thekrynn_hello, was wondering if anyone knew why a screen's /var/run/screen file resets all associated stat times when it's attached to or detached from04:30
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jellyit's not a file, it's a named pipe05:49
* jelly hides05:49
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rbasaknacc: could you take look at bug 1576734 please [triage]: is this familiar?09:10
ubottubug 1576734 in apache2 (Ubuntu) "package apache2 2.4.18-2ubuntu3 failed to install/upgrade: Unterprozess installiertes post-installation-Skript gab den Fehlerwert 1 zurück" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/157673409:10
rbasakSyntax error on line 2 of /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/php7.0.load: Cannot load /usr/lib/apache2/modules/libphp7.0.so into server: /usr/lib/apache2/modules/libphp7.0.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory09:10
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caribounacc: I'm not sure I know how to proceed with the git repo that you created for kexec-tools13:11
caribounacc: from what I understand, this git repo contains the equivalent of the git-dsc-commit on all existing source packages available13:11
caribounacc: with the appropriate tags13:12
coreycbddellav, jamespage: neutron-lbaas seems to have been fixed, possibly from a dependency bumps13:21
rickbeldinGood morning.  A partner in Korea was looking for some historical release notes on 12.04.5 but found that the Wiki is essentially empty.  Is there someplace else that has release notes and changelogs for 12.04.5?   You can see the page that ways still under development here:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PrecisePangolin/ReleaseNotes/ChangeSummary/12.04.514:32
tewardrickbeldin: just for .5, or are they looking for 12.04, 12.04.1, 12.04.2, 12.04.3, and 12.04.4 as well?14:43
tewardbecause there's a lot of different data there - strewn across multiple pages.14:43
tewardbest thing to look at are release notes rather than change summaries14:44
rickbeldinJust for .5.14:44
rickbeldinteward: just for .5.  All the others seem complete.14:44
tewardlooks like it's not complete, and I can't find anything - my guess is *maybe* there's nothing but pacakge version chagnes there, but don't quote me14:45
rickbeldinI found an announcement page which has minimal info.  They are looking for something like this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PrecisePangolin/ReleaseNotes/ChangeSummary/12.04.414:45
rickbeldinAren't the .minor releases usually just for new hardware enablement within a main release?14:46
tewardand maybe installer issues, but it just looks like the page wasn't completed.  Nothing we can do, and I don't think logs are kept anywhere specifically...14:47
rickbeldinI know it is old stuff, but 'encounraging' people to let go of the past can be done sometimes with documentation.  : )14:49
rickbeldinApologies.  I can't type today.  :)14:49
rickbeldinI think the best we can do is a diff of the manifests between 12.04.4 and 12.04.5?  Does that make sense?14:50
nacccaribou: right15:08
nacccaribou: so, IMO, you'd clone it, go through the process of breaking ubuntu/yakkety into reconstruct/version then logical/version, then rebase that (new) local tag onto debian/sid15:09
caribounacc: ok, I'll try that out & shout if I have problems :)15:10
caribounacc: thanks!15:10
nacccaribou: np15:10
nacccaribou: and then, eventually, it'll be in a place more people can push to (possibly) -- and so it would not just be the imported versions, but also the active development repository (or could be), and so you'd push your stuff up to lp, we'd merge it in and tag it as 'upload/version' rather than 'import/version' in that case15:11
nacccaribou: that process probably needs refinement still :)15:11
naccrbasak: found a bad case for our 'versions never go backwards' :) clamav 0.91.2-3ubuntu2.1~feitsy1 was published after 0.92~dfsg-2~feisty1 in feisty-backports. The first was deleted, technically, as a bad a backport, but I don't have a way to know that algorithmically. I think this would be a stil-valid case of having hte 'parent override'?15:15
tewardstupid question, but i've got an (ancient) mail server set up with dovecot in a "every mailbox is a folder in an on-the-system user's home directory" for every email address, and I'm trying to copy its data to a newer Ubuntu version; assuming I've copied over /etc/passwd, /etc/group, and /etc/shadow correctly to keep the same user authentications across both systems, would an rsync with the argument flags -o -g -A -D be enough to copy all the15:18
