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starshieldI am new to Ubuntu and Kubuntu, but before I can even start using it I am having problems.02:51
starshieldI installed it using Guided: resize SCSI1 (0,0,0), partition #2(sda) and use freed space02:54
starshieldRebooted, Windows 7 is there but Kubuntu is not02:54
starshieldHello rimd2r03:01
starshieldHello guiverc03:01
starshieldHello prth03:02
guiverchi starshield; entered only cause I forgot to close this from earlier (packaging dojo).. thanks for greeting!03:14
dbromanyone here04:34
Haohmaruhow do i put this kubuntu 16.04 desktop i386 iso onto a USB flash stick? because i tried with rufus, in ISO mode, in DD mode, i tried also under linux with "dd", and with unetbootin.. and nothing works.. the result is "isolinux.bin is missing or corrupt" or something like that06:09
Haohmaruam i doing something wrong?06:09
hateballHaohmaru: what's the DD string you are using?06:11
hateballunder linux, that is. I know not of this rufus06:11
Haohmarui used dd if=<the_iso> of=/dev/sdb06:11
hateballthat said, I also havent used i386 in forever, so there may be some bug there I am unaware of06:11
Haohmarui think i also tried with bs=4096 at the end, to speed it up06:13
dellhemHey. Last time I reinstalled Kubuntu, there were some icons missing for some applications, KRDC for instance.. I has an Icon in other themes, so can I redownload the Breeze theme in some way?06:13
hateballHaohmaru: yes bs=4M will speed it up. Did you make sure to run "sync" afterwards to make sure everything was flushed to the drive?06:14
hateballdellhem: do you use backports? krdc icon seems broken there06:14
hateballHaohmaru: some drives are so slow, and the command will appear to be done but all changes may not have been written to the disk06:15
dellhemhateball - Yeah, I do. Maybe that's it then =)06:15
Haohmaruyeah, but i think that would be handled by programs like rufus and unetbootin06:15
hateballdellhem: you can find the icon here /usr/share/app-install/icons/krdc.png for shortcut purposes, but it's broken in the tray still06:15
Haohmarui'll try tho06:15
hateballHaohmaru: any reason you are using i386 instead of x64 ?06:16
Haohmarudo i understand correctly that the .iso includes a partition table and filesystem?06:16
Haohmaruyes, the computer i'll be using this on is 32bit06:16
hateballHaohmaru: Yes, the iso is complete. You could try shred'ing the thumbdrive before just to kill off mbr etc. to be extra sure :D06:18
hateballHaohmaru: if the computer is old enough to only run 32-bit then I think you wont have a great time with Kubuntu... what are the specs?06:18
Haohmarutwo-processor xenon, 2.6GHz, 1GB ram06:20
Haohmarunvidia fx520006:20
hateballHmmm, RAM is a bit on the low side, but it'll run06:20
Haohmaruokay, bbl06:21
dellhemhateball - I don't have it in tray, so that's fine. how can I change the panel shortcut icon?06:21
hateballdellhem: rightclick it06:21
hateballdellhem: edit launcher thingy, then click the square where there is no image06:21
hateballdellhem: but I think I had to edit the shortcut in the alt+f1 menu first, then send to panel from there to get it working06:21
hateballdellhem: by default it will show an icon in systray for each running krdc, they will now be blank06:22
Haohmaruwell, another attempt with rufus and it's still not bootable06:25
Haohmarugonna try "dd" now06:25
hateballHaohmaru: also some older machines might have problems with isolinux so you could try switching to syslinux instead06:28
Haohmaruwhat does that mean?06:28
hateballdifferent bootloader06:29
hateballHaohmaru: check that BIOS is fully up to date also06:29
Haohmarui've installed debian 8.4 from a live usb stick onto my computer here (which is 64bit)06:31
Haohmaruyet i cannot boot this kubuntu now06:31
Haohmarui cannot boot it on 3 different machines06:31
Haohmarutwo of which are 64bit06:31
hateballcan you boot any other distro off this same stick?06:34
hateballsounds like it's not playing nice06:35
Haohmarui'll see, i'm putting a winXP image on it to test06:36
dellhemhateball - thanks. didn't get that to work, but i used locate to find my krdc.png's and added the path to the "Icon=" line in krdc.desktop. Works for shortcuts now, still not for tray though, fyi.06:36
