Researcher-wb Kilos05:26
Researcher-Good morning05:26
Kilosmorning Researcher-05:26
Researcher-how are you bro05:26
Kiloscold  and you?05:26
Researcher-i think it would like 6 AM at your place, right ?05:26
Researcher-warm here ....05:27
Researcher-45 or 47 C not F05:27
Researcher-ohh my05:27
Researcher-we have just 2 hours of difference05:27
Researcher-here its 9 : 2705:27
Kiloswe 7°c atm05:27
Researcher-with in 2 hours the temp difference is 4305:28
Kilosi hate the cold05:28
Kilosanything under 20°c isnt good for old bones05:28
Researcher-come and visit here05:49
Researcher-you bone marrow will get roasted05:50
Researcher-El Acheche Anis is from egypt ?05:50
Researcher-i never seen him alive05:50
Researcher-ahh i see05:50
Researcher-I have to renew some gas permits from ministry of climate05:51
Kilosthere are other ubuntu guys in egypt05:51
Researcher-yeah i know some05:51
Researcher-i used to be hang on all ubuntu loco teams05:51
Kilosbut they also slack, only a few have joined ubuntu-africa05:52
Researcher-JonathanD is also from za loco team ?05:56
Researcher-do you this guy, he made some irc games like wherewolf etc05:56
Kilosthe nick rings a bell, but i cant place him05:57
Kilosi see so many nicks and groups i forget who is where05:58
Researcher-actually jonathanD used to be freenode staff05:58
Researcher-and ubuntu member05:58
Kilosi dont think he is in za05:58
Researcher-ahh ok bro05:59
Kilosgo well05:59
Researcher-hi pavlushka-11:03
Researcher-wb barlas11:27
Researcher-thanks for joining in here11:27
Researcher-soon we will be growing11:27
Researcher-we have people here to support the cause11:28
barlasAnd then we will take over the world! Mwahahahahaha!11:28
Researcher-here we have friends from South Africa .. tunisia .. usa ... romania11:28
Researcher-they are idleing here to show their support11:29
Researcher-dont mind the time difference .. some times we all are very active here11:29
barlasMeh, I am not very active on IRC either.11:30
barlasWhy ubuntu though?11:31
Researcher-well the physolophy behind ubuntu is very unique11:31
Researcher-the sponcer canonical group .. believe in no profit11:32
barlasUhhh... but they do.11:32
Researcher-freely they distributed millions od linux CD's from their own expenses to make a awareness11:32
Researcher-it is not like we have a problem with windows11:32
Researcher-also we are one of the biggest and greatest linux community which always willing to help and support11:33
Researcher-ubuntu is stable and debian variant ... and more secure then redhat .. even we donot charge for license11:33
Researcher-our distributions have longer life supports .. and our OS is state of the art11:34
Researcher-have you ever tried on ubuntu ?11:34
barlasYes, may flavours of it.11:35
barlasHow is it more secure than Red Hat?11:35
barlasAnd there are hundreds of distributions that don't charge for license.11:36
barlasSame about the "state of the art" part. :)11:37
barlasNot trying to troll, just wondering your reasons of choosing ubuntu over many other good candidates :)11:37
Researcher-let me answer your question ..11:38
Researcher-as we are over grown up community base supported .. the bug reporting is faster then the paid OS's11:38
Researcher-so we rectify them before the other paid do11:38
barlasIt would have been fun, if you had suddently become op, and then said "let me answer your question ..." :D11:38
Researcher-no bro11:39
Researcher-i dont have access here11:39
Researcher-but may be soon .. who knows11:39
Researcher-so ..11:39
Researcher-how you rate ubuntu ..11:40
barlasI am talking about ubuntu vs windows or os x, I mean why not Fedora, or Debian, or Cent OS or Linux Mint! :)11:40
barlasOh, Ubuntu is great, no doubt about that.11:40
Researcher-Fedora is total experimental and desktop base .. so it is not in the scope of stability, performance and security .11:41
barlas*I am not11:41
barlasFor server?11:41
Researcher-Debian is a strong contender11:41
barlasWhat about centos and debian?11:41
barlasA *very* strong contender11:41
Researcher-centos is better but the support is not like ubuntu11:41
Researcher-but Debian development activity is not like ubuntu11:42
Researcher-ubuntu have a current release of version 16 :P11:42
barlasIt doesn't matter for servers11:42
