JaguarDownSeveas: Thanks. I probably had the most basic, default setup possible, it probably won't be hard to reconfigure it.01:12
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LeMikewhat the hell? I have an Ubuntu here that connects to an OSX machine with 35 mbit/s (says iperf), the OSX connects with the same rate to the samba-machine. But the Ubuntu-machine only connects to the samba with 10 mbit/s. what is wrong here?06:54
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FarhaadNsyslog logrotate dont work properly, after logrotate , log insert to syslog.1 and syslog emty10:23
LaserAllan_hey there guys, I am currently using a python script that I login into from a remote location but for some reason the python script is closing every 3-4 days and it just basically kills the script. I have logged in the python logs which doesn't show anything worthwhile. Is there any particular lgos on the system I can look in?, when i try to connect it basically refuses the connectio10:29
Xinhey all10:42
Xinanyone used node before?10:42
Xinim just trying to get an up to date version working but im having all sorts of problems heh10:43
ikoniaXin: use the version that ubuntu ships10:55
Xinikonia; its two major releases behind10:55
ikoniaXin: do you need the later version ?10:55
ikonianote the word "need" over want10:55
Xinim a dev, I want to develop for the latest, not for something soon to be eol10:56
ikonianot what I asked10:56
FarhaadNsyslog logrotate dont work properly, after logrotate , log insert to syslog.1 and syslog emty11:59
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bekksFarhaadN: How did you configure the logrotation for the syslog?12:15
bekksAnd which Ubuntu are you using, in particular?12:15
FarhaadNbekks: thx for reply12:20
FarhaadNbekks: Ubuntu 12.0412:21
FarhaadNbekks: http://pastebin.com/VWxEV8j9      here logrotate config file12:22
ikoniarelaod won't work12:24
ikoniayou have to restart the syslog after you rotate it that way12:24
FarhaadNikonia: can u help to figure that?12:42
FarhaadNikonia: what scrip use?12:42
vbotkaFarhaadN: service rsyslog13:12
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systemsgotyouis LVM recommended for servers?21:39
systemsgotyouhow come everytime I paste something into vi it leaves off the first character?22:15
systemsgotyounm got it22:18
systemsgotyouwhat would cause a winscp ssh key to be rejected but it works in putty?23:45

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