geirdaliam new here01:08
aloiecehei folks, I'm running ubuntustudio 14.04, trying to use the ffado firewire driver with 2 echo audiofire 12s13:04
aloieceaccording to this post it's possible by compiling a svn of ffado myself http://ffado.org/?q=comment/12757#comment-1275713:06
aloiecenow I've had to compile jack against libffado myself as well13:07
aloieceas one might guess, I haven't been able to make it run again =)13:07
aloiecethough the installation of jack seemed successfull =)13:07
aloiecemy question: why, if I want to reinstall an app that's dependent on jack (like qjackctl for instansce) does the official package not find it's dependencies and therefore cannot be reinstalled?13:09
aloiece(sorry for the story, thought it might help=)13:09
aloiecewhy don't the regular ubuntu packages find their dependencies if I compiled those myself?13:31
aloiecewhy don't the regular ubuntu packages find their dependencies if I compiled those myself?13:53
sakrecoeraloiece: if no one answers you, you can always try the mailing list :)14:14
sakrecoeri'm not very skilled in terms of self compilation. but i'm afraid if you chose that method to install packages, you are a bit on your own, aloiece.14:16
sakrecoeraloiece: tho you might get lucky and find someone who can help14:16
sakrecoeraloiece: most things ubuntu related you can find help in #ubuntu14:17
sakrecoerhi ^-^Kyrina14:18
sakrecoer^-^Kyrina !ask14:19
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:19
sakrecoerhmm... of course, general creativity chatter is welcome too, ^-^Kyrina14:20
aloiececheers, at the moment I'm going through problemsolving myself and am sitting by the xchat patiently14:21
sakrecoeraloiece: the ffado in ubuntustudio has no support for your card? you did try right?14:30
aloieceI tried14:31
aloieceand it works fine according to this http://ffado.org/?q=comment/12757#comment-1275714:32
sakrecoeryes, many fw cards are plug'n'play by now withh ffado..14:32
sakrecoerbut, your problem stems in using 2 cards simultaneously?14:33
aloiecewell by trying to achieve running two simultaniously14:33
aloieceI managed to get none running14:33
sakrecoerhave you asked in #ffado, aloiece ?14:34
aloieceyes, since ffado is running fine and showing me both interfaces14:34
aloieceI was pointed here14:34
sakrecoerok.. sorry, personaly i can't do much more than this... but like i said, our mailing list might have more eyes, tho a bit slower eventualy (not necesserily)14:36
sakrecoerand for questions about conpiling, #ubuntu is probably a good bet. :) best of luck aloiece !14:37
aloiecethanks sakrecoer! I'll try the ubuntu channel for that cheers!14:40

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