Haohmaruso, isolinux may not work on some older BIOSes, what does debian 8.4 use? because we've installed debian 8.4 onto that xenon computer, iirc from a usb stick06:37
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clearnote01Hello @all07:32
clearnote01I want to set system wide socks proxy07:32
clearnote01can kde Proxy module do that?07:32
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BluesKajHowdy all11:51
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petersaintsHi guys! Will you provide updates for KDE Application on the Backports PPA?14:19
petersaintsOk, I've seen that KDE Applications 16.04 are already on the Staging PPA, so I hope that they will soon be moved to the Backports PPA.14:20
petersaintsAlso, more importantly I've been waiting for KDE Plasma 5.7. I hope that it will not take too long to have it on Xenial after the release next week. They have finally fixed a bug that I wanted fixed for a long time now :P14:22
petersaintsAnyway, keep up the good work guys ;)14:22
marco-parilloI believe Plasma 5.7 can land in YY soon after Qt 5.6 (which is packaged by the larger Ubuntu team, not the Kubuntu developers, so it can be shared by others, in particular the Ubuntu Phone), but I am less certain about their intentions for XX.14:27
jimarvanpetersaints: which bug is that? :O14:29
yofelXenial can be published before Yakkety, but as that also comes with a Qt update QA will probably take a while14:29
petersaints@jimarvan, https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=315488 It's not a bug per-se. It's more a user experience enhancement thanks to a slightly different behavior. However, thanks to the new task manager backend the bug seems to have been fixed, even though it was a somewhat unintended side effect :P14:33
ubottuKDE bug 315488 in Icons-only Task Manager "icon-only task manager groups chrome/chromium web apps with chrome/chromium" [Normal,Resolved: wontfix]14:33
petersaints@yofel, Ok. Thanks for the reply. I understand that it is somewhat tricky to keep everything in sync when there is so much interpendence between Qt, KDE Frameworks, Applications and Plasma. I don't have a problem with waiting a bit. Due to the aforementioned bug, I've been actually using GNOME (I've been using more and more web apps on Chrome and I like to have them treated as separate applications) and while I love KDE, I also14:37
petersaintslike GNOME, so I will "survive" a few months without it ;)14:37
shifuanyone can help me with dvbt pen15:11
soulDoes anyone know why the menu opens in the other monitor, please? http://gifyu.com/images/Screenshot_20160630_135824.png15:16
MichaelTunnellDoes anyone have a link to the solution for WiFi connections not being remembered? I keep getting asked on every boot to insert the wifi password and that's not acceptable to give a non-tech family member.15:21
jimarvanMichaelTunnell: do you see the kdewallet popup?15:22
MichaelTunnellI did see that until I turned it off since I dont like kwallet. Is kwallet a requirement now?15:23
jimarvancome on private I will help you :)15:23
MichaelTunnellyou mean a PM?15:24
BluesKajshifu:  is this a tablet/laptop ?15:24
marco-parilloHere is my old bug (WONTFIX): https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=34460015:24
ubottuKDE bug 344600 in applet "Network Manager Widget does not 'remember' to connect to previous WEP network" [Normal,Resolved: wontfix]15:24
BluesKajjimarvan:  whynot share your expertise with the rest of us15:25
shifuBluesKaj: it is a desktop, i've updatet kubuntun from 14.04 to 16.04 yestarday. After that the dvbt pen is not working anymore15:25
daum_how do i disable ibus?15:27
jimarvanMichaelTunnell: I am confirming that if you switch off kwallet --> Wi-if passowrds are not stored and retrieved any more15:29
jimarvanjust tested it on my 2nd laptop: Disabled kdewallet, rebooted and wi-fi password dialog appeared15:29
MichaelTunnelljimarvan: yea, unfortunately kwallet is incredibly frustrating. I'll try to do it anyway.15:30
BluesKajshifu:  I'm not familair with dvbt, l please give us some details15:33
shifuBluesKaj: which details do you need15:33
