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lotuspsychjegood morning to all06:00
dagelfGood morning!06:15
lotuspsychjehi dagelf06:15
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BluesKajHowdy all11:51
pauljwhi everyone13:47
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BluesKajHi pauljw, how's it going today?14:02
pauljwhey BluesKaj, so far so good, how about you?14:02
BluesKajfine, finally some rain , too bad it's our Canada Day Holiday tho14:03
BluesKaj149 yrs as a country14:04
pauljwdang, that's too bad, hope you can don the raingear and enjoy the celebrations anyway...14:05
BluesKajwell, there's a beer garden tent at the local elks grounds, might check it out later14:07
BluesKajdamn does kodi ever heat up my gpu, was over 100C a few mins ago14:08
BluesKajclosed kodi and its back down to 8014:09
pauljwnot familiar with kodi, it that the multi-media center?14:10
BluesKajyeah, formerly known as XBMC14:12
BluesKajI just use it for internet tv14:12
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DaniKittenWhat's your favorite game here?18:48
naccDaniKitten: offtopic ?18:49
* nacc doesn't consider that "high quality" :)18:49
DaniKittenOn Ubuntu18:49
DaniKittenWell, I got Liquidwar, is very good18:49
tsimonq2nacc: well *technically* it's a favorite *Ubuntu* game, so... :P18:50
* nacc loves mines18:50
tsimonq2I don't play games18:50
* nacc was being sarcastic and agrees with tsimonq2 18:51
daftykinsDaniKitten: i thought your favourite game was coming in here and boring us about how you refuse to let go of an old rubbish machine ;)18:52
tsimonq2oh snap18:53
Bashing-omGonna go prune grass in the east 40. back soonest .21:40
OerHekscarefull with all those tornadoes and selfdriving cars!21:41
Bashing-omI was not as carefull as I should have been ! Blowed out a tire .. tomorrow is time enough to see if I can boot the tire's hole .22:29

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