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atlaspainemy device is not supported, a moto x play,08:37
atlaspainei want to try out ubuntu touch, what would you recommend?08:37
atlaspaineany guidance is appreciated :)08:37
swalladgeatlaspaine: you'll have to look at the wiki guidelines for porting to new devices (unless there's already an unofficial build)09:01
swalladgeanyone know how to get the acquaris m10 into fastboot mode?09:04
swalladge^ nvm managed to find it - 'reboot to bootloader' does it09:16
swalladgehow do you use fastboot to flash the ubuntu image for a particular device? ubuntu-device-flash wants the device available via adb interface (which it isn't - only fastboot can see it)09:22
swalladge--bootstrap works :)09:38
mariogripogra_: do you know if there is device specific pulse/alsa settings, if yes where?10:49
swalladgecan i flash ubuntu-touch from a recovery (like twrp)? asking because i just get 'unauthorized' with adb, and i can't boot into the ubuntu system to authorize it11:23
ogra_mariogrip, i forgot where, but there is surely some default setup shipped in the device tarballs, just pick one from an existing device and dig for pulse12:02
mariogripogra_: what i found out that i need to set alsa ucm12:03
mariogripogra_: but do you know if there is a config where i need to enable my new ucm card? or is that automatic12:04
ogra_mariogrip, you need to configure alsa on the android side, pulse then talks to it through the pulseaudio-android module, thats all i know12:11
mariogripogra_: do you know if there is some docs on how to do that?12:16
ogra_nope ... you have to ask one of the android specialists ... i would just grab an existing tarball and look for all "audio*" or "*alsa*" files in there12:17
ogra_... and then adjust mine12:18
mariogripmaybe morphis can help ^12:18
dobeyswalladge: in fastboot you have to use --bootstrap option for u-d-f, and it will wipe all the user data on the device (if ubuntu is already running on it, i mean)12:46
dobeyswalladge: if your m10 is an android version, you will have to repartition first i think, using the tools from bq12:47
mariogripis it module-jackdbus that does the jack detection on ubuntu touch too? (when headphones plugged example)12:53
mariogripnevermind, it's here it's detects switch, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~binli/ubuntu/vivid/pulseaudio/support-android-60/view/head:/src/modules/droid/droid-extcon.c13:05
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Asad2005My ubuntu 16.04 adb version was 1.0.32 and i have downloaded adb 1.0.36  platform tools as a zip then moved adb and fastboot to /usr/bin/adb to replace old version now the adb version is 1.0.36 would this creat problem in terms of related libraries14:43
matv1side-staged apps are being switched to main-stage after a screen rotation. (leaving an empty side-stage). is this a known bug? or is this perhaps by design?14:47
matv1doesnt reall14:47
matv1-really feel right14:47
dobeymariogrip: jackdbus is for detecting when jackd is being used, and stopping pulseaudio to jackd can take over the alsa device. not something that should be on phones/tablets (at least not until we can get rid of android i guess)15:06
dobeyAsad2005: yes. it means the binaries changed from what were provided in the package. you shouldn't do that. also, #ubuntu is the channel for general ubuntu support.15:07
mariogripdobey: yeah, i see that now. I found out where android does it "switch javk" signal15:07
mariogripjack* / input/output15:07
Acou_Bassquick query, is aethercast going to be supported on other devices than the pro 5? if so, is there anywhere i can check progress of this?19:13
nhainesAcou_Bass: maybe, and no!22:29
nhainesThe kernel APIs for aethercast are different between Android 4 and Android 5, so basically the 5 API has be be backported.  They're focusing on making it stable and robust on the Android 5 API first before worrying about anything else.  Patches welcome, I believe.22:30
Kezioliohttps://wiki.ubports.com/index.php/OnePlus_One ..?22:50
ogra_Keziolio, https://devices.ubports.com/#/bacon22:55
Keziolioyes ogra_ in that page there's a link to the broken page for multirom22:55
ogra_ah, let mariogrip know then22:56
ogra_(i wasnt aware that mutirom still works with *any* device)22:57
mariogripKeziolio: that's the old wiki url, but the Multirom manager that you find from google play should have ubuntu touch support22:57
Kezioliouh, I don't have google play22:57
Keziolioi'll find an updated mirror22:57
mariogripogra_: only opo has multirom support, but i don't maintain it anymore22:58
ogra_yeah, i know it is a pain22:58
ogra_(which is why i'm surprised there is stll a device)22:58

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