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qenghohikiko: good morning to you.05:09
qenghoYou never taught me how to say that in greek.  :(05:09
hikikoqengho, good morning (you just say kalimera καλημέρα) :p05:46
hikikoTrevinho, hi! could you also review this: https://code.launchpad.net/~hikiko/unity/unity.menus-anim-lowgfx/+merge/298859 later? (skips some fade/animations in u7 by only changing settings)05:57
seb128jbicha, you have some xenial SRUs that are in proposed for a while and not verified, could you try to do that or find somebody to help you doing it (abiword, gnome-taquin, gnome-documents)06:47
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didrocksgood Friday willcooke07:29
jbichaseb128: sure, I feel bad verifying my own SRUs but I didn't get any response when I asked the u-gnome list a week ago either07:29
willcookehey didrocks, are you free to help me with that new launcher this morning?07:58
willcookehi Laney, how was climbing?08:03
seb128jbicha, can try on the IRC channel maybe? but it's fine verifying it's own SRUs if nobody else does08:03
seb128hey willcooke, Laney, happy friday!08:03
Laneywillcooke: ahoy, it was goooooooooooood08:04
Laneynew competition circuit08:04
Laneywhat's not to like?08:04
jbichaseb128: I think the problem for Ubuntu GNOME especially is the kind of people interested in testing stuff are interested in *new* stuff like the GNOME3 PPAs08:04
Laneythen later on I took some rhubarb stalks from the garden and we had fool which was nice08:04
Laneyhi seb12808:04
Laneyhow's are you?08:05
Laneyand jbicha too08:05
Laneyup late?08:05
seb128I'm good thanks!08:05
seb128a bit tired08:05
seb128but it's friday, it's ok08:05
seb128just had some green tea and a croissant08:05
jbichaLaney: yeah I was having trouble going to sleep08:06
qenghoI'm happy. I got my laptop display fixed for US$70.08:07
qenghoSomeone in repair shop drove it across town to the factory that made laptop and they replaced something.08:08
didrockswillcooke: in meetings, but we can try :)08:15
didrockswillcooke: you have snapcraft 2.12 now?08:15
flexiondotorgCan I request a couple of merge proposal reviews please?08:16
seb128hey flexiondotorg08:17
seb128flexiondotorg, try #ubuntu-devel? pitti is on a patch pilot shift08:17
flexiondotorgThanks. Will do.08:18
pittiI'm here as well :)08:18
willcookedidrocks, I'm running devel from git, but it's old, gonna switch back to the archive version and update08:18
didrockswillcooke: normally, it's working as well with 2.1108:18
pittiflexiondotorg: I'll have a look08:18
didrockswillcooke: what you need to do is:08:18
willcookedidrocks, shall we move this to #snappy?08:18
didrockswillcooke: sure!08:18
pittiflexiondotorg: indicator-session is being handled via the CI train08:19
flexiondotorgpitti, Thanks.08:19
flexiondotorgYeah, that one ^^^ too.08:20
pittialthough I guess this simple packaging change can be pushed to trunk directly08:20
seb128I can do a landing for it if you want08:20
pittiseb128: this doesn't affect touch at all, does that really require the full CI train process?08:22
* pitti is never sure what to do about those08:22
seb128no, I guess direct upload and commit to trunk is fine08:22
pittiah, I can't commit to trunk08:22
pittinor even approve the patch08:22
seb128you should08:22
seb128aren't coredev having access there?08:23
pittionly ~indicator-applet-developers *grumble*08:23
seb128let me handle it08:23
pittiwell, we can just upload and let them merge afterwards08:24
pittiseb128: ok, thanks; looking at the other one then08:24
seb128well, in fact let me check with ted when he gets online08:24
seb128or not08:24
seb128k, they have a branch for 16.10 and another for 16.0408:25
seb128the tricky thing is that some of those component dual land to y/x08:25
seb128or triple with the overlay08:25
seb128and in this case better to use the train and land to the different series together08:25
seb128hey Trevinho08:25
Trevinhohi seb12808:25
seb128Trevinho, how are you?08:25
Trevinhoseb128: allright, you?08:25
