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tareqhello Kilos10:01
Kiloshi tareq 10:01
tareqfacing a problem in kubuntu10:02
Kilosoh my10:02
tareqmy laptop is fujitsu lh53110:03
tareq6GB RAM10:03
tareqcore i310:03
tareqinstead of these when i run firefox with multiple tab and open another 2-3 programs it becomes too slow10:03
Kilosmaybe firefox is greedy with the ram or cpu use10:04
tareqcpu load monitor displays processor load is almost 100%10:04
Kilostry another browser like opera-browser and see then10:04
tareqany solution of that?10:05
Kilosi have only 4g ram10:05
tareqwhich browser ?10:05
tareqmine is opera 3810:08
tareqsometimes i do use ffmpeg in konsole10:10
tareqthat is the time when processor overloaded10:10
tareqok, I will try these10:12
Kiloscould also be a bug still not fixed in 16.0410:12
tareqmay be10:12
tareqI hope they will fix all10:13
Kilosbefore you reboot run sudo touch /forcefsck then reboot and see if a filesystem check helps10:13
Kilosyou can also ask for guidance on the za channel. they all know more than me10:15
tareqhello Ekushey10:17
Kiloshi Ekushey 10:18
Kilosi see chrome also does it on 16.0410:18
tareqi've uninstalled it10:18
tareqfirefox, chromium, opera are my browsers10:19
Kiloslets hope opera isnt so bad10:19
Kilosotherwise you will need to dig deeper. theblazehen is pretty clued up, he hasnt said morning yet so maybe shopping10:22
tareqkde widgets are not consume much resources, right?10:25
tareqhello zaki10:25
Kiloskde is heavier than others but with 6g ram you should be ok10:26
Kilosmany complaints about 100% cpu usage10:27
zakihey tareq 10:27
Kiloshi zaki 10:27
zakiKilos, how are you? 10:28
tareqwhats up zaki10:28
Kilosok ty and you?10:28
zakiany word from pavel? since morning? 10:29
tareqwhere he has been last night?10:29
zakihe's sleeping may be.10:29
Kiloseating most likely10:29
tareqthere was dhaka attack 10:29
Kilosoh my10:29
zakinope, not eating, we are fasting 10:30
Kilosat night10:30
zakioh. :D10:30
Kilosisnt the fast sunrise to sunset10:30
tareq4:31 PM here10:31
tareqalmost 2 and half hr to go10:31
Kiloshi ashabadi 10:50
zakiwb ashabadi 10:50
tareqhello ashabadi10:50
ashabadihello guys10:50
ashabadiirc seems active today?10:50
tareqashabadi: I hope you are fine10:51
Kilosashabadi you using 16.04?10:51
Kilostareq has probs10:51
tareqfirefox is the culprit here10:51
Kiloswow well thats good to know10:52
tareqits bug, they should fix it10:52
zakilast update of firefox has some problem may be.10:52
zakii'm facing it too. 10:52
tareqI hope they would fix it soon10:53
ashabadiwhat's the bug in firefox?10:55
Kilos100% cpu usage10:56
ashabadii'm also facing it10:56
ashabadiusing google chromium that's why10:56
Kilosi use opera-dev and opera stable and xombrero10:57
tareqopera does not have flashgot, imagehost grabber10:59
tareqi do use firefox only for extensions10:59
Kilosreport bugs10:59
Kilosthe more they get the quicker it becomes priority10:59
Kilostareq does that ff fix work?11:00
tareqdont know, I just open and close ff11:01
tareqobserved the status11:01
tareqcpu usage11:01
Kilosask on #firefox11:02
Kilossomeone there should have a fix11:02
tareqopera is fine, my fav too11:02
tareqneed to redesign my blog11:03
Kilosi like opera and you can use fbpurity plugin to hide all the crap on facebook11:03
ashabadilast time I used opera was in 2011 I suppose11:14
ashabadilast time I used opera was in 2011 I suppose11:14
