven more weird. Installed Ubuntu Mate, Orca went off after completing the installation. So for rebooting I powered off my VM and removed the CD. I powered on the VM and now the only thing displayed (according to NVDA's OCR function) is "ubuntu MATE".13:15
sukilSorry for being so tiresome13:15
gordonjcpsukil: what did you expect it to have?13:26
sukilgordonjcp: Well... A desktop? The startup sound played? Orca speaking?13:27
gordonjcpokay, so what is it actually doing?13:33
sukilgordonjcp: I don't know. The only thing I can read is Ubuntu Mate. I can't enable Orca, and the terminal doesn't seem to even open.13:39
gordonjcpis it possible to boot it in verbose mode, and see if the boot process is getting stuck?13:41
ouroumov_gordonjcp, he won't see a lot13:42
ouroumov_hence the need for orca13:42
ouroumov_Oh wait13:42
ouroumov_sukil, you might be on the login screen13:42
ouroumov_try typing your password, then enter, then CTRL+ALT+T, then orca13:43
sukildamn, true13:43
sukilWell, I can't seem to solve it. I'll bother my family13:46
sukilHuh? Now Orca turns off for no apparent reason14:12
pi-davehi all - trying to run kodi on ubuntu mate on a pi but when it launches it just presents a blank screen and then crashes after about 30secs14:53
pi-daveanyone had a similar experience?14:53
pi-davefound this discussion on the subject https://ubuntu-mate.community/t/kodi-on-ubuntu-mate/415415:24
jp_Hi. - looking for help to make 1 key-chord to a non-existent key on my chromebook2.15:35
jp_Havent figured out the keyboard shortcuts applet for this - assuming it is possible.15:36
jp_Need <ctl><bksp> to be mapped to the normal DELETE key.   Ideas?15:36
jp_Mapping for applications is working fine - have chords working for email, browsers, passwd manager, calculator, etc ...15:38
jp_Would xdotool be the way?15:39
jp_so, not possible?16:04
ouroumovhi jp_16:27
ouroumovjp_, I don't think you can do that with classic network settings16:28
ouroumovI'm sure you can do it though, cause I did something similar for my father's laptop a few years back16:28
ouroumovI don't remember what that was though, and I've to go out for a while16:28
gordonjcpjp_: so you want <DELETE> to actually generate <CTRL><BACKSPACE>?16:29
ouroumovgordonjcp, no the opposite16:29
ubuntu-mateHi, somebody there ?17:06
ouroumovhi ubuntu-mate17:07
sweetlewHi, I'm having some trouble with Teamviewer on 16.04. And I couldn't get anywhere with the fucking rep over the damn phone.17:44
ouroumovhi sweetlew17:44
ouroumovsweetlew, can you describe the problem some?17:45
sweetlewYeah, it's saying that it can't connect due to me possibly running a proxy server. I tried to check, and haven't been able to com up with anything. Teamviewer rep was like "We only deal with licensed customers, not free users." I'M PISSED.17:46
sweetlewSo, how can I check about whether or not I'm running a proxy, and how do I resolve my issue with Teamviewer without resorting to going to the HQ and choking somebody out?17:47
ouroumovYeah, so what's most likely happening here is that your IP was put in a VPN / Proxy list and the teamviewer guys decided to screw you over.17:47
ouroumovThere is nothing you can do.17:47
sweetlewyeah, well how can I fix that? Warning: No/you can't/anything of that nature is NOT an acceptable answer.17:48
sweetlewI need teamviewer to do a backup job before I reformat an HD.17:49
ouroumovSee, the problem here is that you basically have to change your IP.17:50
sweetlewOk, how do I do that?17:51
ouroumovThere's a couple of ways to do that, but there is no way to predict whether the new IP will be on the same blacklist.17:51
ouroumovFirst option to change your IP is to connect to the Tor network. However, Tor exit nodes are usually blacklisted AND the bandwidth will be shitty.17:52
sweetlewYeah, well, I need one that apparently isn't blacklisted like yesterday.17:52
ouroumovSecond option is: you move yourself to another location such as as public Wifi hotspot, your workplace, your friend's home17:52
sweetlewI can't. This is a desktop, and I need teamviewer to be able to do this, like NOW.17:53
ouroumovThird option: spin up a VPS using a cheap VPS provider, and use it as a Proxy or VPN. This has no guaranty to succeed and this will require you to pay money.17:54
ouroumovAlso, this will require some time to set up.17:54
sweetlewAnd I don't want to do Tor, because I don't want Feds knocking on my door for shit that I'm not involved in.17:54
sweetlewAs for the third option, free is pretty much all I can afford.17:55
sweetlewSo, yeah.17:56
ouroumovSo yeah, unless you happen to have a VPN access to your work or something like that, I'm out of options17:57
sweetlewNo, I don't.17:57
sweetlewGOD FUCKING DAMNIT!!!17:57
sweetlewI need this to damn work!17:58
ouroumovYou don't have any way to trigger the backup other than teamviewer?17:58
sweetlewI do, but I requires me to move stuff around and clog up room on my desk. I was trying to fucking avoid that.17:59
sweetlewWho puts these IPs on blacklists?18:00
ouroumovDepends what list they're using. Could be something the Teamviewer guys maintain themselves, and since support won't answer your questions, there's no way to know.18:01
sweetlewYeah, well, I've had it with being fucked over.18:01
sweetlewMaybe we oughtta all call their number and demand answers.18:02
ouroumovAnd say what? 'The service you provide for no money is shitty' ?18:02
sweetlewNo, about the blacklisted IPs.18:03
sweetlewAnd keep calling them until they tell us.18:04
ouroumovI don't want to sound like I'm lecturing you, but there's also the option to not use teamviewer.18:04
ouroumovAlthough yeah, that won't be free.18:05
sweetlewAny other alternatives that will work around this proxy bs?18:07
sweetlew*free alternatives18:07
ouroumovWell I don't know of any. Maybe someone else here does but I suspect they would have already jumped in if they were reading our conversation.18:09
jp_ssh?  vnc?  dont know if those will fit for your needs.  I use ssh to manage 30+ systems fine.18:09
sweetlewWould setting up a samba share work?18:09
jp_Sorry - I stepped away.18:09
jp_I wouldnt use samba over the internet without a full, secure, IPSec-based VPN.18:10
