flocculantUnit193: before I do this later - doublechecking you mean -settings in the daily ppa?06:55
Unit193flocculant: No, yakkety proper.08:12
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flocculantUnit193: okey doke11:01
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pleia2knome: we should send an email to ack and thank folks for their #lovexubuntu story submissions16:12
pleia2I can do it, just wanted to make sure we're coordinated about it16:13
pleia2also, share it all the places again16:13
pleia2knome: I also figure we can retweet most of the #lovexubuntu hashtag posts even if they aren't strictly stories or images, we want to encourage use of the hashtag regardless :)16:15
pleia2http://opensourcewriter.com/xubuntu-xfce-celebrate-milestones/ :)20:13
Unit193ochosi: You ever jump to 3.20?22:59
ochosino, i haven't had time to fix my PPA yet22:59
ochosithe upload went fine (previously signed with the wrong key)23:00
ochosibut somehow i seemingly managed to break the debian/rules file23:00
ochosiwhich seems odd cause i changed so little23:00
ochosi(basically just wanted to disable wayland and mir support)23:02
ochosi(not even sure debian/rules is the right way to do that923:03
ochosiif you wanna take a stab at it go ahead though23:04
ochosiusing Laney's PPA for yakkety as basis should make it easy23:04
Unit193ochosi: Did you look at the build log?23:08
ochosialmost not23:08
ochosiwhich means i saw some error in debian/rules and then i had to pack my stuff and leave23:09
ochosiwhy? did i miss all the fun?23:09
Unit193Yeah, the only thing that "went wrong" is symbols disappeared, which is pretty darn expected.  So all you have to do is (basically!)  sed -e /mir/d -e /wayland/d debian/libgtk-3-0.symbols -i  and rebuild. :P23:10
Unit193Though not sure why you need to actually disable mir and wayland backends, just different SONAMES in Xenial.  What I'm saying is, you're basically done, just a little more and you'll be entirely good.23:12
ochosiyeah, i considered to just lower the versions of both23:12
ochosibut since we don't need them anyway for xfce i felt why even bother23:13
ochosianyway, rebuilding now23:13
ochosiwe'll see whether lp likes it this time23:14
ochosimeh, and incredibly slow uplink here :'(23:14
ochosihow annoying, uplink is so slow and now i'm doing it the third time already because lp rejected it claiming that was already such a package in the PPA (even after deleting it, i presume it takes too long)23:31
ochosiUnit193: ok, i won't wait until the build is done (i'll check tomorrow), thanks for your help! https://launchpad.net/~ochosi/+archive/ubuntu/gtk320-xenial/+builds?build_state=building23:41
Unit193Sure, good luck. :P23:41
Unit193Missing build dependencies: libwayland-dev (>= 1.9.9123:42
ochosii guess i overlooked something23:42
Unit193It's stuck in depwait.23:42
Unit193d/control: Build-depends.23:42
ochosioddly enough i had fixed that before23:42
ochosino idea how that snuck in again23:42
ochosii guess now i would have to delete package again and then it would again complain that there are still some binaries23:44
ochosii'll try to upload again tomorro23:44
Unit193You don't have to delete, just as always bump ver.23:44
ochosicould do that too23:44
Unit193Otherwise it'll complain.23:45

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