ouroumovyo danny_03:43
danny_hello ouroururourururmov03:43
danny_I just found this thing, what is it used for usually?03:44
ouroumovWhat thing, the chatroom?03:44
danny_Yeah, irc chat I think its called, I'm using hexchat03:45
ouroumovWell the reason HexChat is installed is mostly for support03:45
ouroumovIf some new user want help but don't wanna register on the forum or don't have time to wait for an answer through the forum03:46
danny_Thats nice03:46
danny_I like that03:46
danny_I have many problems too, but they can wait03:46
danny_I must sleep03:46
danny_thank you03:46
ouroumovgood night ~03:46
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manish_i am having problem06:48
manish_when my system gets boots up06:49
manish_please help me06:49
manish_please help06:52
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mate|93449HI anyone know how I can find the remote desktop preferences - I can't access the desktop and there's no link in the preferences10:01
mate|93449I'm trying to access on pi through vnc10:02
pavlushkamate|93449: I used Remmina for that purpose, and used sftpd for quicki10:05
mate|39609Hi. Can someone help me with a remote desktop issue?10:18
mate|39609Hi. Is anyone here?10:41
mate|39609Thanks for all the no help . Deleting OS10:45
az<mate|39609> Hi. Is anyone here?11:40
az<mate|39609> Thanks for all the no help . Deleting OS11:40
azin less than 5 minutes11:40
mate|76665Hi. I am unable to locate the desktop sharing - remote desktop section in preferences. Any one know where it is?12:26
mate|76665I have asked this question here a few times but no one cares. I guess this is not a real IRC12:26
ericb2Hello, I'm using rasberry pi3+ with mate and I got some feedback to provide. Is it the best place or shall i join another channel... ?12:52
hibridodonde esta el buscador de ubuntu mate?13:09
hibridoel centro de sofware para ser mas esactos13:10
hibridono contesta nadie?13:11
tewardericb2: you can make feedback here, but it would probably be better suited for the community site - https://ubuntu-mate.community/ - under thoughts and feedback13:14
teward(in my opinion, note I"m not affiliated with the MATE team :)13:14
ericb2teward, in fact, I'm developer, and I'm testing several things, like the recent brand new built OOo4Kids running perfectly on RPi3+13:17
tewardericb2: note i'm not affiliated with the MATE team ;)13:17
ericb2this is a light version of OpenOffice.org I forked some time ago. Say half size as install set, no jaythelinuxguyva at all (python only), and faster13:17
* teward doesn't triage your feedback13:17
* ericb2 noted 13:18
ericb2jaythelinuxguy, sorry, completion striked :-)13:18
ericb2I wanted to write no java13:19
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mate|93449Still hoping for a response of some kind to my question. All I got was  a nasty remark. I've only been asking for a few hours.14:03
mate|93449This is the most hopeless IRC I've ever joined. It's supposed to be a place where questions specific to Mate can be asked.14:04
mate|93449Booo hisss. Mate sux.14:05
mate|93449see ya . Thanls fpr nothing14:06
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pgoetzJust installed Ubuntu Mate 16.04 on a Lenovo Z575 laptop.  Everything was fine until I ran apt-get update; apt-get upgrade, and now I just get a black screen.  Anyone run into this?19:36
pgoetzNever mind.  Just booted Arch to see what19:55
pgoetzwhat's going on and one of the CPU cores apears to be malfunctioning.19:55
lr084ik ben nieuw met linux20:51
lr084ik wil een programa instaleren krijg het niet voor elkaar20:51
ubottuNederlandstalige ondersteuning voor Ubuntu (en vers gezette koffie) is te vinden in #ubuntu-nl20:53
sean_hello room21:10
sean_posting question : where to get -O pepper-flash-v20.0.0.228-r1.tar.xz21:11
sean_is flash even available for raspberry pi 321:12
bekksFlash isnt available for ARM.21:12
sean_is there somthing I could try ?21:12
sean_gnash is too old and pepperflash download is unavailable21:13
sean_so i am guessing there are no other alternatives at all ?21:14
sean_I understand that flash is a dying technology and everyone is moving to html 521:15
sean_but I need to access flash for older websites21:15
sean_anyway if anyone has a suggestion I will leave this open for a bit21:16
bekksThere is no flash for ARM.21:17
bekksNothing you can try.21:17
sean_I understand what you mean21:17
sean_ok I will look into this further , if I find an alternative I will post it21:18
sean_the reason I say this is because I am able to open and run .flv files on my raspberry pi321:19
sean_not sure about .swf files21:20
sean_thank you bekks21:21
sixwheeledbeastFlash being closed source is an issue, you can't just build it.21:22
sean_true .. because flash is no longer developing for Linux21:23