sweetlewjp_: I'm experiencing a bullshit issue with Teamviewer, and their excuse for a rep was no help.18:10
jp_Ive nver used TV.  Never saw the need.18:11
ouroumovsweetlew, I was assuming you're using teamviewer because the IP of the target machine was not directly exposed to the Internet. Was I making a wrong assumption?18:11
jp_If they are behind a firewall, then they can start an ssh session to your systems, which must be on the internet.18:12
sweetlewourourmov: I was trying to run it from my desktop, and it says "Not ready. Please check your connection." I'm using my desktop right now to chat here.18:12
sweetlewSo, my connection is working great.18:13
jp_Or at least have whatever TCP port you like forwarded from the router into the system.  Once that connection is up, you should be able to get back into their system.18:13
sweetlewjp_:How do I do that?18:13
ouroumovjp_, I don't think there's anyone on site to do what he wants18:13
ouroumovsweetlew, am I wrong?18:14
jp_Of course, Im leaving out lots of little details like DDNS, router ports, firewall rules, installing openssh-server on your side ... but these are all pretty well-known in the Linux community.18:14
sweetlewourourmov: I don't know. I just want this resolved, so that I can get on with doing the backup.18:15
ouroumovhi mario_18:15
jp_On the far side, they just need an ssh client - to connect to your server.  If they are behind a corporate firewall, depending on the corporation security, it could be easy, difficult, or impossible.18:15
jp_Which backup tool do they use?  Is it shell or does it require a GUI?18:16
jp_Oh ... and what OS does the remote guy run?18:16
mario_ubuntu mate viva18:16
ouroumovsweetlew, can you describe the situation of the other machine ? Where it's at, what the network setup is like, if there's people around you can reach, what OS is running on it, and so on?18:17
ouroumovmario_, indeed. ^^18:17
sweetlewAll I'm trying to do is transfer files from a sluggish Dell Inspiron 1501 to a backup drive that's connected to my desktop. I've been able to use Teamviewer to transfer files back and forth using the desktop before, so I really don't see why it wouldn't work now.18:18
sweetlewBesides the IP issue.18:18
jp_For file transfers, I use sftp.18:19
sweetlewjp_: how?18:19
jp_sftp is enabled by using the openssh-server package.18:19
ouroumovAlright sweetlew, so do you have direct network access to the Dell Inspiron? Are you on the same LAN?18:20
jp_Then any Linux file browser with URL like ssh://
sweetlewourourmov: I have to connect it to my router via ethernet.18:20
jp_All of this works over the normal ssh port.18:20
ouroumovsweetlew, and right now you're connected on the same router?18:21
sweetlewjp_:I really don't understand ssh, so can you please ELI5? ourourmov: yes.18:21
jp_I generally dont work with desktop people much ... is ssh a foreign concept here?18:21
ouroumovsweetlew, great18:21
ouroumovsweetlew, then why in the hell were you using teamviewer in the first place?18:22
ouroumovsweetlew, OK, is the other machine running Linux too?18:22
sweetlewIt's currently running Ubuntu Mate 16.04 on a live disk.18:22
jp_So - both machines are running linux? Yes or no?18:22
sweetlewjp_: They're both running Ubuntu Mate 16.04.18:23
jp_Are they both on the same network?18:23
sweetlewourourmov: Because I didn't feel like  moving a lot of stuff around.18:23
sweetlewjp_: Let me dig out an ethernet cable and connect the laptop.18:24
jp_If the laptop isnt on a network, how would teamviewer work?18:24
ouroumovI can't believe both machine are on the same net. If I'd known that earlier...18:24
jp_Im thinking we install openssh-server on both systems, then he can use sftp from either one to transfer files.18:25
jp_Wouldnt hurt to install fail2ban as well.18:25
jp_BTW, there are sftp clients for every networked OS that I know or have ever heard about.18:26
ouroumovI'm thinking he already has UM installed on his laptop so he installs openssh-server there, than rsync from the live session on the desktop to his laptop18:26
ouroumovthen *18:26
jp_Whats UM?18:27
ouroumovUbuntu MATE18:27
jp_Ah ... Im such a noob.  Just started using Mate 2 days ago.18:27
ouroumovNo problem, I'm like the only one to say that often enough that it warrants being abbreviated18:28
jp_Im TheFu on the ubuntu forums. Been around Linux 25-ish yrs.18:28
sweetlewOk, so I hooked the cable into the Inspiron, and it keeps saying "Disconnected". The other end is plugged into the router.18:28
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ouroumovsweetlew, the inspiron has two network cards?18:29
sweetlewourourmov: I'm not sure.18:29
jp_Or is it wifi and wired?18:29
jp_ssh/sftp/rsync work over wifi too.18:30
sweetlewIt can handle both wi-fi and wired, but only when using the HD, which has windows 7 on it.18:30
jp_Win7 is fine as the client machine ... use WinSCP as the SFTP client.18:30
ouroumovsweetlew, we want that: "inspiron ==cable== router and laptop ==cable== router"  or "inspiron ==cable== laptop"18:31
jp_Need to step away for about 10 min ... sorry.18:31
sweetlewThe cable is connected between the Inspiron and router.18:32
ouroumovGood, and your laptop is connected to the router too?18:32
sweetlewInspiron = laptop.18:32
ouroumovokay, so is your desktop connected to the router too?18:33
sweetlewourourmov: Yes.18:33
ouroumovNow, please tell me again: your laptop has Ubuntu MATE installed, and your desktop has booted from the live USB?18:34
sweetlewNo. My desktop has Ubuntu MATE installed, and the Inspiron is running it off of a live DVD.18:35
ouroumovGo to your desktop, and install the package OpenSSH. You can find it in the software boutique in the 'Server' category.18:35
sweetlewOk. The Inspiron is still saying "disconnected".18:37
sweetlewSo, I now have OpenSSH installed on the desktop. What next?18:37
ouroumovNext, let's fix the connection problem on the laptop. Did you manage to connect it earlier (to your home wifi or something?)18:38
sweetlewIt can connect to the wireless in Win7. But, it runs sluggish in Win7, which is why I wanted to use the live DVD for the backup. I'm doing the backup before I format the HD and re-install Win7.18:40
