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kintsugiPopular channel, not much talking. :p01:08
kintsugiAt least, never when I'm in here.01:09
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gera_how can i accelerate the boot of the MATE03:02
gera_cpu dualcore 2x1,66 2gram03:04
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Putz3000Anyone else keep getting webkit crash errors in 16.04? Is there a fix? Is it app driven?05:52
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regobuenos dias alguien me puede ayudar  tengo problemas con  ubuntu 16 en mac ppc g5, gracias07:35
regono tengo sonido : salida torpes07:36
regono reconoce 2 monitor television samsung es de  32" y me la pone  de  7" no se  ve bien07:37
TheSilentLinkhello is it normal that then I press shutdown I doesn't do it straight away, but instead the panels go white and then about 15secs later the splash screen appears?08:45
SuperEngineerI think not. What do you mean by "press shutdown", a physical button or thing to click screen?09:00
TheSilentLinkSuperEngineer:the shutdown button at the top right09:12
TheSilentLinkSuperEngineer: the theme disappears and then 10-30secs later the splash screen appears09:13
SuperEngineerhmmm... doesn't sound right.   UM does occasionally go to Ubuntu Mate with 'progress dots'; then eventually shuts down cleanly09:17
SuperEngineerNever bothered to look behind it though as it always manages a clean shutdown when it finishes doing whatever it it doing09:18
SuperEngineer[closing a process is my assumption as no disk activity sshown on my pc]09:19
regobuenos dias alguien me puede ayudar  tengo problemas con  ubuntu 16 en mac ppc g5, gracias09:22
regono tengo sonido : salida torpes09:23
rego<rego> no reconoce 2 monitor television samsung es de  32" y me la pone  de  7" no se  ve bien09:23
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AkuliHello Guest2228909:30
Guest22289I am new to linux.. and I've just installed mate os09:30
Guest22289I am using Dell XPS L502x machine09:31
Guest22289which has intel processor and Nvidia GPU09:31
Guest22289The one with optimus technology09:31
Guest22289So.. my question is which GPU driver I need to install09:31
Akulitake a screenshot of the choices you have with the screenshot tool in the menu09:32
Akuliyou can post it to pasteboard.co and give us a link to it09:32
Guest22289sorry..but where do I find choices for drivers??09:32
Akulii think there's a thing called software and updates in the menu09:33
Guest22289okay, I found that menu09:34
Guest22289Got the list of drivers09:35
AkuliThere should also be a screenshot tool09:36
Guest22289I uploaded the screenshot09:39
Guest22289here is the link09:39
AkuliFor your nvidia card i recommend using the one you have now, or the first one if it doesn't work09:39
Akuliif you want to use your other device (i have no idea what it is), just change its driver to the first one also09:40
AkuliHi ubuntu-mate09:41
ubuntu-matei'm testing ubuntu mate 16.10 on acer aspire switch 1109:42
ubuntu-matewifi doesn't works09:42
ubuntu-mateall other works well09:42
Akuliubuntu-mate, open software and updates from the menu, go to drivers tab, enable the driver09:42
ubuntu-matethere are no driver for rtl8723bs09:43
AkuliIn that case you can search for one on google09:44
Akuliif it doesn't work you can buy a usb wifi adapter09:44
TheSilentLinkSuperEngineer: here I recored a vid showing it: https://youtu.be/X6SIgu92bDo09:54
DaylightDandyHello all ! Is there a recommended way to fix the wired network/NetworkManager bug on Ubuntu MATE 16.04 that prevents the local connection from working properly ? I have tried diabling IPv6 in sysctl.conf and NetworkManager, setting a static IP etc to no avail. Thanks for your help.10:03
AkuliDaylightDandy, sure. use 14.04 and your network manager won't have any bugs :)10:05
DaylightDandyAkuli, haha, yeah well OK10:05
DaylightDandyThing is I remember fixing it on a previous 16.04 install and I can't fix it again10:06
Akulii wonder if you could install an alternative network manager on ubuntu10:06
Akuliseems like you can10:07
Akulisudo apt-get install wicd10:07