seb128pitti, in fact please just dput indicator-session, seems you already did that once in yakkety and it makes the CI grumpy08:35
seb128so I'm going to let somebody from the indicator team sort that out08:36
seb128like the vcs doesn't have your previous upload08:36
seb128and the train bark because the archive and vcs are not in sync08:36
pittiseb128: ack08:36
pittiah, https://code.launchpad.net/~seb128/indicator-session/correct-systemd-depends/+merge/28545408:37
pittiso (1) they don't review PRs quickly, and (2) make it impossible for ~core-dev to help out, so self-made hardship :)08:37
seb128I think we just need to manually push those to the vcs08:37
pitti... which we can't08:38
seb128need to check with ted first08:38
seb128it's a bit annoying08:38
pittiseb128: btw, I vote for adding jbicha to https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-desktop/+members again :)08:43
seb128yeah, it's probably fine, I don't think we had the case before of people leaving and wanting to come back after a while so I said he should probably just do a few sponsor uploads first just for the form08:45
seb128happyaron, hey :-)09:08
happyaronseb128: hi09:08
seb128happyaron, how are you? at debconf yet?09:08
happyaronno, packing for flight tonight09:09
Laneyhey happyaron09:10
Laneywhen do you arrive?09:10
seb128happyaron, did you get a chance to merge back those missing commits from nmapplet 1.2.2?09:10
happyaronLaney: 16:30 2nd July09:11
Laneydo you have to change plane somewhere?09:11
happyaronseb128: not yet, will see if I have time after packing, :)09:11
happyaronLaney: yep, at DXB09:12
seb128happyaron, in how many hours are you likely to get that done or not?09:20
happyaronguess need 3 hours to finish packing&dinner09:23
seb128happyaron, I want to upload today, if you don't get done I'm going to add those back to what you current have and let you deal later with the git format thing and reconciliating the vcs09:23
seb128happyaron, just let me know if I should wait or not09:24
seb128happyaron, k, good luck packing and eating dinner, if you don't get to it it's fine but please keep me updated either way with a clear "wait for me or please upload hacking it"09:24
happyaronif you have bandwidth please go ahead, and let me to do the git homework09:25
ximionLaney: Debian uses the immutable-suites stuff now, so far, no issues09:38
Laneyhi ximion09:40
Laneygood news09:40
LaneyI'm coming to CPT tomorrow, we can find some time in the week to look at it if you want09:40
ximionLaney: oooh, awesome!09:42
ximionI completely forgot to ask if you'd come :)09:43
Laneyit's your lucky day!09:43
ximionI wrote the immutable suites stuff before and after dinner, so I hope I catched all corner cases (people are distracting - and also, it is pretty much eating things with slight interruptions all day ^^)09:44
Laneysounds nice09:45
ximionI also came up with a plan to implement a proper testsuite / test at least the basic things in asgen - the current test coverage isn't awesome, and I feel a bit uncomfortable with that09:45
ximionyeah, the food is awesome so far! I hope they will keep this level when more attendants are there...09:46
ximionbring warm clothes - it's warm enough outside, but the buildings are surprisingly cold inside (unless you have heaters)09:49
andyrockhey all09:51
seb128hey andyrock, how are you?09:52
andyrockfine :D09:52
andyrockseb128: you?09:52
seb128andyrock, what are you working on today?09:58
andyrockthe copy dialog bug09:58
Trevinhohi andyrock09:58
seb128andyrock, don't forget to make those SRU bugs compliant, seems like Trevinho is processing with the SRUs but they bugs need the info09:58
seb128Ah, nice one09:58
andyrockah i forgot09:58
Trevinhohikiko: I've checked the branches, but things don't apply09:58
andyrockone moment09:58
seb128I just got annoyed by that again09:58
Trevinhoseb128: you always got ANY bug there, so you're filtered out from the average user stats :-D09:59