Researcher-and centos some where betweem 7 and 811:42
Researcher-so the difference is there11:42
Researcher-ofcourse it matters .. the more development means more security , stability , compatiblity , more performance11:43
Researcher-and servers are always having critical role11:43
barlasYeah, but if you are talking about Longterm Support, than Ubuntu is verion 14? And they skip 2-3 numbers between every LS release11:43
Researcher-one server could effect a whole organization]11:43
barlasThere is no guarantee. Can anyone really show that centos's latest version is less secure and stable than ubuntu's latest version?11:44
barlasServer version keep getting security updates.11:44
barlasSo, there is no difference there.11:45
Researcher-the very best method to determine is ... some how we get the bug/incident reporting score11:45
Researcher-the ubuntu is on the top11:45
Researcher-as we are always open 24/7 for your help11:45
Researcher-and for free11:46
barlasbug/incident against applications or core os?11:46
barlasSo are other distro11:46
Researcher-core os ... is at the main priority11:46
barlasFor all distro, specially the server focused ones!11:46
Researcher-the ubuntu is not only bound to servers mode11:47
Researcher-we have gaming flavor, fully rich desktop experience versions as well.11:47
barlasOkay, take debian than, it's both server and desktop focused.11:48
barlasIt has all that.11:48
Researcher-well ...11:48
Researcher-as i said earlier .. Debian is a strong contender ..11:48
Researcher-but again from activity .. Debian is very slow inprogress11:49
Researcher-if you file a bug it take weeks to get a reply11:49
barlasArchlinux then? :P11:49
barlasThey are very active,11:50
Researcher-Archlinux is fine ..11:50
Researcher-brb bro .. i dont like to leave in the middle ,but boss is calling11:51
Researcher-please join us here daily, you are always welcome11:52
barlasSure, no problem.11:52
barlasI am not leaving :P11:52
barlasI am waiting for you to return!11:52
Researcher-you will find Kilos here11:52
Researcher-he is from SA11:52
Researcher-and nice friend of mine11:52
Researcher-ok bro11:52
pavlushka-hi Researcher-12:36
Researcher-hi pavlusha-12:41
Researcher-i am back barlas12:41
pavlushka-learned a lot from your discussion with barlas, :)12:43
barlaspavlushka-: About me or linux? :)12:43
barlasWelcome back Researcher-12:43
pavlushka-lol, barlas, about ubuntu, :p12:44
pavlushka-I just loved ubuntu for its user experience, not a server guy, but got some idea today.12:46
Researcher-office will get off in 30 minutes13:32
Researcher-let me call my wifeeee13:32
elachecheHey Researcher- :)13:34
Researcher-hi elacheche13:47
elachecheGood, u?13:49
elachecheWoow! I see too many names here :) That's a good thing :D a month or 2 ago I was alone with 2 persons :)13:50
Researcher-well i am here since the day one13:51
Researcher-I hanged here for more then 11 years13:51
Researcher-yes i invited some friendsd13:51
Researcher-had a long convo with kilos13:51
Researcher-and decided to start on the project13:52
Researcher-I am totally again the loco team pk leader13:52
elachecheAwesome Researcher- :) :)13:53
Researcher-elacheche i am in muscat oman13:53
Researcher-you from tunisia ?13:53
elachecheyep Researcher- :)13:54
Researcher-el acheche nice to meet you.13:54
elachechenice to meet you too Researcher- :)13:55
Researcher-same here13:56
Researcher-el achche my name is Saeed13:56
Researcher-your ?13:56
elachecheAnis :)13:56
Researcher-nice to meet you Anis13:57
Researcher-well time to leave office13:58
Researcher-will catch you from home13:58
Researcher-elacheache congrad for your marriage13:58
elachecheTake care Researcher- :)13:58
Researcher-try to join us earlier13:58
Researcher-barlas also from pakistan13:58
Researcher-barlas : take care catch you tomorrow here.. we are going to plan great new changes here13:59
barlasHave fun!14:09
elachecheo/ barlas :)14:10
barlaso/ elacheche14:10
barlasWhat's up?14:10
elachechegood you barlas14:22
Kiloshi guys14:22
elachechehey Kilos :)14:23
Kilosimagine meeting you here14:23
Kiloshi barlas14:24
Kilosi have had  a bad connection day and lots of outside work14:24
Kiloshi Ubuntix17:43
Kiloswb pavlushka17:52

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