pnwiseLoshki, that's why I said I cringe00:04
pnwiseand asked him why he think he bets00:04
AfshaalWell according to dmraid -ay here my array is being detected at least00:05
AfshaalOh you know what last time I installed xubuntu I had to disconnect my non-RAID'd storage drive first for some stupid reason00:06
AfshaalI dunno what I'm going to transfer my files to without that connected though00:06
muka I have a touch screen tablet (lenovo x60t). I have to click the screen (sometimes works and sometimes not) while computer boots for the kernel to detect it. Is there a way to fix it?00:06
SeveasAfshaal: rsync to another computer?00:11
Afshaalwhat's rsync :o00:12
AfshaalI have some room to hold these important files on my NTFS partition for a bit I guess00:12
Afshaalmy windows boot partition, I mean00:13
Afshaaloh actually I've got an external hard drive too00:13
AfshaalI'll just use that00:14
Afshaalhmmph whelp00:15
Afshaaldisconnecting my non-RAID storage drive didn't work, still can't mount any of my RAID partitions00:15
Lye383r7when I'm browsing , and have to upload a file, open a browser window for me to choose the file ... this time the mouse does not work anymore ! no matter how many times I click on folders ! I am forced to navigate using the keyboard ! anyone have this problem ? any tips on how to solve ?00:21
b3d0u1nI have an Ubuntu machine running 14.04 LTS that will not connect to my OS X El Captian machine via Samba.00:23
b3d0u1nIs there a workaround for this?  All other machines/devices I have work fine.00:24
Lye383r7b3d0u1n: nat? bridge? ......00:24
=== xubuntu is now known as Afshaal-desktop
b3d0u1nIt's connected to my router like all other devices.00:25
b3d0u1nIt's refusing to authenticate in either direction00:25
b3d0u1nCan only login as guest00:26
b3d0u1nNo problems with any other devices00:26
b3d0u1nor my debian box00:26
b3d0u1nOS X is not playing nice with ubuntu00:26
dabblers-buffetHello, I just installed Ubuntu Studio recently and I get this problem with JACK. Whenever I try to start it through qjackCtl, I get this. http://pastebin.com/RBVYJn1k00:27
b3d0u1nauth.log on the ubuntu shows "pam_unix(samba:session): session closed for user nobody"00:27
Lye383r7when I'm browsing , and have to upload a file, open a browser window for me to choose the file ... this time the mouse does not work anymore ! no matter how many times I click on folders ! I am forced to navigate using the keyboard ! anyone have this problem ? any tips on how to solve ?00:37
capum321seen nacc around?00:39
b3d0u1nWhen I try to connect from the OS X machine this is showing up in the Samba logs: [2016/07/02 02:50:42.726673,  0] ../lib/util/util.c:559(dump_data)00:51
b3d0u1n  [0000] 42 E2 83 AC DA E6 FE 16   C8 BA 7E 2C 9E 38 F6 DD   B....... ..~,.8..00:51
TameikiHello. I have one question. It is possible to control the computer LED (on the tower) (like alimentation LED, disk loading LED, etc...) ?00:53
reisioTameiki: sometimes, but why00:53
Tameikireisio, Hmmmm. 2 reason. But one of them: My server's alim LED is a FKING BLUE SUN which illuminate my room... :x00:54
capum321tape it00:55
TameikiAnd also why not game me some infos like if my server have to be reboot (after update for example)00:55
HackerIIuse black tape00:55
reisioyes, tape it00:55
reisioor remove it00:55
reisioor lobby electronics manufacturers to take their heads out of their arses00:55
reisioit is, after all, obvious when a computer is functioning00:56
reisioa sane indicator would be if it _isn't_ functioning00:56
reisioat which point a really dim LED from the 80s would suffice00:56
TameikiOr, for example, make it blind if /run/reboot-required exist.00:56
reisioor heck even a stupid modern bright one behind a slightly opaque shield00:56
spartan2276How can I fix this error "connection failed: No suitable key exchange algorithm could be agreed.00:59
spartan2276No suitable key exchange algorithm could be agreed."00:59
spartan2276OpenSSH_7.2p2 Ubuntu-4ubuntu1, OpenSSL 1.0.2g-fips  1 Mar 201601:00
tewardspartan2276: what gives you that error?01:00
spartan2276when I try to connect to my webserver01:01
ycyclist_I just did an upgrade and my youtube goes too fast, and my slashes are dashes and my dashes are back-accents.  What's up?01:01
spartan2276via nautilus or sftp filezila01:01
spartan2276I also tried "dpkg-reconfigure openssh-server"01:02