DaylightDandyI'll try that. I'm contemplating using my smartphone to tether an Internet connection to my PC to be able to update.10:08
Akuliyou don't need to update anything if you don't use an internet connection10:08
DaylightDandyOh, yeah, I meant as a workaround/fix unrelated to your suggestion :)10:09
Akulino problem10:10
DaylightDandyIs that bug really that prevalent on 16.04 ? I heard of it before upgrading but it happened on three different installs so far.10:11
Akuliall with different network cards, and just a wired connection?10:12
Akulithats weird10:12
Akulii recommend staying in 14.04 until 2019, which is when support for it will be dropped10:12
Akuliso far i've seen many bugs and other problems in 16.04, and i'm not going to upgrade :)10:13
DaylightDandyYeah, all different PCs. Same chipset on two of them though. And same ISP modem/router which I suspect to be one of the cause of the problem. IPv6 and all.10:14
DaylightDandyYeah, I waited a bit before upgrading. Install/setup is a pain but it runs well after updating.10:15
Akuliand 14.04 just worked out of the box with no problems?10:15
DaylightDandyNever had that issue once on 14.0410:15
DaylightDandySame hardware/environment10:15
Akulimaybe we could check the network manager version somehow10:16
DaylightDandyI thought about upgrading it manually via a deb package, but it feels clunky and like we're back in 1998 fixing network connections and all :D10:17
Akulii'd probably try wicd10:17
Akulii've never used it on ubuntu, but it should work just fine10:17
DaylightDandyYeah, that was a good idea, I'll try that.10:18
DaylightDandyI tried messing with /etc/network/interfaces etc10:18
Akulii think that just sets things up on startup10:19
Akuliby default it contains nothing but comments and these two lines http://dpaste.com/3YBF8C6 and you probably don't need anything else10:19
DaylightDandyThat's right, but someone suggested somewhere to add eno1 (previously eth0) to it with dhcp option to set it up without NetworkManager10:21
DaylightDandyBut that was a mess10:21
DaylightDandyI'm pretty sure that it's something related to IPv6 but I don't know what.10:21
mgrayHi there.10:39
TheSilentLinkAnyone one know if the panels going white and the delay normal? Here is a video showing it: https://youtu.be/X6SIgu92bDo10:58
Akuliyes it is, but your delay is longer than it should be11:01
TheSilentLinkAkuli: o ok is there anyway to fix that?11:04
Akulii don't know11:05
TheSilentLinkAkuli: also is a difference between the windows managers?11:07
Akulii'm not actually sure whats happening in the panel whitening thing, i guess the theme switches back to a default light one for some reason11:07
TheSilentLinkAkuli: yea seems a bit weird lol11:14
ericb2wow I just figured out I can see youtube video with the Pi3+ + Firefox ...12:13
ericb2anybody knows how to calibrate the temperature sensor shipped with the pi3+ (B review) ?12:17
ericb2the one we can read the content in /sys/devices/virtual/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp12:18
ericb2I firstly supposed it was something like temperature in °F , but maybe not12:19
ericb2other question : does someone have a link pointing the cooler / radiator we can use with this board ? TIA12:19
ericb2Got one : https://www.element14.com/community/community/raspberry-pi/raspberrypi_projects/blog/2016/03/03/raspberry-pi-3-cooling-heat-sink-ideas12:21
* ericb2 promises to stop spamming ;-)12:21
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fifty-sevenCGood morning17:07
NeonumbreonMay I ask a noobish question18:02
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eonumbreonWhat is the underlying difference between the Mint MATE and Ubuntu MATE projects, except the fact one is Ubuntu and the other is Mint retrospectively?18:04
fifty-sevenCUbuntu Mate is just ubuntu.18:05
eonumbreonSo there is no other difference in usability?18:05
fifty-sevenCLMDE is mint which is frankendebian18:05
fifty-sevenCI'm not sure. They are both Mate.18:06
fifty-sevenCBut Mate originally was a fork from Mint I believe18:06
fifty-sevenCI might be wrong on the history however18:06
eonumbreonfifty-sevenC awesome. Thank you. Trying to decide whether to use Mint or Ubuntu MATE18:07
