clivejoan hour later and still not published00:06
clivejoreally drives me insane00:07
soee_we do not release Alpha 1 right ?00:37
soee_lol i thought it is dead: Kaffeine 2.0.4 Released, Includes Major Improvements for Digital TV03:32
soee_clivejo: will you be able to package it ?03:33
ahoneybunsoee_: why?03:46
soee_ahoneybun: why what ?03:47
ahoneybunpackage it03:47
soee_to be abel to install it ?03:47
ahoneybunbut we have VLC and DragonPlayer03:48
soee_yes and this is argument whay we shoudln't use others ? :)03:48
ahoneybunsoee_: we'll see03:55
ahoneybuntrying it for the hell of it03:56
ahoneybunmost likely will burn and crash03:56
ahoneybun*crash and burn03:56
* ahoneybun thinks soee_ should go to the Dojo03:56
ahoneybunno way03:58
ahoneybunsoee_: guess who is going to test this first03:58
soee_and crash laptop ? :D03:59
ahoneybunit plays audio and video fine03:59
ahoneybunonly have mp3 and mp403:59
ahoneybunit built with no errors03:59
ahoneybunlet me get it on LP 04:00
ahoneybunlet's see if LP works with me too04:00
ahoneybunmm where is the files to updload to LP04:01
ahoneybunI'm going to have to get the changelog, deps and such fixed04:04
ahoneybunLP is going to yell other wise04:04
soee_this is black magic for me atm. :)04:04
ahoneybunand hope my key works04:05
soee_building for xenial or yakkety ?04:05
ahoneybunwell I'm on xenial04:05
ahoneybunthis package has not gotten update since Apr 201404:05
ahoneybunin Ubuntu archive anyway04:06
soee_yeah, that is why i thought it was dead04:06
ahoneybunthey have not updated the changelog from github anyway04:11
ahoneybunmm debuild is yelling at me04:14
ahoneybunplaceholder for Rick04:19
ahoneybunsomething about not finding kde.pm04:24
soeeand what is it ?04:26
soee!info dke.pm04:26
ubottuPackage dke.pm does not exist in yakkety04:26
soee!info kde.pm04:27
ubottuPackage kde.pm does not exist in yakkety04:27
ahoneybunnot sure 04:27
ahoneybunI know dh_autoreconf is for autoreconf.pm04:27
ahoneybunand quilt04:27
soee /usr/share/perl5/Debian/Debhelper/Buildsystem/kde.pm04:27
ahoneybunmm still 04:29
ahoneybunI think there was a version it has in it04:29
ahoneybunsame odd04:31
ahoneybunit is saying aabout Perl04:33
ahoneybunbut it looks like pkg-kde-tools pulls that04:33
soeewhat error ?04:33
ahoneybunmm it is doing this: /usr/local/share/perl/04:36
ahoneybunbut pkg-kde-tools has: /usr/local/share/perl5/04:37
ahoneybunnot sure if that is it04:37
soee!info pkg-kde-tools xenial04:38
ubottupkg-kde-tools (source: pkg-kde-tools): various packaging tools and scripts for KDE Applications. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.15.20~ubuntu4 (xenial), package size 89 kB, installed size 427 kB04:38
soee!info pkg-kde-tools04:39
ubottupkg-kde-tools (source: pkg-kde-tools): various packaging tools and scripts for KDE Applications. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.15.21~ubuntu1 (yakkety), package size 90 kB, installed size 434 kB04:39
ahoneybunpkg-kde-tools (>= 0.14)04:39
ahoneybunis how I wrote it04:39
ahoneybunbut pkg-kde-tools  did the same04:39
ahoneybun!info libxine204:40
ubottulibxine2 (source: xine-lib-1.2): xine media player library – meta-package. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2.6-1.1build1 (yakkety), package size 1 kB, installed size 9 kB04:40
ahoneybun!info libxine2 xenial04:40
ubottulibxine2 (source: xine-lib-1.2): xine media player library – meta-package. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2.6-1build5 (xenial), package size 1 kB, installed size 9 kB04:40
ahoneybunno clue04:41
soeewe have to wait for some more experenced packager :-)04:42
ahoneybunso close too04:42
ahoneybunseems apachelogger had the same error 04:45
ahoneybun5 years ago XD04:45
ahoneybunI was missing pkg-kde-tools04:51
ahoneybunnow a new error04:51
ahoneybunnot sure how04:51
soeewhat error ?04:51
ahoneybunseems to be about quilt04:52
ahoneybunI did install that04:52
soeebut it cant findsource with proper format04:53
ahoneybunyea seems that way04:53
soeeone level above you shoudl have ../kaffeine_2.0.4ubuntu1.orig.tar.{bz2,gz,lzma,xz}04:53
ahoneybunnot sure how to get those04:53
ahoneybunI remember debuild made them 04:53
ahoneybunI might be missing a few things, a bit rusty04:53
soeeisnt ths the source provided by devs ?04:54
ahoneybunnot in a tar04:54
ahoneybunI got this from github04:54
soeeahoneybun: https://linuxtv.org/downloads/kaffeine/04:56
soeegrab one ?04:56
ahoneybungot it now04:56
ahoneybunalso found a decent changelog04:56
ahoneybunyay patches04:59
ahoneybunnot even sure if that one is needed anymore05:00
ahoneybunI removed it05:03
ahoneybunalso change quilt to native and got around that error05:06
ahoneybunnow I need my secret key05:07
ahoneybunsoee: still with me lol05:10
soeewoot woot ?05:10
ahoneybunnot yet05:10
ahoneybunjust got my key from the laptiop05:10
ahoneybunand it's on Lp05:14
ahoneybunlet's see some fireworks!05:14
ahoneybun317 updates on the laptop lol05:15
ahoneybunsoee: https://launchpad.net/~aaronhoneycutt/+archive/ubuntu/kubuntu-packages/+build/1019715105:15
ahoneybunnot sure if you can watch it or now05:15
ahoneybunwatch it crash and burn XD05:16
ahoneybunmm seems to be somethings that are not anywhere05:19
ahoneybunold oxygen icons05:19
ahoneybunnot sure what that means05:19
soeerofl = Rolling On Floor Laughing05:20
ahoneybunmm might know the fix05:20
ahoneybunwell I know what file is telling it to do that05:22
ahoneybunlet's try this again soee05:25
ahoneybunI have to wait 30mins05:26
ahoneybunto start the build05:26
