tiwakeoh hey, woodyPC joined and left... means he is not dead \o/15:57
Ardoneltiwake: I saw that19:56
Ardoneltiwake: any update on that job interview?20:12
tiwakenot from that place :-/20:22
Ardonelanything at all?20:22
tiwakeArdonel: I called up another place from a little blurb I found in passing where they wanted a machinist... they called me back a couple times, with a couple emails that went back and forth over the last 2 days20:23
tiwakethis one is sounding fairly promising actually20:23
tiwakehe wants me to fly out there... heh20:24
Ardonelwhere is there?20:24
tiwakefirst he wants me to fill out a job application, then we talk about money and other stuff20:24
tiwake80 people work there20:25
tiwakethey make their own equipment for agriculture processes, and electric motors20:26
ArdonelLubbock, TX... home of Texas Tech Red Raiders...20:26
tiwakethough I don't follow sports at all20:26
ArdonelIt's not a huge mega-city, but sometimes those are over-rated...20:27
tiwakewhat do you mean by that?20:27
Ardoneloverly-large cities come with too many people... as in bad traffic...20:28
tiwakeI've heard that lubbock has no traffic20:29
tiwakethough I'm mostly looking for a place that does not do car emission testing XD20:30
tiwakealso, 350k people is a lot for what I'm used to... tillamook city has 6k people in it, and the whole county (one of the largest in oregon) only has 20k people in it20:31
ArdonelThe 3 weeks I stayed in Lubbock while working in Levelland were ok as far as traffic goes.20:31
tiwakeand it beats bozeman montana by a lot.. heh20:31
tiwakedid you rent a house there?20:32
ArdonelNo. Company had me in a hotel.20:32
Ardonelcorporate rates20:32
tiwakenot sure how much renting a house in the area costs20:33
tiwaketypically rent prices follow property/house price, but I have not actually looked20:33
ArdonelI did 6 weeks worth of work in 3 weeks. I worked from before sun up until after the sun went down. My days started at 4:30 a.m. and ended about 10:30 p.m.20:34
tiwakedoing what?20:34
ArdonelInstalling the refrigeration and air/con control wiring inside the Walmart. It's a system called/manufactured by Novar. It hooks air quality sensors to motor controllers in the skylights. It also uses a light sensor on the top of the store to control external and internal store lighting systems.20:37
tiwakeooo fancy20:38
ArdonelIt also hooks the fire alarms to the aircon system to shut down a/c in the event of a fire. It measures temperatures in the refrigerated cases and food storage.20:38
ArdonelIt also transmits all the above information to Benton-ville, Arkansas, home of Walmart. And it does it all in real time.20:39
tiwakeI hope thats all encrypted20:40
ArdonelIt's all private frequency, satellite communication. Probably scrambled.20:40
tiwakeoh, their own network even, yeah20:41
ArdonelIt is also in a format that is only useful to Walmart. Anyone else would see gibberish.20:41
Ardoneland that is what I know about that system from 14 years ago... I imagine it is even fancier now.20:43
tiwakethat comment makes me feel young20:43
tiwakeArdonel: why? do you think I should consider some other place to work at?21:17
ArdonelWas just wondering where you were looking to see how far from WoodyPC and me you were going to be.21:18
tiwakeoh heh21:18
tiwakewell, I don't personally know anyone in texas, so shrug21:19
tiwakeguess I could say I kinda know you21:25
Ardoneland WoodyPC sorta21:28
tiwakeoh actually I do know a guy who lives close to amarillo21:28
tiwakemet him a few times at a convention on the west coast21:28
tiwakeand do internet stuff with him21:28
tiwakeArdonel: what should I put down for "expected salary"?21:31
Ardonelput down 'YES'...21:31
tiwakeall of the things21:31
Ardonelunless you are working for free...21:31
tiwakethats what I did for the last two years, free working no more21:32
tiwakebecause of that I'm completely broke :-/21:33
tiwakeI'm thinking about putting down $18/hour21:34
ArdonelI know nothing about your industry, so I can;t really help on salary negotiations. Sorry.21:35
tiwakeheh, I don't know much about that either21:36
tiwakeI know what the typical shop makes, and where the expenses are21:36
tiwakebut this is a company who makes their own products, so its going to be different21:36
tiwakeI'll put down $18/hour, its a reasonable starting place for both of us I think... a larger city where there is more demand might get me $20-$25/hour21:38
tiwakeor should I really just put down "yes" like you said? lol21:39
Ardonelbrb, dinner21:56

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