soeeclivejo: madness00:32
soeeclivejo: hre?00:40
soeeclivejo: yofel if i manually copy ffmpegthumbs.so (version 15.12) to /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/plugins/ (overwrite the 16.04 version) thumbs work than00:43
acheronukdebian unstable is looking quite good at the moment http://i.imgur.com/VsN1qXc.png07:03
soeeacheronuk: do you know what is different in ffmpegthumbs 15.12 -> 16.04 ?07:07
acheronuksoee: not a clue07:07
acheronukclivejo yofel: debian unstable is still on akonadi 1.13.0-8, so I can install kgpg etc on that07:13
acheronukadding and pinning experimental to unstable and dist-upgrading is OK, but these are held back07:28
acheronukakonadi-backend-mysql akonadi-server kdepimlibs-kio-plugins libakonadiprotocolinternals107:28
acheronukso same probs on debain, which they have avoided on sid by not upgrading akonadi yet07:38
acheronukhum... https://community.kde.org/Schedules/Applications/16.08_Release_Schedule07:42
soeeyup, i posted it yesterday :)07:42
soee*this link07:42
acheronukmust have missed that with everything else07:43
soeeacheronuk: have you seen how systray icons are rendered in 5.7 ?07:43
acheronukwhat about them? I have neon-dev in a VM07:44
acheronukthey look ok to me07:44
soeei have mixed feelings how they are scaled now :)07:45
acheronukohhhh. they stay small you mean?07:45
acheronukI tend to always have 2 thin panels rather than a big taller/wider one, so I hadn't noticed that!07:46
soeerelease next week, we will se how it works :)07:47
soeeNeon will ship Plasma 5.7 with Qt 5.707:47
acheronukcan imagine that might annoy some, but then again, taking up huge space for systray icons in big panels is a bit daft also07:48
acheronukyes, saw that discussion on #neon yesterday07:48
clivejosoee: thanks for that10:34
soeefor ?10:38
clivejothe tip that ffmpegthumbs works in 15.12 but not in 16.0410:42
soeeclivejo: ok, but do you have any idea what has changed since 15.12?10:43
clivejoI think Ive an idea10:43
soeenice :)10:43
clivejosoee: can you try this version - https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/staging-kdeapplications/+build/1030939510:48
soeeyakkety ?10:49
soeewill it work on xenial ?10:49
clivejooh you on xenail?10:49
clivejoyour call is important to us, please hold the line10:50
soeehold the door, hold the door10:50
clivejosoee: try this package https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/staging-kdeapplications/+build/10309406/+files/ffmpegthumbs_16.04.2-0ubuntu1~ubuntu16.04~ppa2_amd64.deb11:06
soee-devclivejo: can you paste again it ?11:09
soee-devclivejo: nope, doesnt help11:13
clivejook try this one when it publishes - https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ci/+archive/ubuntu/unstable/+build/1030942411:14
soee-devclivejo: works11:16
clivejook so its the patch11:16
clivejoor maybe its new code in the git archive11:17
clivejogrrr I dunno11:17
acheronukxenial package not working here11:19
clivejoand the yakkety version is working11:19
soeeacheronuk: the second one ?11:20
clivejoacheronuk: try the KCI unstable one11:20
clivejoit seems to work on yakkety and xenial11:20
acheronuk2 secs then....11:20
clivejoIve got thumbs!11:20
acheronukKCI one works!11:21
* acheronuk now turns them off11:23
clivejooh great11:26
clivejoIve uploaded the fixed package to both XX and YY apps staging PPA11:27
clivejowhen they build will you guys test those for me11:27
clivejohopefully we can tick off that bug11:27
clivejome likes movie thumbs11:28
* soee likes them to11:29
clivejoI have to go for a bit11:32
clivejotest those for me :P11:32
acheronukppa3 on xenial?11:32
clivejoIll have to fix that merger too11:32
clivejoacheronuk: can you test ppa4 on yakkety when it builds11:38
acheronukoh. ppa4 on YY failed to build11:43
