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MooDoo1morning all06:27
knightwisemorning MooDoo06:57
MooDoohowdy knightwise you well?  I'm just waiting for an amazon delivery, damn things never here when you want it to be :)07:08
knightwiseHey MooDoo , i'm fine, what are you waiting for ?07:34
MooDooknightwise: ssd for my laptop07:34
knightwisewhoo , thats nice !07:35
MooDooknightwise: yeah it's an old laptop, that I can replace the cdrom with the existing 1tb drive and just use ssd as the main boot drive07:36
popey\o/ friday07:45
knightwiseMooDoo: you are SOOO gonna notice the difference07:50
MooDooknightwise: yeah hope so, read a review on the drive, it's not the best, but it'll do :D07:59
knightwiseanything from spinning clutter to ssd is a step up08:02
davmor2Morning all08:03
davmor2did we finally manage to lose eu suing boy08:04
MooDoodavmor2: morning, i must have missed that?08:05
davmor2MooDoo: yesterday was international sue popey by a troll day and then insult anyone day apparently08:06
MooDooah cool08:07
MooDoothat explains the +b :)08:07
davmor2MooDoo: did you not get the invite?08:07
MooDoodavmor2: alas no08:08
MooDoodavmor2: so you're saying we should troll on popey again today then?08:09
popeygood luck with that08:09
davmor2MooDoo: no you missed out it was only yesterday....for now at least :)08:09
MooDooah well08:10
davmor2I'm sure some troll will take a pop at popey again, but him being the proverbial duck helps :D08:10
davmor2we do seem to attract some real whack jobs though08:11
MooDoodavmor2: it's always been the case08:12
davmor2MooDoo: well I mean you me and czajkowski are still here for one ;) then there is knightwise I mean he's not even from the UK and comes here to join in the fun, and then there is zmoylan-pi and diddledan and twisted I mean there isn't a hope in hell right08:15
MyrttiI'm perfectly normal, thankyouverymuch08:16
davmor2Myrtti: now try saying it without the tick ;)08:16
Myrttioh I've outsourced that to the husband.08:17
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davmor2czajkowski: just calling you a whack job go back to sleep ;)08:29
czajkowskiok nn08:30
knightwisehmm.. cant decide if i am going to buy a fitbit or not08:32
knightwisehave untill noon to decide :)08:33
zmoylan-pii got a nuband for €40 in argos.  works well for counting steps and gives me a rough idea of how bad my sleep is08:34
knightwisezmoylan-pi: thats roughly what i'm looking for too08:35
knightwisejust a way to get some metrics on my health08:35
zmoylan-piand i saw an android smart watch in a discount store for €20 which claims to have same features...08:35
knightwisezmoylan-pi: the problem with android watches (i have a first gen moto360) is the battery life08:36
zmoylan-piyeah, the nuband claims it will run for 3-4 days between charges but last android watch i saw was huge and barely got a day and a half08:37
zmoylan-pibut it's like a 1960s digital watch were you have to press a button to make it display time08:37
zmoylan-pibut for what i want it works very well.08:38
davmor2I had fitbit one till the battery died reasonable accurate and some fitbit devices can be synced on ubuntu with the use of galileo08:38
JamesTaitGood morning all!  Happy Friday, and a peaceful Somme Day! ☺08:39
knightwisedavmor2: which one did you have ,08:41
knightwisemorning JamesTait08:41
davmor2knightwise: clue was in the title Fitbit One ;)08:42
JamesTait👋 knightwise08:42
zmoylan-pifor the somme... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uvPtkzdbv9008:42
knightwisedavmor2: sowwy :)08:43
davmor2JamesTait: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h__zgVz9fN4 and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVg2EJvvlF8 I think that covers us for war and peace :)08:45
JamesTaitdavmor2, not sure about your first one, but then I was never a fan of Frankie.  I like zmoylan-pi's contribution though.09:01
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:06
knightwisehey brobostigon09:08
SuperMattmorning dudes09:08
brobostigonmorning knightwise and SuperMatt09:08
davmor2popey: did you ever receive a summons to the European Court to stand trial for your data privacy infringements ?11:33
* TwistedLucidity wonders when the banhammer will fall again11:52
Myrttion what?11:52
