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mcphailIs there a definitive list of what plugs are allowed in snapcraft.yaml, including detail on exactly what they do and don't allow the app to do?07:57
seb128mcphail, "snap interfaces" gives you a list, unsure about descriptions08:10
qengho...but those vary by snapd, not the snapcraft version.08:12
willcookehey qengho didrocks08:18
didrockshey willcooke!08:19
didrocksso, as we discussed on #ubuntu-desktop, to move your snap to the new launcher desktop08:19
seb128popey, hey, on that snaps list document, for gtetrinet you have a systemctl cassandra cmd as "where", I guess that's a copy error?08:19
willcookeqengho, it's nice having you around in the morning!  Please move to Taiwan full time.08:19
didrockswillcooke: you just need to replace gtk3conf -> desktop/gtk308:19
didrocksand for the command: gtk-launch -> desktop-launch08:20
didrocksand that should be it!08:20
didrocksif you are using snapcraft 2.12, you need to "snapcraft update" before running "snapcraft"08:20
willcookedidrocks, sudo that? ^08:20
didrocksno need for sudo08:22
willcookedidrocks, do you know if anyone is working on command completion for snapd at all?08:22
didrockswillcooke: not that I know of. I would like to have some time to do it, it's part of the dev experience to me :)08:23
didrocks(and yeah, we need advanced shell completion)08:23
willcookedidrocks, would love to help with that.  Learn a bit of Go too08:23
willcookedidrocks, maybe a good 1st job for the new snappy focused desktop team member when we hire them too08:24
qenghowillcooke: It's tempting! I like it here. But, it's 16:30 now. And I might grow fat because the food is so good.08:28
popeyseb128: uh, dunno how that got there08:29
popeyseb128: someone else probably pasted crap in by accident08:30
seb128yeah, likely08:30
seb128can you put back the right value?08:30
popeyi dont think it had anything in it08:41
seb128k, it's in the store?08:42
mcphailseb128: qengho: thanks. So is there any way to find this out directly from the running snapd, or do I need to dig into the source of the version of snapd to see what the plugs can and cannot do?08:47
joc_didrocks: hey, sorry to bug you, wondered if you were interested in commenting on this PR? (sergio thought you might be) https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/61408:47
seb128popey, well, I can have a look to the warning if you share the snapcraft.yaml/script with me in some way08:48
popeyI'll take another look at it. not touched gtetrinet for 2.5 months08:49
popeyso probably needs to switch to the gtk launcher08:49
popeyamong other things08:49
qenghomcphail: plugs are complicated combinations of system-call filters and filesystem/dbus/socket/etc filters, and those are too detailed to make sense in a small list, except where it glosses over a lot of stuff.08:50
willcookedidrocks, quick initial test - settings are now preserved, but menus are not exported08:50
qenghomcphail: If the name isn't meaningful, then something is wrong. A plug should fit a whole class of needs. If it doesn't we would love to have a bug report to suggest tweaks. So, use what you see, and tell us if it's wrong or insufficient.08:51
qenghomcphail: The short answer is "it changes all the time, and please try it and we'll fix problems."08:52
mcphailqengho: ok, if it is a moving target that s fair enough08:53
didrocksjdstrand_: https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/1463 here we go, do not hesitate if you have any question! :)08:53
seb128I still think that's a valid point08:53
didrocksjoc_: yeah, I need to give a look, will do before EOD08:53
seb128those might be documented08:53
seb128didrocks, do you know if interfaces are documented somewhere?08:53
didrockswillcooke: yeah, known bug08:53
joc_didrocks: ack, thanks08:53
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seb128like the list of ones available with the version they have been added to and a short description?08:53
didrocksseb128: oh wait, no, it's gtk…08:54
didrockswillcooke: ^08:54
didrockswillcooke: let's look at it together in a sec08:54
didrocksseb128: yeah, there are some descriptions, one sec08:54
mcphailqengho: am I right that the "home" plug restricts access to dot files and directories? What is the rationale for that?08:54
willcookedidrocks, sure thing, just testing again against the other launcher, where I think it worked.  If so, should be easy to fix08:55
didrocksseb128: the best resource we have on this is https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/guides/interfaces/08:55
didrockswillcooke: interesting… it's a gtk app, right?08:55
qenghomcphail: I don't know.08:55
mcphailThat page is helpful. Thanks didrocks and seb12808:56
mcphailqengho: cheers08:56
popeyIssue detected while analyzing snapcraft.yaml: Cannot find definition for part 'gtkconf'. It may be a remote part, run `snapcraft update` to refresh the remote parts cache08:57
popeywhen doing a cleanbuild ^08:57
popeyhow do you do a snapcraft update inside lxd?08:57
davmor2popey: same way surely08:58
popeyno, that is inside lxd08:58
davmor2popey: does the container have an network connection?08:59
popeylxd/lxc is clean inside08:59
didrockspopey: yeah, cleanbuild doesn't work inside lxd08:59
popeyso inside the container it doesn't "know" about gtkconf08:59
seb128didrocks, 'ci08:59
didrockscloud parts don't work inside lxd08:59
popeysorry, maybe I meant lxc08:59
didrocksunsure anyone opened a bug yet08:59
didrocksI guess it's missing "snapcraft update"08:59
popeythats not true09:00
popeybecause I have another one here which works using qt5conf09:00
popeybut gtkconf fails09:00
didrocksand it works? oO09:00
didrocksok, so not that issue09:00
popeydoes snapcraft ship "knowing" about qt5conf?09:00
mcphailpopey: no09:00
didrocksI doubt09:00
seb128is gtkconf still a thing?09:00
popeyis it not? :)09:00
popeyit works outside the container09:00
seb128k, dunno then09:00
seb128didrocks superseeded it with a better version09:01
seb128but gtkconf should still work I guess09:01
davidcalledidrocks speaking of desktop confs, I'm trying your qt5 launcher with vlc, but no dice: the menu disappears from vlc, but never gets exported. No theming either. Do you want the snap?09:01
popeyhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/18220245/ is my super simple yaml if anyone wants to reproduce09:02
popeysnapcraft works, snapcraft cleanbuild does not09:02
didrocksdavidcalle: ah, no theming is weird09:02
didrocksdavidcalle: but appmenu not working is expecting09:02
didrockssee my messages from yesterday09:02
popeyseb128: ^ fwiw that's as far as I got with gtetrinet - it launches but theme is broken and it doesnt launch properly09:03
didrocksdavidcalle: snapd needs https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/146309:03
didrocksdavidcalle: so yeah, we need to look at the theme09:03
* davidcalle cat * | grep didrocks09:03
davidcalledidrocks: ok :)09:03
didrocksdavidcalle: do you have the theme unconfined?09:05
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davidcalledidrocks: nope (but I have the menu)09:09
didrocksyeah, menu is expected09:10
didrockstheme, ok, we need to look at it together09:10
didrocksmind having a HO in like, I don't know… 20 minutes ?09:10
popeyIn another app of mine, I am using qt5conf but get this when I launch it:-09:11
popeyQGtkStyle could not resolve GTK. Make sure you have installed the proper libraries.09:11
popeyanyone seen that before?09:11
seb128popey, did you bundle libgtk2.0-0?09:11
popeyshould I?09:11
seb128likely the issue09:11
popeyok, thanks09:11
seb128if you want the QGtkStyle to work yes09:11
* popey rebuildificates09:11
mcphailHmm. Is there any way to give a snap access to dotfiles and dotdirectories in $HOME without running completely unconfined? I can't understand the thinking behind this09:11
seb128I think didrocks's new launcher handle that for you09:11
popeynew launcher09:12
didrocksit does!09:12
seb128mcphail, thinking is that apps are not able to steal your gpg or ssh keys or stored password in .config09:12
didrockspopey: new launcher*s* :)09:12
seb128mcphail, normal apps want to access files/documents, not configs from the system09:12
mcphailseb128: there'll be equally valuable credentials stored in normal files, though.09:13
mcphailseb128: i need my app to access09:13
mcphail.gitignore files etc09:14
seb128I'm sure that could be whitelisted09:15