tewarddata from the old server to the new and retain permissions/ownership/etc. so Dovecot and such would still work?15:18
tewardegads that's a long message15:19
ikoniain theory yes15:19
ikonianothing stupid about that question15:19
tewardikonia: 9.04 box -> 14.04 box though15:19
tewardhence the question15:19
tewardstupid because E:AgeOfOriginSystem15:19
ikonianot sure why that matters,15:19
* teward shrugs15:19
ikoniayou may need to adjust the exim config if there are feature differences15:19
nacci think it should be fine, as well, from a permissions perspective15:20
tewardikonia: anything I should be aware of, then, moving the dovecot configurations over from such an old version to 14.04?  I expect this to be an evil migration headache in terms of settings, but I basically copied over the permissions to start with; would go through and modernize after15:21
tewardlovely thing about backups is that they're there in case i botch things heh15:21
ikoniateward: should be fine, I'd look at any feature differences between the two dovecot versions15:21
tewards/permissions/permissions and origin system settings/15:21
ikoniaI wouldn't blindly copy over the config15:21
ikoniacertainly the data15:21
tewardikonia: y'know the problem though - i didn't configure it initially15:21
tewardso i'm walking into the config blind :/15:22
tewardat least, in the config migration15:22
ikoniateward: all the more reason not to copy it across15:22
* teward shrugs15:22
ikoniawork through the config - understand how it works, then re-apply that same concept to the later version of dovecot15:22
ikoniamost of it should be the same, maybe some silly stuff around uid/gid of system users and some auth/encyption stuff would be different/better15:22
tewardikonia: time then is the problem - learning dovecot in this case would take too long for the migration plan at the workplace.  Kind of getting things handed to me, rather than being consulted with first :/15:23
ikoniashouldn't take long, it's pretty clear english in terms of a config15:23
ikoniajust visually comparing parameters would be enough15:23
tewardikonia: so, what, compare original to a default from 14.04, drop things in where necessary?15:24
ikoniayou'll probably find the only real differences are the auth/encyption stuff15:24
ikoniateward: more "merge"15:24
ikoniaor "port15:24
ikoniayou may find totally identical functionality, in which case, just copy the whole file15:24
tewardi wonder how stock the configs are on this origin system15:24
ikoniabut that wouldn't be my starting point15:24
rbasaknacc: two publications in the same pocket going backwards? Yeah, sounds like a parent override is needed to me. Apart from warning or failing, I don't see what else we could do in that case.15:25
* teward goes hunting for the packages15:25
naccrbasak: yeah, back-to-back, becuase the first was in error (per the publishing log on lp)15:26
naccrbasak: ack, will add that, so i can import clamav for jgrimm :)15:26
jrwrenteward: why not rsync with -a?15:27
jrwrenteward: iirc dovecot config changed a bit. you will want migrate the config.15:28
tewardjrwren: i'm going through config line by line now to try and find what changed - doesn't change the fact it's a PITA to do15:29
tewardjrwren: didn't see -a on the version of rsync on the origin system15:29
jrwrenteward: yup. i did it once. it was a PITA15:29
tewardAFAICT so far, it's pretty stock15:29
jrwrenteward: rsync -a was there in 9.04, i'm pretty sure.15:29
tewardbut ehh15:29
tewardjrwren: already ran the rsync, but i'll do that next time15:30
tewarduntil the new server is 'up' I expect to have to rsync data again15:30
tewardjrwren: imap imaps pop3 pop3s in older, I assume that the s indicates SSL-secured?15:32
jrwrenteward: yes15:33
tewardjrwren: funny story: dovecot comes with a 'migrate the configuration' tool :/16:02
ikoniateward: I wouldn't trust that tool16:03
jrwrenteward: well, i wish I knew that a couple yrs ago16:03
ikoniait's a bit hit and mess (of course depends on your config)16:03
tewardikonia: it gives me a starting point to see what's evil16:03
ikoniavery true16:03
tewardi'm not using it for actually generating the config16:03
tewardi'm using it as a guide to know what the heck changed :P16:03
ikonianope, can be useful16:03
tewardit *looks* to me like this is a super basic configuration...16:04
tewardbased on the warnings and what i'm seeing lying around in dovecot16:04
tewardbut... only testing will tell16:04