soeewhy ? LP blocks you 05:27
ahoneybunnow it says 405:27
ahoneybunmgraesslin: ?05:27
ahoneybunis that the  KWin guy or Wayland05:28
ahoneybunmm now 2mins05:28
ahoneybunso weird05:28
mgraesslinahoneybun: I just connected, if you want to ask me something, I might miss context05:28
ahoneybunno no my bad05:28
ahoneybunI meant o/05:28
ahoneybunsoee: building05:29
ahoneybunmgraesslin: I saw you at Akademy last year05:29
ahoneybunI was with the weird guy interviewing you lol05:30
mgraesslinyes I remember you ;-)05:30
ahoneybunoh awesome!05:30
* ahoneybun wonders if soee pased out05:31
soeeme ? :D05:31
soeewe are starting work day now here in Poland :)05:31
ahoneybunoh it's 1:30am here XD05:31
ahoneybunmgraesslin: I want to say you work on KWin05:32
ahoneybunI could be wrong05:32
mgraesslinno, that's correct - I'm working on KWin right now05:32
ahoneybunI knew it was something cool KWin =/ any WM05:32
ahoneybunin the good way05:33
ahoneybunsoee: if this fails I might go to sleep05:34
ahoneybun75% sure05:34
soeehihi :)05:34
ahoneybunI removed those05:35
ahoneybunsoee: night05:40
ahoneybunsomeone else will have to help me05:40
viphi ho07:43
=== pavlushka_ is now known as pavlushka
jimarvangood morning kubuntu! :)08:23
acheronukahoneybun: http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/kde-extras/kaffeine.git/log/08:26
jimarvanacheronuk: I LOVE YOU08:31
jimarvanit works with my 10 year old mpeg1 TV tuner in my laptop!08:32
jimarvan:D :D :D08:32
acheronuklol. great :)08:42
acheronukclivejo: no libkf5grantleetheme in XX apps staging is roadblocking much of what hasn't built yet, yes? 08:44
yofeltrue, kaffeine is the only working TV Tuner application that I know of. Nice to see that it's still alive :)08:45
* clivejo wonders who the weird guy with Aaron was09:29
clivejodid he have a chicken head?09:29
jimarvanclivejo: where did you see that?09:41
clivejowhere did I see chicken head?09:42
clivejohave seen photos of it09:42
jimarvanI miss that cricket :(09:48
jimarvanahoneybun: I want that cricket back on the show! :P09:49
BluesKajHowdy all11:51
jimarvanBluesKaj: hey :)11:52
BluesKajhi jimarvan11:52
BluesKajjust received an email about yakkety alpha1 bring released, hope the crashy ubiquity installer has been fixed11:57
yofelshould work now with the slideshow gone11:57
BluesKajwhat was the slideshow exactly?11:59
yofelthe slides it shows you while it is installing (after you finished all configuration steps)12:00
jimarvanI had issues to install yakkete on virtualbox12:01
jimarvanbut I will try later on at home, probably it is my old laptop12:02
BluesKajso unnessary semi ads about kubuntu assets12:02
jimarvanwell I like them xD12:02
BluesKajthe're fine if they don't crash the installer12:03
jimarvanHas anyone ran the live yakkete on Virtualbox?12:06
jimarvanand got a black screen at the end?12:06
yofelwouldn't really suprise me. We've had various session startup issues since 16.04, and nobody looked at those in depth so far12:08
jimarvanI am that guy :D12:11
acheronukjimarvan: Live session was fine in virtualbox here yesterday12:11
jimarvanok so it is my poor old laptop 12:11
acheronukapart from plasma being 5.5.5 :( that is12:12
yofelmight also be a bit random (or version / driver ? dependent) as I had it work and fail in VBox12:12
jimarvanhmm I am boosting RAM from 2 GB to 3 GB (out of 4)12:13
jimarvanright now just to check12:13
acheronukjust zysncing the iso, then I will try12:13
jimarvanI hate that Vbox suggests 718Mb RAM and 8 GB disk space :(12:13
jimarvanThey should increase those recommendations a little...12:14
jimarvanmade it!12:14
jimarvanyeap it was low ram issue12:14
* jimarvan loves that desktop folder little hidden install icon xD12:15
acheronukOK, here. 2GB of RAM allocated12:15
acheronuklol. ignore the VB suggested defaults12:15
yofelI think we "officially" require 1024?12:16
jimarvanyeap 1024 runs12:16
jimarvani had the absolute defaults... :( sorry12:16
yofelwell, still better than kvm which defaults to 256 IIRC? ^^12:17
acheronukthe VBox default for *buntu are 768, which is silly12:17
jimarvanand a lot of new starting people that want to try12:17
yofelwell, ubuntu requires 512 according to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements12:17
acheronukbut sounds plausible enough that you can be fooled12:17
jimarvanthey come back and say "it does not work"12:17
yofelI wonder if we should be on that page..12:18
mamarleyI tried to install Kubuntu Xenial on a KVM VM a while back with 1024 but it kept crashing due to OOM.  It worked fine after I bumped it to 2048.12:18
jimarvannot until that 512 figure doubles yofel xD12:18
yofelwell, they talk about Lubuntu further down12:19
acheronukyofel: yes we/you should, kubuntu is not a minor derivative12:19
yofelOTOH, telling people that we eat memory is probably not that great of an idea12:19
yofelOTOH #2: I blame mysql12:19
acheronukletting them find out later on is worse IMHO12:19
jimarvanmysqld memory issue you mean?12:21
jimarvanwasn't that fixed?12:21
jimarvanah ok12:21
jimarvanon a 2006 laptop, I just cant believe it12:23
yofelthanks for reminding me that I need to do that folderview SRU12:23
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> /me tried to package kaffenine12:33
BluesKajkaffenine still around ?12:37
BluesKajor kafrine eveb12:38
BluesKajoops , need more light , kaffeine12:38
jimarvanKaffeine rocks hehe12:49
BluesKajmpv is my fav movie player now, after finding a config file for the audio settings enabling DD and DTS outputs thru the spdif 12:52