shifuBluesKaj: what i did was to upddate from 14.04 to 16.0415:34
shifuBluesKaj: in the 14.04 it worked properly15:34
BluesKajwhat is it , a pvr or some such?15:35
MichaelTunnellgpg vs blowfish in Kwallet? which one is the least frustrating for the user to use? (I am needing to give Kubuntu to someone)15:36
shifuBluesKaj: are you chatting with me?15:36
BluesKajMichaelTunnell:  I just disable kwallet, then it doean't bother me anymore15:36
MichaelTunnellBluesKaj: yes me too but 16.04 is broken and never remembers wifi with kwallet disabled.15:37
MichaelTunnellBluesKaj: every time it boots it asks for a wifi password and thats obviously not acceptable15:37
BluesKajreally? , I have 16.04 on my laptop and no wifi pw probs there, are your packages etc all up to date?15:38
MichaelTunnellI installed 16.04 today, unable to download updates while installing (option in the installer wouldn't allow me to click it), installed updates immediately after system install and connection to wifi.15:40
shifuBluesKaj: beside the problem with dvbt pen, I have the same problem fo MichaelTunnell15:40
jimarvanBluesKaj: yes i just confirmed the issue15:40
MichaelTunnellI rebooted after installing the updates and it asked me for wifi password . . . I rebooted twice to see if it will always ask me and it does always ask, every time.15:41
jimarvanI just re-enabled kwallet manager and guess what happened after i rebooted15:41
MichaelTunnelljimarvan: I hope it doesnt ask you15:42
jimarvanxD no no it works :>15:42
jimarvanso just enable kde wallet and you are fine :)15:43
MichaelTunnelllol scared me for a sec15:43
jimarvanintended! hahaha :D15:43
jimarvanwe are KUBUNTU! :P15:43
jimarvanwe scare people15:43
MichaelTunnellexcept kde wallet asks me to unlock it to do everything and that's useless for average users15:43
jimarvanye that is fixed15:43
jimarvanit was fixed on one of the updates today15:43
MichaelTunnellI want the system to login automatically and kwallet never ask them anything15:43
jimarvanhave you updated recently?15:43
jimarvanye i had the same exact problem15:44
acheronukI have KDE wallet firmly disabled, and no problem here15:44
MichaelTunnelljimarvan: I installed 16.04 and updated it today15:44
jimarvansudo apt update; sudo apt upgrade now15:44
jimarvando it15:44
MichaelTunnellinstalled today*15:44
shifujimarvan: may you help me also with my dvbt pen drive15:44
jimarvanlet me check one more thing, i suspect it might be connected with autologin?15:44
jimarvanyou have autologin on your laptop right?15:45
jimarvanshifu: sorry m8 i didn't follow you15:45
jimarvanis that a TV tuner?15:45
MichaelTunnelljimarvan: yep but maybe I can convince them to login each day if that is a problem15:45
MichaelTunnellpen drive is a usb drive but dvbt no idea15:45
jimarvanMichaelTunnell: I will check for you now, I think there is a problem with autologin not remembering kde wallet15:46
jimarvansame like ubuntu's gnome ring problem15:46
jimarvanshifu: https://www.linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/DVB-T_USB_Devices15:46
jimarvango there, if it is a TV tuner and you can't find it in there you are in bad luck15:46
MichaelTunnellyea apt upgrade = already up to date15:46
jimarvanthen it is autologin15:47
jimarvanenable login screen again15:47
MichaelTunnellwell I dont have kwallet setup yet15:47
jimarvanoh let me try it then for you15:47
jimarvanone sec15:47
jimarvanenabled autologin and rebooting15:48
jimarvanwhat I expect to happen is that kdewallet will ask me for password15:48
jimarvanhope not ;)15:48
MichaelTunnellif I can setup the system and they never get bothered with this kind of thing then I can deal with that but if they get bothered by it they will move back to Windows. I gave them Linux Mint before I realized how awesome Plasma is and they are really pissed off at Mint so I can't give them anything that is frustrating at all.15:48
shifujimarvan:  it is fatech Technologies, Inc. AF9015..... it work in 14.04 before to update to 16.0415:48
jimarvanshifu it is clearly a linux kernel problem :(15:49
jimarvanif there any way to install the package for that from linuxtv.org15:49
jimarvanyou are saved15:49