Kilosnew opera is good11:15
ashabadiit was heavier browser11:15
ashabadinot sure about present scenario11:15
Kilosits much lighter now11:15
Kilosand has many plugins or extensions11:15
ashabadidoes it use resource for individual tab just like chromium?11:15
ashabadichromium allocates individual process for each tabs, making it easier to see which tab is eating resources and kill if necessary11:16
Kilosi have up to 30 tabs open at a time11:19
ashabadithat's natural now a days11:19
Kilosyou can also set it to launch with all tabs still there and only open when you tick on each one11:19
ashabaditab has made our browsing habit poor11:19
Kiloslol its easier for me to have a browser open with all tabs from day before or i forget what i was doing11:22
ashabadiQA: forecast for Dhaka11:28
QAashabadi: Too many places match Dhaka: Dhaka, Bangladesh and Dhaka, India11:28
ashabadithere is Dhaka in India?? !!11:29
ashabadigood grief11:29
ashabadiQA: forecast for Dhaka, Bangladesh11:29
QAashabadi: Saturday: Thunderstorm. High: 31° C., Saturday Night: Thunderstorm. Low: 27° C., Sunday: Thunderstorm. High: 31° C., Sunday Night: Thunderstorm. Low: 27° C., Monday: Thunderstorm. High: 31° C., Monday Night: Thunderstorm. Low: 27° C., Tuesday: Thunderstorm. High: 31° C., Tuesday Night: Rain. Low: 26° C., Wednesday: Chance of a Thunderstorm. High:11:29
QA32° C., Wednesday Night: Rain. Low: 26° C., Thursday: Thunderstorm. High: 32° C.,…11:29
ashabadiKilos: you should fix QA and let it know there is only one Dhaka in world11:30
ashabadiif it says Dhaka is in India Bangladeshi will beat the crap out of it11:30
Kilosshe is being rewritten at the moment ashabadi 11:33
Kilosthere are two dhaka's maybe11:33
ashabadihumm this needs to be fixed properly11:33
ashabadionly one Dhaka11:34
Kilosoh isnt there one in india?11:34
Kilosshe gets weather reports from weather stations so thats where the prob is11:34
zakinope Kilos 11:35
zakionly one dhaka11:35
Kilosill look into this and give feedback11:35
ashabadiQA: forecast chittagong11:36
QAashabadi: Saturday: Chance of a Thunderstorm. High: 33° C., Saturday Night: Thunderstorm. Low: 26° C., Sunday: Thunderstorm. High: 30° C., Sunday Night: Thunderstorm. Low: 26° C., Monday: Thunderstorm. High: 31° C., Monday Night: Thunderstorm. Low: 26° C., Tuesday: Thunderstorm. High: 30° C., Tuesday Night: Rain. Low: 25° C., Wednesday: Thunderstorm. High:11:36
QA32° C., Wednesday Night: Rain. Low: 25° C., Thursday: Thunderstorm. High: 32° C.,…11:36
ashabadithe irchelp takes #bdsm as an example channel?11:38
ashabadigood :P11:38
tareqKilos: which one is the best image editor except gimp for kde?11:47
Kilosi use gimp11:48
ashabadiif you shoot raw then rawtherape11:48
Kilosi use whats easiest for a mechanic and farmer11:49
tareqgimp is good one too11:49
ashabadigimp is easy yes11:49
Kilosyou clever guys use all the fancy things that take lots of thinking11:49
tareqi need light one11:49
ashabadigimp is the lightest I suppose11:49
tareqsimple crop, little bit of enhancement :P11:49
Kilosi cant remember what it can do11:50
tareqI hate photoshop, but ppl think photo editing only happen in PS11:50
Kilosoh no gwenview11:51
tareqgiven in kubuntu11:51
Kilosits in kubuntu yes11:51
Kilosright click image and choose open with11:52
Kilossomewhere there will be gwenview11:52
Kilosunless 16.04 doesnt install it by default11:52
tareqgwenview is simple11:54
tareqgood one11:54
Kilosvery easy to use11:54