seb128open a bug?09:15
mcphailseb128: against snapd?09:15
seb128mcphail, and "there could be other issues" it's a rational for "don't try to protect the user at all"09:15
seb128tag it snapd-interface09:15
seb128it's *not* a rational09:15
mcphailseb128: thanks. will do09:15
seb128mcphail, would maybe be better to give access to specific xdg dirs09:16
seb128like xdg music/video09:16
seb128that would be even less likely to have the issue09:16
mcphailMaybe. so many overlapping concerns09:17
seb128I think the rational is that usually users don't go browser .config files09:17
seb128that's system details09:17
seb128anyway the proper solution there is to have a file picker interface or a prompt saying "apps try to access ~/.gitignore, auth/nack"09:18
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mcphailseb128: i'll maybe tidy up my yaml file and ask on mailing list for opinions09:19
didrockswillcooke: want to have a look together at the menu thingy?09:20
didrocksif it works with gtkconf09:20
didrocksand not with the new launcher09:20
seb128didrocks multi-hangouts :p09:22
didrocksahah, oki!09:22
seb128didrocks, I can help will while you help david if you want09:22
didrockslet's do this!09:22
willcookedidrocks, sure thing!09:22
seb128willcooke, sorry, you are stucked with me helping you :p09:23
seb128willcooke, can you push your current version to github?09:23
willcookehow shall we do this, hangout or IRC?09:23
popeywhat is the current way to fix theme issues? I have an app which looks like Windows 9509:24
willcookepopey, gtk app?09:24
didrockspopey: interesting, with the new launcher?09:24
seb128popey, using didiers' launcher?09:24
popey    after: [qt5conf]09:25
popey^ doing that09:25
didrocksuse my launcher09:25
didrocksit's supposed to fix it09:25
didrocksreplace qt5conf -> desktop/qt509:25
didrocksqt-launch -> desktop-launch09:25
didrocksand rebuild09:25
seb128willcooke, we can hangout in a few minutes if you want? if you push your changes I can build it here while making some coffee and then we can have a look09:26
didrockspopey: the example qt app is at least themed with it :)09:26
didrocksno promise on yours! the painting is still fresh on walls09:26
popey 😃09:27
willcookeseb128, pushed: https://github.com/8none1/gedit31009:27
willcookeFriday shared listening:  https://heylisten.io/snappy09:31
willcookepopey, ^09:32
popeydidrocks: your launcher seems to be trying to launch something in my home directory09:35
popeythis is in my snapcraft.yaml:-09:35
popey    command: desktop-launch usr/local/bin/bitcoin-qt09:35
didrockspopey: hum, I don't cd on purpose, is your stuff in the path?09:35
popeyand this is what happens when I run it09:35
seb128$ sendmykeystodidrocks.sh09:35
didrocksyou need $SNAP09:36
popey/snap/bitcoin/x11/bin/desktop-launch: line 153: /home/alan/Development/Snappy/snappy-playpen/bitcoin/usr/local/bin/bitcoin-qt: No such file or directory09:36
popeyin the yaml?09:36
didrocksI don't cd $SNAP in the launcher anymore09:36
didrocksI did forgot about it09:36
didrocksthanks for reminding me :)09:36
didrocksyou don't need to rebuild09:36
popey    command: desktop-launch $SNAP/usr/local/bin/bitcoin-qt09:36
didrocksyou can change the prime directory09:36
didrocksor if usr/local/bin is in PATH09:36
didrocksjust desktop-launch bitcoin-qt09:36
popeyhow would that snap be in the path?09:37
didrocks$SNAP/usr/bin as $SNAP/bin09:37
popey /snap/bin is in the path, but /snap/<snapname>/current/ etc aren't09:37
popeyO RLY09:37
didrocksit is once launched from the u-c-l wrapper09:37
didrocksthey add those to the PATH :)09:37
popeyokay. thanks09:38
didrocksI wonder if we should get usr/local/bin added09:38
ogra_just build your app with --prefix=/usr and not with --prefix=/usr/local09:38
didrocksogra_: well, that's the next step :)09:38
popeyyeah, will do that09:38
popeycurrently using that prefix09:38
didrockslet's get it running right now09:38
didrocksyeah, we know it's working that way for now, let's see if the theme is fixed then!09:38
didrocksseb128: sshhhhhhhhhhh, that was supposed to be a secret malware script ;)09:39
popeydidrocks: fyi ln: failed to create symbolic link '/home/alan/snap/bitcoin/x12/.themes/themes': Read-only file system09:45
popeydidrocks: and theme still looks ye olde09:45
didrocksdo you have your source somewhere?09:46
popeydidrocks: http://paste.ubuntu.com/18222328/09:46
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didrockshum onfigflags: [--prefix=/usr09:48
didrocksdid you run that version?09:49
didrocks(as you still ref usr/local)09:49
popeywhere do I reference usr/local?09:49
didrocksbroken --prefix option maybe?09:49
didrockssorry, it's commented :)09:49
didrocks#    command: qt5-launch usr/local/bin/bitcoin-qt09:49
* popey sends didrocks to get his eyes tested09:49
didrockspopey: I'll send you the bill back :)09:50
popey 😃09:51
seb128willcooke, hum, the menus work fine here :-/09:54
willcookeseb128, using the new launcher?09:54
seb128well, got your git, did snapcraft, installed the snap and typed gedit31009:54
seb128got gedit opening with integrated menu and proper look09:55
* willcooke tries again 09:55
didrocksseb128: sure it works, this is a quality launcher! :)09:56
didrocksnot manager-proof though :p09:56
* didrocks runs away09:56
seb128willcooke, just try to snap remove & install?09:56
* willcooke slaps didrocks with a fish 09:56
seb128willcooke, if it's buggy let's debug it together anyway, you keep having things working on every other try which is weird09:56
didrockswillcooke: can I choose which kind of fish? :)09:56
seb128didrocks, that's because you didn't integrate slides09:56
didrocksoh right!09:57
* didrocks adds slides and attach it to a meeting09:57
willcookeplease do a spreadsheet as well09:57
didrocksand send an email :)09:57
willcookenow you're getting it09:57
* didrocks applies for manager role then09:57
didrockshum, desktop team manager position :)09:58
willcookesend your CV in Excel format09:58
didrocksfinally, bitcon-qt built09:59
didrockspopey: waow, snapcraft is trying to do some magic…10:01
didrockswhich is failing in that case10:01
seb128willcooke, so, works after a remove/install?10:01
didrockspopey: ah no, it's your fault!10:01
didrocks    command: desktop-launch $SNAP/bitcoin-qt10:01
popeyoh :(10:01
willcookeseb128, just waiting for the build to finish10:01
didrockspopey: -> command: desktop-launch bitcoin-qt10:01
seb128willcooke, you should still have the old .snap could try with that10:01
seb128but ok10:01
willcookeseb128, deleted everything just to be sure10:01
popeygood point10:01
didrockspopey: I have a gtk theme here10:01
popeyhang on didrocks10:02
didrocksat least first dialog10:02
popeyi have command: desktop-launch bitcoin-qt here10:02
seb128willcooke, k, I was suggesting to try without deleting, just to see why you get things that don't work until you wipe and rebuild10:02
seb128not the first time you need to re-re-build10:02
didrockspopey: your pastebin is correct10:02
popeywhich I am using10:02
didrockspopey: ok, I'm probably stupid and the other me did something while I wasn't looking10:02
willcookeif you'd used google docs this wouldnt have happened10:02
* popey looks around the room10:03
popeydidrocks: so how do you now have the gtk theme?10:03
didrocksI think I started to type it while talking about the usr/local prefix thing10:03
didrockspopey: the "Welcome screen" is clearly gtk themed10:03
* didrocks takes screenshot to ensure we talk about the same thing10:03
popeythats what I see10:04
willcookeseb128, oki, rebuilt, installed -> http://imgur.com/LLPLKAR10:04
seb128willcooke, hangout?10:04
didrockspopey: my laptop is better than yours!10:04
seb128didrocks 1 - 0 popey10:05
* popey #brexits10:05
seb128seb128 1 - 0 willcooke10:05
* didrocks is tempted about making jokes about europe10:05
seb128europe 2 - 0 u.k10:05
didrocksrohhh, popey…10:05
seb128in your face brexit!10:05
didrocksrohhh, seb10:05
willcookeseb128, https://hangouts.google.com/hangouts/_/canonical.com/will?authuser=010:05
popeywillcooke: music....10:05
* willcooke loving the Friday 10:05
willcookepopey, had to join a HO10:05
willcookepopey, soz10:05
didrockspopey: http://imgur.com/a/0ZItS10:06
didrocksand I didn't get any warning10:06
didrockspopey: snapd version?10:07
didrocks2.0.9 here10:07
didrocksand rebooted on the new snapd daemon, I guess?10:07
popeymaybe I have some crap in my snap home dir due to previous builds10:07