BluesKajit's video handling is smoother and cleaner than VLC as well12:52
jimarvanhmm i will give it a try13:03
acheronuksmplayer using the mpv backend works very well here13:11
acheronukahoneybun: https://launchpad.net/~acheron/+archive/ubuntu/ppa/+build/1019874713:16
BluesKajthe mplayer front ends kmplayer and smplayer never quite cut it with the digital audio out options IME, this pc is our HTPC connected to an audio receiver and TV13:17
clivejoacheronuk: can you see why this is FTBFS - https://launchpadlibrarian.net/270141460/buildlog_ubuntu-xenial-amd64.kdesdk-kioslaves_4%3A16.04.2-0ubuntu1~ubuntu16.04~ppa1_BUILDING.txt.gz13:19
acheronukclivejo: it's been broken compiling against libsvn 1.9 for ages.13:20
clivejodo you know what the status is?13:21
acheronukpackage is not even in xenial (was left out?) and I guess that was why?13:21
acheronukdebian git have fixed by disabling the svn part/sub-package13:21
clivejowould you do me a fix?13:22
clivejoif you have time13:22
acheronukDon't know what the official status is, but I would guess no one cares enough to fix the svn part13:23
clivejobetter to follow debian lead13:23
acheronukclivejo: not before this evening, if that's ok?13:23
clivejoI think once thats sorted apps are almost ready to go13:23
clivejoyeah no hurry13:23
acheronukhas PIM finally built? 13:23
acheronukin XX13:24
clivejoyeah and 16.04.3 fixes my korganiser crash!13:24
* clivejo is very happy13:24
acheronukgreat. had the ppa enabled, but was wanting to remove the PIM stuff13:24
acheronukif PIM built, that should be sorted13:24
clivejooh xenial hasnt totally built yet13:25
clivejolibgrantlee took forever to publish13:25
clivejoand Im poking it on, but publisher is soooooo slow13:25
acheronukLP slow as ever... sigh13:25
acheronukI use akregator a lot, so need it NOT to remove that on a dist-upgrade13:26
clivejome too13:26
clivejobut when I opened kontact it was crashing due to korganiser13:27
clivejobut the entire suite seems stable on Yakkety13:27
acheronukhopefully the same on xenial then :)13:28
clivejoif mailcommon ever publishs!13:29
* clivejo spits grape seeds at LP13:29
acheronukhmm... from yesterday http://i.imgur.com/GgAfebW.png13:31
=== pavlushka is now known as zaki
marco-parilloDid anybody test that the daily images install without the slideshow?13:54
=== zaki is now known as Guest92541
acheronukdid on a manual remove the other day, and let it go as far as the file copy stage on a test earlier13:55
acheronukdoes it still fail?13:55
marco-parilloI was willing to test if nobody else has.13:56
acheronuktry it. I can only do so in virtualbox ATM13:56
jimarvanguys, test installing on mine VBox right now13:58
jimarvan(the one with 1GB RAM)13:59
marco-parilloThanks. I will pass as (1) I can only do in a VM myself, and (2) it looks as if jimarvan is ahead of me.14:04
jimarvanno worries will tell you in a few mins14:04
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> I feel like a failure now14:04
jimarvanwhy? :(14:04
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> ..14:04
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> I tried 2times to get that built14:05
ahoneybunacheronuk: second time https://launchpadlibrarian.net/270077284/buildlog_ubuntu-xenial-amd64.kaffeine_2.0.4ubuntu1-ppa2_BUILDING.txt.gz14:11
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> Only 2 times?14:12
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> That's not failure14:12
ahoneybunyea it was 1:30am at that point14:12
ahoneybunso I went to sleep14:14
yofel2 times is definitely not a failure :D14:14
ahoneybunnot enought?14:14
* yofel remembers genuine kde-workspace ~ppa14 numbers or so14:15
yofelthat was a fun thing14:15
ahoneybunwell for something like kaffeine14:15
yofelFWIW, missing files can take a couple repetitions. I would rather recommend building in a chroot where you have the build result so you can run dpkg-buildpackage -nc after fixing something14:16
ahoneybunI removed the lines in kaffeine that were doing that I thought14:17
yofelis it the same error as before?14:17
ahoneybunsurprised I got the key signing to work lol14:19
yofelwell, they're still there14:20
ahoneybunyea I know14:20
yofelis that a native package o.O?14:20
yofelFWIW, you might want to base 2.0.4 on the debian 2.0.3 version14:21
ahoneybunoh I grabbed the version we had14:23
ahoneybunwhich was a bad idea now14:23
jimarvanSorry for the delay I did the mistake to install 3rd party packages14:47
jimarvanalmost done with the Yaketee installation14:47
jimarvan91% so far all seem ok14:47
jimarvanshould it reboot at 93%????14:48
jimarvanwithout warning?14:48
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> Pretty sure no14:48
jimarvanwell it didn't actually reboot, it closed the installation and asked me to press enter after i remove media14:49
jimarvanINSTALLED :)14:49
jimarvanand up and running14:49
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> Oh nice14:49
* jimarvan cheers14:49
jimarvanmarco-parillo: clivejo: installation succesfully completed! :)14:50
jimarvanwell done14:50
marco-parilloWell done. Always nice to have a stop-ship bug resolved.14:50
jimarvanI will have a look on the installer14:50
jimarvanand see what I can do14:50
jimarvanHave in mind, the installer could not launch on VBox with 1GB ram, I had to up it to 2 GB to actually launch14:51
marco-parilloOn my netbook with 1GB, I used to get low on memory warnings when the Kubuntu installer went to Plasma 5, so I guess that was coming.14:56