popeydavmor2: not as yet11:54
davmor2popey: man these trolls you'd think they would at least back up their screaming addabs11:56
TwistedLuciditydavmor2: I looked up the name they PM'd me. Seems it's been grumbling on since ~2012. Whether or not there's anything to the claim, I dunno. I'm no lawyer.12:38
TwistedLucidityMy guess is though the bodkin yesterday was...er...delusional to say the least.12:38
davmor2TwistedLucidity: bodkin and delusional like it that polite for beep beeping beep beep beeping whack job right12:40
TwistedLucidityWell, their cognitive processes may not have an adequate alignment to social norms and reality; yes.12:42
popeythey're a long term troll12:43
TwistedLucidityCharge them with harrasment. :-)12:44
davmor2TwistedLucidity: mind you he did publicise popey data so does that mean he himself created a data breach and therefore needs to be counter sued with the same EU directive?12:46
TwistedLucidityWon't that depend on whether or not they can be considered a "data controller"?12:46
TwistedLucidityAlso, with popey being world famous (on the covers of magazines etc) he probably has legions of screaming fans camped outside his house 24/7. So it was clearly public knowledge already.12:47
* popey goes to pull the curtains12:50
knightwiseI heard that popey was almost smothered by middle aged women throwing their nickers at him while walking down the street12:50
davmor2that's why popey always has his curtains drawn I did wonder12:51
* knightwise worries for popey becoming another child-start12:51
* knightwise worries for popey becoming another child-star12:51
davmor2knightwise: that will never happen he's not a child12:52
knightwiseI was referring to his inner child12:53
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* diddledan screams at popey fanlike15:46
* diddledan faints15:46
* daftykins catches diddledan 15:46
* daftykins places him in the 'fainted' section15:47
diddledanI think you misspelt feted15:47
daftykinscan't get beta then feta15:48
davmor2oh god now you got popey mouse onto cheese again15:48
diddledanpopey: I love your dedication that a mere utterance of your name brings you out of the woodwork :-p15:48
daftykinsi reckon it was more like a "ugh diddledan has summoned me, brb folks" :D15:48
diddledanin the middle of a teleconference he'll be like "sorry, mark, I need to go talk to dan"15:49
davmor2diddledan: yeah ruining it for the fans, popey get back on stage, popey for pm, and popey for pope too!!!!!!15:49
diddledandavmor2: I asked in one of the tuesday ubuntu on air community gatherings how far the application for popey's sainthood had progressed. it seems that the powers-that-be hadn't even filed the paperwork15:51
davmor2diddledan: tish shame on them15:51
diddledanwhat with that and chloewolfiegirl asking everyone about their preference of cookies vs biscuit vs cake15:52
diddledanat least the important topics are covered!15:52
davmor2diddledan: surely the only response to cookies v biscuit v cake is YES, all three please, NOW!!15:54
daftykinsperhaps the question was simply which order to consume them in?15:54
daftykinsi mean that's the only logical explanation!15:54
davmor2daftykins: you are a genius, depends on the cake obviously15:56
daftykinsah wise, sir15:57
daftykinsi'd be for a carrot cake or cheesecake myself, but i'd settle for a chocolate fudge...15:57
diddledandaftykins: +1 on all three of those. you have in one utterance covered my three most favourites15:58
zmoylan-piwhy isn't there a cake with biscuits embedded in it.  ice cream cake with jaffa cakes15:59
daftykinsi think from my perspective it'd be because that would cut into the swift shovelling process16:00
davmor2daftykins: yeah but you have to take into account the biscuits and cookies with it. So if it is a light flavoured cake you might lead with that then go into the sweetness of the biscuit and the cookies with it's chocolate goodness16:00
daftykinsmy my we're getting into dessert-Pro level now16:00
davmor2you have to take dessert seriously it's the only way to thoroughly enjoy just ask popey about cheese he's the same :)16:02
zmoylan-pithen again cheese cake uses crushed biscuits as a base16:02
davmor2zmoylan-pi: see again this is why it is important to know the cake you are dealing with16:04
