capum321it's your first time with awk? i don't want to be in your place now!00:00
capum321this is the easier way00:00
DuckbootNah - not the first time with awk...00:01
DuckbootJust hoped for the last time00:01
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Duckbootcapum321: This should do it: http://pastebin.com/xy61ff3T00:03
Duckboot(I think)00:03
capum321don't wait for me, i have to look it up00:05
james_is pci-stub built into the kernel?00:05
pflanzeHello. After copying an installation with full disk encryption to another drive (from a USB flash drive to an HDD), how to I "install" grub to make it bootable?00:08
capum321duckboot 's/^[a-zA-Z].*//g' and '/^\s*$/d' what do they do?00:09
james_sudo grub-install /dev/sdX00:10
james_not /dev/sdXY00:10
pflanzejames_, how does it find the boot partition? I gave it a --boot-directory but that didn't work00:10
james_what's your device?00:10
Duckbootcapum321: Removes anything but the actual packagename00:10
james_the drive you're installing grub to00:11
pflanzesdb, sdb2=boot, sdb3=lvm00:11
pflanze(sdb2 was copied from sda3 and sdb3 from sda4, IIRC, sda being the flash drive)00:12
pflanzeOf course once the flash drive is gone, sda will be my main disk.00:12
capum321i guess it will keep sdb ?00:12
Duckbootcapum321: 's/^[a-zA-Z].*//g' - Remove anything starting with a letter (all packagelines starts with a ' ')00:13
pflanzecapum321, well, yes, *something* like that, and the man page is exactly omitting this kind of info.00:13
OneM_IndustriesSo, just had a bit of an accident. I just accidentally (oops) killed the process compiz.00:14
capum321i liked the oops!00:14
Duckbootcapum321: As long as it isn't OOM.00:14
OneM_IndustriesWhat do I need to recover anything that may have been lost?00:15
DuckbootThere should not be anything lost?00:15
OneM_IndustriesAnd also, what exactly is compiz?00:16
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DuckbootSo - Nothing lost.00:16
DuckbootPlease elaborate00:17
OneM_IndustriesAfter I killed it, the computer went to the login screen, then went to the desktop with nothing open.00:18
DuckbootHihi - Sorry - Read on http://www.compiz.org/ what it is.00:18
DuckbootOr restart X00:19
kgbo/ hey, pplz!! :)) anyone know why #xubuntu && #xubuntu-offtopic has had a bio-chemical terrorist attack and nobody there wants to speak?? :DD00:19
OneM_IndustriesWell, everything is back up now.00:19
tgm4883kgb: what's the issue?00:19
OneM_IndustriesWell, good to know nothing too bad happened. Thank you!00:19
DuckbootOneM_Industries: Compiz is eyecandy for the desktop. Nothing more, nothing less00:19
OneM_IndustriesWonder what *exactly* I killed then.00:20
tgm4883killing compiz would kill unity I think00:20
OneM_IndustriesBecause I was trying to kill firefox using system monitor, and was using memory usage for the sort. (oops)00:21
Duckboottgm4883: And upset X00:21
zorakhi, i have problems with unity00:21
OneM_IndustriesAh, so a cascade. Got it.00:21
kgbtgm4883: on a regular install, removing Compiz - you mean? o.0 RLY?? :-000:21
zorakwhen i start the system there is no unity and if i run it from a terminal i get the next message00:22
zorak$ unity00:22
zorakunity-panel-service stop/waiting00:22
zorakunity7 stop/waiting00:22
zorakunity7 start/running, process 523600:22
zorakunity-panel-service start/running, process 523400:22
teward!pastebin | zorak00:22
ubottuzorak: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.00:22
DuckbootAnd why would anyone want compiz or unity???00:22
kgbDuckboot: SRSLY, that was -exactly- my next question. xD00:23
tgm4883Duckboot: lots of reasons. Looks good OOTB, default install, most guides are written with it in mind00:23
tgm4883but that's all really ot00:23
Duckboot<--- Oldschool00:24
capum321duckboot ok i understand s/someregex/ is the term to start a regex?00:24
OneM_IndustriesToo lazy to change it, it works, and also, I may have tweaked it a bit.00:24
Duckbootcapum321: Do you use vi?00:27
Duckboot(or vim00:27
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Duckboots is substitute00:27
ddd333my new all in one pc came with ubuntu 14.04. it did some updates, but how do i jump to 16.04? it says nothing anymore.00:28
Duckbootand the g on the end is for the whole line00:28
tgm4883!ltsupgrade | ddd33300:28
ubottuddd333: Users of 14.04 LTS will be offered the automatic upgrade when 16.04.1 LTS is released, which is scheduled for July 21st.00:28
ddd333oh tgm4883 ty very much friend00:29
capum321duck i started using linux, not more than 1or 2 months ago. hadn't use vim yet00:29
ddd333tgm4883: the big question: should i update to 16.04.1?00:29
tgm4883ddd333: that's up to you. I like it00:30
ddd333tgm4883: i have 4gb ram and Intel® Celeron(R) CPU N3150 @ 1.60GHz × 4 - should i update on july 21st?00:31
Duckbootcapum321: Aah - I started using linux back in .... -94 I think.00:31
tgm4883ddd333: I would00:32
capum321this is truly a lifetime00:32
ddd333ty again tgm488300:32
Duckbootcapum321: Was on 386BSD before that.00:32
ddd333i love ubuntu T_T00:32
capum321the other day i was seeing this chart with linux distro history00:33
DaveNullYou should always upgrade to latest LTS version for security reasins (older versions) won't be supported forever)00:34
tgm4883DaveNull: Generally yes, that is true00:34
capum321ins't lts for one who i aquire the support service?00:34
capum321will acquire the support service*00:35
DaveNullBut if you find out your computer is too slow, you can still switch to Lubuntu (= Ubuntu with LXDE, a Lightweight desktop environment)00:35
ddd333DaveNull: i was worried my hardware won't deliver with 16.0400:35
kgbDaveNull: if you're gonna go with Lubunutu, instead of the (AWESOME, hehe) Xubuntu, might was well use minimal CD - and then add stuff. ;dP00:36
kgb(idk WHY Lubuntu irks me - to hell and back, hehe)00:36
capum321ddd333 https://l3net.wordpress.com/2013/03/17/a-memory-comparison-of-light-linux-desktops/00:36
ddd333lubuntu is as heavy as ubuntu. i didn't notice any difference00:36
capum321use LXDE and below00:36
Duckbootawesome is smooooth00:36
tgm4883Can we stay on topic?00:36
ddd333but ubuntu is not heavy by any means00:36
capum321duckboot isn't $ for substitute?00:37
* Duckboot was a E16 user until it all fell apart00:37
kgbddd333: it's (like, SERIOUSLY) gettin' there - especially with the new LTS; kinda surprising how it wants to preload the kitchen sink, as well. :-f00:38
DaveNullddd333, geberally if it works with an LTS version, it will work with that version+1 (still LTS), 0 risk doesn't exist in computing, but in this case the risk is quite minimal00:40
DuckbootlDropdeadl: test failed00:40
ddd333when updating inside ubuntu 14.04 i just got this message and i got scared it wouldn't restart but it did: ": Unable to find an initial ram disk that I know how to handle. Will not try to make an initrd."00:40
Duckbootramdisk - That's a word I haven't heard in a couple of years00:41
ddd333DaveNull: ty00:41
DaveNullYou're welcome00:42
DaveNullBy the way, Much GNU/Linux users are power users, so if have a problem, chances to find someone who can help are quite high00:44
DaveNullif you*00:44
kgbDaveNull: well, then, would you -much- mind:00:45
kgb[01:33:16] <kgb> o/ sup pplz!..:) hey, guys, eye HATE asking for help (bc, we should be able 2 figure it out, heh. :)); BUT, having had upgraded from Ubuntu 15.10 to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS I do NOT have *functional* Perl, even though everything seems to be installed!.. What's going on, for example, is that I can't load HexChat (XChat2) Plugins which require Perl; in fact, it's not there - it's not getting loaded - I don't understand it? o.000:45
capum321'modprobe rtl8187' load up log has this "wlx00aa11bb22cc: renamed from wlan0" how this happened? I mean shouldn't it be wlan0 ?00:45
kgb[..] is there a way to get a list of Perl files necessary to function - so that I can paste it here - and then ask WTH is going on?? :DD00:45
Tin_mankgb, why don't you sudo apt-get remove hexchat, then purge, then re-install?00:47
draxdevelopercapum321, have to leave to eat. I just installed list of libs that someone recomended on google00:47
DaveNullKgb, do you have any error message?00:48
capum321draxdeveloper: did you resolve it?00:49
kgbTin_man: tyvm, it does NOT seem to be HexChat; everything is working *fine* as it had; prior to "losing" Perl - upon upgrade - Python, everything else, loads-works - just fine: http://i.imgur.com/62d0TVJ.png00:49
kgbDaveNull: none, that I can see; give me just a moment, please!!00:49
draxdevelopercapum321, now i searching libevdev00:49
kgbDaveNull: it refuses to see Perl, "[02:50:02]  Unknown file type .config/hexchat/addons/showhighlight.pl. Maybe you need to install the Perl or Python plugin?"00:50
DaveNullCapum321 looks like a it's a name using your MAC address, as far as I can remember, it's a new name convention, which have something to do with systemd, if i recall correctly00:50
DaveNullIt's weird but not an issue00:51
james_is it safe to remove the radeon module if  idon't intend to use it?00:51
kgb^^ as in, it doesn't load it: http://i.imgur.com/62d0TVJ.png00:51
capum321draxdeveloper: dude i completely forgot about you00:52
capum321draxdeveloper: are you want the source or deb?00:52
DaveNullKgb, I use perl/python scripts for XChat2 (on Debian) but can't remember who I enable it, let me think for a moment, so I try to remeber if a had to install any package00:52
draxdevelopercampu321, i qant to patch.00:53
draxdeveloperbut the patch is asking for the source00:53
capum321draxdeveloper: no, we were at the source thing right00:53
draxdeveloperok, made the make install... Still, no source00:53
OerHekslikely this plugin needs an update, kgb http://orvp.net/xchat/showhighlight/00:53
kgbDaveNull: Yes, please... If I can give you a list of what I got - or something?? Because: everything was *just fine* in 15.10 before upgrading to 16.04 LTS00:53
Tin_mankgb, found this on google: https://www.howtoinstall.co/en/ubuntu/xenial/perl-base00:53
draxdevelopermaybe i need to reboot?00:54
kgbOerHeks: tyvm, I *do* have the latest one (and everything WAS working perfectly fine - prior to the upgrade :))00:54
kgbTin_man: thank you, sir!.. gonna look at it, promptly!! :))00:55
capum321draxdeveloper: what is missing? the libdev?00:55
draxdevelopercapum321, no, i finished the make install00:55
kgb^^ although Synaptic reports everything as cool, meh. :-/00:55
capum321draxdeveloper: all right00:55
draxdevelopernow i am trying to apply the patch in the evdev00:56
Tin_mannp, hope it gets resolved..00:56
* kgb goes away to take a closer look at all this... thanks again!! Tin_man, DaveNull, everyone :DD00:56
DaveNullDo you have hexchat-perl package installed00:57
capum321draxdeveloper: what make install? isn't debuild?00:57
draxdeveloperto install the tar.gz00:57
kgb(It's, really, driving me up the wall - that's why I'm bothering the # with questions; otherwise I would, honestly, just keep trying to figure it out :))00:57
capum321did you compile the package?00:57
draxdeveloperthis is the files of the evdev00:58
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capum321draxdeveloper: have compiled the source package?00:59
DaveNulldpkg -l | grep hexchat-perl should return the package name if it's installed, or nothing if it isn't00:59
kgbWould you believe me if I fold you that the package is NOT installed (*loads a gun*)00:59
draxdevelopercapum321, how i do this? I just have extracted the tar.gz00:59
kgbJesus Christ.00:59
capum321draxdeveloper: i don't think you should make install this tar.gz00:59
capum321you should extract it01:00
OerHeks!cookie | DaveNull01:00
ubottuDaveNull: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!01:00
draxdevelopercapum321 i extracted, mbut then i followed the other steps (./configure, etc)01:00
DaveNullThank you01:00
kgbyeah, well, thanks for not laughing at me, blah. xD01:00
OerHeksreinstall perl could done this too01:00
draxdevelopercampu321, -zxvf xserver-xorg-input-evdev_2.10.1.orig.tar.gz01:01
kgbOerHeks: done it, already, I swear....01:01
OerHeksbut good thinking, seen this before too.01:01
draxdeveloperthen ./configure, make, make install01:01
capum321draxdeveloper: i think you should patch the folder you extracted! not run this steps on README ?!01:01
draxdevelopercapum321, yeah. But is not working what he said01:02
DaveNullPerl installs perl libraries and excutables to execute perl systemwide, while hexchat-perl only enables hexchat to use systemwide perl installation, it's an interface between hexchat and perl, but not a dependancy of perl, it's optional01:03
draxdevelopercampu321 ,if i try into the folder it's says01:03
draxdeveloperpatch: **** read error : Is a directory01:03
capum321did you extracted then cd xf86-input-evdev-2.10.101:04
DaveNullMaking it a dependancy of perm would be non-sens because it would force perl users/distros with perl installed to have an optional package which is useless without hexchat01:04
draxdevelopercapum321... Ah... Now i got it.01:05
draxdeveloperwill try this01:05
capum321go drax, go!01:05
draxdevelopercapum321, hahahah. I think i need to put the patch file IN the xf86-input-evdev folder, right?01:06
DaveNullSo kgb, does it work now?01:07
Mitchell92Hello. I'm finding an issue, ubuntu has "dummy output" for my sound... rather than my real speakers / sound card? at times it switches over eventually if i go through configuration... any way to fix this?01:08
capum321draxdeveloper: i think it should be like path -p 1 < path/to/file../evdev-debounce.patch01:09
capum321something like that01:09
capum321without the double dots01:09
draxdeveloperaaaaa, i tought that i should just leave that way01:09
draxdeveloperpatch -p 1 < ../evdev-debounce-2.92.patch01:09
draxdeveloperlike a search feature, don't know01:10
capum321tell me what have worked?!01:10
DaveNulldrax, when you install something from a tar.gz, you should NEVER move or rename any file, that would only break things01:11
draxdevelopercapum321, it's seems that the shell is doing something... DOn't know what01:11
draxdevelopercapum321, i put the patch into the src folder and the patch -p 1 evdev-debounce-2.92.patch01:12
DaveNullSo ciao everyone, I need to leave01:12
capum321davenull don't scare the kid ok?01:12
DaveNullNot trying to scare him, well maybe :)01:12
draxdevelopercampu321, now the cursor is just blinking on the next shell line, doing nothing... I think he is patching, right?01:13
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capum321drax developer you have to use the dashes and the < symbols where you have to use it all right?01:13
capum321draxdeveloper: isn't evdev-debounce.patch the name of the patch?01:15
capum321where you get the other one?01:15
draxdevelopercapum321, xf86-input-evdev-2.10.1?01:16
capum321 evdev-debounce-2.92.patch01:16
draxdeveloperin a link on the original site01:16
draxdevelopersince the patch in the site was oudated01:16
draxdeveloper(this one is 2, since evdev is in the version 2.10)01:16
capum321i see great work01:17
draxdeveloperaaaaa, it's not patching :( the process just hangs. I can try this: Note: I use Funtoo and simply put it in /etc/portage/patches/x11-drivers/xf86-input-evdev directory and emerged it01:18
capum321draxdeveloper: have you used the correct commands?01:20
capum321draxdeveloper: don't know if it works that way?!01:20
draxdeveloperpatch -p 1 /evdev-debounce-2.92.patch01:21
draxdeveloperif i use < jus don't work01:21
naccdraxdeveloper: do you know how patch works? it reads from stdin01:22
naccdraxdeveloper: you almost always do `patch -p<num> < patchfile`01:23
naccdraxdeveloper: are you using funtoo now? you should ask them for support if so01:23
draxdeveloperno, i am not using funtoo nacc01:24
draxdeveloperit's just, the patch is not working :(01:24
draxdeveloperthe patch file should be in a special folderw01:25
naccdraxdeveloper: i've no context, and not really goign to spend much time on it, but pastebin the outupt of `patch -p1 < evdev-debounce-2.92-patch`01:25
capum321< doesn't work?01:25
naccdraxdeveloper: no, you should specify the path to the patch file, taht's all01:25
naccdraxdeveloper: i'm assuming you know where the patch file itself is01:25
draxdeveloperyep (sorry)01:25
naccdraxdeveloper: ok, pastebin that output01:25
naccdraxdeveloper: it's etiher being run from the wrong directory, or with the wrong -p option01:27
capum321 / path/to/file../evdev-debounce.patch remember?01:28
draxdeveloperhum... i will change to this include dir01:28
naccdraxdeveloper: if you do that, you'll need to pass -p201:28
naccas you need to strip 2 directories if you're in the include directory01:28
draxdeveloperyep, but i cd direct to the dir where the file is01:29
naccdraxdeveloper: you should be running it, based upon the diff header, from ~/Downloads/evdev/xf86-input-evdev-2.10.1/ with -p101:29
naccdraxdeveloper: honestly, it seems like this may not be the advisable approach if it's this difficult; patching is quite easy :)01:29
capum321yeah not src01:29
draxdeveloperhttp://pastebin.com/EWSgTbZC =D01:30
naccdraxdeveloper: yes, it worked ... although with that much context change, you may need to verify the results01:30
draxdevelopernow it's says to compile and install01:31
draxdeveloperso, to i have to ./configure the patch version right?01:31
draxdeveloper(then make, make install)01:31
capum321dch -i01:31
capum321back to guntram tutotial01:31
capum321debuild -us -uc -b01:32
draxdeveloperapt-get source xserver-xorg-input-evdev-dev ?01:32
capum321draxdeveloper: are you lost the hell ? you just did the four first lines of the first squarte box01:33
capum321now go to the 5th01:33
draxdevelopersorry, first time doing this01:33
capum321i think you should sudo apt-get build-dep xserver-xorg-input-evdev-dev-2.10.1 accordingly01:35
capum321try apt-cache search xserver-xorg-input-evdev-dev01:35
draxdeveloperno, this line never worked because he said i don't have the source01:35
capum321are you sure?01:36
qihj: Fail01:36
draxdevelopercapum321, this one you said i don't know01:36
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capum321doesn't have xenial?01:37
naccdraxdeveloper: are you attempting to build a debian package?01:37
capum321sudo apt-get build-dep  xserver-xorg-input-evdev-dev01:37
capum321don't copy it has double spaces01:37
draxdevelopernacc, no. I am attepiting to patch the evdev so i can debounce my mouse01:38
capum321you should run this first01:38
nacccapum321: why are you using debuild if draxdeveloper doesn't need to build a .deb?01:38
draxdevelopernacc http://blog.guntram.de/?p=1601:39
draxdevelopernacc, it's the only way that i have.01:39
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capum321draxdeveloper: now what? did you ran?01:39
draxdevelopercapum321, it's says that it can't find a source to xserver-xorg-input-evdev-dev01:40
naccugh ugh ugh01:40
naccthat blog post is wrong on at least one level01:40
capum321ok then go to 5th line01:40
naccbad version string01:40
nacc2.8.2-1ubuntu2 will end up overriding, potentially, an actual Ubuntu version01:40
capum321yes, we deal with that01:40
naccdraxdeveloper: if you're patching an Ubuntu version, your version should be (imo) <ubuntuversion+1>~drax or wahtever...01:41
draxdevelopernacc, yeah... the actual one is this: https://github.com/yuyuyak/input-evdev-debounce.patch01:41
naccdraxdeveloper: it's independent of the patch (version string)01:41
capum321he is talking about the xorg-xserver01:42
naccyes, i think you're patching xserver-xorg-input-evdev01:42
nacca) i would put this in a PPA01:42
capum321do the 5th line would you?01:42
naccb) make sure your version, if building for 16.04 is something like 2.10.1-1ubuntu3~ppa101:43
naccthat way when/if 2.10.1-1ubuntu3, you'll get updated, things will break and you'll know you need to refresh your patch (because presumably the ubuntu developers put out a new release for a reason)01:43
draxdevelopernacc, we don't have a 2.10 version :(01:43
naccdraxdeveloper: what ubuntu are you building for?01:43
draxdeveloperxenial nacc01:43
naccdraxdeveloper: uh...01:44
capum321draxdeveloper: what folder are you currently?01:44
naccdraxdeveloper: the patch applied fine (well, needed a refresh due to context) to the xenial version,as you just pasted, no?01:44
naccdraxdeveloper: so ... you hve the 2.10 version01:44
naccthis also seems like not ubuntu support, but just my opinion :) did you or anyone else file an ubuntu bug for this?01:44
draxdevelopercapum321 xf86-input-evdev-2.10.101:45
draxdevelopernacc, this is something ubuntu is not implementing in the kernel (debouncing the mouse) i don't know why01:45
naccLP: #60280901:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 602809 in xserver-xorg-input-evdev (Ubuntu) "add Mouse Click Debounce Feature?" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60280901:46
capum321draxdeveloper: did you use dash in -i ?01:46
draxdevelopercapum321, yep01:47
capum321let's try another path01:47
capum321enter source folder01:47
naccfwiw, that person (the blog post you mentioned) refers to the xserver ML, which does say they'd reconsider once a test suite exists. Has anyone checked if that's the case now?01:48
draxdevelopernacc, tried to found... Don't have sure if it's have but google returned me just this.01:48
draxdeveloperin fact, it was someone on a ubuntu group01:49
capum321run the command?01:49
nacchttps://lists.debian.org/debian-x/2015/08/msg00020.html someone did try to push it to debian last year, it seems01:50
draxdevelopercapum321, same thing01:51
draxdevelopernacc, but someone implemented it?01:51
naccdraxdeveloper: no the response was get it fixed upstream (and then i see no followups)01:53
naccdraxdeveloper: so probably someone should try to submit it to xserver again01:53
naccdraxdeveloper: you ran `apt-get source` from some directory, right?01:54
naccdraxdeveloper: it downloaded to subdirectory of that directory; cd to there and then run `dch -i`01:54
capum321are you sure you are on correct path?01:55
capum321maybe the patch is outdated?01:55
draxdevelopercapum321, i think it is :(01:55
naccit'll probably be ~/Downloads/evdev/xf86-input-evdev-2.10.101:55
nacccapum321: draxdeveloper already applied the patch01:55
draxdeveloperbecause it's for 2.9201:56
naccalthough note, that's not how debian package building works and it will probably fail01:56
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draxdeveloperbut i have 2.1001:56
naccdraxdeveloper: do you want me to just build you a package? :)01:56
draxdevelopernacc, i would ty :)01:56
naccdraxdeveloper: give me 15 minutes?01:56
draxdeveloperi need to learn linux in depp...01:56
draxdevelopernacc, take every time you need01:56
capum321nacc could him use the debian patch?01:57
capum321https://lists.debian.org/debian-x/2015/08/msg00020.html ?]01:57
nacccapum321: maybe, didn't check yet01:57
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capum321nacc you are my hero01:57
draxdevelopercapum321, yeah :)01:58
capum321allow him to work, give him space!01:58
zoraktry to open unity but fail inmediatly02:02
zoraklike 2 frames02:02
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naccdraxdeveloper: https://launchpad.net/~nacc/+archive/ubuntu/drax ... unsupported (by me or anyone else :)02:04
draxdeveloperty =D02:05
naccdraxdeveloper: it just has the patch from https://raw.githubusercontent.com/yuyuyak/input-evdev-debounce.patch/master/evdev-debounce-2.92.patch applied, nothing else02:05
naccdraxdeveloper: it's building now, you can add the ppa and once it's done an `apt update; apt upgrade` should pick it up. if you want, i can show you how i built it tmrw, just ping me (late here)02:05
naccdraxdeveloper: that way you can maintain it for yourself in your own PPA :)02:05
draxdevelopernacc, ty again :)02:06
r4f0_draxdeveloper: take your time.. linux is something u need to enjoy timeless02:07
naccdraxdeveloper: np, i know it can be frustrating to figure this stuff out. I'm working on documenting some of this stuff anyways (building packages, testing, etc.)02:07
naccand really, building your own debian pacakge should be a last resort :)02:07
draxdevelopernacc, yeah... This is really a last resource. It's this or a new mouse (that can even have the same issue)02:08
naccdraxdeveloper: yeah, i've never had this issue, tbh, but i understand02:08
naccdraxdeveloper: i really recommend seeing if you can get in touch with the patch owner to see if they are willing to try sending it upstream again02:08
naccdraxdeveloper: afaict, it's not been done since 201202:09
r4f0_im with nacc on the last resort part..02:09
r4f0_dont try to build something that is oldschool.. learn and develop new shit02:09
capum321did you use debian patch?02:09
nacccapum321: no, i used the one from github02:09
draxdevelopermoises hello02:10
moiseshow many people here?02:10
r4f0_try /list02:10
r4f0_if you have a good client it will tell you how many people are in here02:11
capum321nacc what time will be the presentation?02:11
draxdevelopermoises, 179602:11
moisesright, 179702:11
moisesso, what are you talking about?02:12
capum321same old same old02:12
capum321draxdeveloper: on what foot are we?02:13
draxdevelopercapum321, don't seems to changed the version yet02:13
capum321nacc what time?02:14
moisesDoes anyone know a biggest channel about anything else?02:15
capum321 /j #USandA02:15
qihmoises: Are you asking about a larger channel on Freenode, of any subject?02:16
capum321biggest channel on earth!02:16
qihcapum321: Yeah but not the best.02:16
moisesI don´t know dude, i just want to explore this old thing02:16
qihMy guess would be #debian02:17
capum321of course it's the best02:17
moisesHow I can join in?02:17
moises*can I02:18
capum321type /join #channel02:18
moisesWhere are you from?02:19
naccmoises: not ontopic02:19
nacc!ot | moises02:19
ubottumoises: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:19
capum321I don't know, I was born in a deep cave, under new your metro. i hear some train rails sound every ten minutes02:20
capum321New York*02:20
capum321teenage mutant ninja turtles! kawabanga02:21
moisesThe bot wants to kick me :v02:22
capum321why I am not surprised?02:23
capum321nacc? could you explain me this      sed -e 's/^[a-zA-Z].*//g' -e '/^\s*$/d'02:24
draxdevelopernacc, Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/nacc/drax/ubuntu/dists/xenial/main/binary-amd64/Packages  404  Not Found02:24