jimarvanprobably a firmware blob? :(15:49
jimarvanMichaelTunnell: you struck gold15:50
jimarvanthere is problem with User Accounts management....15:50
jimarvanI cannot remove a user from there... and cannot enable autologin xD15:51
jimarvani have to check it after work, i am putting on things-to-do for the weekend :)15:51
MichaelTunnelllol fantastic . . . 24k gold bugs are the best15:51
jimarvanfor now I suggest:15:51
jimarvanoffer a password login, which should work15:51
jimarvanwithout any more annoyances from password manager unlocks15:52
shifujimarvan: im not sure that it is a kernel problme becasue i've tried to use the last kernel used in 14.04 and it stil not working15:52
jimarvanand I will see on forums what is going on with the User Accounts interface15:52
jimarvanshifu: :/ ye though you would have tried that :(15:52
jimarvanman I have a stupid AverMedia myself, that was a pain to install on Linux :(15:53
jimarvanhmm hmm hmm what you could do...15:53
jimarvancome on PM15:53
MichaelTunnelljimarvan: lol I just found another weird issue. I disabled kwallet so it would stop asking me to make a wallet for wifi login. I then logged into wifi finding the previous issue. Now I reenabled kwallet with no wallet made and wifi logging in no longer asks me to create a wallet.15:53
jimarvanye... no comment :P15:54
jimarvanprobably it is not encrypted :(15:54
MichaelTunnellyea laptop is not encrypted . . . path of least resistence15:55
jimarvanno i mean the password15:55
jimarvanbut ye who cares15:55
shifujimarvan: solved15:55
jimarvanjust tell your wife not use your credit card :D15:55
jimarvanshifu: pls tell me how!15:55
shifujimarvan: just the file.fw was missing in lib/firmware15:56
MichaelTunnellnot sure what you mean for the credit card thing :) the system isn't infected automatically without encryption lol15:56
jimarvanshifu: you are a genius ;)15:56
jimarvanMichaelTunnell: just pulling your leg m8 :D15:56
MichaelTunnelllmao after reboot wifi is no longer asking for a password, instead is asking to create a wallet. Kwallet is so seamless, no frustrations ever (not like it's been an issue for years or anything)15:57
jimarvantold ya :P15:57
BluesKajis kwallet disabled?15:57
jimarvanhe has autologin15:57
jimarvanand kwallet was disabled before15:57
jimarvanhe enabled kwallet and auto-logined15:58
shifujimarvan: you say :-)15:58
BluesKajautoligin is linked to kwallet obviously, so don't autologin ;-)15:58
jimarvansame thing like gnome-ring in ubuntu15:58
BluesKajtype your login pw once and you're done15:59
jimarvanshifu: I am keeping this log, would be lovely to have somewhere to report it15:59
MichaelTunnellBluesKaj: thats obviously problematic . . . kwallet is a messy15:59
jimarvankwallet is beautiful!15:59
shifujimarvan: help me to with the same problme of kwallet15:59
MichaelTunnell"on the inside" kind of way I guess15:59
BluesKajcan't be bothered with it, I'm on home network15:59
MichaelTunnellshifu: the solution is turn off kwallet and turn off autologin . . . it seems16:00
jimarvanthe solution is: turn on kwallet AND autologin16:00
jimarvananything else will be working AS INTENDED16:00
shifuMichaelTunnell: i dont have autologin enable16:00
jimarvanenable kwallet shifu16:00
jimarvanyou can just use a very simple password like a pin16:01
jimarvanfor your wife to enter16:01
jimarvananyway work is over see ya later peeps!16:02
MichaelTunnelljimarvan: cya16:03
shifujimarvan: where i can file the menu to enable kwallet ?16:03
shifujimarvan: i think it is already enabled16:04
MichaelTunnelllmao ok this is dumb. User Manager is saying that I dont have autologin enabled even though I do. I then clicked it and unclicked it to turn it off. It is still enabled so it's permanently enabled in System Settings view lol16:04
MichaelTunnellshifu: System Settings -> Account Details -> KWallet16:04
shifuMichaelTunnell: tnk, i've just found it but i supposed it waw enabled yet16:05
shifuMichaelTunnell: i can try to disable it anad enable again ?16:05
MichaelTunnellshifu: if you disable it and then activate wifi and then reboot to test if it remembers or not16:09
MichaelTunnellin theory if you are not set to autologin it should remember16:09