spartan2276but nothing works01:02
spartan2276I can connect through Terminal but no other way01:03
jenenliuhi all, my windows 10 can't load after I installing ubuntu, I wnat to make them dual boot01:03
jenenliuhow can I fix this ?01:03
jenenliuit is UEFI01:03
justsomeguyjenenliu: Do you see a list of operating systems to boot from when you start the computer?01:04
minimecjenenliu: first try to do 'sudo update grub' in a terminal. If you are lucky you will get a 'dual boot screen' after reboot.01:04
jenenliuyep, I can see it01:04
jenenliubut I can't go into windows 1001:04
minimecjenenliu: 'sudo update-grub' sorry ;)01:05
justsomeguyjenenliu: Ok, as minimec said, you should update grub and then restart. Let me make sure that's the correct command.01:05
jenenliuFound Windows Boot Manager on /dev/sda1@/EFI/Microsoft/Boot/bootmgfw.efi01:06
jenenliuAdding boot menu entry for EFI firmware configuration01:06
jenenliuso I need to restart now ?01:06
Bashing-omBoot ubuntu. And in terminal execute ' sudo update-grub ' to pick up and chainload Windows to the boot menu .01:06
jenenliuthank you guys01:07
dabblers-buffetHello anybody?01:09
dabblers-buffetOk good.01:09
dabblers-buffetI've been trying to post a problem here and got no replies so far.01:09
dabblers-buffetMay I post here?01:09
jenenliucan't load image01:09
capum321if one use live-usb with a minimal os, mini ubuntu for example, fat32 file system, would it be possible to the system install apps with apt-get?01:10
jenenliusudo update-grub doesn't works01:10
Jordan_Udabblers-buffet: Yes. Simply post your question. If anyone knows thw answer they will help. (And if nobody thinks they can help, nobody will respond)01:11
capum321jeneliu http://askubuntu.com/a/8843201:11
Ben64!persistent | capum32101:11
ubottucapum321: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent01:11
anomie__I'm trying to block Deluge from being used outside of my VPN. Here is my Deluge configuration https://u.pomf.is/ydjeom.png and here is my active ufw configuration https://u.pomf.is/zfhaeo.png01:11
dabblers-buffetI get this problem with JACK. Whenever I try to start it through qjackCtl, I get this. http://pastebin.com/RBVYJn1k01:11
dabblers-buffetI hope it's not Ubuntu Studio that is causing this.01:11
anomie__I expect that this should work, but Deluge is still finding peers without the VPN enabled. Any ideas?01:11
capum321if one use live-usb with a minimal os, mini ubuntu for example, fat32 file system, would it be possible to this live-usb system install apps with apt-get on itself*?01:11
jenenliucapum321, thanks, but I want to get windows back after installing ubuntu01:11
capum321jeneliu sudo update-grub didn't worked?01:12
ubottuBoot-Repair is a simple tool to repair frequent boot issues you may encounter in Ubuntu. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair for more info.01:12
Jordan_Ujenenliu: Try pressing 'c' at the grub menu to get to the grub shell then run "exit" and see if that boots Windows.01:13
jenenliuyep, it display the windows entry01:13
jenenliuand I try to boot windows, but it display an entry file name, then says can't load image01:13
capum321Ben64: not persistent, live us01:14
jenenliuJordan_U, if I can boot Windows that way ? how can I fix this01:14
=== john__ is now known as anomie___
Ben64capum321: i feel like you don't know what persistence is01:15
capum321ben64 i get confused, is it frugall install which you isntall a system on usb?01:16
jenenliuOerHeks, hi, have you used Boot-Repair before, does it works ?01:16
Ben64capum321: it's a live usb, but it saves changes you do, check the link the bot gave you01:16
Jordan_Ujenenliu: Then I will walk you through adding a menuentry that does the same so you can select it at boot.01:16
capum321what's is frugall ?01:17
capum321Ben64: frugal install01:17
jenenliuJordan_U, how to add it, now the problem seems it is grub can't find the write windows image path01:17
justsomeguyjenenliu: I bet the software that recognizes other OS's and adds them to the boot menu messed up. Try 'sudo apt-get install os-prober && sudo update-grub'. If that doesn't work, you can install 'boot-repair', which will automatically try to fix things.01:17
OerHeksjenenliu, follow Jordan_U for now, you might not need that tool01:17
Ben64capum321: sounds like something you made up01:18
jenenliuit loads failed, so can't boot it01:18
