ZrenQuantos, Ah, looks like it's because of qt's webkit, http://www.ubuntu.com/usn/usn-3015-1/00:09
QuantosOh okay, so that's okay then?00:09
QuantosI guess I'll wait and see00:10
ZrenI didn't think twice about it since I have it installed00:10
Lye383r7when I'm browsing , and have to upload a file, open a browser window for me to choose the file ... this time the mouse does not work anymore ! no matter how many times I click on folders ! I am forced to navigate using the keyboard ! anyone have this problem ? any tips on how to solve ?00:20
Lye383r7kubuntu 14 lts x6400:21
Lye383r7dolphin bug?00:21
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CoJaBoam i the only one running Firefox or something?01:11
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fulat2khi folks.  i'm on 16.04 and noticed plasmashell crashes frequently if apps are opened/closed quickly.  same thing happens if i restore from standby.  is there something i'm missing?03:14
CoJaBoIs there a firefox-gtk2 package available?04:23
Zrenfirefox <44 is gtk204:33
Zren>=44 is gk3 no?04:33
CoJaBoZren: I think I found an (ugly) work-around04:34
CoJaBoZren: ..it begs the question tho, why has the default browser in Kubuntu been broken for two months without a proper fix? And the only work-around at all is a super-obscure undocumented hidden setting that took those two months to find..04:35
ZrenIt's broken?04:35
CoJaBoZren: Almost completely, yes..04:38
CoJaBoIt's impossible to open/save upload/download files, which is about all people I know do with a browser :/04:38
ZrenFirefox 47, uploaded to imgur works, downloaded a zip, worked.04:44
ZrenUsing kde-neon though, but it's basically 16.04 cept for kde shit...04:45
CoJaBo16.04 is probably fixed04:51
CoJaBoIt's the previous LTS, 14.0404:51
soeewell i'm using Vivaldi and i can recommend it to all :)04:53
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veronica__new install wifi is gryed out07:06
soeein networm manager ?07:07
veronica__ath9k loads, but i cant enable the wifi in network manager07:07
veronica__module loads, and unloads07:08
veronica__but cant enable07:08
veronica__rfkill shows hard block, rfkill all only toggles the soft block. same as fn+f807:08
veronica__there is no other switch07:09
veronica__thought fresh install would do it but nio luck07:09
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buovjagaany UK Kubuntu users able to reproduce this? https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=36065710:53
ubottuKDE bug 360657 in application "kate 15.08.2 - spelling does not work" [Normal,Unconfirmed]10:53
DaveLVSorry for this really nooby question. Just getting into the linux world. Im a little confused about the possible download versions. Kubuntu 16.04 LTS and Kubuntu 15.10. If i want the newest features and so on. What do i pick?11:18
buovjagaDaveLV: the versioning scheme is year.month11:21
DaveLVSo the newest and best would be 16.04 right? Thanks a lot!11:21
buovjagaDaveLV: LTS = long term support, which means it will get security bug fixes for a longer time than the ones that are not LTS11:21
buovjagaso it is quite a good version to pick :)11:22
Akishonahi guys ! is it posible to upgrade the kernel to a new version on kubuntu 14.04.4 lts ? current version of kernel: 3.13.0-91-generic #138-Ubuntu SMP  x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux11:38
Akishonaif yes how can i do that. i will appreciate a step-by-step guide :)11:41
acheronukAkishona: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack#Ubuntu_14.04_LTS_-_Trusty_Tahr11:42
Akishonaacheronuk: thank you11:44
Akishonaacheronuk: did you tried or did you use the new kernel on 14 lts?11:45
acheronukAkishona: have used newer kernels on Trusty a long time ago, bit I haven't used Trusy/14.0x for quite a while now.11:46
acheronukso I can't comment on how well they work now11:46
Akishonaacheronuk:  oh, i see. it worked well or did you encountered some problems?11:48
acheronukseemed OK at the time on a Dell Inspiron laptop. can't really say more that that11:49
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BluesKajHi folks12:56
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chinmoyhey folks i want to delet a panel but when i right click on panel this is what i get...http://imgur.com/Zrhfa5V. what should i do to delete panel?14:37
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QuantosI'm having a problem guys.  I'm unable to access an external HDD with KUbuntu 16.04.  I've tried repartitioning and reformatting the drive.  I've tried giving myself permissions.  It keeps coming up as being write protected though16:03
QuantosIt's on a USB 3 port by the way16:04
lethuQuantos: mount it with the sudo command16:05
QuantosThe other drive in the same dock is working fine, I've tried swapping the drives too16:05
lethuQuantos: have you tried fscking it?16:05
QuantosIt was fine actually until I was talking someone through partitioning their drive16:06
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QuantosJust shutting down my VM's and I'll try those Lethu16:07
QuantosI got it, thanks Lethu16:12
lethuQuantos: yw16:26
user|71282hello. i am confused with the website. is the standard download working as a live cd or what?. i donĀ“t want to install it on this machine, only run it17:43
soeeuser|71282: you download ISO file17:48
soeethan you have to create live CD/USB with this file17:48
ubottuThe Ubuntu Desktop CD is a "LiveCD" which can be run without altering existing files on your harddrive. Especially useful for testing your hardware's compatibility, it also includes an install option.17:49
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Guest42903hey i've a problem with sddm. On my system are two users, i'd like to have normal login screen, but one of the users shuldn't have to type it's password. How i can do that?20:09
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