moisesGuys, do you think IRC is death?02:25
capum321how did you add the repository?02:25
capum321draxdeveloper: I think we got an issue here ^02:26
capum321moises, from 1792 users in this channels, 1790 are dead. plain dead! they left their computer powered on, just forgeted to turn off! what bastards!02:27
draxdevelopermoises, what do you think? I am here, capum is here, another more than 1000 people are here... And this is just one room02:27
Kelcapum321: My "computer" lives in a temperature controlled room somewhere in Denmark, I live in the US :P I can't just go turning the poor thing off willy-nilly! hehehe02:28
moisesdrax, as capum321 said, almost nobody here chat02:28
capum321kel yes! and it's called zombi or bot computer, isn't it ?!02:29
KelI call it a server.02:29
capum321all right02:29
capum321let's called that even02:29
capum321please don't turn my computer into zombi02:30
capum321omg i just made up a theory about all these users --->>02:32
capum321they are bot computers all around the globe02:32
moiseswho is the moderator here?02:32
capum321think i am going to write a book about this02:32
KelThey're probably mostly users like me, running irc under the ircii or B*X clients in a shell and forgot about them/don't care about them/only check them very infrequently :P hehehe02:33
moisesthey are just watching us? D:02:33
capum321it's can't get worse!02:33
capum321draxdeveloper: how did you add the repository I ask again?02:34
draxdeveloperupdating =D02:35
Kelmoises: probably not. They're just connected. They may be active in other channels on the network =)02:35
draxdevelopersudo add-apt-repository ppa:nacc/drax02:36
capum321all right02:36
moisesAre all you guys Ubuntu experts?02:36
capum321no, I run a grossery store02:36
draxdeveloperi will logoff to see if resets the x02:37
draxdeveloperif don't work, i will sleep because i need it, bye and ty capum321 and nacc02:38
capum321have a great time02:38
moiseswhat is your site, can I see it?02:39
capum321and http://groceries.iceland.co.uk/02:41
capum321we have expanded02:41
capum321should change that domain. not corporate enough02:42
moiseswhere do you live?02:42
capum321I told you under New York subway02:43
schwaxI'm running a LiveUSB version of Ubuntu right now and I can't stand how slowly it runs in persistence mode. I'm wondering if there is a way to run in non-persistence mode and still have a few programs pre-installed. Something like a snapshot for VMs and just have it not save anything else afterwards.02:43
capum321schwax: maybe mkusb?02:44
moisesI tough it was a joke haha02:44
schwaxcapum321: Not sure what it is, but I'll give it a look see.02:44
moisesc u g'eyes :p02:45
capum321I am serious, cold serious02:45
capum321have a great time02:45
brianxwe are watching you.  sometimes we even see.02:47
capum321what are you? a hitman? don't you scare me again!02:48
schwaxcapum321: I'm not sure exactly what this does, but as far as I can tell it's basically the same as unetbootin or YUMI?02:48
draxdeveloperjust passing by to say: IT WORKS!!!!! capum321 and nacc02:48
capum321schwax: i think it is more featured?02:49
superguestit just seems like there are many iddy bitty items that are gone in recent ubuntu releases02:49
capum321in tiny letters in the page bottom!02:50
qenghoHi hi. Is there a bug tracking Ubuntu web sites and download mirrors using HTTPS only?02:50
capum321use torrent02:51
capum321it's hash checked02:51
qenghoI want to download a trusted Ubuntu image, because I'm in a oppressive, technically adept part of the world and I want to make sure my downloads are good.02:52
qenghocapum321: that fails because I can't trust the place that tells me what torrent to download.02:52
qenghoIt's http.02:52
supergueste.g. I remember there used to be display of the current  row,column as you resize gnome-terminal.02:52
schwaxanyone know much about mkusbs "Expansion and imaging from a compressed image file?"02:54
qenghoThere's a web page that tells me to download a GPG-signed hash file and what GPG keys to use to verify, but someone with less clue than I have could have intercepted that page request and inserted their own key signature there.02:54
capum321genpaku: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+cdmirrors02:55
qenghocapum321: awesome. Are any mirrors https?02:56
capum321qengho: i think there are?!02:56
qenghocapum321: and even if there are, I'm suddenly concerned that the mirror got their data from some un-trustable way. :(02:57
capum321brianx help here would you?02:59
brianxwith what capum321?03:00
capum321qengho: looking for some https mirror03:01
qenghobrianx: I want to trust my Ubuntu download is unaltered. All the instuctions and download links I see can be altered in transit.03:01
brianxquebre: have someone you trust encrypt and send you the checksums03:02
capum321qengho: he is from China or something?03:02
qenghobrianx: And I'd like to fix it for everyone.03:02
qenghoI am in Taiwan for the summer, yes.03:03
brianxi'm no cryptography expert.  i understand how https isn't all that good.03:04
capum321brianx but how would one send him the iso?03:05
qenghobrianx: https is great. https://www.ubuntu.com/download/how-to-verify03:05
brianxcapum321: you don't need to.  you only need to get the checksums.03:05
brianxwell, the sums and the tool for calculating them on files you get from untrusted sources like torrent.03:06
capum321didn't understand03:06
brianxdownload possibly bad files.  check them with a known good tool against the known checksums03:07
capum321brianx it's not like that... his internet is tracked down03:08
qenghobrianx: Let's assume my local tools are fine. Impossible to start otherwise.03:08
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM03:08
OerHeksdoes https ease your mind?03:09
qenghoYes. I trust this browser and TLS CAs03:09
brianxyou'll have to get someone you trust to encrypt the sums with your public key03:09
qenghobrianx: Let's file a bug report instead so this is fixed for 8bn people instead of one.03:10
brianxqengho: go for it.03:11
OerHeksbut true, that factoid should say https03:11
qengho(And MD5 is old and broken, DH. No one should trust it.)03:11
qenghoNot SHA1 either.03:11
qenghoSHA2 class or better.03:11
qenghoOerHeks: MD5 is fine for discovering if something is accidentally corrupted, so not completely useless.03:13
brianxno objections here, though i suggest sha1 be kept available for those who have older tools and just need to verify the transfer worked.03:13
capum321i didn't know taiwan was like that? most of my eletronics are from taiwan03:15
capum321or were.. these days they are scarse03:15
qenghocapum321: Taiwan is okay. That doesn't mean NO security is fine. You're running my code on your computer. I have to be better than lazy.03:19
* qengho afk a bit.03:20
capum321what code?03:20
nedstarkif i lived in a repressive country, i'd probably use openbsd, because few gov types would even know how to install it03:20
brianxgiven the number of police states around the western world, it's quite likely you do live in a repressive state.03:22
nedstarki would never say that, all hail out imperious leader03:22
capum321what he mean running code on your computer?03:22
nedstarkhe is an ubuntu coder03:24
brianxmaybe he wrote some common boot code.03:24
nedstarkhe must know about The Google03:25
ubottumd5sum aliases: checksum - added by Hawkwind on 2006-10-21 05:40:18 - last edited by Unit193 on 2016-05-19 19:16:2103:27
* DalekSec stabs dax.03:27
dax!md5sum =~ s/http/https/03:27
ubottuI'll remember that dax03:27
nickxI had a question about Ubuntu Mate-16.04.03:30
nickxIt came with a package named Plank preinstalled which is a docking software. It was not set as "run on startup" because I do not yet know how to do it.03:30
nickxUsing Mate-tweak I set my panels as "Cupertino" which set Plank to "run on startup".03:30
nickxI still can not see it under the list of startup applications.03:30
nickxQuestion: How do I see which packages are set to start up by the desktop environment ?03:30
nedstarknickx, the MATE control center under Startup applications preferences03:31
nedstarkis it not there?03:32
nickxNo, it isnt03:32
Loshkinedstark: lol@imperious03:32
nickxSince it is part of "Cupertino" it must be hidden somewhere.03:33
dramanickx, try running plank --preferences in a term, see what that does if anything03:34
nedstarkyou can also do it by hand with gksudo gedit ~/.config/plank/dock1/settings03:34
nickxI have to create this file: "~/.config/plank/dock1/settings" ? It does not already exist.03:36
=== someone_stole_my is now known as mrkirby153
nedstarkthings might be changing in the newer versions03:37
nickxI was wondering "since it is already running on start up by default, it must have been saved as some start up script which is hidden away"03:37
dramanickx, is it really installed? dpkg -l plank03:38
nickxYes, it is. Version: 0.11.1-103:39
nickxIt came as part of Ubuntu Mate 16.04.03:39
ominomia_west: :)03:39
dramanickx, no icon on the far left side?03:39
nickxThere is. The plank settings icon. But, it does not have any option reading "start on startup". That icon opens the preferences, which are very very simple like "size of icon", "auto hide/intellihide", etc.03:41
dramano ~/.config/plank/dock1/settings ?03:41
nickxI am trying to find out why Plank is getting start on every start up even though it is not explicitly mentioned in the "Startup Applications Preferences"03:42
nickxls ~/.config/plank/dock1 --> launchers103:42
nickxThere is no "settings" file or folder.03:43
dramahmmm... any HideMode = 1 means auto hide, set to 0 to disable it. in launchers103:43
nickx"launchers" folder contains 3 files. 1) desktop.dockitem, 2) firefox.dockitem, 3) matecc.dockitem03:44
TheNH813I have a proooooooblem.03:48
TheNH813linux-image-extra-4.4.0-28-generic broke my install03:48
TheNH813After booting the previous version in recovery mode, and purging linux-image-extra-4.4.0-28-generic, it boots normally againb03:48
TheNH813I was unable to get any debug info as dmesg was blank and my GPU does not initialize untill 15 seconds into boot normally03:49
TheNH813It freezes about 6 seconds in with the new kernel03:49
ArshoonOkay, I have an issue I was hoping I could get help with.03:49
TheNH813I marked all kernel related packages on non-overridable hodl for the current time03:50
TheNH813Arshoon: Yes?03:50
ArshoonI play Minecraft, and am on Ubuntu MATE, and after playing for a while, my FPS dropps to 8-10 and it persists if I restart the game, try another game or try anything, like my GPU or CPU is giving up.03:50
dramanickx, i found this sudo ln -s /usr/share/applications/plank.desktop /etc/xdg/autostart/  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=227532003:50
ArshoonOnly a restart fixes the issue.03:51
TheNH813Arshoon: Sounds like the card isn't getting enough resources or is thermal throttling03:51
ArshoonI was hoping for a not-pverheating card...03:51
TheNH813But, if a restart fixes it, that makes it less likely. If there's no noticeable dust buildup that shouldn't be the issue.03:52
nickx@drama: Thanks for digging into it.03:52
TheNH813In the case it's a software problem, how much RAM is allocated to the GPU?03:52
TheNH813If you didn't touch that setting it's likely a memory leak eating up resources.03:53
ArshoonThe GPU has 1024M built in, not sure how to allocate any more if I can.03:53
ArshoonMemory leak was my other thought.03:53
ArshoonNot sure how to find it and kill it, though.03:53
TheNH813To see all processes, you'd need to run the task mnager as root.03:54
TheNH813sudo gnome-system-monitor03:54
TheNH813I think there was a bug with Nautilus memory leaking recently in network sharing support. not sure if it's patched lately.03:55
TheNH813*patched yet03:55
TheNH813Had something to do with SMB, but it only affected soem systems03:56
TheNH813If you have gnome-system-monitor open, then click the configure (3 horizontal bars) and select all users.03:57
ArshoonDon't even have Nautilus on here (the system monitor under sudo), its a MATE desktop.03:57
TheNH813Ah, then that's not the problem. Could be another app.03:57
TheNH813Just today the latest version of the kernel broke my system. Had to boot recovery mode, purge it and block the update with apt-mark hold. DX03:58
TheNH813But, that's a issue with drivers. Actually that's what I came on here to ask about.03:59
ArshoonMy RAM and CPU are also nowhere near maxed out.03:59
ArshoonMay just have to go back to Windows...03:59
TheNH813Well, then it's likely a software only problem or possibly heat.03:59
TheNH813Hm.... are you running proprietary drivers or default?03:59
ArshoonProprietary Nvdidia03:59
ArshoonHa ha, can't type.04:00
plop_its_elliewhat version?04:00
ArshoonThing is, its only Minecraft that has done this. I played Portal all night with no issue.04:00
TheNH813Let me check that out.04:00
TheNH813Indeed odd.04:01
TheNH813Do you use any mods?04:01
TheNH813Graphical mods to be specific04:01
TheNH813Like optifine04:01
plop_its_ellieaome mods even non graphical just suck and bog down your system04:01
ArshoonAll I run is a texture pack.04:02
TheNH813Is it super-high res?04:02
TheNH813(Just trying to rule all things out)04:03
Arshoon64x I believe.04:03
ArshoonNot too high res.04:03
ArshoonYeah, weird.04:03
TheNH813Try a newer version of LWJGL.04:03
ArshoonHas to be a leak somewhere.04:03
ArshoonI AM running a server as well on the local machine.04:04
plop_its_elliei just remembered, when i used to play minecraft it had a memory leak, I think it had something to do with openjdk04:04
ArshoonBut I never had this problem before, and its not missing any ticks.04:04
TheNH813That's a possibly interesting clue.04:04
TheNH813Maybe try Oracle Java.04:04
ArshoonNot using OpenJDK.04:05
plop_its_elliei recommend trying oracle java04:05
ArshoonI am.04:05
TheNH813I'm gonna put blame on the graphics library, LWJGL.04:05
plop_its_ellieubuntu mate has openjdk preinstalled04:05
TheNH813Ther've been problems with that library in the past like keyboard issues and random crashes.04:06
ArshoonLet me look at my software sources, I thought i added Oracle's04:06
ArshoonI aded the webopd8 java repository and am using that.04:07
TheNH813so, you purged the openjdk first?04:07
plop_its_ellieif you are on ubuntu mate you can just install it from the welcome menu04:07
Arshoon<.< uh, no.04:07
TheNH813Sudo apt-get purge openjdk*04:07
TheNH813To make sure it, and all it;s configs are removed.04:08
TheNH813Woops the s in sudo shouldn't be caps04:08
TheNH813So, it's definitely not installed them. Hm... this is an odd issue.04:08
ArshoonI just purged it. Trying again.04:09
TheNH813Oh, make sure to reinstall oracle java. Just to make sure all is right.04:09
TheNH813At this point, I think trying any possibility is important. :P04:09
ArshoonWell, I still have the Oracle Java and no texture pack, still 10 fps.04:10
BackwardsTheNH813 exactly in your estimation, what does purging mean? Is it a deletion of all vestiges of traces of files?04:10
plop_its_elliei dont recommend using purge04:10
plop_its_elliejust use apt-get remove04:10
TheNH813Backwards: Yes.04:11
BackwardsI read that somewhere.04:11
TheNH813Backwards: It basically removes ALL references to that application from the system.04:11
BackwardsYou confirmed my research. Thanks.04:11
plop_its_elliesudo apt-get remove default-jre-headless openjdk-8-jre-headless04:12
plop_its_ellieusing purge can be dangerous so be careful04:12
plop_its_ellieits safer to just use remove04:12
BackwardsTheNH813, with Windows OS deletion does not purge. It just leaves garbage on the disk.04:12
BackwardsDoes purge remove the data completely from the disk?04:12
TheNH813Not secure delete, but it makes sure files aren't left behind. as plop_it's_elite said it can occasionally break things if you do it to really important stuff.04:13
TheNH813By the way, has anyone noticed the terminal reccommending to use "sudo apt install <application>" instead of "sudo apt-get install <application>"?04:14
TheNH813And the apt command has colored output, is it some sort of wrapper?04:14
ArshoonTotally unintalled any openjdk and headless stuff, going to restart, and see how long it takes to return.04:15
ArshoonThanks for all the help.04:15
ArshoonMan, I type good...04:15
TheNH813Can anyone on here help me determine why kernel freezes 6 seconds into boot?04:16
BackwardsTheNH813, I have been doing Data Recovery with Windows and make a good living with it but with Ubuntu, not sure which programs totally remove cleanly data bits 1's and 0's04:16
TheNH813Well, dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/<drive> will certainally nuke data.04:17
ArshoonAnd. back. Man, I love Ubuntu and an SSD.04:17
TheNH813Arshoon: Well, now the test comes.04:17
TheNH813Arshoon: By the way, if all else fails, try a previous Oracle Java version. It requires 6u45 minimum, so maybe try Java 8 or 7 if it still experiences problems.04:19
TheNH813I had to revert to Java 8 to get Minecraft working.04:19
BackwardsTheNH13 I was referring to deletion of data without formatting a disk.04:20
TheNH813Ah, then dd if=/dev/urandom of=/path/to/file04:20
TheNH813Then delete the file04:20
TheNH813It's contents will be replaced with scrambledness04:20
ArshoonI am on 804:20
TheNH813Arshoon: Ok04:21
TheNH813Backwards: Of course, you'd have to specify the legenth of the file to overwrite with count and bytes options.04:22
BackwardsTheNH813 so that is like   diskwipe for a file and not the entire disk.04:22
ArshoonOh, now I am at 60 FPS< and I wasn't getting that before the removing the OpenJDK and headless files.04:22
TheNH813Well, there's some progress. :D04:23
ArshoonI think that may have done it, serious improvement.04:23
ArshoonI was dreading any return to Windoze04:24
TheNH813Must have been still using the non-Oracle Java. And yes, I knwo the feeling04:24
BackwardsTheNH813, is what you are saying is that I can use a data recovery program and not find that deleted or wiped file?04:24
TheNH813You'd find the file in the deleted inodes, but the contents would be gone.04:24
TheNH813AKA unreadable.04:25
BackwardsI have done a lot of data recovery and lots of deleted files can be seen and recovered.04:25
plop_its_elliei have 4.4.0-28 on my system, no issues so far04:25
BackwardsNot only that, virus programs look for those deleted files and work with them.04:26
plop_its_ellieand running on severeal computers at work, no issues there either04:26
TheNH813Good to hear04:26
TheNH813Must have been a failed update04:26
TheNH813Will try reinstalling it04:26
plop_its_ellieBackwards, the shred utility does secure erase as well04:26
TheNH813Backwards: Well, I'l be. I just discovered secure-delete in the software center.04:27
TheNH813I'l see if it's any good. :o04:27
BackwardsThanks Plop I will do some homework on that.04:27
=== ludkiller is now known as paresh
BackwardsUbuntu has on installation an encryption option. I am not too sure of using it. If something goes wrong, I don't want to fish for the data.04:29
TheNH813I can't update the kernel again after removing the hold. Something is wrong.04:31
BackwardsUndo the last command.04:31
Jordan_UBackwards: Always have backups of important data.04:32
ubuntu-HaneulI just installed ubuntu on windows installed computer, I want to see the boot menu of Windows instead of Ubuntu one04:32
TheNH813You can't do that if you want Ubuntu to boot04:33
BackwardsJordan I always backup everything. I have 20 terabytes of disk backups.04:33
TheNH813ubuntu-Haneul: Unless the PC is running XP.04:33
TheNH813You have to use GRUB to boot Linux.04:33
TheNH813And Windows04:33
TheNH813Unless you remove Ubuntu04:33
BackwardsJordan true, always backup before making a decision on what to install or change.04:34
TheNH813The following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required:04:35
TheNH813  linux-headers-generic linux-image-generic linux-image-4.4.0-24-generic linux-image-extra-4.4.0-24-generic linux-headers- thermald04:35
TheNH813What have I done.04:35
TheNH813That's the only kernel installed.04:35
TheNH813Something REALLY went south with the kernel 4.4.0-28 update04:35
BackwardsJordan, there is an old Computer Programmers saying:  "Happy are the pessimist for they shal save."04:36
dramaTheNH813, maybe you have the latest kernel, what does uname -r say?04:36
TheNH813That is bad. I'm not letting it remove that.04:36
plop_its_ellieyou reboot after the update?04:36
dramaTheNH813, you did a sudo apt-get update?04:36
dramathen upgrade04:36
TheNH813I remove the newer kernel because it wsa corupt.04:37
TheNH813Then rebootes04:37
TheNH813Yeah, apt-get upgrade wants to remove the only instaled kernel version, but not install the new one. And, it's supposed to keep the previoud version.04:38
dramaTheNH813, what does sudo apt-get install linux-image-4.4.0-28-generic  do?04:38
TheNH813Installs it.04:38
TheNH813But then updates manager won't keep it up to date as it's manually installed04:38
TheNH813I want to fix that.04:39
ubuntu-HaneulThanks! TheNH81304:39
TheNH813ubuntu-Haneul: You're welcome.04:39
TheNH813BRB getting water04:39
plop_its_ellieit should have showed up in the update manager again04:40
dramaTheNH813, maybe sudo apt-mark unhold linux-image-generic04:41
BackwardsTheNH813 check this site out:   http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=158914704:42
ubuntu-HaneulUm, Can I ask one more thing? How can I play MP3, AVI and MP4 video on Ubuntu?04:42
TheNH813ubuntu-Haneul: Install these packages (Wait I'm geting a list)04:43
BackwardsAlso:   http://askubuntu.com/questions/247549/is-it-possible-to-undo-an-apt-get-install-command04:43
plop_its_elliesudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras04:43
EriC^^ubuntu-Haneul: sudo add-apt-repository multiverse && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras04:43
TheNH813Yup, that's the one04:43
plop_its_elliethat will install codecs, tho to give you a warning it will also install flash and java04:44
ubuntu-Haneulwoah, thank you.04:44
TheNH813plop_its_ellie: Hey thanks for that reminder. I forgot the meta-package ubuntu-restricted-extras existed.04:44
TheNH813I was going to pound out a list of ALL the packages. XD04:45
plop_its_ellieyea theres a lot of packages in it, would be nice if there was a seperate codec pack without flash and java tho04:45
TheNH813Hm... it still thinks  linux-headers-generic thermald aren't required. I don't like the looks of that.04:46
MisterGadflyDoes Ubuntu have a tool to make an Oracle Java .deb package?04:47
TheNH813MisterGadfly: That's a good question.04:47
MisterGadflyLike on Debian04:47
TheNH813I'd say grab the source code to that tool and compile it on Ubuntu. Worth a shot. *shrugs*04:48
plop_its_ellieyou can compile it into a deb with make checkinstall04:49
ubuntu-HaneulI thought if I type sudo apt-get install Chrome I would get Chrome, but it doesn't work at all. why?04:49
tioxA peculiar question, since I'm not on the up about this subject; What's a good tool I can use to view and submit posts to Facebook without looking at Facebook?04:49
plop_its_ellieubuntu-Haneul, because its not in the repository, however chromium is04:49
TheNH813ubuntu-Haneul: Google chrome is not in the defualt repository04:49
TheNH813Let me link you Chromw04:49
plop_its_ellieitchromium is basically google chrome without flash, google branding and any other weird googly stuff04:50
ubuntu-Haneulho, interesting.04:50
plop_its_elliesudo apt-get install chromium-browser04:50
plop_its_ellieotherwise there is a .deb on googles site for chrome04:50
plop_its_ellieand it adds the repo upon installation04:50
ubuntu-HaneulOkay, I will try.04:50
TheNH813ubuntu-Haneul: https://www.google.com/intl/en/chrome/browser/desktop/index.html This is the download link if you want it04:50
ubuntu-Haneulthank you.04:51
TheNH813Select Ubuntu, obviously. :P04:51
tioxIf you still desire to use Firefox, for some strange reason you can always install Pipelight and use Pipelight's Flash, though this also requires the installation of wine-staging from their repository to make use of Pipelight, and it doesn't work for DRM-protected content from what I've seen.04:51
tioxOr, there's another package you can install to use Freshwrapper + Chrome's Flash plugin as an NPAPI plugin.04:52
TheNH813Honestly, I never use flash anymore.04:52
TheNH813Well, almos tnever04:53
tioxI believe it's in more recent version repos as browser-plugin-freshplayer-pepperflash04:53
plop_its_elliehui dont recommend using pipelight04:53
plop_its_ellieits not really needed these days anyways04:53
TheNH813HTML5 for the win. And flash 11.x is good enough for the occasional browser game.04:53
BackwardsTheNH813 are you trying to use multiple images on your box?04:53
TheNH813Images? Of the kernel?04:53
plop_its_elliepipelight is just silverlight in wine04:53
tioxplop_its_ellie: Silverlight. I know many sides don't use it anymore but it's still a thing.04:53
plop_its_ellietiox, its not worth it04:53
tioxNo, no it is not. At least it's not _just_ that/04:53
plop_its_elliethe security vulnerabilities04:54
plop_its_ellieand such a small number of sites use it, not worth the risk04:54
plop_its_ellienetflix has started using html5 drm04:54
plop_its_ellieand pepper flash is in the repos04:54
plop_its_elliebut only works in google chrome atm04:54
MisterGadflyIs the webup8team repo trustworthy?04:55
TheNH813I use it04:55
TheNH813For things like pulseaudio-equalizer04:55
TheNH813That I absolutely ned.04:55
plop_its_elliei would avoid using ppas if you can, otherwise if you do use them i recommend using ppas from the developers of the projects04:55
BackwardsTheNH813 I opted out for synaptic installation on my Ubuntu box.04:55
BackwardsSynaptic is like Windows updates.04:56
plop_its_elliesynaptic is nothing like windows updates :o04:57
TheNH813It's MUCH better04:57
plop_its_elliewindows update is horrible04:57
tioxIt's analogous to Windows Update, but you control your own repos.04:57
plop_its_elliesynaptic is just a front end to apot04:57
BackwardsI don't need my servers to talk with anything or anyone but who I want it to talk with.04:58
greydawgguys I have this unsupported locale settings en_IN.ISO8859-104:58
tioxAnd apt's a front-end for dpkg yeah yeah we know.04:58
TheNH813I prefer the commandline to install new applications, but GUI for updates.04:58
greydawgerror does anyone know04:58
BackwardsTheNH813 good point.04:58
