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natoshabschaefer, I am trying to get the X11 Mir platform up and running, I keep getting http://pastebin.com/raw/ak2asHBf Does it seem familiar?21:16
natoshaThe error of course also occurs when trying to set up the TTY KMS Mir platform.21:17
natosha(This is with a fresh install of 16.04 with latest updates.)21:17
natoshaOh, and using the intel open source driver.21:27
bschaefero good intel is needed!21:28
* bschaefer looks21:28
bschaeferyeah it looks like a dependency didnt get pulled in21:29
* bschaefer checks which ones you need21:29
bschaefermir-platform-graphics-mesa-x9 mir-platform-input-evdev5 mir-client-platform-mesa521:31
bschaefernatosha, try installing those packages ^21:31
bschaefertheres an issue with us hard depending on different platforms depending on the device21:31
bschaeferif you want the kms as well21:32
* bschaefer updates doc21:33
bschaefero turns out: mir-graphics-drivers-desktop21:45
bschaefershould install all the desktop platforms!21:45
natoshabschaefer, Hmm, I only see mir-platform-graphics-mesa-x8 in apt21:49
natoshaHowever, that seems to work21:50
bschaefernatosha, yeah i have a newer one... but mir-graphics-drivers-desktop should get all you need21:50
* bschaefer has a totally messed up system with to many ppas :)21:50
natoshaHmm, Ok, so I have Mir running, and when I run the demo client, it shows some red wavy background in the Mir server window. (Success?)21:54
bschaefernatosha, yay yup21:55
bschaeferthats the client running on the mir server21:55
bschaefer(q to quit)21:55
natoshaOk, cool.21:56
natoshaWhen I try to run the Unity/SDL2 test app, I don't get anything showing up, so need to figure out how exactly to debug, but at least we have something to start with now.21:56
bschaeferright, soo for that depending on the issue stdout/stderr is the main help21:57
bschaeferSDL_VIDEODRIVER=mir is required for X11 platform21:57
natoshaYeah, have that.21:57
bschaeferany output such as "Unable to find xxx platform?"21:58
bschaefererr mir platform?21:58
bschaeferor is it running as expected but no image?21:58
natosha(Got tricked by that when working on Wayland support; totally thought it was working long before it was *actually* working due to that darn, all-too-helpful fall-back-to-X behavior.)21:58
bschaefernatosha, i suppose a simpler test would be to install 7kaa (it'll crash when it closes on the SDL2 mir platform)21:59
bschaeferand attempt to run that game on the server to show SDL2 is working on mir21:59
natoshaNah, the Unity logs indicate that it's not able to correctly create a gfx context.  Seems like our problem.21:59
bschaeferyeah, though if it works for wayland it *should* work for mir22:00
natoshaThough I guess I could also try with the TTY Mir setup as well, just to be sure.22:00
bschaeferyeah not a bad idea22:00
natoshaYes, this player works on Wayland, though I'm going to install another native instance using Wayland so I can compare behavior on the same hardware.22:00
bschaeferas they both use the SDL_egl backend22:01
natoshaThe computer I was using before for testing was using Wayland with the nouveau driver; this one is using the Intel driver, so that could be it as well (though it works fine in normal X11 mode).22:01
bschaefernatosha, hmm just to be on the safe side would be nice to get a different SDL app up and running to confrim22:02
bschaeferSDL2 issue or unitys22:02
bschaeferthe version of SDL2 is 2.0.4 right?22:02
natoshaUnity statically links SDL222:04
natoshaIt's currently using what was latest upstream a couple weeks ago, which was newer than 2.0422:05
bschaefero thats even better22:05
natoshaIn fact, there was some problem with 2.0.4 specifically that I couldn't use the official release22:05
natoshabschaefer, So trying to set up the TTY Mir session gives http://pastebin.com/raw/tMUM63LC22:05
bschaeferright you'll need the kms platform hmm22:06
bschaeferwhich you said you couldnt find?22:06
bschaeferdid installing: mir-graphics-drivers-desktop22:06
bschaeferwork? Im not sure if thats a new package22:06
natoshaOh, missed that.22:07
* bschaefer finds the platform packaging a mess but there doesnt seem to be a good solution :(22:08
natoshaThe TTY Mir sessoin starts successfully.  And I get the same behavior there.22:13
bschaefernatosha, also here is a simple SDL application: http://paste.ubuntu.com/16906817/22:13
bschaeferthat you can attempt to test on TTY/X1122:13
bschaeferto check the SDL2 vs unity issue22:13
bschaeferLD_LIBRARY_PATH=/path/to/your/sdl2/ when compiling22:13
bschaefershould just be a bright green screen22:14
bschaeferthe other thing to check... is possibly the SDL2 doesnt have mir built in with it (not sure the when it was built or if you have the required libraries to build SDL2 for Mir support)22:19
* bschaefer writes down what you'll need to compile SDL2 with Mir support22:20
natoshaThe sample SDL program works, it seems.22:20
natoshaThe SDL library Unity links should have Mir and Wayland support both enabled . . . . I think.22:20
natoshaIn any case, it seems we have a reasonable test setup now.  Will just need to debug.22:20
natoshaThanks. :-)22:21
natoshaI'll be back if we have further issues with it.22:21
bschaefernatosha, np! I enjoy debugging so if you've any questions just poke me!22:21
* bschaefer still around for ~3 or so hours22:21
natoshaIt's past midnight, so I'm going to bed :-) But I'll probably get to debugging this in the next few days.22:22
bschaefero dang yeah, have a good night!22:22

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