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hmirHey guys. I have xubuntu 14.10. I've have heard that upgrading 14.10 to 16.04 is a huge hassle, and that I may have to upgrade first to 15.04 and then from 15.04 to 16.04. Is this accurage?05:54
hmirI would prefer a clean insstall, but the cdrom drive on my laptop is faulty, and the laptop BIOS is old, does not support booting from USB. So, I would prefer to upgrade the release from within the OS. Any advice/recommendation?05:54
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sergioadHello friends I need help08:30
sergioaddo you know how to autostart xboxdrv at boot with the execution of xboxdrv --silent --mimic-xpad?08:31
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xubuntu34wi have a question14:32
xubuntu34wsince the last update yesterday a lot off things are gone, wifi does not work anymore, the main menu is changed, the panel is changed,..14:34
xubuntu34wanyone else had this experience ?14:34
xubuntu34wxubuntu 16.04 lts 64bit14:39
GridCubexubuntu34w: in the grub stage you could choose a previous kernel image and see if that fixes things14:45
GridCubeyou can also run sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop --reinstall and see if that fixes stuff14:46
GridCubeyou can also go to your home folder and rename .config to .config-old and relog, all your config files should be recreated14:46
xubuntu34wi have created a new user and there things looking normal14:55
xubuntu34wi use etckeeper for "global configs" is there a simular tool for user home folders ?14:56
xubuntu34w<GridCube> if i recreate configs: does this reset my custom settings to default, so i have to do them again ?14:59
GridCubeif you just rename the folder your custom setting are still there, uyou can restore them one by one and see if one breaks things15:00
xubuntu34w<GridCube> ok thanks, will try that, but i am curious why this happens in the first place and how to protect against in the future15:05
GridCubeit shouldnt happen15:05
GridCubei've upgraded the last 4 years and it never happened so i can't tell you why it happened to you15:06
xubuntu34w<GridCube> xfce panel switch gave me the back the main menu by use: "modern settings", and now also wifi connection works, only some panel items are missing but that's not a big deal15:19
GridCubethats good, you can always save your panel using switch and restore them later if you want15:20
xubuntu34wyes, only thing i don't understand is: current settings15:21
xubuntu34wby the way it would be relay useful to have something like etckeeper for home folders15:23
xubuntu34wunfortunatly i have not enough experience to handcraft a .gitignore for that15:24
xubuntu34w<GridCube> thanks for your help15:27
GridCubede nada15:27
GridCube:) hope things are working correctly now15:27
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b3h3m0thwhich is visually superior ? mate or xfce ?17:02
b3h3m0thwrong channel17:02
b3h3m0thanyway, which is ?17:02
b3h3m0thwhy ?17:03
GridCubebecause you are in the xubuntu channel17:44
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chuckmcmbetter to start with a question first22:49
chuckmcmStill wondering if there is somewhere to make the "default" for display to be not mirrored knome ?23:23
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