fifty-sevenCI would just use Ubuntu Mate. Or Debian with Mate as your DE, or Fedora with Mint as your DE.18:08
fifty-sevenCJust avoid Mint. It has a sketchy history regarding updates and security18:08
eonumbreonokay. I would use fedora, I prefer dnf to apt, but... the lack of easily installable propietary Nvidia drivers scares me.18:12
eonumbreonMight be cause I am used to using a laptop with an optimus nvidia gtx630m gpu18:13
fifty-sevenCHybrid graphics?18:13
fifty-sevenCThat will be a sticky point18:13
eonumbreonThe target machine currently should be fine though.18:13
fifty-sevenCHybrid graphics in linux sucks.18:13
fifty-sevenCGlad I could help18:14
eonumbreonThis machine I want to use is a C2Q QC7300 with an Nvidia 9300GS. And thanks a lot! I appreciate it :')18:14
renoifany can help me?18:47
renoifmy sound cant be detected18:48
fifty-sevenCWonder if there is a way to modify hexchat so people who leave the room are dimmed.18:59
fifty-sevenCSo like I don't have to search a bunch of yellow on white background to see if I should respond19:00
Akulififty-sevenC, just start typing someone's name and hit tab19:02
Akuliit won't autocomplete if there's nobody with a nick like that19:02
u0_a198does this work?19:59
u0_a198(trying to config irssi)19:59
u0_a198 19:59
u0_a198yes this works. sorry for the spam, been trying to do this all day! finally sorted it20:00
ubuntu-matecan someone help me with installation_20:40
heathdoes an one know how to change the text color in terminal20:52
heathhey there20:54
Akuliwhich color do you want to make it, or do you just want to make the prompt that ends with $ green20:55
heathi would like the text to be green20:55
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Akuliheath, open your .bashrc in a text editor and remove the # from the beginning of the line that says force_color_prompt=yes20:55
Akulithere's more code for setting the colors about 30 lines below it, feel free to customize that too20:56
heathis that for the terminal in Ubuntu-mate?20:57
Akuliyes, and all other ways to run bash20:57
Akulior do like i do, add this to the end of your .bashrc http://dpaste.com/3007YEA20:57
heathwhere is the .bashrt. I very new to linux20:58
Akuliits a file20:58
Akuliit runs every time you open up the terminal20:58
Akuliso if you add `echo hello` there the terminal will say hello every time you open it20:58
AkuliIf you're new to these things you probably want to edit it the GUI way :) run this: pluma .bashrc20:59
Akulia text editing window will pop up, you can use it20:59
heathwould like to learn the terminal20:59
Akulithen you can use an editor that runs entirely on the terminal, ubuntu comes with nano21:00
Akulinano .bashrc21:00
heathver good got it21:00
Akuliif you do it the nano way you can simply save and exit with Ctrl+X21:01
Akulinano is really easy to use21:01
heathonce I do that exit?21:02
AkuliCtrl+X should save and exit out of nano21:02
Akulito see the changes you can reopen the terminal21:03
heathyeah my name and location is green but the text I type isn't green21:04
Akuliyou want that green also?21:07
heathyeah or any other color21:07
Akulisomething like PS1="\[\033[01;32m\]\u@\h \w $ "21:08
Akuliadd that to the end of the file21:08
Akulithere's other colors you can try instead of 32 also21:09
Akuli32 is green, 31 is red21:09
heathyeah I found that is in the if statment where "color_prompt"= yes21:09
Akulioh that thing21:09
Akuliif you want to make the whole thing green just add to the end instead21:09
Akuliright-clich terminal, profiles, profile settings21:10
Mate-Desktophello, its last option that I have.. is there anyway i could successfully install mate desktop on ubuntu 16.0421:46
adalwini love ubuntu mate, even though since 16.04, the virtual box drivers are not loading anymore :) so i am still using 15.10 right now.22:46
sathe_001this is the first time i am using ubuntu mate22:46
sathe_001have you done any project using ubuntu mate?22:47
adalwinthis is still running in a vm, but yeah. i really like it.22:47
sathe_001need some ideas22:47
adalwinand there he went22:50
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