greydawgUnsupported locale setting en_IN.ISO8859-1 specified for daemon process group localhost:80. Consider using 'C.UTF-8' as fallback setting.04:58
TheNH813Hm.... guessing by that are you in India?04:59
BackwardsCommand line is best.04:59
BackwardsI run my servers   headless.05:00
TheNH813I have a shell script I run on every new installation. You can bet it configures things and runs a bunch of apt-get install commands.05:00
BackwardsI don't need GUI to run my servers.05:00
dramaBackwards, give me a link for running headless05:01
TheNH813Definitely not on a server. SSH is goon enough for most purposes.05:01
TheNH813*good enough05:01
dramaBackwards, you install headless?05:01
tioxRemember, know your audience; Ubuntu users not familiar with the command line may went to use Synaptic. (Also install apt-xapian-index)05:01
BackwardsDrama   "headless" means simply   No monitor, no keyboard, no mouse.05:02
dramaBackwards, no video card?05:02
TheNH813You know what? I'm gonna do something risky. I have backups, so I'm good. I'm gonna purge ALL kernels, including the running one, and completely reinstall them.05:02
BackwardsYou don't need a video card with a server.05:02
TheNH813That should fix the quirkness in apt-get upgrade05:03
TheNH813*Crosses fingers*05:03
tioxAnd that is the last we ever heard of TheNH813; Rest in peace, buddy, rest in peace.05:03
Ben64TheNH813: what issue are you experiencing05:03
TheNH813It refuses to update the kernel, and the package states are all wrong.05:04
TheNH813In fact, it dosen't even see the update.05:04
TheNH813Reinstall all kernels to reset apt is my best option.05:04
plop_its_ellieif you are gonna wipe all the kernels are you just better off reinstalling05:04
BackwardsTheNH813 you didn't back up your system before you made changes.05:04
TheNH813I did05:05
TheNH813It's just a pain to reimage.05:05
TheNH813To OS partition05:05
BackwardsTo live is to learn my friend.05:05
greydawg[Fri Jul 01 10:34:52.954567 2016] [wsgi:error] [pid 2338:tid 3075512640] mod_wsgi (pid=2338): Unsupported locale setting en_IN.ISO8859-1 specified for daemon process group localhost:80. Consider using 'C.UTF-8' as fallback setting.05:05
=== Dartellum1 is now known as Dartellum
greydawgguys anyone has an idea about this?05:06
BackwardsI have lots of customers comeing to me and they never backed up anything. I have to do a data recovery and put the box back to the way it was. That is crazy. It takes days to do that.05:06
TheNH813I bet it does05:07
BackwardsData recovery is time consuming.05:07
dramagreydawg, http://blog.dscpl.com.au/2014/09/setting-lang-and-lcall-when-using.html05:07
TheNH813Ah, I have a empty /boot folder now.05:07
hemangpatelis anyone know good tool or application to check bandwidth usage of all machine of network to identify usage per machine ?05:07
greydawgdrama: thanks man05:08
greydawgI'll go over it05:08
plop_its_elliehemangpatel, nettop and nethogs05:08
TheNH813That, and the stats of your router if ti logs them.05:08
plop_its_ellienettop monitors bandwith of a specific interface05:08
plop_its_ellienethogs does the same but its for seeing what is using the most bandwidth05:08
plop_its_elliethey are both command line tools05:09
plop_its_ellievery nice tho05:09
hemangpatelplop_its_ellie, Can i check same for another machine in network ? I need list of machine who uses most bandwidth in network05:09
TheNH813Wooooooooooooot! I reinstalled the kernel only by only typing in sudo apt-get install linux-image-generic and it pulled the latest version! Success!05:10
BackwardsPlop thanks for that info.05:10
BackwardsCongratulations TheNH813.05:11
TheNH813Sometimes, you just gotta do something that could either fail horribly or work you perfectly. :D05:11
TheNH813Now, I gotta reinstall linux-headers-generic and linux-source-generic05:12
plop_its_elliehemangpatel, i dont think it does05:12
BackwardsI am proud of you TheNH813.05:13
plop_its_elliei would recommend using your router for that05:13
plop_its_ellieor having something on the edge of your network05:13
TheNH813Backwards: Honestly, I'v never been able to fix a messed up package state in apt before.05:14
BackwardsNow TheNH813 you need to update and upgrade?05:14
plop_its_elliesudo apt-get install -f05:15
TheNH813That works, if a package is corrupt.05:15
TheNH813Or non-finished.05:15
TheNH813swift110-phone: Hello!05:15
TheNH813Backwards: Yup. Looks like only a few updates left though. About 5.05:16
swift110-phonehow are you05:16
TheNH813Fine. You need help with anything?05:16
BackwardsTheNH813 what would you do without the IRC?05:17
TheNH813No idea.05:17
TheNH813Probably reinstall a lot more often05:17
crazyhorse18Backwards, stackoverflow :)05:17
TheNH813swift110-phone: Hope you doing fine as well. :D05:18
BackwardsCrazyhorse18 that was a good one.05:18
swift110-phoneim great05:18
TheNH813\join hamradio05:19
TheNH813Woops wrong slash05:19
erasmushamradio ppl are the worst05:20
erasmusthey give nerds a bad name.05:21
TheNH813Depends on who it is.05:21
jimJoe Walsh is a ham05:21
erasmusall hams are losers.]05:21
TheNH813No comment. I'm not here to start fights.05:22
erasmusit's true05:22
jimhis mazarati does 185,,, he lost his license... now he don't drive05:22
BackwardsTheNH813 so what are you doing now to fix the problems?05:23
TheNH813Backwards:They're gone, thankfully. :o05:23
BackwardsGlad to hear that.05:23
BackwardsWhat is your objective in the changes you are trying to make?05:24
logeshWhen ubuntu releases amazon ami for south region05:24
logeshWhen ubuntu going to release amazon ebs ami for south region05:24
BackwardsTheNH813 What is your objective in the changes you are trying to make?05:25
TheNH813I'm typing it.05:25
TheNH813Backwards: I was trying to fix a corrupt install of the kernel. I marked the previous version as hold and uninstalled the new one. A day later (today) I went to unhold it and install the new version again. It wouldn't see the update and that's where the trouble started.05:25
BackwardsThat is frustrating.05:26
TheNH813A simply purge of all kernels and kernel drivers and headers and reinstall using the  simple package name (linux-image-generic) which defaults to the newest version fixed it.05:26
jimdid ubuntu alter make-kpkg?05:27
BackwardsWell, as long as you have the common sense to fix the problem. That is all that counts.05:27
TheNH813Backwards: Yup. The only risk with that is if your PC turn off, there's no kernel on disk to boot.05:27
BackwardsI didn't know that you can purge the kernel. If the kernel is purged how can you load up the new kernel?05:28
TheNH813Install it before oyu reboot.05:28
TheNH813Else, RIP05:28
BackwardsThat makes sense.05:28
plop_its_ellieyou can chroot into the system05:28
jimwell you can recover if you reboot... it would take a lot of work if you don't prepare before you reboot05:28
plop_its_elliethen install the kernel in there05:28
TheNH813Well, there's that. I would just copy paste a kernel from the cloned installation on my backup.05:29
plop_its_ellieyou could just do a reinstall05:29
BackwardsJim that is sensible.05:29
TheNH813jim: That is the sensible way to fix it if you don't have a restore enviroment.05:30
BackwardsReinstall is the same as doing all of the research and work.05:30
TheNH813Yup, reinstall is too time consuming when I have like 15G of custom and regular software installed.05:30
jimbut it's of course much better if you install a kernel first... what are the symptoms?05:30
plop_its_elliewhat custom software?05:30
TheNH813plop_its_ellie Proprietary stuff and stuff I'v written.05:31
plop_its_ellieoh, weird proprietary stuff...05:31
plop_its_ellieyou cant just reinstall it?05:31
plop_its_ellieespecially if you've written it, you cant just export data files from it, then reinstall and import the data files back05:32
TheNH813I could, but there's so much a reinstall isn't worth it. I sync to a backup HDD one per week. I could literally just swap disks.05:32
BackwardsThe only problem with reinstallation is that if there is data on the disk, it must be backed up and that is more work.05:32
plop_its_ellieyou cant just script the installations?05:32
BackwardsMirror the disk before the change.05:32
TheNH813I keep separate partitions for data and system05:32
TheNH813In fact, all the folders in my home directory are simlinks05:32
TheNH813Thus, easy reinstalls05:32
TheNH813if necessary05:33
plop_its_ellieor better yet, have a script backup the data files, then have another script that installs all of them then restores the data05:33
TheNH813or reiimaging05:33
plop_its_ellieoh there you go, just reinstall the base system05:33
BackwardsSimply put another hard drive on your box and mirror it everytime you make changes. That fixes everything.05:33
TheNH813I also backup my data, the archaic way. cp -rvn /media/Home/Myname_Data/* /media/Backupdrive05:34
TheNH813And all my docs and music also go to mega using the megasync plugin for nautilus.05:34
plop_its_ellieTheNH813, btw when you write proprietary custom software can you use standard data formats, make it easy to get data in and out05:34
plop_its_elliesorry to be bitter about it, its just at work its always a pain in the neck when people come in and they have some weird proprietary software05:35
TheNH813plop_its_elite: Yes. I'm too lazy for SQL so I usually use CSV.05:35
TheNH813And there's comments at the top of the file deatiling what each row does.05:36
plop_its_ellieespecially when there are open source equivilents of what they are doing but they are too stubborn to switch...05:36
BackwardsWhat is your Disk Space on your hard drive TheNH813?05:36
TheNH81330G for the OS, 500 for Data.05:37
TheNH813And anothe drive for more stuff like videos and music I'v transferred.05:37
Backwards30 Gig is small.05:37
BackwardsMy disk space is Terabytes.05:37
Ben6430 is fine for OS05:38
BackwardsIf you purchase a Terabyte HD, you can mirror your kernel on another partition on your HD.05:38
TheNH813As for my databases, I take special care to make sure the program spaces data evenly with tabs inside the CSV, so it looks fine even in a text editor. Most of my custom software is for automation, home built electronics controlled with the parallel port, radio stuff and custom applications like data logging and pentesting stuff.05:39
TheNH813I have a massive range of interests, and am a avid experimenter, with both software and hardware.05:39
BackwardsTheNH813 you are a Radio Electronics person?05:40
TheNH813Kindof. I'v been interested in radio for a while but takes a large interest in it int he past year or so.05:40
TheNH813I want to get a amateur radio license as well.05:40
BackwardsI have Five Masters Degrees in Engineering.05:40
TheNH813Woah, really?05:41
TheNH813That's epic.05:41
BackwardsI have my FCC G.R.O.L05:41
RavnessDamn, I really hate how spotify has a crappy linux client :/05:41
redenginlol, how many years did you put in to get 5 masters?05:41
BackwardsI am almost 60 years old.05:41
redenginah, that makes more sense then05:42
TheNH813Backwards: The GROL is the one that covers international communication if I remember correctly, right?05:42
somsip~ot | TheNH813 (and others - please back to support, or take the chat private, thanks)05:42
BackwardsGeneral Radio Operator's License.05:42
somsip!ot | TheNH813 (and others - please back to support, or take the chat private, thanks)05:42
ubottuTheNH813 (and others - please back to support, or take the chat private, thanks): #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:42
BackwardsI am a Radio Broadcast Engineer.05:43
BackwardsAlso a Communications Expert.05:43
BackwardsElectronics Engineer.05:43
somsipBackwards: and offtopic. Can we get back to support in here please05:43
redenginterrestrial or satellite too?05:43
TheNH813Will keep on topic. Sorry.05:43
BackwardsSomsip nobody else is talking except the above. Do you have something to add here?05:46
jimBackwards, at this moment your chest is leading your head by about 20 feet05:46
BackwardsJim that is funny.05:46
somsipBackwards: I'll add to on-topic chat when I can help, shut up when I can't, and try to keep offtopic chat off channel. Politely.05:46
=== ryban- is now known as `ryban
BackwardsWell then, pardon me for living.05:47
BackwardsBy the way TheNH813 did you know that Ubuntu has built in Easter Eggs?05:48
jimBackwards, wait, if you're apologizing for living,,, by "living", do you refer to the act of talking here? if so... you're claiming to live on irc05:48
somsip!behelpful | jim05:49
ubottujim: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.05:49
plop_its_ellieI think its important to not have too much dead air05:49
BackwardsLOL Jim05:49
plop_its_elliecuz the ubuntu-br and ubuntu-pt especailly is basically a wasteland05:49
plop_its_ellieand when someone does come in for help noone is usually around05:49
somsipplop_its_ellie: channel guidelines disagree. It's simple - support here, chat elsewhere05:49
plop_its_elliesomsip, yea i know, but eventually the channel kinda fades and if someone needs help noone will really be around as in the case with the -pt and -br channels05:50
jimsomsip, oh, I'm familiar with the issue... it's just not one that's on topic here05:51
LaxSlashHaving an issue with CUPS shared printers being accessed via lpd. cups-bsd is installed, but if I connect to my IP ( and specify the name/queue of the printer (VIRTU-PDF-B), nothing goes through.05:52
somsipplop_its_ellie: never happens. It's05:52
LaxSlashUbuntu 14.0405:52
BackwardsThe fact of the matter is that there are those who bring a channel to life. Stop being stodgy. People open up to kindness rather than strict dictitorial rules.05:52
BackwardsHave a nice day folks.05:53
somsip!guidelines | Backwards (you are not a regular here)05:53
ubottuBackwards (you are not a regular here): The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines05:53
jimBackwards, unfortunately they have rules here... probably the best thing to do is relax and breathe05:53
hmirHey guys. I have xubuntu 14.10. I've have heard that upgrading 14.10 to 16.04 is a huge hassle, and that I may have to upgrade first to 15.04 and then from 15.04 to 16.04. Is this accurage?05:55
hmirI would prefer a clean insstall, but the cdrom drive on my laptop is faulty, and the laptop BIOS is old, does not support booting from USB. So, I would prefer to upgrade the release from within the OS. Any advice/recommendation?05:55
jimhmir, can you boot a usb stick?05:55
Ben64hmir: 14.10 -> 15.04 -> 15.10 -> 16.0405:55
jimoh, you just said probably no05:56
somsiphmir: it's not a huge hassle as such, but any upgrade can be problematic. Clean install is (arguably) always better.05:56
Ben64hmir: theres a little cd you can boot (forget the name) that lets you boot from usb05:56
hateball!eolupgrade | hmir05:58
ubottuhmir: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades05:58
plop_its_ellieyou can burn that to a cd and boot the usb from there05:58
plop_its_ellietho even a lot of old computers can still boot from usb05:58
=== Kenrinx is now known as kenrin
plop_its_ellieswift110-phone, most of the pre 2006 machines i work with at work have booted from usb just fine06:02
=== tahder is now known as noobface
plop_its_ellieswift110-phone, yea, even most of the old pentium 4 boxes06:06
theptrhi yesterday i was asking here about how to install an old version of qtcreator on ubuntu 16.04 64bit06:09
theptrsomeone told me to compile it from source06:09
theptrNow thats finished but now i have a bunch of files and dont know how to install this06:10
somsiptheptr: you would potentially have an easily time installing an older version of ubuntu (that has the version of qtcreator you want) in a VM06:11
lotuspsychjetheptr: or file a new !bug on the current version of qtcreator, for the issue you experience06:12
theptrsomsip, yes i know but the problem is that i have to get it to run on the 16.04 i have no other option (work you know)06:12
plop_its_elliecouldnt he just search on packages.ubuntu.com for an older version of qt creator from an older repo06:13
plop_its_elliefrom lets say trusty06:13
plop_its_elliekinda a dirty solution tho06:14
lotuspsychjeplop_its_ellie: its recommended not to mix package versions06:14
Ben64no thats how to break stuff06:14
somsiptheptr: fair enough. There are loads of PPAs for qt - have you browsed to see if anything can solve your issue? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas?name_filter=qtcreator06:14
theptrplop_its_ellie, yes been trying that also but the oldest version i could found was 2.6.0 and i need 2.5.2 package06:15
lotuspsychjetheptr: can you explain whats going wrong with qtcreator on 16.04, that you need an old version?06:15
theptrlotuspsychje, not fully because the project i have to work on is confidential (work)06:16
theptrlotuspsychje, the program i have to get to work is designed to work with the old version was told me (something for automotive ^^ )06:16
hmirjim, Ben64, plop_its_ellie, hateball: Like I've mentioned, I cannot boot from USB because this old laptop does not support booting from usb, and the cdrtom drive doesn't work.06:17
lotuspsychjetheptr: i hope you understand older versions can hold security risks06:17
theptrlotuspsychje, but they wanted me to get it work on an pine64 because of it's small size.06:17
hmirI need to upgrade from inside the OS.06:17
theptrlotuspsychje, yeah i know but if i tell it here it's like it worked on ubuntu 12.04 back in the days so it has to work on 16.0406:18
hateballhmir: The link I gave you provides you info how to do that06:19
hateballhmir: You need a working internet connection tho06:19
lotuspsychje!pinning | theptr perhaps try this method?06:19
ubottutheptr perhaps try this method?: pinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto06:19
theptrlotuspsychje,  okay going to give that i try . thanks for your time06:20
hmirhateball: Thanks. Got it.06:23
hmirhateball: Link is very old. Is it still accurate?06:25
hateballhmir: yes06:27
=== Warrigal is now known as tswett
hmirhateball: It requires an adding a few lines to the sources.list - "deb http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ CODENAME main restricted universe multiverse" - Will the codename in this case be "xenial" or "xenial xerus"06:33
hateballhmir: no, it's the codename of your current release06:36
h3x0rcome to meet you'r maker nigger , i am negga , join ##worldgamer06:36
h3x0rfree tutorial06:37
hateballhmir: cat /etc/issue06:37
h3x0rcome to meet you'r maker nigger , i am negga , join ##worldgamer06:37
h3x0rfree tutorial06:37
somsip!ops | h3x0r06:37
ubottuh3x0r: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang, chu06:37
hateballhmir: then you update, upgrade, do-release-upgrade. and on 15.04, you repeat the process. until you are on 16.0406:37
pavlushkaI need help with this http://paste.ubuntu.com/18214330/ please06:38
hmirthanks hateball!06:38
h3x0rcome to meet you'r maker nigger , i am negga , join ##worldgamer06:39
hateballhmir: good luck and have patience :D06:39
h3x0rfree tutorial06:39
h3x0rcome to meet you'r maker nigger , i am negga , join ##worldgamer06:39
hmirhateball: Can you tell me the difference between "apt-get dist-upgrade" and "do-release-upgrade"?06:39
hmirI need both commands, one after the other, but I'm curious what the difference is and why in that order?06:40
brushdemonpavlushka: ifconfig <interface> {up|down}06:40
hateballhmir: dist-upgrade upgrades the current release fully. do-release-upgrade moves you to next version of ubuntu06:41
glass_i made a tool to help people learn about all the commands needed i could think of off the top of my head for linux, several diff distros, pentesting, - 499 different commands - please check it out and give me feedback - https://github.com/LubuntuFu/fishfry06:41
pavlushkabrushdemon: duh, thanks06:41
brushdemonno problem pavlushka06:42
hmirthanks, hateball!06:43
brushdemonnot bad glass_, I'll save a copy if I need it06:43
brushdemonthere's some stuff on there I didn't know about!06:44
glass_thanks - its my first ever type making something - but i wanted to give back to the community06:44
glass_i needed something for my resume think that will look good on it?06:44
brushdemonI'm not too sure, I couldn't get into tech so I gave up and work in another industry now06:46
glass_me too i am a industrial pipefitter06:46
notadeveloperanyone knows if its possible to run both nvidia and radeon cards on ubuntu06:47
glass_been self teaching my way into sec and more specificly ICS security but i just recently started landing interviews and contract jobs06:47
hateballnotadeveloper: It is not06:48
brushdemonnice work glass_ :) I wish you the best of luck06:48
glass_thanks man06:49
theptrglass_, good job06:50
glass_thanks sir06:50
glass_you guys are honestly making my night i have worked for about a week on this and was unsure about releasing it as i didnt think it would be helpful06:50
hateballnotadeveloper: The only way you could potentially use it would be with PCI passthrough to a VM. But you can't use both cards for the same running instance of Ubuntu06:50
=== csyogi1 is now known as csyogi
plop_its_elliesomeone got pci passthrough working???06:53
theptrglass_, also i couldn't get into the IT , so i started as a software tester and worked my way up06:53
plop_its_ellielast time i tried to do that I got some error about "tainted kernel"06:53
plop_its_elliei didnt go any further cuz my whole system would freeze and lock up06:54
glass_thats awesome - theptr - i called ceo's cto's on the phone and talked to them about hiring me i sent out over 400 resume's i networked on linkedin did it all and am starting to see the results of 2 yrs of dedication06:54
theptrglass_, never give up on it06:55
ddd333what can i do to protect my ubuntu. create something on a usb drive? what to do in case my pc fails?06:57
ShogootHi all, im a bit frustradet trying to config a static ip on 16.04. I got another server running centos 6.4 with same gateway and netmask and its working fine im using /etc/network/interfaces on 16.04 iface ens32 inet static with address netmask gateway and dns.nameserver Im unable to ping anything thats not on my own network. Is there a sepsific log for networking in /etc?06:58
ddd333what can i do to protect my ubuntu. create something on a usb drive? how to do it? what to do in case my pc fails?06:58
=== cpaelzer_ is now known as cpaelzer
plop_its_ellieddd333, you mean like a recovery image?06:59
ddd333plop_its_ellie: yes, or like a recovery USB, nothing fancy. please guide me06:59
plop_its_ellieddd333, well there is a peice of software called clonezilla you can use to make an image of your installation06:59
ddd333i guess it's not common for ubuntu not to restart07:00
ddd333plop_its_ellie: ty07:00
plop_its_ellieddd333, ubuntu is pretty solid so you will rarely have to restart, also for clonezilla you must make a bootable usb/cd with it07:01
plop_its_elliein order to boot it and proceed with the cloning pocess07:01
ddd333plop_its_ellie: yeah, maybe i'm stil traumatized from the old windows days07:01
plop_its_elliedont worry most of those windows issues dont exsist in ubuntu or linux in general :)07:02
ddd333plop_its_ellie: :PPP07:03
Dandelsddd333, if your installation breaks you can stick in any generic linux live session media (such as the ubuntu installer) and fix stuff from the live session07:04
ddd333Dandels: thank you07:05
DandelsThe same trick can be used to access windows files if the computer doesn't boot (or is password protected)07:05
DandelsObviously you can't bypass encryption, though07:05
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=== Guest82546 is now known as rishabh
ShogootIs there a speisifc log for network? in /var/log?07:09
hateballShogoot: what do you mean by "network"07:10
DandelsShogoot, I think it should all be in journalctl.07:10
ddd333quick question: this guy is so sarcastic with me. that's the only way he talks to me. do i really annoy him and he hates me? what do you think?07:10
Shogoothateball, Dandels - Like in seeing error when i try to ping something outside my own network. I cant get a frikking static ip to work.07:11
hateballShogoot: There's no logs of network traffic07:11
hateballShogoot: You'll want to use something like wireshark for that07:11
Shogoothateball, ah, well tahts not what i need i think. I got anotehr server with centos 6.4 with identical setup and this 16.04 server wont ping any outside ip. I can from my ubuntu 16.04 ping my centos, but nothing on the "intenret" both have smae dns-servername
hateballShogoot: and what does your routing look like?07:14
Shogootah. i dont know. what was the command again?07:14
hateballShogoot: "route"07:15
Shogoothateball, that is much empty.07:15
Shogootwtf :)07:15
hateballyou'll probably want to define a gateway if you expect your traffic to go anywhere07:16
Shogootoh no ther eit throwed a output.07:16
Shogootthe gateway is correct and same as in centos 6.407:17
Shogoothateball, look at this, does this seem ok for you? http://imgur.com/Lfg1Ewu07:18
mojtabaHi, Do you know when was the release date of the stable version for 16.04 LTS?07:19
mojtabaWas it Jul. 01?07:19
ddd333july 21st07:19
mojtabaNAAAAA. 20 more days07:19
=== marshal0605 is now known as marshal0505
mojtabaddd333: thanks07:20
ubottuUsers of 14.04 LTS will be offered the automatic upgrade when 16.04.1 LTS is released, which is scheduled for July 21st.07:20
hateballoh, too late07:20
Shogoothateball, look at this, does this seem ok for you? http://imgur.com/Lfg1Ewu07:23
hateballShogoot: assuming is your default gateway, yes07:26
Shogoothateball, it is. Any suggestions on how to debug this?07:27
temhaaI want to ask about file permissions07:33
temhaaI have magento2 directory. And I created file as root named hasret2 under magent2 directory. You can see permission in here: http://imgur.com/8qcUwO3 .07:33
temhaaWhen I remove as normal user(named hasret user) I can't delete hasret2 file because of not allowed. But When I remove as www-data user I can remove that. Why?07:33
temhaaWhat is difference to remove between normal user and www-data user07:33
temhaaIf I can't remove normal user so I am not able to remove as www-data, right?07:33
theptrstill working on my ubuntu 16.04 problem's:) does someone know how to get libqtmultimediakit1 on ubuntu 16.04 ? if searched for the lauchpad but it says failed to build for xenial07:34
theptrbut it should work on 12.04 and 14.04 so maybe there is a way around to get it to work on 16.0407:35
