davidcalleMorning o/07:40
Mister_QGood morning everyone o/07:49
svijgood morning! happy mailman day!07:52
dpmgood morning all07:59
Mister_QYay popey liked my tweet :D08:12
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tsimonq2o/ all09:03
Kiloshi tsimonq209:03
tsimonq2how are you Kilos? :)09:03
Kilosok ty and you lad?09:03
tsimonq2great :)09:03
tsimonq2o/ MooDoo Mister_Q popey svij davidcalle dpm, how are you all doing? :)09:10
popeygreat :)09:11
popeyover in #snappy doing snappy things09:11
dpmtsimonq2, doing well, thanks. Already online? :)09:11
Mister_Qtsimonq2 great :) just a bit jetlagged09:12
tsimonq2\o/ popey09:13
tsimonq2dpm: yep ;)09:13
tsimonq2Mister_Q: how was your trip?09:13
Mister_Qtsimonq2 the flight was to long but it was worth it :) I installed juju and kubernetes for the customer09:18
tsimonq2that's cool :)09:22
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josethis is amazingly funny. just got some offer from Google in the mail... expired yesterday.15:39
Kilosyou dont read mails regularly jose15:43
popeyi expect this was snail mail15:43
Kilosor regularly once a year15:43
popeyand the notorious Lima postal service15:43
joseit was snail mail15:43
josebasically what popey said :P15:43
joseI got a holiday card in March15:43
popeywe're learning!  😃15:43
Kiloswe have the same probs here15:43
joseat least it's only 2 months late this time15:44
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pleia29:30AM \o/16:35
pleia2wait, no \o/16:35
* pleia2 coffees16:35
svijWEEKEND too!16:38
svijthe downside is the renovation of the kitchen which just started and is extremely loud :/16:38
tsimonq2every day's a weekend for me 3 months out of the year :P17:14
tsimonq2and so WEEEEEEEKEND!17:14
svijkids these days…17:16
tsimonq2svij: it's only for a couple more years17:18
tsimonq2then I join you all :)17:18
svijI left school tomorrow 5 years ago. I feel old now. :D17:19
popeyhaha, *you* feel old17:29
* popey fetches his ear-trumpet17:29
Kilosi left school 48 years ago17:31
popeySomeone older than me around here.17:32
popeyunless you left school at -4 years old?17:32
Kilosno man im 6517:32
popeyNo way.17:33
Kiloswas 65 on the 23rd of june17:33
popeyI pictured you as mid thirties, maximum17:33
Kiloswell i think so anyway17:33
svijohh, happy belated birthday17:33
Kiloswhere did you see my pic popey17:34
popeyI haven't seen a pic of you17:34
popeyjust going by text17:34
popeyfunny how we make these assumptions17:35
popeywell, I did.17:35
Kilosoh so thats why you gave me a hard time with timeslots17:35
popeyuh. no17:35
svijI also didn't think that tsimonq2 is just 1417:35
Kilosyeah he is a shocker17:35
tsimonq2svij: I don't remember if I told you or you found out somewhere :P17:36
svijwhen I look at the ~14yo which i randomly know they can't even type properly.17:36
Kiloswe heard at the membership app tsimonq217:36
svijtsimonq2: someone mentioned that you were the youngest ubuntu member with 13 oder so17:36
tsimonq2you know, I catually can't type properly, I'm typing with two fingers17:36
mhall119svij: heck, when I think back to how *I* was at 14.... :(17:36
joseurgh, someone stole my title!17:36
tsimonq2no no no17:37
tsimonq2this was decided already17:37
svijmhall119: not much different to now? :D17:37
tsimonq2jose has a few months on me17:37
josefew months? >.>17:37
mhall119svij: I saw skinnier17:37
tsimonq2jose: yeah, don't you remember?17:37
svijmhall119: ;)17:37
joseI wish...17:37
popeyI wrote a sprite routine for the Amstrad CPC 464 when I was 14 in Z80 Assembler... I miss assembler...17:38
tsimonq2when's your birthday jose?17:38
* svij was 14 exactly 10 years ago.17:38
josealso, since I joined the community no day is vacation day...17:38
popeyWe should re-write Unity in assembler ㋛17:38
Kilosbut its good that age isnt a deterent in being allowed to work together17:38
* tsimonq2 Googles what popey is talking about17:38
joseDec 10th. but I'm 1917:38
* svij was reinstalling Windows ME every week with 14.17:38
popeytsimonq2: ye olde computers17:38
Kiloshaha svij17:38
mhall119I'm going to create a channel called #lawn just so I can kick you kids out of it17:38
popeytsimonq2: http://popey.com/blog/2011/03/05/thirty-years-on/ i wrote that 5 years ago, about my first computer, 35 years ago now!17:38
tsimonq2popey: yeah I've seen these things around the internet :D17:39
tsimonq2wow popey17:39
tsimonq2svij: I have a friend (he's 12) who loves old Windows installs17:39
joseI hated installing windows when I was 1217:39
tsimonq2svij: he has Windows 3 and Windows 98 in VMs, Windows 98 is his favorite17:39
svijbut I was atleast already on some IRC networks when I was 14 or 1317:40
joseit took an entire day!17:40
joseI didn't even know about irc17:40
svijjose: I still hate it nowadays :P17:40
mhall119when I was 12, the only Windows around was 317:40
tsimonq2hahahahahahah mhall119 (re: #lawn)17:40
joseI remember when pleia2 met me at the airport, it was like 'ooooh irc *does* connect you with *real* people!'17:40
tsimonq2yeah jose, growing up to this point, I've only used PATA hard drives, I've had 2 GB of RAM at my disposal max, and I've used XP17:41
tsimonq2I was lucky enough to have a Windows 7 install, but I was really into Windows17:41
tsimonq2but I couldn't do a lot with it17:41
