SwitchesBut at the mo they are all separate pretty much, since my server went and died :p00:00
daftykinswhen mines down entertainment is greatly limited, such as when my PSU failed00:00
SwitchesYeah I can't say I didn't get my time outta my little Dell tbh, I got it from a company I was working at when they were going to bin it.. It's probably around 15 years old xD00:01
daftykinswhat died?00:03
SwitchesAnd its ECC Reg dimms, was looking at getting some for it, but haven't found any that will actually work.00:04
SwitchesPlus the fact that ones I have found have been in the £600 range, I can build a decent system for that :p00:05
daftykinsooh i misread the date on the press embargo being June 29th, i doubt i'll want to wait for AMD's offerings00:10
daftykins(that's just the Polaris press event)00:10
diddledanhow did you get ahold of the date when it's embargoed?00:11
diddledanso is the "June 1st Event" in an hour and a bit or in 25hours and a bit?00:15
diddledani.e. GMT says it's June 1st now. but they might be using a merry can time00:16
daftykins100 mins00:17
* diddledan leaves that tab open00:17
daftykinsthese are exciting times!00:18
diddledanI wonder if the AMD GPU + HyperV + DRM video issue has been solved yet00:18
diddledannetflix wouldn't work on my old AMD card when I had Hyper-V turned-on00:19
daftykinshow about if you run a nice virt tech ;D00:20
diddledanthe problem is the winphone emulizer from visual studio required hyper-v00:21
daftykinshow evil of 'em00:22
daftykinshow ghetto is your card?00:22
diddledanit's not now. I got an nvidia because I bricked the AMD with a botched firmware00:22
daftykinsoh yeah00:23
daftykinswasn't that the time i mentioned the idea of putting it in the secondary slot, if you have a board with 2 x PEG slots, then flashing it to resurrect?00:23
diddledanI could try putting it in alongside the nvidia to try reflashing00:23
diddledanyeah that00:23
daftykinsdiddledan: this might be better https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Icm9B1nkGJ000:28
diddledanaah yeah, that'll probably be a good stream00:28
daftykinsis it time yet?!00:30
diddledan15 minutes?01:40
daftykinsclose, ja01:41
daftykinsjust watched a Better Call Saul episode to march on the time ;D01:42
daftykinsit started!01:45
diddledananyone got any glue - to pass the time you watch tellybox, I slice my thumb open01:47
daftykinsyou didn't D:01:47
diddledandamned fan-header was exposed and my thumb was careless01:48
daftykinsdiddledan: this accent :D02:02
daftykinsactually i don't want to download drivers every day ;D02:09
daftykinsbettin' big on VR, then02:12
diddledanthe report was right about the cost then02:15
daftykinswonder what the performance will be02:15
daftykinsfair chunk lower TFLOPS than the nvidia 1070 even02:16
diddledancomes in 4GB and 8GB02:16
daftykinsholy moly they've made a jump there02:16
diddledan14 nanny meters02:16
daftykinsseason for doom XD02:18
diddledanwe're doomed02:19
diddledanwow that's purdy02:19
daftykinsheh gonna need a new TV to see HDR ;)02:20
daftykinsc'mon demoooo02:21
SwitchesNow that's impressive..02:23
daftykinsshame SLI/CF suck02:24
SwitchesCrossfire doesn't suck unless it's on Linux xD02:24
daftykinsi've never been a fan of dual card solutions02:25
daftykinshrmm well that's probably the only bit i was fussed about02:25
SwitchesSLi just sucks everywhere, none of the lower end cards supported it02:25
daftykinsguy in the red shirt is anandtech's British fella i think02:26
SwitchesThat was good to see, shame I don't have a dual slot CF board :p02:26
diddledandoes anyone have an ability to do mixed-vendor multicard?02:26
daftykinsbest combo is one AMD and one nvidia supposedly02:26
daftykinsthere are benchmarks out there02:26
SwitchesAMD gets a bonus for not needed a bloody huge bridge between the cards xD02:27
daftykinsyou don't know yet...02:27
SwitchesThey won't and haven't for the last 2 or 3 generations, they even have Dual Graphics for a Discrete/APU02:28
SwitchesAnd that was meant to be Discrete+APU >.< it's to late02:28
SwitchesI want to see if they managed to cram R7>9 performance into an APU yet02:29
SwitchesThey are doing the FX!! yes!02:30
SwitchesThere has been talk around that they weren't doing the FX and only doing the APU02:30