diddledanomgubuntu are reporting on a new meizu: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2016/06/meizu-mx6-ubuntu-edition16:38
diddledanit's not announced by meizu or canonical tho, so I'm assuming if it exists popey won't be allowed to tell us so16:40
diddledangotta love NDA16:40
popeyI haven't even seen one16:40
popeyso no idea16:40
popeybut yeah, if meizu are leaking then chances are it's legit16:40
popeythey leak like a leaky thing16:40
zmoylan-pipopey doesn't know so it must be official :-P16:41
diddledanzmoylan-pi: haha16:41
diddledanzmoylan-pi: yeah popey is too nice to keep secrits16:41
diddledanso they don't tell him :-p16:41
popeyThis is more accurate than you know.16:41
diddledanthis one is better: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GixR1XepbQs16:44
davmor2oh oh oh me sir I know sir popey is locked in a cupboard and hidden away from all the products16:55
popeyso true16:55
zmoylan-piliving off beans on toast, cheese on toast, anything that can be slid under the door...16:59
davmor2zmoylan-pi: no no it's popey mouse he just lives off cheese17:01
popeymmmmmm cheese17:01
popeyalthough today I'm doing crushed potatoes with broccoli and bbq port steaks.. nom nom17:02
davmor2and stilton17:02
daftykinswell i suppose he could put the stiltson17:02
Seeker`popey: what's the difference between crushed and mashed potato?17:02
daftykinsmight make tending the bbq a bit tough, though17:02
zmoylan-pimashed is when they are mashed pre been slid under the door. crushed is when they get mashed _as_ they get slid under the door... :-P17:03
davmor2Seeker`: you use a masher to mash potatoes, crushed are softened till they can be crushed, that and it's what it says on the box of the microwave dinner we slid under the door to feed him on17:04
popeySeeker`: leaving them partially intact17:05
popeynot smooth like smash17:05
Seeker`basically you get bored halfway through making mashed potatos and think "screw it, I'm hungry, that's close enough"?17:06
popeySeeker`: kinda17:28
popeyThey were *delicious*17:29
davmor2popey: no that's your treat for the but if you're really good we'll let you out the cupboard for the weekend17:41
* daftykins happily dozes in the cupboard17:44
DJonesArggghhhh......Youtube should be banned18:48
diddledanpoor Stehen :-( http://gizmodo.com/woman-arrested-for-plot-to-kill-stephen-hawking-178296678518:49
daftykinswould be an odd one being his kid, "dear can you reboot your father before dinner please?"18:51
diddledantis a good job he doesn't have the computer regulating his breathing then!18:57
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diddledan"hey, siri, breathe-in!" .. "hey siri, and now breathe-out!"19:01
daftykinsthat would cut into ones day19:04
daftykinsmmm not much here mappps, just rippin' a music CD or two and ate a nice chicken jambalaya with plenty of tabasco just now :D19:04
daftykinsermagerd just spotted it's a 5CD pack not a 2CD he asked me to do19:05
* daftykins groans :P19:05
diddledandaftykins: you need to made a raspberry pi device to automate it19:08
daftykinsnah, not possible... tagging would always be done badly19:09
daftykinsthis one has just done what i feared, all the tracks have got their artist field separate... so imagine importing that into a library, every track gets thrown everywhere19:09
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ikoniaI trust people are watching and supporting the Welsh in the efforts to go forward in euro 201619:24
foobarrybel have had good performances this yr19:43
DJonesikonia: Hell yes, but then again, I always supprt Wales19:45
* daftykins upgrades popey with SASL auth19:49
DJonesdaftykins: Probably needs an upgrade from virgin media to carrier pidgeon19:50
daftykinsaww i just got a square for that one19:52
daftykinssomeone seems to have turned winter back on19:59
* DJones looks at sunlight on the houses over the road20:00
popeywent to co-op to get beer, saw loads of clotted cream in the fridge, all going out of date tomorrow. I think they optimisitically stocked it thinking we'd all be eating scones & jam in sunny days20:01
DJonespopey: So how much did you buy?20:02
DJonesCream that is, not beer20:04
diddledanlove clotted cream20:06
diddledanweirdly my family refers to it as "grotty cream". I have no idea why.20:07