ouroumovOkay, but we need to connect it to your home network under Linux before we can do anything.18:41
ouroumovIs your home router using dynamic addressing (DHCP) [ yes / no / dunno ]18:42
ouroumovOkay, plan B.18:42
sweetlewWhat's plan B?18:42
ouroumovWait, Plan B will but you off from the internet, I hadn't though of that, damn18:43
ouroumovCan you connect your laptop to your wifi network?18:43
sweetlewNot while running the live disk.18:44
ouroumovAnd the cable connection isn't working either?18:44
sweetlewMaybe I can boot Win7 in safe mode w/networking.18:44
ouroumovYou can do that, but then I won't know what you can do. It's been over 6 years since I last used Windows.18:45
ouroumovWhy can't you connect to the wifi with the live disk? do you get an error or something?18:47
sweetlewourourmov: It doesn't come up as an option.18:48
ouroumovsweetlew, you mean when you click the network icon in the top right corner you don't see your wifi network?18:49
ouroumovDoes your laptop have a hardware kill switch for the wifi or a key combination to enable / disable wifi and have you tried toggling that?18:50
sweetlewI just tried to reconnect the cable to my router.18:50
sweetlewYeah, Fn + f2, and I already tried it.18:51
sweetlewDo you think rebooting the disk would work?18:52
ouroumovAnd I take it the cable is still not working?18:52
ouroumovsweetlew, no18:52
sweetlewourourmov: No. Let me look and see if I have another cable.18:53
sweetlewI do.18:54
ouroumovIs it working any better?18:56
sweetlewdunno yet.18:56
sweetlewGot it!19:01
ouroumovIt's working?19:01
jp_Just saw this about TeamViewer ... seems they are probably REALLY busy today. http://www.inquisitr.com/3156809/teamviewer-accounts-hacked-thousands-of-customers-vulnerable/19:01
ouroumovjp_: lol19:02
sweetlewjp_: I did have an account with them, but even then, I was using their free option.19:02
jp_Paypal + bank accounts are being emptied.19:02
sweetlewourourmov: So what next?19:03
jp_Just be certain you never use the same credentials in multiple places ... different userid / different password (that cant be guessed).19:03
ouroumovsweetlew, okay so now from the desktop, please type the command: "sudo ifconfig | nc termbin.com 9999" and give us the resulting URL.19:03
ouroumovsweetlew, to type the command open the terminal using CTRL+ALT+T19:03
ouroumovsweetlew, actually you don't need the 'sudo' part19:04
sweetlewourourmov: http://termbin.com/k6vp19:04
ouroumovsweetlew, just 'ifconfig | nc termbin.com 9999'19:04
ouroumovsweetlew, so the IP of your desktop machine in your local network is
ouroumovNow, you'll need to type a few more commands19:05
sweetlewtoss them my way.19:05
ouroumovFirst, on your desktop, go to the backup drive and create a folder to receive the file19:06
ouroumovfiles *19:06
ouroumovexample: cd /media/sweetlew/DRIVE && mkdir laptop-backup -- you can also do that from the regular file explorer19:06
ouroumovPlease give us the result of "df -h | nc termbin.com 9999" typed in the desktop19:07
sweetlewourourmov: Done and done. http://termbin.com/gf6u19:08
sweetlewsdc1 is my backup drive.19:09
ouroumovOkay so assuming the folder you created on the drive is named "laptop-backup", you only have one more command to type, this time from the laptop19:10
sweetlewI titled the folder "Inspiron Backup".19:10
ouroumovSo the command would be:19:10
sweetlewI have the terminal up and running on there.19:11
ouroumovOh wait I forgot one detail19:11
ouroumovOn the laptop please click on the drive you want to backup from the file explorer so that it gets mounted and you can browse the files inside, then execute the command "df -h | nc termbin.com 9999" on the laptop and give us the URL19:12
sweetlewOk, it'll take a bit.19:13
ouroumovno problem19:13
sweetlewourourmov: http://termbin.com/2afq19:15
ouroumovPerfect, so your windows drive is '01CFB6DCF8C8C000'19:15
ouroumovThen from the laptop, now type the command:19:16
sweetlewwhat command?19:17
ouroumovhang on, it takes a while to type19:17
ouroumovrsync -azv /media/ubuntu-mate/01CFB6DCF8C8C000/ lewis@\ Book/Inspiron\ Backup/19:18
ouroumovYou will be asked for the password for the user 'lewis' on the desktop19:19
sweetlewis there supposed to be a space after before "lewis@"?19:21
ouroumovbefore lewis yes19:21
ouroumovrsync syntax is rsync -options <source> <target>19:21
ouroumovIf you get an error message please do say so.19:23
sweetlewrsync error: error in file IO (code 11)19:24
ouroumovNo more details?19:24
sweetlewhang on.19:24
ouroumovsweetlew, btw you know you can connect your laptop to the chat and copy the command from your laptop19:26
mate|48976Hi there!19:27
ouroumovhi mate|4897619:27
sweetlewOk, I will. BRB.19:28
ouroumovsweetlew, you don't have to quit th19:28
ouroumovis one....19:28
ouroumov<ouroumov> sweetlew, you don't have to quit th19:30
ouroumov<ouroumov> is one....19:30
ouroumov<ouroumov> rsync -azv /media/ubuntu-mate/01CFB6DCF8C8C000/ lewis@\ Book/Inspiron\ Backup/19:30
jp_Dont forget to add -vv to get more verbose output from rsync. ;)19:30
ouroumov<ouroumov> rsync -azvvv /media/ubuntu-mate/01CFB6DCF8C8C000/ lewis@\ Book/Inspiron\ Backup/19:31
mate|48976Is there some kind of path to ubuntu-mate development as a newbie programmer? I need ideas...19:31
jp_And ... --progress --stats are handy once this starts working.19:31
sweetlewrsync: mkdir "/media/lewis/My" failed: Permission denied (13)19:31
sweetlewrsync error: error in file IO (code 11) at main.c(674) [Receiver=3.1.1]19:31
jp_ARe you asking how to program or how to be a Mate-only on Ubuntu programmer?19:31
jp_chmod ...19:32
ouroumovmate|48976, there's something called "MATE University" on the github repo. I'm myself waiting on an answer to that question. I know flexiondotorg (Wimpy) is working on documenting the development landscape but he hasn't published the doc yet19:32
jp_But that looks like a gvfs mount ... hummmm.   Need an ls -al //media/ubuntu-mate/01*19:32
ouroumovsweetlew, did you add the antislashes? (\)19:33
ouroumovThere is no space before those19:33
mate|48976Like the combination19:33
sweetlewourourmov: Yes.19:33
ouroumovsweetlew, okay, try this:19:33
jp_@mate  ... what languages do you already know?19:33
