naccslangasek: thanks! i also just looked back at the logs for php7.0 and it seems it has failed this same way in the past a few times on the older version of php7.0 on armhf, so i'm not sure it's related to php7.0 itself (but not sure what it is related to either).00:56
naccslangasek: well, and it looks like it passed this time, thanks again!00:57
slangaseknacc: right, seems to me the tests need verbosity++01:10
slangaseksomething exited non-zero, but had nothing to say for itself01:10
naccslangasek: yeah, i think that's on my old todo list :)01:16
naccslangasek: if you have the time, can you also retrigger phpseclib -> php-horde-mapi tests for all archs? new php-horde-mapi has been SRU'd which should fix those regressions.01:18
slangaseknacc: triggered; php-horde-mapi itself seems to also have some failing revdeps of its own (php-horde-activesync), have you looked at this one?04:08
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LocutusOfBorgdoko, virtualbox in unapproved queue shortly13:35
yofelcould someone please force-badtest plasma-framework on s390x? thanks14:12
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apwyofel, is there some background to that?14:23
yofelapw: I need that in release so I can verify a fix for a xenial SRU I want to do (affecting the live images), and I really don't care about the tests currently14:25
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apwyofel, ok done15:22
yofelapw: thanks!15:22
LocutusOfBorgyeah ^^^ some more breakage for virtualbox15:27
naccslangasek: going to do that today, i think it's mysql related16:00
slangasekyes, it does look it16:00
naccslangasek: yep, it's the same issue as a few others, fixing now16:11

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