Unit193swift110-phone: Not really the place you're looking for with that, this is a support channel.06:02
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LaserAllanHey there guys, I've got a friend that has a laptop that currently is running Windows 2000, would lubuntu work on such a machine?, i am currently not aware of what specs the laptop has but i thought id ask before i suggest something like that11:10
sodomyLaserAllan: It should run Lubuntu without any problems - it's lighweight enough for a laptop of that era.11:53
LaserAllansodomy: Sounds good11:53
LaserAllanThe other alternative i have is to install debian with lxde11:53
sodomyLaserAllan: There wouldn't be much difference in terms of load between the two.11:55
LaserAllansodomy: It's basically mewant for my mother so she can browse the web and watch youtube and stuff.11:56
sodomyLaserAllan: haha, yeah, I got my mother a laptop for that a few months back.  Enjoy being free tech support :)11:56
LaserAllansodomy: I guess that is what is going to happen then.11:57
sodomyLaserAllan: Yup :)12:00
LaserAllansodomy: It's mainly thought out as a srufing laptop nothing less, nothing more. I use Linux mostly for servers though, or almost exclusveily for servers12:01
LaserAllangaming on linux isn't the best atm sadly12:02
* hateball looks at his 200+ games in the steam library12:03
sodomyLaserAllan: I got my mother an older Macbook with OSX - it's simple enough that she doesn't need 'basic' tech support, only for the more in-depth stuff.12:04
sodomyLaserAllan: I use Linux on servers and the desktop.  Slackware on servers, Lubuntu on desktop/laptop.12:04
LaserAllansodomy: Slackware on serverS?12:10
LaserAllanWell I mostly have a zfs fileserver at home so I run FreeNAS on that12:10
LaserAllansadly Linux doesn't support enough games to justify it for me to run linux on my desktop12:10
sodomyLaserAllan: Yeah, Slack on the servers.  I run http://slackware.uk  after all ;)12:22
LaserAllansodomy: for what prupose do you run slackware?12:42
sodomyLaserAllan: Purpose?  I use it on all my servers...  Or do you mean the reasons I use it?12:52
LaserAllansodomy: Yeah the reasons :)12:52
sodomyLaserAllan: It's lean, highly stable, secure, exceptionally well tested, and it's the best Linux out there :)12:53
sodomyLaserAllan: You don't get any hand-holding with Slack.. you gotta know your stuff.12:54
LaserAllansodomy: Interesting, I thought Debian was tested enough, i currently run Ubuntu 1404LTS on a server and its worked quite good so far12:54
LaserAllansodomy: Well i've never really used slackware, I have only used linux for maybe 2-3 years12:54
sodomyLaserAllan: Ahh, i'm an oldie... Started with Linux in '9612:55
Capum321to build monodevelop, after all setup, should run ./configure --prefix='or`pkg-config --variable=prefix mono` '  or --prefix=/opt/mono13:20
swift110hey all13:52
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mapomme1108Hello, I am new to lubuntu and want to use it for Kodi. Is it possible to boot to Kodi without loading the desktop environment?14:24
swift110hey okdz14:27
okdzswift110: which video chat program do  you use on lubuntu ?14:39
davlefouHi, where is launch windows for notify usb was mount?16:59
davlefouI would like to stop notify of that action!17:00
Unit193davlefou: Go to PCManFM options, volume management.19:33
FoeHammeredDoes lubuntu, as distributed, have archive mounting? I have .bin and .iso images I want to poke around with in that manner. If not, what's a good one?19:37
tsimonq2FoeHammered: yes, you can mount it as a loop device in the terminal in pretty much any Debian and Ubuntu based distribution ;)19:38
FoeHammeredExcellent! Thank you!19:38
tsimonq2no problem :)19:39
FoeHammeredIs there a link, or could you explain, the meaning of "loop?"19:39
FoeHammeredThis page isn't very clear on the meaning, if only because it's not strictly relevant.19:40
tsimonq2FoeHammered: it means to mount it in memory if I remember correctly19:40
tsimonq2but it mounts it in a read only way19:40
tsimonq2but you can copy the contents to another directory if you wish19:41
FoeHammeredInteresting. Sufficient for my needs, since I'm just trying to make sure I know what my poorly named images are.19:41
tsimonq2alright :)19:41
FoeHammeredI suspect my simcity and simtower disks got swapped, for example.19:41
FoeHammered(I really should have named them while copying.)19:42
FoeHammeredCrud, can that do .toc?19:43
FoeHammeredDang, these old CDs are all .toc because they have redbook audio or whatever it's called where there's music on the CD.19:44
tsimonq2FoeHammered: http://reverseengineering.stackexchange.com/questions/3155/extracting-files-from-data-and-toc-files19:50
tsimonq2Google is your friend ;)19:50
FoeHammeredGoogle bleeping hates me.19:52
tsimonq2FoeHammered: then use DuckDuckGo if Google doesn't like you ;)19:52
FoeHammeredI really should try to use DuckDuckGo, it's true. Maybe I can wrap my head around the rules.19:53
tsimonq2FoeHammered: I actually use DDG full time19:53
tsimonq2it's awesome once you get used to it19:53
FoeHammeredAnd I'm not dead yet, so I assume I can get used to it.19:53
LaserAllansodomy: Damn, I feel honored than, I am merely starting out21:32
davlefouUnit193, ok, i ll watch.21:40

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