SchrodingersScatcapum321: could you mean minimal?01:18
jenenliuok, I'll try restart01:18
jenenliuthank you guys01:18
=== step21_ is now known as step21
Tin_manBen64, frugal install is for Puppy linux, it's a way to install puppy on a hdd01:19
Tin_manor usb01:19
capum321never mind, it shouldn't be related to ubuntu distro anyway... i have seen in other distros installation.01:19
capum321and yes, it's frugal install01:20
jenenliuhi, I exit grub, then it displays a boot menu, where I can boot Windows01:27
nomicshld be option for windows01:27
=== Nach0z_ is now known as Nach0z
jenenliuseems grub load the wrong image file01:28
Jordan_Ujenenliu: Great. Please run "EDITOR=gedit sudoedit /boot/grub/custom.cfg" which should open a new empty text file.01:29
Bashing-omjenenliu: Await Jordan_U's assistance, in the meantime .. from a liveDVD pastenin ' sudo parted -l ' . Let's make sure the Windows' partition is still there .01:29
jenenliuJordan_U, yep, it is empty01:32
jenenliuBashing-om, http://paste.ubuntu.com/18278899/01:32
Jordan_Ujenenliu: Copy and paste the following contents into this file: http://paste.ubuntu.com/18278444/ then save and exit gedit. Then reboot and you should see a new menu entry "Exit to Windows' bootloader". Select it to boot into Windows. This is a work around for this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+bug/109146401:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1091464 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "Unable to chainload Windows 8 and 10 with Secure Boot enabled" [Undecided,Confirmed]01:33
jenenliubug of ubuntu 16 ?01:34
Bashing-omjenenliu: looks good . you are in good hands. I go back to lurking .01:34
jenenliuI'll try reboot again, hope it works, thanks a lot, Jordan_U and Bashing-om01:35
Jordan_Ujenenliu: A bug that is still not fixed in 16.04, yes.01:35
jenenliuhi, it works01:39
jenenliubut how can I delete the origin ubuntu entry01:39
jenenliuhi Jordan_U, it works01:44
jenenliuHow can I delete the old windows entry, delete it from grub menu01:44
Jordan_Ujenenliu: Please pastebin the contents of /boot/grub/grub.cfg .01:45
=== Hobbyboy|BNC is now known as Hobbyboy
=== jenenliu_ is now known as jenenliu
jenenliuJordan_U, http://paste.ubuntu.com/18279778/01:58
Jordan_Ujenenliu: Add the following to /etc/default/grub:     GRUB_OS_PROBER_SKIP_LIST="24C6-BD64@/EFI/Microsoft/Boot/bootmgfw.efi"02:00
Jordan_Ujenenliu: Then run "sudo update-grub". Then the broken entry should be gone if you reboot.02:01
jenenliuJordan_U, thanks a lot02:02
ravnessfirst time using irssi02:04
ShadeSi'm having an issue setting my ipaddress02:05
ShadeSthe /etc/network/interface file has auto enp0s3 with iface enp0s3 inet static with address
ShadeSbut when i sudo serice networking restart02:06
ShadeSthe ip doesn't change, what gives?02:06
mushir 002:16
mushirdown vote02:16
mushirI'm using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and I have problem with my package manger: It seems like it can't detect my already installed packages. For example I have gimp,vlc and inkscape installed and they appear in the dash results but if I try to use sudo apt install command it suggests to install them with all dependencies! also software center doesn't detect them as ( installed )02:16
tgm4883mushir: are you sure they are installed in the dash and it's not just suggesting to install them?02:18
mushir@<tgm4883> yes i am sure02:18
tgm4883mushir: ok, sounds like your dkpg database got blown away somehow02:19
mushir<tgm4883> so how to fix it ?02:19
OerHeksinstall synaptic, much more detailed softwarecenter02:20
=== irwiss is now known as irwiss`
tgm4883mushir: beats me02:20
tgm4883OerHeks: not sure how synaptic is going to fix that02:20
OerHeksif i read correct, they appear in the dash, so you *can* click it?02:20
mushir<OerHeks> yes they do. and I can run them without a problem02:21
Jordan_Ujenenliu: You're welcome.02:24
OerHeksmushir, so your issue is you cannot see them installed, i am pretty sure there is a menu option for that02:28
=== y0sh_ is now known as y0sh
mushir<OerHeks> no, this not the problem. when I try sudo apt install command it suggests its not installed02:31
mushir<OerHeks> I think the problem with dpkg and debconf but i'm not sure how to start02:32
Jordan_Umushir: Please pastebin the output of "which inkscape" and "apt-cache policy inkscape".02:33
=== UnKnOwN| is now known as unk