Trevinhohikiko: settings change don't seem to apply here, but in general I think that we can't just change user settings... since if user toggles the low-gfx value from CCSM then options get not reset... And he has to put things back again... And this case might also happen when an user doesn't specity the setting, but just if, for some reason, is running in10:01
Trevinhosoftware rendering. So this might be to aggressive.10:01
Trevinhohikiko: as I said, we should probably just add a compiz screen option that then bypasses some things in every plugin. In this way we can easily just go in normal and llowgfx mode. Without adding other "options" around...10:02
Sweet5harkLaney, willcooke: You are not alone anymore! Out of solidarity, Austria presidental election was declared invalid and has to be repeated.10:16
* Sweet5hark wonders if its friday yet.10:16
seb128it was? :-(10:16
seb128they had the green party winning instead of the far right no?10:17
hikikoTrevinho, if we do it this way, when lowgfx is selected we'll have to set every option for every plugin10:17
Trevinhohikiko: no10:17
hikikoI mean let's say we have plugin A, B, C with special options for low gfx10:18
hikikounity will set compscreen lowgfx to true10:18
Trevinhohikiko: it's like how the lowgfx setting is currently working in unity... When it's up to draw, you read the value and then you change things depending on that10:18
Sweet5harkseb128: yes.10:18
Trevinhohikiko: yes10:18
Trevinhohikiko: but, you don't have to change any settinng internally in the plugin10:19
Trevinhohikiko: you've only to bypass the animation settings10:19
Trevinhohikiko: when lowgfx is set, you just chose a different drawing path10:19
hikikowon't it look weird to the user10:19
Sweet5harkwhats the revocation deadline for 2016? I want 2015 back.10:19
hikikoto see in ccsm that animation is let's say glide10:19
hikikoand there's no glide?10:19
hikikowhen I change the setting10:19
hikikocompiz and ccsm and unity show the same10:20
Trevinhohikiko: it might look weird, but ccsm is not supported anyway... And if user is using a lowgfx-mode is already that way. While he expect not all things to work properly10:20
seb128hikiko, Trevinho,btw ideally the low graphics would work without option, there is a flag gnome-session sets that is used in GNOME, doing the same there would be nice10:20
hikikoseb128, Trevinho says another thing10:20
hikikoI check if lowgfx is set10:20
hikikoand then I set some extra or existing options in some plugins10:21
hikikoall that from unity10:21
Trevinhohikiko: no, I'm not saying that10:21
hikikoTrevinho, says we should have a variable lowgfx10:21
hikikoin compscreen10:21
Trevinhohikiko: ah, ok yeay...10:22
Trevinhohikiko: you were saying what you're doing before :)10:22
hikikoso when this variable is true10:22
hikikoeach plugin draws accordingly10:22
hikikobut I disagree because the user will see other settings in ccsm10:22
Trevinhoideally I'd use an enum, more than a boolean, so it might support other levels in future10:22
hikikoand have different settings on his desktop10:22
hikikowhen the option is added10:23
hikikoI mean10:23
seb128well unity is already limiting itself in software rendering mode no?10:23
hikikoin expo10:23
Trevinhohikiko: yeah, but it's already like that... Currently unity ignores any options about blur or transparency when the lowgfx mode is set.10:23
hikikoseb128, yes but what you see in settings is the settings you have10:23
hikikoTrevinho, yes but that's 1 plugin10:23
hikikonow it will be for every plugin10:23
Trevinhohikiko: ccsm is something we don't care about.. .I mean if the user sees a different setting, it's fine. We only care about settings exposed in unity control center10:24
hikikoI understand but why to make it misfunction when we can avoid this + also: adding new options (eg: animation: None to expo) will be shown in the plugin card10:25
Trevinhohikiko: I mean, you can do the way you want to... but it would need more work IMHO. Because we can't really reset the user settings as you're currently doing. So you'd need to copy them somewhere and then reset them back10:25
