cjwatsonCould somebody have a look at python-libnacl and pymacaroons in xenial-proposed NEW for me, please?11:28
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Laneybah, thought that worked for channel notices13:25
Laneystgraber: ^-13:25
stgraberLaney: looking13:51
stgraberLaney: why the +b though, just kicking it would have been enough13:51
stgraberLaney: now I've got to unban it and restart it again13:51
LaneyI thought that +b was enough to mute it13:52
Laneyshould have removed it when that didn't work13:52
stgrabernah, +b only applies at join time I think13:52
LaneyI think it applies to real messages13:53
Laneyat least on some ircds it does13:53
Laneytesty mctestface13:54
cyphermoxnah, b just means you can't get back in13:55
cyphermoxyou want +q13:56
cyphermox(to mute someone)13:56
LaneyDepends what other modes are in effect; by default +b stops you from speaking but it's overridden by various things14:02
* Laney just wasted time checking14:02
apwstgraber, Laney ^17:06
stgraberit's lplib blowing up by the looks of it but I'm not sure why exactly17:10
stgraberrestarted with added logging, so if it happens again I should be able to track exactly what's making it unhappy17:11
stgraberthat bit of code hasn't changed in over a year, so my guess is that there's something slightly different on LP which is confusing it17:11
slangasekhmm. why was cgmanager demoted in yakkety?18:55
* slangasek undoes the demotion18:58
seb128would be nice to have launchpad records of who is doing those19:04
slangasekcertainly would19:07
slangasekwould also be nice to know why a package is being demoted in contradiction with component-mismatches19:08
slangasekAnd did something change recently to put the ubuntu-touch seed in main?  It's good to have that fixed, but I remember there actually being quite a bit more delta of ubuntu-touch packages not yet in main than what I'm seeing now19:10
seb128there is probably quite a stack still19:11
slangasekseb128: not according to http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/component-mismatches19:12
slangasekso I wonder if someone has batch-promoted things19:12
seb128http://paste.ubuntu.com/16735785/ is the list of packages used by the unity8 desktop session (not including recommends) that needs to be promoted19:13
seb128the touch seed for sure needs a good part of those19:13
seb128that list is from friday19:13
slangasekok, so I'm not sure why ubuntu-app-launch is in main at all then; unless c-m is just confused because it /is/ in main, and therefore thinking gir1.2-ubuntu-app-launch-2 is a reason to keep it in main?  (Because Extra-Include: gir1.2-*)19:18
seb128slangasek, I promoted u-a-l earlier because indicator-datetime depends on its lib and that was blocking the libical transition, and u-a-l was in main in wily19:28
seb128seems that has worked, libical migrated ;-)19:29
seb128though I'm not sure I understand your comment, is that on the demotion list?19:29
slangasekmakes perfect sense, but somehow 'reverse-depends' and 'seeded-in-ubuntu' aren't telling me this... guess it's a timing issue19:30
slangasekseb128: no, the other binaries were in the promotion list and I couldn't figure out why19:30
seb128I just promoted the binary that was needed19:30
slangaseknow it makes sense, but it's still an MIR issue because ubuntu-app-launch has new dependencies since the last time it was in main19:30
seb128oh :-/19:31
seb128which ones?19:31
slangasekust, liburcu, libertine19:31
seb128sorry I overlooked that19:31
slangasekso this probably breaks image builds until it's resolved?19:33
seb128so britney just look at direct depends?19:34
seb128indicator-datetime was not installable because of libubuntu-app-launcher missing19:34
seb128but promoting it unblocked the transition even if it's un-installable in main19:34
slangasekyes, britney probably doesn't try to figure out recursive installability in main, just whether the direct deps are satisfied19:35
slangasekxnox: ^^ is that true?19:35
seb128well, those eventually needed to be MIRed, so we just need to push people to file those requests now19:35
seb128sorry about that19:35
slangasekust, liburcu were previously in main also, so we can repromote19:37
slangaseklibertine is new, I think19:37
slangasekI'll do the repromotion of ust,liburcu19:37
seb128tedg, ^ can you MIR the new depends?19:42
tedgAh, sure, I may harass people to do them for me :-)19:43
tedgSo reading the back log? Do I need a MIR for UAL?19:47
tedgIt was next on my TODO, but if I can avoid that one, I'd be happy :-)19:47
slangasektedg: only for libertine; with some urgency because the desktop image now has unsatisfiable-in-main deps19:52
tedgslangasek: Yeah, talking with ChrisTownsend about it now19:55
tedgslangasek: We have a question about splitting up a package between main and universe19:55
tedgslangasek: Libertine has a module it builds that has a lot of chroot deps that is a Suggests in the end for the main package.19:55
tedgslangasek: Can the source be in main and a binary in universe?19:55
tedg(one of the binaries)19:56
dokotedg, yes19:59
ChrisTownsendOk, afaict, only python3-libertine-chroot has dependencies in universe all other binary packages have dependencies in main.20:00
ChrisTownsenddoko: Do I make a note in the MIR for libertine that python3-libertine-chroot will stay in universe and all other binary packages are eligible for main?20:04
slangasektedg, ChrisTownsend: no need to mention it at all; http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/component-mismatches already directs us to DTRT20:04
slangasek(and shows that python3-libertine-chroot is not a candidate for promotion)20:04
ChrisTownsendslangasek: Ah, cool, ok20:04
ginggsinfinity (or anyone else), what can be done about LP: #1562480 ?  Can fpc powerpc be removed in xenial and yakkety?  it is not installable anyway20:17
ubot5Launchpad bug 1562480 in glibc (Ubuntu) "fp-compiler not installable on powerpc since glibc 2.23" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/156248020:17
ChrisTownsendslangasek: tedg: I believe this is what is needed: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libertine/+bug/158805020:18
ubot5Launchpad bug 1588050 in libertine (Ubuntu) "[MIR] libertine" [Undecided,New]20:18
tedgThanks ChrisTownsend !20:19
ChrisTownsendtedg: You're welcome20:19

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