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AzoffI've got a server running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (upstart 1.12.1-0ubuntu4.2) where I get 'start cryptdisks' to hang without any output to the screen or any other response. Ctrl+C terminates it, so it's not a zombie process16:45
AzoffBackground: The server can boot a basic system on an unencrypted partition. Once booted, I can ssh to the server and unlock a partition that contains the configuration files (linked from /etc/) that allows me to mount a few other data partitions. All these data partions are encrypted.16:46
AzoffI've been using the layout for a few years, but recently got into trouble issuing '/etc/init.d/cryptdisks restart'.16:47
AzoffI've traced the issue as far as I can see that cryptsetup thinks it's done with the stuff it's supposed to do, but 'start' never returns16:47
Azoffrunning strace on 'start cryptdisks' ends with the following 3 syscalls repeating over and over again until stalled at poll(): poll() = 1, recvmsg() = -1, clock_gettime() = 016:50
Azoffany idea what I could try next to find out why it's stuck there?16:50
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AzoffHi JanC 16:53
AzoffOk, some more details. It looks like dbus_pending_call_block(pending_call) never returns, and the error_handler or reply_handler is neither called. Could it be due to that the conf-file does not contain anything but 'task' and 'pre-start script'?18:30
AnrDaemonAzoff: It is a wonder the job even tried to start.19:22
AzoffAnrDaemon: ok? How so?19:56
AzoffJust for the record, I've not written this conf-file.19:56
AnrDaemonWithout start script or exec, the behavior is undefined, IIRC.19:57
AnrDaemonAnd any undefined behavior is a can of worms, typically.19:57
Azoffok? this is the default conf for cryptdisks (cryptsetup) in ubuntu since at least 14.0420:01
Azoffhave you seen the conf?20:01
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