joseI remember the day I upgraded my HDD to a 128GB one, that was one of the best days of my life17:42
josemoar space for games!17:42
tsimonq2and I installed Ubuntu and actually learned a lot about my computer! \o/17:42
svijI didn't have an own pc until I was 16 (not allowed) otherwise I would've probably switched to ubuntu earlier…17:42
tsimonq2yeah I used to really want to play Minecraft but my computer couldn't handle it17:42
pleia2I met my first husband on IRC17:42
tsimonq2now that I have a computer that handles it, I don't play it... :|17:43
joseand dial up internet!17:43
tsimonq2pleia2 \o/17:43
josethose phone noises17:43
pleia2(fwiw, the fact that he was my first and not only husband likely had nothing to do with how we met ;))17:43
tsimonq2I've never had dial-up jose but we still have an RJ11 port around the house somewhere17:44
popeyTime is flying by.17:44
josemy dad used to set time limits on me or internet would get too expensive17:44
svijI tried learning coding with 1h time on the pc… my mum was very strict… (even with flatrate)17:45
svij1h per day17:45
tsimonq2svij: the first programming language I tried to learn was C++... :/17:45
svijtsimonq2: heh17:46
tsimonq2it's really weird imho17:46
josehtml for me17:46
joseif you can call that a 'programming language'17:46
tsimonq2like piping this to that and just ahhhhh /o\17:46
svijhtml is not a programming language, but yes, HTML and CSS was also one of the first things for me17:46
tsimonq2jose: that's the first scripting language I got good at17:46
tsimonq2I can proudly say that I have hand-coded every bit of HTML on my website http://tsimonq2.net/17:47
joseI coded a neopets page with html \o/17:47
josecss is still a dark-ish spot for me17:47
tsimonq2jose: yeah me too17:47
tsimonq2look at my website, I'm not good at CSS :P17:48
svijI remember the guy on IRC (when I was ~15 and he like 16) that he doesn't like foreigners. Gladly he didn't see my skin color :D17:48
josefor ubuconla.org most things were done, I basically edited bits here and there17:49
tsimonq2jose: it's find of funny because I'm in the process of learning Spanish17:50
tsimonq2when I graduate, I should be done with Spanish 517:50
tsimonq2I already know basics17:50
tsimonq2but it's a goal of mine to be fluent before I graduate high school17:50
josespanish is hard17:51
joseI would hate having to learn how to speak spanish again17:51
* svij would hate having to learn how to speak german again17:51
tsimonq2jose: yeah it's really complicated at times17:52
tsimonq2well right now, I'm supposed to know about 100 present-tense verbs and conjugations and probably 700 other vocab words17:52
tsimonq2I need to study over the summer :P17:52
svijtamil is hard. They have like three different types of "la" and everything should sound and written different17:52
joseyou said it, supposed to17:52
tsimonq2jose: but I'll catch up :)17:53
tsimonq2jose: I'm in Spanish 1, the Spanish 2 kids had to listen to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBTGxLc-lv017:53
joseoh no please don't17:54
tsimonq2huh jose?17:54
joseDora the explorer?17:54
tsimonq2Billy la Bufanda17:54
joseno idea what that is17:55
tsimonq2jose: just watch lol17:55
joseI will when I get back to university17:55
joseon mobile right now17:55
tsimonq2heh alright ;)17:56
tsimonq2so this is where the conversation went \o/17:56
* svij looks to his todo list17:56
* svij goes crying…17:56
joseat least you have one17:57
svijtaskwarrior (https://taskwarrior.org/) for the win!17:58
joseI used to use todo until I broke it trying to set up notifications17:58
svijnah, no notifications for me.17:58
svijit's a simple but great CLI todo list manager, perfect.17:59
svijyou still have to look at it though17:59
joseyep, it was until I broke it17:59
joseworst is, I don't even know how to fix it17:59
joseI may have to build it from source17:59
svijwhich tool?18:00
josenope, todo18:00
joseit was a CLI to do list18:00
svijah ok18:00
svijcheck taskwarrior, has many users and nice features and also pretty responsive on irc too18:01
joseyeah I'll take a look18:01
pleia2taskwarrior <318:03
tsimonq2pleia2: you use it?18:06
pleia2yep, have for yaers18:06
pleia2years too18:06
svijI have it for 4 years now, as I just saw18:06
svijatleast "task stats" says it18:06
tsimonq2I trust you both, I'm gonna start using it :P18:07
pleia2my blog tells me I've been using it since at least 201118:07
svijpleia2: task stats is your friend ;)18:07
svijOldest task                2012-07-0718:07
svijNewest task                2016-07-0118:07
svijTask used for              4.0y18:07
pleia26/6/2011               5.1y upgrade linode to squeeze18:07
pleia2Oldest task           6/5/201118:07
pleia2aha, there we go :)18:07
svij5y, also nice18:08
svijI was part of the biggest taskwarrior user (and developer) meetup so far :D https://www.deimeke.net/dirk/blog/index.php?/archives/3607-Mini-Taskwarrior-Meetup-....html18:09
svij"biggest" with 4 people though18:09
tsimonq2pleia2, hggdh: someone should make a taskwarrior snap at the next Snappy Playpen on Tuesday :D18:17
svijtsimonq2: https://github.com/svijee/taskwarrior-snap ?18:18
svijneed some few tweaks18:18
svijno man pages and wrong theme data paths currently18:18
svijbut except that it works18:19

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