Trevinhoimho it's more annoying than just bypassing them10:25
hikikothe user might want to use it10:25
hikikofor example10:26
hikikohe might decide10:26
hikikothat in expo10:26
hikikohe wants some eyecandy despite the lowgfx10:26
hikikoso that way10:26
hikikohe can open ccsm10:26
hikikoand change it10:26
hikikothe most important which I didn't thought10:27
hikikothe fade for example is not done in drawing and we skip it10:27
hikikoit's done in many small redraws (it's a progressive effect)10:27
hikikoso if you need to skip it10:27
hikikoyou reduce these steps10:27
TrevinhoWell.... I see the thing, but let's focus on why we need such lowgfx mode: we've to ensure unity runs reducing the eyecandy, but keeping things functional in normal mode. Hacking the settings is something we really can't support in this scenario.10:28
hikikobefore drawing!10:28
hikikoyes, but we were also thinking (willcooke) that we might have different options for eyecandy10:28
Trevinhohikiko: I guess you can just read the variable before drawing too...10:28
hikikoI can I just want to show you that it's not more simple solution :)10:29
Trevinhohikiko: I'm not against it, eh... It's just that this would need way more work imho, that we can avoid. Since we've not much time before .110:29
hikikoimo its better to give a simple and fast DE to the user10:29
davmor2hikiko: you me real fire from the screen as your laptop ignites?10:29
hikikoand allow him10:29
hikikoto add whatever he likes afterwards10:29
hikikoinstead of ignoring his preferences10:30
hikikoand the work is the same10:30
hikikoyou either check for lowgfx on u710:30
hikikoor you use an extra var in compiz10:30
hikikoand check twice10:30
hikikofor the same thing :)10:30
Trevinhohikiko: free to go, but... As I said, in that case we need to figure out a way to set user settings back when he toggles the gfx mode, because he choose it or because enevironment changed10:30
hikikoalso willcooke had this idea: that we could later give different "sets" of unity effects10:31
hikikolike fast u7, extremely fast, normal, full eyecandy10:31
Trevinhohikiko: so... We can do that, but as I said some time ago, we can't do this by changing the default unity profile10:31
hikikobut why do all this workaround10:31
Trevinhohikiko: add a new unity-lowgfx profile in unity settings, and then you can change whatever you want10:31
hikikoand restrict the user10:32
Trevinhocompiz settings, not unity settings... Sorry10:32
hikikoyeah that's a good idea for later10:32
hikikobut I'd prefer to keep the lowgfx outside of compiz10:32
hikikobesides it's a u7 setting not a compiz one10:33
hikiko:s/setting/option or restriction10:33
Trevinhohikiko: later... Well, it's better to do that now if this is the way we want to proceed. Since we really can't land a version of unity that might revert so many user settings when lowgfx mode is set (which also might happen because of a driver/kernel update that temporary broke things).10:34
hikikomaybe have a meeting with willcooke (ping :D) next week and discuss this?10:35
hikikoI think that it's not a good idea to add the lowgfx to compiz10:35
TrevinhoSo, if you want to play with user settings, make possible that a new unity-lowgfx ccp profile is used in that mode... And then you can modify from unity whathever you want. Otherwise we're breaking stuff10:35
* willcooke reads10:36
Trevinhohikiko: you can avoid that, as said... You have to add a new settings profile10:36
hikikowillcooke, warning you have to do a lot of scroll-up10:36
Trevinhosee the unity.ini in compiz and ccsm settings profiles10:36
willcookeI'm lazy, can we just have a quick hangout to discuss now?10:36
Trevinhohikiko: but we can't really play with default one in such way10:36
Trevinhowillcooke: ok10:36
willcookeTrevinho, hikiko - https://hangouts.google.com/hangouts/_/canonical.com/will?authuser=010:37
Trevinhoseb128: if you want to join...10:37
hikikopff no sound joining from laptop10:41
hikikohey guys do you hear me?10:44
seb128Trevinho, u-s-d deleted from silo10:45