mate|48976I need an idea as a newbie19:34
ouroumovsweetlew, this is space problem. Protip: never use spaces in file names / directory names19:34
ouroumovjp_: you know how to deal with spaces in rsync? I don't remember.19:35
mate|48976I don't much c, c++. I'm reading an engineering and archuture books.19:35
jp_100% agree to NOT using funny characters, including spaces, in any file/directory names.19:35
jp_Use single-quotes around each part.19:35
mate|48976I don't know much I mean19:35
ouroumovsweetlew, so try this:19:36
jp_@mate http://blog.jdpfu.com/2011/10/19/how-to-learn-to-program ... is my best suggestions for learning to program.  Not Linux specific.19:36
ouroumov<ouroumov> rsync -azvvv /media/ubuntu-mate/01CFB6DCF8C8C000/ 'lewis@ Book/Inspiron Backup/'19:36
ouroumovsweetlew, note I added single quotes.19:36
mate|48976I would like some kind of path to become a software architect from scracth.19:37
jp_Or use easier regex to complete the path ... but the issue is #13 - permission denied, correct?19:37
sweetlewrsync: mkdir "/media/lewis/My" failed: Permission denied (13)19:37
sweetlewrsync error: error in file IO (code 11) at main.c(674) [Receiver=3.1.1]19:37
sweetlew[Receiver] _exit_cleanup(code=11, file=main.c, line=674): about to call exit(11)19:37
sweetlew[sender] _exit_cleanup(code=11, file=io.c, line=1633): about to call exit(11)19:37
sweetlewrsync: [sender] write error: Broken pipe (32)19:37
ouroumovjp_, that's cause "My" doesn't exist19:38
jp_Ah .. my mistake.19:38
mate|48976I like linux. I'm thinking to read about the linux interfaces.19:38
jp_rsync -azvvv --progress --stats /media/ubuntu-mate/01CFB6DCF8C8C000/ lewis@*/Inspi*Backup/19:38
mate|48976about to read19:38
ouroumovsweetlew, try what jp_ said19:38
jp_I dislike gvfs mounts - to the extreme!19:39
ouroumovjp_, I didn't know you could autocomplete the paths in rsync. Thanks for the tip19:39
jp_Not autocomplete - just regex.19:39
sweetlewourourmov and jp_: Keep your fingers crossed.19:39
ouroumovsweetlew, *o*19:39
jp_You can put * almost anywhere you dont like typing and if there isnt a conflict, it will work ... in most shells. Definitely in bash.19:40
mate|48976Ok, it's good source to read.19:40
ouroumovmate|48976, there's a nice book called "The Linux Programming Interface". It's kind of heavy as books go though.19:40
jp_I learned programming back in the early 80s.  BASIC, FORTRAN66 ... then about 30 other languages over the years.  Did cross-platform C/C++ for about a decade.19:42
mate|48976Should I be comfortable with this book only?19:42
jp_I think noobs to programming are best served by learning python.19:42
ouroumovmate|48976, depends what kind of stuff you want to architect.19:42
sweetlewouroumov and jp_: How long should this take?19:42
ouroumovmate|48976, as jp_ said. Learn Python.19:43
jp_Depends on the network speed.19:43
mate|48976a need the big picture19:43
jp_Find a mentor.19:43
jp_For programming ... someone who does what you want to do.19:43
ouroumovsweetlew, yeah, it's capped by the lowest-performing network interface in the connection between your laptop and your desktop19:43
jp_Or by slow disk performance ... which is usually the issue on GigE networks.  OF course, a 100base-tx or any wifi network will be slower than modern HDDs.19:44
jp_Anyone here in SE USA?19:45
ouroumovI'm in South France19:45
jp_Spent a day in Provence then Nice a few years ago ...19:46
jp_Not enough time in Provence19:47
ouroumovjp_, I'm in Provence. ^^19:47
sweetlewI'm back.19:47
ouroumovsweetlew, you should have a progress indicator from the rsync terminal19:47
mate|48976How do you meet a mentor?19:47
sweetlewouroumov: I do, at the bottom of the terminal window.19:48
ouroumovmate|48976, are you an IT/CS student?19:48
jp_I mentored someone from Sweden last year on Linux administration.  He asked on the Ubuntu Forums in the sub-forum - Cafe19:48
ouroumovsweetlew, cool, so do you have and ETA too?19:48
mate|48976I'm a enthusiastic user or a power one19:48
jp_Depending on where you are in the world, there are programming groups in many cities.19:49
sweetlewouroumov: Keeps changing, but yes.19:49
ouroumovsweetlew, that's the remaining time ("Estimated Time of Arrival")19:49
jp_My LUG did a Beginning C class earlier this year ... didnt work out too well  - tried to use IRC. This medium just isnt sufficient for the purpose.19:49
sweetlewouroumov: Yeah, it's doing it for each file.19:50
ouroumovsweetlew, oh, hadn't thought of that19:50
jp_How many GB of files?  How fast is the network?19:50
jp_du -sh /path/to/source19:51
ouroumovjp_, he has 56G of files to copy I think19:51
sweetlewjp_: Network is ok. Rarely any outages, and when outages do happen it's either something on Verizon's end or weather-related.19:51
ouroumovAccording to one of the earlier df -h19:51
jp_I suspect the Inspiron is a 10/100 NIC ... so ... 11Mbps is about all that can do.19:51
ouroumovjp_, that was my assumption too19:52
jp_Round down to 10Mbps for ssh overhead (ssh is being used via rsync automatically) .... simple math.19:52
jp_My calculations say almost 13 hrs.19:54
ouroumovjp_: what's the unit used by df? bits? bytes? GB? GiB?19:55
jp_Files are always bytes.19:55
jp_Networking is always bits19:55
jp_HDDs are always .... something else.19:55
ouroumovjp_, you're a goldmine of intel. Please hang around here some more.19:56
jp_Bet you wish you had a GigE network now.19:56
jp_Ive just been around a really long time. Made lots and lots of mistakes.19:56
jp_Oh ... I cam to get some help.19:56
sweetlewWell, my family and I are trying to live within our means. That's why I always stress "free".19:57
ouroumov<jp_> Oh ... I cam to get some help. -> Seriously? Not sure what we're gonna be able to do. xD19:57
jp_On a GigE network ... the transfers would be about 10 minutes.19:58
jp_It was a keyboard mapping problem.  I dont deal with GUIs much.19:58
sweetlewjp_: I don't even know if Verizon offers that. Besides, our internet is bundled together with phone and DirectTV.19:59
ouroumovsweetlew, that should have no impact on your internal network19:59
jp_Inside the house, it wouldnt matter.19:59
