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blarghI just upgraded from ubuntu gnome 15.10 to 16.04 on my thinkpad08:48
blarghit seems like the cpu frequency-scaling doesn't work completely well08:48
blargheven though it did in the previous version08:48
blarghwhen I allow the cpu the choose everything between minimum and maximum frequency, it selects the highest frequency 90% of the time08:49
blarghit drops to minimum frequency occasionally08:49
blarghbut htop shows that there is practically no system load08:50
blarghI'm guessing that the intel_pstate driver was broken in some way08:50
blarghbut I can't figure out who to address my issue to08:50
nesciushello, i am having issues with my 5.1 audio output in 16.04 - i am unable to get front center output on itself - works as front left which is connected as well, but front center itself doesnt output anything on it own..15:30

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