daftykinsyay demos02:31
Switcheshmm wait a sec they added graphics to the FX series.. I hope not..02:32
daftykinssounds like FX here is just a top tier of APU02:32
SwitchesYeah look FX 9800 APU02:33
daftykinshah that vid told nothing02:33
daftykins(of the game)02:33
diddledanhah, had to be the bunny02:35
SwitchesHmm quad core02:35
SwitchesOh ffs.. really AMD >.<02:36
diddledanwe want MOAR CORES02:36
daftykinsMS in the place02:36
SwitchesWe want new cores not bloody Excavator >.<02:37
daftykinseveryone has a small shrubbery on them02:37
diddledanyeah I was wondering about those shrubs, too02:37
Switches300 million devices, 297 million forced to upgrade :p02:39
diddledanI need to flog myself. I like win1002:39
SwitchesNa Win 10 aint so bad02:39
daftykins'tis nice, even though it's setting the tinfoilers off02:40
SwitchesMS always sets them off02:40
diddledan"hi, erm, I'm Dan, and I'm.. *chokes up*.. a windows user"02:40
daftykinsthat's 'cause it's only cool to report on them as being evil02:40
diddledanI wonder if the FX will fit AM3+ sockets or if a new board is required02:41
Switcheswell they said its AM402:41
SwitchesAll the new chips are AM402:41
daftykinsi lost track of all the sockets everyone has now02:41
diddledanprobably new south bridge too, which is a good thing02:42
diddledanthe SB950 is ancient now02:42
SwitchesWell it is and it aint tbh, AM3+ can't handle DDR4 and that's where a lot of trouble has come from I think02:42
daftykinsyes mate, you're totally a gamer02:43
diddledanhe just watches the demo mode02:43
daftykinssecretly he's a penguin02:43
daftykinst.. that's a box?02:45
SwitchesHP now..02:45
diddledanit's got a stripe!02:45
daftykinswoo \o/02:45
SwitchesSpeed Stripe!02:45
diddledanthat's hooge02:46
daftykinsi kinda wanted that to snap02:46
SwitchesI want her to drop it..02:46
daftykinsi don't even like shopping on HP's website let alone can i imagine buying one02:47
daftykinsoh please that's just intel's login tech02:47
SwitchesFreesync laptop..02:48
daftykinsit's a small audience02:48
diddledanand another shrubbery02:48
daftykinslooking generic as02:49
Switches"Saving the best for last" Dell digging at HP :p02:50
daftykinsand MS02:50
SwitchesHmm R7 44502:51
daftykinsso no Zen o002:52
daftykinsooh they're doing an Apple 'one more thing'02:53
SwitchesHmm doesn't look like it..02:53
daftykinsthere it is!02:53
SwitchesI knew that was coming with Intel saying they aren't focusing on PCs02:53
Switcheshere it is02:54
daftykinsit's... a big splodge02:54
diddledanoooh, it's a circle02:54
daftykinsdat AM402:55
SwitchesSummit ridge02:56
daftykinshmm Q302:56
daftykinsthat'd be financial Q3 no?02:57
daftykinshmm so no info for now02:59
Switches$100>300 :o02:59
daftykinsi'm so pleased they're sorting themselves out, we need AMD to stop sucking big time03:00
daftykinsonly 12k watched that, odd03:00
SwitchesWell the only bad bit about that was again with the rebadged/rehashed cores for the processor lineup03:03
daftykinsi'm still puzzled over this "51% utilisation" of the 2 x RX 480s when compared to that 108003:04
SwitchesAshes of the Singularity supports async compute afaik03:06
SwitchesThat would explain the difference, Nvidia basically ignore it03:06
Switchesheya mappps03:07
daftykinsSwitches: to me it almost sounds like they could've taken one card out and run the other full tilt ;D03:07
daftykinsmappps: my uncle visited Gib and couldn't get his google mails! how weird03:07
mapppshmm really03:07
mapppshow long was he here for.and that is odd thouh03:08
mapppsi use gmail03:08
daftykinsjust the weekend, well i've got him set up on gapps03:08
daftykinshe reckoned he was on wifi too03:08
mapppshm oodd03:09
mapppswhat did hendo whilst here03:10
daftykinsnot a clue03:10
daftykinsfirst i heard was him saying he couldn't get his email, then said it was fine once back here o003:11
daftykinshe wa pretty vague really03:11
daftykinsit was one of those classic support queries where it's like "can you throw the switch that makes it all work in Gibraltar please?"03:12
mapppscould just have been shoddy wifi03:13
daftykinsmmm, mayhaps03:13
mapppsplenty of places with crap wifi03:14
mapppssometimes work doesnt load on some places iwifi03:14