Kilosmuch easier than gimp even11:54
Kilosand lighter11:54
tareqf-spot, gthumb, shotwell those were given before11:54
tareqi do prefer gimp much11:55
Kilosgimp takes getting used to so i use what is the simplest11:55
tareqdigikam is good for photographer11:55
tareqyou can do lot of things using gimp11:56
Kilosyes but you need to learn what does what11:56
Kilosim too stupid to remember everything11:56
tareqyou know, in a movie named Kahani, I've seen the actress uses gimp to edit a pic11:56
tareqnot PS11:57
Kilosah so she was on linux11:57
tareqnot herself, the production team i guess11:57
Kilosmany movies show hackers using linux11:57
tareqperson of interests11:57
tareqAI with linux kernel11:58
tareqanother tv show called Hacker as far as i remember 11:58
tareqthe group was linux geek11:59
tareqto enhance security11:59
zakiMr Robot, he is on gnome11:59
tareqyea, gnome11:59
tareqname was Mr. Robot or Hacker?11:59
Kilosi enjoyed gnome2 more than unity12:00
tareqmate is similar to gnome 212:00
zakithat tv show name is Mr. Robot12:00
tareqohh, crap12:00
Kilosmate is close yes12:00
tareqI forgot12:00
zakihe is a hacker 12:00
Kilosbut im hooked on kde now12:00
zakihey Kilos im on gnome de now. ;)12:01
tareqI do like gnome too, mate is good though12:01
tareqzaki: mate or gnome 3?12:01
Kilosi havent tried gnome312:01
Kiloshappy on kde12:01
zakignome 312:01
Kilosless thinking once you are used to it12:01
tareqI've tried gnome 3 once, fedora lovelock12:02
tareqnow I'm kde and unity guy12:02
ashabadigrandson of Latifur Rahman died ??12:02
zakii wish, someday i will use kde. :D12:02
Kilosi miss many movies on tv because nights are when most working guys come onto irc12:03
ashabadiI wonder how much tragedy this family will bear...12:03
zakiWho Is Latifur Rahaman?12:03
ashabaditranscom group owner12:03
Kilosi go check sheep and get some sun12:04
Kilosbe good12:04
ashabadihmm Kilos12:04
zakibe ggod12:04
Kilosim always good12:04
tareqok Kilos12:04
tareqashabadi: few more young guys also there, dead12:05
ashabadiI feel for Latifur Rahman cause of shazneen case.12:06
ashabadianyway what has been gone is gone can't be returned...12:06
ashabadiI just wish BD govt will take lesson and take steps to minimize similar incident in the future, without branding it as isolated incident12:07
tareqwe can hope and pray12:17
Kilospavel must think he is on holiday14:18
Kilosor else no power again14:19
ashabadicould be power problem14:20
ashabadisince most people have already on the way hometown demand will be high14:20
Kilosi wonder if tareg is using swap14:39
Kilosthat can relieve some pressure on ram and cpu14:40
ashabadiI think he is14:40
ashabadicause we all learned to install linux with swap14:40
Kilosah ok14:41
ashabadiall our tutorials/materials are written like swap is the ultimate solution to super fast machine :P14:41
Kilosit helps14:41
ashabadithough now the table has turned14:41
ashabadiram is faster than hdd14:41
Kilosyes thats why using ssd helps14:42
Kilosmore than double the speed14:42
Kilosi had a 320g drive in this lappy, and put a 128g ssd in and there is no comparison in the speeds14:43
Kilosssd is as fast as ram it seems14:43
ashabadihmm 14:44
Kilosthere was a thing you could install to check what is slowing your machine down14:44
ashabadissd is not that cheap in BD yet14:44
ashabadiyes used it in the past...14:44
Kilosno same here, very expensive but i was lucky and got one cheap that had crashed with windows14:44