Trevinhoseb128: thanks, and new silo prepared10:45
Laneygoing to pack + do errands before train11:04
Laneybiab hopefully11:04
seb128Laney, good luck with the packing!11:10
hikikoTrevinho, could you paste me the name of the tool?11:23
Trevinhohikiko: /usr/lib/nux/unity_support_test11:23
hikikoand the code is part of nux?11:24
hikikoor another branch?11:24
Trevinhowell, it's in x86_64 now11:24
Trevinhohikiko: it's nux11:24
Trevinhohikiko: nux/tools/unity_support_test.c11:24
hikikocool :) thanks11:25
hikikowell I have to go now, I'll be back in 2-3hrs and finish it +also, I might do a quick compiz branch with a low gfx setting to be ready for merge just in case... although I think the profile will be ok :)11:26
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Trevinhobregma: released https://launchpad.net/compiz/0.9.13/
andyrockseb128: i know you're going to be happy about this (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/1578792) being fixed12:20
ubot5Launchpad bug 1578792 in unity (Ubuntu) "nautilus/files doesn't show up in the launcher when unpinned" [High,In progress]12:20
seb128andyrock, great, free beer for you next time!12:50
mitya57seb128, qt uses GtkSettings when the GTK+ platform theme is available.13:22
mitya57(which on X11 is a wrapper around XSettings)13:23
mitya57Also other platform themes can add their own code to detect the icon theme.13:23
seb128mitya57, thanks, and sorry I forgot to unping, we got things working (trying to get snap applications properly themes and the snap was missing the qt svg loader)13:25
mitya57No problem, and sorry for being not online in the last couple of days ;)13:25
pittiyummy ice cream13:34
pittifit for the remaining few Friday hours :)13:35
desrtgood morning everyone13:35
pittiheeeey desrt!13:36
desrtand happy canada day :)13:36
seb128hey desrt13:37
desrtit's a holiday to celebrate the fact that even though our current PM is an idiot, at least we don't live in the UK or US13:38
desrtor in the words of the most patriotic canadian band of all time -- the arrogant worms -- "we won't say that we're better... it's just that we're less worse."13:39
* desrt feels so so... proud?13:39
qenghodesrt: I went to the party the Canadian AlmostAnEmbassyButNotOfficialBecauseChinaIsBig's Canada Day Party here in Taipei, on Sunday. All the ONAN expats were there. Was kind of weird.13:42
qenghoI only went for the poutine, and came away very very disappointed.13:43
qenghodesrt: I did teach a gaggle of chinese kiddies how to hold a hockey stick.13:45
desrti imagine poutine to be the sort of thing that doesn't travel particularly well13:45
desrtbut cool that you checked it out :D13:45
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* qengho Zzzz.14:44
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Trevinhohikiko: https://code.launchpad.net/~3v1n0/compiz/unity-lowgfx/+merge/29891815:31
hikikoTrevinho, just sent an email let me see15:49
hikikoTrevinho, is this the new profile?15:50
Trevinhohikiko: yes15:50
hikiko(thanks :)) I was looking at the tool code (nux)15:50
hikikoI guess you mean to extend it15:51
Trevinhoapply that on top of your branch15:51
Trevinhowhat you mean about extend?15:51
hikikoTrevinho, this will change the default profile?15:51
hikikoI just noticed the ini :DD15:51
Trevinhohikiko: no15:51
hikikoyes got it!15:51
hikikoso I ll have to load this at the beginning?15:52
hikikoat startup*15:52
hikikohow does .ini work?15:52
hikikois it like a startup script?15:53
Trevinhohikiko: once installed that and the config in /etc/compizconfig/15:53
Trevinhoyou can load compiz15:53
Trevinhoor change it at runtime with ccsm, but...15:54
Trevinhowhat we want do do is, inside the upstart job to decide what to use15:54
hikikoyes, so I have to extend the nux/tools/unity_support_test.c to check for low gfx tool too and set the env var in a script in ~/.config/upstart/unity.conf?15:56
hikikobtw does upstart work with systemd Trevinho ?15:56
Trevinhohikiko: at user level we use only upstart, so we don't care about systemd15:57