daftykinsah well, oddly he doesn't seem fussed to chase it much - probably gave himself a proper holiday for once ;) bit of a workaholic type03:14
mapppswhere is he from03:15
daftykinsreetyo, AMD event is over so time for bed!03:16
Switchesnight mate03:17
daftykinsta-ra folks \o03:18
mapppsnight mate03:18
mapppslate no hm03:26
mapppsstill up Switches ?03:43
SwitchesYeah mate, just having a ciggy and reading up on a few second hand parts I'm after for my system03:44
mapppswhat system03:45
mapppsbit late isnt it;)03:45
SwitchesWell depends on what you call late, I don't normally go to be until about 9am or so :p03:45
mapppswhat time do you get up03:46
SwitchesNormally in the afternoon, I get around 6>8 hours sleep a day03:46
mapppsi work nights but try to sleep from 7/8am03:46
SwitchesTo many years doing graveyard shifts03:47
mapppsi like nights, always been a night person03:47
SwitchesSame here, but it's kinda made it hard to get a somewhat normal sleeping pattern :p03:48
mapppshahah yea703:48
mapppsfor me..working nights is ess stress, less people, more relaxed03:49
mapppsmuch prefer it03:49
mapppseven when i didnt work nights id be uptill 2/3am03:49
SwitchesYep, you can get to chill out03:49
mapppsja all the busy bodies and managers gone home03:49
mapppsnoone bugging you03:49
mapppswatching what everyones upto03:49
Switches:D yep, people watching is fun sometimes03:50
mapppsnot when people watch your screens03:50
mapppsat night its like do your job..go home..end of heh03:50
mapppsno busy bodies checking every little thing03:50
SwitchesThat's always a good thing03:50
SwitchesI aint really the social type anyways, I'd rather try and have a convo with a wall than talk to people :p03:55
mapppsoff to sleeep tv on ill fall asleep to it03:59
Switches:) ok mate, sleep well04:00
mapppsonce i get curtains in the longe i might start watching tv there..then can just fal asleep04:00
mapppsbut atm only got nets and its sunny here a lot04:00
Switches:( getting rather light here aswell04:00
MooDoomorning all06:06
davmor2Morning all08:04
diploBonjour mon ami's ( not sure on plural :D )08:13
foobarrymes amis08:19
davmor2Morning all you hippies08:21
=== brmbrmca1 is now known as brmbrmcar
diploI did know that, I do suck at typing french :)08:32
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:56
TwistedLuciditySilly question - can [K]Ubuntu use WiFi across 40Mhz or is it limited to 20Mhz?09:04
TwistedLucidityBecause I have an Intel wireless NIC that only appears to be using one channel, and that could well explain my dreadful WiFi performance.09:05
popeydriver thing innit?09:08
TwistedLucidityYeah, that's what I'm thinking. But I've never had to deal with such and issue and am pretty lost.09:08
TwistedLucidityThe NIC should be able to do 300Mbps (i.e. multi-channel) but I'm not sure what to fiddle or where.09:09
TwistedLucidityI could, of course, be entirely wrong about everything. I often am.09:09
zmoylan-piyou could be wrong about been wrong... :-)09:09
TwistedLucidityThat has also happened....09:14
zmoylan-pidoesn't really give you much of a chance does it... :-)09:14
MartijnVdSTwistedLucidity: you can check the current link with "iw wlan0 link"09:15
MartijnVdSit shows tx bitrate09:16
MartijnVdSand MCS in use09:16
MartijnVdSuse http://mcsindex.com/ to determine what it's doing09:16
MartijnVdSmine shows:09:16
MartijnVdStx bitrate: 117.0 MBit/s MCS 1409:16
TwistedLucidityI've been using "iperf" and it's report ~35Mpbs on a supposed 300Mbps link. The router itself show 130Mbps 20Mhz, something dropping to 65Mbps09:17
MartijnVdSwhich, by looking at that table, means 2 spatial streams, 64-QAM 3/4, 117mbit09:17
MartijnVdSTwistedLucidity: 802.11n "300 mbit link" will never give you actual 300 mbit/s09:17
TwistedLucidityThanks MartijnVdS, I shall try that at lunch.09:17
TwistedLucidityYeah, i know 300Mbps is (basically) false advertising, but only getting 35Mbps is fairly ridiculous09:18
MartijnVdSyeah that's a bit low09:18
popeytx bitrate: 65.0 MBit/s MCS 709:18
MartijnVdSOn 2.4GHz, you're not going to get 40MHz channels though09:18
* popey switches to 5g09:18
MartijnVdSbecause once a second AP is detected, the standard dictates that it should only use 20MHz channels09:18