jsheerenhi, anyone got any experience with emulex oneconnect skyhawk 10gb/s nics?16:12
ikoniawhy don't you just ask the question16:13
ikoniaI've used emulex 10g and fibre - just not the specific skyhawk version, however based on your question my answer should be "no"16:14
jsheereni cannot get the card to detect a link; in the bios the card shows there's a link, but in ubuntu server 16.04 .. No link16:14
ikoniajsheeren: what bios ?16:14
jsheerenit's using the be2net driver16:14
jsheerenthe dell server bios16:14
jsheerendell poweredge r62016:14
ikoniaok, so thats just a basic link loop connectivity test16:15
ikoniathe bios version of "green light on the port"16:15
ikoniahow are you checking the link in ubuntu16:15
jsheerenusing ethtool16:15
ikoniaethtool doesn't support 10G I think (I'm not sure)16:15
jsheereni'm guessing so, 'cause it's not showing any advertised link modes16:16
jsheerennor speed16:16
jsheerenanyway i can check the link in ubuntu besides ethtool?16:16
ikoniawhat is the device name on ubuntu16:16
jsheerensorry; dmesg shows:  eno1: link is down16:17
ikoniaif you run "sudo ethtool eno1" what do you get16:17
ikoniaethtool does support 10G16:17
jsheerensettings.. supported ports (fibre) supported link modes 1gb and 10 gb16:17
jsheerencannot paste it (using the drac at the moment)16:18
jsheerenlink detected = no16:18
ikoniadoes ubuntu see the card16:18
jsheerenthe be2net driver initialises the card according to dmesg16:18
ikoniaif you do "ip link show" against that card what do you see16:19
jsheerenikonia: no-carrier;broadcast;multicast;up16:21
jsheerenthen state down16:21
ikoniaso have you tried configuring the card ?16:21
rbasaknacc: am I OK to run the importer out of your git tree to do merges? Eg. exim4.16:22
naccrbasak: i pushed exim4 last night, iirc16:23
naccrbasak: sorry, should have e-mailed last night16:23
rbasakOh. I didn't expect that. No problem, I'll just use it!16:23
naccrbasak: i'm trying to get the parent override stuff in so i can import clamav and then i'll update hte importer git repository properly16:24
rbasaknacc: did someone else ask for exim4? Or is that just an example? Just wondering if I'll clash with anyone to merge it.16:25
naccrbasak: jgrimm did, iirc16:25
naccrbasak: not on the list, but in my 1x1 last week16:25
naccsorry, totally blanked on e-mailng that to the list16:25
rbasakWas that to merge or for an importer example do you know?16:26
jgrimmrbasak, i asked for it.  knowing it needed merged16:26
rbasakjgrimm: ah OK. Are you fine with me taking the merge?16:26
jgrimmrbasak, yep!16:26
rbasakI'm being unproductive so thought I'd hit up some merges.16:26
rbasakOK thanks ;)16:26
naccrbasak: btw, the new algorithm's gitk graphs are much cleaner -- esp. wrt to proposed and release16:26
jgrimm:) thanks sir16:26
jsheerenikonia: yep in the interfaces file16:26
jsheerenbut it stays down16:26
ikoniajsheeren: what happens when you try to bring it up16:27
jsheerenthere is no link16:28
ikoniait must do something ?16:28
naccjsheeren: are you able to (with ip link) set the link manually up? istr there are classes of devices where the link auto-detection doesn't always work (historic, might still happen sometime)16:29
naccrbasak: quick question, if you have a moment16:31
jsheerennacc: i tried that; but no joy16:32
naccjsheeren: ah ok16:33
jsheereni'm guessing there's a driver issue16:33
rbasaknacc: sure16:33
jsheereni contacted our contact at dell for this16:33
jsheereni'm hoping he has good news for us tomorrow16:33
naccrbasak: do you mind if we do a hangout?16:33
jsheerengot to go16:33
jsheerenthank you all for the suggestions/tips!16:33
rbasaknacc: inviting...16:34
tewardikonia: jrwren: if I want to tell Dovecot the order of where to check for the mailboxes, is that done as mail_location=FIRSTLOCATION:SECONDLOCATION   ?16:38
ikoniaI think so16:38
ikonianot got a config open in front of me to check16:39
jrwrenteward: i don't nkow. i'd have to read docs. its been a few yrs.16:39
tewardwas just curious if you knew offhand, I'll dig16:39
ikonianope, not off hand16:39
tewardi'm currently rsyncing the mailboxes which are *not* in user directories >.<16:39
coreycbddellav, ceilometer 5.0.3 uploaded to the wily review queue, thanks17:29
coreycbbeisner,  nova 1:2014.1.5-0ubuntu1.5~cloud0 is ready to promote to icehouse-proposed17:40
tewardikonia: I think I have this all done, now, the warnings the system triggered definitely helped, only way to know is to test later heh17:40
tewardthanks to you and jrwren for your pointers/advice/suggestions17:40