popey /join #windows10:07
didrocksbrought down the snapd service :)10:07
popeyok, well, I'll have a play then, thanks for confirming the natural superiority of the French.10:08
popeyoh, did you install in --devmode?10:08
popey(I didn't)10:08
didrockspopey: nope!10:08
didrocksI didn't10:08
didrockspopey: right, we could have done France 2 - 0 UK10:09
didrockswell, 1.5 because of seb128 ofc10:09
popeyaha, deleting ~/snap/bitcoin has 'fixed' it10:09
didrocksand give 0.5 to Germany :p10:09
didrockspopey: ah, hum, did you remove the previous version first?10:09
didrocksthat's why10:09
popeywell that sucks10:09
didrocksthere is a stamp with the launcher10:09
didrocksnot really IRL10:10
didrocksbecause here, snapd is reusing the same revision10:10
popeyhttp://imgur.com/LJuL5jC  great success!10:10
didrocksbut once installed from the store, a different revision is issued10:10
popeythank you!10:10
didrockspopey: want to confirm the fix for menu?10:10
didrocks(if they have any menu)10:10
popeythe what for the what?10:10
didrockspopey: does this application supposed to have menus?10:10
popeydon't think so10:11
didrocksah ok, so nothing for you then :)10:11
didrockspopey: FYI, based deps are brought by the launcher itself10:11
didrocksso you can clean some, like the gtk2 one10:12
didrockssnapcraft define desktop/qt510:12
didrocksshows them to you10:12
didrocks(in case you have some duplicates)10:12
dpmdidrocks, ooh, do we have a qt5 launcher already?10:13
didrockschange qt-launch -> desktop-launch10:14
didrocks /!\ it doesn't cd $SNAP10:14
didrocksyou have supposively theme support, icon support, img caching10:15
didrocksappmenu needs a fix in snapd where a PR is above ^10:15
didrocks(funny debugging session yesterday with seb128)10:15
popeydidrocks: neat!10:18
seb128didrocks, https://github.com/ubuntu/snapcraft-desktop-helpers/blob/master/gtk/launcher-specific#L2510:29
seb128didrocks, arch coded,which is why it works for me and not for willcooke :p10:29
mcphailhttp://termbin.com/tfek - if I have a set of headers in the "build-packages" stanza, should I be adding the corresponding libs to the "stage-packages" section?10:30
popeydidrocks: I do like your new shoes... http://imgur.com/OUU78ly10:30
popeymcphail: probably not10:30
popeyunless it explicitly calls them10:30
mcphailpopey: the app will call them, but they are "standard" libs10:31
* popey goes to walk the dogs.10:31
ogra_dogs ?10:31
didrocksseb128: ohhhhhhhhhhhhh10:31
didrocksso sad :)10:31
didrocksok, fixing10:31
didrockspopey: definitively! :-)10:32
didrocksthat's exactly my style :)10:32
popeyogra_: my brother is on holiday, I'm walking his dogs :)10:32
didrocksseb128: what arch is willcooke using?10:32
seb128didrocks, amd6410:32
ogra_enjoy :)10:32
didrocksseb128: well, it's this file, right?10:32
seb128didrocks, btw if you use desktop/gtk3 it's already gtk3 can't we force from there?10:32
seb128didrocks, yeah, it was working for me because it wasn't finding gtk210:33
seb128which made it stay on gtk310:33
seb128which gedit uses10:33
didrocksseb128: I can add an arg for this to put a build time option10:33
didrocksseb128: I was unsure about this though10:33
didrocksah ok :)10:33
seb128didrocks, are you pulling in gtk2-engines-murrine?10:33
seb128I don't understand where it comes form10:33
didrocksseb128: not directly10:33
seb128that seems what puts gtk2 in the snap10:33
seb128but gedit doesn't do it10:34
seb128oh, arg10:34
didrocksI wonder how our gtk3 demo was working though10:34
seb128light-themes does10:34
seb128stupid themes10:34
didrocksyeah, I was going to say…10:34
didrocks(fixed pushed)10:35
didrocksI wonder though why gtk3-demo is working and themed10:35
seb128did we pull light-themes there?10:36
didrocksthe launcher does10:36
davmor2didrocks: because it hates you?10:36
seb128didrocks, gtk3-demo uses gmenumodel proper, no need of the unity-gtk-module exporter, where gedit 3.10 uses old school standard gtk menus and does10:37
didrocksyes! good catch :)10:38
seb128so I don't think being clever works10:38
seb128also bundling light-themes sucks, it makes everyone get a gtk2 stack10:38
didrocksbut GTK_MODULES= is exported, right?10:38
didrocksah no10:38
didrocksbecause we fallback to gtk210:39
didrocksbecause of this files10:39
didrocksyeah, there is no other way than bundling until we have an interface though, right?10:39
seb128well, we could have the desktop/gtk getting the theme from bzr10:39
seb128or something10:39
seb128rather than installing the deb which install the gtk2 depends10:39
didrockswe need the deps though?10:39
didrockslike humanity-icon-theme,10:40
seb128we don't need gtk2-engine-murine though10:40
seb128we could side package those10:40
didrockslet's see if those won't pull gtk210:40
didrockswell, it's pulling gtk310:41
didrockswhich means the other way around is sucky though10:41
didrockslight-themes needs the engine for gtk2, right?10:42
didrockswe won't be able dh_scour or such, but I guess, until we have an interface, it's ok10:43
didrocksI wonder if we should take the pain to build it from source10:43
didrocks(for gtk3)10:43
didrocksgtk2 will pull gtk3 anyway, so meh10:43
didrocks(through the icon themes)10:44
didrocksseb128: what do you think is the best?10:46
didrocksI guess that prooves we need to be imperative at build time at least10:46
didrocks(and I can change that)10:47
didrocksthen, for the snap size, I'm unsure (there are other things to fix as well, but in general)10:47
seb128didrocks, we have different issues there10:47
seb128- the gtk version autodetect is flacky10:47
seb128- we pull in too much10:47
didrocksyeah, we need to fix #110:48
didrocksand I can10:48
didrocksfor #2, it's a bigger issue10:48
seb128just be declarative?10:48
didrockshaving the makefile taking an arg10:48
seb128let's do that10:48
didrocksand so, transparent for the user10:48
seb128if you use /gtk3 then build with that10:48
seb128#2 as different possible fixes10:48
didrockslet's focus on #110:49
didrocksI have a doctor appointment, but as they are late, I'm bringing my laptop with 3G, will probably work from there10:49
didrocksbut I'll ping you once I pushed the fixes10:49
seb128for #2 we can probably just checkout the theme from bzr and copy it to the right location10:49
didrocks(just maybe I won't test it under 3G, so waiting to go back ;))10:49
didrocksseb128: yeah, it will still means that gtk2 apps brings gtk310:50
seb128because of adwaita?10:50
seb128but yeah10:50
seb128optimization are for later10:51
seb128or for shared vendor snaps10:51
didrocksbecause of humanity-icon-theme10:51
seb128we might want to fix the theme10:51
seb128I don't think adwaita needs to depends on gtk10:52
seb128is snapcraft taking recommends?10:52
didrocksgood question, I never looked closely10:53
* ogra_ hopes not10:54
didrocksusing apt-cache10:56
didrocks                self.apt_cache[name].mark_install()10:57
didrocksso, following default on your machine10:57
didrocksmeaning, I guess… recommends10:57
didrocksI don't see after a first quick look any override10:57
didrocksoh sorry10:57
didrocksthere is10:57
didrocks    apt.apt_pkg.config.set('Apt::Install-Recommends', 'False')10:57
didrocksok, so no recommends :)10:57
* didrocks bbl10:58
seb128didrocks, great!10:59
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zygaslangasek: hey12:23
zygaslangasek: how can I offload mvo with debian/ubuntu uploads12:24
ogra_OsError("XOpenIM failed")12:29
ogra_seb128, ^^ do you perhaps have any wrapper setup  that could overcome this ?12:29
ogra_(i have tried unsetting XMODIFIERS and forcing LC_CTYPE=C and even added ibus to stage-packages alrady)12:31
timothyhi, is there any snap-confine developer here?12:40
kyrofatimothy, you want zyga12:46
kyrofatimothy, or jdstrand once he's in12:46
kyrofatimothy, what's up?12:47
timothyI'm creating the official packages of snappy for archlinux (by mainly porting the zyga one)12:47
kyrofatimothy, wonderful!12:48
timothybut there is a bug that prevent me to do that (https://github.com/snapcore/snap-confine/pull/69)12:48
timothyactually I patch this on archlinux package12:49
timothyjust to let you know12:49
kyrofatimothy, ah, thanks for the pointer!12:49
timothymissing () so only last check is evaluated12:50
seb128ogra_, no, when do you hit that one?12:50
ogra_seb128, tryingto ackage the servo browser (rust based app)12:50
seb128hum, k, I don't know about that stack sorry12:50
kyrofatimothy, indeed, I gave it a review12:52