TwistedLucidityThis is on 5Mhz and I'm sure I saw a dual channel setting on 2.409:19
* TwistedLucidity goes to check09:19
popeytx bitrate: 130.0 MBit/s MCS 1509:19
MartijnVdSand 2.4 supports dual channel.. it's just that you'll have to disconnect all of your neighbours first ;)09:19
TwistedLucidityOh, there's one fool running on channel 5 and when I find them......09:20
MartijnVdS1,6,11 are "recommended" channels, as they don't overlap. 5 kills a lot of channels at once ...09:20
TwistedLuciditySo, if I understand you, as soon as my router sees any other 2.4Ghz singal, it restricts itself to 20Mhz to be a nice neighbour? Even though I've told it to use 40Mhz?09:21
* popey hugs 1309:21
TwistedLuciditypopey: Doesn't 13 overlap with 11?09:21
MartijnVdSTwistedLucidity: As soon as it detects another AP overlappign the 40MHz bit you're using09:21
MartijnVdSso if you're using 1+6, an AP on 11 somehwere else is fine09:22
TwistedLucidityMartijnVdS: Gotcha, that makes total sense.09:22
MartijnVdS13 and 11 overlap09:22
popeybetter than having lots on 1109:22
TwistedLucidityAww crikey...some cretin is on 10 as well09:23
MartijnVdSpopey: wifi tends to handle interference on the same channel better than on "half overlapping" ones09:23
TwistedLucidityIf I can identify my errant neighbours, I wonder how I go about persuading them to switch to a sensible channel....09:24
popeyoh, now i check, I'm on 11 anyway09:24
popeyseems i must have reverted back when i re-flashed openwrt09:24
TwistedLucidityOpenWRT FTW!09:25
popeyoh, while we are talking about wifi09:25
MartijnVdSTwistedLucidity: I have one of these at home: http://routerboard.com/RB962UiGS-5HacT2HnT -- very shiny :)09:26
popeyi need to setup another access point in my house, which should be a) cheap and b) easy to lock down to block basically everything bar very innocuous sites09:26
popeyso using something like opendns for dns on it09:26
popeywhich overrides my own lan dns09:26
popeyi was thinking a tp-link one running openwrt09:26
MartijnVdSThat's possible, but TP-Link had some issues I think? With free firmware being blocked/09:27
popeyit's for half a dozen or so phones to connect to, and be separate from my home network09:27
popeyi dont mind other manufacturers09:27
MartijnVdSYou can also add a second SSID to the current AP I think09:27
popeyjust want something i know i can control well with openwrt09:27
popeyi absolutely do not want to use my current routers09:27
TwistedLucidityWhy not just create a new network on the current router? You can assign different DNS as well09:27
popeyno, not doing that09:27
popeyneeds to be separate09:27
TwistedLucidityYou can totally isolate it09:28
popeycan we look at the requirements?09:28
popeyI very specifically do not want to do that09:28
MartijnVdSI haven't done OpenWRT stuff for a while.. so I don't know which devices work well these days09:28
popeyyeah, mine are olde09:28
popeycould pick another one up on fleabay I guess :)09:29
TwistedLucidityI don't understand why (guess I don't need to) but yeah, a wee TP-Link jobby should cut it (so long as they permit customer firmware, companies are locking down)09:29
MartijnVdSI've been using Mikrotik hardware (and their own Linux-based software) lately, and it's great to work with09:30
MartijnVdSbut that breaks the "openwrt" requirement09:30
TwistedLucidityOddly enough, I was going to suggest that.09:30
popeyTwistedLucidity: i need to be able to pick it all up and move it, i can't pick up my own router and move it without losing my own internet09:30
TwistedLucidityThe CLI is nice, GUI tool needs WINE though.09:30
TwistedLuciditypopey: Bingo, you never said that!09:30
popeyi didnt have to09:30
TwistedLucidityMakes sense now09:30
MartijnVdSTwistedLucidity: the web based GUI works fine cross-platform09:30
popeywndr3700 is 20 quid on fleabay09:31
popeythat might be the least worst option09:31
MartijnVdSnice & cheeep09:31
TwistedLucidityOh, last ones I used had no web, just CLI or some Windows thingy-ma-job09:31
popeyas I know i can make those work09:31
JamesTaitGood morning all!  Happy Wednesday, and happy Say Something Nice Day! 😃  ❤09:31
popeywow, tons of them on there09:31