=== nerd is now known as Guest23931
ducassetemhaa: the directory is owned by www-data, so it can remove files there.07:37
robattila256Hey when installing grub, do I install it to /dev/sda or /dev/sda1 (boot partition?)07:42
ducasserobattila256: uefi or legacy?07:42
robattila256its asking me which to highlight and install grub to07:42
ducasserobattila256: then install grub to the efi partition.07:43
robattila256i dont know what that means07:43
ducasserobattila256: you should have an 'efi system partition' in your list of partitions, to be mounted at /boot/efi07:43
robattila256i just created /boot partition07:44
robattila256im gonna install it on that and hope it works07:44
ducasserobattila256: you will need /boot/efi too, and it has to be fat32.07:44
plop_its_ellieisnt the efi partition the boot parttion?07:45
robattila256well when I was installing ubuntu i created a 300mb ext4 /boot mount point07:45
robattila256cause thats the option it gave me07:45
robattila256and i pressed continue with uefi installation07:45
tim241how to fix this?: http://pastebin.com/pLbZNXV007:45
robattila256imma try it and see if it works brb07:45
plop_its_elliefor efi it needs to be fat3207:45
ducasseplop_its_ellie: no, they are two different things.07:45
plop_its_ellieducasse, i just opened gparted, it looks like ubuntu makes 2 seperate partitions for both07:46
plop_its_elliehmmmm, when i install arch i normally just use /boot as the efi partition07:46
ducassetim241: 'apt-get dist-upgrade'07:47
ducasseplop_its_ellie: arch is not ubuntu :) arch also stores kernels etc in the efi partition afaik, ubuntu doesn't.07:48
plop_its_ellieducasse, oh, i see. I assumed they were the same as far as that goes07:49
robattila256yay i got it working07:50
robattila256the /boot/efi was already created07:50
robattila256just had to install grub to /boot and thats it wasnt even fat32 just ext407:51
plop_its_ellieyea since the /boot /efi are seperate then it should be fine07:51
tim241ducasse, how long does that take?07:52
tim241I am doing it now07:52
tim241but it takes LONG07:52
ducassetim241: depends on the machine and network connection.07:53
tim241it is finally done07:54
tim241ducasse, thanks07:56
pl7ofitHello bros, i have a problem with the CANYON mouse. Left click works not always This problem has been found in 16.04 kubuntu, ubuntu, ubuntu mate on two different laptops. Here output lsusb and udevadm http://paste.ubuntu.com/18217325/08:04
tim241is there a program that will allow me to create a simple GUI program?08:05
tim241nvm glade will do it08:06
vbotkapl7ofit, you might want to (1) open a terminal (2) start xev in it (3) click in the xev window and (4) check the events in the terminal08:07
pl7ofittim241, zenity can make simple GUI with bash ...08:07
diskinhello, I'm trying to restore my usual keyboard setup in 16.04. when I was on 12.04, I had "right alt switches layout while pressed". so far, no solution found.08:16
centricupgraded my system from 15.10 to 16.04 but this upgraded isnt successful with few errors.08:19
justsomeguydiskin, I think you can do that with 'unity-tweak-tool'. Let me check.08:19
=== pavlushka_ is now known as pavlushka
justsomeguyOh, I forgot I was on windows.08:20
centricupgraded my system from 15.10 to 16.04 but this upgraded isnt successful with few errors.08:20
cyberorghi folks, I'd like to announce this to everyone Li-f-e: Linux for Education based on Ubuntu https://sourceforge.net/projects/cyberorg-home/files/Li-f-e/08:21
centricSetting up libvirt-bin (1.3.1-1ubuntu10.1) ...08:21
centricJob for libvirt-bin.service failed because the control process exited with error code. See "systemctl status libvirt-bin.service" and "journalctl -xe" for details.08:21
centricinvoke-rc.d: initscript libvirt-bin, action "restart" failed.08:21
justsomeguydiskin, IIRC there is an option to do that under 'keyboard' or 'typing' in unity-tweak-tool. I'm just going off of memroy, though.08:22
diskinjustsomeguy, found it in gnome tweak, thanks. trying...08:23
justsomeguydiskin, good luck. Otherwise, I guess you could look at tools like xmodmap and xcape.08:23
hasaninhello, I am using ubuntu trusty, with enligtenment17 , how can I configure input layout per application. all gnome tutorials are not applicable.08:27
hasaninis there a way to apply it via command line?08:27
justsomeguyhasanin, So, just to clarify, you want to change your keyboard layout based on what application you're currently using?08:28
abhishek__Any fix for this https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=107421. It blows my syslog and make my laptop really slow. Using kubuntu 16.04(Linux hp 4.4.0-28-generic #47-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jun 24 10:09:13 UTC 2016 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux08:29
ubottubugzilla.kernel.org bug 107421 in Network "r8169 - rtl_counters_cond == 1 (loop: 1000, delay: 10). (klog spam)" [Normal,New]08:29
hasaninjuanonymous, exactly here is what I seek http://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/28393/auto-change-keyboard-layout-based-on-application-focus08:30
hasaninbut it is for gnome08:30
diskinjuanonymous, it was for justsomeguy08:30
hasaninjuanonymous, sorry08:31
juanonymousaw, ok08:31
hasaninjustsomeguy, http://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/28393/auto-change-keyboard-layout-based-on-application-focus08:31
hasaninthat is what i need to do but via command line08:32
hasaninor how to do it on enlightenment 1708:32
pl7ofitvbotka, i will try to do it08:33
centricSetting up libvirt-bin (1.3.1-1ubuntu10.1) ...08:33
centricJob for libvirt-bin.service failed because the control process exited with error code. See "systemctl status libvirt-bin.service" and "journalctl -xe" for details.08:33
centricinvoke-rc.d: initscript libvirt-bin, action "restart" failed.08:33
abhishek__how to report this bug ubuntu-bug <??>08:33
ducassecentric: the error message tells you what to do.08:34
centricducasse, this is error i'm getting after upgrading from 15.10 to 16.0408:35
centricSetting up libvirt-bin (1.3.1-1ubuntu10.1) ...08:37
centricJob for libvirt-bin.service failed because the control process exited with error code. See "systemctl status libvirt-bin.service" and "journalctl -xe" for details.08:37
centricinvoke-rc.d: initscript libvirt-bin, action "restart" failed.08:37
centricdpkg: error processing package libvirt-bin (--configure):08:37
centric subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 108:37
centricErrors were encountered while processing:08:37
ikoniacentric: ok, what does journalctl show08:37
ikoniawhy is it failing,08:37
jiggawattzcentric ▸ you probably want to do that in a pastebin08:37
jiggawattzDrone` ▸ unquiet that man08:37
ikoniait will do it automatically in minute08:38
centricoutput of "journalctl -xe": https://paste.ubuntu.com/18219205/08:39
theptrsomeone who knows where i can find libqtmultimediakit1_1.2.0-1ubuntu2_armhf.deb08:39
theptrim trying to find this deb on the internet with no succes for the moment08:40
ikoniacentric: read the output yourself08:40
ikonianot just blindly paste it08:40
ikoniawhat do you think is happening08:40
ducassecentric: check output of 'systemctl status -l libvirt-bin.service'08:40
ikoniacentric: no just paste08:41
ikoniacentric: READ08:41
ikoniayou're also cutting off detail08:41
ducassecentric: and don't leave the '-l' out.08:41
ikoniaif you are trying to run virtualization services, you should have basic debugging ability08:42
ikonianot just cut and paste things and expect people to fix it for you08:42
ikoniathere should be some thought/evaluation about whats going on08:42
CelphishDoes anyone here use the mail-client "evolution"?08:42
ikoniaCelphish: not for a long time, whats up08:42
centricikonia, i'm not using virtualization08:43
centrici just have upgraded from 15.10 to 16.0408:43
GazyrlezonI used to use Evolution once, still do for calendar sometimes.08:43
Celphishikonia: I'm baffled by the settings, I need to use "TLS Encryption" for my smtp-settings, but all I can find is the "STARTTLS on connection", which doesn't work since TLS has to be active from the get-go08:43
ikoniacentric: yet your running libvritd08:43
centricikonia, may be its from virtualbox i guess08:44
centricas i dont use qmeu08:44
ikoniacentric: .....and yet you've just said "I'm not doing virtualization"08:44
ikoniacentric: let me guess, vbox from the external PPA08:44
ikoniarather than the one ubuntu provides08:44
CelphishOr is there a better option for connecting to Exchange? I need mail, contacts and calendar to be synced08:44
ikoniaCelphish: it's the only option for exchange and it's setup is dubvious as it basically wraps the exchange imap service08:45
Celphishikonia: oh, ok, then I have to figure out how to get the "TLS encryption"-option to appear.. I know it has been there from screenshots when I googled it, but other than that, I'm stuck :/08:45
centricikonia, i dont remember it now, but will removing VB will solve problem??08:46
ikoniaif you're not using it - remove libvirtd08:46
neredsenvyWhy do I get systemctl not found08:46
ikoniaand I'd certainly look where you got vbox from08:46
ikonianeredsenvy: whatversion of ubuntu08:46
neredsenvysudo: systemctl: command not found08:46
DandelsCelphish, I wonder if this is one of those cases where you have to specify imaps:// instead of imap://08:47
ikonianeredsenvy: it's not used in 14.0408:47
centriclibvirt0            libvirt-glib-1.0-0 which should i remove?08:47
neredsenvywhat now08:47
ikonianeredsenvy: what do you mean "what now"08:47
Dandelsneredsenvy, what are you trying to do?08:48
Dandelspresumably start/enable a service?08:48
neredsenvytrying to configure openVPN trying to start the server the command is sudo systemctl start openvpn@server08:48
CelphishDandels: well, imap+, is being used for receiving info, which works, but for the outgoing mails I have to use TLS encryption, which isn't an option I'm afraid08:48
ikonianeredsenvy: where are you getting this command from ?08:48
ikonianeredsenvy: as it sounds like thats for another distro/version08:48
DandelsCelphish, there's smtps. I'm just looking at my mutt config and making guesses here, though08:48
Celphishoh, nice, there is a channel on another irc-network, I'm going there :D08:49
centricikonia, which pkg should i remove? libvirt0 or libvirt-glib-1.0-0 or both?08:49
DandelsYeah, good luck :p08:49
CelphishDandels: oh, ok, thanks for the input anyhow :)08:49
abhishek__Please suggest something related to fixing this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/158842808:49
abhishek__Filed a month ago :)08:49
neredsenvyStep 908:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1588428 in linux (Ubuntu) "PCI bus error on startup while booting into login screen (Kubuntu 16.04)" [Medium,Incomplete]08:49
Dandelsneredsenvy, you're following 16.04 instructions on 14.0408:49
OerHeksabhishek__, [Medium,Incomplete] , make it complete?08:50
abhishek__OerHeks, It is complete, provided all info I can.08:50
Dandelsneredsenvy, update to 16.04, problem solved ;D08:50
sergioadfriends I need help; how can I make xboxdrv start at boot with the --silent --mimic-xpad? tags?08:51
abhishek__OerHeks, Sorry I am not sure what to do ?08:51
hateballabhishek__: Do what is being asked, test the kernel on your machine08:52
OerHeksabhishek__, they want you to test that kernel, and waiting for results08:52
hateballabhishek__: There's no backup needed just to install a mainline kernel, it wont remove your current one so you can switch during boot as you please08:53
abhishek__hateball, someone had already done https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1588428/comments/1308:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1588428 in linux (Ubuntu) "PCI bus error on startup while booting into login screen (Kubuntu 16.04)" [Medium,Incomplete]08:53
hateballabhishek__: So? You're being asked to provide *your* resuts08:53
hateballabhishek__: Otherwise I may as well comment on your bug "oh no it works for me" and close it as invalid08:54
LachezarHey all. Trying to add a SOCKS server to my Ubuntu Server box, but after installing the package I can see no new services. How come?08:54
sergioadi asked that question because I have an XBOX controller but Guacamelee! steamworld dig and some other games does not works with Xpad but with xboxdrv08:54
hateballsergioad: is xboxdrv a service?08:56
sergioadno as far I know, it is a driver and could be executed with a xboxdrv --silent --mimic-xpad? hateball08:57
abhishek__hateball, still don't get someone has commented it doesn't work. I suspect it won't work on my system either.08:57
hateballabhishek__: Feel free to not follow the instructions given then08:58
ducasseabhishek__: don't suspect - check!08:58
hateballsergioad: do you run that command as a regular user? just make a startup script that runs it?08:58
sergioadI need to run it as root with sudo hateball08:59
kilbithi see an 'upstart' package on Xenial, am i right to assume upstart/systemd co-exist on the same system ?09:02
hateballsergioad: you can make it quick and dirty and just drop it in either /etc/rc.local or @reboot in /etc/crontab09:02
sergioadthank you very much hateball09:03
justxuxkilbith, When I boot my PC in grub - advanced section, there is upstart kernel and systemd kernel09:04
kilbithi guess there's an alternative in case if one of the init systems fails09:05
sergioadhateball: I will reboot to test the effectivity of putting the command in rc.local :)09:08
=== spammy is now known as Guest3061
sergioadhateball: WOW thank you very much, it worked09:12
hateballsergioad: :)09:13
sergioadseriousl, hateball: thank you very much :) I can now play withnot problems09:15
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kilbithtake a room both of you09:17
nd_hey chat, with samba you can force the user/group, is it possible to do this with SFTP too? I'd like to edit files without chowning every time or without loosening the perms09:31
justxuxBetter ask this on samba related chats and forums.09:32
nd_Ok justxux :)09:32
justxuxnd_, :)09:33
Ben64how is that a samba question?09:33
=== zz_capri is now known as capri^on
ChengLongCan anyone explain to me the main differences between Linux Mint and Ubuntu (eg. hardware compatibility)?09:39
humanoid1Hi Anyone know how to find the remote desktop preferences in Mate. It's hiding09:40
ducasseChengLong: since it is mint that is a derivative of ubuntu, maybe you should ask them what they have changed?09:41
ChengLongI'm trying to get a a Microsoft Xbox 360 gamepad to work in Ubuntu. Just thinkng that Linux Mint might be able to auto-detect it as I 've had no luck with Ubuntu.09:44
SandyHi, I have question.09:44
hateballChengLong: I think you may need to install xboxdrv, but I don't use that controller myself so I am not 100%09:45
ChengLongI checked in Syanptic and xbox360drv is already installed uner my Xubuntu install so thx anyway gateball09:47
kilbithwhy there's no burning software installed by default on ubuntu ?09:47
ChengLongI'll reinstall it just in case anyway09:47
ikoniapretty sure the library for burning is there by default09:47
ikoniayou just select the interface you want09:47
kilbithikonia, if you mean 'dvd+rw-tools', no it ain't installed by default09:48
Sandywhen we get package source by "apt-get source pkgname", how do I identify which branch, commit number the source is from. Eg. when I get samba source "apt-get source samba" , it download source and show git url "git://anonscm.debian.org/pkg-samba/samba.git". But I don't know which branch/commit user in tarball of source code.09:48
LachezarHm. Is there any SOCKS server for Ubuntu? Not ssh-tunnel, but proper multi-client SOCKS proxy (with support for no authentication)?09:49
ChengLongAlso, does anyone know how to burn data files onto Blu-ray drives under Ubuntu? Would greatly appreciate the help as I usually have failed writes using K3b09:49
ChengLongSorry, I meant Blu-ray Discs09:49
ivo34hello I need help with ue4 compiling. I followed this indications: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lAzIFpR0wY but i get this error: http://pastebin.com/yb2gjUMq09:53
jdelerswhere can i find the apache2 server logs10:00
quazimodohullo all10:01
quazimodoso I've asked this once before, i'm somewhat concerned10:01
quazimodois bluetooth/blueman/bluez known to be buggy in 16.04?10:02
quazimodomy a2dp (bose ae2 soundlink) has tremendous difficulty pairing and proving an audio sink10:02
quazimodoit works perfectly with mac computers ofcourse10:02
Gazyrlezonjdelers: just use a search engine, gives you (for example) this: https://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.2/mod/core.html#errorlog10:02
jdelersGazyrlezon:  got that, but there are .gz files in there, what i need is where the console.log("something") will be displayed10:06
GazyrlezonAh, okay. Sadly, I can't help you with that.10:07
akikjdelers: probably in the same directory than your web application resides in10:09
harouthi all10:13
jdelersakik: the web app resides somewhere in var/www/ and the logs are at var/logs/apache2/   where can i find the one that i should10:14
harouti'm asking how can i get the old release respiratory?10:16
minimecharout: http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/10:17
akikjdelers: you can use zgrep to find text in the compressed files10:17
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minimecharout: in /etc/apt/sources.list... add something like this..."deb http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ quantal universe"10:19
harouthow can i get the lo=ist of links?10:19
harouthow can i get the list of links?10:19
=== sergio is now known as Guest39882
ducasseharout: what list of links?10:23
haroutthe list for available in my release10:25
haroutthe list that available to my release10:25
ducasseharout: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades10:26
vishwanathHow to create path for filevault.tgz in ubuntu14.04?10:26
akikvishwanath: your question needs some more info10:27
harouthow can i save/backup my apt deb archive and restore it?10:28
ducasseharout: tar?10:28
akikvishwanath: what are you trying to accomplish?10:29
ducasseharout: are you talking about the packages in /var/cache/apt on your local system?10:29
minimecharout: 'dpkg --get-selections >/backup/package-selections' in a console to get the list of installed packages10:30
minimecharout: you will get a file called package-selections in your /home directory.10:30
jdelersvishwanath:  if you are trying to install AEM this will be useful to you  http://daycq.blogspot.in/2012/02/installing-filevault-vlt.html10:30
minimecharout: see... https://wiki.debian.org/ListInstalledPackages10:31
annakaI cant resize Guest window in virt-manager.10:31
jdelersand your quesn seems vague, please always ask the quesn providing what you have tried and what you really need vishwanath10:31
jdelersi have assumed you are trying to install the AEM locally or  something ?? vishwanath10:32
akikwhat is aem?10:34
jdelersadobe experience manager10:34
akiknever heard about that. not probably packaged in ubuntu?10:35
jdelersyes not packaged in ubuntu, it is proprietary10:36
jdelersi guess he is literally new to using the ubuntu10:37
kopfOn a clean install of 16.04, if I do an apt-get upgrade and then reboot, my display is blank. What can I do to prevent this? Is there any extra X11/compiz monitor detection I can run before rebooting so I don't end up with a blank screen?10:37
Harishello all10:37
jdelersanyways until i could hear frm vishwanath  i cannot answer/help you with what you need10:38
HarisI have a crontab job going something like ---> @reboot    cd /home/user/scripts/scriptfolder; rm -f some old pid files; nohup ./script-to-run.sh >/dev/null 2>&1 & <--- is this right syntax on 14.4 LTS ?10:38
tatertotshi haris10:38
=== messer440 is now known as Guest63542
akikjdelers: maybe he's cross posting his question elsewhere and isn't reading this channel10:39
tatertotswell haris , does it run ? does it produce the expected results?10:41
vishwanathI have tried to set path using terminal and it shows that "we cannot execute file"10:41
vishwanathI am using it for aem10:41
tatertotsHey it's Andybee10:41
Harisit didn't. I guess it did. but script exited due to existence of pid file. fixed it in crontab job setting10:41
akikvishwanath: you don't execute a tar file10:41
vishwanathI have extracted the file tried to set path  in terminal10:42
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vishwanathand it shows we cannot execute file10:44
akikvishwanath: if you are in the same directory as the script/binary you want to execute, use ./script or ./binary10:45
ducassevishwanath: you might need to set it executable with chmod +x.10:46
annakahey any?10:47
vishwanathI got it10:48
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geirhaHaris: Never cd in a script without testing if it failed. Especially not when the next command is rm10:49
jdelersvishwanath:  congrats!! and thanks i am struggling to help you here10:49
geirhacd /some/dir || exit; rm ...10:49
akikvishwanath: if you need to add that path to your user's startup scripts, you can add it to $HOME/.bashrc10:50
haroutis there an apt way to save/backup my apt deb archive and restore it?10:50
akik(if using bash of course)10:50
ducasseharout: apt-clone10:51
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Harisah that10:51
Harisupdated my conrtab with || exit part10:52
harouti read the man page apt-clone, ok10:52
hateballHaris: usually it's a lot less messy you use an actual script, rather than run it all on one line in crontab10:53
HarisI agree10:54
HarisI just don't want to do /home/username/scripts/scriptfolder/script-name.sh long command line to make it work. lol10:54
Harisplus the script is not coded to dispose off of old pid files on next reboot10:55
PrashanTi am using ubuntu 14.04  whenever i am trying to approach any website  through my web browser  i got re direct to id-domain errors.com !!! what's happening to my system10:55
PrashanTcan anybody sought out my problem?10:57
Hariswhat's the difference between having pid files vs using flock() ? meaning, how are the pid files managed ? especially when the script being run, and the pid files being managed are under a normal linux user account10:57
tatertotsPrashanT what browser are you  using?11:00
prashant_i am using chrome11:01
prashant_but how do u know that i have browser releated issue??11:01
b1tpunkbecause you have a redirect issue11:01
b1tpunksomething is hijacking your browser11:02
b1tpunkmost likely an addon11:02
tatertotsPrashanT you literally mentioned "web browser" when you described the issue you were having above.11:02
tatertotsUnless that is a different PrashanT11:02
prashant_so what should  i do if someone is hijacking my system then it can be disaster for me11:03
OerHeksprashant_, can you ping www.bing.com ?11:03
prashant_yes i am getting response from bing.com11:04
OerHeksoke, no dns issue11:04
prashant_then what's  the problem?11:04
b1tpunkyeah, just read about the dns issue.11:05
b1tpunkApparently it is a common thing for ISPs to do11:05
OerHeksubuntu 14.04 32 bit?11:05
prashant_nope 64 bit11:05
Haristhank you all11:05
prashant_when i change my dns settings  by applying google dns servers ... ,   then  it does not redirect me to id-domain errors11:06
ducasseprashant_: read the wikipedia article.11:07
OerHeksdoes this happen on all computers in your network?11:07
tatertotsglad you found a solution that allows to you use the internet normally prashant_ :)11:08
prashant_no it is not happening on all computers in my network11:08
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b100shello, how can i change workplace by hotkey ? do ctlr+alt+arrow key is boring especially when you goign to change space from first to third.11:10
b100si mean i want do it like - go to second one, or go to third one11:10
Eldsomonb100s: I think there's a hotkey for that. Don't remember it, but you can look it up in the Settings (or define your own there). Not using Unity right now, but maybe its also on the hotkey iverview you get when pressing the meta key.11:14
EldsomonOverview, not iverview....11:15
b100sEldsomon, how can i define it? how can check is it defined?11:15
b100si'm quite newbie11:16
EldsomonNever fear; if you open the settings menu there should be an option "keyboard" (or something similar), click on it, it should present you with a list of all hotkeys.11:18
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atralheaven_I have a list that each line has something like "a" "b" in it, and I have a comment that needs two argument, I want to pass a and b from that list as arguments for that command for each line of that list, how can I do it?11:19
atralheaven_I know I need a for loop but I don't know how to use it11:20
kilbithshow us your code11:20
kilbithbesides, that's not a channel for discussing code11:21
atralheaven_kilbith: are you talking to me?11:21
atralheaven_there is no code11:21
atralheaven_I just want to run a command with each line of a text file in front of it11:22
atralheaven_for all lines of that file11:22
kilbithso you have a list of commands in a file, right ?11:22
atralheaven_I have a list of arguments that needs to be in front of a command in a file11:23
atralheaven_but I can easily add that command in front of each line11:23
atralheaven_so I would have a list of commands11:23
atralheaven_should I turn it to a bash script and run it?11:24
kilbithsorry i hardly visualize what you mean11:24
b100sright, Eldsomon thanks ) done!11:24
atralheaven_imagine I have a list of files that I need to move, each line has two directory addresses, first the one that the file already exist in it, and second the directory that I want to move the file to it, (just as an example, this is not the actual case) I want to run mv command for each line of that list11:26
atralheaven_like "mv /a/file /b/file" that the "/a/file /b/file" part is in the list11:27
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kilbithatralheaven_, have you tried to pass your args with a function ?11:30
atralheaven_no, im thinking of turning the list file into a bash script by adding mv command in beginning of each line, that should work, right?11:31
kilbithyou don't need to put 'mv' on each line11:32
kilbithjust make a function and put "${1}" and "${2}" for the a/b args11:32