MichaelTunnellit seems autologin is tied to kwallet but if you arent using that then you aren't tied to that limitation16:09
shifuMichaelTunnell: ok tnk16:10
chinmoyMichaelTunnel: will you confirm something for me?16:10
MichaelTunnellchinmoy: I can try16:10
chinmoyMichaelTunnel: i opened dolphin from konsole using "dolphin /usr///bin" and this is what i get http://tinypic.com/r/33wnoe9/916:11
chinmoysee the navigation bar.16:11
MichaelTunnellthat link doesnt work, please use imgur instead16:12
shifuwhy my kubuntu 16.04 star only using upstart entry in grub?16:17
chinmoyMichaelTunnel: well..imgur is crashing all the time...but can you try opening dolphin from konsole with command "dolphin /usr////bin" and tell me whats shown in navigation bar?16:18
MichaelTunnellshifu: should not use upstart at all hmm16:18
MichaelTunnellwhy are you doing /usr////bin? it's /usr/bin16:19
shifuMichaelTunnell: :-(16:19
chinmoyMichaelTunnel: just testing KUrlNavigator.16:20
MichaelTunnellshifu: the default in Ubuntu base is systemd now so upstart is kind of weird now16:20
MichaelTunnellchinmoy: dolphin loaded fine for me and the correct folder16:21
MichaelTunnellI did both /bin and ////bin16:21
MichaelTunnellboth are fine16:21
shifuMichaelTunnell: yes MichaelTunnell... i don't knnow waht to do16:22
chinmoyMichaelTunnel: yes dolphin loads the correct folder. whats in navigation bar? dolphin must show "usr>bin" but is showing "Root>usr" for me.16:22
chinmoyWhat are you getting in the navigation bar above with /usr///bin?16:24
MichaelTunnellshifu: I am sorry I do not know how to fix that issue. I haven't dealt with upstart in years.16:26
MichaelTunnellit says "root > usr > bin"16:28
MichaelTunnellwhich is accurate16:28
shifuMichaelTunnell: ok tnk16:29
chinmoythen i think its a problem with my installation.16:29
BluesKajyes I'm here chinmoy16:40
chinmoyBluesKaj: will you just try opening dolphin from konsole with command "dolphin /usr///bin" and tell me what  path you see in navigation bar?16:40
chinmoyBluesKaj: i mean is it showing "usr>bin"? coz i am getting "Root>usr".16:41
BluesKajit opens as root due to the ///16:42
chinmoydoes qualifies as bug?16:42
BluesKaj /usr/bin is alway root afaik16:43
BluesKajanyway i have to go , bbl16:44
chinmoyBluesKaj: just one more thing what you get with /home/user///Desktop/some_folder_in_your_desktop16:45
viewer|8551I'm very new here and i've just installed Kubuntu17:00
soeewelcome, do you like it ? :)17:01
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viewer|8551I'm trying to leave windows, my laptop had installed windows 717:02
viewer|8551yes it looks great and feels much better than windows but i have a couple of issues since i don't know the os17:02
soeeviewer|8551: sure thing, please test Kubutnu for a while first :)17:02
soeewhat kind of issues ?17:02
viewer|8551I've installed Kubuntu on a HDD that had windows installed first, i did install Kubuntu via usb17:03
viewer|8551and did a full install on the entire hdd17:03
viewer|8551I'm on Intel i5 8gb ram17:03
soeeso it shoudl work pretty smooth :-)17:04
viewer|8551I has a SMART error and i wanted to check if there is any app that i can use to move the damaged sectors17:04
ubottusmart is Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology, a monitoring system for hard drives. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Smartmontools17:04
jimarvanviewer|8551: it shouldn't use those damaged sectore anyway, it is different how hdd is managed than windows17:05
soeeviewer|8551: side topic - you are on Kubuntu 16.04 right?17:05
viewer|8551yes 16.0417:06
soeeviewer|8551: do you have backports ppa enabled ?17:06
viewer|8551when i try to run command sudo apt-get install smartmontools  via terminal it doesn't find the package17:06
viewer|8551don't know what backports ppa are ..17:07
soeeviewer|8551: ok so step after step17:07
soeeviewer|8551: run the commands i described here https://plus.google.com/110954078302330754910/posts/FeSxv1kGaSL17:07
soeeviewer|8551: also be sure you have updated packages index to get this package, run: sudo apt update17:08
soeei see the package is  available in archive17:08
soeesmartmontools 6.4+svn4214-117:09
