diddledanwhy do tv programs insist on playing a squark while the good guys are talking on the radio to indicate that the bad guy stopped listening?01:45
* daftykins squints01:54
daftykinsi just got OBS working with Firewatch and Hitman, that was neat :>01:54
diddledanwas anyone watching?02:02
daftykinsjust a mate, it doesn't actually give any stats in OBS so no way to know unless i watch myself XD02:03
daftykinsi'll give you a prod if i do some this weekned :>02:21
daftykinsweekend too02:21
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brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:59
SuperEngineero/ brobostigon09:04
brobostigonmorning SuperEngineer09:05
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Bob_8732@search auggie13:22
popeynot sure what you hoped that would do Bob_8732 :)13:23
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* penguin42 yaaawwwnnnns at diddledan16:57
* brobostigon woops, he finally managed to get openvpn working in network manager.17:17
penguin42ah, I've used that for a while17:19
daftykinshmm good ol' ebay system fails to validate Guernsey mobile numbers correctly17:41
daftykins"Please enter your mobile number." - "That's not a mobile number!"17:41
DJonesHmmh, walking the dog, 4 "lads" in black hoodies decide they want my mobile phone.....One now has testicles stuck in the throat, 3 ran off when the dog opened his mouth18:02
daftykins:O nasty18:08
daftykinsi'm not sure i'd have the gall to stand up to a situation like that18:09
daftykinsglad nothing became of it18:09
DJonesI'm bloody minded18:09
penguin42is the dog an alsation or a poodle?18:44
brobostigonor a st'bernerd.18:57
brobostigona friend of mine has a st'bernard, i think the dog walks him most of the time.18:59
daftykinsre: the popester's cheese love, here are some tales of cheese thievery23:10

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