kilbithi'd better advice you with a concrete example11:34
ivo34hello how can I tell which hardware part each temperature is in sensors? http://pastebin.com/Qihm51ac11:45
harout_i used the apt-clone clone to backup the apt deb archive and it does not include them the clone tar file11:45
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ducasseharout_: i asked you earlier to clarify what you meant, and you didn't. just copy /var/cache/apt/archives/11:49
harout_sorry for the inconvenience, i did that and compress it11:51
BluesKajHowdy all11:51
ivo34TEMP1 = MOBO TEMP2= CPU TEMP3=GPU???11:56
ivo34does anybody know for sure?11:57
chickahoonaHello beloved Ubuntu homies :) Im currenty trying to update /etc/sudoers.d/somefile with ansible. File looks good, rights are exactly the same, content too, yet it seems to have ABSOLUTLY no effect when I create them with ansible. Anyone ever ran into the same problem?11:58
ikoniachickahoona: what do you mean no impact12:01
ikoniahow you create the file doesn't matter as long as it's valid12:01
ikoniavisudo has an automatic lint component in it12:01
chickahoonaikonia I have a playbook that creates the file12:02
ikoniayes, I guessed that when you said "I'm using ansible to update it"12:02
ikoniaplease re-read what I actually said12:03
chickahoonathats my command:    copy: src=sudoers.d_{{ ansible_os_family }} dest=/etc/sudoers.d/nagios owner=root group=root mode=0440 validate='visudo -cf %s'12:03
kulelu88Hi all. When I try to cp files from 1 folder to another, I am getting an error. Here is my command: sudo cp /var/cache/apt/archives/*.deb /var/cache-clone/apt/archives/ ... I get this result:12:03
kulelu88cp: cannot stat ‘/var/cache/apt/archives/*.deb’: No such file or directory12:03
ikoniaagain......re-read what I actually said12:03
ikoniakulelu88: it means there is no such file that matches *.deb12:04
chickahoonaThe content of my file is: "nagios ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: /usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_firewall"12:04
ikoniachickahoona: again.....re-read what I said12:04
kulelu88ikonia: but when I specify the exact filename of a single file, it copies it. How do I use *.deb to copy all .deb files?12:04
chickahoonaso this command should not ask me for a password: "sudo -u nagios -H /usr/bin/sudo /usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_firewall"12:04
chickahoonayet it asks for a password12:05
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EriC^^kulelu88: are you using bash?12:05
ikoniachickahoona: you can't be that blind12:05
ikoniachickahoona: look at the command you are doing12:05
kulelu88EriC^^: yes I am12:05
ikoniachickahoona: sudo -u nagios /usr/bin/sudo12:05
ikoniachickahoona: you're using sudo to execute sudo12:05
EriC^^kulelu88: what does "echo /*" return?12:06
chickahoonahae? ok again. if I create my "/etc/sudoers.d/nagios" file on the command line i can execute "sudo -u nagios -H /usr/bin/sudo /usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_firewall" without password12:07
kulelu88sudo echo of the path returns: /var/cache/apt/archives/*   ... sudo echo of *.deb returns: /var/cache/apt/archives/*.deb12:07
kulelu88EriC^^: ^^12:07
EriC^^kulelu88: no, just "echo /*"12:08
EriC^^it should return /bin /dev etc12:08
chickahoonaIf I create "/etc/sudoers.d/nagios" with ansible I cannot execute "sudo -u nagios -H /usr/bin/sudo /usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_firewall" without password12:08
chickahoonahow do you explain that?12:08
ikoniachickahoona: first of all why are you executing sudo 2 times12:08
ikoniachickahoona: sudo -u nagios /usr/bin/sudo12:08
ikoniathat dosn't make sense12:09
chickahoonafirst sudo executes under my user12:09
chickahoonasecond sudo is part of the command that the "nagios" user executes12:09
ikoniachickahoona: right, so you're calling sudo to call sudo12:09
kulelu88sorry EriC^^ . this is what it returns (partial output): /bin /boot /cdrom /dev /etc12:09
EriC^^kulelu88: ok, so globbing is working12:09
chickahoonayes I try to call "sudo ..." as user nagios12:09
ikoniachickahoona: the otherthing is check the validity of the file you're dropping in with ansible, as I've said visudo has a solid lint in it12:09
EriC^^kulelu88: type ls -l /var/cache/apt/archives/*.deb12:10
kulelu88EriC^^: ls: cannot access /var/cache/apt/archives/*.deb: No such file or directory12:11
EriC^^kulelu88: ok, and ls -l /var/cache/apt/archives | head12:12
chickahoona"visudo -cf /etc/sudoers.d/nagios" returns "/etc/sudoers.d/nagios: parsed OK"12:12
chickahoonaso all seems fine12:12
chickahoonalint is not the problem12:12
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kulelu88EriC^^: on each of them I am using 'sudo' , I just thought I should mention this cause everything in the /var/ is owned by 'root'12:13
EriC^^kulelu88: ok12:13
kulelu88EriC^^: the result of the last command you suggested shows: -rw-r--r-- 1 root root   67564 Feb 16 19:17 base-files_7.2ubuntu5.4_amd64.deb (again, partial output, with all the other .deb files being listed)12:14
chickahoonais ansible "bypassing" the file creation process somwhow, so the "service" monitoring the changes doesnt see that new file?12:14
EriC^^kulelu88: that's pretty odd12:14
EriC^^kulelu88: as your normal user are you able to type ls -l /var/cache/apt/archives ?12:15
kulelu88EriC^^: permission denied for any command to reach that folder12:16
EriC^^kulelu88: ok, the permissions need fixing12:16
chickahoonaikonia any thoughts?12:17
nokaHi, I'm trying to run server(mysql) for my django project. and it raises the following error noka@nokamate:~$ cd ///media/noka/5CE4B200E4B1DC88/Linux/Django/ForTwoFiveFour12:17
nokanoka@nokamate:/media/noka/5CE4B200E4B1DC88/Linux/Django/ForTwoFiveFour$ python manage.py runserver12:17
nokaPerforming system checks...12:17
nokaUnhandled exception in thread started by <function wrapper at 0x7f8786463578>12:17
nokaTraceback (most recent call last):12:17
noka  File "/home/noka/.local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/django/utils/autoreload.py", line 226, in wrapper12:17
EriC^^kulelu88: type ls -ld /var/cache/apt/archives12:17
noka    return getattr(connections[DEFAULT_DB_ALIAS], item)12:18
noka  File "/home/noka/.local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/django/utils/functional.py", line 33, in __get__12:18
noka    res = instance.__dict__[self.name] = self.func(instance)12:18
noka  File "/home/noka/.local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/django/db/backends/mysql/base.py", line 184, in data_types12:18
noka    if self.features.supports_microsecond_precision:12:18
noka  File "/home/noka/.local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/django/utils/functional.py", line 33, in __get__12:18
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kulelu88EriC^^: drwxr-xr-x 3 root root 4096 Feb 19 02:5512:18
EriC^^ok, do ls -ld /var/cache/apt12:19
noka    conn = Database.connect(**conn_params)12:19
noka  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/MySQLdb/__init__.py", line 81, in Connect12:19
noka    return Connection(*args, **kwargs)12:19
noka  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/MySQLdb/connections.py", line 193, in __init__12:19
noka    super(Connection, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs2)12:19
nokadjango.db.utils.OperationalError: (1045, "Access denied for user 'noka'@'localhost' (using password: YES)")12:19
versuchsanstaltI have just installed 16.04 LTS amd64 with automatic partitioning. The install resides on an ssd. I'd like to move the swap to the hard drive that's also in the box. Could somebody please point me to a guide or a keyword what to read? thank you12:20
kulelu88was noka a bot? :/ sheesh, flooding the channel12:20
kilbitha ban wasn't necessary, the guy might have been not aware of the pastebins12:21
nschoeHi everyone, I'm wondering about package `apt-utils`. What is it, what does it do? Do I need it? I'12:21
nschoeI am currently rewriting my Dockerfiles, and am trying to minimisze it, so I wonder: do I need apt-utils ^^12:21
kulelu88EriC^^: I went all the way up and found flawed permissions here: drwxrwx--- 3 root root /var/lib/lxc/app1/ && 1 level above here: drwx------ 18 root root 4096 /var/lib/lxc/12:23
EriC^^kulelu88: no idea about lxc12:24
Extreme21355Drone`: ur there?12:24
EriC^^Extreme21355: Drone`s always as there as he'll be12:25
kulelu88EriC^^: in principle I am trying to send the cache from 1 container to the other12:25
EriC^^(he's a bot)12:25
Extreme21355EriC^^: is it a bot ?12:25
Extreme21355oh hehe12:25
Extreme21355so he can't unban that person?12:25
Extreme21355or 'it'12:25
EriC^^kulelu88: use bash inside of sudo maybe so the globbing can be done12:26
kulelu88versuchsanstalt: is there any reason you want the swap on the HDD?12:26
EriC^^kulelu88: type sudo -i and then run the command12:26
versuchsanstaltkulelu88: the usual "not too many rw cycles, please" voodoo prejudice, to be fair.12:26
EriC^^Extreme21355: no, he probably has a timer, /join #ubuntu-ops for unbans and stuff like that12:26
versuchsanstaltkulelu88: but I am actually thinking about leaving it on the ssd. what do you think?12:27
Extreme21355EriC^^: cool, thanks for the info12:27
EriC^^Extreme21355: np12:27
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versuchsanstaltkulelu88: there's 8gb of ram on that machine, so I maybe shouldn't care about it at all12:27
kulelu88versuchsanstalt: apart from the performance slowdown you might get moving the swap to HDD, I'm not going to be "that guy" who says "don't do it", cause maybe it keeps your SSDs performance going longer12:27
alias_neoCan anybody point me at how to stop my screens flickering when I lock my screen on 16.04 gnome? I have a laptop with 2 external screens, the screens go into power save (due to the screen blanking) when I lock my computer, but as soon as they enter power save, they cause the laptop screen to flicker back on, which wakes them again, and it cycles on and off endlessly.12:28
versuchsanstaltkulelu88: yeah. I'm browsing swap faqs from askubuntu.com atm. but a guide to move the swap partition would be extremely handy...12:29
Extreme21355EriC^^: I've asked at the ops channel, that guy has been unbanned already12:29
EriC^^Extreme21355: ok, cool12:30
kulelu88EriC^^: seems like it worked under sudo -i12:30
EriC^^kulelu88: great12:30
hateballversuchsanstalt: not much to it. partition a drive, format some of it as swap, put it in /etc/fstab12:32
versuchsanstalthateball: ok, I haven't done the fstab bit only, let's see.12:32
versuchsanstaltthank you both hateball and kulelu8812:33
Heebieversuchsanstalt: If you don't have partitions available, you can create swap on a loopback device that uses a file on a disk.12:33
versuchsanstaltHeebie: oh no, it's already partitioned, thank you12:33
DJonesw 2012:34
IndrekHi i accidentally deleted root partition12:43
Indrekand rescue doesnt find anything12:43
Indrekwhat else could i try ?12:43
chickahoonaIndrek Forensic tools12:43
chickahoonaand then reinstall everything12:44
chickahoonaor restore from backup12:44
Indrekit's a demo pc didnt have a backup12:44
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ifnotnowthenwhyHi all, I've got a server that have both sendmail and postfix installed, both with different configurations, in the cronjob i got mails successfully going out via /usr/sbin/sendmail, but how can I figure out which configuration files /usr/bin/mail is using to send? (sendmail.mc or main.cf from postfix?)13:01
ifnotnowthenwhyThanks in advance13:01
noka_Hi, developing a python django project but opted using mysql instead of sqlite. However when I runserver it says http://paste.ubuntu.com/18231186/ any idea what I am doing wrong?\13:05
Picinoka_: you are failing to login to your mysql server, also, this question is far better suited for #django or perhaps #python.13:07
noka_pici, thank you. How do I join the channels. Also are #django and #python on this server? Forgive my novice ignorance.13:17
Picinoka_: They are.  Just type /join #django   here13:17
noka_Thank you.13:17
Capum321to build monodevelop, after all setup, should run ./configure --prefix='or`pkg-config --variable=prefix mono` '  or --prefix=/opt/mono13:21
Eburitusi'm having difficulties with kernel update. it says that /boot/ is too full even after i moved some of the old kernels to trash bin. could it be so that thras bin takes room from /boot or what is the thing?13:25
Eburitusjustxux: yes. trash can.13:25
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Eburitusjustxux: i didn't want to just remove those files yet13:26
justxuxYou need to empty trash bin in order to delete something and free space13:26
=== precise is now known as precise|snek
Eburitusjustxux: i need room to /boot so that i can install new kernel. i removed all old kernels except the latest.13:27
Eburitusjustxux: but still update manager claims that i don't have enough room @ boot13:28
Eburitusjustxux: i have done 'sudo apte-get clean' so that shouldn't be the problem.13:29
Extreme21355Eburitus: you can try to resize the partition with gparted off a bootable usb stick?13:30
EburitusExtreme21355: i'm using virtual computer.13:30
Extreme21355Eburitus: so your problem is that you can't boot from a stick? u can always attach a dvd to it?13:31
Extreme21355Eburitus: a virtual dvd linked to your local disk13:31
EburitusExtreme21355: that could work but i would like to make that room to partition with removing old kernels13:32
ducasseEburitus: if you just move the files to trash they will still take up place on the same filesystem, afaicr.13:32
EburitusExtreme21355: like i thought i did13:32
Extreme21355Eburitus: what's your currently free disk space of your boot partition if I may ask?13:33
Eburitushaa. i think i found to trash bin location13:33
Extreme21355Eburitus: did you solve your problem?13:35
EburitusExtreme21355: y13:35
Extreme21355Eburitus: can u tell me what the location was?13:35
galgamachHello. I'm having an AMD Radeon R5 330 on Ubuntu 16.04. The command inxi -F gives me the following on the graphics section. http://pastebin.com/xdvQeGcm   Does this mean that my CGU is not used by the laptop ?13:36
EburitusExtreme21355: yes. now the updates are installing nicely13:37
Khanthulhu_Hello. I need some help. I installed Ubuntu on my Acer Aspire E 15 and then used efibootmgr to try to change the order. I didn't see Ubuntu on there, but there was an Unknown device that it said it was currently loaded under so I chose that. Since then I can't get the boot options menu to give me Ubuntu as an option. I've tried boot repair but it didn't seem to do anything. Secure boot is off.13:44
guestHow can I determine if I am using BSD syslog (RFC3164) or IETF syslog (RFC5424)?13:44
guestrsyslogd 7.4.4 on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS13:45
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Extreme21355someone need help? ~easy questions13:47
NiceFriendSomebody wanna talk in pv?13:47
joelioguest: you can do both13:47
guestjoelio: I can do both, but how do I know which I am currently using.13:47
guestI am forwarding messages to the third party who's asking me this question, using RSYSLOG_ForwardFormat.13:48
=== Extreme21355 is now known as Extreme
joeliolook at your config?13:48
guestYeah, neither BSD nor IETF is mentioned.13:48
joeliois it out of the box?13:48
joelioor customised to the hilt13:48
guestTotally custom awful pile of crap, with everyone who ever touched it long gone.13:49
joeliowell, I'd hazard a guess to say it's RFC3164 as default13:49
guestBut how could I know for sure?13:49
joelioput the log messages via a RFC3164 parser13:50
guestThe line in question which actually forwards the logs out of our estate, looks like this:13:50
guestlocal0.* @@(o);RSYSLOG_ForwardFormat # send (all) messages13:50
guestthe log messages on disk are just plain text13:51
joelioyea, they will be13:51
joelioso, change to13:51
joeliolocal0.* @@(o);RSYSLOG_SyslogProtocol23Format13:52
=== Extreme is now known as Extreme21355
joelioguest: ^^ and you'll get IETF13:52
=== Extreme21355 is now known as Skylake
=== Skylake is now known as Skylake-i7
guestI can't change it, I just need to know which format it's currently in13:52
guestIt's 50/50 I'm tempted to just tell him one, and see if it works13:52
guestIf it doesn't work it'll be the other lol13:52
joelioor you could put into a parser and tell for sure13:52
joeliohttps://github.com/jeromer/syslogparser or anything else google shows13:53
justxux HexChat: 2.10.2 ** OS: Linux 4.4.0-24-generic x86_64 ** Distro: Ubuntu "xenial" 16.04 ** CPU: 4 x Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2330M CPU @ 2.20GHz (GenuineIntel) @ 877MHz ** RAM: Physical: 3.8GiB, 64.3% free ** Disk: Total: 229.1GiB, 66.6% free ** VGA: Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller ** Sound: HDA-Intel - HDA Intel PCH ** Ethernet: Qualcomm Atheros AR8151 v2.0 Gigabit Ethernet **13:53
justxuxUptime: 2h 37m 44s **13:53
joelioguest: there are descriptions of the format there too to check13:53
joelioguest: <34>Oct 11 22:14:15 mymachine su: 'su root' failed for lonvick on /dev/pts/813:53
joeliois BSD style13:53
joelio<165>1 2003-10-11T22:14:15.003Z mymachine.example.com evntslog - ID47 [exampleSDID@32473 iut="3" eventSource="Application" eventID="1011"] An application event log entry...13:53
joeliois IETF13:53
=== pavlushka is now known as zaki
joelioso, check what format the timestamp is in, would be a good starter13:54
=== zaki is now known as Guest92541
guestOK yeah it's ISO timestamps13:54
guestSo it'll be IETF13:54
=== Skylake-i7 is now known as Extreme21355
joelioyou're welcome :)13:56
CustosL1mendoes ubuntu distro version updates still break ?13:57
guestbegs the question there really.13:57
guestWhat's the problem you're seeing CustosL1men ? They were never broken.13:57
CustosL1menguest - well - maybe not for everybody - but for me13:58
CustosL1menI'm more asking if there are complaints about them often - and if people use them often13:58
auronandace|workCustosL1men: if you stick to what is in the default repos then the upgrades go smoothly13:59
=== lilstevie_ is now known as lilstevie
auronandace|workCustosL1men: it tends to go badly when people add software outside of the default repos14:00
Khanthulhu_Can someone help me with getting Ubuntu to show up on my boot menu?14:00
CustosL1menauronandace, last time for me mmap was broken or something14:00
justxuxCustosL1men, I was testing Windows 10 on this very laptop and Ubuntu is freaking stable,where Windows hang up on me, and was so slow. So my advice stick to what works for you now,then with a point release you can install new OS. That's the best practice for newbies.14:01
CustosL1menjustxux, gentoo does not work for my mom :/14:02
CustosL1mencos I dont have time to update - but only reason I moved her to gentoo is cos updates there break less often14:03
CustosL1menbut yeah - its too much hassle to update it - so I just dont do it14:03
CustosL1menbut I want something which can keep itself up to date without manual intervention14:03
justxuxCustosL1men, Why Gentoo lol. Install Ubuntu or Ubuntu Mate (for more traditional interface) or Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon and see what works best.14:04
CustosL1menjustxux, cos like I said - gentoo updates don't break14:04
CustosL1menor atleast - not as bad as the ubuntu updates was breaking for me before I switched to gentoo14:04
auronandace|workCustosL1men: give her an LTS release and then set updates to automatically install, you'll only need to upgrade it once every 2 years (or 4 years if you skip one LTS release)14:05
CustosL1menauronandace|work, yeah - is what I am thinking14:05
CustosL1menauronandace|work, but LTS -> LTS upgrades can also be automatic right ?14:05
justxuxSorry I think I'm in parallel world,cause lol Gentoo not breaking but Ubuntu yes. I'm out.14:05
CustosL1menor well - its not like someone has to do it manually ?14:06
CustosL1menjustxux, I have not had issues with gentoo upgrades ... but have had with ubuntu14:06
CustosL1menI have upgraded gentoo systems with no problem after not upgrading for 2+ years ... sure was a bit of effort - but no breakage14:06
Malex88hello a litlle help please14:06
CustosL1menanyway - will get my mom onto ubuntu14:07
auronandace|workMalex88: you'll need to state your issue14:07
Malex88i ved jjust installed ubuntu mate 16.04 on my laptop14:08
Malex88and its booting very hard14:08
Malex88when i start,shutdown or restart14:08
Malex88about 4 min to start14:08
tatertotsah you mean booting very slow?14:09
Malex88yes sorry14:09
KhanCan someone help me get Ubuntu to boot?14:09
tatertots4 minutes does seem excessive but what cpu and amount of memory is in your computer?14:10
KhanI used efibootmgr and now Ubuntu isn't on the boot menu14:10
Extreme21355Khan: sup14:10
Malex88amd a6 quad core 4gb ram14:11
Extreme21355Khan: so u used grub before and switched bootloader?14:11
KhanExtreme21355: When I start the computer and go to the boot menu there is only windows boot loader and the usb stick14:12
KhanExtreme21355: This happened after I used efibootmgr to change the boot order.14:12
EriC^^Khan: what command did you run?14:13
Extreme21355Khan: have you tried this? http://askubuntu.com/questions/497239/efi-dual-boot-windows-8-1-and-ubuntu-14-0414:13
KhanExtreme21355: I used boot repair. didn't fix it14:13
EriC^^Khan: can you boot a live usb?14:13
KhanNo internet though14:13
EriC^^Khan: ok, boot one, why not?14:13
KhanNo internet until I get home14:13
EriC^^Khan: where are you talking from right now?14:14
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KhanI've got the network set up under windows but I can't get the network setup in ubuntu14:14
blutWho thought it to be a good idea to make the Ubuntu One account mandatory for searches in the bug tracker14:14
EriC^^Khan: ok, np, boot the live usb14:14
KhanThen what?14:16
koan_Anyone have experience with Ubuntu for devices? I'm wondering if I can install Ubuntu touch on the Meizu MX4 (not the ubuntu edition) and if it will work the same14:17
EriC^^Khan: type sudo efibootmgr | grep -Ei "order|ubuntu|windows"14:17
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=== precise|newnick is now known as precise
EriC^^and copy the contents here14:17
KhanI'm switching to my phone. My name there will be Khanthulhu14:18
=== narindergupta is now known as narinder
EriC^^Khan: which phone do you have? you might be able to tether the internet14:19
KhanMoto X Pure14:19
EriC^^no idea14:19
KhanI used Boot repair earlier and got this http://paste2.org/w1OOGVkk if it helps14:19
EriC^^Khan: the boot order looks ok there14:21
EriC^^Khan: which laptop is this?14:21
=== csyogi1 is now known as csyogi
KhanthulhuBootOrder: 2001, 0002, 2002, 200314:23
KhanthulhuBoot0000* ubuntu14:23
KhanthulhuBoot0002* Windows14:23
KhanthulhuIt's an Acer Aspire E 1514:24
KhanthulhuThis is Khan btw14:24
EriC^^Khanthulhu: ok, try to reboot the laptop and go to the bios and look for a "trust" efi or disable secureboot (sometimes you might need to set the admin password to do that)14:24
DulcinHi is it possible to search for text strings within a lrz (long range zip) file without extracting its contents first?14:25
KhanthulhuSecure boot is disabled14:25
KhanthulhuDon't see a trust efi setting14:26
KhanthulhuIt had worked before. I goofed it up after I used efibootmgr14:26
EriC^^which command did you run?14:26
EriC^^i find that a little odd14:27
gopuSegment fault core dumped error how to slove14:28
KhanthulhuWhen I used efibootmgr, there were a couple of unknown devices. One of them was what I was running so I assumed that was Ubuntu and set that as the first thing to be booted14:29
KhanthulhuIt was with the -o command14:29
EriC^^Khanthulhu: why did you do that in the first place?14:30
EriC^^according to boot-repair ubuntu is first in the boot order then windows right now14:30
KhanthulhuI was trying to make it so I didn't have to hit f12 every time I started14:31
EriC^^Khanthulhu: aha14:31
EriC^^Khanthulhu: in the bios there's no efi list or something similar?14:31
KhanthulhuEric^^ no14:32
KhanthulhuEriC^^: there is a boot order though14:33
EriC^^Khanthulhu: in the bios?14:33
EriC^^or a one-time boot order?14:34
KhanthulhuEriC^^: it's a boot order. I have Windows boot manager at the bottom14:34
KhanthulhuEriC^^: "Boot priority order"14:34
EriC^^Khanthulhu: is ubuntu there or something unknown?14:35
KhanthulhuEriC^^: nothing unknown. The HDD Ubuntu is on its first though14:35
EriC^^Khanthulhu: odd14:36
KhanthulhuI don't think I ever saw it there14:37
EriC^^Khanthulhu: we can try disabling the windows entry to see if it boots, or switch the efi files to trick it if that doesn't work14:37
EriC^^Khanthulhu: boot the live usb again14:37
KhanthulhuEriC^^: that sound dangerous. I like it14:37
KhanthulhuEriC^^: I'm in the live usb14:38
EriC^^Khanthulhu: ok, type sudo efibootmgr -v14:38
EriC^^get the boot number for windows, if it's 0001 type sudo efibootmgr -a -b 000114:39
EriC^^sorry, -A not -a14:39
EriC^^-a sets it active in case you want to do that later14:39
KhanthulhuThere is an efi file here for Ubuntu under unknown device14:40
EriC^^no problem14:41
KhanthulhuEric^^: I did it but it didn't seem to change anything14:42
EriC^^Khanthulhu: you tried rebooting?14:43
EriC^^it should remove the "*" next to the boot order14:43
EriC^^i mean boot number14:43
KhanthulhuOh, yes14:43
KhanthulhuIt did that14:43
EriC^^ok, cool, give it a shot14:43
KhanthulhuNow restart?14:43
KhanthulhuEric^^: You are a miracle worker.14:45
dyc3Hi, i just installed ubuntu server 15.10, and when i boot i get thrown into emergency mode. lsblk: http://ix.io/Z9J journalctl: http://ix.io/Z9L Any ideas?14:45
EriC^^Khanthulhu: :D14:45
KhanthulhuEric^^: I'm in efibootmgr again. Currently booted into unknown device, but it's not on the boot order14:47
EriC^^Khanthulhu: that happens i guess14:47
EriC^^it's no big deal14:48
KhanthulhuEric^^: what do I do now?14:49
KhanthulhuI'd like to have Windows on here too14:49
EriC^^windows isn't in grub?14:49
KhanthulhuLet me check14:49
KhanthulhuSo it is. I just went by too fast.14:50
EriC^^how fast?14:50
EriC^^it should wait like 10secs i think14:51
KhanthulhuEric^^: It does14:51
EriC^^oh ok14:51
KhanthulhuErik^^: I can't thank you enough Eric.14:52
EriC^^Khanthulhu: no problem, my pleasure :)14:52
