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iamnewbieis there an image for ubuntu that can be loaded on an old windows hp slate?04:13
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nhainesSo, realtalk time!  How do I get a OSK while running an X app via Libertine? :P07:23
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Walexnhaines: I suspect that's a bit of an issue currently.11:12
zzarrhello! what is OSK?11:14
svijon screen keyboard11:15
zzarrsvij, thank you, I guess I'm tired... should have understood that11:16
zzarrabout that, is there a way to get arrow keys on a on screen keyboard?11:18
zzarr(or some other way to move the marker in text)11:18
davmor2zzarr: use the emoji layout I think they have arrows could be wrong though11:19
zzarrdavmor2, I will test that11:20
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zzarrhow do I change keyboard (emoji is already marked)11:21
davmor2zzarr: press and hold the little globe to select  additional keyboard layouts11:23
davmor2zzarr: then you can just tap the globe to switch between text and emoji11:23
zzarrwhat globe?11:25
zzarrin language settings?11:25
zzarron the keyboard dohh..... never mind11:26
davmor2zzarr: you got it then :)11:26
zzarrbut those arrows are to select among emojis not moving the marker11:28
davmor2zzarr: there are some further along that are actual emojis11:29
zzarrohh, thanks11:29
davmor2zzarr: also you can still use <- and -> in the default keyboard11:30
zzarrdavmor2, I can't find them (I'm on a Meizu MX4)11:41
davmor2zzarr: oh well you will have to resort to <-> then11:44
zzarrdavmor2, I'm confused... can't find them (I'm on OTA-11)11:46
davmor2zzarr: tap on the ?123, that displays the - symbol then tap on the 1/2 that take you to the second page where you will find < and >11:48
davmor2zzarr: you also get ^ for up but nothing for down I don't think11:48
zzarrdavmor2, yes, but if I click "<" I get a "<" (no supprise), but I still don't know how to move the cursor in the text ;)11:50
zzarrI think I might have written marker when I meant cursor11:51
zzarrI did.... sorry11:51
davmor2zzarr: no what you said was how do I get an arrow11:51
davmor2zzarr: you just tap on where you want it on the screen11:51
zzarrdavmor2, yes, but it's hard between two i or l11:52
MCMicThat’s hard to use11:52
MCMicuTouch would need some good alternate keyboard like messageease or compass keyboard ^^11:53
MCMicBut being able to move the cursor with gesture on the space bar would already be a big help11:53
zzarrit would be nice if I could slide over the text field with the finger and move the cursor11:54
zzarror on the spacebar11:54
davmor2zzarr, MCMic: you can drag the cursor using the little blue dragger at the bottom11:55
davmor2that is one character at a time11:55
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zzarrdavmor2, ohh, thank you, that's nice11:56
bregmanhaines, if you want the OSK in XApps you either have to use the rc-proposed channel or else wait for OTA-1212:34
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ghosalmartinhas anyone attempted to port ubuntu-touch to aarch64?16:31
davmor2ghosalmartin: won't work currently lots of big parts are currently being made available to aarch64 once that is completed we will be testing that it boots16:33
ghosalmartindavmor2: so no one has tried to compile the patched bionic to aarch64?16:33
popeynot sure, it's in progress though16:34
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davmor2ghosalmartin: it is all currently being setup so an initial build can be attempted16:34
ghosalmartindavmor2: okays, any idea whose doing that?16:37
davmor2ghosalmartin: all of the canonical ennoblement team, the browser guys and more16:38
ghosalmartindavmor2: fair enough, i'll keep an eye out then, thanks :)16:38
davmor2enablement team even16:39
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Asad2005can someone help install adb latest version. i am on ubuntu 16.04 and adb installed ver is 1.0.3220:17
Asad2005latest is 1.0.3620:17
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dobey  Installed: 5.1.1r36+git20160322-0ubuntu320:20
dobeyis the version i have20:20
Asad2005but i am haviong probelm unlocking nexus 6p with that version20:20
popeyyou can probably grab a tarball and unpack it in a folder and run it directly20:21
dobeyyeah, grab the upstream one from android then?20:21
Asad2005i have downloaded a zip file so can i run it from the folder i extract to?20:22
Asad2005no it did not20:25
Asad2005do i need to kill server first?20:25
Asad2005it did not help20:26
dobeywell what is the error?20:26
Asad2005it will just list the usage of fastboot command20:30
Asad2005i am using "fastboot flashing unlock"20:30
dobeywell, fastboot and adb are not the same thing20:38
dobeyi guess you want "fastboot oem unlock" while the phone is at the bootlaoder screen20:40
nhainesbregma: I'm *on* rc-proposed.  ;)21:17
grandrewHi all! I find "onboard" much  more suitable for libertine apps than maliit - the ubuntu-keyboard just can't send correct events and is not intended to21:26
dobeygrandrew: you mean ubuntu-keyboard doesn't do meta/control/super/etc?21:30
grandrewI mean when I use the maliit gtk framework it messes up with firefox/chrome even in straight typing, I can't use c9 ide for example21:36