ouroumovsweetlew, the data right now is not leaving your home network, it's not traveling on the internet20:00
jp_GigE on the LAN has **zero** to do with the WAN/Internet.20:00
jp_In fact, the router isnt even involved if you put in a $20 GigE switch and connect all the devices to that with 1 uplink port to the router.20:00
sweetlewouroumov and jp_: Ok.20:00
sweetlewWould I be able to find such a switch at my local Wal-mart?20:01
ouroumovMost likely.20:01
jp_Of course, the systems would need to have supported GigE networking.   Intel PRO/1000 is THE INDUSTRY STANDARD.20:01
jp_Maybe at Walmart, but Id just order from NewEgg or Amazon.20:01
ouroumovA 5 port Gigabyte switch at my local store goes for under twenty bucks.20:02
sweetlewjp_: I don't do online shopping.20:02
jp_Thats fine.  I dont use twitter or facebrace.20:02
jp_or instagram or anyother centralized services that I can avoid.20:03
ouroumov(that's French for 'lol')20:03
sweetlewfacebrace? That's a new one!20:03
jp_MSFT and FB are putting in a new atlantic cable between Virgina and Spain.  Double the capacity of prior cables. ... with complete NSA cooperation, I bet.20:04
ouroumovjp_, I do mostly the same. When I need something centralized I'm usually the admin of the Center. xD20:04
sweetlewI use FB and Twitter, fb mostly, to keep in contact with friends and family, most of whom I don't see often.20:04
jp_Looked at the Walmart options - not a fan of either d-link or netgear. Ive been burned.20:05
jp_Plus the price is $45 when it should be $18.20:05
ouroumovsweetlew, so you're more afraid of crooks than of the government?20:05
jp_R U near a larger city with a Frys or Microcenter?20:05
ouroumovsweetlew, just fyi, you shouldn't be.20:05
sweetlewjp_: Here, have some Burn Heal.20:05
sweetlewouroumov: I don't really have a choice with a good chunk of them.20:06
jp_Im just a simple southern boy - dont understand burn heal.  Explain please?20:07
sweetlewouroumov: I'm afraid of both.20:07
sweetlewjp_: Pokemon joke.20:07
ouroumovjp_: I've got a 23€ dlink switch. It's working great: http://www.ldlc.com/fiche/PB00125882.html20:07
sweetlewouroumov: How much is that in $?20:08
ouroumovsweetlew, google "23eur to usd"20:08
ouroumovIt's 25.74$20:08
jp_I had an 8-port d-link GigE switch ... died after 1 yr of use.  Replaced with a metal TP-link ... and bought 2 more since then - all 3 are working. The metal dissipates the heat better than plastic.20:08
sweetlewouroumov: That's not too bad.20:08
jp_How many systems in the house to be wired into this switch?20:09
ouroumovActually it's not in the house. I bought it 'cause at my work they would only give me one static IP20:11
jp_$22 - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16833704173&cm_re=tp_link_switch-_-33-704-173-_-Product20:11
ouroumovI have three systems on it at work, plus the cable from my workstation's second nic20:11
jp_Unmanaged switches dont work with 2 connections from the same PC ... without manual config on the PC side.20:12
jp_Ok ... can we switch to my issue?20:12
jp_looking for help to make 1 key-chord to a non-existent key on a chromebook220:13
ouroumovOh, you're the guy from the forum20:13
jp_Havent figured out the Mate keyboard shortcuts applet for this - assuming it is possible.20:13
sweetlewIf I use my desktop for anything like YouTube or Facebook, it won't interfere with what my lappy's doing right now, right?20:13
jp_Any use of the CPU or network will slow things down some.  However, since youre gonna leave this running a long time, I would do whatever I normally did.20:14
jp_Plus with rsync, you can pick up where you left off later. It is very efficient at that.20:15
jp_Need <ctl><bksp> to be mapped to the normal DELETE key.   Ideas?20:15
jp_I tried xdotool ... in the **keyboard shrotcuts** app - didnt work.20:15
jp_I **Need** a delete key.20:15
jp_Have about 15 other things mapped and working just fine - running applications. Not trying to enter a keypress20:16
ouroumovSo I don't have an idea. I guided my father to remapping one specific key to another a while back but I'm not sure this can work with key combinations20:16
ouroumovI'm gonna boot the old machine to get the mail log from it20:17
jp_I wanted to avoid changing stuff under /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols$20:18
sweetlewWhat if I had to shut this down? Would rsync pick back up, or no?20:18
ouroumovsweetlew, yes20:19
jp_Looked for a Chromebook keyboard mapping ... like the PC-101 and PC-105 options. NADA.20:19
sweetlewouroumov: Even on live disk?20:19
jp_It wont automatically restart ... youll have to re-enter the command20:19
ouroumovsweetlew, it doesn't matter20:19
sweetlewjp_ and ouroumov: ok.20:19
ouroumovjp_, would the disk name under /media stay the same between two live usb boots?20:20
jp_And youll need to reinstall anything on the live-DISC that was installed today.20:20
ouroumovjp_, he didn't install anything on the live disk20:20
jp_Same name ... almost certainly.20:20
sweetlewjp_: Nothing was installed on the live DVD.20:20
jp_It came with rsync?20:21
jp_and ssh clients?20:21
jp_Should be good.20:21
ouroumovClient ssh has always been on the live disk, hasn't it?20:21
jp_Since Unity came out, Ive been loading Ubuntu Server + openbox for my desktop.  Find all the DEs to be way-to-bloated for my tastes.20:22
worralphanyone got 4oD to work on ubuntu?20:22
ouroumovhi worralph20:24
worralphouroumov,  hello20:24
ouroumovworralph, I didn't know what 4oD was previous to you coming here and asking about it20:25
jp_Ch 4 on-demand?20:25
worralphouroumov, its an online catch up tv service.20:25
jp_There is a Kodi plugin for it, so perhaps it does work?20:26
ouroumovworralph, now that I know that it relies on Adobe I'm afraid I have to let you know that Adobe can't be relied upon.20:26
ouroumovAlso screw DRM.20:26
worralphyeah its all the drm20:27
jp_My house is full of Linux media stuff/players ... plus 1 Roku box for DRM streaming.20:28
worralphjp_, 4oD working for you?20:28
jp_Never tried.20:28
jp_https://superrepo.org/kodi/addon/plugin.video.4od/ is all I know.  Doesnt look promising.20:28
ouroumovjp_, sorry I haven't found anything in my mails about the key-remapping stuff. I think I did it live on my dad's comptuer20:29
