elachecheBonjour :)09:31
nizarusAhla elacheche09:34
elachecheWhat's up guys?10:24
MarwenDohi elacheche10:29
MarwenDohow are you doing ?10:29
hassoonallez good evening19:24
hassoonspeak bunch of idlers19:59
pavlushkahassoon: Hello, :)20:12
hassoonpavlushka: hey20:13
pavlushkahassoon: So looking for anything?20:13
hassoonpavlushka: yep, introduce yourself20:14
pavlushkahassoon: I am S. M. Pavel Sayekat, from Bangladesh, An Ubuntu User, I am here in connection with elacheche , :)20:17
pavlushkaand you?20:17
hassoonpavlushka: ah i thought you are some tunisian person20:17
hassoonNeo31: hey.23:28
Neo31ahla hassoon23:38
Neo31what's up ?23:38

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