ashabadiused to play around with distro & tools a lot... now have settled14:45
ashabadilucky you :)14:45
Kilosyeah keep your eyes open , the people buy a new one and throw the old one away14:45
Kilosi was lucky i was asked if i could try save the data off the crashed one14:46
Kilostestdisk foremost and scalpel saved nearly all the data and i got a drive14:46
Kilosdata recovery is a big money game here in za14:47
Kilosthe proffesionals charge the same to recover a 1TB drive as a whole new pc costs14:48
ashabadipeople are not interested to pay that much in BD14:50
ashabadiearlier businesses used to do that, but they also got around with data mirror setup...14:51
ashabadispecially raid14:51
Kilosthe main recoveries i have needed to do is school and varsity kids that dont want to lose all their work and old people who dont want to lose generations of family photos14:51
ashabadialso people are moving into cloud a lot14:52
ashabadidropbox google drive picasa14:52
Kilosi dont do cloud14:52
ashabadiI have lost my data 4 times14:53
Kilosand only apps i want to share on dropbox14:53
ashabadiafter that I went to cloud14:53
Kilosi keep a good backup14:53
Kiloslook at systemback14:53
ashabadiI also thought that my backup was secured...14:53
ashabadibut it was secretly failing14:53
ashabadiall I got was bunch of useless movie/songs14:54
ashabadibut did not back up my documents & images14:55
ashabadionly I am to blame actually never checked periodically14:55
Kilosone forgets14:55
ashabadilearned hard way....14:55
ashabadithe last fail was most annoying... because my ubuntu machine gave away with all my data14:56
Kilosouch 14:56
Kiloswhat broke14:56
ashabadispecially that is when I got really pissed on linux system...14:56
ashabadicould not identify actually14:57
ashabadisystem suddenly crashed in the middle of  system update14:57
Kilosnot spinning up orwhat14:57
ashabadiwas running 14.0414:58
ashabadiran sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade14:58
ashabadithen in the middle of update system crashed... not sure what broke...14:58
Kilosi need to think a bit14:59
Kilosive had a few drives do that14:59
Kilosoh yes14:59
ashabaditried clean dpkg failsafeX nothing worked..14:59
ashabadialso thought of it14:59
ashabadiran system bad sector check with gparted14:59
ashabadidid not help..15:00
Kiloshere ill post the way to use it15:00
ashabadiwish I had mate you earlier :P15:00
Kilosits best to do before drive crashes i think then fsck keeps record of the bad sectors and doenst use them15:00
ashabadikde applet just crashed :P15:01
ashabadino desktop for me now15:01
Kiloswhat you desktop crashed now?15:02
ashabadino I meant not now15:02
Kilosyou got konsole15:03
ashabadiI meant the kde applet crashed... no plasma now15:03
ashabadiblack screen only in the back15:03
ashabadican you guide how to restart plasma?15:03
Kilosno prompt15:03
Kiloshave you got a terminal15:04
ashabadilet me check15:04
Kilosor press ctrl+alt+F315:04
Kilosthat should go to konsole15:04
Kilosor some prompt15:05
ashabadihmmm its openning15:05
ashabadiyes got it15:05
Kilosdo you use aptitude?15:05
Kilossudo aptitude reinstall kubuntu-desktop15:05
ashabadiI don't think I have to reinstall kubuntu-desktop altogether15:06
ashabadiI think system restart will resolve it15:06
Kiloslol do it just in case15:06
Kilosit should fix what caused the problem15:06