KarlangasHello, people of the Internet. :)14:53
auronandace|work!cookie | EriC^^14:53
ubottuEriC^^: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!14:53
froncoI want to record phone calls placed from my comuter, i used to do  it with Audacity in windows how can i do that in ubuntu15:01
TheSilentLinkfronco: install Audacity in linux15:01
froncohow ??15:02
TheSilentLinkfronco: open the terminal and type sudo apt-get install audacity15:02
dyc3Hi, i just installed ubuntu server 15.10, and when i boot i get thrown into emergency mode. lsblk: http://ix.io/Z9J journalctl: http://ix.io/Z9L Any ideas?15:04
computerpeople is mpi4py the same as mpich or openMPI?15:11
dyc3computer: at a quick glance, it looks like different libraries for the same thing.15:13
computerdyc3: hmmm ok,15:15
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timvisheris it possible to tell via an ssh session whether or not there is a graphical session going on and terminate it?15:16
timvisheror potentially from another angle, compiz is eating up 16 GBs of RAM on a remote machine and I'd like it to stop. what are my options?15:16
dyc3i just installed ubuntu server 15.10, and when i boot i get thrown into emergency mode. lsblk: http://ix.io/Z9J journalctl: http://ix.io/Z9L Any ideas?15:17
=== maddawg1 is now known as maddawg2
timvisheris compiz safe to simply kill?15:19
asarsomeone should help me!!! im dying E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.15:19
EriC^^timvisher: type "who -a"15:20
asarhow can i fix that... i have tried many solutions15:20
EriC^^asar: try sudo apt-get -f install15:20
asarEriC^^: i have already done that15:20
asarEriC^^: i even did sudo apt autoremove15:20
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=== naridner is now known as Narinder
EriC^^asar: paste the whole output in paste.ubuntu.com15:21
ElectroMotivedid you try -f ?15:21
asarEriC^^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/18241641/15:22
EriC^^asar: try sudo apt-get install python-gi15:23
timvisherErc^^: so that does appear to have ended the login session but compiz is still chewing up all my memory.15:24
EriC^^timvisher: try sudo service lightdm stop15:24
* timvisher apparently can't use his tools today…15:25
asarEriC^^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/18241829/15:25
ElectroMotivehow about sudo apt-get update -fix-missing /15:26
EriC^^he left15:26
timvisherhuh… so that does get rid of compiz but free -h is still reporting that most of my memory is used. i'm running this command to determine what's using memory 'ps -eO 'rss,rsz,vsz' --sort '-vsz' | head'15:26
timvisherand there's nothing in there that should be remotely using that much memory now15:27
timvisherdoes `free -h` have a latency?15:27
EriC^^i dont think so15:27
EriC^^can you paste the output of free -h ?15:28
timvisherwell this is bizarre then…15:28
auronandace|worki suppose used includes cached15:29
EriC^^timvisher: www.linuxatemyram.com15:30
timvisherthe output of ps: https://gist.github.com/42ad491b6ec52cc88d999f8b8744ff7c15:32
timvisherlol. what a site :)15:32
EriC^^yeah :D15:32
timvisherwell i'd say that explains it then.15:33
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asarEriC^^: im back... still the same problem15:38
EriC^^asar: do you have any ppa's installed?15:38
hdonhi all ;) where can i report a bug in a package?15:38
EriC^^!bug | hdon15:39
ubottuhdon: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.15:39
lernerhow do I extract an iso file? archive mounter does not open it15:39
hdonthanks EriC^^15:39
zykotick9!iso | lerner15:40
ubottulerner: To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.15:40
asarEriC^^: yes15:40
EriC^^hdon: no problem15:40
froncoHey there ive a question ; how can i record phone calls placed from my gmail  google voice account ??15:41
EriC^^asar: are there any you can uninstall?15:41
asarEriC^^: im thinking of reinstalling ubuntu 16.0415:42
froncoi tried audacity but it only record my voice not the other person's voice as well ?15:42
EriC^^asar: you can remove the ppa's with ppa-purge, it'll try to make it how it was before the ppa was installed15:42
asarEriC^^: thanks15:43
EriC^^asar: no problem15:43
lernerzykotick9, I may have posted the wrong question: I want to see the contents of the iso file, extract them into a directory, so I see subdirectories and individual files15:44
froncoany help with my question, ?15:45
tgm4883lerner: use archive mounter15:45
tgm4883lerner: heh, just looked at the original question. Why won't it open it?15:46
lernertgm4883, archive mounter does nothing15:46
lernertgm4883, if I right click to extract in the current directory, I get: No suitable archive manager found.15:47
tgm4883lerner: what if you double click on it?15:47
lernertgm4883, nothing happens15:47
lernerno message either15:48
tgm4883lerner: odd, where did you get this ISO?15:48
lernero wait, if I click on it furiously, it is recognized15:48
tgm4883lerner: well yes, that is generally what double clicking is15:48
fronco how can i record phone calls placed from my gmail  google voice account ??15:49
lernerhow odd...15:49
CropsUphow can I reload graphic on xfce like gnome-shell like alt+f2 and r command?15:49
fronco how can i record phone calls placed from my gmail  google voice account ??15:49
tgm4883fronco: press 415:49
froncotgm4883; there is only the feature to record received calls, i want to record outgoing calls that i make !15:50
froncotgm4883; you see .15:51
tgm4883fronco: ah yea, I can see why they did that15:52
froncotgm4883; yes so how can i record it myself ??15:52
lerner.w video15:52
lerner! video15:52
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/ubuntu-help/media.html  - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats15:52
tgm4883fronco: well looking back at what you were told, I'd use pulse audio to create a stream of both sides of the conversation, then use audacity to record it15:53
froncotgm4883 ; what tools do i need besides audacity ?? and how to do that ?15:54
TheSilentLinkfronco: pulse audio is installed by defualt15:54
tgm4883fronco: so I just told you both tools15:55
tgm4883fronco: I'm not going to help you beyond that with recording other people15:55
froncoi cant find  pulse audio ?15:56
froncotgm4883 ; i cant find  pulse audio ?15:57
ubottuPulseAudio is a sound server intended as a drop-in replacement for !ESD - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio for information and installation instructions15:57
ubottuesd is the enlightened sound daemon. It is deprecated, use !pulseaudio instead.15:57
joeliothere's JACK too, for more esoteric audio needs </throwing 2p in>15:58
tgm4883it's probably not necessary to name all of the old sound systems...16:00
TheSilentLinklol true just got curious!16:00
joeliojack isn't old16:01
joelioit's a connection kit for low latency audio, you can use it with pulse16:02
=== alchedlss is now known as alchemistswl
joelio(although probably not recommended!)16:03
tgm4883joelio: all the more reason not to mention it...16:04
joeliotgm4883: thanks, duly noted.16:06
* joelio opens up Jack sink in Pulse16:06
joeliofor merging two streams, it's pretty cool... which is exactly that the OP was asking16:08
joeliohow do you do that in Pulse tgm4883 ?16:08
joelioDefinitely one area that linux has always been less than good in... Audio. The amount of time spent over the years debugging or trying to make audio pipelines work doesn't bear thinking about. Thankfully it is better than it used to be. If you're just using your onboard soundcard for standard stuff, then yea, alrught.. but for doing anything production related its been less than easy16:13
joelioplus throw in all the outboard hardware and lack of linux support and the picture gets even murkier16:14
tgm4883joelio: wouldn't you just connect a track in audacity to the monitor output in pulseaudio, and another track to your mic (I'm assuming you can't hear yourself when talking in google voice)16:14
joelioyour mic is not at line level16:15
joelioyou mean line in?16:15
joelioor right, I see, record the conversation from the mic, yea I guess that's one way to do it.. bit of a ahack16:16
tgm4883joelio: it's a hack to record both lines separately in audacity?16:16
tgm4883well, on separate tracks16:17
joeliotgm4883: to me, yea.. it works in that one use case16:18
romboclatgood evening dear community ^^ I don't came up to se live facebook mentions streaming.. did I need a plug in or something else? thank you16:18
joeliobut if it works and is good enough for you, cool16:18
joelioit's not something you could do for multichannel recording generally16:18
LJHSLDJHSDLJHdoes ubuntu x64 allow playing x86 executables?16:18
tgm4883joelio: well I'm not trying to do it :)16:18
LJHSLDJHSDLJHor do I have to install something first?16:18
joeliotgm4883: ykwim :)16:19
joelioright, have a good weekend all16:19
CropsUphow can I reload graphic on xfce like gnome-shell like alt+f2 and r command?16:19
b3h3m0thwhere can I download the latest LTS minimal ubuntu ?16:22
faraariI want to turn off my compyter every night at 23:59; Is there any other way than making a .timer file in /etc/systemd/system/ ?16:22
Tin_manCropsUp, might try this link: didn't read it, just ran across it..16:23
Tin_manfaraari, well if you know how to write the script, the command is 'sudo shutdown 23:59 -P'16:25
obr7Hi. How to combine "find . -size -100c -ls -delete" and "zcat ./FILENAME | wc -c"? What I want: Delete all gz files with uncompressed size 0...16:25
Tin_manbut you can run that at any time, and it will count down to 23:59 the shut down.16:25
CropsUpTin_man, I had been tried this solution but it reloads only desktop16:25
Tin_manCropsUp, as i said didn't read it, beyond that I'm not sure, i'm sure someone else here well be more versed in that area.. if you give them time..16:26
trevor_shey does anyone know what i need to do to automount luks encrypted drives that aren't on the OS partition? I just added these drives to the PC.16:27
naccobr7: you should loook at `man find` and the '-a' or '-and' operator (which is also the default operator)16:28
obr7nacc: kk thx.16:28
romboclatnobody nows what is needet to see live streams of facebook mentions on ubuntu pc?16:28
faraariTin_man: My question is how to run 'sudo shutdown 23:59 -P' at startup or 'sudo shutdown -P now' every nite at 23:59 | I know I can make a timer under systemd service; I asked for any better tricky way?!16:29
tgm4883faraari: use crontab16:30
froncowhats wrong with this command , it said that it can record audio in my desktop http://paste.ubuntu.com/18246749/   in this forum   http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/11702/how-to-record-skype-video-calls-on-linux16:31
Tin_mani said if you know how to write a script.16:31
AzoffI've got a problem with cryptsetup and upstart. After I've booted the system, I can remotly login and mount an encrypted partiton. the encrypted partition contains the keyfile for a few other partitions that are also encrypted.16:35
Tin_mantgm4883, could you put the command in the inittab file?16:35
tgm4883Tin_man: I don't see why he doesn't just put the command in cron16:36
Tin_mani've never wrote a script..16:36
tgm4883in crontab, you can tell it exactly when to run16:36
tgm4883so you just do 'shutdown -h now'16:36
Tin_mani've wrote programs in python, and c#, but no scritping16:36
tgm4883at 11:59 PM16:36
AzoffWhen I try to run '/etc/init.d/cryptdisks restart' in order to find the new set of partitions to unlock, it just hangs.16:36
Tin_manok, i'll study on that myself16:36
ubottucron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto16:36
Azoffdebugging the issue shows me that it hangs in /lib/lsb/init-functions.d/01-upstart-lsb where it calls 'exec start cryptdisks', but start never returns16:37
Azoffwhat could be the reason for this?16:37
AzoffI'm running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS server16:37
lernerI dont know where to ask this: I have several vob files I want to assemble into a mkv file, but the vobs have huge margins, 5 cms. With what do I edit that?16:40
espen77what is using port 6720 in ubuntu 16.04? <sudo netstat -peant> is showing "tcp  0*  LISTEN  0  10155  1/init"16:40
nacc!alis | lerner: maybe search for a better channel with16:41
ubottulerner: maybe search for a better channel with: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu or /msg alis list http16:41
Azofflerner: I think you can fix that with transcode, but not sure16:41
naccespen77: uh, not sure why your init process is listening on the network, but I guess that depends on your setup16:42
naccespen77: i only say that because mine is definitely not :)16:42
espen77nacc: i just installed ubuntu server 16.04, on my old server 14.04.3 it is not being used16:43
naccespen77: fresh install?16:43
espen77nacc: yes, then installed build tools, compiled eibd wich is not wanting to start because that port is in use.16:44
b3h3m0thdoes ubuntu have /usr/bin/driver-manager like in mint ?16:46
naccb3h3m0th: no, mint does their own thing, afaict16:46
naccespen77: hrm, i don't have a fresh install sitting around, but my machine at home, and a quick container test show that init isn't listening on the network by default in eithe rplace; maybe someone else has an idea what's going ...16:47
nacc*going on16:47
espen77nacc: same source, config and install as 14.04, also same command to start it....16:47
espen77ohh, i also installed rdcp, to connect to desktop from windows....can it be it_16:50
espen77xrdp i think16:50
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nebghello everyone... can somebody suggest me a good software to do UML schemes which works on linux ?16:51
Guest55292how are you my little birdy friend16:51
b3h3m0thIs this LTS ? http://ubuntutym2.u-toyama.ac.jp/xubuntu/xenial/release/xubuntu-16.04-desktop-i386.iso16:52
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
naccb3h3m0th: 16.04 is, yes.16:52
=== Tin_man is now known as Tin_man_afk
b3h3m0thso all *.04s are LTS ?16:53
naccb3h3m0th: i don't know about that particular mirror16:53
naccb3h3m0th: no.16:53
naccb3h3m0th: 12.04, 14.04, 16.04 (every 2 years)16:53
b3h3m0this it dependent on mirror ?16:53
b3h3m0ththere can't be non LTS 16.04s right ?16:53
maolanghi all16:53
naccb3h3m0th: no, i just meant you should verify the hash on those ISO images16:54
b3h3m0thcould you please give me the hash ?16:54
b3h3m0thfor the actual ISO16:54
naccb3h3m0th: it's on the ubuntu download page16:54
naccb3h3m0th: me giving it to you would negate the whole point, because then you'd need to trust me not to lie...16:54
maolangi just installed cinnamon, and having a small issue with bottom pannel stretching to all displays and fullscreen apps like video player also behaving by stretching to both displays16:54
maolanganyone know how to fix that?16:55
b3h3m0thnacc: I cant find it anywhere16:56
b3h3m0thlink please16:56
naccb3h3m0th: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/xenial/release/16:57
b3h3m0ththat is ubuntu16:58
b3h3m0thI am downloading xubuntu16:58
naccb3h3m0th: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/releases/xenial/release/16:59
tewardb3h3m0th: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/releases/xenial/release/16:59
tewardbleh ninja'd.16:59
* teward glares at nacc :P16:59
naccteward: :)16:59
MrDoctorHello, in ubuntu 16.04, if I call using cmake find_package(X), in which directories will it look for XConfig.cmake?17:00
b3h3m0thwhich is visually superior ? mate or xfce ?17:02
zykotick9b3h3m0th: which is visually superior?  red or blue?  ;)17:03
naccb3h3m0th: offtopic for this channel17:03
SCHAAP137b3h3m0th: imho MATE is17:03
naccb3h3m0th: that's an opinion, not a support question17:03
SCHAAP137but it's an opinion17:03
minti need help17:03
SCHAAP137mint: describe your issue17:04
mintwhen i check integrity of medium i got error in 1 files17:04
minti tried other usb stick17:05
varaindemiannot sure why I loos internet connection. What should I provive to get help? dmesg?17:05
mintand always same result17:05
mintcan anyone help me guys17:08
mintintegrity of medium says i have error in 1 files17:09
naccmint: did you verify the image you're putting on the usb stick first?17:10
mintimage is ok17:10
minti tried with 2 different usb stick and always says 1 error files17:10
minimecvaraindemian: lspci and search for your wireless card (guessing that you have wifi problems). Then search teh net for 'Ubuntu 16.04 + YOURCARD + wifi problems' There is no system log for a lost wifi connection.17:11
varaindemianminimec: it's a desktop pc17:12
varaindemiancable connected17:12
minimecvaraindemian: Oh... Strange. Well also try 'lspci' to get your LAN/ethernet card and search for configuration options.17:13
unnamedHi, I own an ASUS C200 laptop(chromebook) and I'm having trouble with audio. If it helps, it has a Baytrail chipset. Any idea what I can do to get the speakers working? Nothing shows up in the sound menu. Thanks17:13
HowtoHow to allocate ip from a deep server to Ubuntu client?17:13
minimecunnamed: maybe start with this... https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?pid=1488984#p148898417:14
varaindemianminimec: well a restart fixes this17:15
varaindemianlogout doesn't17:15
HowtoAnybody knows?17:15
HowtoBy the way is there a way I can start17:16
tgm4883Howto: not sure I understand the question17:16
HowtoDhcp from virtual machine17:16
minimecvaraindemian: YOu can problably also 'sudo service networking restart' in a terminal.17:16
User123Hey, guys. Installed Ubuntu Server 16.04 on old Dell XPS Laptop. Now, I can only boot when I go to recovery and then select Continue Normal boot. If I just boot normally, I either get a blank screen or hang on /dev/sda1 clean... Any ideas on how to fix this?17:16
tgm4883Howto: what is your dhcp server? A home router?17:16
varaindemianminimec: still doesn;t work17:17
varaindemianminimec: this is the problem after, x period of time it get lost17:18
minimecvaraindemian: I would do that 'lspci' thing and search the net for problems with your hardware. Most drivers have options that you can permanently set in /etc/modprobe.d/YOURCARD.conf ...17:18
HowtoA configured one on virtual machine and need to start it on internal  network (host only adapter)17:18
Howto*I config..17:18
varaindemianminimec: rtl8101/2/6e pci express fast/gigabit ethernet controller (rev 05)17:19
varaindemianthis is it. Nothng related to capble connected devices17:19
HowtoSo just need to know how to assign one from virtual box to host machine (Ubuntu)17:20
HowtoDo you get my question now?17:20
naccHowto:  you want your VM to provide an IP to your host via DHCP?17:21
naccvaraindemian: any messages in dmesg when it happens? does your device report there is still link when it happens (`ip link`, `ethtool`)17:22
HowtoYa nacc17:22
naccHowto: that's a very strange configuration (IMO), would your host not have an IP then unless your guest was up? How is your guest getting its network traffic routed? Or do you just want your host and guest to talk to each other (and neither to have outbound connectivity)?17:25
varaindemiannacc: enp3s0: link is not ready; link down; link down; link is not ready; link becomes ready17:25
minimecvaraindemian: I see that that card was not well supported in 2014. But the offered solution on askubuntu for example seem outdated. There is an realtek drivers page, but the available drivers are for older kernels.17:26
ddd333will 16.04 come with natural scrolling aka reverse scrolling? app "natural scrolling" not working on 14.04 but does in 12.04. Natural scrolling is so important to me, and very difficult to find a tweak17:26
naccvaraindemian: sorry, did you just grep that out of dmesg? please don't do that, it makes it impossible to help. Use pastebin and provide full logs.17:26
HowtoI am currently working on it to get it work on internal network using host only adapter and if it works then I know how to use it for outbound connection17:27
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.17:27
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com17:27
naccHowto: it'd be very specific to your configuration, but your guest would only be able to provide IPs to the bridge device in the host (if using bridging). Your configuration doesn't make any sense to me...17:29
ddd333will 16.04 come with Mouse natural scrolling aka reverse scrolling? app "natural scrolling" not working on 14.04 but does in 12.04. Natural scrolling is so important to me, and very difficult to find a tweak17:30
tgm4883ddd333: works here for me on 16.0417:33
tgm4883ddd333: well, with a touchpad17:34
tgm4883not with my mouse17:34
varaindemianI managed to regain access by disableing and reenableing networking17:34
varaindemianhere is https://paste.ubuntu.com/18251864/17:34
HowtoHost only adapter of vm is connected with interface vboxnet0. Vboxnet0 connects with host machine and ip I get is that I manually configured from Preferences - > Network in virtual box.  So there has been a connection established. Now here comes the the question to use dhcp in that17:35
ddd333tgm4883: yeah touchpach you can config even with dconf app- i need it for mouse. i can't go back to traditional scrolling, which is unnatural (debatable still)17:35
HowtoDhcp server in network from vm to ubuntu17:36
naccvaraindemian: that paste doesn't mention any networking issues; but i thnk it was also truncated17:36
tgm4883ddd333: it's just brain wiring17:37
minimecvaraindemian: Can you check with 'lsmod | grep r816' what driver module is loaded?17:38
naccHowto: why would you want to do that, though? Unless vbox is doing passthru, you'd need your host to stay connected so your VM stays connected...maybe someone else knows virtualbox better or understands better what you're trying to do17:38
ddd333tgm4883: i love natural scrolling. it is indeed natural17:38
tgm4883ddd333: brain.... wiring....17:38
varaindemiannacc here is another one https://paste.ubuntu.com/18252264/17:38
HackerIIreverse polarity17:39
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ddd333tgm4883: don't tell me how my brainzzzz works17:39
varaindemianminimec: r8169                  81920  017:39
varaindemianmii                    16384  1 r816917:39
tgm4883ddd333: I'm not. you are :)17:39
naccvaraindemian: did this message ("[10139.280349] IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): enp3s0: link is not ready") occur after you restarted networking?17:40
varaindemiannacc: before17:40
naccvaraindemian: afaict, there's nothing link related there; i'd guess there may be an issue with that driver, but hard to say. I've never had to deal with realtek device (althoguh their support has been iffy, iirc)17:40
naccvaraindemian: are you sure? there's a big gap and then in a matter of seconds it's back up17:41
HowtoBy the way how do I get dhcp connection in bridged network?17:41
varaindemiannacc: probably because I left the pc and when I came back I had no connection17:42
HowtoOr just tell me the option in Ubuntu to choose dhcp option17:43
tgm4883Howto: it should be getting a DHCP address automatically. Are you sure the NIC works in the VM?17:43
HowtoBecause this is the only issue I need to overcome17:44
minimecvaraindemian: Ok I think I am getting closer. One solution seems to be to set the card to 100baseT instead of 1000baseT. See here https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/787949/embedded-systems/netdev-watchdog-eth0-r8169-transmit-queue-0-timed-out-with-tegra-r21/post/4359675/#435967517:44
varaindemiannacc: how do we read that time actually?17:44
minimecvaraindemian: Citation: "Just add the line to /etc/rc.local: sudo mii-tool -F 100baseTx-FD eth0"17:44
minimecvaraindemian: Others try to use some driver options... ' options r8169 use_dac=1 debug=8'. see here... https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/794758/jetson-tk1-r8169-ethernet-cuts-on-high-load/17:45
varaindemianminimec: hmm related to nvidia?17:46
naccvaraindemian: that's the kernel's internal clock (usually)17:47
minimecvaraindemian: ..."Ethernet cuts on high load"17:47
naccHowto: i reassert, though, it doesn't make a lot of sense for a VM to provide DHCP address to its own host (IMO)17:48
varaindemianminimec: I'd assume I add that before exit 0, right?17:48
minimecvaraindemian: Right.17:48
HowtoHey it got an ip but the only issue left is that virtual box acts as an interface for vboxnet0 and I cannot find an option in virtual box for17:51
HowtoIp issuing17:51
snimaI cant find the problem, both of my systems are fresh install. what should I do to live migration? http://paste.ubuntu.com/18253261/17:51
HowtoCan you just let me know if there is an irc for reddit?17:53
MonkeyDustHowto  type   /msg alis list reddit17:53
MonkeyDustHowto  type   /msg alis list redhat17:53
snimacould you please read my error http://paste.ubuntu.com/18253261/17:54
MonkeyDustsnima  what are you trying to do or achieve?17:54
snimaMonkeyDust: I want to do live migration. I have a installed debian in virt-manager17:55
snimaMonkeyDust: both of my systems are ubuntu 16.0417:56
MonkeyDustsnima  live migration? meaning?17:56
snimaMonkeyDust:  yes, migration of guest vm to another host17:56
naccsnima: you mean a libvirt migration?17:57
naccsnima: one of your two hosts failed to respond (are they both running libvirt)?17:57
snimanacc: how can I check it?17:57
naccsnima: you don't know if both your hosts are running libvirt?17:58
naccsnima: i suggest you not migrate if you dohn't know that.17:58
snimanacc: both are connectid to each other17:58
naccsnima: you mean network connected? that has no relevance to if they are running libvirt or not...17:58
snimanacc: I have a connection betwine this 2 libvirt17:59
snimanacc: Also my nfs pool is accessible18:00
naccsnima: so from the host you are migrating from, you are able to issue: `virsh -c qemu+ssh://ubuntu@` ?18:00
snimanacc: error: failed to connect to the hypervisor error: internal error: unexpected QEMU URI path '/', try qemu:///system18:01
WoodyPCHow do I install a download that looks like this: file.tar.bz2?18:01
snimanacc: this is what I use "virsh migrate --live --tunnelled --p2p debian8 qemu+ssh://ubuntu@"18:02
MonkeyDust!tar | snima18:02
ubottusnima: Files with extensions .tar, .gz, .tgz, .zip, .bz2, .7z, .ace and other archive file formats can be opened with file-roller (GNOME) or Ark (KDE) - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression18:02
