theblazehenMaaz tell kilos raid doesn't do any more wear on drives than normal, except when you first create it, where it then writes over all the drives with \0's which caused disks to fail I think03:41
Maaztheblazehen: Got it, I'll tell Kilos on freenode03:41
theblazehenhttps://twitter.com/sadserver/status/686937954082672641 - "Never underestimate the disappointment of a station wagon full of corrupted backup tapes hurtling down the highway."03:42
magespawngood morning05:15
magespawnhi Kilos  urbanslug 05:36
Kiloshi magespawn urbanslug theblazehen captine and others05:39
magespawnso what is up today Kilos?05:45
Kilosshivering for starters, and there?05:46
Kilosi found out one thing about thermal underwear, it keeps heat out05:47
magespawnit keeps the cold out too05:48
Kilosim freezing05:48
Kilosdont have thermal gloves and sock and nose cover05:49
magespawnthe trick is to get warm first, then dress warm06:02
Kiloswb chesedo 06:03
anton_mayKilos--drink more OBS ;)06:06
Kiloshaha i remember that works well but i gave up drinking about 30 years ago06:07
anton_mayI'm so sorry to hear that, then all I can suggest is lots of coffee06:08
magespawnand a big fire06:19
magespawntea also works nicely06:19
mazalMorning everyone06:27
inetprogood mornings06:32
mazalWhy is there no law against working early in winter :P06:34
mazalDoes anybody know if sudo apt list --upgradeable will show kernel updates ? With update manager broken I update via cli and am just wondering if I will see kernel updates in that list06:42
Kilosi got lotsa outside work today so will be a bit quiet07:39
Kilosand connection probs again07:40
chesedomorning all07:50
paddatrapperMorning chesedo07:51
magespawnjust got my first gigabit internet experience09:08
theblazehenmagespawn: Where?09:20
* theblazehen has it on my VPS, but not actual PC09:20
magespawnfrom my new work, fibre isp09:20
magespawnthe speestest maxs out at 250MB09:22
magespawnnow i am limited by the speed of the port on my computer09:23
anton_mayawesome and here i'm reconfiguring our office QoS because the boss is hogging the 10Meg fibre line09:24
theblazehenanton_may: What you running? FreeBSD / pfSense or something Linux based?09:37
anton_mayso yes Linux based09:40
theblazehenanton_may: nice. /me is using pfSense at home. I like that I cun run Squid on it09:52
anton_mayok kewl. Ia lso got a mikrotik at home, but it's only me and the missus, so no need for squid. Although Tik has a built in feature09:53
pavlushka-hello everyone!10:06
Na3iLhiyas pavlushka- 10:08
pavlushka-how are you Na3iL10:09
pavlushka-i know a thing or two about you from Kilos, so what's up?10:10
Na3iLI am fine thanks :D what about you 10:10
pavlushka-i am struggling with my life supply and net connection,  :p10:13
Na3iLhahaha I know that feel believe me10:13
pavlushka-can't afford the expensive mobile broadband  and my fixed broadband is down almost for a month and looking for a source of income too like a job, :p.10:15
Na3iLWhat kind of job you are looking for?10:17
pavlushka-chatting with you through an Android,  cant afford to connect it the pc, anykind iguess,  if you want to help, you should check out my resume in that case, but....10:19
Na3iLbut what! :p 10:20
Na3iLAh, your resume is not online? for example an Linkedin profile will do the matter10:20
pavlushka-my eligibility is only recognizable locally,  have no international certification.  and yes i have a linkedin profile.10:22
Na3iLIt's not a problem :D10:24
pavlushka-Na3I'll, my email in linkedin is pavelsayekat@yahoo.com10:32
Na3iLokay I will check it 1sec10:33
theblazehenpavlushka-: Where are you located?10:38
Na3iLback, I am currently in Tunisia11:01
theblazehenpavlushka-: Not sure if you missed message, where are you located?11:22
pavlushka-theblazehen Bangladesh,  and i was fall a asleep, sorry12:48
theblazehenhey Squirm, pavlushka-12:49
pavlushka-hello cryterion!12:49
theblazehenThat sucks, pity you aren't closer to here12:49
pavlushka-yeah, it sucks a little,  lol12:50
pavlushka-I might do online!12:51
theblazehenpavlushka-: How much do you like php?12:52
pavlushka-made up my mind to master it.12:52
pavlushka-a book is currently on my desk, and within weeks,  it will be on my head.12:54
theblazehenCool. Can you mail your CV? myIrcUsername@myIrcUsername.com12:54