acheronukahoneybun yofel: I cheated and pinched the debian packaging that had only been updated 2 hrs previously15:12
acheronukeven then, it's slight luck it built 1st time!15:13
acheronukeven though I did test in pbuilder 1st15:13
apolhey, where should one report packaging issues in kubuntu?15:23
apolI've just been pointed out that khangman lacks a qml-module-qtgraphicaleffects dependency15:24
clivejoapol: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/khangman15:25
clivejoopen a bug on LP for it15:25
clivejowhat release is the bug in?15:25
clivejoHi Rick_Timmis15:27
clivejodid you get in trouble last night?15:28
apolclivejo: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/khangman/+bug/159821315:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1598213 in khangman (Ubuntu) "khangman has a runtime dependency on qml-module-qtgraphicaleffects" [Undecided,New]15:34
apolclivejo: 16.04, AFAIK15:34
clivejojust installed KHangman on Yakkety, seems to be working15:36
clivejowhat happens when you run it?15:36
acheronukPIM building on XX at last!15:48
jimarvan:D 15:56
jimarvanis that the personal instant messenger, right?15:56
clivejoPersonal Information Manager15:56
clivejobasically the suite making up Kontact15:57
jimarvansee ya peeps! :D16:02
clivejoyofel: what do you think? http://packaging.neon.kde.org/cgit/forks/drumstick.git/16:14
acheronukclivejo: If I merge in debian's packaging for kdesdk-kioslaves, which is 4:16.04.0-1, would that then need ubuntu one changing from 4:16.04.2-0ubuntu1 to 4:16.04.2-1ubuntu1 ?16:21
soeeahoneybun: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ev8Zltau4zw16:46
soeeyofel: ping16:49
soee!info smartmontools xenial17:06
ubottusmartmontools (source: smartmontools): control and monitor storage systems using S.M.A.R.T.. In component main, is optional. Version 6.4+svn4214-1 (xenial), package size 425 kB, installed size 1462 kB17:06
acheronukyofel clivejo: taking debian changes as read, and that the debian revision would bump, this is what it would give me for kubuntu_yakkety_archive17:12
yofelclivejo: context?17:16
yofelsoee: hm?17:16
soeeyofel: if Aaron fix the kaffeine packaging, can we push it into archive ?17:16
ahoneybunI fixed nothing17:17
yofelsoee: yakkety already has 2.0.3, or do you really need 2.0.4?17:17
ahoneybunRik did that17:17
soeethe latest17:17
soeeahoneybun: oh?17:17
yofelacheronuk: looks fine17:17
soeewha about xenial ?17:17
acheronukyofel: I'll do a merge proposal then17:18
soeein his ppa soewhere ?17:18
acheronukahoneybun soee: I just pinched the latest debian packaging17:19
ahoneybunyea I went from the newest in Ubuntu archive17:19
ahoneybunbad move17:19
acheronukonly had to update the changelog17:19
soeeinstalled fine - Ricks package17:20
* yofel gives up and installs plasma 5.617:21
acheronukkaffiene built against a newer version of VLC in my ppa than the one in my archive. forgot I had that. but don't think it's critical17:22
acheronukhave not tested app more than trivially though17:22
acheronukhmm... kaffeine is not very smooth compared to mpv17:26
mamarleyI haven't used Kaffeine since the KDE3 days!17:29
acheronuksame here I think17:29
soeei liked it a lot and i still do :)17:32
mamarleyI used it until KDE4 came out, then I switched to Xine for a while, then to (s)mplayer, then to Xine, and these days I find myself using Kodi quite a bit.17:35
mamarleyOh, and VLC.17:35
acheronukstill like smplayer, which is now QT517:35
jimarvanguys does anyone know what happened with amarok?17:35
soeei always like the name: kaffeine :D17:35
jimarvanis it abandoned?17:35
mamarleyI use smplayer for playing DVDs when I don't want Kodi, since VLC plays DVDs with lots of judder for some reason.17:35
ahoneybunI don;t think so17:36
ahoneybunvalorie: amarok status.?17:36
acheronuknot a lot of work going on https://quickgit.kde.org/?p=amarok.git17:38
jimarvanthanks acheronuk as i thought :(17:38
mamarleyI really liked Amarok with KDE3 but the KDE4 version never really made me happy. :/17:39
acheronukthat's another one I used to use all the time with KDE 3, but 4 somewhat ruined it17:39
acheronukmamarley: snap!17:39
acheronukfar from perfect, but clementine does most of what I want now17:40
* mamarley uses VLC for that.17:41
* jimarvan same VLC addict here :)17:43
* mamarley just wishes VLC would start playing DVDs smoothly again, then he could ditch (s)mplayer entirely.17:44
soeebtw. like a year agoor more there were ome posts about Dragon Player 3 i think17:45
mamarleyIt is really odd though, because it only happens with DVDs.  Blurays (which are significantly more resource-intensive) play just fine.17:45
soeethe idea died ?17:45
BluesKajmamarley: mpv works well now , VLC is still a good player , but mpv seems better on difficult videos 17:46
mamarleyBluesKaj: I have tried MPV, but it has one critical issue for my setup: It doesn't support streaming video over SMB.17:46
acheronukmamarley: if I use a file manager like thunar with gvfsd-smb support to open the video with smplayer over smb, it then works and streams for me17:49
mamarleyI don't want to stop using Dolphin though.17:50
acheronukfair enough17:50
mamarleyI have a setup that works pretty well though.  Kodi for DVDs and anything recorded using TVHeadend, VLC when I don'17:51
soeeclivejo: only kdesdk-kioslaves fails in Xenial now ? (except minuet)17:51
mamarleyt want to mouse through Kodi's interface, and smplayer with mplayer if I want to play a DVD without Kodi.17:51
BluesKajkodi useful for internet tv, otherwise it's kind of clunky IMO17:52