mushir<Jordan_U> http://pastebin.com/wUG3heyK02:37
=== unk00 is now known as UnKnOwN|
Guy1524hey guys, I just used dd to but ubuntu 16.04 on a usb.  How do I add a persistent partition so changes are saved on reboot02:48
elbo22 libidn11-dev : Depends: libidn11 (= 1.28-1ubuntu2) but 1.29-1+deb8u1 is to be installed02:54
elbo22anyone know how I can fix this dependency issue02:54
Jordan_UGuest2189: Use Gparted to add a new ext4 partition with filesystem label "casper-rw".02:54
OerHeksoh the guide gives mkfs.ext302:55
Bashing-omelbo22: PPA ? Holding that version ? . In a pastebin show ' apt-cache policy libidn11 ' .02:56
Jordan_UOerHeks: Either will work (and likely xfs or other fss would work also).02:56
OerHeksoke, nice :-)02:56
elbo22Bashing-om:  http://kopy.io/zzGMe02:57
MyHogsHaving an issue with CUPS where it's not taking LPD/LPR jobs02:58
MyHogscups-bsd is installed02:58
elbo22Using ubuntu 15.10 btw02:58
Bashing-om!info libidn11 wily02:59
ubottulibidn11 (source: libidn): GNU Libidn library, implementation of IETF IDN specifications. In component main, is standard. Version 1.28-1ubuntu2 (wily), package size 90 kB, installed size 362 kB02:59
elbo22How do I look at all my ppa's?03:00
elbo22my /etc/apt/sources.list.d is empty so I dont think I have any on this machine03:02
OerHekselbo22, 1.29-1+deb8u1 is clearly a debian package.03:02
elbo22I dont know how I got it03:02
Bashing-omelbo22: Well ,, I see no PPA .. but that elevated version  from the repo .. I just do not know how that can come about .03:02
elbo22Do you wanna see my sources.list03:03
elbo22I have not modified it though03:03
Jordan_Uelbo22: Please pastebin the output of "locate libidn11" .03:05
elbo22let me just updatedb first03:06
elbo22Jordan_U: http://kopy.io/5v9gj03:08
elbo22huh, I have no idea what that buildenv was for..03:09
elbo22line 27 looks interesting03:10
Bashing-om!info libc6 wily03:18
ubottulibc6 (source: glibc): GNU C Library: Shared libraries. In component main, is required. Version 2.21-0ubuntu4.3 (wily), package size 3968 kB, installed size 9548 kB03:18
Bashing-omelbo22: Jordan_U Maybe we can rmove libidn11 ? what version of the dependent libc6 is installed ? ' apt-cache policy libc6 ' ?03:20
elbo22Installed: 2.21-0ubuntu4.303:22
xsdfdfsaso I wanted an easy way out of the sudo craze and made GID=0 to my user, but now the terminal launcher shortcut isn't working and zsh gives me errors. Is there an easy way...03:22
Bashing-omelbo22: Let's await Jordan_U's advise .. messing about with system files is a tricky affair . Looks to me like we can remove libidn11 and re-install ??03:24
=== me is now known as Guest32898
Bashing-omelbo22: Os this what we are looking at : https://sourceforge.net/projects/gargantua/ ?03:29
elbo22what's that?03:30
Jordan_Uelbo22: For my mobile browser's sake, please use http://pastebin.ubuntu.com or http://paste.debian.net .03:31
Bashing-omelbo22: From your locate output .. I am wondering what "gargantua" is ?03:32
elbo22My username03:33
elbo22was inspired by the monster from hl03:33
Jordan_Uelbo22: Are you aware that Ubuntu 15.10 will go EOL very soon?03:36
elbo22EOL? like discontinued?03:37
Jordan_Uelbo22: Indeed.03:37
Jordan_U!eol | elbo2203:38
ubottuelbo22: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades03:38
Jordan_Uelbo22: Because a release can't be supported forever.03:38
elbo22I thought it was unstable..03:38
Jordan_Uelbo22: Ubuntu is not a rolling release distro03:39
elbo22Right, I was expecting it to become stable03:39
Jordan_Uelbo22: The latest release is 16.04, you're on 15.10.03:39
elbo22I guess I'll upgrade then03:40
Jordan_Uelbo22: You should do that, unffortunately this problem will probably prevent an upgrade from succeeding.03:41
elbo22How can I fix it03:41
omeAhoy me maytes.03:46
omeSo I just installed a fresh 14.04.4 in a vm.03:46
omeThere is two network cards attached to this vm, the first one is connect to a NAT for accessing the interwebs.03:47
omeThis works all well.03:47
omeThe second one is connect to a Host Only network for SSH and et al.03:47
omeProblem? well, the second one doesn't auto connect.03:47
omeWhich kinda defeats the whole point of my secondary network card.03:47
omeIn my /etc/network/interlaces file, other than the `auto lo\niface lo inet loopback`.03:48
YankDownUnderome: You'd edit (manually) the scripts that start the network...03:48