Kilosif you dont use aptitude you can run sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop --reinstall15:07
ashabadihmm ok15:07
Kilosi think thats the apt-get reinstall15:07
Kilosi like aptitude15:07
Kilosmore user friendly15:08
ashabadihave not used it for a long time15:08
ashabadihave been using apt-get for my basic need...15:08
Kilosnowadays i use apt and only use apt-get for autoremove15:09
Kilosbut aptitude does that automaticallt15:09
Kilosi learned lots about drive repair because i couldnt afford a new drive so always battled with other peoples discards15:10
Kilossaved for 2.5 years to buy a new motherboard for dual core cpu and ddr3 ram15:12
ashabadiI saved for my first pc for 25 years :P15:12
Kilosthen my son gave me this buggy i5 thinkpad and with kde on its been going fine for 2 years15:12
Kilosi havent used computers that long15:13
ashabadiI used computer first in 95 I guess15:13
Kilosi started in 200615:14
ashabadior 96 can't remember properly... cause I was young back then15:14
Kilosmechanics and farmers didnt bother about pcs15:14
ashabaditime to keep finger cross and restart my pc15:14
Kilosmaybe run badblocks first15:15
Kilosjust the first command will tell you if there are any15:15
ashabadiok sure15:15
Kilosbut its slow15:16
ashabadihmm yes15:16
ashabadiused it last time..15:16
Kilosit even repairs some15:16
ashabadiok lets see what happens15:17
Kilosi have 3 drives that run with fsck marking badblocks all the time15:17
Kilosand 2 with windows installed first to use up first 50g of space because thats where the errors are15:18
Kilosnormally first 5 g15:18
Kiloswb tareq 15:23
tareqthanks kilos15:24
ashabadiwc tareq15:24
Kilosashabadi whats happening?15:43
ashabadicheck completed for sda1 0 error block found15:43
ashabadinow running on sda315:43
Kilosso sectors should be ok i think15:55
ashabadiit will take some time....15:55
Kiloshopefully not a bad one outside sda115:55
ashabadiI restarted plasma15:55
ashabadiusing kstart plasmashell15:56
Kilosthats a good sign15:56
ashabadiTanvir: hello again16:04
Kiloshi Tanvir 16:04
TanvirHey all.16:05
ashabadiTanvir: how is your wikipedia project going?16:18
TanvirIt's going alright.16:38
tareqhello Tanvir16:51
Kilosashabadi whats news17:26
ashabadiKilos: I think night will pass with checking bad sector in sda3:P17:54
ashabadi454310911 blocks17:54
Kilosoh my17:58
Kiloslarge drive?17:58
ashabadi500gb drive17:58
Kilosi think you can stop it and reboot if you are in a hurry. because normally bad blocks will be in sda117:59
Kilosyour choice17:59
ashabadiI don't need to restart since I have already restarted plasma18:00
Kilosoh ok so you can leave it to run while you carry on18:00
ashabadithat's what planning to do18:01
ashabadiI think pavlushka won't be coming today18:28
ashabadihe may be upset of the terrorist attack in BD18:28
Kilosoh my no18:28
Kiloswhat ters you got there18:28
Kilossame isis as everywhere else18:29
Kilosoh upset about it18:29
Kilosi thought you said he might have got caught up in it18:29
ashabadino he is not in Dhaka18:30
Kiloswe live in an evil world, everyone wants to kill everyone else 18:31
Kilosonly geeks mostly keep clear of political nonsense18:31
ashabadigeeks also want to kill each other...18:33
ashabadikde vs gnome 18:33
ashabadiubuntu vs fedora...18:33
Kilosi just want everyone to be friends and work together18:33
Kilosmaybe im too old to be part of this new world18:34