mparilloI saw this bug posted to BKO in the Kubuntu Channel. It is not present in my en.US configuration. Can a en.GB person confirm https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=36065711:53
ubottuKDE bug 360657 in application "kate 15.08.2 - spelling does not work" [Normal,Unconfirmed]11:53
jimarvanmparillo i have en.GB11:58
jimarvanoh :( nope i have en.US on this laptop11:59
jimarvanen.GB at the office11:59
jimarvanI will try on my VBox later on :)11:59
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> Acheronuk can you see why its not building?12:13
acheronuksomething to do with that 2.9 patch I would imagine, but not sure what right this second12:24
BluesKajHi folks12:56
=== mhall119_ is now known as mhall119
acheronukclivejo: I assume the patch was needed for the YY version (ffmpeg > 2.9 there), but the merge removed it? hence the fail?13:53
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> Strange14:25
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> Why did it build OK on kci14:25
acheronuknot sure in that case14:41
acheronukclivejo: If I build using the kubuntu_yakkety_archive packaging with the ffmpegthumbs_16.04.2.orig.tar.xz source, it fails15:01
acheronukIf I build using that same packaging but with the KCI ffmpegthumbs_16.04.2+p16.10+git20160702.1108.orig.tar.xz source, it builds OK15:02
acheronukso I would guess it's 1 commit since 16.04.02 tag that is the difference? https://quickgit.kde.org/?p=ffmpegthumbs.git15:04
acheronukactually, diff'ing the sources it seems a bit more than just that one line.15:10
acheronukif I haven't messed up the diff, I get http://paste.ubuntu.com/18307417/15:16
acheronukso looks a bit like the 2.9 patch fix already in the KCI source?15:18
acheronukhence it build OK without it, while the YY ppa build using the 16.04.3 release 'as is' did/would not?15:20
clivejoI have no idea whats going on715:22
acheronukI noticed the other day that the kde devs are not always very reliable at rolling that tarballs from the correct commits/tags, so perhaps something like that with this? 15:23
clivejocould be15:23
acheronukdunno really. what is in the tars does not seems to tally with their git log15:24
clivejofor backports I could just put the KCI one in there15:24
clivejoapps 16.04.3 is due out soon15:24
clivejois the xenial one working from staging?15:24
acheronukxenial backports didn't need it though?15:25
acheronukas ffmpeg is 2.8.3 in XX15:25
acheronukyes, it works in XX15:25
clivejowonder where one opens a bug report for ffmpegtrhiumbs15:26
clivejowell seeing KCI version is working, I assume they know about it and have fixed it15:29
acheronukseems that way15:29
clivejoacheronuk: do you think Qt5.6.1 is ready for business?15:38
acheronukclivejo: for what purpose exactly? yofel was going to do a transition tracker, if I recall16:00
acheronukI'm off in search of sustenance, anyway. May be back later16:03
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> Was going to try staging plasma 5.716:22
yofelshould be fine for that16:44
yofelI'll do the transition tracker once it's in backports-landing, not before16:45
acheronukgreat. :)17:14
acheronukneon are just about to unleash Qt 5.717:16
acheronukpackaged and in testing/release I think.17:16
clivejohave Neon apps released yet?17:22
soeemost of them17:32
acheronuktheir akonandi is still on 4:15.12.3-0ubuntu6, so they have avoided some of the probs we/you have with the apps staging17:44
acheronuksorry, I mean't BOTH akonadi and PIM is still 15.12.317:46
clivejowonder why17:55
soeeyes, they the ole office suite is not installed by defaut etc.18:06
soeekmail: 4:15.12.3-0ubuntu118:07
soeei think Riddell released several apps but not all - jsut the most importnt/often used18:07
clivejoRick was talking about a Kubuntu Office edition, wonder did anything come of that18:09
