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FerdOHello, I came here for help, I created two linux users, one for steam and the other for console emulators. I would like to disable the password at login for these two, without disabling the password entirely05:02
Volgecan someone try to install this package libjsch-agent-proxy-java12:13
VolgeI have been trying to download it for hours and all what I get is error 400 bad uri12:15
Volgeno? okay12:16
knomeVolge, which repositories are you using? have you updated them?12:16
Volgeubuntu's main server if that's what you mean12:17
knomeVolge, you waited for 3 minutes - patience please12:17
knomeand which xubuntu version are you running?12:17
VolgeI have updated it several times but no hope12:17
VolgeThe latest one I forgot which is it :)12:17
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VolgeI will check12:17
Volgein a second12:18
Volge16.04 xenial12:18
OswinHello guys, can someone help me with installation issue?13:23
pleia2Oswin: you can explain your issue, if someone can help, they will :)13:24
OswinOk thanks13:24
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OswinSo I try to install xubuntu and when I choose to try xubuntu he loads but never start and stay on an issue: a start job is running for hold until boot process finishes up... so I little more and see that I have an error (failed to start) of light display manager13:26
OswinAny ideas why on live cd the light display manager will not start?13:44
xubuntuGerryHiho all14:50
xubuntuGerrycan anyone help me with my xubuntu?14:51
xubuntuGerrydoes anyone knows why cpufreq does not work on xubuntu?14:53
GeekDudewhat is cpufreq?14:54
xubuntuGerrydaemon for manipulating cpu frequency14:56
xubuntuGerryI was using cpufrequtils on ubuntu without problems, then I tried this on xubuntu but apparently does not work14:56
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xubuntuGerryor maybe You know some other programs for changing cpu governor?14:57
GeekDudeI'd like to help, but this is outside my realm of knowledge14:57
xubuntuGerryk, thx anyway14:57
andromeduckhi guys I'm having an issue where global shortcuts don't work if focus is lost, as in if I press ctrl+enter for drop down terminal twice to launch and retract, pressing it a third time won't make it appear again and neither will other shortcuts like alt tab and stuff14:58
andromeduckif I set focus to follow mouse with long delay everything works unless mouse is hovering over desktop in which case the same happens again14:59
andromeduckdoes anybody know if this is a known issue or if there's a solution to this?14:59
andromeduckI'm on Xubuntu 16.04 with all the updates, fresh install. Never had this issue on 12.04 and 14.0415:01
pencilandpaperandromeduck: change the command for xfce4-terminal to drop-down to F1.15:36
pencilandpaperDo you know how to do that andromeduck ?15:39
andromeduckhow does that change things tough?15:40
andromeduckpencilandpaper, is there something special about ctrl+enter that screws things up?15:41
pencilandpaperI don't know andromeduck . Is it used for anything else at the same time?15:43
andromeducknope, not that I'm aware15:43
andromeduckthis is the only shortcut I've added15:43
pencilandpaperTry using F1 and see if you have the same issues. It could be that enter isn't playing nice since its such a specialized key..doing mainly two things..selecting and dropping text on to the screen you know what I mean?15:44
pencilandpaperOr any other key combination of your choice without using Enter.15:45
pencilandpaperI use F1 to drop-down the terminal and I have never had that issue before.15:45
JeZxLeeAnyone know what the best free GIT application is for 16.04 ?16:22
PiciJeZxLee: git itself.16:23
Pici!info git16:23
ubottugit (source: git): fast, scalable, distributed revision control system. In component main, is optional. Version 1:2.7.4-0ubuntu1 (xenial), package size 3212 kB, installed size 25988 kB16:23
JeZxLeePici - thanks, but would like an application with GUI interface16:23
sudomarizeis xubuntu good for playing games?20:52
knomedepends on the games20:53
geniitux racer works great20:53
sudomarizesteam games, league, etc20:53
sudomarizeand i'm talking about compared with other distros, not windows20:55
tertiaryanyone know how to disable light-locker from the command line?20:59
geniitertiary: Temporarily or permanently?21:12
geniitertiary: sudo mv /etc/xdg/light-locker.desktop /etc/xdg/light-locker.bak   should do it. You can always revert the file if you want to re enable it again another time21:15
tertiaryawesome, thanks genii!21:15
xubuntu80w  I 've installed xubuntu 16.04 on a dell inspiron mini 10. It 's look working OK but I can't enable the wifi. What should I do about this?22:10
JeZxLeecan Xubuntu 16.04 64Bit do RAID?23:52
geniiAll *buntu can23:58

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