Kilosbut i have irc friends all over even 2 in russia18:35
ashabadigood to know18:35
Kilosbut they been quiet for a year, maybe they been killed18:35
ashabadihope not18:36
tareqkilos: omg, no no they are alive18:36
ashabadirussia is relatively  less terrorist attack18:37
Kilosi enjoy chatting to guys halfway around the world and learning about how they do things18:38
ashabadiinteresting observation... you won't find terrorism in a facist/dictatorship...18:38
Kilosif i was rich id go taste your food as well18:38
ashabadiyou should try atleast....18:39
ashabadithey are really yammy (will turn you fat in no time..)18:39
Kilosmaybe there are some places here that make your food18:39
ashabadiI doubt.. mostly you will find indian foods18:39
Kiloswe get jap and chinese and some others but no moving around much i dont know18:40
Kiloschinese is great18:40
Kilosi love indian food, and can make a good curry myself18:41
ashabadiI liked korean sushi...18:41
Kilossushi is nice 18:41
Kilosand wasabe18:41
Kiloshot but not long burn18:41
Kilossome curry with lots of hot chili in even burns the next day18:42
ashabadican't actually get around myself...18:45
ashabadijust a bit upset myself for yestarday's issue..18:46
Kiloswhat happened yesterday18:46
ashabadiannoying thing is I'm not angry at the terrorist... I'm rather angry at the govt...18:46
Kilosfor poor security18:46
ashabadithey are the real culprit here... for turning blind eye towards the burning issue18:46
ashabadiour govt is in denial for long18:47
Kilosif it doesnt affect them direvtly they dont care18:48
Kilospolititions are all liars and crooks18:48
Kilosjust in it for the money18:48
ashabadithe well being and peoples concern should actually make them care...18:48
ashabadibut when we are virtually in dictatorship what can be said/done to change...18:49
Kilosthe promises they make when campaining for positions all disappear once they are in18:50
Kilosthe people mean nothing to them18:50
Kilosall they want from you is your tax money18:50
ashabadihmm really sad...18:51
Kilossame everywhere18:51
Kilosbetter we dont talk politics18:52
Kilosupsets a good day18:52
ashabadipolitics affects our everyday life...18:52
ashabadidirectly or indirectly...18:52
Kilosyes we cant escape it, but we cant do anything about it iether18:53
Kilosif you complain too loudly you get marked as a troublemaker19:02
Kilosnight guys, sleep well and eat and drink lots19:12
Kilossee you tomorrow19:12
ashabadigoodnight kilos19:13
ashabadiyou have a sweet sound sleep19:13
Kilosty  you too19:13
ashabadihello RemonShai19:39
RemonShaiashabadi >>> hello19:39
ashabadiare you Bangladeshi?19:40
RemonShaiashabadi হুম19:40
ashabadiআগে দেখিনি আপনাকে চ্যানেলে, রেগুলার কি?19:40
RemonShaiashabadiv >>>আমি নতুন ব্যবহারকারী। এবং  নিয়মিত19:41
ashabadiশুনে ভালো লাগলো :)19:41
ashabadiসাধারনত এই সময় pavlushka থাকেন আজ নেই19:42
RemonShaiashabadi  হ্যাঁ,19:42
RemonShaiashabadi >>> আমার ধরা-বাধা কোন নিয়ম নেই, যখন সময় পাই চলে আসি।19:43
ashabadiবেশ তো19:43
RemonShaiashabadi >> নামাযের ফাঁকে বাড়ি আসলাম, তাই ঢুকলাম।19:45
RemonShaiদিনে শুধু ঘুম হবে.../19:45
ashabadiহুমম বেশ19:46
ashabadiযদিও দিনে ঘুমানো কাজের না19:46
RemonShaiashabadi সারারাত নামাজ পড়লাম।19:48
RemonShaiashabadi  আসলে আপনার নামটা কি...?19:50
ashabadiআমার  নাম শাহরিয়ার তারিক19:50
RemonShaiও...... :)19:51
ashabadiআপনার নাম?19:52
RemonShaiashabadi রিমন সাই19:53
RemonShaiashabadi ভাই, আমি অত্যন্ত দুঃক্ষিত...! এখন আর সময় দিতে পারছি না। :(  পরে কথা হবে.....19:54