mamarleyBluesKaj: With a mouse, sure, but if you have an IR remote and a computer attached to a TV, it works really well.  It is also the only video player I have found that can display closed captioning/subtitles from ATSC transport streams.17:53
BluesKajI just keep media in their respective Music etc folders on the outboard and put in them "places" on dolphin, and yes I use a wireless KB and mouse and this pc is a HTPC connected to an audio receiver and tv ...I just need a remote to change the sources on the tv17:55
acheronukclivejo: something not right with xenial apps http://paste.ubuntu.com/18254270/18:03
acheronukand http://paste.ubuntu.com/18254372/18:04
clivejoany idea what the problem is18:07
clivejowhat version of libkf5akonadicore5 does it want to install?18:12
acheronukif I do this http://paste.ubuntu.com/18254967/ it then works for the upgrade, but lose the packages listed there18:12
acheronuk4:16.04.2-0ubuntu1~ubuntu16.04~ppa1 for libakonadicore18:13
clivejocan you try installing that on its own18:14
acheronukhmmm. done the upgrade now18:15
acheronukso of any consequence, forcing things a bit I lost....18:19
acheronukoh.. wait18:20
* clivejo waits18:20
acheronuklol. kgpg is the only thing as far as I can see.18:26
acheronuksome of the 4.xxx stuff no longer installs, but you expect that I suppose18:27
acheronukpresumably needs some replaces/breaks so make upgrade work, rather than having to fudge/force it like I just did?18:27
acheronukkgpg is still kde4, so not usre if that can work 18:29
soeeyofel: what do you think about my suggestion to disable drivers manager kcm till it is fixed ?18:32
acheronukI suppose jumping from apps 15.12.3 to 16.04.2 is bound to have fallout18:32
clivejoacheronuk: only spotted this now18:33
clivejokdesdk-kioslaves (4:16.04.2-1ubuntu1)18:33
clivejothe -1 is the debian version18:33
clivejoDebian have 16.04.0 18:34
clivejobut they dont have 16.04.218:34
clivejotherefore our should be 4:16.04.2-0ubuntu118:35
acheronukah. I just misread their version number18:35
clivejono problem, took me ages to understand version numbers18:36
acheronukotherwise I would have left ti18:36
clivejohad yofel's head turned18:36
acheronukdidn't misunderstand, just misread18:36
acheronukclivejo: kgpg is not installable on YY either18:39
clivejoanyone else able to do a test install of apps 16.04.2 on senial18:40
clivejowhats the message?18:40
soeeclivejo: yes i can test18:40
clivejosoee: remember its staging, it could kill your kitten18:41
acheronuksame as xenial with the apps staging ppa 18:41
* acheronuk admits he uses seahorse18:42
clivejoacheronuk: what version is it trying to install?18:44
acheronukCandidate: 4:16.04.2-0ubuntu1~ubuntu16.04~ppa118:45
acheronukfrom apt-cache policy18:45
acheronukso presumably that?18:46
acheronukCMakeLists for 16.04.2 shows it's still kde4, despite that version number18:49
soee-devclivejo: http://paste.ubuntu.com/18258369/18:55
soee-devso a lot of pim related stuff tobe removed18:56
acheronukin a xenial VM I get a cleaner upgrade http://paste.ubuntu.com/18258458/18:57
clivejosoee: looks ok18:57
acheronukso was just me having some kde4 stuff installed that c***ped it out!18:57
clivejoacheronuk: do you think we should merge with debian in regards kgpg?18:58
acheronukI have not looked at the differences18:58
soee-devclivejo: ok, upgrading19:02
clivejoyou want to try it?19:04
acheronukI'm just building in pbuilder with the debian packaging. See if that is installable19:05
clivejoah good idea19:05
acheronukstill get cannot install libakonadi-contact4 etc19:07
clivejowonder why its looking for that!19:08
soee-devcant we grep 16.04 fiels and see wht requires it ?19:09
acheronukmaybe you can import keys for your contacts in akonadi?19:09
clivejo!info kdelibs5-dev19:09
ubottukdelibs5-dev (source: kde4libs): development files for the KDE Development Platform libraries. In component universe, is optional. Version 4:4.14.16-0ubuntu4 (yakkety), package size 1303 kB, installed size 9465 kB19:09
clivejoah, thats an old PIM dev19:09
clivejotry removing that19:09
clivejo!info kdepimlibs5-dev19:09
ubottukdepimlibs5-dev (source: kde4pimlibs): development files for the KDE Development Platform PIM libraries. In component universe, is optional. Version 4:4.14.10-1ubuntu3 (yakkety), package size 481 kB, installed size 4349 kB19:09
clivejoanother old one19:10
clivejowonder what the new one is19:10
clivejoremove them both and see what cmake is looking for19:10
soee-dev_clivejo: ping19:13
acheronukso http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?mode=filename&suite=xenial&section=all&arch=any&keywords=KdepimLibsConfig&searchon=contents19:14
clivejosoee-dev_: whats up?19:14
soee-dev_clivejo: http://paste.ubuntu.com/18259866/19:14
soee-dev_clivejo: so from what i see all looks prerry good19:15
soee-dev_reboot now19:15
clivejosoee-dev_: looks ok19:15
acheronukso it only really has probs with the kde4 leftovers19:15
clivejocan you test the applications#19:15
jimarvanwhich ones?19:16
clivejoall of them19:16
acheronukso kgpg needs kdepimlibs5-dev :(19:16
acheronukohh! akregator got back feed icon support :)19:19
clivejoacheronuk: in the rules files can you bump include /usr/share/pkg-kde-tools/qt-kde-team/2/debian-qt-kde.mk to version 319:22
clivejotry a rebuild19:22
acheronuktrying with that and the depends back19:24
clivejokeep the depends out19:24
clivejothey look too old19:24
acheronukcmake will fail if not19:25
clivejoI want it to19:25
