rick_h_cmaloney: CHC tonight?12:56
cmaloneyrick_h_: Planning on it13:09
rick_h_cmaloney: party time13:09
cmaloneyWoo woo!13:09
cmaloneyI will never understand PHP16:11
cmaloneyI have never seen another language go through as many hoops to get it wrong17:22
cmaloneywith the exception of Javascript17:22
jrwrenits gotta be up there with js and php.17:24
cmaloneyDoes C++ parse a string to get the numbers out of it? :)17:25
jrwrenyes. so does C17:25
cmaloneyNo no no nono17:25
cmaloneyI mean taking "3" + "I have 5 bananaas" and returning 817:26
jrwrenhhahahaa, no, not by default or course.17:26
cmaloneytype conversion I understand17:26
jrwrenyes, I think implicit type conversion should be considered BAD17:26
cmaloneybut that's just brain-damaged17:26
jrwrenimagine how much simpler JS would be if it didn't have implicit type conversion.17:27
cmaloneySome conversion I don't mind a while lot17:27
jrwrenthen again, python has it and its simple and understandable,s o I don't nkow.17:27
cmaloney(I come from Perl so take that with a grain of salt)17:27
jrwrenyes, a small well defined set, or even an extensible set can be OK.17:27
jrwreni come from perl too, and it was never an issue there.17:27
jrwrenI guess JS and PHP just fucked it up17:28
cmaloneyWell, went way too far at the very least17:28
jrwrenyeah, maybe that is it.17:29
cmaloneyif you have "2324" and add that to 3 then your choices are either to fail, treat as a string, or convert to integer17:29
cmaloneybut having "3FFF" + 3 convert to 6? I can't fathom where that would be appropriate17:29
jrwrenor... do the sane thing and treat 3 as a char literal and append ascii(3) to the string and get 2324^@17:29
cmaloneyjrwren: I'd accept that, even though that would be surprising17:30
jrwrenit would? hrm. yeah, I guess maybe it would be.17:31
cmaloneyI think that's why PHP and Javascript are languages I don't like: they act in surprising ways17:31
cmaloneyand not good surprises17:31
jrwrensame here. but that is OUR problem, because we've been conditioned to expect things one way, and they do things another.17:31
cmaloneylike VB conversions to variant17:31
cmaloneyor True = -117:32
jrwreneverything is a variant!17:32

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