* daftykins takes notes for GCHQ20:08
zmoylan-pigchq takes note of daftykins20:12
daftykinsi wonder if i'm in their jurisdiction20:15
popeyDJones: none20:15
zmoylan-pii think they are of the belief that everyone is in their jurisdiction20:15
daftykinsi was thinking that :)20:16
zmoylan-piand with all that data they are swamped20:17
mapppssso many tv shows to watch;]720:49
daftykinsmappps: how was the work party?20:50
mapppswasnt bad , food was good20:50
mapppsgah its so hot and sticky atm20:50
zmoylan-pianother few months of summer and then autumn20:51
mapppsits the humidiy20:52
mapppsoff to work, cya;D20:52
DJonesGo Wales :)20:54
daftykinsare they doing well?20:54
zmoylan-pisinging in welsh in the irish irc channel so i'm guessing yes20:55
diddledanis it possible to discern the difference between "random foreign gibberish" (welsh) and "random foreign gibberish" (gaelic)20:56
daftykinshmm, you'd probably have to go with the intonations - do the Welsh go up and down like the Irish? :>20:56
mapppsi cant find the key thing for inernet banking..BAH20:57
zmoylan-pivery much so, spelling, pronounciation and an actual chance to wear out the y key20:57
diddledanof course the word "gibberish" is pronounced in two different ways depending on whom you speak with: guh-ibberish and juh-ibberish20:57
diddledankinda like cif (the new name to eliminate the confusion of the graphics-interchange format pronunciation)20:59
diddledanalso, gives a sparkly shine to your bog20:59
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daftykinshrmm this 5 CD set is all scratched to hell and back21:00
daftykinsperhaps i shall just say no and suggest ordering one off amazon XD21:00
diddledandaftykins: if you manage to get a clean rip, I suggest passing the files through a noise-generator21:01
daftykinsit's a steal! £70 new - https://www.amazon.co.uk/101-70s-Hits-Various-Artists/dp/B000TUC4X2/21:01
zmoylan-pistill ripping them... last time i ripper cds (a month or two back) it took less than 20 mins to rip 3 cds21:01
daftykinswell you probably do it with a very basic no error correction straight to $format type :)21:01
diddledanyou mean you're applying dilligence?! fo shame!21:02
daftykinshowever this one is cringing on the last 2 tracks where there's a multitude of damage to the surface, so the error correction is having a field day21:02
daftykinsah yeah, prope Exact Audio Copy (EAC) rippin' involving gap detection, .CUE file generation - and test and copy ripping to ensure it's 1:1 :D21:02
diddledannext thing you'll be telling us you're using a format with greater clarity than 64kbps mp3!21:02
daftykinsFLAC <321:02
zmoylan-pii did have one badly scratched cd so i played it in music cd player (played ok there) and used a cable link to pipe the audio into wav files which i converted to mp3 :-)21:03
diddledanyeesh, who are you doing this for? I'm guessing someone from royal lineage by the effort and quality of the result!21:03
daftykinsi don't think these bad boys are going to play in anything, if error correction can't get past it, it's game over21:04
* zmoylan-pi pictures nog fixing worfs klingon opera for a favour :-P21:04
daftykins"yes brother"21:04
daftykinsah no that was Ram21:04
diddledanI can't remember that episode well enough to recall what he did with it21:04
zmoylan-pithe error correction is handled slightly differently by data cds in pcs and audio cd players in music players21:04
daftykinsNog's more angry :>21:05
daftykinsyeah, pretty sure EAC's approach would get a working copy out of it if it were possible though21:05
diddledannog was rom's kid wasn't he?21:05
daftykinstrack 21, Kiki Dee - Amoureuse ; this will not be coming out21:06
daftykinshe does actually pay me to do 'em, one set in FLAC for the local library and another for the portables in MP3 V0 :)21:06
zmoylan-picircumventing drm... ::me reports daftykins to the authorities::21:07
daftykinsthere is no DRM21:07
diddledanrandom tangent: I've got a 360KB (DD) 5.25inch floppy drive and a 1.44MB (HD) 3.5inch floppy drive hooked-up to a USB device called a kryoflux for ripping floppies21:07
zmoylan-piwhy such a low spec 5.25" drive?21:08
daftykinswhat on earth are you pulling off? :)21:08
diddledanI ebayed it21:08
diddledanI don't believe I have any 5.25inch floppies that are non-360KB21:09
