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ahayzent1mp, o/ any idea what might be causing this? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-weather-app/+bug/1597843 ... the bug reporter says that the pull to refresh is translated in the UITK, but not when using the weather-app? we have 1.3 imports .. the only other thing i can think is the translations were done after ota11 or something?11:18
ubot5Launchpad bug 1536357 in Ubuntu Weather App "duplicate for #1597843 "Pull to refresh" and "Release to refresh" are untranslatable" [Undecided,Invalid]11:18
t1mp"Pull to refresh..." was in the .pot file for UITK in november 2015 (maybe also before that)11:20
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t1mpahayzen: so in the weather app you don't have that string? It is all UITK?11:21
ahayzent1mp, yeah we don't http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-weather-dev/ubuntu-weather-app/reboot/view/head:/app/ui/LocationPane.qml#L13111:21
t1mpwe have a Label with         text: releaseToRefresh ? i18n.tr("Release to refresh...") : i18n.tr("Pull to refresh...")11:21
ahayzenit is here bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/trunk/view/head:/src/Ubuntu/Components/Themes/Ambiance/1.3/PullToRefreshStyle.qml#L2811:22
t1mpI don't see issues with the code, so I don't know why it does not work11:22
ahayzent1mp, the only thing i can think is if the simplified chinese translation was not made until recently?11:22
ahayzenotherwise, i not sure why it shouldn't be translated11:22
t1mpend of 2015 it seems (from bzr qblame zh_CN.po)11:24
t1mpyes, strange11:24
t1mpkalikiana: ^do you have any ideas why Pull to refresh... is not translated in weather app?11:24
t1mpahayzen: does the weather app use the default theme (Ambiance)?11:26
t1mpactually, the other themes don't have a special PullToRefreshStyle, so it fallsback to that one anyway11:26
ahayzent1mp, i don't think it specifies one11:26
ahayzeni should see if this is reproducible on my device as well, and maybe ask the reporter if they see the same in other apps or not11:27
ahayzent1mp, thanks for confirming that it 'should' work :-)11:29
t1mpbut I use my phone in English so I didn't test the translations a lot11:30
ahayzenyeah same11:30
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ahoneybunahayzen: around?14:11
ahayzenahoneybun, busy at the moment, but maybe later ;-)14:12
ahoneybunjust wanted to you to see a png14:12
ahayzenahoneybun, o/ that image looks cool, should work with rounded corners as well :-) only thing is maybe the bike could be a bit bigger to emphasize that it is a cycling app16:20
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ahoneybunyea that is the problem lol17:00
ahoneybunit does look nice on the device17:00
ahoneybunahayzen: https://www.flickr.com/photos/44748317@N08/27740788770/in/dateposted-public/17:05
ahayzenahoneybun, hehe yeah does look cool :-)17:08
ahoneybunthanks :)17:11
ahoneybunall in GIMP17:11
ahoneybunalso ahayzen https://www.flickr.com/photos/44748317@N08/27918818862/in/dateposted-public/17:11
ahayzenhehe, ahoneybun have you tried inkscape before as well?17:11
ahayzenand yeah that sortof thing would be cool, i wonder if mhall119 found out if there is enough space on the device/image ?17:12
ahoneybunI have not heard from him17:13
ahoneybunhe's posting on G+ about his internet being out17:13
ahoneybunso he is using his N4 as his computer17:13
ahayzenah lol17:13
ahoneybunahayzen: I have messed with it a bit17:13
ahoneybunmade a example of DVD cover for Kubuntu 15.0417:14
ahayzenahoneybun, inkscape allows for vector based drawings, so they don't pixelate when you zoom in... aka svg's17:14
ahoneybunjust so used to GIMP I guess17:15
ahoneybunthis motorcycle is going very well I think'17:16
ahayzenhehe GIMP is cool though :-)17:18
mhall119ahayzen: so there is very little space left in the device images, we could maybe add a few extra images, but not many17:19
mhall119it was suggested that we could instead provide a click package with more images, and use content-hub to set them to the background17:20
ahayzenmhall119, ok ... hmm what do you think of the other idea of like supplying them in a click package17:20
ahayzenyah :-)17:20
mhall119it's easier to do, but not as nice of a user experience17:20
mhall119and as ahoneybun said, I'm working from my phone today, no internet at home17:21
mhall119in fact, I had to start up irssi on a remote server just to get back on IRC17:21
ahayzenmhall119, did you try chatter from the store?17:22
ahayzenah but you probably hit OOM and then it'll disconnect17:23
mhall119ahayzen: I tried it, but it would't connect to freenode17:23
ahayzenah weird17:23
mhall119my 3g data connection isn't great17:23
mhall119I suspect that, combined with dekko, telegram and others competing for bandwidth, was the problem17:24
ahoneybunahayzen: https://www.flickr.com/photos/44748317@N08/27741105920/in/dateposted-public/17:28
ahoneybunalso mhall119 too XD17:28
ahayzenahoneybun, yeah that looks better!17:29
ahoneybunmight need the bike black to stick out better17:29
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ahoneybunahayzen: I was testing the idea of using the bottom edge to bring up settings17:39
ahoneybunbut it does not show up on the SDK but on the device17:39
ahoneybunI LOVE this icon17:40
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