soee-devclivejo: ok, apps looks prerry goofd19:25
clivejoversion 3 is KF5, Im wondering if we are building version 4 by mistake19:26
acheronukthere is no kf5 in that cmakelist19:28
acheronukso it just fails as before19:28
clivejoso the debian packaging is failing too?19:28
clivejoI dunno then :/19:29
acheronukor, it builds, but is not installable19:29
acheronuknot on xenial with the apps ppa, anyway19:30
clivejoinstallable on yakkety?19:31
acheronuknot with apps staging enabled19:31
clivejoIve just pinged maxy about it19:31
acheronukif you adjust some depends/breaks etc on other packages, it might get there19:32
acheronukbut not sure what tonight19:32
jimarvanwow busy night :o19:37
clivejosoee: still with us?19:38
clivejohow goes the testing?19:38
soeeclivejo: i installed it fine, tested (run few apps) and all smees fine19:38
soeebut we need more testers when it comes to apps19:39
jimarvanjust returned from sainburys19:39
acheronukright. just off to enable staging on my laptop19:39
jimarvandownloading latest iso and starting testing19:39
soeei think Plama and Frameworks are always easier than apps to package and test19:39
soeejimarvan: xenial apps ?19:39
jimarvansoee: which apps you need testing? \19:40
soeejimarvan: 16.04.2 on Xenial19:40
soeefrom staging apps ppa19:40
jimarvansorry :(19:41
jimarvanwhich one?19:42
jimarvangot it19:42
jimarvani will install the VBox right away and start19:42
soeemamarley: are you aple to test them ?19:42
jimarvani have an SSD drive shouldn't take long to set it up19:43
mamarleysoee: 16.04.2 on Xenial?  Not at the moment, but later today I can install them on a VM>19:43
* acheronuk wants SSD19:43
soeemamarley: woudl be cool, thanks19:43
jimarvanacheronuk: what size?19:43
* jimarvan 120 Gb?19:43
acheronuk2-300 for pref19:44
jimarvanah ok19:44
jimarvanbecause the small ones now are VERY cheap19:44
soeei have 120 GB on both laptop and PC :)19:44
jimarvan39-50 pounds for under 100Gb19:44
jimarvanpro-brexit xD19:44
jimarvananyway enough chit chat19:44
jimarvangoing virtual mode :P19:44
yofeltalking about SSDs, someone buy me a 2TB one :P19:45
acheronukwas looking at https://www.amazon.co.uk/SanDisk-Ultra-Sata-2-5-inch-Internal/dp/B00M8ABCZM19:45
jimarvanwhat are you going to do with 2TB? fill it with pron? :P19:45
acheronukbut not sure if any good19:45
yofelonly partly ;P19:45
jimarvanacheronuk: in my company they are insane with chromebooks19:45
jimarvanI convinced the boss to stop wasting his money on crap and let me upgrade all old laptops with small SSDs and install kubuntu 16.0419:46
jimarvanpreparing 12 laptops for next week ;)19:46
jimarvanpeople LOVE KUBUNTU19:46
jimarvani will send you an e-mail from a home manager to see how much they love it19:46
jimarvanbut yet again19:46
* soee wonders if yofel saw the question before ..19:46
jimarvanlet me do this *virtual mode engaged*19:47
yofelsaw it19:47
yofelcan't make up my mind19:47
acheronukhands up who uses kgpg?19:47
jimarvanfor kmail?19:47
yofelthat thing is kind of important, esp. on e.g. virtualbox (ok, we have gcc on the image now, so the guest additions should work..)19:47
soeei'm not sure how hard it is to disbale it but we have smething broken there that migh confuse users19:47
yofelbut yeah, it's somewhat broken :/19:47
yofelkmail uses kgpg?19:48
acheronukhope not!19:48
* yofel uses kgpg on occasion - like twice a year19:48
acheronukit's kde4 and is uninstallable with apps-staging as it stands19:49
jimarvanOMG STOP RAINING ALREADY :(((19:50
jimarvani wanted to go to the beach tomorrow fml19:50
jimarvanshould I avoid install updates?19:55
jimarvani mean on the install screen19:56
soeewell installation will be faster but in the end you will have to install them after reboot :D19:56
* jimarvan facepalms19:56
jimarvanok then19:57
yofelIIRC that only makes ubiquity download them in advance, so you can install them after install19:57
BluesKaji always wait til the OS is done installing, just incase 19:57
jimarvan5 mins left to download the xenial iso19:58
soeeBluesKaj: you have some machine with Xenial ?19:58
BluesKajyeah, my laptop19:58
soeewanna test apps 16.04 ?19:58
BluesKajalready added that above ppa to my Yakkety install, all is well so far19:59
soeeyes but testing for Xenial is pretty important20:00
yofelThe following packages will be REMOVED:20:00
yofel  accountwizard akonadi-server akregator kaddressbook kdepim-runtime kmail knotes kontact korganizer libkf5incidenceeditorsng5 libkf5kipi30.0.0 libkf5noteshared520:00
yofelthat's too much20:00
jimarvanlol do it!20:00
yofeljust a chroot anyway 20:00
soeeyofel: on Xenial ?20:00
acheronukyofel: that's what I had earlier20:00
yofelsoee: yes20:00
acheronukcan be worked around, but not for kgpg20:01
yofelchroot was set up with: apt install --install-recommends kubuntu-desktop kubuntu-full digikam kdevelop calligra20:01
acheronukhmmm... so maybe somthign else there20:02
soeeuhmm something related to diigikam -> kipi ?20:02
yofelI'm more worried about PIM20:02
yofellet me read the debug output20:02
acheronukwhat happens with a 'apt-get install akregator kmail akonadi-server' ?20:04
acheronukdoing that removed some old kde4 stuff for me, and allowed a cleanish upgrade20:05
yofelwell, aptitude says  akonadi-server : Breaks: libakonadi-kde4 but 4:4.14.10-1ubuntu2 is installed.20:06
yofeland that wants to completely remove calligra now20:06
yofelapt just gets to a different conclusion20:07
acheronukbut I don't have calligra20:07
yofelyeah, that's about what aptitude gives me20:07