soeewhat would be special in it ?18:10
clivejoit would be office edition!18:11
* clivejo pokes LP just for the hell of it18:37
jimarvanhey guys how is it going?19:45
soeeger play it19:46
jimarvanoooh ye i forgot :(19:47
soeeoh you ... :D19:51
clivejohi jimarvan19:52
jimarvanhey clivejo19:52
clivejobusy playing freecive19:52
jimarvanNo cleaning my house19:52
jimarvanhave a guest on Tuesday19:52
jimarvankarate session until 13:00 so quite tired19:52
jimarvanwant me test anything? I have VBox open19:53
clivejowonder did Simon manage to snap freeciv19:53
jimarvani would prefer to compile it old school19:53
jimarvancould you share on PM the source code for the kubuntu installer?19:54
jimarvani did not save the bookmark :(19:54
jimarvanthank you!19:55
acheronukthe kde ui part needs porting from PyQt5 to PyQt519:57
acheronukgood luck. I looked at that, and was just.... ???????19:57
jimarvaneeerrr from what to what?19:58
acheronukPyQt4 to PyQt519:58
jimarvanyou mean qt4?19:58
jimarvanyeah gotcha19:58
jimarvanno worries19:58
jimarvanwell i love challenges19:58
jimarvanwe'll see19:59
acheronukI could learn it, but fear I don't have the patience...19:59
jimarvanye i know the feeling19:59
acheronukNot just for that anyway.19:59
acheronukI guess neon will have to do the same at some point, or switch to Calamares. So maybe a point of collaboration/learning?20:03
acheronukOr that may just be a double JD talking....20:03
jimarvanthat is what i tend to do20:03
jimarvani need first to have a look, see where i can stand on20:04
jimarvanand what I can tweak/suggest20:04
jimarvanthen I will post it on KDE-neon forums and facebook20:04
jimarvanand see if something fruitfull comes up20:04
jimarvansounds good?20:04
jimarvanbut for now... FOOTBALL TIME :D20:05
acheronukperhaps. I have no idea what they plan. if they plan anything. 20:05
jimarvanmy bets on Italy20:05
acheronukis there football on? oh20:06
jimarvan2nd half just started20:06
jimarvanhahasports ftw20:06
acheronuklike a lot of sports. just not football very much20:07
jimarvani am more of a basketball fan20:07
jimarvanbut since we won the euro in 2004, ye I am really interested20:08
acheronukyou lost me20:08
jimarvanEuropean Champions 2004 UEFA football --> Greece20:08
acheronukoh. crap. yes. was doing my PhD then and one of my supervisors was Greek!20:10
jimarvanit could be WALES in this one :>20:10
jimarvanthey play sooo good20:10
acheronukless likely things have come true20:10
ahoneybunclivejo: https://github.com/AIIX/Mycroft-Ai-QtApplication20:24
clivejoahoneybun: you gonna package it?20:57
ahoneybunnot sure you could20:59
ahoneybunsince it just has some files replacing files in Mycroft core20:59
ahoneybunclivejo: plus I can't seem to get it to work anyway21:03
clivejoso what is everyone up to?21:03
ahoneybunmm nothing?21:03
jimarvanwatching the overtime of germany-italy :)21:04
* soee hoping italy will take it :)21:04
* jimarvan crosses fingers :D21:05
* valorie is doing genealogy21:05
clivejooh hi valorie21:05
valorieAncestry.ca is free for one more day21:05
* yofel 's disagreeing with soee :P21:05
* clivejo growls21:05
jimarvanwhat's that?21:05
clivejocant stand ancestry21:05
jimarvanvalorie: ancestry.ca?21:05
valorieso I'm getting images for all my canucks, of which there are lots21:05
clivejoits Canada day or something?21:06
valorie'twas, yes21:07
* jimarvan thinks we are heading for penalti shoutout21:07
jimarvan*penalty shootout21:07
yofelmight happen, yeah :/21:07
jimarvanwish i had bet on it21:07
* clivejo is mapping21:08
soeeyakkety will use Qt 5.6 or 5.7 ?21:09
yofel5.6 according to the plan21:10
jimarvanwtf are italians doing, if they keep getting yellow cards, they will noone to play in the semi final :P21:12
valorieclivejo: they have all the images I need!21:23