omeI have `auto eht0\niface eth0 inet dhcp`...03:48
omeAnd the exact same thing for eth1.03:48
omeeth0 works, eth1 only after I manually call `dhclient -v`. ha!03:49
elbo22save me Jordan_U03:49
omeYankDownUnder: Yes, so, that I tried. But seems like I am doing it wrong.03:49
omeDo I need to do anything other than the /etc/network/interfaces file?03:49
omePlease don't tell me I need to configure the same network in two places. :P03:50
YankDownUnderome: Take a gander at this, eh? Might have some useful stuff in it about editing your "connections"... https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/network-configuration.html03:51
omeYankDownUnder: Will do. Was reading through this one now: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkConfigurationCommandLine/Automatic03:52
omeSo lets see what gives.03:52
YankDownUnderome: Coolbeans...if answers cannot be gleaned from multiple documentation, then at least the eyebones have gotten a workout...a positive either which way... :)03:53
omeFair point, fair point.03:53
omeYou know, you gotta use it or lose it.03:54
YankDownUnderome: That's what the missus says...03:54
myxo2__test test03:55
omehahaha. She sounds fun. You lucky champ!03:55
YankDownUnderome: She's actually only repeating what I tell her...she's horribly disorganised...like a hurricane INSIDE of a hurricane - with a tornado on top.03:56
omeI would describe that as "very happening".03:56
omeAnd that is most certainly better than anal or simply boring people. :)03:56
YankDownUnderome: she truly thinks she's got it all together...at least on one planet...03:57
omeoh well. women are wonderful. :)03:58
omeNow, I am still struggling with my connectivity here.03:58
myxo2__i'll like women more when they all upgrade to usb 3.0 standard, i can't figure out their ports for the life of me03:58
YankDownUnderome: Is there a particular reason why you're not upgrading that VM to 16.04 - or is it just for proprietary function?03:59
omeI want to use dokku. unfortunately, 16.04 is still not supported. It is a WIP though, still not there.04:00
YankDownUnderome: Fair enough. Understandable.04:01
Jordan_Uelbo22: Please pastebin the output of "sudo apt remove libidn11" but do *not* actually confirm the removal.04:02
ycyclist_I just did an upgrade and my youtube goes too fast, and my slashes are dashes and my dashes are back-accents.  What's up?04:04
Jordan_Uelbo22: That was what I expected, far too much depends on libidn11 for removal to be practical.04:05
ycyclist_in fact a lot of my non-alpha characters are messed up or differ from what theya re normally from the keyboard.04:05
elbo22whats the practical solution then?04:05
ycyclist_I'm inputting from my windows laptop presently because it is not practical to input from my ubuntu.04:05
UnKnOwN|elbo22: sudo apt-get purge libidn1104:05
Jordan_Uelbo22: Please pastebin the output of "sudo apt full-upgrade" but again don't confirm it.04:05
TheNH813Anyone know why pulseaudio dosen't remember the audio input it was set to last?04:06
Jordan_UUnKnOwN|: We just decided that would be a very bad idea.04:06
TheNH813I have to manually switch inputs AFTER I start recording everytime.04:06
TheNH813Could it be the equalizer?04:06
elbo22Jordan_U: will you be here in 20 minutes? have to eat dinner04:07
TheNH813Jordan_U: Question: Why are you mentioning to use the apt command instead of apt-get? Isn't that an outdated wrapper from long ago?04:08
Jordan_Uelbo22: Unfortunatwly no. I'm going to sleep soon.04:08
Jordan_UTheNH813: It is neither outdated nor a wrapper.04:09
TheNH813Hm... is there a difference then?04:09
TheNH813Ah, it outputs colored text instead of plain.04:10
TheNH813Anyone who read my question about the audio problem nevermind it.04:11
TheNH813It is pulseaudio-equalizer that is causing the bug.04:12
TheNH813Ah well.04:12
omeProblem solved. I may have had a typo in my /etc/network/interfaces.04:13
Jordan_Uelbo22: That doesn't look promising. Have you had packages that weren't upgrading properly for a long time?04:13
YankDownUnderome: Solar flares usually cause that type of error.04:13
omeToo much coffee makes you see noises and solar flares.04:15
YankDownUnderAh....so THAT is the issue - suppose I should ease off on the coffee then a bit...'tis but still merely 14:16...I'm probably awake enough...(I hosed KDE this morning due to "errors")04:16