BluesKajsoee:  installing packages with staging-kdeapplications now on xenial...ok done , rebooting20:08
jimarvan50% on installing myself20:09
acheronuk calligra-libs : Depends: libakonadi-kde4 (>= 4:4.5.86) but it is not going to be installed20:09
yofelapt just gets to a different conclusion20:09
acheronuktoo much breakage on kde4 based stuff :(20:11
yofelI guess uploading a calligra build without akonadi support would do the job20:12
yofelwhat does it use that for anyway..20:12
acheronukI'm going to go find a glass of wine and come back to this tomorrow :)20:13
BluesKajsoee. looks good, anything troublesome to lookout for ?20:13
soeeyofel: so the calligra is the faulty package ?20:13
clivejoisnt calligra broken in xenial?20:14
soeeBluesKaj: test some apps if they work fine20:14
clivejotypo in fonts20:14
yofelclivejo: is it?20:14
acheronukdoubly broken now with that ppa20:14
jimarvanacheronuk: Cheers xD get some wine!20:15
* acheronuk does just that20:15
yofelwe might want to fix it anyway - for krita's sake20:16
jimarvanlong live Krita!20:16
jimarvan70% on install uff, tapping fingers here20:17
BluesKajsoee:  I don't have a lot of apps, no libreoffice or PIM 20:18
soeeLO is not related here20:19
clivejocalligra-libs Recommends: fonst-lyx20:19
clivejoshould be fonts-lyx20:20
soeelol :D20:20
* clivejo hates waffley americans20:21
BluesKaj,well, gotta go, Canada Day jam today at the garage/studio ...later gents, take care20:22
clivejo48mins to explain something that should only take 520:22
* valorie protests -- waffles are a great breakfast!20:25
jimarvanat least wales are winning :P20:25
valoriealso, I used to make fantastic overnight yeast waffles with freshly-ground wheat flour20:28
valoriedamn those were good20:28
jimarvanyou are evil! :P20:28
yofelnow I want waffles -.-20:29
clivejolet go ahead and click it20:30
clivejoblah blah blah20:34
clivejoyap yap yap20:34
jimarvaninstalling updates now20:38
jimarvankde apps :)20:38
jimarvanand done20:38
clivejoyou're man20:39
jimarvanyou have an app priority to test first?20:39
jimarvanlike dolphin etc?20:39
clivejojust test them all20:40
jimarvanmy favorite is instant messaging, so i am going to test it first! :P20:40
jimarvanwales - belgium 3-120:42
yofelwales is unstoppable, fun ^^20:42
jimtestkonversation works :P20:44
jimarvanoh oh20:45
jimarvansomething crashed20:45
jimarvanwhen i opened the Instant Messenger Contacts20:46
clivejodid you reboot?20:46
jimarvanbut I think that happens also on original20:46
jimarvani think so?20:46
jimarvanlet me reboot again xD20:46
jimarvanand korgac20:47
jimarvani think i rebooted20:47
jimarvanbut i will doing it again to be sure20:47
clivejokorgac was crashing on me in 16.04.220:47
clivejobut seems to be fixed in .320:48
jimarvani will reopen Instant Messenger Contacts and see20:49
soeejimarvan: instant messaging = ktp ?20:49
jimarvanIt connects with my google account perfectly20:49
jimarvanIM Contacts20:49
jimarvanInstant messaging working like a charm20:50
soeeWales wn20:50
jimarvanwho could believe it20:50
jimarvanclivejo: seems it does not crash anymore20:50
jimarvanlet me close it and see 20:50
jimarvanno crash so far :>20:50
soeejimarvan: keep in mind that kde-telepathy id dead :D20:50
jimarvani know i know20:50
jimarvanbut we really need in my company instant messaging xD20:51
jimarvanso i love that little app20:51
jimarvanif I have to, I will reserve it :P20:51
soeeee Slack or Mattermost ? :D20:51
jimarvanwhat do you mean? x20:52
jimarvanDolphin works fine20:52
soeefor team commnication20:52
jimarvannever heard of it20:52
jimarvanwe use google hangouts from chrome xD20:52
jimarvan*chromium with plugin20:52
jimarvanclivejo: everything seems working20:53
jimarvancongrats :)20:53
jimarvaneven kontact and kmail20:53
clivejoIm glad20:53
jimarvani see nothing obvious20:54
jimarvani want to test the wi-fi somehow20:54
jimarvanI might actually install it physically on my laptop :>20:54
soeei am impressed hw god USB mode works for my mobile LTE internet20:54
soee*how good20:54
soee*USB modem20:55
jimarvanwhat I could do20:56
jimarvanis share the VM to you guys20:56
jimarvanto look around20:56
jimarvanthrough my broadband?20:56
jimarvanlet me see if i can make a VBox server20:56
jimarvanmight become useful!20:56
jimarvaneven open file in folder for firefox works!21:08
jimarvanwas it fixed in 16.04 already?21:08
jimarvanclivejo: everything seems working fine21:14
jimarvani will take a virtualbox snapshot of it :)21:14
jimarvanso if you want me to install anything else on this, and test it I can revert back and forth at any time21:14
jimarvanI have also installed teamviewer 1121:15
jimarvanso if you guys would love to look around feel free :)21:15
jimarvanhmm teamviewer has a hard time to launch, probably I need to increase RAM21:16
ahoneybunsoee: if we are testing should it not be in backports yet?21:27
acheronuk+Breaks: kdepimlibs-data (<< 4:16.04), libakonadi-kde421:31
acheronukclivejo ^^^ libakonadi-kde4 breaks is part of prob with some stuff21:31
jimarvanguys have a look on this screnshot21:34
jimarvanhave I done something wrong?21:34
yofeljimarvan: try dist-upgrade21:35
jimtestacheronuk: sorry xD21:41
jimtestwell i did dist-upgrade but still some packages are kept back21:42
jimtestgwenview kde-config-mailtransport kdepimlibs-data kio-extras-data libkf5eventviews521:42
jimarvanI will come again tomorrow, have to go sleep for my karate session tomorrow morning21:44
acheronukgwenview blocking it?21:44
jimarvanthere are some more packages21:44
jimarvanshould I list them here?21:44