ashabadiঠিক আছে, কোন সমস্যা নেই19:55
pavlushkaOh, there is ashabadi, yeah,...20:15
pavlushkaHello  every one!20:15
pavlushkaHello tareq 20:15
ashabadiহেলো পাভেল20:15
pavlushkaভাল আছেন?20:30
pavlushkaashabadi: ?20:30
ashabadiনা মেজাজ খারাপ20:30
ashabadiথাকাটাই স্বাভাবিক আসলে20:30
pavlushkasorry my speaker was switched off but I was relying on that to notify me.20:30
pavlushkaashabadi: হ্যা , স্বাভাবিক20:31
ashabadiকোন সমস্যা নেই20:31
pavlushkachecked the logs20:31
pavlushkayou were looking for me a liittle, :)20:32
pavlushkaHello AudaciousTUX 20:32
AudaciousTUXআমি কতক্ষণ ধইরা রিকানেক্টের ট্রাই করতেছিলাম হইতেছিল না20:33
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: সেক্ষেত্রে Hexchat restart করবেন20:33
AudaciousTUXহুম্ম... তাই করলাম... রিকানেক্টে দিয়া চেষ্টা করছিলাম হইতেছিল না :320:34
pavlushkaashabadi: আপনার মেজাজ খারাপ মনে হয় #DhakaAttack নিয়ে?20:35
AudaciousTUXsomewherein blog e koyekta pic diche20:36
AudaciousTUXektu age dekhlam https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100007064235332&fref=ts&__mref=message_bubble eirokom ek cheleo ei kaj korte pare20:36
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: zaki আমরা তখন irc তে ছিলাম20:37
AudaciousTUXekjon NSU er :|20:39
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: গতকাল রাতে20:43
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: How Nibras Islam is connected?20:45
AudaciousTUXhttps://www.facebook.com/SumonMSelim/posts/1701829323412052 post ta dekhen20:46
AudaciousTUX+ comment20:46
pavlushkaI think the idea was for them to do something like Hollywood action in Real life, they were all seems to be well provided, brainwash thing was may be just to motivate them, because before that their lifestyle doesn't seem to be that much Islamic.20:52
ashabadiপাভেল হলিউড স্টাইল প্রথমজনকে খুনের মধ্যেই বের হয়ে যেতো20:52
ashabadi২০ জন মানুষকে হত্যা করা সহজ কাজ না20:53
ashabadiআর স্বভাবতই এটা কেউ প্রথম চেষ্টায় করতে পারবে বলে মনে হয় না আমার20:53
ashabadiআগেও এরা খুন করেছে নিশ্চয়ই20:53
pavlushkaashabadi: when you got a light machine but not a pistol, it supposed to drive you to do some more.20:53
ashabadiনাহলে একটা মিশনে এদের এমনি এমনি ছেড়ে দিতো না20:54
ashabadiপাভেল কাউকে গুলি করে মারা হয়নি20:54
ashabadiছুরি মেরেছে আর জবাই করেছে20:54
pavlushkaashabadi: sorry!20:54
ashabadiআমি এখন পর্যন্ত কোন মুরগী জবাই করতে পারি নাই20:54
ashabadiকোরবানীর সময় পালায় বেরাই20:55
ashabadiসেখানে ২০ জন মানুষকে ছুরি মারা আর জবাই করা সহজ?20:55
pavlushkaashabadi: you are not eligible for IS20:55
AudaciousTUXapnare is e nibena20:55
ashabadiআমি আইএসে যেতেও চাই না20:56
pavlushkaI know that but sigh20:56
ashabadiআসলে মেজাজ আমার খারাপ ছেলেগুলোর জন্য না আমার মেজাজ খারাপ সরকারের উপর20:57
ashabadiআর কতোটা বিচ্ছিন্ন ঘটনা বলে উড়ায় দিতে থাকবে?20:57
AudaciousTUXCNN kisu aulfaul kotha bolleo ekta kotha thik bolche20:57
ashabadiঘটনার সময় কোন অফিসিয়াল স্টেটমেন্ট নাই, ঘটনার পরও কোন স্টেটমেন্ট নাই কেবল কয়জন জঙ্গি আর জিম্মি মারা গেছে আর কয়জন উদ্ধার হয়েছে20:58
ashabadiপরবর্তী নির্দেশনা নাই20:58
ashabadiএখনও বলবে আই এস না সরকার বিরোধীপক্ষ করছে এসব20:58
AudaciousTUXএই জিনিশটা CNN এও বলছে20:58
AudaciousTUXএই দেশে কিছু হইলে বিরোধীদলের উপরে চাপাই দেয়া কমন জিনিশ... এই রকম নিউজ যদি CNN এ দেয় তাইলে কেমন আলগে :320:59
pavlushkaashabadi: I dont see any point, any relevancy of IS attacks, why they formed, what is their agenda, just chaos, fishy things, who is actually behind IS (driving them) I wonder.21:03