CoJaBoIs there a firefox-gtk2 package for kubuntu?04:23
CoJaBoOr some way to install it?04:23
YankDownUnderCoJaBo: Just open a term and type: sudo apt-get install firefox04:25
elbo22Jordan_U: I dont think so04:31
=== Pokefan95 is now known as Poke95
ycyclist_Okay, I have removed libidn11.  Now what do I install to get the healthy version of 16.04 GUI desktop?04:31
=== Poke95 is now known as Poke95|lunch
YankDownUnderycyclist_: Er...hmm...have you tried "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop" ?04:33
ycyclist_Going, thanks.04:33
martyHi Everyone!!04:33
CoJaBoYankDownUnder: Firefox moved to GTK-3, which is apperently unmaintained in Kubuntu04:35
YankDownUnderCoJaBo: Hmm...so then in trying to install "Firefox" - it doesn't default to anything at all - it refuses?04:36
CoJaBoYankDownUnder: It installs a browser that is hopelessly broken04:37
YankDownUnderCoJaBo: Mine's installing right now (I removed Firefox the other day)04:37
CoJaBoIt's impossible to open/save upload/download files04:37
YankDownUnderCoJaBo: Hmm...well, reckon I'll find out here in a few ticks...04:37
CoJaBoThere's a work-around, but it's rather ugly; https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=126839504:38
ubottuMozilla bug 1268395 in Widget: Gtk "[oxygen-gtk3] open/upload/save file under kde is impossible because of filepicker" [Normal,Unconfirmed]04:38
myxo2_Partition 8 on /dev/mmcblk0 written, but we have been unable to inform the kernel of the change, prbably because they are in use.04:39
myxo2_second time trying the installer, even tried to format it using gparted and i get the same error04:39
myxo2_anyone know what causes this?04:40
YankDownUnderCoJaBo: Oddly - my Firefox works a champ - just fired up a d/l as well - no issues with the dialogues in the least - then again, I made sure that my Kubuntu is using the "backports" ppa so that I could get Plasma 5.604:40
myxo2_and if i lsblk, partition 8 doesn't even show up04:40
YankDownUnderCoJaBo: Not sure if that's what's making a difference...04:41
CoJaBoYankDownUnder: It's the save and open dialogs; actually it'll probably work if you have it set to auto-save downloads04:41
YankDownUnderCoJaBo: Just checked mine...appears to be working without issue...hmm...04:42
YankDownUnderCoJaBo: Mind you, just less than two hours ago I updated the entire KDE core + all the bits and bobs...so this is fresh AS...including Firefox (which I just installed a few minutes ago)04:43
CoJaBoYankDownUnder: Yeh, if you're not running the stock version, you might not be affected at all..04:44
CoJaBoFor stability reasons, I can't do that :/04:44
abhvlhow can i completely remove amazon and facebook from 16.04 dash? when i do sudo apt-get remove unity-lens-shopping it says Note, selecting 'unity-scope-home' instead of 'unity-lens-shopping' 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.04:45
YankDownUnderCoJaBo: Yeah - I broke my "stock" version the other day...ergo, I have "re-built" my KDE...(Plasma was crapping out...therefore the upgrade to Plasma 5.6)04:45
xangua!adlens | abhvl04:46
ubottuabhvl: To hide online search results in Ubuntu Unity, go to System Settings > Security and Privacy > Search and toggle the option off.04:46
abhvlxangua, "hide" != uninstall completely04:46
=== Poke95|lunch is now known as Poke95
xanguaYou can also go to the software dash section and disable them one by one04:46
abhvlok..... but.....04:47
xanguaBy hide it means it disables online search04:47
xanguaIf there's no search, no results are showed, so results are hidden04:48
CoJaBoYankDownUnder: I've installed PPAs maybe 3 times ever, and utterly b0rked the system each and every time :/04:53
xanguaDepends what third parties repositories you add04:54
ycyclist_I'm still getting these weird character replacements.  " for @04:55
JoralI find myself having to rebuild a single kernel module to address a hardware issue. Is there a way to get the .config file used to build a specific kernel that is installed but not currently in use.04:56
ycyclist_my slashes are dashes.04:57
ycyclist_my dashes are apostrophes04:58
ycyclist_I cannot find  a key to give me @04:58
CoJaBoycyclist_: Wrong keyboard layout04:58
ycyclist_So, where is that?04:58
CoJaBoYou can change it in keyboard settings04:58
ycyclist_system settings > keyboard???04:59
ycyclist_From there I am stuck.05:00
CoJaBoycyclist_: ..there should be an option there for keyboard layout; maybe search?05:00