ouroumovcomputer *20:29
worralphi saw this https://ubuntu-mate.community/t/tutorial-extract-pepper-flash-plugin-v-20-0-0-228-r1-and-above-from-samsung-chromebook-2-13-recovery-image/3614 but its for ARM, probably i need to find an image for amd6420:29
jp_If you need pepperflash, there are some how-to guides on the UbuntuForums.org?20:30
jp_One of the mods posted one in the last 3 weeks.20:30
jp_I vaguely recall.20:30
ouroumovjp_, pretty sure I had used xmodmap back then20:32
worralphjp_, thanks ill double check, so far the ones i saw use martins libhal-flash deb20:33
jp_Found this.... https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Chromium/Getting-Partner-Flash ... havent tried it myself.20:34
ouroumovIs there a difference between Flash and PepperFlash?20:34
jp_Appears that pepperflash is deprecated now.20:34
worralphits very confusing for me20:34
ouroumovI'm asking 'cause if you need Flash, just install Google Chrome from the software boutique20:34
jp_It is very confusing for everyone. ;)20:35
worralphideally they would use html5 without drm20:35
jp_But .... google is EVIL, so I cant install it.20:35
worralphbut i guess flash is here for a while longer20:35
ouroumovworralph, so would netflix20:35
jp_Hence the Roku.20:35
jp_ouroumov - thanks for looking for the keyboard stuff.20:36
ouroumovGoogle is less EVIL than Adobe. :/20:36
jp_Im not certain that is true.20:36
jp_Adobe mistakes are in-our-face.20:36
jp_Google people are SMART, doubt we;ll know when they screw up, if they havent already.20:37
worralphi wish google would just buy adobe and open source the whole thing20:37
jp_This is opinion. I dont know anything special about google, besides they capture and track everything we do on our computers20:37
ouroumovMy vision of Google might be slightly biased by this comics: http://xkcd.com/792/20:37
jp_Google doesnt want the problems that come with much of Adobe;s stuff.20:38
jp_Nobody does.20:38
jp_That was longer than nromal.20:40
jp_I suspect 99.9999% of googlers are good, kind, nice folks just doing their jobs and believing their company isnt bad.20:41
jp_The 0.00001% try to take over the world, nightly. ;)20:41
jp_Fortunately, Pinky gets in the way.20:42
ouroumovAnd what do you suspect the probability for the 99.9999% of the googlers of being right is?20:42
ouroumovThat's a pessimistic outlook on things20:42
jp_Ive worked for the US Gov.20:42
ouroumovThat explains it20:43
jp_There is one good thing about google. They dont show up at my house with firearms demanding entry and taking all my tech away without cause.20:43
jp_Ive also worked in very large telecom.20:43
jp_Comcast used the company where I worked as an ISP.20:44
ouroumovYou've had a career working for evil forces.20:44
jp_An some good-guys - NASA.20:44
ouroumovOh, that's cool.20:44
jp_You have no idea.20:44
ouroumovjp_, so I take it you're following what SpaceX is doing closely?20:45
sweetlewI'm back.20:46
ouroumovDo you know if they managed to ferry the last booster without it tipping over? I can't find the info anywhere20:46
jp_Saw a video of some guy claiming the water landings were all hoaxes.  Clearly a genius.20:46
jp_They weld the boosters to the barge.20:47
ouroumovSeems some shock absorbing components had been crushed during the landing20:47
ouroumovwb sweetlew20:47
jp_Im not watching THAT closely.20:48
sweetlewouroumov: How will I know when it's done?20:48
jp_There will be a summary of how many files where transfered.20:48
jp_inside the same terminal where the rsync is running.20:48
jp_So ... about 12 hrs from now.20:49
jp_Did anyone check my math on the transfer time?20:49
jp_Lightning storm here. I may get kicked off.  Had a 4 hr ISP outage last night.  Usually only have 5 min of downtime a year, but ...20:50
jp_Power is flashing on/off here.  I here the UPSes clicking.20:51
sweetlewOMG! Teamviewer just connected!20:51
sweetlewjp_: Then get off, man.20:52
ouroumovsweetlew, there's no way in hell Teamviewer will be faster than rsync20:52
sweetlewouroumov: how so?20:52
jayboI set up a shared network using Caja. I have no issue connecting if I enable Guest Access. But if not enabled, I am unable to establish a connection.20:53
jp_Unless the lightning strikes within 200 ft, nothing bad can happen to any computers here.20:53
ouroumovsweetlew, there's nothing faster than LAN transfert20:53
jayboany suggestions20:53
ouroumovjp_, please tell me you're at home and you'll be my new hero.20:53
jp_Dont use a GUI to make shared storage is my advice.20:54
ouroumovjaybo, hi20:54
jp_Yes. Im at home.20:54
ouroumovjp_, awesome. How much did the UPS set you back?20:54
jayboouroumov, hello20:55
jp_I have a few different UPSes.  $150 or so each.  Just swapped the batteries out on 1 last month after 6+ yrs working perfectly.20:55
ouroumovjaybo, I think someone on the community forums had the same problem as you a short while ago20:55
jaybomight be me, i posted a question this morning, but no replies, thought I would try chat20:56
ouroumovSo that seems to be a trend today.20:56
ouroumovFirst jp_, then jaybo had the same idea20:56
sweetlewIs there any way of how I can get rsync to skip files? It seems to be stuck on an swf file in my temporary internet files.20:57
ouroumovjaybo, I'm afraid I don't know enough to give you a good answer. I'm not a samba expert20:57
jayboOK, i will keep googling and hope for an answer from the forumn20:58
jp_rsync has multiple different  --exclude options.  If I need to use them, I usually write a script at that point.20:58
jayboit seems there are a lot of solutions for older builds20:58
ouroumovjaybo, or maybe jp_ will have a tip for you for file sharing, he's an expert20:58
sweetlewjp_: I'm talking in the middle of stuff.20:59
jp_Ive been using the same samba setup for about 20 yrs now. .... /etc/samba/smb.conf  is how to set that up.  Never used a GUI for it.20:59
jp_No. rsync is batch.20:59
jp_You can <cntl>-c to stop it, add the exclude option(s) you want, then run it again. All the previously xferred files wont be done again.21:00
jp_rsync has an amazing manpage, btw.21:00
jp_But if you havent taken the time to learn about manpage design/layout, it is hard to see how brilliant those things are.21:01