hikikoand the upstart conf file for unity is that above?15:58
hikikoor something else?15:58
hikikoI've found that in the ubuntu forums :p15:58
Trevinhoun unity_support_test.c, you've to ensure that all the checks we do in unityshell.cpp (at the beginning) are present there15:58
hikikoI just don't understand how that .c is connected with upstart15:59
Trevinhoit's not yet15:59
TrevinhoI'll modify the unity7.conf file so that it launches that script... If it returns an error, we'll use the low-gfx mode otherwise we proceed as normal15:59
hikikoalright ;) now it all makes clear16:00
hikikoso, do you prefer a small standalone program that does only that?16:00
hikikothe u7 checks?16:01
Trevinhohikiko: we've it, and it's unity_support_test.c16:01
Trevinhohikiko: can you just please check if that does all the right checks?16:01
hikikobecause it does a lot more, alright then16:02
Trevinhohikiko: well, if you want to simplify it, feel free.. but I think it's still quite light, isn't it?16:02
hikikoif you like it, it's fine for me16:02
Trevinhohikiko: I'm fine with that, I just would like you to ensure that all the extensions we care about are in there16:03
hikikoOpenGL extensions, right?16:03
Trevinhohikiko: yes16:05
Trevinhohikiko: then there's thins comment:   // FIXME(loicm): Compiz does a last check to test whether there's a fbconfig16:05
Trevinho  //     available for the default depth or not.16:05
hikikoalright I'll check if there's that on u716:06
Trevinhohikiko: do we have a bug for this thing? So  I can attach all the branches to that16:12
hikikothere's one: Unity is slow16:14
hikikolet me find it16:14
ubot5Launchpad bug 1293384 in compiz (Ubuntu) "Compiz CPU usage dramatically increased in Ubuntu 14.04" [Medium,Triaged]16:16
Trevinhohikiko: mh, not sure that's the same problem, it looks quite generic... but we can add a new one16:28
Trevinhohikiko: please check and approve https://code.launchpad.net/~3v1n0/nux/support-test-llvmpipe-check/+merge/29892616:28
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hikikoTrevinho, approved16:34
Trevinhohikiko: thanks, did you give a look to that FIXME statement in unity-support-test?16:43
seb128ok, calling it a week16:44
seb128have a nice w.e everyone16:44
Trevinhoseb128: you too16:45
Trevinhoseb128: good luck with those Vulcanic players ;)16:45
seb128nice Italia vs Germany tomorrow!16:46
seb128then it's us16:46
ogra_seb128, LOL16:47
ogra_you dont fear iceland at all, eh ?16:47
seb128less than Italy let's say16:48
ogra_well ...16:48
TrevinhoConsidering how things are going... I expect portugal to get the cup without winning a single match16:49
ogra_not so sure ... italy are old farts :)16:49
Trevinhoyeah, we'll see...16:49
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hikikoTrevinho, I dont understand what loic means, fbconfig is a program to set the framebuffer device options... if you draw to the /dev/fb0 (we don't) you might use it to find the color depth16:52
Trevinhoah, ok16:53
hikikobut I can't understand what "test whether there's an fbconfig available for the default depth or not" means16:53
hikikoI'll get a look at compiz he might mean something else16:54
Trevinhohikiko: ok thanks16:56
hikikomaybe the GLX_SGIX_fbconfig extension?16:58
hikikomaybe "framebuffer configuration"17:01
* Laney wibbles from nearly-LHR17:02
hikikobut still it doesn't make much sense17:02
hikikoit also might mean the Xserver fbconfig struct17:03
hikikoTrevinho, might mean to check that xserver can use 24 and 32 bit visuals?17:04
Laneyandyrock: !!!17:07
LaneyI have https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/1595698 and was blaming it on gtk 32017:08
ubot5Launchpad bug 1595698 in unity (Ubuntu) "Panel requires click+hold on secondary monitor to access menus" [High,Triaged]17:08
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Trevinhohikiko: I think it's quite implicit by other cheks, isn't it=17:40
qenghoayan: hihi21:51
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