beisnercoreycb, ok, pushed that17:42
coreycbbeisner, thanks17:42
beisneryw coreycb17:42
coreycbbeisner, neutron 2:8.1.0-0ubuntu0.16.04.2~cloud0 is also ready to promote to mitaka-updates17:49
beisnercoreycb, any stable charm implications re: pkg version?17:50
beisnerie. 8.0.0 --> 8.1.017:50
coreycbbeisner, I think they've all landed, but let me check17:51
beisnercoreycb, yah i see         ('8.1', 'mitaka'),   in neutron-gateway @ stable/16.0417:53
beisnerlanded may 1817:54
coreycbbeisner, yes, and neutron-api / neutron-openvswtich are good too17:55
beisnercoreycb, ah yes, was looking for landscape clear signals.  they've marked fix-committed on that side.  pushing!17:57
coreycbbeisner, yay :)  btw james fixed up that charm-helpers code so we shouldn't have to deal with the version bumps anymore, in the next version of the charms at least17:58
beisnercoreycb, sweet!17:58
beisnercoreycb, pushed re: bug 158067418:01
ubottubug 1580674 in Landscape Server 16.05 "[SRU] mitaka neutron 8.1.0 point release" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/158067418:01
ikoniateward: very nice work18:11
tewardikonia: give me a stick, i think i need to beat myself with it 'cause dovecot gave me a headache, and I should have learned this a year ago when doing my linux certification training heh18:12
Yuri4_Guys, how do I make 2 servers to be exactly the same? I already have 1 set up. I need second to back up first under load balancer.18:13
tewardYuri4_: 'exactly' the same is not possible, there *will* be minor differences18:14
tewardimage the first one, put the image on the new one, adjust hostname and IP data18:14
tewardthat's how I'd do it18:14
Yuri4_teward, but once the data on server 1 change, the data on server 2 stays the same18:15
tewardYuri4_: network storage between the two servers for sharing of data, and then that problem goes away; secondary issue you're always going to have though is that there's the one central datastore then18:16
tewardand you don't state if loadbalancing is done at the same physical location, or between two servers not at the same location18:16
Yuri4_teward, and how do I do that18:16
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pentiumone133i have a remote ubuntu server that i need to change the IP address on, what ould be the best way to do so to ensure I dont get locked out of it forever18:55
pentiumone133just change interfaces fine and bounce the nic somehow?  whats the best way to bounce it these days?  i know that you used to do init.d/networking restart but im seeing some articles that the begavior of that script is different now18:57
pentiumone133ifdown eth0 && ifup eth0 in a screen session?18:57
sarnoldmaybe skip the && -- if the first fails you don't want the second to be ignored18:58
pentiumone133good point18:58
sarnoldtych0: that reminds me, I saw in your lxd networking blgpost that you suggested restarting the networking service -- I thought we blocked that from doing anytuing in recent releases?18:59
pentiumone133id really like to take the existing IP that it is using and move that to eth0:1, and give eth0 a new address19:00
pentiumone133then i can take eth0:1 up and down with the ip that i care about without loosing connectivity19:00
tych0sarnold: oh, could be actually19:00
tych0sarnold: i mostly pulled that from some instructions i wrote a while ago19:01
tych0let me see.19:01
pentiumone133in my case it is an 11.04 box19:01
sarnoldzounds, too19:02
patdk-wkman, 11.04 hasn't been supported since a lifetime ago19:03
pentiumone133exactly why im doing this.  replacement is ready to go but i need the replacement to have the same IP19:04
sarnoldpentiumone133: if this is just a temporary measure maybe just use ip addr add ... and skip the /etc/network/interfaceds and so on?19:04
pentiumone133it will be permenant but because it is remote, i need to be able to get into hte old machine if i have to after the new box is live19:05
pentiumone133at least for a day or two before they can overnight it to me19:05
pentiumone133basically if i change over and SHTF i need to be able to bring the old one back without buying a plane ticket19:06
pentiumone133although, it is in vegas, so maybe that is a better option19:07
newbsieWhy is it bad to leave root login if you disable password based login?19:27
newbsieIs it because the username is known?19:27
AndyWojobecause if you log directly in to root, and someone makes a change / causes an issue, you can't see who did it19:28
AndyWojoIf they logged in as their user, and used sudo, that is tracked.19:28