sweetlewouroumov and jp_: I actually wanted to transfer stuff from my "User" folder to my backup drive, not the whole system.21:01
jp_Took me about 6 months of trying to read manpages to finally have it **click**.21:01
sweetlewSo, would rsync work better than TemViewer at that point or no?21:02
ouroumovsweetlew, then you can update the command to suit your needs. Just use the correct path for the given /user/ folder21:02
jayboI will study up on smb.conf, I assume it will supercede anything set by caja21:02
ouroumovsweetlew, rsync will allways work better than teamviewer in your LAN21:03
jp_ALWAYS better.21:03
jayboCurrently just about the whole file is commented out except printer section21:03
ouroumovjp_, reason I added "in your LAN" is 'cause rsync does not have firewall traversal capability afaik.21:04
jp_There are a few good how-to guides for setting up samba ... HowToGeek, https://www.howtoforge.com/, and the help.Ubuntu.com are where I go.21:04
ouroumovNAT* traversal21:04
sweetlewouroumov and jp_: Ok. I modded it. Let's see if it'll get past the swf this time.21:05
jp_SWF - is that in a cache directory?  I;d just exclude **cache** and be done.21:05
sweetlewwould it be like "--exclude **swf**"?21:06
jp_Well ... rsync DOES work across firewalls if ssh has been setup.  I use it all the time for off-site backup mirrors.21:06
jp_But that probably isnt something easy to convey in this environment.21:07
jp_I;d have to read the manpage.21:07
jp_Too bad jaybo left.21:08
ouroumovsweetlew, I think it'd be more --exclude **cache** unless you have stuff you want to backup in a \cache\ folder21:08
jp_Would have been good to know if he needed to support Windows or not.  CIFS is a poor file sharing protocol - NFS is so much better, faster, etc...21:08
sweetlewWhere in the command would I put --exclude?21:10
ouroumovafter -azvvv21:10
ouroumovso it reads -azvvv --exclude **cache**21:11
sweetlewI want to exclude AppData, so it'd be --exclude **AppData**.21:11
sweetlewOk, thanks! :)21:12
ouroumovjp_, so how does one go about learning about manpage design?21:14
nomicisn't it tex21:14
ouroumovIs there a way to shorten the 6 months time requirement before it clicks?21:14
nomichttp://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/linux-unix-creating-a-manpage/  HowTo: Linux / UNIX Create a Manpage21:15
nomicits "troff" .. = like runoff = very simple (terminal), document formatting21:15
nomicis like a tool "runoff"21:15
nomicis used for pagination, not much else21:15
nomicits typesetting (like 'tex')21:16
nomicbut less sophisticated21:16
nomicsequential set of commands (script)21:16
nomiclike 'postscript'21:17
nomicwould be a good starting point to get into (understand) lex, tex, postscript (sophisticated document formatting for unix/linux)21:17
ouroumovI get it, but my question was more along the like of "please tell me the secret manpage-reading-ninja-foo you've learned"21:17
ouroumov'Cause while I read them when I need to use a command, I've never found it to be easy.21:18
ouroumovAt least, not easy enough that I can distinguish between a marvelous man page and a shitty man page21:19
nomici dunno what problem is with manpages21:19
nomiconly problem = not always present21:19
ouroumov<jp_> rsync has an amazing manpage, btw.21:19
ouroumov<jp_> But if you havent taken the time to learn about manpage design/layout, it is hard to see how brilliant those things are.21:19
ouroumovdamn, forgot to plug in the laptop21:21
sweetlewOops! XD21:21
* nomic uses manpages rarely21:22
nomicwill search21:22
nomic  /s in it, will search21:22
ouroumovI knew that21:23
ouroumovBut how do you go to the next /s match, for instance?21:23
nomic  /21:23
ouroumovGreat, thanks21:23
ouroumovgnight nomic21:31
=== palasso_ is now known as palasso
sweetlewpalasso! What are you doing here?!? :)21:32
palassoHey sweetlew21:32
palassoI've been here for some time21:32
sweetlewOh yeah?21:32
palassoand some other freenode channels21:32
sweetlewouroumov: Done. Now what do I do?21:35
ouroumovsweetlew: what's done?21:35
mate|48976I'm reading a book about software architecture: a design pattern aproach21:36
ouroumovsweetlew: well now your backup is over so I guess you go to your desktop and make sure you got all the files you wanted on your drive?21:36
mate|48976I need to put in practice all this knowledge21:37
mate|48976I'm thinking about this project xD21:37
ouroumovmate|48976, design patterns are about common solutions for common problems21:37
sweetlewYeah, it looks like I do.21:38
mate|48976what kind of architect could I learn to help this project? At least to learn from this.21:39
ouroumovwow something so weird just happened to me21:40
ouroumovOne of my displays went blank21:40
ouroumovno reason21:40
ouroumovBut my puter had not crashed21:40
ouroumovthe display was still detected by Ubuntu MATE21:40
ouroumovhad to unplug it and plug it again to get it back21:41
ouroumovso weird21:41
ouroumovmate|48976, as we said earlier, start by learning Python. It takes like 15 minutes if you already know C++. Actually you might have done that since we told you to?21:43
ouroumovhi mate|1921221:43
mate|19212How do you use an .appimage to install a program?21:43
mate|19212Trying to get Krita 3.0 to work. :)21:43
ouroumovyou don't21:43
ouroumovactually I didn't know what that was.21:44
ouroumovI see now that it's a real thing so I'm reading up on it21:44
ouroumovmate|19212, the appimage.org page says to chmod +x the image and then run it21:45
mate|19212how do i do that?21:45
ouroumovNavigate to the directory where you've downloaded the *.AppImage file21:45
ouroumovusing the "cd" command in a terminal21:46
ouroumovyou know what those are mate|19212?21:46
ouroumovterminal and cd I mean21:46
mate|19212so cd to home/downloads?21:46
ouroumovthen use the command chmod +x fileName21:47
ouroumovwhere fileName is the <whatever>.AppImage21:47
ouroumovthen run the command ./<whatever>.AppImage21:47
mate|48976Ok, I learn python. But when learning the book about software architecture I could understand it that clearly that I would like to know about sub little project, to practice. hahaha xD21:48