soeeviewer|8551: the packports ppa contains newer versions of packages like Plasma, Frameworks, soon Applications etc.17:12
viewer|8551hi soee thanks for your post, is has updates something,17:12
soeethat link donsnt work17:13
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viewer|8551it's downloading smartmontools and packages17:14
viewer|8551is that normal that i cant access to /root folder (it has a lock icon on it) ..17:15
soeewell yes17:16
viewer|8551one more question (during the boot my laptop still shows windows 7 as possible OS to boot with kubuntu, did i perform the installation wrong in anyway?17:18
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BluesKajviewer|8551:  that's normal for legacy BIOS pcs made before 201017:25
BluesKajassume you installed kubuntu on an ext partition beside windows17:26
viewer|8551well I did install kubuntu but over windows (the idea was to bin windows )17:28
soeehiho starshield17:29
viewer|8551yes my laptop has been probably made around 201017:29
soeeBluesKaj: isn't it that there is small 100 MB partition with boot sector that might contain some Windows related data?17:29
krux8hello guys17:29
soeehiho krux817:29
starshieldI've had nothing but trouble trying to install Kubuntu....I wish I was better at understanding this.17:29
starshieldHello krux817:30
krux8i was having trouble in setting Socks proxy in kubuntu17:30
starshieldI don't blame Kubuntu, obviously.17:30
soeestarshield: what troubles ?17:30
krux8can somebody help with that ;-;17:30
BluesKajsoee:  yes, but that's only if the user uses a dual boot setup17:30
starshieldI can't get it to install properly.17:30
soeeBluesKaj: so might be he only needs to remove windows entry from grub config ?17:30
krux8soee: starshield: yo :-)17:30
starshieldThe files seem to be on the hard drive after installing from a livedisk, but "no bootable devices" error...17:31
soeekrux8: sorry im not familiar with this stuff, can't help here :)17:31
krux8can i enter socks proxy in kde Proxy module? That is not working for me17:31
krux8please help somebody ;-;17:31
soeestarshield: are you sure it was installed properly and booting order is fine in BIOS ?17:32
BluesKajsoee:  not sure, itcould be that ubiquity saves that windows boot partition as the mbr, never used auto or guided partitioning so i don't really know17:32
krux8starshield: thanks anyway. hope you get yours solved :)17:32
starshieldI'm not sure.17:32
starshieldThe booting order is fine, yes.17:32
soeeBluesKaj: so do i, i always configure them manually, format and set starting points17:33
starshieldI'm not sure if it installed properly.17:33
BluesKajsoee:  exactly17:33
soeestarshield: you went through all instalation steps ?17:33
soeeand in the end you saw popup window telling you to remove device and press Enter to reboot ?17:34
BluesKajkrux8:  in system settings>network settings>proxy ?17:35
krux8BluesKaj: i want to enter socks proxy for tor...17:35
krux8BluesKaj: and I left blank for http, ssl and ftp17:35
starshieldPretty sure...17:35
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krux8BluesKaj: But when I tried to open in ff it wasn't working still17:36
krux8am i doing something wrong?17:36
soeestarshield: you have only one system installed ? one partition ?17:36
BluesKajkrux8:  tor browser?17:36
krux8BluesKaj: command line tor17:36
krux8BluesKaj: it localhost:905017:36
krux8*it is17:37
starshieldMaybe something is giving me problems with partitions... let me check. It should've only been one partition but...17:37
krux8the funny thing is... if I write the settings in firefox manual setting, leaving http blank and entering socks host and port17:38
starshieldOkay, partition editor is showing sda1, sda2, and sda317:38
krux8it works without any issue -_-17:38
BluesKajkrux8: it's been a while since configured a proxy and ai always used the browser, but sionce i found a decent vpn I haven't bothered17:38
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI17:39
krux8BluesKaj: yes, i don't have to bother with proxy as well, usually, i just ssh into our college server for internet17:39
krux8BluesKaj: But there was something for which I needed this feature...17:39