kyrofatimothy, but I'll let zyga give it a quick look at merge it12:52
dpmdidrocks, re: qt-launch -> desktop-launch \o/13:03
didrocksdpm: working well for you? :-)13:03
dpmdidrocks, bad news is just that I probably won't be able to test it in my qt snap until next week. Not today or over the weekend :/13:04
didrocksdpm: no worry! :)13:05
didrocksthat will let people getting allll the bugs :)13:05
dpmdidrocks, yeah, it was all planned :)13:06
popeydidrocks: trying your gtk2 desktop launcher... not working here. are you in a position to help?13:07
seb128didrocks, you trolled popey and now he's making you pay back...13:08
popeyhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/18232902/ is my gtetrinet simple yaml, using your desktop/gtk2 launcher. The app launches, but there's a fair number of console errors, and the UI pops up some theme errors, despite it looking okay.13:08
popey 😃13:09
didrocksarghhhhh ;)13:09
popeyYou're welcome!  😃13:09
popey/snap/gtetrinet/x1/bin/desktop-launch: line 72: /snap/gtetrinet/x1/.flavor-select: No such file or directory13:09
didrockspopey: errors are not something specifically launcher related13:09
popeythat kind of thing13:09
didrockspopey: ah, you just got this one13:09
didrocksyea, it's my current change and I got that13:09
didrocksI'm debugging this as we speak :)13:09
popeygood good13:09
didrocksI think the issue is that the wiki isn't updated13:10
didrocksthe cronjob isn't update13:10
didrocksbut the source is13:10
didrocksand so, it doesn't get the right parameter13:10
ogra_didrocks, does any of yuor launcher have handling for input methods yet ?13:10
didrocks(should be fixed by itself on next cronjob run)13:10
didrocksbut I'm checking13:10
didrocksogra_: yes13:10
* ogra_ tries to overcome OsError("XOpenIM failed") in one app 13:11
didrockspopey: and found a snapcraft bug!13:12
didrockssergiusens: it seems you are not staging hidden files13:12
didrockswhen they are at the root13:12
didrocks(of any part)13:12
ogra_didrocks, whihc one ? i cant find any twiddling with XMODIFIERS or such in any of them13:13
didrocksogra_: just use one of the launcher13:13
didrocksand see how it goes :)13:13
sergiusensdidrocks that is very much likely to be the case13:13
sergiusensdidrocks but iirc we os.walk13:13
ogra_didrocks, nah, i dont want a full launcher, only the code for me five line wrapper :)13:13
didrockssergiusens: I can have a look, unbreaking menawhile13:13
didrocksogra_: ok, I will help you once I've fixed things and get my launcher working then :)13:14
didrocksogra_: but it's bad in term of maintainance and the idea is to have small launchers as well sharing code13:14
* sergiusens reads the backlog in the meantime13:14
ogra_didrocks, the app uses raw XIM (its a rust based static binary that i can even launch fine from /sbap/<package>/current directly)13:14
sergiusensdidrocks btw in case you want to give a quick look https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/62013:15
ogra_didrocks, i dont want the extra 100MB :)13:15
ogra_only the right vars to kill off XIM completely13:15
didrocksogra_: unsure then, contribute to the launcher with your minimal ones once you get something :p13:15
ogra_i only see GTK_IMMODULES in your code ... which would mean that i would have to include gtk just for that13:15
ogra_(the app doesnt use any toolkit)13:16
sergiusenspopey 2.13 fixes cleanbuild with remote parts13:16
popeysergiusens: yay13:16
didrockssergiusens: how often is the importer ran?13:17
didrockssergiusens: been 20 minutes I pushed a change to my snapcraft.yaml13:18
didrockssergiusens: but snapcraft define desktop/gtk2 doesn't reflect it yet13:18
didrockspopey: once "snapcraft define desktop/gtk2" shows     make-parameters: ["FLAVOR=gtk2"]13:20
didrockspopey: you can snapcraft and it should work correctly13:20
didrockssergiusens: we have an issue due to this cronjob, like new code pushed, but definition not updated ^13:20
didrocksand popey just experienced it :)13:20
didrocks(that + the hidden file)13:20
didrocksseb128: FYI, if you try to build any gtk2 apps for now ^13:21
didrocks(the fallback is gtk3)13:21
seb128didrocks, fallback you mean default?13:21
* sergiusens checks again to see if he is not on a #brexit eu vs uk channel13:22
popeyI love being on the edge of bugs :)13:22
popey 😃13:22
timothyis zyga working on snapd too?13:22
sergiusensdidrocks importer, every 10 minutes, but josepht has those numbers13:23
didrockssergiusens: hum, seems it doesn't work that way13:23
didrocksjosepht: mind having a look? ^13:23
didrockspopey: sorry for this…13:23
sergiusensdidrocks maybe every hour, I get confused, but here's a little secret https://parts.snapcraft.io/v1/status13:24
popeydidrocks: it's all good.13:24
sergiusensdidrocks if you are in a hurry hurry, josepht can probably manually trigger13:24
didrockssergiusens: yeah, updating would be great! I am semi-afaid of premature optimization as here, the wiki page didn't change at all13:25
didrocks(it's only the snapcraft.yaml that changed)13:26
didrocks+ the code ofc13:26
didrockssergiusens: ok, almost done, looking at your branch in a bit13:26
sergiusenskyrofa are you around and about?13:27
kyrofasergiusens, yessir13:27
sergiusensdidrocks sure, my branch is WIP (missing one crucial thing)13:27
sergiusenskyrofa the reason I sent an early draft of the branch was to discuss part.installdir and pkgconfig :-)13:27
didrockssergiusens: ah, mind repinging me for the final review if you prefer?13:27
didrockssergiusens: I want to check as well this hidden file staging issue meanwhile13:28
kyrofasergiusens, happy to!13:28
sergiusensdidrocks sure thing13:28
sergiusenskyrofa wanna do a hangout?13:28
kyrofasergiusens, sure, standup url?13:28
sergiusenskyrofa ea, give me a minute to brush my teath so you don't smell my bad breath :-P13:28
kyrofasergiusens, haha, yes please, ping me13:29
sergiusenskyrofa done :-)13:30
kyrofasergiusens, I'll be right there, I may have had a genius breakthrough and want to test it real quick13:31
sergiusenskyrofa k13:31
kyrofasergiusens, coming now13:33
timothyhi zyga, I have a couple of push requests for you :P13:36
niemeyerWho maintains ubottu?13:57
didrockssergiusens: josepht: I think the importer is broken, it did fetch but didn't reflect the new snapcraft.yaml changes14:01
didrocks"snapcraft define desktop/gtk2"14:01
didrockssergiusens: josepht: this is the missing line: https://github.com/ubuntu/snapcraft-desktop-helpers/blob/master/snapcraft.yaml#L1914:02
didrockspopey: FYI ^14:02
didrocksthanks zyga for the merge :)14:04
=== hikiko|bbl is now known as hikiko
didrockssergiusens: josepht: ok, another snapcraft update and it's in now14:09
didrockspopey: you can play after your next snapcraft update ^ :)14:09
popey  make-parameters:14:12
popey  - FLAVOR=gtk214:12
popeybiab, need to get kids from school14:13
sergiusensdidrocks nice, I was hoping to see the original dual qt/gtk thing solve with build params14:14
sergiusensdidrocks might as well just offer one and use composition as well ;-)14:14
didrockssergiusens: composition? :)14:14
didrocks(it's sourcing some common files)14:15
didrocksto avoid too much duplication14:15
sergiusensdidrocks ignore the self promotion http://blog.sergiusens.org/posts/The-Snapcraft-Parts-Ecosystem/14:19
tyhickszyga: hi - the partial confinement branch goes against our previous decision to make confinement all or nothing since all the pieces of confinement depend on each other14:19
tyhickszyga: what was the reasoning for the change?14:19
kyrofasergiusens, can you explain all the checks here? https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/blob/master/snapcraft/internal/sources.py#L33514:19
zygatyhicks: that's not reverted in any way, snaps are still in devmode14:20
kyrofasergiusens, I know it's in order to re-pull when the pull failed, but why check to make sure the dir is empty etc.? Now that it's not a symlink, I think I might have to just blow it away. Do you see a downside there?14:20
zygatyhicks: this just lests us see if anything is missing in other distributions14:20
zygatyhicks: snaps still run as before14:20
zygatyhicks: (missing as in build dependencies)14:20
zygatyhicks: with .34 I'm pulling in libudev and libseccomp as build deps14:21
zygatyhicks: confinement is still controlled by snapd and no change was made there14:21
zygatyhicks: what I want to do is to ensure that all the distros have the right userspace parts14:21