sean_and it was possible just 2 years ago on OLDER models of the raspberry with an ARM processor to run flash21:25
sixwheeledbeastAny flash working for ARM will be well out of date21:25
sean_what video players do you guys use?21:26
sean_I use smplayer which is the front end for Mplayer221:27
rahtgazsean_: this arm processor is running where?21:27
bekkssean_: There never was a recent flash version for ARM, regardless of Linux or not.21:27
sean_Raspberry Pi 3 is what I have21:28
rahtgazsean_: because i'm thinking a minimal linux installation on a VM is perhaps your best bet21:28
rahtgazoh, tough :(21:28
sean_it has an ARMh21:28
rahtgazyes, but not an option to run a VM on21:29
sean_let me see if I can open up my processor settings21:29
sixwheeledbeastsean_: Tried Lightspark?21:31
sean_CPU: 4× ARM Cortex-A53, 1.2GHz21:32
sean_lightspark ??21:32
sean_can I install it via apt-get ?21:32
sean_or do I need a .deb file to intall it21:32
rahtgazcheck it, mate21:33
sixwheeledbeastpossibly it's a open source flash player https://lightspark.github.io/21:33
rahtgazanyways, there's a build on the repos21:33
sean_ok thanks21:34
sixwheeledbeastsean_: apt-get install lightspark browser-plugin-lightspark21:35
sean_the raspberry pi3 that I am using I placed a watered down version of Ubuntu-mate 16.0421:35
sean_apparently a smaller version had to be made for the raspberry21:36
sixwheeledbeasti imagine it only has less default packages and packaged for arm21:38
sean_I am installing lightspark now21:39
sean_through terminal21:39
sean_I will reboot the system and log back in here21:42
sean_what is the best way to test it ?21:42
sean_before I do21:43
sixwheeledbeastI doubt a reboot will be required21:44
sean_that is the link I had used21:50
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ericb2sixwheeledbeast, I'm not sure it will be the solution, but apt-get install gnash seems to work on Mate (RPI3+ there)21:56
ericb2sixwheeledbeast, isn't it a flash like ( /me not a specialist, sorry)21:56
ericb2btw; I just compiled OOo4kids on armhf  ... will build some .deb soon21:57
sixwheeledbeastno idea, I don't have flash installed on anything myself. gnash or lightspark seem to be two suggestions for RPi, apparently gnash didn't work.21:59
sean_lightspark cannot open .swf files22:00
sean_I just installed it22:00
sean_not sure about .flv files22:01
sean_armhf is an architecture used mostly in mobile devices and netbooks. Its more common name is ARM22:03
sean_so my question is this ... how do netbooks play flash in the browsers22:03
sean_most advertising from ad-choice is flash based22:04
sean_and I am sure that they figured out a way to bombard us with flash based ads22:04
sean_those with mobile devices and netbooks anyway22:05
sixwheeledbeastHTML5 video is very common now.22:05
sean_yes it is ... I just hope it turns into a good thing22:06
sixwheeledbeastI believe the plugin is for firefox have you tried that?22:06
sixwheeledbeastalso https://github.com/lightspark/lightspark/wiki/Debugging-tools22:06
sixwheeledbeastfailing that they have a #lightspark channel on freenode.22:08
sean_in firefox browser after installing Lightspark I opened the webpage ... joecartoon.com22:09
allen__does Ubuntu Mate work on first generation Raspberry Pi?22:09
sean_allen .... raspberry pi has a custom image of Ubuntu-mate22:10
sean_you cannot run the standard one22:10
sean_I am using Ubuntu-mate 16.0422:11
sean_the image file is 3.9 gigs22:11
allen__At the Ubuntu Mate site there's a link for "Ubuntu MATE 16.04 LTS for Raspberry Pi 2 and 3 systems." But I'm wondering if it would also work on first generation, or if another image exists which would22:11
sean_compressed in archive I think it is 1.8 gigs22:11
sean_allen ... you could try version 15.22:12
sean_the image is a bit smaller22:12
sean_i have tried both on my raspberry 322:12
sean_you will need an sdcard of 32 gigs22:13
allen__I know but will it work on Raspberry 1?22:13
allen__I don't have 2 or 322:13
sean_allen do you have the raspberry zero ?22:13
sixwheeledbeastIt will be listed as RPi 2 and 3 for a reason22:15
sean_yes because I think Allen's pi would not have enough memory22:16
sean_even if it does install... i think it would not work properly22:17
sean_the raspberry pi2 and 3 have twice the ram22:17
sean_even though it is still a small amount22:18
sean_512 mg22:18
sean_for a quad 4 processor22:18
sixwheeledbeastexactly, anyway joecartoon wfm and don't have flash22:18
ali1234ubuntu will not run on a raspberry pi 1 or zero. not any kind of ubuntu22:23
sean_6wheel what os do you have ?22:27
sean_are you running strickly Linux ?22:28
sean_or virtually in windows22:28
sixwheeledbeastubuntu-mate yes22:34
sean_well gonna go for now .. thanks everyone for the help22:35

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