snimaMonkeyDust: me? o.O18:02
snima!tar | WoodyPC18:03
ubottuWoodyPC: Files with extensions .tar, .gz, .tgz, .zip, .bz2, .7z, .ace and other archive file formats can be opened with file-roller (GNOME) or Ark (KDE) - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression18:03
MonkeyDustsnima  well done18:03
naccsnima: err, sorry `virsh -c qemu+ssh://ubuntu@`18:03
snimanacc: Welcome to virsh, the virtualization interactive terminal.  Type:  'help' for help with commands        'quit' to quit  virsh #18:04
naccsnima: ok, so you do have connectivity, that's good18:05
snimanacc: yes.18:05
streulmawhat is the right command to do X11 Forwarding over SSH ?18:07
snimanacc: Is it a bug? I am so confused :(18:07
naccsnima: what user is libvirtd running as in both hosts?18:07
naccstreulma: `ssh -X` ?18:07
OmegaAI just installed Windows 7, can I use my Ubuntu USB boot drive to reinstall grub?18:08
OmegaAOr whatever the bootloader of choice is nowadays.18:08
naccsnima: i'm wondering if you're seeing what is mentioned in LP: #148726218:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1487262 in devstack "live migration doesn't work with default config" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148726218:08
snimanacc: source is nima and deest ins ubunu. (in ubuntu I run it with sudo)18:08
naccsnima: libvirtd is running as 'ubuntu' on the dest? Why do you need sudo?18:09
streulmaOmegaA boot-repair should solve it18:09
snimanacc: because I got some error whithout sudo. (Ubuntu is live)18:09
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Bashing-omOmegaA: If Windows presently boots. then yes .. installing grub will pick up and chainload Windows' boot code .18:10
naccsnima: but if you're using sudo to start libvirtd, it's running as root, then18:11
naccsnima: which would be the above mentioned bug18:11
snimanacc: hum, and what should I do now?18:12
snimasnima: wha is the "Host key verification"?18:18
naccsnima: did you read the bug?18:18
jerichowasahoaxI don't like systemd. Are there any officially supported alternatives?18:19
jiggawattzjerichowasahoax ▸ I think you can install upstart18:20
snimanacc: sorry, not all of it. I have bad Headache18:20
jiggawattzbut the ubuntu train is derailing on the systemd tracks unfortunately18:20
naccjerichowasahoax: upstart is still available, but systemd is the default, and probably eventually will be the only option.18:20
snimanacc:  20 min. I will back18:20
jiggawattzjerichowasahoax ▸ if you want something better - go with Slackware18:20
jerichowasahoaxnacc: I'm willing to void my warranty to avoid systemd, if upstart goes away I'll probably just go get OpenRC18:21
ripdiskhey guys.....I have this laptop made by MSI, and i wanted to put ubuntu on it and dual boot with the current install of windows 8 or 10 or whatever is on it.....but when i tried to do it, ubuntu's setup said it could not detect any other OS installed. When i checked the partition tree, it was an absolute mess with all kinds of strange small partitions for various backup crap. I decided that i18:21
ripdiskwould install the OS on a portable hdd...so i got a 1tb usb drive. what do i have to do in order to install ubuntu on a portable HDD? where will the boot loader go? etc18:21
naccjerichowasahoax: what 'warranty' ?18:21
jerichowasahoaxjiggawattz: I'm normally a Gentoo guy, but I like knowing what Ubuntu's doing these days18:21
naccjerichowasahoax: most modern distributions are going to systemd; not all, but most.18:21
jerichowasahoaxnacc: The same warranty firefox's about:config warns you about ;-)18:21
k1l_jerichowasahoax: the official init is systemd since 15.04. i dont think there is a easy workaround systemd. you might need a lot of manual work then18:22
jiggawattzslackware is still on init scripts18:22
naccjiggawattz: i said most, didn't I?18:22
jerichowasahoaxk1l_: wouldn't be the first time I got a Debian based system to use something else :V18:22
jiggawattznacc ▸ I'm just being specific18:22
naccjiggawattz: ack18:22
* jiggawattz is a Slacker18:22
k1l_jerichowasahoax: there is no warranty void, but it will not work ootb.18:22
jiggawattzand a Ubunny18:22
jerichowasahoaxk1l_: yes, that was an attempt at humor. apparently it missed18:23
k1l_jerichowasahoax: but i guess people would like a openrc maintainer for ubuntu/debian :)18:23
jerichowasahoaxk1l_: Debian had one at one point, I'm not sure if they're still at it though18:23
iseneJust throwing it out here in case someone is interested: I am looking to recruit 4 world class developers to an "innovations garage" I am building for a company. Anything goes in the garage; Create new products, hw, sw, protocols, UI, new ways of developing, internal processes - anything that amazes. Location = Norway.18:26
nacc!ot | isene18:26
ubottuisene: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:26
adrian_1908hello. can anyone recommend a lightweight audio player for Ubuntu like foobar2000? I used deadbeef in the past which comes fairly close, but was wondering if anyone has other recommendations. Emphasis on lightness.18:30
DJonesadrian_1908: Not sure about lightness, but I use clementine18:31
MonkeyDustadrian_1908  audacious is light too18:32
adrian_1908MonkeyDust: audacious looks like it might fit, i'll check it out.18:33
minimecadrian_1908: audacious as 'swiss army knife' and lollypop for the music collection. Also... not sure about lightness, but lollypop is by far the most beautiful music player available for linux, but it's not working with 14.0418:34
minimecadrian_1908: https://gnumdk.github.io/lollypop-web/18:35
adrian_1908looks good but far beyond what i need. foobar2000 is like this: http://i.kinja-img.com/gawker-media/image/upload/s--x0F4GWg2--/18s06pkq1yv4kpng.png  though it has started to experience feature bloat as well. It's like a small client in the background with a playlist that follow simple UI principles (drag & drop, copy, cut, paste, trim) which i really like.18:39
jerichowasahoaxadrian_1908: If you happen to have Wine already installed, then you can just use foobar2000 :V18:40
jerichowasahoaxadrian_1908: Wine is not lightweight in the slightest though, so if you don't already have it, have you looked at mpd+ncmpcpp?18:40
adrian_1908jerichowasahoax: i have looked at those, but that's taking it too far :þ  I'll try audacious, or install deadbeef again, which wasn't half bad (just looking for other recommendations). Thanks.18:42
jerichowasahoaxadrian_1908: fair enough18:50
adrian_1908gotta run, thanks for the recommendations guys! I just messed around with audacious and i think i'll be really satisfied with that :)18:53
afidegnumhello good morning, is there a way to use a special container for Desktop applications on ubuntu?18:53
tgm4883afidegnum: you mean like snaps?18:53
afidegnumI was reading about dockers but couldn't find anything meaning ful there,18:53
snimanacc:I tried again. whthout sudo the problem is same.18:54
afidegnumwhich one is snaps?18:54
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jameshestonIs it insecure to install services like PostgresSQL, MongoDB, and Dokku while logged in as the root user on a fresh server?18:54
jameshestonIf so, should I create a new user like "default" or "admin", or  should I log in as the only user I'm seeing in the /home directory: "ubuntu"18:54
naccafidegnum: that question doesn't exactly make sense. Do you mean having a continer for each application?18:54
naccjamesheston: i mean, you need to be root to install packages in ubuntu (sudo or otherise)18:55
naccjamesheston: but login as ubuntu and use sudo18:55
tgm4883jamesheston: what VPS is that?18:55
Morphius_I cannot locate a python library (python-ftputil).  Where do I go for help with that?18:55
tgm4883!snap | afidegnum18:55
afidegnumok, for example, i need a container where i can install i.e OpenOffice, not into the core ubuntu platoform so each interface / application can have its customized settings18:55
jameshestonnacc: Thanks!18:55
naccMorphius_: if it's not packaged you can use pip ?18:56
jameshestontgm4883: I'm using rackspace18:56
jameshestonnacc: So ubuntu is the default user with non sudo privileges on Ubuntu servers?18:56
naccafidegnum: still rather confused. What does containerization have to do with customizing the settings for openoffices?18:56
naccjamesheston: i believe ubuntu has sudo access by default (but it might depend on your VPS)18:57
Morphius_nacc: Thanks.18:57
afidegnumimagine I wan tot have multiple instances of Open Offices, and each one with it's custom settings.18:57
afidegnumi.e one OpenOffice with blue background, another OpenOffice instance with Green Background,18:57
remakeHi, is there anyway to wake up a computer remotely?18:57
naccremake: wake-on-lan ?18:58
afidegnumthis is not possible on hte default ubuntu installation,18:58
ikoniathats nothing to do with ubuntu18:58
afidegnumthe config files is not programmed to replicate settings for each instances,18:58
ikoniathats pretty much how most linux based apps work18:58
MonkeyDustremake  it must be possible in your bios18:58
remakenacc: ya is was wondering how that works18:58
ioriaremake, etherwake18:58
naccioria: thanks, couldn't remember the pkg name18:59
remakeis it a signal that is sent?18:59
afidegnummuch like a virtualized instances but more lean and flexible not like virtualbox and co.18:59
afidegnumnacc: I hope you get what i mean?18:59
ikoniaafidegnum: you're just saying random words18:59
OerHeksafidegnum, do you have a dream or a support question?18:59
iorianacc, :þ18:59
ikoniaafidegnum: do you have an actual question ?18:59
afidegnumI asked the question earlier :)18:59
naccafidegnum: the tricky part is that graphical applications in a container is still not trivial (afaict)18:59
ikoniaafidegnum: what question ?18:59
afidegnumnacc: well that is an example i m giving19:00
naccafidegnum: so even if you had the applications in containers (trivially achievalbe), you ahve to display them somehow and that tends to be ... ugly19:00
afidegnumi want to have custom installation setings for each applicaitons19:00
ikoniaafidegnum: so the ability of settings vary from app to app19:00
ikoniaafidegnum: you'll need to be specific19:00
k1l_afidegnum: sounds like you want #snappy19:00
afidegnumikonia: i was looking for the tool that will make it work :)19:00
ikoniaafidegnum: you're not going to get one19:01
ikoniaafidegnum: it varys from application to application19:01
afidegnumk1l_: is snappy stand alone ? or it can be installed into an existing installation ?19:02
ikoniasnappy won't help it19:02
naccso my understanding, and i might be wrong, was that afidegnum was wondering if it's possible to launch multiple instances of a program (one per container) in containers and thus customize them all separately. That is 100% doable, but how useful that is depends on the application still.19:02
k1l_afidegnum: yes19:02
afidegnumnacc: i.e custom IDE for different debugging environment19:04
afidegnumi used openoffice as an example,19:04
ikoniait depends on the application19:04
ikoniathere are very simple options for some applications, zero options for others, it really depends on real world situations and requirements19:04
ikoniarather than a generic wondering out loud19:04
snimaHow can I solve this problem? "/usr/bin/ssh-copy-id: ERROR: failed to open ID file '/root/.pub': No such file (to install the contents of '/root/.pub' anyway, look at the -f option)"19:04
ikoniasnima: there is no file of that name19:05
ikoniasnima: why are you trying to setup keys on root19:05
ikoniasnima: root is disabled as an account on ubuntu by default19:05
naccikonia: it's for libvirt live migration, where libvirtd is running as root (on one of hte hosts)19:05
snimaikonia: a person solved his problem by this way "https://bugs.launchpad.net/devstack/+bug/1487262"19:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1487262 in devstack "live migration doesn't work with default config" [Undecided,Fix released]19:05
ikoniasnima: I don't mean to be rude here - but you're trying to run complex virtualization, but you can't debug a "file not found" error19:06
naccsnima: can you pastebin `ps aux | grep libvirtd` on both hosts?19:06
ikoniaperhaps you should look at what you're actually doing19:06
snimaikonia: :p19:07
ikoniasnima: I'm not joking19:07
ikoniaI find it an unacceptable situation19:07
naccsnima: minimially, you should understand how ssh keys work and understand why that bug was solved that way (rather than just c&p the solution)19:08
snimaikonia: sorry.19:10
snimanacc: http://paste.ubuntu.com/18259560/19:10
naccsnima: right, so just to clarify, i asked earlier which user libvirtd is running as, you said something like 'snima' and 'ubuntu'. It's running as 'root' on both systems.19:10
ikoniaI just wouln't support this attitude of not learning the basics and giving bad info19:11
snimanacc: yes, I run it without root but currently it is runnig by root19:11
zzo38How to install the Apache 2.4 package on this version of Ubuntu? The one included with the system is version 2.2.19:12
ikoniazzo38: don't19:12
ikoniazzo38: upgrade to a version of ubuntu that supports it out of "main" repo19:12
ioria!info apache219:13
zzo38I need to use a new feature of 2.4 (the <If> directive) and do not want to upgrade Ubuntu because it causes problems19:13
ubottuapache2 (source: apache2): Apache HTTP Server. In component main, is optional. Version 2.4.18-2ubuntu3 (xenial), package size 84 kB, installed size 488 kB19:13
ikoniazzo38: why does it cause problems19:13
OerHeksonly precise 'had' apache2.219:14
naccsnima: running `virsh` without root is not the same as running libvirtd as not-root. Again, this implies some serious misunderstanding :(19:14
zzo38Everyone has mentioned various problems with upgrading the operating system; the store I purchased it from said not to upgrade but I did not know why, but later on I found out why; it can stop it from working properly or at all.19:14
zzo38(Which means to properly upgrade instead I would need to reinstall the entire system, and I do not want to do that, as I have many configurations set. Also I do not want to use Wayland or Mir)19:15
ioriazzo38, are you on 12.04 ?19:15
snimanacc: ok, I understood.19:15
zzo38ioria: Yes19:16
xanguazzo38: what problems are you having updating? What Ubuntu release?19:16
virtuosojI want to host a local copy of my Wordpress sites in order to change code/themes/plugins without breaking the main sites.  I was thinking of setting up a virtual machine with Ubuntu Server 16.04 and installing Wordpress there.  Will this work?  Could I connect to it from the same laptop that's hosting the VM?19:16
ikoniazzo38: you don't use wayland or mir19:17
ikoniazzo38: I suggest you work on fact, not bad info19:17
ikoniaand upgrade / reinstall19:17
ikoniavirtuosoj: why bother with a vm19:17
zzo38ikonia: Yes I know; X is better19:17
ikoniavirtuosoj: just host it your box/desktop19:17
ikoniazzo38: then why are you saying you don't want to use wayland/mir when you don't hve to19:18
xanguaikonia: you know what? You haven't stated what problems are you having updating19:18
xanguazzo38: ups19:18
naccvirtuosoj: but the answers to your questions are yes and yes, afaict.19:18
zzo38I have not tried upgrading the operating system, but they told me not to, and many people say it can stop the system from working properly19:19
nacczzo38: who are these "many people"? google results?19:19
ikoniazzo38: and may people are telling you it is the best way to get apache 2.419:19
ikoniaso do you want to be specific or just generic random19:19
zzo38nacc: No, outside of Google19:19
nacczzo38: do you have some special hardware that is no longer supported?19:20
zzo38nacc: I don't know.19:20
ikoniazzo38: maybe these people can help you get apache 2.419:20
nacczzo38: worst-case, try 14.04 on a liveusb/cd ?19:20
ioriazzo38,  you should tell more about your system ? ppa ? server ? custom config ? non-pae cpu19:20
zzo38nacc: Ah, I could do that to see if it is supported, but I still don't know if an upgrade (rather than a reinstall) would break it19:21
zzo38ioria: It is a PC that I purchased from a store with OEM Ubuntu preinstalled. I think the version was old at the time I purchased it and they said to don't upgrade.19:22
nacczzo38: you know you eventually have to upgrade, right? (next year)19:22
ikoniaif in doubt, backup and re-install19:22
ioriazzo38,  oh, really ?19:22
zzo38nacc: O, I do? Why is that? I hope they don't remove any packages that I am using or mess up any configuration I have set up?19:23
zzo38(Note that I have hacked Firefox, so it is unlikely to work if upgraded)19:24
ikoniahacked firefox...what19:24
nacczzo38: 12.04 is only supported for 5 years. So I guess "have to" is maybe harsh, but it ceases to be supported then19:24
ioriazzo38,   can you paste  cat /proc/cpuinfo ?19:24
DArqueBishopnacc: it's not that harsh. An unsupported OS becomes more dangerous to the net at large the longer it is left un-upgraded.19:24
naccDArqueBishop: yeah, that's a good point19:24
ikoniazzo38: you're best bet in all seriousness a.) backup your data b.) do a clean install of ubuntu 16.04 onto your machine19:25
ikoniazzo38: you sound like you're in a very bad situation19:25
ioriazzo38,   it's ok19:25
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zzo38ikonia: I hacked Firefox to get rid of HSTS, by changing the header name to one with embedded CRLF so that it won't recognize any header as enabling HSTS.19:26
ikoniazzo38: more fool you then19:26
=== ebolA is now known as federated
bekkshi all19:27
zzo38I also got rid of HPKP, although I would rather to keep it but allow user override; that seems too difficult to do though.19:27
ikoniazzo38: I think you best support your own machine then19:27
bekksare there known issues with kernel 4.4.0-2x and nvidia? Apparently my 14.04 broke, I had to uninstall the lts enablement stack for xenial, revert to the wily one, and I a still unable to use nvidia. nouveau seems to work fine, as a workaround, now.19:28
ikoniasounds like a timebomb19:28
DArqueBishopzzo38: ... why in the name of all that is sane and rational would you disable those?19:28
ikoniabekks: couple of people passed some comments on it not loading properly in the last few days, but they seem exceptions rather than the norm19:28
ikoniabekks: what's up with your box when it's running 4.4.19:28
zzo38DArqueBishop: HSTS is bad. HPKP is good except for the part that user override is not possible, therefore HPKP is also bad.19:29
bekksRunning 4.4 and nouveau, the screen has black borders around it, and I am unable to log in. Logging in result in being logged out a few seconds after.19:29
ikoniabekks: what about on the nvidia module ?19:30
zzo38(I have also made all sorts of other customizations in Firefox, including custom XBL, altered SQL schema, userChrome.js, userChrome.css, etc)19:30
ikoniazzo38: your box is unsupportable19:30
bekksikonia: It errors out on modprobing it, with a message about an unknown function. Regardless of which nvidia-* driver I'm using from the repos.19:30
bekksikonia: The same applies for 4.2 + nvidia19:31
brunch875If I launch a game with a better nice priority, will it run better?19:31
bekksbrunch875: Most likely not.19:31
brunch875I thought so... :c19:32
ikoniabekks: yeah, that was what the other guys where complaining about, couldn't get the module to load19:32
bekksikonia: Correct, yes.19:32
ikoniabekks: have you got any 4.x kernel working ? I'd be surprised if there isn't a bug on launchpad for this19:32
bekksikonia: I got it running until a few days ago, arounf the 27th, after that, some package got updated and the whole thing broke.19:33
ikoniabekks: not good, on an LTS build too19:33
zzo38And I removed all of the toolbar buttons and search box (now the only thing on the toolbar is the location bar), forced it to display punycode and percent-encoding instead of Unicode characters, disabled JavaScript by default, restored the status bar, changed the location bar to accept relative URLs, caused most of the user interface to use bitmap fonts, removed close buttons from tabs, widened and squared tabs, and other stuff.19:34
ioriazzo38,   ok :þ, run trusty in vm19:34
bekksikonia: Hopefully that will be resolved soon.19:35
ikoniabekks: be worth checking launchpad for the bug and it's status19:35
zzo38And programmed a kind of scrollbars to act more like Xaw, but that does not quite work so well. Do you know how to make it use Xaw scrollbars and Xaw stuff?19:35
bekksikonia: Do you have a bug # handy?19:35
nacczzo38: i think you've veered offtopic at this point :)19:35
skyis there a way to compare nginx-light vs nginx-full in terms of functionality?19:35
zzo38Probably you are correct.19:35
ikoniabekks: not at all, don't know if one even exists19:36
bekksikonia: Seems like this one: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers-304-updates/+bug/157493019:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1574838 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-361 (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1574930 nvidia-361 361.42-0ubuntu2: nvidia-361 kernel module failed to build [error: code model kernel does not support PIC mode]" [Undecided,Confirmed]19:36
bekksOr something similar.19:37
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ikoniacertainly meets your description19:37
zzo38How can I change programs based on Motif to Xaw, and so on? I think ImageMagick uses Motif but I want to change it to Xaw which is better.19:37
ikoniazzo38: you can't19:38
ikoniazzo38: they are built against a graphics library19:38
bekkszzo38: You need to port the source code for using another graphics library.19:38
=== nols is now known as alazare619
=== sydney_u1tangle is now known as sydney_untangle
zzo38Other programs I use such as xterm are based on Xaw. The Xaw scrollbars (and other widgets) are far better than the Microsoft ones.19:40
=== rawss is now known as rOss^64
clovekkhi. if i wipe legacy MBR bootloader while i have GPT and using UEFI boot mode, still i will be able to boot without problems?19:44
=== Aaron is now known as Guest61198
Jordan_Uclovekk: Yes, but how do you plan to "wipe" the BIOS based bootloader and why? If you're using dd it's very easy to accidentally make a catastrophic mistake, and this seems unnecessary.19:46
=== Tristan-Speccy is now known as Guest83412
clovekki dont know which OS bootloader is in it :D but i made mbr dump and i see there are zeros at the begin so i ll leave it19:50
=== yebyen is now known as Guest2189
=== taotetek is now known as Guest94379
computerpeople, how can i connect to a wifi through temrinal?20:09
nacccomputer: nmcli ?20:11
computernacc: what do you mean? is this a command?20:11
ubuntu465how do i setup vpn from cli20:12
=== human is now known as Guest63865
nacccomputer: yes, nmcli is the cli frontend for network-manager20:12
nacc!vpn | ubuntu46520:12
ubottuubuntu465: For more information on vpn please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VPN20:12
naccpresumably openconnect or something20:13
Asad2005can someone help install adb latest version. i am on ubuntu 16.04 and adb installed ver is 1.0.3220:13
=== Guest63865 is now known as y_human
nacc!latest | Asad200520:13
ubottuAsad2005: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.20:13
naccwe should just teach ubottu to auto-respond :)20:13
computernacc: what is the command to connect?20:15
LucidCan anyone help me out woth the sysct1.conf?20:15
nacccomputer: check `man nmcli`; i'm guessing `nmcli connection add ... `20:16
LucidI tried changing my swappiness to 10 but it didnt work and now the file is blank in gedit20:16
computernacc: it is really complicated to connect to a wifi through terminal ha?20:16
computernacc: wait. i can't even find sudo apt-get install nmcli20:16
naccLucid: did you mean /etc/sysctl.conf (not sysct1.conf) ?20:16
nacccomputer: that's because that's not the package name...20:16
LucidYeah this is what it said in the terminal20:16
nacccomputer: it comes from 'network-manager'; what version of ubuntu are you on?20:17
LucidWell it dosnt want to paste...20:17
computernacc: 1620:17
nacccomputer: ok20:17
LucidBasically something about a gtk error20:17
LucidI'm using gedit to view it and I tried nano but that also dosnt work.20:17
naccLucid: how did you try to change your swappiness to 10? did you reboot after making that change?20:17
LucidYes I did20:17
naccLucid: what do you mean "it doesn't work" ?20:18
LucidWell the swappiness is still at 60 and now I cant open the file in Gedit or anno its just an empty file20:18
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Lucid* (gedit:1982): WARNING **: Set document metadata failed: Setting attribute metadata::gedit-position not supported20:18
naccLucid: what did you try to put in /etc/sysctl.conf ?20:18
=== Bray90820_ is now known as Bray90820
naccLucid: did you try just changing that from the terminal? `echo 10 > /proc/sys/vm/swappiness` ? I also assume you know what you're doing if you're twiddling that knob.20:20
naccLucid: please pastebin `cat /etc/sysctl.conf` ?20:20
LucidI can see the text if I do it like that20:21
LucidBut I cant change anythign20:21
LucidUnless that restored the metadata20:21
naccLucid: `nano /etc/sysctl.conf`20:22
computernacc: i do not get what the command it, i keep readin online but it is not clear for me20:22
LucidIt's blank20:23
nacccomputer: `apt-get install network-manager` (which is installed by default in ubuntu anyways), then run `nmcli` (or `man nmcli`)20:23
computernacc: i already did that20:23
LucidI can see the lines of text in cat /etc/sysctl.conf but when I open it in nano or gedit nothing shows.20:23
computernacc: i did nmcli dev wifi list but i get nothing20:24
nacccomputer: it works here20:24
goddardif i wanted to create a vm and eventually move it what should I create the vm with and then what would host it on a server?20:24
nacccomputer: do you get nothing or do you get 'command not found' ?20:25
naccLucid: that doesn't make any sense to me ... can you try vi?20:25
computeri get *  SSID  MODE  CHAN  RATE  SIGNAL  BARS  SECURITY   but nothing under it20:25
nacccomputer: ok, did you set up a wifi device yet? not sure if you need to in order for scanning to work20:25
LucidDosnt matter. I found a way around it. I just copied and pasted the lines in the cat method and pasted it using gedit.20:25