popeyhel-lo, what's this? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/7dBi-Antenna-Mod-Kit-for-Netgear-WNDR3700-v-2-N600-WNDR3400-WNDR3300-v-2-/140829834472?hash=item20ca1cbce8:g:BysAAMXQhuVRMU3609:32
popeywill that give better range to my current access points?09:32
popeyor is it snake oil?09:32
TwistedLuciditySome routers have removable antennas and using higher spec ones is totally a thing. Whether or not *those ones* are snake oil, I can't say09:34
TwistedLucidityThis is exactly what I'm using: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Buffalo-AirStation-Nfiniti-300-Mbps-Gigabit-Wireless-N-Router-WZR-HP-G300NH2-/131833391885?hash=item1eb1e1eb0d:g:FWMAAOSw0gdXTaDn09:36
TwistedLucidityAnd no it's not, wrong blasted link09:36
TwistedLucidityIt's a WZR-HP-AG300H, can't see any for sale at a sensible price on fleabay09:37
ne2kI would like to try desktop virtualization, i.e. a beefy server running VMs and/or containers with desktops for multiple users connecting using thin clients (possibly raspberry pis) I normally use Promox as the KVM/VZ host so would like to continue doing so. for Windows guests the obvious choice is RDP, but for a Linux desktop running in a VM, what would be the best remote viewer solution for this? vnc4server X server? spice into prox09:41
ne2kmox using the virtual display? something else?09:41
popeyne2k: x2go seems popular and performant09:51
TwistedLucidityCan Linux use the latest version of RDP (which I think is 6)? I seem to recall we were limited to version 5 or something.09:53
ne2kpopey, do you run an X server as well as the X2Go server? would it be a headless one?09:53
popeyi have never run it09:54
popeybut i hear others talk about it a lot09:54
ne2kLinux Terminal Server Project sounds like it's the sort of thing I want, but it seems rather stagnant as a project09:55
ne2kTwistedLucidity, ooh, NoMachine Terminal Server, that looks good09:56
ne2kcan the client run on a RPi?09:56
ne2khmm, they want lots of money for it09:57
TwistedLucidityThere's a free version09:58
MooDooanyone played with cloudready ?09:59
foobarryMooDoo: yes10:05
foobarrydidn't find it as lightweight as a light linux OS10:06
ne2kI'm looking at the Cloudready web page. I've read all the text on the page and I still have absolutely no idea what it actually /is/10:07
foobarrychromebookify your non chromebook laptop10:07
davmor2diplo: apparently it's okay, the French are on strike so nobody noticed10:10
ne2kit seems freenx /is/ nomachine10:10
foobarryi've tried all the remote desktops10:10
foobarryx2go is fast, x11rdp lets you use terminal services client (handy for when remote users aren't people under your control)10:11
foobarryspice desktop is potentially interesting for desktop virtualisation10:11
foobarryvmware horizon is the corporate solution for windows VM desktops10:12
ne2kfoobarry, is there a headless x server that supports rdp (like vnc4server for vnc), rather than x11rdp which I presume connects to an existing "headful" x server?10:18
ne2kthere's xrdp, but the documentation is SO BAD I can't work out what it is10:19
foobarryx2go will allow a new session or mirror of your existing one10:20
ne2kfoobarry, does the client work on arm?10:21
foobarrythe main issue i had with x2go is keyboard mappings for mac clients10:21
foobarryARM architecture: for Debian squeeze and wheezy on ARM-based (Debian/armel) devices we provide client-side packages (x2goclient, pyhoca-gui, pyhoca-cli plus dependencies)10:22
foobarryprbably yes10:22
davmor2JamesTait: got covered https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQHJuSZTjkE10:25
ne2kso I dare say you could run x2goserver in a container on Proxmox10:27
ne2kI'm wondering if it's possible to have a two-monitor-wide virtual desktop running in a VM with two single-monitor thin clients connected to each half of it. RPi has only one output, but is cheap so could have one per monitor10:35
ne2kpopey, from what I've seen so far, x2go looks perfect10:40
foobarryx2go also allows detached apps to run10:45
foobarrye.g. just display a terminal window from the remote server on your display10:45
foobarrythen run gedit, and it appears too seamlessly10:46
ne2kfoobarry, cool. I'm going for desktop virtualization with a thin client so not for my use case, but interesting nonetheless10:47