ashabadiপুরোটাই রাজনৈতিক খেলা21:03
pavlushkaashabadi: you are supposed to point global politics I guess.21:04
pavlushka*it actually not supposed to but trying to21:05
ashabadiপাভেল ইকোনোমিক গ্রুপ প্রতি ২০ বছর অন্তর ফোরকাস্ট করে আগামী ২০ বছরে কারা অনুন্নত থেকে উন্নয়নশীল/উন্নত দেশে পরিনত হবে21:05
ashabadiবাংলাদেশের আগামী ২০ বছরে উন্নত দেশে রুপান্তর হবার কথা21:06
ashabadiস্বাভাবিকভাবেই আশেপাশের অনেক দেশই চাবে যাতে তা না হয়21:06
pavlushkamaking sense21:06
ashabadiদেশের মেরুদন্ড ভাঙ্গতে বেশি কিছু লাগে না, দেশের শিক্ষা ধ্বংস করো (জিপিএ সিস্টেম/রিটেন এক্সাম উঠায় দেয়া/সৃজনশীল পরীক্ষা)21:07
ashabadiঅর্থনীতি পঙ্গু করো (গার্মেন্টস ধ্বংস করলো রানা প্লাজা ধ্বস/তাজনীন ফ্যাক্টরিতে আগুন, চিংড়ি মড়ক শুটকি বন্ধ)21:08
pavlushkaashabadi: but these systems are applied in other developed countries as well, to my knowledge.21:08
ashabadiএখন কর আর ভ্যাটের শোষনে ব্যবসা করতে দিচ্ছে না21:08
ashabadiপাভেল সবকিছুরই ভালো দিক মন্দ দিক থাকে21:09
ashabadiইচ্ছা করে ঠেলে দেয়া হচ্ছে ধ্বংসের দিকে21:09
ashabadiসিজিপিএ সিস্টেম খারাপ না, সৃজনশীল সিস্টেমও না21:09
pavlushkaashabadi: So you want to say, these are no coincidence?21:10
ashabadiকিন্তু আমাদের দেশে সৃজনশীল সিস্টেমে যা চলে তা আসলে সৃজনশীলতা না, তা এখনও মুখস্থ বিদ্যার উপর কোচিং ব্যবসার উপর21:10
ashabadiকোন সরকার যদি ওপেনলি বলে মানুষের নির্যাতন নির্যাতন না, নির্দোষ ফান21:10
AudaciousTUXcoaching er upre dosh diya lavnai21:10
AudaciousTUXschool college er theke coaching valo poray+bujhay.... ontoto udvash e21:11
* pavlushka doesn't believes in coincidence though, He always cross checks.21:11
ashabadiদ্রুত কাজের বিনিময়ে টাকা নেয়া ঘুষ বা অন্যায় না21:11
AudaciousTUXmal muhit fact :321:11
ashabadiমানুষ খুন বিচ্ছিন্ন ঘটনা21:11
ashabadiতাহলে কিভাবে সরকার একই সাথে এতো বিষয়ে ইনকম্পিটেন্ট?21:12
ashabadiতাহলে সেই সরকার ক্ষমতায় থাকে কি করে?21:12
AudaciousTUXkaron hoyto valo kono protidondi nai :|21:12
pavlushkaashabadi: you have any better choice?21:12
ashabadiপ্রতিদন্দী দাড়াতে দিচ্ছে না21:12
ashabadiইউনুস দাড়াতে চেয়েছিলো গ্রামীন ব্যাংক কেড়ে নিয়েছে21:13
ashabadiআর যারা আছে তারা সবাই একই গোয়ালের গরু21:13
pavlushkaashabadi: AudaciousTUX না বিএনপি, না আওয়ামিলীগ, কেউই তা হতে দেবেনা, একমাত্র এ ব্যাপারে তারা একজোট21:14
ashabadiকিন্তু তারপরও কেনো সব মন্ত্রী মাথা মোটা হবে?21:14
ashabadiএটা বিশ্বাসযোগ্য?21:14
AudaciousTUXjogajog montri ar polok tao ektu hoileo line e ache.... 21:14
ashabadiনির্দেশনা না পেলে এমন মাথা মোটা ব্যবহার করে পার পেতো না21:14
ashabadiসরকারেরও ইমেজের বিষয় আছে21:15
ashabadiসরকারেরও ঝুকি আছে ক্যু হওয়ার। সরকার নিশ্চয়তা পাচ্ছে ক্যু হবে না তাই তারা এতোটা বেপরোয়া21:15
ashabadiআর্মির স্পেশাল কমান্ডো ইউনিট ঢাকায় না থেকে সিলেটে কেনো তা ভেবে দেখেছেন?21:17
ashabadiঢাকায় থাকতে দিবে না21:17
pavlushkaযে জাতি যেরুপ, সে জাতি সেরুপ নেতা পায়, আমার জানা নেপোলিয়ান বচন,  নেতারা আসমান থেকে টপকায় না21:18
ashabadiনেতারা আসমান থেকে টপকায় না, কিন্তু নেতাদের আমরাই উৎসাহিত করছি21:18
pavlushkaআমি সেটাই বলছি21:19
ashabadiকিন্তু উৎসাহিত করলেও সরকার দায়িত্বজ্ঞানহীন হবে কেনো?21:20
pavlushkaকারন সরকার সেসব কান্ডজ্ঞানহীন নেতাদের সমন্বয়!21:21
ashabadiআমি মনে করি না21:22
ashabadiপুরো দল একসাথে কান্ডজ্ঞানহীন হবে21:22
ashabadiএই একই দল এর আগেও ক্ষমতায় আসছিলো21:22
ashabadi৫ বছর আগেও ক্ষমতায় ছিলো21:22
ashabadiএতোটা উদ্ধত ছিলো না21:22
ashabadiযাই হোক21:24
ashabadiএগুলো নিয়ে কথা বলে আসলে তেমন লাভ নেই21:24
pavlushka৫ বছরের জায়গায় যদি আপনাকে ১০ বছরের জন্য ক্ষমতা দেয়া হয়, স্বাভাবিক, আপনি আরে বেশি বেপরোয়া হবেন21:25

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