newbsieAndyWojo: ahhhh... so root user doesn't get logged like other accounts.19:29
sdezielnewbsie: root or any other users don't have their actions logged (unless you use auditd). On the other hand, when someone uses sudo, this gets logged19:31
newbsiesdeziel: gotcha19:31
AndyWojowell that's not true19:32
AndyWojothe actions are logged as root19:32
AndyWojoyou just don't know *who* it is19:32
AndyWojoso just to show you what I mean19:32
AndyWojolog in as yourself, and sudo su -19:32
AndyWojoThen do the following two commands:    whoami      who am i19:33
AndyWojoWhen you do, who am i, it shows your real user, even if you are root19:33
sdezielAndyWojo: what do you call "actions logged" the shell history?19:33
jrwrennewbsie: its bad because nothing is gained by doing so.19:37
newbsiejrwren: I guess the short version is, just setup a new user and enable sudo on it and disable root logins over ssh.19:39
jrwrenyes, especially since that is the default.19:39
newbsiejrwren: what do you mean by it is the default? My box spins up with root user.19:40
jrwrennewbsie: ubuntu hasn't had an password enabled root account in a very long time. Your box may not be ubuntu?19:41
newbsiejrwren: I'm sorry, yes you are correct. I misunderstood you. My box spins up with a key-based login19:42
newbsiejrwren: pre-set by hosting provider (digital ocean)19:42
jrwrennewbsie: and they use root for that instead of the "ubuntu" user eh? that is a shame. They shouldn't. They are doing it wrong. Sorry.19:43
stokachujrwren: i dunno i consider DO droplets as throwaway vms19:43
stokachujust having a root user to deploy an application is normally all you want19:43
newbsiejrwren: yeah, first time I login, it is as root19:43
jrwrenstokachu: it doesn't matter, its still wrong. cloudimg and CPC is the right way.19:44
jrwrennewbsie: that is disappointing. Oh well. TIL.19:44
newbsiejrwren: I think their focus is on easy to get going, more than setting barrier which security kind of is.19:45
jrwrenthat was windows focus throughout the 90s. It did not end well for internet security ;p19:45
newbsiejrwren: It didn't end well for security, but it ended well for marketshare among consumers.19:46
jrwrennewbsie: indeed. Which approach is better for humanity overall?19:47
newbsiejrwren: besides, it's not like the internet is more secure today with the proliferation of *nix systems in general.19:47
jrwrennewbsie: its not? can you prove that assertion?19:47
jrwrennewbsie: I do not mean to suggest that the internet is secure, however, the removal of entire exploit vectors has been good for us.19:48
newbsiejrwren: Better for humanity? A company existing is pretty good result imo.19:48
newbsiejrwren: what I meant to say is that, *nix systems are still vulnerable.19:49
sdezielnewbsie: everything is vulnerable ;)19:49
jrwrennewbsie: now we are getting into economics. Is company existing when quality of life is low for all better than a company not existing, but overall quality of life is better?19:50
newbsiesdeziel: of course unless you aren't connected :)19:50
jrwrennewbsie: when you say *nix systems are vulneraable, are you implying all of them, or only some? which some? what are the vectors? they are much different than they were and that is good and that is my point.19:50
newbsiejrwren: So your argument is that it is harder?19:51
jrwrennewbsie: Yes that is part of it.19:51
newbsiejrwren: My point is that the approach is often viewed in a vacuum, and that is a limited view.19:52
patdk-wkare we only talking known vectors? or also unknown? quality of developemnt? ...19:53
jrwrennewbsie: I see. I really like that point. I really dislike blanket prescriptions. Still, in this case, I see no benefit to not doing what cloudimg does, but I'll admit I'm wearing blinders.19:54
newbsiejrwren: MS view was to get ease of use, so that every home can have a computer.19:54
newbsiejrwren: DO is trying to get more users, and not putting up walls. Security is at your own choice.19:54
sdezielwhile I'm in favor of sudo in general, most of the time the audit trail isn't reliable because people are used to do sudo -i/sudo su - which bypasses sudo logging19:56
jrwrennewbsie: I do not see how they will get more users or how it is putting up walls to deviate from the way AWS, Azure and every Ubuntu Certified Cloud Partner does it. It only makes things harder by being different for no reason.19:56
newbsiejrwren: You login and you immediately have access to everything. If you are new, you might know about su....19:58
