pavlushkaMorning thatgraemeguy :)06:24
* pavlushka yawns06:25
Kilosmorning all06:55
inetprogood mornings06:58
Kiloslo my pro06:59
inetprohoe gaan dit oom Kilos?06:59
Kilosnie te sleg nie dankie en self? inetpro 07:00
inetproalways good as well, thanks07:03
inetprosuperfly: talk to us, how's things going there?07:03
inetprobusy is not an excuse07:04
inetproKilos: sshhh07:04
inetprooh and happy mailman day to everyone!07:10
Kiloshi thatgraemeguy superfly paddatrapper nlsthzn dlPhreak 07:14
paddatrapperHey Kilos07:14
thatgraemeguymorning Kilos 07:17
Kilosinetpro ons gaan hom bietjie moet kort knip07:23
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kulelu88superfly: how is the debconf planning coming along?12:02
superflykulelu88: it's coming along. t-2 days to DC1612:02
superflyI'm not doing a lot of the big things, so mostly just helping others out12:03
superflykulelu88: we will be live-streaming everything, so you can watch from the comfort of your own couch, or desk ;-)12:04
kulelu88live-stream with periscope or something more reliable?12:04
kulelu88where is oom Kilos ? this place is quiet these days12:05
superflykulelu88: no, for reals.12:08
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kulelu88I look forward to watching. will be exciting12:08
superflyif you click on the venue at the top (e.g. Menzies 9), there will be a live stream on that page (when the cameras and everything is set up)12:11
kulelu88will our ZA bandwidth handle a live-stream? 12:11
superflywe did a test run yesterday, and everything worked fine12:12
superflythe biggest problem will be UCT outbound.12:12
kulelu88tested with how many streamers? A few thousand would be the best test12:14
superflykulelu88: no, it was just trying to see if we *could* stream :-)12:16
kulelu88superfly: maybe having a 15 minute stream delay might be a good idea?12:17
kulelu88that way you can load it onto youtube as it streams and let their servers handle the load12:17
superflykulelu88: this is Debian, we do not YouTube12:18
superflywe only WeTube12:18
kulelu88heh, wetube has no SSL :/12:19
superflynot in my hands12:23
superflyand besides, there's nothing actually going over that connection other than the video12:24
kulelu88so you guys prefer wetube over archive.org?12:24
kulelu88theblazehen: you around?12:38
inetprosuperfly: I get "Video format or MIME type is not supported", what would I have to install to get it working?13:29
superflyinetpro: nothing. it's not streaming at the moment,13:32
inetprook cool, thanks13:33
superflykulelu88: yes, because our own infrastructure13:33
superflykulelu88: where I am not really "we"13:33
inetproI hope there will be an option to select a low quality stream in order to reduce bandwidth usage13:34
kulelu88so many slots are empty though. is this by design? superfly 13:35
superflykulelu88: content team will fill them13:36
superflyDC16 proper only starts on Sunday13:37
kulelu88superfly: does there exist a FLOSS alternative to github?13:38
superflykulelu88: gitlab13:38
kulelu88superfly: but that's running behind a paid-for company. I'm talking something equivalent to the PSF13:50
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inetprokulelu88: PSF = Python Software Foundation?13:56
kulelu88yes, correct inetpro 13:57
Kiloshi Squirm 15:21
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Kiloscyrilb are you winning?16:26
cyrilbwinning what?16:26
Kiloswith whatever you are doing here man16:26
Kiloslike making progress16:27
inetprocyrilb: are you in Cape Town or still in JHB?16:34
cyrilbdebugging Rsyslog at the moment16:34
inetproyou here for DC16 as well?16:35
cyrilbof course16:36
cyrilbI'm here for the Debconf16:36
inetprowho's car is that with the Debian registration?16:37
cyrilbno idea16:37
cyrilbprobably one of the orgs16:37
inetprofor those who haven't seen it: https://twitter.com/cyb_bo/status/74885647346430771216:37
cyrilbsomeone from SA, for sure16:38
cyrilblove it16:38
inetprooops... I didn't see you posted the link already :-)16:39
kulelu88thats some serious Debian love16:39
Kiloswestern province16:44
Kiloshi magespawn 16:46
magespawnhey Kilos 16:46
Kilossupper time17:01
pavlushkaKilos: isn't it a little (hugely) late than usual?17:06
magespawngoint to assume Kilos is eating, thats whay no reply17:22
Kiloswhat pavlushka 17:28
Kiloswe always eat at 717:28
pavlushkaKilos: your dinner time.17:29
Kilosbut from the 4th will eat at 6.3017:29
magespawnsummmer time dinner17:29
Kilossoapy moving from 6.30 to 717:29
magespawnah right the idiot box17:30
Kilosim the only one not glued to the tv when 7de laan is on17:30
magespawnhome time, chat later all18:05
Kiloswb AudaciousTUX 18:35
KilosMaaz forecast pretoria18:35
MaazKilos: Friday: Clear. High: 21° C., Friday Night: Clear. Low: 7° C., Saturday: Clear. High: 20° C., Saturday Night: Clear. Low: 4° C., Sunday: Partly Cloudy. High: 17° C., Sunday Night: Clear. Low: 3° C., Monday: Clear. High: 18° C., Monday Night: Clear. Low: 3° C., Tuesday: Clear. High: 18° C., Tuesday Night: Clear. Low: 4° C., Wednesday: Clear. High:18:35
Maaz18° C., Wednesday Night: Clear. Low: 4° C., Thursday: Clear. High: 17° C., Thursday Nigh…18:35
Kilosinetpro ^^18:36
Kilossneeu op al die berge by more aand en suid wind wat die koue bring18:36
inetproKilos: that's just par for the course. it's winter after all18:38
Kilosja but a bit late imo18:39
Kilosfig treas still budding now all buds gonna die18:39
inetprocover them up asap tomorrow18:40
Kilosi will do18:40
Kilosbut lotsa frost cloth needed18:40
inetprohow big are the trees?18:41
Kilosmost are small. large ones got wiped 2 or 3 years ago with the black frost18:42
Kilosone l=arge one next door still18:42
inetproI remember my mom covering sensitive trees with grass18:42
Kilosill try some grass in plastic bags, might help18:43
Kilosneighbour has planted soe fruit trees that cost R700 each18:44
Kilosthey all have frost cloth over them18:44
Kilosnothing is cheap anymore18:45
inetprofind some thatch grass18:45
Kilosonly grass left here is what we cut to feed sheep when everything else is gone18:45
Kilosgot quite a big pile18:46
Kilosnight all. sleep warm18:48

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