acheronukcan do if you like, but I'm not puzzling over it tonight21:45
jimarvanthen I will not bother your heads for tonight :D21:45
jimarvanwe have time to bump it tomorrow ;)21:45
jimarvanbut for just logging purposes here they are:21:46
jimarvangwenview kde-config-mailtransport kdepimlibs-data kio-extras-data libkf5eventviews521:46
jimarvanlibkf5followupreminder5 libkf5gravatar5 libkf5kdepimdbusinterfaces5 libkf5kdgantt2-521:46
jimarvan libkf5libkleo5 libkf5mailimporter5 libkf5mailtransport-data libkf5sendlater521:46
jimarvan  libkf5templateparser521:46
jimarvanthese 1421:46
jimarvangwenview is version 15.12.321:47
jimarvanand it seems OK21:47
jimarvangood night all :D21:48
acheronukas well21:53
soeeahoneybun: probably, but clivejo always prefere to test it in staging21:53
ahoneybunno I mean it should be in staging21:54
clivejodid you all get kicked out?21:56
clivejobeing naughty?21:58
acheronukwasn't even in front of PC21:59
acheronukapps updated fine on laptop, but same probs with some other things being not installable22:02
acheronukwith that, goodnight :)22:02
clivejonight night22:04
valorieah, so it wasn't just me22:08
valoriebumpy ride on freenode22:08
clivejovalorie: dont you have a bouncer?22:23
valorieI do, but it briefly disconnected22:25
valoriemy connection was steady on linuxchix and rootsweb though22:25
valorieso it was just freenode barfing22:25
clivejoanyone shed some light on the mpeg thumbs in dophin?23:26
soeehey dont work :D23:26
clivejoI know that!23:26
clivejobut why!23:26
soeeuhm, clivejo https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=20148423:27
soeegram master versin of  ffmpegthumbs?23:27
soee!info ffmpegthumbs23:28
ubottuPackage ffmpegthumbs does not exist in yakkety23:28
soee!info ffmpegthumbs xenial23:28
ubottuffmpegthumbs (source: ffmpegthumbs): video thumbnail generator using ffmpeg. In component universe, is optional. Version 4:15.12.3-0ubuntu1 (xenial), package size 15 kB, installed size 61 kB23:28
clivejothe 16.04.3 version should work23:28
soee!info kio-extras23:30
ubottukio-extras (source: kio-extras): Extra functionality for kioslaves.. In component universe, is extra. Version 4:15.12.3-0ubuntu1 (yakkety), package size 418 kB, installed size 1702 kB23:30
soee!info kio-extras xenial23:30
ubottukio-extras (source: kio-extras): Extra functionality for kioslaves.. In component universe, is extra. Version 4:15.12.3-0ubuntu1 (xenial), package size 418 kB, installed size 1702 kB23:30
clivejoits installing /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/plugins/ffmpegthumbs.so23:31
soeeclivejo: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=351894#c1623:31
ubottuKDE bug 351894 in ffmpegthumbs "Missing video thumbnails after upgrading to 15.08" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]23:31
soeeso the problem is wrong path to plugins ?23:33
clivejoI dunno23:35
clivejoits installing where cmake told it to install23:35
clivejohave you tried "sudo ln -s /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/plugins/* /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/plugins/"23:35
soeeclivejo: ls -l /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/plugins/ and it contains only ffmpegthumbs.so23:36
soeeand this one ffmpegthumbs.so does not exists in /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/plugins/23:37
soeeand dolphin looks for it in /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/plugins/ ?23:37
clivejo!info ffmpegthumbs23:38
ubottuPackage ffmpegthumbs does not exist in yakkety23:38
clivejooh its in proposed23:38
clivejo15.12.3 is installing it to /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/plugins/ffmpegthumbs.so23:39
soeeand is it valid path?23:40
clivejo16.04.3 is to /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/plugins/ffmpegthumbs.so23:40
soee16.04.3 ?23:40
clivejosorry 16.04.223:41
clivejothe apps version we are working on23:41
clivejoand it is definitely there 23:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1574049 in kdegraphics-thumbnailers (Ubuntu) "kdegraphics-thumbnailers 4:15.12.3-0ubuntu1 uses the wrong path for plugin libraries" [Undecided,Confirmed]23:42
soeeand the firt one mentioned in comment - ffmpegthumbs https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ffmpegthumbs/+bug/157403723:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1574037 in ffmpegthumbs (Ubuntu) "ffmpegthumbs 4:15.12.3-0ubuntu1 uses the wrong path for plugin libraries" [Undecided,Confirmed]23:44
soeeso i assume somthing frm this reports affects us?23:45
clivejoI cant even see where the problem lies23:46
clivejothe file is being installed in the right place23:46
clivejobut dolphin wont use it23:46
soeei have now video thumbs after linking it properly23:47
soeesudo ln -s /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/plugins/ffmpegthumbs.so /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/plugins/ffmpegthumbs.so23:47
soeedo you have it:  /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/plugins/ffmpegthumbs.so  ?23:48
soeelol ?23:49
soeels -l /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/plugins/ | pastebinit23:49
soeei  must see it ;D23:49
clivejo-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 47760 Jun 29 11:51 /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/plugins/ffmpegthumbs.so23:52
soeeand preiews enabled in Dolphin ?23:53
clivejoI dunno23:54
clivejoI cant see hows its a packaging issue23:55

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