newbsieI meant to say, you might not know about it. Similarly, I came in asking very basic questions.19:58
jrwrennewbsie: if you are new, you will be referencing ubuntu docs often all of which know the way the ubuntu cloudimg does it, all of which document using sudo.19:59
jrwrennewbsie: yes, we side tracked from your original questions into a rather interesting discussion.19:59
jrwrenI like DO. I am only disappointed in their deviance from the standard.19:59
newbsiejrwren: I found it easier, but I also worked with AWS, and their Amazon Linux logs you in as ec2-user.20:00
patdk-wktheir amazon linux != ubuntu20:03
patdk-wkand they don't claim it is either20:03
newbsiepatdk-wk: yeah, it is based on redhat I belive20:04
patdk-wkit's a redhat/centos clone20:04
newbsiepatdk-wk: but in general aren't the different flavors kind of similar in the end.... I mean I get the difference in tools included, layout, and so on, but to me as a infrequent user, they all look kind of the same.20:05
patdk-wkhow are they in the least the same?20:05
patdk-wksure, bash on one, is mostly the same as bash on another20:06
patdk-wkexcept ubuntu doesn't use bash by default, so there goes that20:06
patdk-wkconfig files are totally different20:06
patdk-wkubunt uses apparmor and not selinux20:06
patdk-wkthey are highly different20:06
patdk-wkbut if you only look at the surface, sure you could mistake one for the other20:06
newbsiepatdk-wk: but those are just the tools to me. Can't you just install it?20:07
patdk-wknot without starting to custom compile your own kernel20:08
patdk-wkchanging things20:08
patdk-wkand well, then you just end up with the other system20:08
jrwreni agree with you newbsie, they are all the same.20:08
newbsiepatdk-wk: Well, I'm not knowledgeable about that. To me, I just install whatever I need, and I notice often you can just install whatever you need.20:08
jrwrenthey are the same until they are different.20:09
patdk-wkyes, but follow enough documentation for one, and it likely won't work for the other20:09
patdk-wkit will be close, but you will run into issues quickly20:09
patdk-wkand it might be simple to fix, and it often will run you into a fun rabbit hole :)20:09
jrwrenyes, what patdk-wk said.20:09
jrwrenand if you don't knwo the differences, you won't even know you are in teh rabbit hole20:10
newbsiebut aren't the differences mostly in where configuration files are. The package is often already there.20:10
patdk-wkin the simplest of cases sure20:11
newbsiehmmm.... So why does this matter?20:12
newbsieLike what does these differences do for the user?20:13
patdk-wkit's a mindset20:13
patdk-wkit's a way of thinking20:13
patdk-wkit doesn't do anything for the user, except users will fine one or the other easier for them20:13
jrwrenwell, this is #ubuntu-server so to me, users never see this stuff. devs and admins see this stuff. Users use the software and services the devs and admins build and deploy.20:13
patdk-wkand then they know what one they are more comfortable with20:13
jrwrenthe devs and admins will care about these differences when they have to make software X work on non-ubuntu distro Y and things don't work.20:14
patdk-wkfor me, updating rhel system, was just always painful and prone of failure20:14
newbsieTo me, all these flavors don't add anything. I use Ubuntu, because it is almost always available everywhere, and information is easily accessible.20:14
jrwrendig deeper. you'll eventually discover what they do add and have another reason to use ubuntu ;]20:15
patdk-wkI use whatever I'm given20:15
patdk-wkbut since I have a huge repo of software I maintain for ubuntu/debian, I'll perfer ubuntu20:15
newbsieI frankly is becoming a devops person, but my experience is quite limited with this.20:15
patdk-wkthough, I used to maintain the stuff for rhel when I used that before ubuntu existed20:15
patdk-wkand for slackware, before rhel existed20:16
jrwrenyou maintain your own repos?20:16
patdk-wkme? sure, what sane admin wouldn't20:16
newbsieTo me these differences is actually making it harder....20:16
jrwrendo you use reprepro?20:16
patdk-wkI used to20:16
jrwrenwhat do you use now?20:16
patdk-wkoh, for that level, I gave up years ago20:16
patdk-wkI use the ppa's since they where made20:17
newbsieI don't see the value, but perhaps somebody that tweaks servers, and say need performance for something and they find this flavor suits their need better....20:17
patdk-wkdoing it manually was much work back then :)20:17
