ubottusomsip called the ops in #ubuntu (h3x0r)06:37
DJonesI've removed the ban on noka set by Drone` for a paste that kept going12:27
Extreme21355Hello, someone here?12:27
DJonesHi Extreme2135512:27
Extreme21355DJones: someone got auto channel banned from #ubuntu because he/she posted a log directly into the chat which split into multiple messages12:28
Extreme21355DJones: is it possible to unban that person?12:28
Myrttiand the ban was removed before you joined12:28
DJonesYeah, already caught it and they've been unbanned12:28
Extreme21355ok cool, thanks ;)12:28
DJonesNo worries12:28
Extreme21355DJones: I didn't know that person but it seems these OP's are very aware :)12:29
DJones!paste > noka12:30
=== Myrtti_ is now known as Myrtti

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