ahoneybunjimarvan: jump into #kubuntu-offtopic with the sports :;)21:23
* clivejo mutters under his breath21:24
jimarvansorry xD21:25
* jimarvan shuts up21:25
ahoneybunplease do talk but in there XD21:32
soeeboth teams cant shoot21:44
jimarvansoee come kubuntu-offtopic xD21:44
valoriethis is like a party where you really want to be in on two conversations on opposite sides of a room21:47
valoriedevel talk in there..... football in here!21:47
jimarvantell me what to do21:47
valoriejimarvan: package quassel21:48
jimarvanno way I love Konversation :(21:49
valorieme too21:49
valoriebut some love quassel, and we used to distribute it on the ISO21:49
jimarvanI know :(21:49
yofelmamarley is packaging quassel21:50
valorieI've been a Konvi fan ever since I first used it21:51
yofelmamarley: any update on the bugfix SRU?21:51
valorieway back in the dark ages21:51
valorieI tried quassel, but it never converted me21:51
yofel*if* you use the dedicated core, it's sweet. If you don't, konversation's better21:52
jimarvanI don't know I always loved konversation customizations21:53
valorieright, and does someone offer the core as well?21:53
yofelsome people are using mine, and I remember someone else here hosting one in the past21:54
yofelusually you'll need your own server though21:54
jimarvanjust curious, when did the change from Quassel to Konversation happened?21:55
valoriebut I mean the core-package21:55
jimarvanwas it based on Plasma 5 transition?21:55
yofelshould've been with that21:55
valorie!info quassel-core21:55
ubottuquassel-core (source: quassel): distributed, KDE/Qt-based IRC client - core/server component. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.12.2-0ubuntu1 (yakkety), package size 577 kB, installed size 2431 kB21:55
valorieok, offered21:56
ahoneybunit's in there21:56
valoriejimarvan: when Konvi didn't make the jump to KDE4 fast enough21:56
valoriewe went to Quassel21:56
ahoneybunwe went to Konverstion21:57
ahoneybunfrom Quassel21:57
valoriethen we went back at the next LTS21:57
ahoneybunin 15.04 I think21:57
valorieahoneybun: we started with konvi, back in the day21:57
valoriein kde3 days21:57
valorieor so21:57
yofelhm, kde321:57
ahoneybunwe have konvi in 16.04 as default21:57
* valorie is old21:58
yofelI remember adept21:58
jimarvanye i think i remember konv back then too. I was so happy to see it come back21:58
valorie!info adept21:58
ubottuPackage adept does not exist in yakkety21:58
valoriegone with the wind, yofel21:58
ahoneybunyofel: what has Apps 16.04.2?21:58
jimarvanadept? 21:58
jimarvanthe package manager? :O21:58
valorienever worked for me21:58
jimarvandude that was when? 6.06?21:58
jimarvanmy first kubuntu ever?21:59
* jimarvan now feels old too....21:59
yofelwhy does kubuntu + package management + not working seem like a red line -.-21:59
ahoneybunI started with Ubuntu 10.04 I think21:59
yofelahoneybun: some staging I think21:59
ahoneybunlet me know so I can test21:59
jimarvanclivejo: is silent21:59
jimarvansomeone poke him21:59
ahoneybunyou just did22:00
* yofel used kubuntu 7.04-8.04, then gnome 8.10-9.04, then kubuntu since 9.10 again22:00
valorieI used synaptic22:00
jimarvansorry! :D22:00
ahoneybunvalorie: can you log in to the website and proof the 5.6.5 article22:00
valorieuntil the lovely muon package manager became useful22:00
ahoneybunI know wire.k.org put it out but still22:00
* ahoneybun uses cli22:00
ahoneybunapt all day22:00
jimarvanbtw why Discover????? o.O22:00
valorienever liked the soft-store concepet22:01
ahoneybunI need to reboot22:01
yofelbecause people seem to like app stores22:01
valoriewell, now I use apt, but it took awhile to learn all the tricks22:01
yofelthe problem is that pretty much all devs just use apt, not some clumsy GUI package manager, so that ends up being like the least tested piece of software...22:03