jrwrenhow do you manage rollbacks, given that PPA doesn't support more than one version of the same package?20:17
patdk-wkI don't rollback20:17
jrwrennewbsie: maybe someday you'll see the value.20:17
patdk-wkI have a testing ppa I use first20:17
patdk-wkand a production ppa20:17
patdk-wkand a few others for more customized stuff20:17
newbsiejrwren: yeah, if I dig deep enough.20:18
patdk-wkI can always just republish, I have all versions on my system20:18
jrwrenpatdk-wk: soo... what if something rolls out to production, is deployed, but a bug is found later and rather than push a new deb (likely takes long) you want to rollback?20:18
patdk-wkjust compile it and install from .deb?20:18
jrwrenrepublish... so... delete from PPA, wait for the delete to process, and re-upload?20:18
jrwrenhahaha, yeah, compile it and install from .deb is an option.20:19
patdk-wkthe only thing I really miss, that kindof sucks is20:19
sarnoldapt-get install foo=version.number.goes.here20:19
patdk-wkI wish I could mark things as security updates on ppa's20:19
jrwrenthese are the problems I'm currently facing. Many solutions. I'm wondering what is best.20:19
patdk-wkmarking as security update is much more annoying to me, than rolling back :)20:19
jrwrensarnold: that only works if you point to many PPAs and they have version.number.goes.here and ersion.number.goes.there20:19
jrwrensarnold: it is the option I like best.20:20
patdk-wkI'm also kindof suprised at how many other people use my ppa20:21
patdk-wkget random emails and irc messages from some of them20:21
apb1963Got no response in #ubuntu and since printing is a server feature... here goes.  ubuntu 14.04 LTS; I'm using Nimbus screenshot within Firefox - trying to print.  It appears to send it to the printer OK, no errors or anything to indicate a problem.  But the printer just sits there idle.  Nothing in the print queue. "echo test | print" works.  I'm not sure where to go from here.20:24
naccapb1963: not sure how printing is a server feature, and you should read !patience, but i'm guessing one (firefox) is using cups and possibly print (which is the mailcap helper) is using something else, not sure. YOu could try testing with 'lp', iiuc. Or use the GUI to print a test page?20:45
apb1963nacc: "echo test | print lpr" works.20:48
apb1963nacc yes to cups ... and the HP driver for the HP printer.20:49
naccapb1963: are you sending to a different printer from firefox? not sure what nimbus screenshot is, but can you print anything from firefox?20:51
apb1963nacc: Yes.  File->Print works21:02
apb1963nacc: Same printer.21:02
naccapb1963: i'd ask the nimbus folks what tehy are doing differntly, then21:03
apb1963yeah, kinda thinking the same at this point.  You should take a look at it though, very nice screenshot utility with many features.  Other than it not printing for me of course.21:04
apb1963thanks for your help!21:04
naccapb1963: when i need screen shots, i hit print screen :)21:06
naccalso i never need screen shots :)21:06
naccapb1963: i would not think they are doing anything special to print, so my guess is they are printing no data, maybe21:06
apb1963sounds reasonable but... strange.21:09
apb1963so yeah, I'll ask what they have to say about it.21:10
apb1963what's nice about nimbus is it lets you annotate the screenshot.  So add text, color, blur portions of the screen that are "private", etc.21:11
naccapb1963: is that an ubuntu package?21:12
apb1963firefox add on21:13
naccapb1963: ah, then definitely should contact the upstream/addon project first :)21:13
apb1963I like to ask on IRC first since it's often the case others here are using the same addon and have already figured out the answer.  But yes, that's my next stop now.  Thank you :)21:15
apb1963nacc: actually, I did find this in the cups error log: E [01/Jun/2016:12:57:33 -0700] [Client 16] IPP read error: Invalid media name arguments.21:18
apb1963sort of implies a configuration error21:19
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drabhi, are there any recommendations for backing-up a bunch of servers?22:52
drabI'm leaning toward using rsync with hardlinks, there's a couple really good scripts out there, or maybe backupninja22:52
drabthe main problem I'm facing is how to get to the data22:52
drabin a push model, I'd have to have each server hold a ssh private key and put the pub on the backup machine22:53
drabin a pull model I need to get in as root to be able to fetch /etc or other root-only pieces of the fs22:53
drabis there a known-better pattern to do this?22:53
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