zygatyhicks: and I *could* build a fully supported snap-confine14:21
didrockssergiusens: oh that (overriding some parts of the launcher), yeah, that's what decided me to have clean launchers that you can override and putting deps there :)14:21
didrockssergiusens: that's a nice feature!14:22
didrockssergiusens: btw, you lied to me14:22
zygatyhicks: eventually I want snap confine to look the same everywhere, with snapd knowing what to do based on system release and kernel14:22
didrockssnapcraft doesn't use walk, but glob.glob() :)14:22
didrocksthat's why it doesn't like '*'14:22
sergiusensdidrocks oh, I said most likely, there's a mix of os.walk and glob14:22
didrockstrying to think of the best way14:23
tyhickszyga: got it - thanks for explaining it to me :)14:23
zygatyhicks: yep, thanks for being vigilant :)14:24
ilivzyga, FYI if binaries are under prime/bin command: has to be bin/$YOURPROGRAM, not just command: $YOURPOGRAM as you said yesterday.14:31
zygailiv: hmm, maybe it was usr/bin, snapcraft does expand and search $PATH14:32
zygailiv: it doesn't hurt to spell out the full path14:33
zygailiv: but you can abbreviate in many cases14:33
ilivnot without changing something14:33
ilive.g. $PATH etc.14:33
niemeyersergiusens: ping14:33
zygailiv: if bin/ is not on path then I bet sergiusens can fix that14:33
sergiusensniemeyer pong14:33
zygaI mean this should work, it's probably a bug somewhere14:33
niemeyersergiusens: Heya14:33
* zyga hugs sergiusens 14:33
zygasnapcraft rocks man :)14:33
niemeyersergiusens: Did you ever fix the QTCOMPOSE / Compose file thing on the Telegram snap?14:34
niemeyersergiusens: I'm still getting that warning and ã doesn't work there14:34
ilivalso, I think app: definitions should support underscore symbol. I was trying to use pg_basebackup: as an app name and that lead to errors about incorrect YAML syntax14:34
sergiusensniemeyer hmm, no; just noticing this as á works fine14:35
niemeyerIt works here as well14:35
sergiusensbut ã and others don't14:35
zygailiv: underscore is reserved, you can use it in the command section internally but on the outside it is not allowed14:36
ilivseems harmless really14:36
ilivbut okay14:36
ilivI guess there's a reason for this14:36
zygailiv: it was used as a field separator earlier14:36
zygailiv: I think it's good to be strict, we can allow it later but in the past there was a good reason to exclude it14:36
ilivI see14:37
iliv> hmm, maybe it was usr/bin // not sure if you're talking about your experience or my particular case... in my case all binaries are under prime/bin and snapd (or whatever the process is) never could find a daemon binary if appname: ismyapp. it has to be appname: bin/ismyapp.14:38
zygailiv: prime/bin is not in path14:40
zygailiv: if you install your apps so that they are under usr/bin or bin/ then it should work, if not, then you can just specify the path in the command, both should work okay14:40
ilivbut prime/ is a directory created by snapcraft. it holds bin/ usr/ include/ etc. the autotools (which is my part) installed everything in bin/.14:42
ilivit seems like snapcraft is not aware of its own fs layout ?14:43
ilivor I am terribly confused about how it all is supposed to work :)14:43
kyrofazyga, iliv indeed, snapcraft adds bin, usr/bin, etc. to the path14:44
tsimonq2sergiusens: what unit tests need to be updated? it seems like none of what I've looked at used the contstructors you mentioned14:44
tsimonq2sergiusens: (that are breaking)14:44
kyrofailiv, but you still need to declare runnable stuff in `apps`14:44
tsimonq2sergiusens: and there's multiple different failures, I don't know which one you are talking about to update14:45
ilivkyrofa, which I believe I did. I have apps: myapp: bin/myapp for every binary under prime/bin. yet what you and zyga seem to be saying is that apps: myapp: myapp should work too. if that's case, it doesn't appear to be the case.14:46
kyrofailiv, you're missing a `command` there somewhere14:46
zygailiv: you can think of the root of your snap as a little root filesystem14:47
kyrofailiv, can I see your yaml?14:47
zygailiv: there $SNAP/bin and $SNAP/usr/bin are on path14:47
ilivoh sorry14:47
ilivhere's an example:14:48
iliv  clusterdb:14:48
iliv       command: bin/clusterdb14:48
ilivI have a dozen of these14:48
szszszhi! I would like to access to a device from within snap14:48
ilivand strangely none are exposed to a system14:48
kyrofaYeah you should definitely be able to simply use `command: clusterdb` there14:48
szszszI got message from app armor: * use gadget hardware assign to access '/dev/bus/usb/003/046'14:48
szszszWhere could I find more info about it?14:49
kyrofailiv, how are you trying to run that app, then?14:49
kyrofai.e. how do you know it's not in PATH?14:49
ilivI assume that when an app is exposed I can just run clusterdb on my terminal14:49
iliv$ clusterdb14:49
kyrofailiv, no, you need to prefix it with the snap name. <snapname>.<appname>14:49
kyrofailiv, that prevents multiple snaps from declaring the same command and fighting with each other14:50
kyrofailiv, the only special case there is when appname == snapname, then you can just run <snapname>14:50
zygaszszsz: hey14:51
zygaszszsz: snappy applications run under confinement and by default they cannot poke at hardware14:52
zygaszszsz: snaps can gain more permissions with interfaces14:52
zygaszszsz: we have many interfaces for various things but obviously not everything is supported yet14:52
szszszzyga: I would need one for talking to usb devices14:52
zygaszszsz: can you please report a bug on launchpad.net/snappy with the description of the problem and all the context (e.g. what kind of device it is)14:52
zygaszszsz: I'm sure we can support it14:53
szszszzyga: ok!14:53
zygaszszsz: if you know how please tag the issue with snapd-interfaces14:53
zygaszszsz: you can run your snap if you install it in devmode14:53
zygaszszsz: snap install --devmode your-snap.snap14:53
zygaszszsz: that should log about various apparmor denials but should still let your application run14:53
zygaszszsz: based on those logs and your bug description we should be able to create an interface for the thing you are trying to access14:54
didrocksogra_: you may have an answer for this one, btw? http://askubuntu.com/questions/792555/how-to-implement-or-call-up-bluetooth-in-snappy-ubuntu-of-beaglebone-black14:54
szszszzyga: I will attach them then14:54
zygaszszsz: since snapd is released every week you can use devmode for now but you should be able to use the new interface very soon14:54
zygaszszsz: perfect, thank you :-)14:54
szszszzyga: wow, great! :]14:54
szszszzyga: thanks!14:55
slangasekzyga: sorry, don't understand what you mean by offloading14:56
slangasekzyga: are you asking what you need to do in order to take over the debian/ubuntu uploads, so mvo doesn't have to?14:56
arcade_droidHow do you do partial updates in a snap? Assume you have a game, one image file in the snap needs to be updated.14:57
arcade_droidBecause full re-download of a 8GB snap won't please any sane user.14:57
zygaslangasek: offloading so he can focus on hacking more than on the release process14:57
zygaarcade_droid: we don't have delta updates enabled yet but we are well aware of this14:58
sergiusenstsimonq2 the general route to fix tests is to look at the traceback and got to the line it says it failed on that corresponds to the unit test file14:58
tsimonq2sergiusens: which is what I've done14:58
zygaarcade_droid: snaps should be very natural to do delta downloads and it will be added sometime later as a feature that is transparent to all users14:59
arcade_droidzyga, so this is a planned feature of snaps to do partial updates?14:59
tsimonq2sergiusens: but I'm not finding the problem14:59
zygaarcade_droid: very much so14:59
sergiusenstsimonq2 I havne't looked in detail, but since you added a param to the constructors I bet some of these None values are related to that14:59
tsimonq2sergiusens: I'll double-check everything, thanks for clarifying14:59
slangasekzyga: well, mvo isn't doing the Debian uploads, so no need to offload from him on that.  For Ubuntu uploads, that's not a quick or easy thing to take over if you aren't already a core-dev; but maybe it makes sense for you to take over driving the SRUs / proposed-migration propagation?15:00
slangasekzyga: (currently, yakkety hasn't had any version of snapd newer than 2.0.2, because there have been autopkgtest failures that no one has had time to investigate/resolve...)15:00
