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niemeyerI'd like to get mup into the #snappy channel for some more proactive bug reporting and additional resource linkage (GH pull requests, etc)15:38
niemeyerCan we get the bug linking feature of ubottu disabled there?15:38
niemeyerSo they don't fight with each other and we don't get multiple reports for the same bug/issue mentions15:39
hggdhPici: ^15:40
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Piciniemeyer: sure. I'll disale bug snarfing there.17:00
niemeyerPici: Thanks!17:00
niemeyerPici: I'm not sure if they might have other reasons to fight.. I guess we'll soon find out :)17:00
Piciniemeyer: disabled, let me know if you need me to fiddle with it anymore.17:01
niemeyerPici: Let me ask mup to join and let's see how they play out17:01

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