ycyclist_Not under keyboard.05:01
CoJaBoycyclist_: Maybe language settings?05:03
=== Mani is now known as Guest50620
ycyclist_It is requiring further install...05:04
CoJaBowhat is?05:04
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ycyclist_That does not help.  Still same problem.  No place for keyboard layout, except the language one which claims it is normal, though it is not.05:06
abhvlycyclist_, setting is "Text Entry" at bottom05:06
ycyclist_rebooting again I guess.  Jeeze.05:06
ycyclist_Text entry is near top05:06
ycyclist_and I looked there too.05:06
abhvlycyclist_, there is "+" button to add another layout05:07
ycyclist_But I already have English US05:07
yaomtcDoes anyone here know about the status of Tomboy?05:07
abhvlyaomtc, i think its a gnome project so #gnome or irc.gnome.org might know.05:08
wyseguyyaomtc, Tomboy?05:08
abhvla note taking app05:08
JoralNvm, ubuntu is so thoughtful as to provide the kernel config in /boot.  If I build and install a single driver, would the next update potentially trash that kernel mod? what is the prefered method to address these issues?05:08
yaomtcabhvl: tried #gnome and irc.gnome.org earlier, both are unresponsive05:09
yaomtcno chat going on at all05:10
abhvlhmm no idea then. write to their mailing list05:10
yaomtcmaybe it gets more activity at a different time of day05:10
wyseguynot sure05:10
ycyclist_Ok.  Back now.05:11
ycyclist_Thank you.05:11
Joralhow do I enable sshd without access to systemctl?05:11
ycyclist_I am still getting youtube videos going 200 times faster than normal05:13
ycyclist_and no audio.05:14
CoJaBoycyclist_: Yeh, I've had that too lol..05:15
ycyclist_Perhaps it will force me to do my main work more.05:16
CoJaBoycyclist_: which video and what are you playing it in btw?05:24
ycyclist_I am working off an ask ubuntu page:  Chrome youtube plays too fast without volume.05:24
evilytwistedHi guys05:24
evilytwisted HexChat: 2.10.2 ** OS: Linux 4.4.0-28-generic x86_64 ** Distro: Ubuntu "xenial" 16.04 ** CPU: 4 x Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU       M 520  @ 2.40GHz (GenuineIntel) @ 2.27GHz ** RAM: Physical: 3.7GiB, 73.1% free ** Disk: Total: 913.0GiB, 94.1% free ** VGA: Intel Corporation Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller ** Sound: HDA-Intel - HDA Intel MID ** Ethernet: Intel Corporation 82577LM Gigabit Network05:24
evilytwistedConnection ** Uptime: 1h 28m 39s **05:24
YankDownUnderycyclist_: http://askubuntu.com/questions/141692/youtube-movies-are-playing-too-fast-with-chrome05:25
evilytwistedthis is a fresh instalation of lubuntu. I havent done anything to this system as of setting graphic drivers or stuff.. my screen keeps blacking out at random05:25
evilytwistedwhy is it doing that05:25
Gallomimiai'm no expert or anything but... i think you just said why. you didn't set up the graphics drivers05:26
evilytwistedive used linuxmint, not ubuntu. i wouldnt know where to begin05:26
evilytwistedand this is lubuntu. not that easy05:26
Gallomimiai do believe there's #lubuntu channel for such questions05:27
Gallomimianot sure of that either05:27
Gallomimiabut... ehm. intel gpu? i've heard bad things05:27
evilytwisteddell latitude e641005:28
Joralis there a way to enable sshd from the rescue cd?05:29
YankDownUnderevilytwisted: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=232145205:29
George_Washingtowhy does ubuntu suck dick?05:30
evilytwistedcause its a derivative of debian05:30
KenrinShould be able to just start any services you want Joral,  assuming you chrooted05:30
evilytwistedYankDownUnder,  what its tellng me, lubuntu doesnt like intel?05:31
George_Washingtowhy haven't you banned the first president of the US yet?05:31
JoralKenrin, thats just it, because I'm chrooted systemctl refuses to do anything05:31
ycyclist_No luck at all with that.05:31
elbo22do you guys think this upgrade will work05:31
George_Washingtoy u no ban05:33
George_Washingtoubuntu ops pathetic05:33
George_Washingtoso weak05:33
George_Washingtosuch weakness05:33
KenrinOk Joral, never actually done that in a systemd setup before.  Seems kind of hard to do but here is a guide:  http://0pointer.de/blog/projects/changing-roots05:33
George_Washingtorm -rf bazhang boy05:34
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Guy1524hey guys, I just used dd to but ubuntu 16.04 on a usb.  How do I add a persistent partition so changes are saved on reboot05:35