zygaslangasek: anything that helps is useful15:00
zygaslangasek: how can I iterate on that? I can run yakkety, run autopkgtests there, how can I upload new versions of snapd to yakkety?15:01
slangasekzyga: I believe shepherding the packages through queues is the easy win.  For getting new versions into yakkety, you could give me packages to sponsor uploads of?15:02
zygaslangasek: so I prepare the package, ping you and you do the upload?15:04
kyrofatsimonq2, are you running those tests locally?15:04
slangasekzyga: yes.  For snapd, I would certainly want your changes to be committed upstream first15:04
slangasekzyga: since currently xenial+yakkety are "in sync"15:05
zygaslangasek: yep15:05
zygaslangasek: I'll see what is blocking current yakkety and I'll work on that next week15:05
zygaslangasek: and eventually I could apply to be a core dev15:05
slangasekzyga: cool, thanks!15:05
slangasekzyga: yes :)15:05
tsimonq2kyrofa: yep, same errors15:05
tsimonq2kyrofa: I just pushed because I was stuck and needed help15:05
szszszI have one more question, if I may. I have published app but I cannot downloaded it through snap install nitrokey-app --channel beta . How to make it work?15:06
ilivkyrofa, I see good to know. I have apparently larger problems as my snap package can't even be installed.15:06
kyrofatsimonq2, you see where you added source_checksum=None here? https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/619/files#diff-e6205a80af76b4faec1d9241dc3b3b7cR10115:07
kyrofailiv, huh... what do you mean? What's happening?15:07
szszszI have checked all channels but with no luck. Checked channels in web gui and set all available, but have not helped15:07
didrocksszszsz: is it confinment: strict or devmode?15:08
kyrofatsimonq2, you switched the order here: https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/619/files#diff-e6205a80af76b4faec1d9241dc3b3b7cR29615:09
kyrofaSo that's failing a lot15:09
maxibertahi, I have an issue with htop snap: it's being denied sending signals by apparmor (it's plugged into system-observe); any way to fix that?15:09
tsimonq2kyrofa: heh what? the order matters? that's something I didn't consider for sure15:09
zygaszszsz: not sure15:10
zygaszszsz: maybe you have to login as yourself first15:10
kyrofatsimonq2, it does it you're not using variable=value15:10
tsimonq2kyrofa: thanks, I'll play with it15:10
kyrofatsimonq2, so that's causing failures like "__init__() missing 1 required positional argument: 'source_dir'" for the tar source15:11
tsimonq2oh okay15:11
tsimonq2kyrofa: sorry for being a n00b :P15:12
kyrofatsimonq2, relax man, before snapcraft I didn't know python at all :)15:12
kyrofatsimonq2, you're in good company!15:12
tsimonq2good to know :)15:12
kyrofasergiusens, elopio I need to take an extended lunch today, I may very well not make standup. I'll be working later this afternoon/evening15:13
tsimonq2kyrofa: I guess that I'm saying is thanks, and sorry for (in my mind at least) not seeing the obvious15:14
szszszI have used devmode for 0.1 and strict for 0.2. I was logged in during upload.15:14
kyrofatsimonq2, I just spent hours on what ended up being a one-liner. We all run into that type of thing! No apology necessary15:15
szszsz0.2 is now under review if I see correctly in web app.15:15
tsimonq2alright kyrofa :)15:15
ilivkyrofa, see this paste https://dpaste.de/UokM/raw. it includes my snapcraft.yml. So, clearly postgres is being run as root user and I'm wondering if we have any control over which user a service which is part of a snap can be run as?15:16
szszszbut what about 0.1 and beta/edge channels? zyga didrocks ^^^15:16
didrocksszszsz: did you see my question about confinement?15:16
kyrofailiv, ah!15:16
szszszdidrocks: yes, I have responded earlier15:17
kyrofaSo it installs, but doesn't run :) . Does postgres have a --yes-i-know-what-im-doing flag?15:17
didrocksszszsz: sorry, I did miss it :)15:17
didrocksso yeah, devmode is private to you AFAIK15:17
kyrofailiv, other daemons are like that as well, php-fpm needs a special flag, apache needs special configs, etc15:17
didrocksszszsz: did you use snap login as well?15:17
kyrofailiv, but every one I've done has given me ways around it15:17
kyrofailiv, services are always run as root-- no way around it15:18
szszszdidrocks: yes, I have logged in15:18
didrocksszszsz: I think you should have access once you are logged in snap (not snapcraft)15:18
didrocksinteresting, nessita may help you maybe? ^15:18
sergiusenskyrofa no worries15:18
kyrofailiv, those daemons have those protections in place for good reasons, but those reasons are not valid within snaps15:18
szszszdidrocks: why bother then setting edge/beta channels in app store?15:18
didrocksszszsz: you can publish beta version (confined) that everyone can try :)15:18
* kyrofa -> lunch15:19
* zyga needs to buy a tshirt after unfortunate accident in the coffee shop, ttyl15:19
didrocksszszsz: AFAIK, there will be a way for you soon to share your unconfined version with some people15:19
szszszdidrocks: I will check login info once again in both snap and snapcraft15:19
didrocksbut it's not there yet15:19
didrocksyeah, ensure you are logged in in "snap"15:19
szszszdidrocks: I am trying too currently :]15:19
nessitadidrocks, sorry, what's the question (unclear from backlog)?15:19
didrocksnessita: szszsz says "I have published app but I cannot downloaded it through snap install nitrokey-app --channel beta . How to make it work"15:20
didrocksnessita: "I have used devmode for 0.1 and strict for 0.2. I was logged in during upload."15:20
didrocksthat's the gist of it15:20
szszszdidrocks: nice15:20
nessitadidrocks, let me check15:20
didrocksszszsz: you are in good hands now :)15:20
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szszsznessita: here is the url if it helps: https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/click-apps/5313/rev/2/15:21
szszszdidrocks: thx! :]15:21
nessitaszszsz, hi! so looking at your package in the store, what I see is: revno 1 (0.1) is published (green box) but revno 2 is not published (thumbs up)15:21
nessitaszszsz, so you have a few options:15:21
nessita1- to install the revno 1, devmode, you need to pass --devmode to snap install15:22
nessita(plus the channel)15:22
nessitasnap install nitrokey-app --devmode --channel beta15:22
szszsznessita: I have published 0.1 in edge channel, shouldn't that work?15:22
didrocksnessita: oh, the client already enforce the --devmode? nice! :)15:22
nessitaszszsz, if it's a devmode snap, you need to install it with --devmode, because the user needs to be aware some security checks are being bypassed15:22
nessitaszszsz, your revno 2 is not devmoe (yey!) but it not published, to publish it you need to visit https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/click-apps/5313/rev/2/ and click publish at the bottom15:23
nessita(we are working to make this screen a bit more user friendly)15:24
didrocksnessita: maybe the issue is in the client side return message? (not clear enough it exists, but in devmode)15:24
didrockserror: cannot perform the following tasks:15:24
didrocks- Download snap "nitrokey-app" from channel "beta" (snap not found)15:24
didrocksyeah, it's not really clear15:24
nessitadidrocks, what version of snapd are you running?15:24
didrocksnessita: 2.0.915:24
szszsznessita: woah, haven't seen that one, just clicked15:24
nessitaszszsz, so now, since your revno 2 is in stable, you could do: snap find nitrokey-app15:26
nessitanessita@miro:~$ snap find nitrokey-app15:26
nessitanitrokey-app             0.2                     nitrokey              -      Nitrokey Application15:26
nessita(among other results)15:26
nessitaszszsz, your devmode revision will never appear in searches15:26
nessitadidrocks, could you ping Chipaca about that? it should work (snap install nitrokey-app --devmode --channel beta)15:26
szszsznessita: thanks, it started working just now15:27
didrockseven with 0.2 published now?15:27
didrocks(maybe it wasn't published in the beta channel)15:27
nessitadidrocks, it was, revno 1 was in beta and edge15:27
didrocksok, and 2 isn't? only stable?15:28
didrocksas I guess otherwise, it will take rev 2 now15:28
nessitadidrocks, 2 is in stable, candidate and beta15:28
didrocksah, so can't be reproduced for now15:28
nessitadidrocks, perhaps with edge:15:28
nessitasnap install nitrokey-app --devmode --channel edge15:28