zmoylan-pii'm sure i could find a few cover floppies from the 90s...21:09
zmoylan-pimost of the 3.5" were aol discs ended up been sent to customers with software patches on them... thank goodness for aol... :-)21:10
daftykinslast time i did anything with a floppy i had to sit and re-read it about 12 times before it must've presumably remagnetised and started to work21:11
daftykinsremoved the last one the last time i was in the server though, needed more space for HDDs!21:11
zmoylan-pii really liked the ls120s which were a super floppy 100% compatible with 3.5" discs.  and also read a 120mb floppy21:12
daftykinsah that rings a bell21:12
zmoylan-pii convinced my boss to replace the tape drives in point of sales systems with them.  saved a bundle and much less hassle.21:12
zmoylan-piwhen they stopped making them we swapped to zip disks21:13
daftykinsback when imation weren't in an utter state21:13
zmoylan-piiomega did well with zip for a while too21:13
zmoylan-piand then the click of death21:14
diddledanI always thought iomega would have gone-into portable hard disks as an evolution of their tape system21:15
diddledancourse the 2.5inch usb hdds are close but not quite as usable as interchangable units with a reader box21:16
diddledanI still have a desktop pc tho :-p21:16
zmoylan-pithey moved from zip to jaz drives but their customers didn't follow them as it was much more expensive for not such a giant leap21:16
daftykinsi had clients with zip but i never put any in or advised any, was slightly before my time though21:17
diddledanwhat was the competitor to zip and jaz by sybase?21:18
diddledanused in a mac-using designers I did work-experience with21:18
diddledanby a*21:18
zmoylan-pinot ringing any bells...21:19
zmoylan-pisuperdisk ls120 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SuperDisk21:20
diddledanoh I think I might have the wrong name21:20
daftykinsthat rings a bell21:20
zmoylan-pisome flopticals...21:21
zmoylan-pinever saw any of those used in anger21:22
daftykinsthe apricots my dad brought home from his government job, one had removable 50MB cartridge type 'hard disks'21:23
daftykinseventually died and he got a local shop to put in a SCSI card and a maxtor disk, i tried to fire it up a while back but it's old enough to mean that a failed CMOS battery means a totally unworkable BIOS, just no idea of all the config it'd need to work again21:24
zmoylan-pii do remember one of our customers bought a frankencontraption that streamed data in such a way that it could be recorded and recovered from home vcr systems21:24
daftykinshaha, madness21:24
zmoylan-pimadness, no this is data recovery ::kick::21:25
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diddledansomeone/thing is moaning/wailing outside21:46
zmoylan-pinot a welsh person21:47
popeymeanwhile.. https://i.kinja-img.com/gawker-media/image/upload/y9amfmxvgtpis5nmikig.JPG21:48
daftykinsyeah that was a fail21:48
daftykinsXD nice outfits21:49
ali1234popey: they look like bert and ernie21:54
diddledandaftykins: only three are wonky in that screenie22:35
daftykinshad to cancel the last 'cause it was getting nowhere22:36
daftykinsCD2 went fine mind22:37
daftykinsjust hearing this constant whoosh of air behind me, where the drive is in my server XD22:37
popeydiddledan: woah, that's pretty amazing22:39
diddledanpopey: I wonder if the wachowskis can claim copyright infringement based on the mocap in the opening sequence being ripped from the matrix?22:40
popeyis it?22:42
diddledanpopey: the movements are very accurate to the awakening scene where neo is first let-out of the matrix22:42
daftykinsso a normal baseball game goes 9 innings, this current one up in Toronto is in the 17th XD22:50
diddledanwhen is tea?22:50
daftykinsall the time!22:50
diddledansucky wordwrap, but: https://paste.ubuntu.com/18272883/23:00
diddledanmaybe I should put it somewhere else to be easier to read23:01
diddledantry this: https://markdownshare.com/view/07b37716-e5bc-447d-a001-10ab472f25fc23:02
daftykinsoh it's politics23:04
diddledanfunny politics23:05
daftykinsGuernsey should've switched to euros the night before ;_;23:06
daftykinsactually no, i find it a really daft currency XD23:06

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