wyoungany on yet?10:58
wyoungs/on/one on/10:58
bazhangwyoung, yes10:58
bazhangwyoung, please respond11:00
k1lwyoung: do you ignore bazhang or are you just afk again? it really gets annoying that you dont respond in here just seconds after you asked to talk about your issues.11:03
wyoungoh bazhang is in my ignore list11:03
wyoungk1l: bazhang has responsed to me?11:04
k1lyes, several times in the last weeks.11:04
wyoungah ok, no wonder.  Well, would you mind if I came back into #ubuntu?11:05
bazhangwyoung, you there?11:06
wyoungAny one?11:06
wyounghmmm, nap time again?11:09
bazhangwyoung, yes I am here11:09
wyoungbazhang: welcome back11:09
bazhangwyoung, I never left, you have not responded to my many prompting of the last few weeks11:10
k1lwyoung: i am not conviced to unban you due to the incidents. bazhang offers to talk with you about the bans. if you dont want that you will need to make an appeal to the ircc.11:10
wyoungbazhang: yes you were ignored11:10
wyoungno I just don't really want to talk to bazhang11:11
bazhangwyoung, I think you have an issue staying ontopic in #ubuntu11:11
wyoungand apparantly in #ubuntu-offtopic too, if that is possible11:11
bazhanglets not cloud the issue11:12
wyoungbazhang: Yeah I get side tract11:12
wyoungbazhang: How has #ubuntu been in my absence?11:16
bazhangwyoung, lets keep to the topic at hand11:16
wyoungof course11:17
bazhangwyoung, someone prompting you to stay on topic is not offtopic11:17
wyoungbazhang: Wouldn't a private message be more appropriate?11:18
bazhangwyoung, for what11:18
wyoungTo notify someone they are being offtopic, rather than in the channel11:19
bazhangwyoung, does that include you joining other ubuntu channels to curse out the op11:19
wyoungbazhang: That sounds liek a trick question11:21
bazhang<wyoung> fuck bazhang is a dick11:22
bazhangit's not a trick question11:22
wyoungI think the best way to handle that is to put said op on your ignore list11:22
wyoungThat way you are not provoked in responding that way11:22
bazhangwyoung, someone prompting you to stay on topic is not a provocation11:23
wyoungI really can't be bothered to go through the chat log and re-live that momment, how about we move on11:24
bazhangthe ban stays wyoung11:24
wyoungThat doesn't sound like moving on, that sounds like holding a grudge11:24
wyoungDo you require an apology or something?11:25
bazhangwyoung, putting those who ask you to stay on topic on your ignore list is not a way to go11:25
wyoungBecause that I can do as it was inappropriate to curse at you in a ubuntu channel, I should of done that in private message or just bit my tongue some more11:25
bazhangwyoung, I just do not feel confident, going forward, that you will stay on topic without creating more issues11:26
wyoungbazhang: You are currently not on my ignore list11:26
wyoungI see, I didn't realised you made unilateral decisions for #ubuntu.11:27
wyoungI will take that into consideration11:28
wyoungbazhang: although I guess the only way to be certain is to unban me11:29
wyoungwell, one of the ways, I am sure we can think of others11:31
bazhangwyoung, was there anything further? the ban stays11:33
wyounghmmm, that wasn't the outcome I was hoping11:34
wyoungI guess not unless I can change your mind11:34
bazhangtheres nothing further to discuss at this time wyoung11:35
wyoungWhen should we reconvene?11:36
wyoungin a week?11:36
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Picithe bot's package indexes get updated once an hour, iirc, so the lag time should be minimal19:52

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