valorieright, I try to use it at least occasionally22:04
valorieand report bugs22:04
jimarvanHmm should be high on focus22:05
jimarvansince it will be what new users will use the most22:05
jimarvanI will try to report bugs on it, most of what I caught deal with the updates22:05
valorieoh how I hate hate hate wordpress22:08
valoriehow in bloody hell do I paste something in?22:08
* jimarvan feels your pain22:08
yofelCTRL-V ?22:10
* yofel is missing the context22:10
valorienothing happens22:10
valorieprobably blocked somehow....22:10
yofelpossibly, did you properly copy it?22:11
ahoneybunwould not be blocked22:11
valorieno, it won't copy either!!!!22:12
ahoneybunctrl-c might not copied right22:12
valorietested by trying to paste into a text file22:12
ahoneybun<3 wordpress22:12
jimarvandoes copy through the mouse work?22:12
valorieanyway, we need info about how to enable backports in there 22:12
jimarvan(doubtefely i know)22:12
* valorie uses no mouse22:12
yofelI like the wordpress admin UI, I passionately dislike the code22:12
* jimarvan thinks you must have lots of cats22:13
valorieha, my cat brought in a LIVE MOUSE days ago22:13
valorieand now it is somewhere22:13
valoriewho knows where22:13
valoriedead? alive? she doesn't care22:13
jimarvantypical cats just playing with them22:14
jimarvanhmm you could try with cut22:15
valorieI got it22:16
valorienot sure what blocked copy for awhile22:16
valorie%MCEPASTEBIN% is what I got22:16
valoriemost strange22:16
valorieanyway, ahoneybun -- that needs a bit of gussying up, but the text is find now22:17
valorieaka: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/plasma-5-3/ that blue bar with the ppa name is cool lookin'22:17
valoriehmm, it wouldn't let me save my draft22:18
ahoneybunI added that bluebar22:19
valoriemaybe because we were editing at the same time?22:20
ahoneybunI just logged in now22:20
valorieanyway, all I added was how to add backports22:20
ahoneybunoh I took that from the 5.3 post22:20
ahoneybunI'm thinking of linking to the current docs we have22:21
valorieI can see you are editing now22:21
ahoneybunbut I wrote it using Discover22:21
ahoneybunvalorie: what do you think?22:26
ahoneybuncurrently links to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu22:26
ahoneybunfrom 5.322:26
valorieeasier than trying to explain over and over22:27
valoriewhich heck -- it's easier in the cli22:27
valorieonce I discovered how easy it is in the cli I never went back22:27
valorieexcept to test22:27
valoriewhich is why I think we should always include instructions for that..... so quick and easy22:28
ahoneybunwell both have discover lol22:28
ahoneybungoing with mine as they are current and pretty lol22:28
ahoneybunpublishing now22:29
mamarleyyofel: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/quassel/+bug/158912822:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1589128 in quassel (Ubuntu) "Please update Quassel to 0.12.4" [Undecided,Confirmed]22:31
clivejoyofel: are frameworks and plasma staging ppa's free?22:32
clivejoie can I wipe them22:33
clivejooh and should we tag plasma 5.6.5 before starting 5.7 beta?22:33
valoriegreat, thanks ahoneybun22:35
ahoneybunnp valorie o/22:36
valorieo/ from sunny Washington22:40
yofelclivejo: from my side: yes22:41
yofelyes, please tag it22:42
yofeljust so we're on the safe side should we need it22:42
yofelgood idea22:42
clivejoIll need instructions on how to do that22:42
yofeltechnically you could just run the archive upload script22:42
* clivejo is mapping away in Pomeroy22:43
yofelotherwise just script-run update UNRELEASED to yakkety, and script-run git-tagpkg22:43
jimarvansee ya tomorrow peeps good night!22:51
valorieniters jimarvan22:51

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