pavlushka-sure, to the above address?12:55
pavlushka-theblazehen,  like to point out, that i have no international certification.12:57
theblazehenpavlushka-: yeah, that's alright. Hell, I don't even have local (yet)12:57
pavlushka-i gotta go right now but will mail it within in an hour, is that ok?13:00
theblazehenYeah, cool, ty13:01
pavlushka-see ya... everyone!13:01
magespawntheblazehen: you looking for someone to do php?13:23
theblazehenmagespawn: Yeah13:24
magespawndon't let superfly find out, we might get another python lecture13:24
theblazehenOh, I know. I want someone so I don't have to :)13:25
Kilostheblazehen did you get a successful backup done?15:37
magespawnhome time chat later16:03
theblazehenKilos: Just got home now, with my new disks :)16:15
Kiloswhat make?16:15
theblazehenSeagate.. But I think I just had a bad batch. 1 TB disk, only R500 / drive16:16
Kilosanother 10k?16:16
theblazehenAnd RAID 6 this time16:16
theblazehenNah, just R2500 :)16:16
Kilos500 for 1TB16:16
theblazehenBut only 3 TB total in the end, vs 15 TB before :(16:17
Kilosthats cheap16:17
theblazehenYeah, cheap. Got it from a guy at work, cost price16:17
theblazehenAnd he has more if these die :) He might get me sorted with a new processor for cheap too16:17
Kiloshave you checked your psu16:18
Kilossome way you can get info on all voltages etc16:18
Kilossomewhere in bios i think16:19
theblazehenYeah. All good there 16:21
theblazehenThink I have a 750W, not even running a gpu. Way more than enough power 16:21
Kilosi was thinking maybe overvoltage16:22
Kilossome psu regulator not right16:22
theblazehenWas around 12.05 V or so16:23
theblazehenAlmost perfect 16:23
theblazehenAnd ssd doesn't have any issues 16:23
Kilosim just looking for other possible cause of so many disk failures16:24
paddatrappertheblazehen: you had me excited there about cheap drives... 16:36
theblazehenpaddatrapper: where you at? How many do you want? 16:38
paddatrappertheblazehen: 4/5, CT16:40
theblazehenHmm. How much do you think shipping from JHB would be?16:40
Kiloslook for someone thats travelling16:41
paddatrapperMy brother and father will be up there 2 - 8 July. Maybe can organise something with them16:42
Kiloscouriers are expensive16:42
paddatrapperWhile family and friends are free :D16:44
theblazehenpaddatrapper: He has 4 disks left16:48
theblazehenpaddatrapper: Note, they all have a couple days of use on them, not brand new16:49
paddatrappertheblazehen: That's fine, I'd be using them for a server at home which is in desperate need of more space. I just need to see if I can organise (mainly re family going up) and let you know 16:52
theblazehenpaddatrapper: Cool16:56
Kiloshi pavlushka 17:52
pavlushkaHello , Kilos ! missed you,17:52
Kilosyou well lad17:53
pavlushkaAlmost Kilos , :p17:59
Kiloshmm...  almost17:59
magespawngood evening18:34
theblazehenhi magespawn18:35
Kiloshi magespawn inetpro 18:39
magespawnso whats up folks?18:55
Kiloswhy you work so late18:57
Kiloscrazy hours for an IT guy18:57
magespawnnot at work now, been at home for the last 2 hours or so18:58
Kilosyes man you said home time at 6 pm18:59
magespawntakes about a hour normally to get home19:00
Kilosyes but19:00
magespawnlonger tonight because of traffic19:00
KilosIT guys go home at 4 pm19:01
magespawnnot when they are on support, normal hours are until 5 pm19:01
magespawnsupport until 6pm19:01
Kiloshow are you coping19:01
magespawnall good so far19:02
Kilosenjoying the change?19:02
magespawnyes, going to try and finda place closer to work19:02
Kilosand the cold?19:03
magespawni get to wear longs all the time19:03
Kiloswell no one else wants to talk to us so maybe i must sleep then all the lurkers can come outa hiding19:05
magespawnyou scare them away,they don't want to get in trouble19:06
Kilosthats why i must sleep early otherwise they stay up too late19:06
Kilosand i never fight with anyone19:08
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:09
theblazehennight Kilos19:09
magespawngood night Kilos 19:09
magespawni am also off,good night all19:14
theblazehennight magespawn19:15
inetproah, I can come out now?20:26
inetpromaybe not20:29
inetprogood night20:29
pavlushkainetpro: good night, :p20:33

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