sergiusenskyrofa didrocks sans tests, this is good for a review https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/620/files15:29
sergiusensjust sending out now as you are EODing or having a long lunch ;-)15:30
szszsznessita: didrocks rev 2 is all but edge, 0.1 is only edge15:30
didrockssergiusens: sureeeeeeeee, I see your strats :)15:30
didrockssergiusens: do you really want a review now? I was really going to EOD :p15:30
didrocksor Monday is ok?15:31
szszsznessita: didrocks well, it is working now, thank you!15:31
didrocksnice! :)15:31
sergiusensdidrocks just an overpass, if not, don't worry, it is what we discussed15:31
didrockssure, can do an overpass15:31
* sergiusens goes and writes unit tests15:32
maxibertahi all, need some help with apparmor15:41
maxibertaapparmor is preventing htop from sending signals to other processes15:42
didrockssergiusens: ok, really did a quick overpass, functionnally-wise, it's great! I didn't spot any issue. Just some comments on some style nitpicking!15:42
tyhicksmaxiberta: hi - that's by design15:42
tyhicksmaxiberta: if a process can send another process signals, it can do nasty things like kill another snap's processes15:42
maxibertatyhicks: yep, I get it but... even with system-observe?15:43
tyhickslet me take a look at the system-observe policy15:43
tyhicksmaxiberta: do you have any apparmor denials in the logs?15:43
maxibertatyhicks: apparmor="DENIED" operation="signal" profile="snap.htop.htop" pid=19011 comm="htop" requested_mask="send" denied_mask="send" signal=term peer="unconfined"15:44
tyhicksmaxiberta: sending SIGTERM to another process doesn't really fit into system-observe which is defined as, "Can query system status information."15:46
tyhicksmaxiberta: when you're sending SIGTERM out, you're actively managing the system at that point15:46
ilivkyrofa, I see, so overall it's generally safe to run a service as root as long as it is confined. I'm also wondering what happens when we punch holes in the security confinement with plugs. For example, network. I realize this is a very generalized question but how secure is this model? If a ...15:48
iliv... program is running as root and it is confined but we then let it interface (I think would be the word) with unconfined system resources do any of the risks that are typical to a normal system apply to a snap package? At least within the boundaries of the type of plug being used?15:48
maxibertatyhicks: sure, but that's breaking htop's functionality15:49
tyhicksmaxiberta: perhaps you need a new interface to be defined for what you need15:49
popeydidrocks: so now I'm getting a dialog in gtetrinet which says "Warning: Theme does not have a name, reverting to default" 😖15:49
ogra_didrocks, sorry, havent touched beaglebone since we dropped it from our default supported arches15:49
maxibertatyhicks: that'd be good15:50
popeydidrocks: I suspect it requires some massage to make it look i different directories15:50
didrockspopey: you knew I was just typing /quit in my weechat window, didn't you? :p15:50
didrockspopey: yeah, would be interested15:50
popeysorry, see you monday15:50
didrockspopey: looking on Monday?15:50
didrocksyeah ;)15:50
didrockswe can have some debug sessions then!15:50
didrockssee you guys & popey ;)15:50
maxibertatyhicks: should I report a bug?15:50
tyhicksmaxiberta: can you file a request at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/snapd/+filebug and add the "snapd-interface" tag?15:50
maxibertatyhicks: sure, thanks!15:51
tyhicksmaxiberta: thank you :)15:51
timothywho can change something on http://snapcraft.io/ website?15:56
tsimonq2timothy: it's a GitHub repo somewhere15:57
maxibertatyhicks: done, thanks15:57
tsimonq2kyrofa: for when you come back, I can fix TypeError: join() argument must be str or bytes, not 'NoneType' by doing a sed of s/source_checksum=None/source_checksum/ but that adds a lot of new errors about missing arguments15:59
tsimonq2kyrofa: I'm hesitating to commit and push because maybe it's associated with the lack of "=None"15:59
tsimonq2kyrofa: the new result of `./runtests unit`: http://paste.ubuntu.com/18244502/16:01
tsimonq2kyrofa: what's also puzzling me is failures like this: https://travis-ci.org/snapcore/snapcraft/jobs/141462851#L206616:02
ogra_nessita, oh, is --channel supposed to work now ? still doesnt for my giter app16:08
ogra_ogra@styx:~/Devel/packages/snaps/servo$ sudo snap install gitter --devmode --channel edge16:08
ogra_error: cannot perform the following tasks:16:08
ogra_- Download snap "gitter" from channel "edge" (snap not found)16:08
ogra_that is ... https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/click-apps/525716:09
ogra_(same error for beta)16:09
nessitaogra_, well, in theory the spec requires that snap install uses --edge16:13
nessitaogra_, so the specific response should come from Chipaca/pedronis16:13
ogra_uh, we dont default to stable ?16:14
nessitaogra_, I think we do16:32
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ogra_nessita, your comment sounded different16:35
ogra_"the spec requires that snap install uses --edge"16:35
ogra_i thought you meant in general16:35
nessitaogra_, ah, I was talking about the format of the command line16:39
ogra_well using --edge gets me an error16:39
nessitawhen passing a channel, it should be --channel=name but --name16:39
nessitaogra_, rigth, that was in progress last time I asked16:39
ogra_the error when using --channel edge indicates it actually looked in the edge channel though16:40
ogra_ogra@styx:~/Devel/packages/snaps/servo$ sudo snap install gitter --devmode --channel=edge16:40
ogra_error: cannot perform the following tasks:16:40
ogra_- Download snap "gitter" from channel "edge" (snap not found)16:40
timothysudo is not necessary if you are in sudo, wheel or adm group :)16:41
ogra_timothy, only if you use an U1 login16:42
ogra_(which i dont want on this machine)16:42
timothy[maybe-OT] snapd package moved to official community repository on archlinux16:44
ogra_nice !16:44
ogra_totally not OT !16:44
ogra_nessita, well, in any case, the gitter snap is in the store in edge and beta ... shouldnt i be able to install it ?16:46
nessitaogra_, let me check16:47
nessitaogra_, what exact command are you running?16:48
ogra_see above :)16:48
ogra_sudo snap install gitter --devmode --channel=edge16:48
ogra_i also tried with gitter.ogra16:48
ogra_and with --channel=beta16:48
nessitaogra_, let me check the fine details16:48
nessitaogra_, short answer is yes, you should, now let me debug if this is an store issue or snapd issue16:49
nessitaogra_, what version of snapd are you using?16:49
ogra_i upgraded it today ... one sec16:49
ogra_ah, no, that was snapcraft ... snapd is 2.0.9 still16:50
nessitaogra_, is that latest?16:50
ogra_seems a newer one is in -proposed, let me grab that one16:51
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ogra_nessita, ok, fasle alarm ... works with 2.0.1016:53
ogra_sorry for the noise16:53
nessitaogra_, oh, but that is not released yet?16:54
ogra_it is sitting in -proposed ... waiting for th SRU process16:54
ogra_i just grabbed it from there16:54
nessitaogra_, so well, yeah, latest snappy honors --devmode16:54
nessitabut pervious don't16:54
ogra_finally i can advertise my snaps :)16:55
niemeyermup: You ok there?17:04
mupniemeyer: In-com-pre-hen-si-ble-ness.17:04
ogra_bug #117:06
ogra_bug 1234517:07
ogra_niemeyer, no bugs yet ?17:07
niemeyerogra_: Sorry, involved on a snap find-related discussion.. will finish the set up17:26
ogra_yeah, no hurry, i thought it was a default feature :)17:27
niemeyerbug #117:33
niemeyerDid I do something wrong17:34
niemeyermup: bug #117:34
mupniemeyer: Bug #1: Microsoft has a majority market share <canonical> <iso-testing> <microsoft> <package-qa-testing> <Clubdistro:Confirmed> <Computer Science Ubuntu:Confirmed for compscibuntu-bugs> <LibreOffice:New> <dylan.NET.Reflection:Invalid> <dylan.NET:Invalid> <EasyPeasy Overview:Confirmed for17:34
mupramvi> <Ichthux:Invalid by raphink> <JAK LINUX:Invalid> <LibreOffice:In Progress by bjoern-michaelsen> <Linux:New> <Linux Mint:In Progress> <The Linux OS Project:In Progress> <Neobot:New> <Novabot:New> <OpenOffice:In Progress by lh-maviya> <Tabuntu:Invalid by tinarussell> <Tivion:Invalid by17:34