mate|19212does not do anything but give me an error21:49
mate|19212IT RUNS!21:49
mate|19212just needed to use the file manager!21:50
nomicprint "hello world"21:50
mate|48976When a connect through Xchat through through "freenode" it doesn't work21:54
mate|48976Unknown host. Maybe you misspelled it?21:54
mate|48976What's wrong?21:55
ouroumovthe name of the server is not "freenode"21:58
ouroumovit's "chat.freenode.net"21:59
mate|48976Ok, thank you so much.21:59
mate|48976It doesn't work22:04
ouroumovSame error message?22:05
ouroumovlol I'm watching a roundup of SpaceX landings @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSM_mtT64pU and I love how those poor cows always run off in a panic xD22:09
mate|48976same error massage xD22:15
ouroumovmate|48976, please issue the following command in a terminal:22:21
ouroumovping -c1 chat.freenode.net22:21
mate|48976PING chat.freenode.net ( 56(84) bytes of data.22:26
mate|4897664 bytes from sinisalo.freenode.net ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=47 time=288 ms22:26
mate|48976PING chat.freenode.net ( 56(84) bytes of data.22:26
mate|4897664 bytes from sinisalo.freenode.net ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=47 time=288 ms22:26
mate|48976PING chat.freenode.net ( 56(84) bytes of data.22:26
mate|4897664 bytes from sinisalo.freenode.net ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=47 time=288 ms22:26
mate|48976PING chat.freenode.net ( 56(84) bytes of data.22:26
mate|4897664 bytes from sinisalo.freenode.net ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=47 time=288 ms22:27
ouroumovSo it's not a dns problem22:27
ouroumovMy guess is you've incorrectly set up xchat22:28
ouroumovlike you used "freenode" in the server name instead of the network name22:28
mate|48976I set it to chat.freenode.net22:30
ouroumovYou have screenshot of your settings?22:31
ouroumovYeah that's the network name here that's visible22:36
ouroumovThe server name should be set in the dialog that opens when you click "edit"22:36
ouroumovclick on "newserver/6667", replace by "chat.freenode.net/6667", make sure your change is saved (you can't just hit enter, you have to click on the white space under /6667)22:38
ouroumov(dunno why, that's bad UI design if you ask me)22:38
ouroumovActually, hold on22:40
ouroumovUse this instead: chat.freenode.net/+669722:40
ouroumovAnd check "connect to this server automatically"22:40
ouroumov(If you use 6667 that's the non-encrypted connection so less secure)22:41
ouroumovHi Joeandhelmet22:41
JoeandhelmetIt's me22:42
ouroumovWho are you?22:42
ouroumovNot helping22:42
mate|48976It's works!22:42
ouroumovOh right22:42
mate|48976I was using the mate web page22:42
ouroumovGreat. :D22:42
ouroumov* [Joeandhelmet] is using a secure connection22:43
mate|48976secure connection?22:45
fifty-sevenCmate|48976, dunno. not a cloak and no ip in whpis22:45
ouroumovThat means basically you can be sure you're connected to freenode, and that between you and freenode, the data that transits is encrypted22:45
mate|48976That's good22:48
fifty-sevenCI turned ssl for all servers on. still no secure connection for me. o well22:48
sweetlewI'm back. For right now. Gonna get started on the re-format/re-install shortly.22:49
sweetlewis there anything like rsync for windows?22:50
ouroumovfifty-sevenC, how did you proceed?22:50
ouroumovfifty-sevenC, did you set the correct SSL port? (6697)22:51
ouroumovsweetlew, I don't know, sorry22:51
sweetlewouroumov: That's ok.22:52
fifty-sevenCouroumov, nope. Just clicked the 'enable ssl for all servers in this list' box22:58
fifty-sevenCOh well. I thought since I was using sasl it was secure anyways22:58
sweetlewOk, I'm out. Wish me luck!22:59
ouroumovGood luck on installing windows?23:00
fifty-sevenCmaybe secure connection means something like it detects you're on from a tor node?23:00
fifty-sevenCouroumov, in other news I took a call center sales job and want to hang myself by the end of every day.23:01
ouroumov<fifty-sevenC> maybe secure connection means something like it detects you're on from a tor node? -> no23:11
fifty-sevenCwell. I'm not too worried about how freenode to look into it a lot23:11
ouroumovfifty-sevenC, the linux sysadmin job you landed the other day turned out to be a support job? :x23:11
fifty-sevenCNo. I made it to the final round but they picked someone else.23:11
fifty-sevenCSo even though they were telling me all this stuff I didn't get it23:12
ouroumovIt was a sales job anyway23:12
fifty-sevenCbut call center sales is like slowly having your ego ground into nothingness23:12
ouroumovAt least your soul will survive now23:12
fifty-sevenCget crapped on -> hangup & immediately connected to someone else you must be cheery with to get crapped on again23:13
ouroumovThat's not the worse though.23:13
ouroumovThe worse is guys like me.23:13
fifty-sevenCI just started this job & luckily I was contacted to be poached for a call center doing paperwork support for mortages + pays more. lol23:14
ouroumovThe ones who take a good long while talking to the sales rep.23:14
ouroumovBuilding up his hopes.23:14
ouroumovThen ditching him like a used piece of toilet paper23:14
ouroumovJoeandhelmet, what's up?23:14
ouroumovJoeandhelmet, please tell me you're no sales rep.23:15
fifty-sevenCI applied for a pt time agency manager position. Pay is very low but it will give me enough money to survive + loads of me time23:15
JoeandhelmetI made a mistake typing23:15
fifty-sevenCouroumov, on a call that isn't straight up being crapped on, hanged up or other rude things is 3 minutes.23:16
JoeandhelmetWhich one is the best command line chat?23:17
JoeandhelmetI have irssi and weechat23:17
fifty-sevenCirrsi is popular I believe?23:17
winston2kusing irrsi23:18
ov|hclone of ouroumov using irssi on a server here.23:20
ouroumovouroumov using HexChat here.23:20
winston2khave yaaic irc client for my android phone23:20
ouroumovhttps://news.slashdot.org/story/16/06/01/2130259/teamviewer-servers-go-down-users-believe-they-are-hacked -> Holly hell23:34
ouroumovI hope sweetlew took the time to read that23:34
Joe______how do I connect from irssi securely?23:57

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