grandrewso the support is completely broken I believe21:36
dobeyok i don't undersatnd what you're complaining about exactly21:37
grandrewthe touch keyboard puts weird characters when typing into X11 browsers on libertine/xmir21:39
grandrewI dug into sources a bit and I think it is a wrong approach to use the method proposed for libertine/maliit integration21:40
grandrewit would be much better to use onboard instead with the similar-looking layout21:41
dobeygrandrew: might be best to file a bug or start discussion on the mailing list, then21:41
dobeyi doubt onboard will be used21:41
dobeyit would be better to fix the problems with ubuntu-keyboard21:42
grandrewok I'll try the mailing list :)21:45
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sergiusensogra_ you've been playing with libertine containers, right? do you know if it is possible to setup a xenial one?21:54
bregmasergiusens, yes, libertine works on xenial...  it also works to set up a xenial container on vivid+overlay, but not recommended22:14
bregmaso, we also dicovered today that Firefox checks the CPU and disables the use of IMEs (input method engines, like what is required for Chinese or password entry via OSK) when built for ARM CPUs, which is a very broken approach22:17
sergiusensbregma heh, I meant creating a xenial one on the m10 (which is vivid)22:21
bregmasergiusens, yes, you can do it, but like I said not recommended (because the kernel is still 13.10 or whatever)22:21
bregmagive it a try, see what happens22:22
bregma"libertine-container-manager create --help" shows you the options, I think "--distro xenial" is what you want22:23
nhainesOr as I like to put it, "-d xenial"22:30
nhainesbregma: is the OSK for Libertine apps supposed to be automatic or something?22:30
bregmanhaines, yes, works for me in rc-proposed...  you may need to regenerate your Libertine containers though, I think they need some magic fairy dust added inside22:31
nhainesBut I can't regenerate my puritine container!  :)22:32
nhainesWell, I guess I can make a new games one.  I hoped for Aisleriot and Mines and maybe Mahjongg and Sudoku, but only Aisleriot works.22:33
nhainesAlthough everyone on G+ seems to believe it should just start working.22:33
nhainesOh!  Unless the shipped Puritine container changed.22:34
bregmanhaines, yes, it's changed, but not yet available in the store because it got caught on a security review22:41
bregmaand unfortunately, it;s holiday time in North America and probably won;t appear until next Turesday22:42
bregmaso irresponsible....22:42
nhainesbregma: is the Puritine container in the store?  I finally talked someone into sending me a click.22:45
nhainesNow I should harass mhall119 about this.  :P22:45
bregmanhaines, yes, it will be in the store for OTA-12 (actually earlier, for testing)22:45
bregmajust a standard update through the updates mechanism22:46
bregmaas it should be22:46
* nhaines shakes fist at store review.22:49
nhainesbregma: okay, thanks!  In that case, I'll rebuild my games container.22:49
nhainesActually, I guess this is as good a time as any to find out if containers can have the same label!22:49
bregmathey can't22:49
bregmaI apologise for making you rebuild your containers, but that's the price of living on the edge like this22:50
* bregma realizes why they called it 'Ubuntu Edge'22:51
nhainesI'd be happier if the price was knowing I'd have to rebuild my containers rather than no one mention it or window decorations for three days and then I find out.  :)22:51
nhainesActually, I suspect a lot of people are going to be really angry at the window decorations come OTA-12.22:51
Acou_Basswait, whats happening to window decorations?22:53
nhainesAcou_Bass: they're all pink and blue in OTA-12.22:53
nhainesNo, libertine apps are now displaying matchbox window decorations in addition to the Unity decorations.22:53
* Acou_Bass woldve preferred pink and blue22:54
nhainesIt's just temporary, although it's kind of a weird reversion.22:54
Acou_Bassyeah sounds it hehe22:54
bregmait's a workaround for fixing focus issues with the OSK22:54
Acou_Bassahhhhh yeah, thats ben an issue for libertine for a while hasnt it22:54
bregmaI beat the developers every day but it isn;t helping22:55
Acou_Bassguess you need to choose a bigger switch22:55
bregmaI make them go out back and choose their own22:56
bregmaI confess I don't understand how having the decorations apprear fixes the focus issues, but it does, for now, until we get more window management built in to the Unity 8 + XMir stack22:58
Acou_Bassyeah i dont get it either, but i suppose thats why im not pushing fixes to launchpad :D22:58
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nhainesHmm, actually, the store doesn't list Puritine, so now I'm not sure I'll get the update at all.23:13
nhainesUnless it's going in the store for OTA-12 (earlier, as mentioned), in which case maybe I will!23:17
nhainesThis new container is getting both FocusWriter and Aisleriot.  Perfect for a mobile office!23:18
nhainesbregma: ooh, now it works!  :)23:55
nhainesAlthough Focuswriter has some odd thing... brown is blue and blue is sort of gray-brown.  But no window decorations!23:55

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