mupshakaran> <Tv-Player:Invalid> <Ubuntu Malaysia LoCo Team:In Progress by apogee> <Wine:Unknown> <Ubuntu:Fix Released by sabdfl> <Arch Linux:Confirmed> <Baltix:Confirmed> <Debian:In Progress> <Fedora:Confirmed> <Fluxbuntu:Confirmed> <openSUSE:In Progress> <Tilix:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1>17:34
niemeyerbug #12345617:34
ogra_lol, you killed ubot917:35
niemeyerHmm.. it should it be overhearing conversations as well about bugs.. #12345617:36
niemeyerbug #12345617:39
niemeyerAh, got it..17:43
niemeyerbug #12345617:44
niemeyerbug #12345617:46
mupBug #123456: podcast crashes amarok <Amarok:Invalid> <xine-lib (Ubuntu):Fix Released> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/123456>17:46
niemeyerThere you go..17:46
niemeyerNow let's get the new bugs reported here too..17:46
niemeyerOkay, next.. GH issues and PRs17:50
niemeyerBut must move the server first..17:50
mupBug #1598266 opened: Cannot read/write to usb device [libusb][hidapi] <snapd-interfaces> <Snappy:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1598266>18:03
sergiusensmhall119 hey, now I see you :-) Mind trying https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/620 with pantheon?19:06
sergiusensmhall119 I can help you out running from source if you need to19:06
saalenhow to define environment variables in the application start wrapper script created by snapcraft?19:11
mhall119sergiusens: I'll try, I have no internet access tody though, outside my phone19:12
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jrwrencan I make a snap not depend on ubuntu-core?19:44
mhall119sergiusens: I'll try that once my home network is coneccted to the internet again20:09
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niemeyermup: Are you still ok?20:24
mupniemeyer: I apologize, but I'm pretty strict about only responding to known commands.20:24
niemeyermup is now living its life inside a snap..20:25
mhall119that's cool, but it sounds a little sheltered :)20:26
niemeyermhall119: In which sense?20:41
niemeyerissue snapd#112421:08
mupPR snapd#1124: integration-tests: add coverage flags to snapd.service ExecStart setting when building from branch <Created by fgimenez> <Merged by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/1124>21:08
kyrofaelopio, sergiusens I give you: https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/62221:09
mupPR snapcraft#622: Hard-link local sources instead of symlinking them <Created by kyrofa> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/622>21:09
kyrofaWhoa, thanks mup!21:09
kyrofaHaha, niemeyer I should have seen what you just did21:09
kyrofaniemeyer, so is # -> LP, <something># -> github?21:10
kyrofaDoes LP require "bug" and github require "issue" ?21:10
sergiusenselopio so, I just found an issue ;-)21:11
sergiusenselopio so https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/623 will pass unit tests, but there is overmocking in test_commands_register21:17
mupPR snapcraft#623: Proper message when registering an already registered snap <Created by sergiusens> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/623>21:17
sergiusenselopio https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/blob/23732a5db53b3f1caf14d10845b2cec518530c9e/snapcraft/tests/test_commands_register.py#L5221:18
kyrofasergiusens, any idea why this line https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/blob/master/integration_tests/test_store_download.py#L40 is checking to make sure the OS snap is in the project dir instead of parts/<name>/src ?21:18
kyrofasergiusens, does it actually need to be in the project dir?21:18
sergiusenskyrofa probably better lived in src21:20
kyrofasergiusens, good deal21:22
mupBug #1598304 opened: systemd services created by snappy breaks etckeeper <Snappy:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1598304>21:25
sergiusenskyrofa btw have you checked https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/620 again?21:27
mupPR snapcraft#620: Alter prefix for pkg-config to get correct values <Created by sergiusens> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/620>21:27
kyrofasergiusens, ah, doing now, sorry21:28
sergiusenskyrofa I consider it complete ;-)21:28
tsimonq2o/ kyrofa21:31
kyrofaHey there tsimonq2 :)21:31
tsimonq2kyrofa: you see the stuff I pinged you about earlier? :)21:38
kyrofatsimonq2, yeah, give me just a minute and I'd be happy to chat :)21:39
tsimonq2alright thanks kyrofa :)21:40
kyrofaOkay tsimonq2, I'm all yours. Let me re-read what you said22:02
kyrofatsimonq2, I'll just pull your branch and see where it is, okay? That way we don't need to refer to travis22:04
tsimonq2alright cool :)22:04
kyrofatsimonq2, alright, first error:22:14
kyrofatsimonq2, snapcraft.tests.test_base_plugin.GetSourceTestCase.test_get_source_with_branch_must_raise_error22:14
kyrofatsimonq2, you can run just that test with: python3 -m unittest snapcraft.tests.test_base_plugin.GetSourceTestCase.test_get_source_with_branch_must_raise_error22:16
tsimonq2oh that's convenient22:19
kyrofatsimonq2, indeed, focus on one at a time22:19
kyrofaThis one should be relatively straightforward22:19
tsimonq2so it lists 3 things22:20
tsimonq2an error and 2 fails22:20
tsimonq2the fails are common so I might as well see if I can knock that out, unless you disagree22:20
niemeyerkyrofa: They don't require it.. LP will only "overhear" bugs with 5 digits or more22:21
kyrofatsimonq2, indeed, I agree22:21
niemeyerkyrofa: So, #123456, but not #12322:21
mupBug #123456: podcast crashes amarok <Amarok:Invalid> <xine-lib (Ubuntu):Fix Released> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/123456>22:21
kyrofaniemeyer, ah, okay good to know!22:21
niemeyerkyrofa: For this channel, I've limited the GH plugin to require the repository prefix, and default to the snapcore organization22:21
kyrofatsimonq2, note that these are all the same test, just different test data22:21
tsimonq2yep I figured that out kyrofa22:22
kyrofaniemeyer, how would we do a different org?22:22
niemeyerkyrofa: snapcore/snapcraft#12322:22
mupPR snapcraft#123: Added an argument to filter examples tests <Created by elopio> <Merged by sergiusens> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/123>22:22
kyrofaniemeyer, just like github org/proj#num22:22
kyrofaniemeyer, excellent, I've wanted that for a while now thank you!22:22
tsimonq2kyrofa: so it looks like the mismatch is that raised.exception isn't equal to the appropriate string22:22
kyrofatsimonq2, indeed, you added some new validation checks there22:23
kyrofatsimonq2, which means the test data also needs to be updated22:23
kyrofatsimonq2, and add some cases to catch your new option22:23
tsimonq2oh okay I get it22:23
tsimonq2let me play with that in the GetSourceTestCase function22:24
kyrofatsimonq2, yeah do that. Go through the failures one by one, running them individually like I showed you. You should find them all similarly trivial22:24
tsimonq2kyrofa: so I've had some luck, thank you! :D22:33
tsimonq2it's failing on something that should be trivial to fix22:33
tsimonq2AssertionError: "can't specify source-checksum for a bzr source" != "can't specify a source-checksum for a bzr source"22:33
kyrofatsimonq2, one error message has an "a" in it, the other doesn't?22:34
tsimonq2that's it22:34
tsimonq2figured it out22:34
tsimonq2all solved \o/22:35
tsimonq2I'll run ./runtests unit to pick out more to solve22:35
tsimonq2thanks for getting me started kyrofa22:35
kyrofatsimonq2, no problem! Best of luck :)22:53
niemeyerkyrofa: np!22:57
tsimonq2that feeling when a one line fix reduces the failing unit tests from 33 to 9! \o/23:02
niemeyerand that completes the mup hackery of the day.. probably..23:02
niemeyermup: infer day of the week23:03
mupniemeyer: Friday.23:03
niemeyerExactly.. and dinner time too23:03
niemeyermup: infer dinner time23:04
mupniemeyer: Basic information: composer Busta Rhymes.23:04
niemeyerWhat? LOL23:04
niemeyermup: infer -all dinner time23:05
mupniemeyer: Basic information: composer Busta Rhymes — Recordings: album music act release date, Street Hop Royce da 5′9″ Tuesday, October 20, 2009.23:05
tsimonq2 23:05
niemeyerOkay.. enough playing, sorry. :)23:05
tsimonq2kyrofa: you still around? I think the last 9 failing might have a common cause, I pushed the changes I made, mind pointing me in the right direction?23:08
* tsimonq2 adds unit tests for source-checksum, maybe that's the issue but we'll see23:11
tsimonq2well I'll play more tomorrow, I'm off for the day, o/23:31

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