ne2kI love the fact that x2goclient supports RDP as well as its own protocol, which means you can run it on a thin client and people can connect to linux or windows machines without havni to have two viewers on the thin client10:48
popeyne2k: yay10:56
ne2kdo you think I'd be best to have a single VM with lots of people connecting to it and running their desktops, or separate containers or VMs for each user?11:47
ne2kif I'm going to set up a single VM to be a host for lots of users to connect to, should I install the desktop iso, or the server one and add stuff to it?11:51
ne2kI'm erring on the side of the desktop one, as it will have more of teh stuff suited to desktops. but I would want to disable the local x server and greeter, as they're not needed11:56
foobarryyes do desktop12:11
ne2kfoobarry, trying out the new 16.04 desktop in a VM13:09
TwistedLucidityne2k - how many cores does your host have, how many you assigning to the VM?13:10
ne2kTwistedLucidity, I'm only testing at the moment, so I've assigned four cores in Proxmox. the host has what is seen as twelve, but it's actually six cores, twelve threads, afaik13:11
TwistedLucidityCool, you can assign as many as you like; but always leave one for the host13:11
ne2kTwistedLucidity, there's other VMs on this host atm so I didn't want to go overkill13:12
TwistedLucidityAs to one desktop vs multi-VMS; all depends on exactly what they'll be doing13:12
TwistedLucidityHrm...how hard is it to do multi-seat on a GNU/Linux desktop? (I've never actually tried, hence my question)13:13
ne2kwhat's the proper ubuntuish way to disable X at startup?13:13
ne2kTwistedLucidity, I've read the ubuntu article and it sounds rather involved, but not head-bangingly so, I don't think so13:14
ne2kGRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="text" plus sudo systemctl enable multi-user.target --force; sudo systemctl set-default multi-user.target  ?13:14
TwistedLucidityThat's the great thing about a VM, you can take a snapshot just before you royally mess everything up! :-)13:15
ne2khmmm. setting GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="text" alone doesn't work13:20
=== phablet is now known as SebthreeBQM10HD
davmor2SebthreeBQM10HD: hello13:23
SebthreeBQM10HDdavmor2, hi you know abou touch OTA 11 :D ?13:24
davmor2SebthreeBQM10HD: I do13:24
SebthreeBQM10HDdavmor2, what are the libertine changes?13:24
davmor2SebthreeBQM10HD: how do you mean?13:26
SebthreeBQM10HDdavmor2, is it easier to install own apps into libertine?  or still got to hack purtine for example?13:27
davmor2I've not tried I didn't land the last libertine, but my understanding is that the code to install apps is in place but you need a scope from the store which will land for ota11 so no idea if it is there or not right now, I think it is just called legacy apps scope or something like that13:28
davmor2SebthreeBQM10HD: no idea how hard or easy it is once you have those though13:29
SebthreeBQM10HDdavmor2, yeah a scope,  I reemmber they were saying about something before.  not sure if that's avaialble from the standard store for ota 11 hmm13:30
SebthreeBQM10HDI guess I should upgrade and look around13:30
SebthreeBQM10HDmy understanding was that the purtine hack was only a tempory thing before the updates came if wanted to install other programs13:30
SebthreeBQM10HDthe omgubuntu ubuntu link I just read to do with ota 11 didn't say much about libertine so13:31
davmor2SebthreeBQM10HD: it's not released yet I don't think not soon though I think13:31
SebthreeBQM10HDit is released according to omg ubuntu13:31
SebthreeBQM10HDquite a recent blog post13:31
SebthreeBQM10HDmay take a day or two to show the upgrade being availalbe it seems to say as well though13:32
ne2kI should have installed Ubuntu-MATE instead, as Unity doesn't play nicely with x2go13:32
davmor2SebthreeBQM10HD: yeah but they say it is released when it isn't on the desktop releases too :D13:32
davmor2SebthreeBQM10HD: it will be pushed today though13:32
SebthreeBQM10HDyeah I Was thinking the upgrade would be on like Thursday or something :d13:33
ne2khmmm, I've installed x2goserver and x2goserver-session and x2gomatebindings and mate-desktop-session but I can't get it to work. not much in the way of helpful error messages. tryign to find a log file13:37