LucidSeems to be okay now.20:25
naccgoddard: why are you planning to move it?20:25
LucidSorry for the noobiness... I'm new to linux. again.20:26
computernacc: well i have the wifi on, other devices are connected to it, do i need to turn on the wifi in my terminal?20:26
nacccomputer: you're already on the wifi on this machine?20:26
LucidSo am I supposed to put vm.swappiness without a # or with?20:26
computernacc: no, other machines20:26
arunsRecently installed XFCE on my laptop running Ubuntu 14.04 as the laptop is old, so Unity was really slowing it down.20:26
naccLucid: without of course. # means a comment20:26
arunsTrying to access System Settings and it gives me a phone settings interface.20:27
Lucidokay thanks20:27
arunsHow can I restore my System Settings?20:27
arunsI have tried adding the launcher to the gnome panel desktop file.20:27
tumtoesHey guys. I just installed ubuntu the other day but the computer is really slow and crashes when I try to watch videos. It doesn't matter what web browser I use or even if it flash, html5, or whatever20:27
arunsDo I need to restart my machine?20:27
goddardnacc: gonna re-create an environment and change some underlying software was gonna do it in a vm and move it back to the original machine20:27
arunstumtoes: Have you tried Livestreamer?20:27
tumtoestumtoes, what is that?20:27
tumtoesaruns, I would rather just fix whatever is wrong with my computer.20:28
naccgoddard: sorry, still confused. you're setting up a VM to re-create an env, change something, and then move the VM?20:28
naccgoddard: or do you mean "move" the env?20:28
arunstumtoes: Well, which version of Ubuntu are you running, what are your specs?20:28
arunstumtoes: How much RAM do you have, etc.?20:28
tumtoesaruns, oh wait so it isn't slow. It is fine and then it just freezes it is 16.0420:29
=== computer is now known as ComMan
tumtoesI have 8gb of ram20:29
tumtoesMy graphics card is on my processor, It hink20:29
arunstumtoes: Flash is a really big resource hog.20:29
nacctumtoes: giving inconsistent issues makes it harder to help you20:30
goddardnacc: it is complicated but basically I need to create a vm and then move it to a vm server and I dont know what vm type and what vm server to use20:30
nacctumtoes: you first said it was slow, then you said it wasn't slow but it froze.20:30
goddardnacc: the current environment is a web server20:30
tumtoesnacc, It is fine and then it freezes. aruns, just to be clear20:30
naccgoddard: that's not really an ubuntu support question :)20:30
tumtoesI thought it was because of videos, but then it did it the other day when the computer was just sitting there20:30
arunstumtoes: I would recommend installing Livestreamer. It's a command-line utility written in Python that allows you to stream videos online with matching plugins to a media player of your choice.20:31
goddardnacc: so you don't know?20:31
naccgoddard: are you hosting the vm server too, then? this is rather confusing to understand. By creating a VM locally, your machine is a VM server already ...20:31
tumtoesaruns, I don't think Livestreamer is the problem though. Because the computer froze when it was just sitting there the other day20:31
Bashing-omaruns: Overkill ? ... The directory where Xfce stores the configurations of the panel is20:31
tumtoesErm, the solution to the problem20:31
Bashing-omJust erasing it and loging out and in will restore the defaults configurations that your distro ships in.20:31
arunsBashing-om: Ah OK, thanks :)20:32
naccgoddard: no, i'm saying that helping you design your virtualization solution steps outside the bounds of the /topic :)20:32
arunstumtoes: Are you using Unity?20:32
tumtoesaruns, not anymore20:32
naccgoddard: I also have no idea what you need, etc. only you know that. As of right now, I don't know why you can't use a simple KVM guest20:32
tumtoesaruns, it did it on unity too20:33
goddardnacc: have you ever setup a "cloud" server20:33
naccgoddard: you mean a hosting-services server?20:34
arunsBashing-om: The trouble is that System Settings for me on XFCE4 shows what seems to be a settings interface for a phone - and if I swipe to the right, it says 'About this Phone'20:35
arunstumtoes: Which desktop manager are you using now?20:35
naccaruns: how did you "install XFCE" ?20:35
tumtoesaruns, xkde20:35
goddardnacc: i mean an internet facing vm server20:35
naccgoddard: i haven't brought one up myself, but i've helped others do so ... why do you ask?20:36
goddardnacc: what did you use to do it?20:36
arunsnacc: sudo apt-get install xfce420:37
tumtoesaruns, xfce. Sorry, new to ubuntu20:37
tumtoesnot xkde20:37
arunstumtoes: Ah, OK.20:37
tumtoesxkde is a website, It hink20:37
arunstumtoes: Which web browsers are you using? Firefox is quite a resource hog AFAIK.20:38
tumtoesaruns, I've tried firefox and chrome20:38
arunstumtoes: And it just slows down when you're streaming videos?20:39
tumtoesaruns, well, I thought it was because of videos. It didn't slow down, it would just freeze. And it happened the other day when the computer was just running. I wasn't even doing anything20:39
tumtoesIt just froze, bad20:39
ComMannacc: nmcli dev wifi connect NAME PASSWORD     it is not working i do not get it, why?20:39
tumtoesTo where I had to do a hard reset20:39
arunstumtoes: Is it an old machine?20:39
tumtoesaruns, no. I just bought it from amazon. New computer too20:40
tumtoesIt isn't the best but it isn't bad20:40
tumtoesIt cost  me about 200 USD20:40
goddardnacc: ?20:41
arunstumtoes: We'll need to know your machine's specs.20:41
naccgoddard: not really relevant to what you need, afaict. I've used kvm/qemu, libvirt, etc. with various frontends for mgmt. in the past.20:41
tumtoesaruns, hold plz20:42
goddardnacc: so you have used vm clients not servers20:42
naccgoddard: i've used both.20:42
goddardnacc: ok so what ones?20:42
naccgoddard: how is this an ubuntu support question?20:43
Malex88can someone tell me what this means <<warning boot script modified please contact your vendor>>?20:43
naccComMan: what does it do/print? (pastebin)?20:43
tumtoesaruns, http://pastebin.com/AKqr3c9r20:44
goddardnacc: how isn't it?20:44
bekksMalex88: You get that message when doing what?20:44
Malex88restarting ubuntu mate20:44
Malex88having problem with wi-fi20:44
naccComMan: nmcli device connect takes an "ifname" parameter; did you create one with `nmcli connection add` first?20:44
naccComMan: i've not used nmcli, i'm just reading the manpages myself, btw20:45
ComMannacc: this is very complicated, 1 moment i will paste you the error20:45
tumtoesaruns, is that good enough?20:45
naccComMan: ok20:46
ComMannacc: http://paste.fedoraproject.org/387278/46740596/20:46
Malex88it appeared when ived restarted my laptop because of the wifi connection problem20:46
naccgoddard: this is a channel to help with issues you are having with Ubuntu. Your question is (currently) what VM servers have I setup in the past. You see the difference?20:46
curlyearsheigh hough20:47
arunstumtoes: Yeah, should be fine for now...so you have about 16GB of RAM?20:48
tumtoesaruns, yeah20:48
arunstumtoes: What's your processor?20:48
goddardnacc: You do realize ubuntu has cloud services and vm software right?20:49
ikoniagoddard: what's your actual question then ?20:49
curlyearsI am pretty sure nacc would be aware of that, actually20:49
tumtoesaruns, trying to figure that out20:50
curlyearsthe ubuntu one cl0oud service has closed20:50
curlyearsaccortding to what iot said when I tried to use it recwently\20:50
k1l_curlyears: depends on what service you talk about from ubuntu one. the data sync has. but there are some left20:50
tumtoesaruns, intel pentium 2.16 ghz20:51
curlyearsk1l_: ah, that wasn't cklear to me, thanks20:51
ComMannacc: did you see my paste?20:51
curlyears\has anyonoe seen the 8 core 1.6Ghz ARM single boards, around half the size of a Pi with tons of I/O and about $50 each?20:52
arunstumtoes: I think it might be a processor issue...even if you have 16 GB of RAM.20:52
tumtoesaruns, what is the issue with the processor?20:52
arunstumtoes: 2.16 GHz is very slow for a processor.20:53
arunstumtoes: By today's standards.20:53
tumtoesaruns, hence it being 200 USD I guess.20:53
arunstumtoes: You get what you pay for lol.20:53
curlyearsaruns:  faster thabn many laptops, @2.16GHz20:53
tumtoesCan I just replace the processor? It is a laptop20:53
naccComMan: sorry, looking20:54
curlyearshey, nacc!20:54
OerHekstumtoes, " lscpu " will tell what pentium, maybe it is an i720:54
nacccurlyears: heya20:54
curlyearstumtoes: probably not20:54
tumtoesOerHeks, http://pastebin.com/bp3xM4Di20:55
newbie_add #SLAA20:55
naccComMan: does `nmcli dev wifi list` indicate any APs in range?20:55
OerHeksN3540  @ 2.16GHz not bad20:56
ComMannacc: yes i get many wifis inclusing mine20:56
naccComMan: can you pastebin output?20:56
tumtoesaruns, http://pastebin.com/bp3xM4Di20:57
curlyearsa weird thing:  when I have been up for more than 24 hours under 14.04.4 Live DVD, m,y applications cease to cooperate.  When I click on something on the side bar, I have to mannu8ally close the window I have up to get the thing I clickled to display...20:57
ComMannacc: http://paste.fedoraproject.org/387285/74066611/20:57
arunstumtoes: Hmm.20:58
Pedruxhello my friend20:58
arunstumtoes: Another thing, how large is your swap partition?20:58
tumtoesNot sure20:58
naccComMan: ok, and did you actually pass a password to `nmcli` ?20:58
OerHekstumtoes, Max Memory Size (dependent on memory type)8 GB .. http://ark.intel.com/products/82105/Intel-Pentium-Processor-N3540-2M-Cache-up-to-2_66-GHz20:58
tumtoesThat could be it though! aruns20:58
OerHeksso you have 16 gb?20:58
tumtoesOerHeks, I guess not? Maybe it's just 86b20:58
arunsDon't they say that swap space should be twice as RAM?20:59
aruns*twice as big as20:59
tumtoesaruns, you think I need to turn down swap? Isn't the default ubuntu swap size rather large?20:59
curlyearsI don't understand the output of lscpu.  It tells me there are 4 cores per socket, and one socket.  But it tells me there are 0-7 "CPUs available"  ????20:59
naccthat's old advicse :)20:59
ikoniacurlyears: threading20:59
nacccurlyears: logical CPUs (not physical)20:59
curlyearsyeah, each core can handle 2 threads, according to the lscpu output20:59
arunstumtoes: No, swap space is basically used to store inactive memory pages21:00
tumtoesI thought it says 1 thread per core21:00
curlyearsthis =was sold as an 8 core AMD64, it damned well better have 8 cpus21:00
=== Myrtti_ is now known as Myrtti
arunstumtoes: So that if you're running out of RAM, inactive application instances can be put into swap.21:00
curlyearstumtoes:  that depends on the exact CPU you have21:00
arunstumtoes: For when you want to run more applications.21:00
tumtoesaruns, so how do I increase the swap space, or check its current size?21:00
naccaruns: the twice as big advice is a bit outdated these days21:01
Malex88can someone help me fix my wi fi conection please21:01
naccaruns: i don't use swap at all usually21:01
Bashing-omtumtoes: ' free ' .21:01
=== Nach0z_ is now known as Nach0z
OerHekscurlyears, it probably does: some cores are CPU cores, some GPU??21:02
tumtoesBashing-om, http://pastebin.com/ju65RN4P aruns nacc OerHeks21:02
arunstumtoes: I'm sure you can use a file these days.21:02
ComMannacc: i wrote a password, but i am not sure if it correct, some places say i should write it in hex ot nscii and i do not get it21:02
curlyears\OerHeks:  I don't think so.  It's supposed to be an 8 core CPU21:02
curlyearshex?  where does it tell you to use hexadecimal?21:03
curlyearsThat's what it said on the bubble package, anyway, and that's what tigerdirect charged me for.21:03
naccComMan: the password would be your wpa password, i'd think (based upon your prior paste)21:03
curlyearsgotta run21:05
ComMannacc: yes21:05
tumtoesaruns, seems like there is plenty of swap space21:05
naccComMan: dunno why that would involve hex at all?21:05
Bashing-omtumtoes: That says you have 4 gigs of ram .. and a 4 gig swap .. of which none of swap is presently being used .21:06
ComMannacc: i don;t know either, that is what is written in the forums, so what command should i use to connect?21:06
tumtoesBashing-om, so I need to turn down my swap? Should I turn it to about 2gb?21:06
naccComMan: afaict, `nmcli --ask device wifi connect <SSID> password`21:07
naccComMan: also, did you reaad the manpage? "only open, WEP and WPA-PSK networks are supported at the moment"21:08
Bashing-omtumtoes: Not at all .. Nothing wring - if you have the disk space - with a 4 gig swap .. dependent on how intensive you get with number crunching .. If it works do not fix it .21:08
tumtoesBashing-om, something is making my computer just completely freeze randomly. To the point that I have to do a hard reset21:08
arunstumtoes: OK, so we have ruled out swap space, I think...21:08
ComMannacc: so in the command i just add my password in password? i do not replace my wifi name in <SSID>?21:08
naccComMan: specify your SSID in the ssid, and if you pass --ask, I think it will prompt you from the wpa password. But as the manpage said, i'm not sure it actually supports wpa2 auth21:09
tumtoesaruns, okay21:10
Bashing-omThen look at what is causing it .. 'top' running in  it's own terminal .. see what is consumming the resources . Maybe now is a good time to start learning to read the log files .21:10
ComMannacc: is there another application? i really don't get it, it is too complicated, pluse i have WAP221:11
tumtoesBashing-om, it's a fresh install though21:12
Bashing-omtumtoes: Bear in mind that 4 Gigs of ram is plenty to run a "normal" desktop .21:12
tumtoesBashing-om, k21:12
naccComMan: are you still on raspbian?21:13
MonkeyDustiirc, raspbian isnt even supported here21:14
naccMonkeyDust: ack, just checking on it :)21:14
* nacc just recalled this question from yesterday, for a similarly nick'd user :)21:14
ikoniawell, he is on raspbian as he's asking about it in #raspberrypi too21:15
ikoniaso it needs to stop21:15
naccikonia: ah ok :)21:16
arunstumtoes: Hi, have you run 'top' command in terminal?21:17
tumtoesaruns, yes. Nothing is showing21:18
tumtoesI'm changing swap to trigger if I used 80% of memory though21:18
tumtoesI think that will help  a lot21:18
arunsnacc: Hi, this is what my System Settings looks like: http://picpaste.com/thumbs/Screenshot_from_2016-07-01_22_20_07-ulvFy3pu.1467408083.png21:21
naccaruns: does seem weird...21:22
arunsnacc: Not sure if you know why it looks like that, maybe a workaround is to add XFCE to gnome-panel.desktop?21:22
arunsnacc: Or is it worth making a ticket for the XFCE dev team?21:23
naccaruns: i genuinely have no idea; i think Bashing-om tried to give you some suggestions earlier to reset the configuration21:23
c|onemanubuntu software center doesn't install apps  unless I gksudo it ahead of time21:34
YankDownUnderc|oneman: Because you have to be an authorised user to install software.21:37
c|onemanYankDownUnder: it should prompt for escalation though21:41
c|onemanlike any other app21:41
YankDownUnderc|oneman: In all honesty, I prefer "synaptic" over any of the other "software installation" packages. It SHOULD ask for authorisation...could be the link to the program in your menu that's mucked up...21:42
c|onemanit should ask for escalation before it starts?21:42
c|onemanor before an install?21:42
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r3clusehappy friday! phew.21:44
YankDownUnderc|oneman: I use "synaptic" or the terminal. As far as how the other programs work? Not sure, bro.21:45
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skierpageI booted into Kubuntu 16.04 for the first time in a month, and when the KDE graphical updater Discover tries to update 17 packages, it fails with  "Could not download packages"22:01
skierpagethe details are always22:01
skierpagehttp://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/l/linux/linux-image-4.4.0-26-generic_4.4.0-26.45_amd64.deb 404  Not Found [IP: 80]22:01
skierpage((with slight difference in end of IP)) and the same error in 7 more linux packages22:02
YankDownUnderskierpage: You should check your PPA sources...try a different country, maybe?22:02
k1l_skierpage: run a "sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade"22:02
skierpageYankDownUnder: yes, /etc/apt/sources.list  has "deb http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/" for "Major bug fix updates produced after the final release of the distribution"22:04
skierpageI can browse that site, but it's slow as molasses, took 80 seconds to display /ubuntu/pool/main/l/ and still hasn't finished showing http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/l/linux/22:04
k1l_skierpage: please run my command.22:05
OerHeksk1l_ +122:05
ddd333so much drama with my wifi in 14.04. speed is only 1/6 of full range. tried many solutions online. computer is brand new. will wifi get better in 16.04?22:05
YankDownUnderskierpage: Then the speed is what's screwing you up...you could always edit your DNS entries and include the Google DNS servers - if that would help...22:05
k1l_skierpage: you got an outdated package list. that .deb file is not on that server anymore.22:05
skierpagek1l_ sure, doing it.22:05
OerHeksskierpage has got old lists in his cache, from last month boot.22:05
skierpagek1l_ Yes, it's working much better, thanks! OerHeks: should the graphical Discover tool update the lists?22:07
k1l_skierpage: on the unity/gnome desktop, it does.22:07
AfshaalHey can anyone help me figure out how to make my turd of a motherboard/BIOS actually detect and boot from USB?22:08
ikoniaAfshaal: does it support boot from usb22:08
AfshaalI -think- so...22:08
ikoniaAfshaal: find out for sure22:08
Afshaalit's definitely among the boot options22:08
ikoniaAfshaal: ok - so what happens when you try to boot it22:09
ikoniaAfshaal: I assume you're booting ubuntu ?22:09
Afshaalwell back when I tried unetbootin22:09
ddd333so much drama with my wifi in 14.04. speed is only 1/6 of full range. tried many solutions online. computer is brand new. will wifi get better in 16.04?22:09
AfshaalIt would give [boot error]22:09
skierpagek1l_ OerHeks Thanks, if I figure out what happened I may file another bug against plasma-discover22:09
AfshaalAnd yeah, it's a xubuntu iso22:09
Afshaalclose enough right?22:09
ikoniaAfshaal: what is it doing now when you try to boot it ?22:09
AfshaalNow I'm trying my luck with using dd to turn the whole USB partition into the iso22:10
k1l_Afshaal: dont use unetbootin. that is known for errors lately22:10
ikoniaAfshaal: what is it doing now when you try to boot it ?22:10
skierpageAfshaal: My crummy old PC's BIOS has an option to change the boot order, I had to move USB up.22:10
k1l_Afshaal: dont dd to a usb partition. dd to the /dev/sdb from that usb directly22:10
AfshaalI don't get any response with the dd method, it just goes straight into my normal boot procedures no matter which USB option I try22:10
AfshaalI dd'ed to /dev/sdb122:10
ikoniaAfshaal: usb option ?22:10
k1l_Afshaal: that is wrong22:10
ikoniaAfshaal: no, thats a partition22:10
AfshaalThat's the right way to do it right?22:10
Afshaaloh I:>22:11
ikoniaAfshaal: you do it to the disk22:11
ikonianot the partition22:11
k1l_Afshaal: sdb not sdb122:11
AfshaalWell I guess I'll give that a try now :)22:11
skierpageAfshaal: be really careful that sdb is your USB flash drive, otherwise you'll wipe out the start of your hard drive like I did :)22:11
skierpage* my second hard drive22:11
Afshaalalso does it matter what filesystem I use on my USB flash?  I read someone that one person had more success reformatting theirs to ext422:12
Afshaalusing fat32 currently22:12
Afshaalread somewhere*22:12
ikoniadd overwrites it22:12
skierpageAfshaal: the .iso image reformats the start of your USB to look like an isofs (CD-ROM) file system22:12
AfshaalOh ah22:13
AfshaalCan I just delete everything on my USB flash now and then dd the right way this time22:13
Afshaalor do I have to format it first?22:13
ikoniajust dd22:13
ikoniait will overwrite everything22:14
Afshaalokay thanks22:14
skierpageAfshaal: Just dd over the start. It's possible to dedicate a partition on your USB flash drive just for the .iso, but is quite tricky and less reliable22:14
ddd333I CANT WAIT FOR 16.04444444444444444444444444444444444444422:14
ikoniaddd333: please don't do that22:15
ikonia16.04 is out22:15
ddd333ikonia: i'm on 14.0422:15
ikoniaddd333: so install/upgrade22:15
k1l_!ltsupgrade | ddd33322:15
ubottuddd333: Users of 14.04 LTS will be offered the automatic upgrade when 16.04.1 LTS is released, which is scheduled for July 21st.22:15
AfshaalDo I need to sudo install-mbr /dev/sdb22:15
ddd333ikonia: how. option is absent22:15
Afshaalbefore the dd?22:15
k1l_Afshaal: no22:15
AfshaalThis one askubuntu answer suggested that22:15
ikoniaAfshaal: no22:16
ikoniaAfshaal: just dd22:16
Afshaalmmhmm, okay then22:16
k1l_Afshaal: the .iso includes alrready  everything. just point it to sdb, not the partition22:16
ddd333ikonia: did you read that? July 21 th22:16
ikoniaddd333: yes22:16
k1l_ddd333: you can upgrade on the developer path if you really need it now.22:16
ddd333k1l_: i see. i''ll wait a bit better22:17
AfshaalDang, dd'ing to /dev/sdb didn't do nothin ;_;22:27
AfshaalEvery USB boot option I tried still gives no sign of life22:28
Afshaalso far unetbootin is actually the only thing that's done anything22:28
Afshaalwith its boot error thing22:28
k1l_are you sure the iso is ok?. did the dd command work? is this regular hardware?22:29
AfshaalIt's old hardware22:29
Afshaalmy BIOS is from like22:29
rypervencheThat's not old.22:29
Afshaalfairly regular otherwise :)22:30
skierpageAfshaal: have you verified that the BIOS tries to boot from USB before other media (CD drive, hard drive, floppy) ?22:30
Afshaaluhhhh, how would I do that?  I get a boot error when using unetbootin so I know -something- is attempting to boot from USB when I do that22:31
AfshaalAll I've been doing is pressing F12 to go to my boot menu in my BIOS on startup and then selecting the various USB options22:31
Afshaalwhich USB-FDD, USB-ZIP, USB-CDROM, and USB-HDD22:31
Afshaalwhich are*22:31
Afshaalnone of em show signs of life using this dd method here--it just goes straight into my normal bootloader22:32
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM22:33
AfshaalTo give you an idea of how old my BIOS version is, it also doesn't provide an option for hardware virtualization for I can virtual machine 64-bit OSes.  I've thought about flashing its firmware to a newer version before but I've never done that before and am a little apprehensive22:34
reisioAfshaal: fine most of the time22:34
Afshaaland yeah my MD5 sum is as it should be22:38
Afshaalis there a way I can chainload into a USB ISO?22:39
AfshaalI attempted it with Supergrubdisk but its USB support was experimental as it stated and the moment I enabled it my keyboard stopped working :(22:40
AfshaalMy problem is I can't access my Xubuntu partition at the moment because something is corrupted22:41
Afshaalso I can't actually alter much of GRUB2's settings22:41
AfshaalI'm trying to get an ISO to boot so I can retrieve some files and possibly try to repair the OS22:42
Afshaalproblem is all the newer *ubuntu ISOs are too big for CD-ROMs anymore so I'm stuck fooling around with my BIOSs shoddy USB boot support22:43
OerHeksAfshaal, alternative would be the mini iso, that requires wired internet to install22:47
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD22:47
OerHeksbut has no live mode22:47
Afshaalbah, yeah I need a live mode22:47
Afshaalso I can move some files off my linux filesystem22:48
OerHekslubuntu is the only other cd iso i know of http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/releases/16.04/release/22:50
AfshaalI guess that could work22:51
Afshaalwon't be able to repair my Xubuntu system files with it though22:52
Afshaalnot that I even know how to do that to begin with22:52
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Dpsypheredbest Linux based NVR... Go!23:04
tatertotsbest is subjective term @ Dpsyphered23:04
Dpsypheredfair enough...23:05
DpsypheredWhat would you recommend?23:05
OerHeksubuntu + zoneminder.23:06
karen_hi, guys, I just got lubuntu 16.04, don't know it well, but I don't see anywhere to download "Skype". I looked in synaptic package and Lubuntu Software. What should I do?23:09
tatertots"Skype for Web" @ karen....no install required23:11
OerHeksenable partner repo23:11
ubottuTo install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga23:11
karen_what do you mean, "Skype for Web"?23:11
karen_oh sorry23:12
OerHekscurrent skype package is a binairy blob that does not work well indeed23:12
tatertotsjust go here and log in and start chatting https://web.skype.com23:12
karen_really!? ok guys  thanks!23:13
tatertotswhat web mail is to email.....skype for web is for skype23:16
AfshaalWell I got a Xubuntu live loaded from DVD23:45
AfshaalCan anyone tell me how to fix a corrupted unbuntu OS?23:46
AfshaalWait I guess I need to figure out how to make dmraid work in the live environment first23:47
LoshkiAfshaal: all this was just to get to the stage where you could fix the real problem?23:51
Afshaalyes :)23:51
AfshaalI need to mount my xubuntu partition now that I'm in the live environment23:52
Afshaalbut it's not working automatically23:52
Afshaalwhat do I need to fiddle with dmraid to make it properly detect my RAID setup again...23:52
pnwiseuh RAID when I hear I cringe23:53
AfshaalI bet23:53
pnwisehow so23:53
AfshaalTroubleshooting RAID problems in linux is always a treat23:54
Afshaalboth in dealing with the software itself and dealing with extremely unhelpful people who try to beat you over the head for using RAID23:54
LoshkiAfshaal: might have to resort to #linux-raid for help23:55
Afshaaloh there's a channel for that now :3?23:55
LoshkiAfshaal: don't think it's new. Very low volume, which means be prepared for long wait times for answers23:55
Loshkipnwise: the more layers you add to your filesystems, the harder it is to debug them. And when/if *hardware* raid goes wrong, you're sunk.23:56
AfshaalWell let me just assure you at least that's there's no hardware problem with my RAID setup23:57
Afshaaldmraid is just really fickle sometimes23:57
Seveasuntel you get so frustrated that you start hammering the hardware :)23:57

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