soeeBluesKaj: you are more into UEFI, does the No bootable device found might be related to it ?17:40
starshieldIt is in UEFI mode when it has that error, but in Legacy mode it is just a blinking "-"17:40
soeestarshield: i think the problem is around this stuff somewhere17:41
soeestill i never had issues/playes with with it on my Dell laptop17:41
BluesKajsoee:  not really into uefi actually ...i wiped the laptop hdd clean changed to dos from gtp and install W7 then kubuntu, so it's all legacy mode17:42
soeehiho bbuske17:49
bbuskeahh well that nick sucks :P lol17:52
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starshieldI don't know what to do.17:59
BluesKajstarshield:  are you dual booting windows and kubuntu?18:00
BluesKajbut you want to use the uefi system if possible18:01
starshieldI honestly don't know which is better18:05
BluesKajstarshield: you may want to remove the windows boot and other ntfs partitions if they still exist and the resize the ext/linux partition to fill the void18:08
BluesKajpreserving the GPT partiton table is a good thing to do, it gives you more partitioning options once you understand more about partitoning18:10
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Black_Thornis it a good idea to add kubuntu backports? I mean on a production environment? a work laptop actually...18:41
TheDiveO(K)Ubuntu 16.04 with latest updates: program icon for KCharSelect is missing. I fsck'd just to be sure, but no errors.18:41
Black_ThornI noted the software is fairly stable and well18:41
TheDiveOAny idea how I can reinstall the KCharSelect icon...?18:42
BluesKajBlack_Thorn:  only if the packages will benefit your OS18:43
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starshieldStill no luck installing Kubuntu.19:05
BluesKajerrors again , starshield?19:10
BluesKajcan you give details19:12
starshieldI can.19:13
starshieldJust tell me what I need to tell you.19:13
starshieldI used Rufus to make a Kubuntu livedisk USb, then ran the installation program, then rebooted. It gave me a blinking cursor hyphen.19:13
starshieldI changed to UEFI, and it said "No bootable device"19:14
BluesKajgo into the bios/uefi and set the mode to legacy , with secure boot disabled19:17
BluesKajthen save and exit19:17
starshieldLegacy just gives me the blinking -19:18
starshieldAnd I cannot find an option for disabling secure boot19:18
soee-devwhat laptop it is ?19:20
BluesKajok leave it in legacy this time hold the left shift key down right after the post page/uefi/bios access shows up to see if can bring up grub19:20
starshieldIt is a Hell Latitude E541019:21
starshield...Freudian slip19:21
soee-devstarshield: maybe gogle a bit19:24
soee-devhere is some old topic http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1619459&page=2&p=10679919#post1067991919:24
jimtestjoin #kubuntu-devel21:29
jimtestoops sorry21:29
bpromptjimtest:    go for it =P21:31
jimarvanye sorry xD21:39
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skierpageI booted into Kubuntu 16.04 for the first time in a month, and when Discover tries to update 17 packages, it fails with  "Could not download packages"21:52
skierpagethe details are always21:53
skierpagehttp://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/l/linux/linux-image-4.4.0-26-generic_4.4.0-26.45_amd64.deb 404  Not Found [IP: 80]21:53
skierpageand 7 more linux packages21:53
skierpageI can browse this server, but it's slow as molasses, I'm viewing http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/l/ and clicking "linux" took 80 seconds21:58
skierpageProbably a #ubuntu thing, I'll ask there.22:00
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skierpagesomeone in #ubuntu said "you got an outdated package list. that .deb file is not on that server anymore". Might be a bug in plasma-discover{,-updater} that it didn't refresh the sources list22:16
soeesudo apt update22:39
skierpagesoee: yup, I did `sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade` in a terminal, that worked.22:41
QuantosI just received updates for chromium codecs - what the hell, I don't have chromium installed23:31
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