foobarryi use lxde13:45
foobarrywith x2go13:45
ne2kI was hoping to have something that felt like using native Ubuntu desktop. I'm a bit disappointed it doesn't work with Unity13:45
ne2kbut I suppose it's not that surprising13:46
ne2keven MATE isn't working properly. I had to do some workaround in .profile to get it to load at all, and now all the icons are missing13:46
ne2kand it won't go full screen13:46
ne2kso, all-in-all, a bit shitto13:46
foobarrythere is a irc chan for x2go13:47
foobarrythe devs hang out in there13:47
ne2kyeah, might head over there13:47
diddledanwhat.. the.. duck.. http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2016/05/msi-hp-zotac-backpack-vr-pc-details-specs-price-release-date/14:37
directhexhttps://www.gog.com/connect - DRM-free versions of your steam games, via gog.com14:38
popeyAn error occurred while processing your request.14:48
popeyReference #30.67f1002.1464792530.db54fe914:48
diddledanyeah I'm having trouble too14:49
popey8th time's the charm14:50
MartijnVdSand that just beforet he summer sale ;)14:51
diddledaneenteresting: https://github.com/eliangcs/http-prompt14:57
directhexprogress! it now shows my accounts as linked, and says i own no games!15:56
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diddledanyup, ditto16:06
phablet 16:13
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SebthreeBQM10HD 16:14
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SwitchesI need more coffee.. and who gave alan_g Explosive Ordanance?!17:12
daftykinsit could be "end of days"17:24
daftykinsor "eating orange duck" ?17:25
DJonesdaftykins: "End of days".....Please don't.....I've not finished prepping for that yet18:03
daftykinswhen the horesemen cometh?18:03
DJonesYep, I still need my backpack nuke to err on the side of caution18:04
DJonesSounds like every book I read18:04
phablet 20:16
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daftykins#ubuntu might be a safe bet when you're unsure if you're present or not20:44
SebthreeBQM10HDdaftykins, did you get to annoyed at #ubuntu not seen you there recently :d20:45
daftykinsi am banned20:45
daftykinswow, Teamviewer has gotten hacked so bad some people are connecting into others PCs and raiding their online accounts :|20:46
SebthreeBQM10HDdaftykins, you are banned from #ubuntu what why?  and what's this about team viewer ?20:47
SebthreeBQM10HDdaftykins, by the way you might be able to help me with an idea for a speech at a public speaking group since you do windows rubbish a lot it seems20:48
SebthreeBQM10HDand deal with non technicals as a result I guess20:48
SebthreeBQM10HDdaftykins, I want to do one about the Microsoft scam call or to do with that20:48
daftykins'rubbish' eh20:48
daftykinsnot getting any help from me then20:49
SebthreeBQM10HDdaftykins, no I think  you misunderstood me20:49
SebthreeBQM10HDdaftykins, I meant doing stuff with Windows is a bit sucky I guess, but you get paid for it so not to bad :)20:49
daftykinstoo late, you burnt that bridge20:49
SebthreeBQM10HDdaftykins, you flipped out in #ubuntu and got banned I guess20:50
daftykinsnope, but i'm not willing to discuss it20:51
daftykinsat least, not with folks i don't know20:51
daftykinsSebthreeBQM10HD: i don't really find your approach to be a pleasant one21:02
SebthreeBQM10HDdiddledan ello21:33
diddledanmy thumb hurts23:32
diddledanbloomin fan-headers23:32
daftykinswhat've you been up to? :>23:33
diddledanI hurt it last night23:33
daftykinsyour fan header?23:33
diddledanmy thumb was a careless idiot23:33
diddledanI was surgerising my pc while waiting for the amd stream23:33
diddledanand the naughty fan header jumped-up and bit my thumb23:34
diddledannice slice down one side23:35
diddledanonly about 1.5cm tho23:36
daftykins'tis but a scratch23:36
daftykinsi've got surface #3 now in the post, so setting it up for the client again23:37
diddledanis it the same one you've been struggling with returned or have they replaced it?23:37
daftykinsthis is genuinely #3 now23:37
daftykins#2 got stood on :D23:37
daftykinsthey've all still got the sleep issues, totally flawed product23:38

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