=== George_Washingto is now known as Donald_Trump
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BigTits_Ivankai have big tits from my recent boobjob05:36
KenrinWell not hard,  just a pain05:36
JoralKenrin, not possible since it requires the installation of bootstrap packages and apt is another one of those processes that isn't working in chroot.  *Bangs head on keyboard repeatedely*05:38
Joralgood resource though, thanks for that05:39
JoralThe problem I am having is that this old radeon card (built in or I would have already swapped it out) doesn't support KMS and the radeon kernel module is no longer built with UMS support as it is depricated in the kernel05:41
BigTits_IvankaJoral: throw it at a jew05:42
ycyclist_Jeeze.  I presume this is still the Ubuntu support group.05:42
ycyclist_Say, I'm still stuck with this rapid video problem on my youtube.05:43
ycyclist_I use this to study, so i kindof want it.05:43
ycyclist_i tried installing several of the flash packages with apt, but it still has the problems.05:43
JoralThe result of this is that I boot to a black screen and the update disabled sshd so I am trying to gain access to the system in order to fix the underlying issue05:44
ycyclist_I wonder now if I need a driver update somehow.05:44
bazhangycyclist_, why not use a dl heloer then watch with mplayer05:44
bazhangand helper05:44
ycyclist_what is a dl helper?05:44
bazhangdownload, browser plugin05:45
Joralycyclist_, the playback speed issue sounds like a browser/plugin issue.  What browser are you using?05:45
Gallomimiai never do like using youtube in a browser window. what a silly concept05:45
ycyclist_chrome, chromium and firefox all act the same.05:45
gestaltgatewayhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDkJhIjnHhc <--ubuntu made05:45
Gallomimiaif you just browse to keepvid.com you can have a (silent) advert laden page t hat will download your URL for you05:46
Grorcomy internet is being ungodly slow tonight does anyone know what the latest version of Gtk+ is?05:46
xcyclistThis is me on my broken Ubuntu.05:47
ycyclist_This is me on windows.05:47
ycyclist_ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDkJhIjnHhc05:48
GrorcoThis is your brain () this is your brain on ubuntu (!@#*!#$)05:48
Joralycyclist_, http://askubuntu.com/questions/141692/youtube-movies-are-playing-too-fast-with-chrome05:48
bazhangycyclist_, did you try the suggestions yet05:48
xcyclistYes, I tried those askubuntu suggestions, ...05:48
=== robert_ is now known as Guest39633
bazhangxcyclist, not those05:49
Joralthe first answer says for chrome only but the second answer mentions a conflict with pulseaudio05:49
=== Guest39633 is now known as Putz3000
ycyclist_Actually, not the next step.  Now installing adobe flashplugin05:49
Azizhello could some one tell me how to setup a mac program on ubuntu 14 please05:51
bazhangAziz, what program05:51
Tex_NickGrorco: gtk+ linux 3.205:51
bazhangAziz, what does it do, try to find a linux equivalent05:52
gestaltgatewayI think thats the weirdest thing I ever made lol05:52
Aziznothing like spss05:52
gestaltgatewayeither that or lamest only time will tell how I truly feel about it05:52
tatertotsif that's an acronym aziz....tell us the full name so we can help you?05:52
bazhangAziz, mac apps wont work on ubuntu05:52
plop_its_ellieAziz, you never got it working?05:52
Azizand playonlinux not working with .exe V05:53
GrorcoTex_Nick: See now I'm confused because I'm tring out anjuta and it has options it says are implemented on up to 3.805:53
plop_its_ellieAziz, what?05:53
plop_its_ellieit should05:53
tatertotsunless you want someone to tell you to buy a mac05:53
* woot-0854 cringes05:53
ycyclist_Nope, none of that fromt he askubuntu makes a difference.05:53
bazhangazizLIGHT, check the appdb for wine issues and join #winehq05:54
plop_its_elliebazhang, its basically a libre office calc equivilent, it apparently runs well in wine according to winehq05:54
bazhang!appdb | Aziz05:54
ubottuAziz: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help05:54
plop_its_elliei was helping him get it set up05:54
bazhangplop_its_ellie, wine is windows not mac, he should say it that way05:55
plop_its_elliebazhang, yea i know05:55
gestaltgatewaywent from being really annoyed with making music on computers to going to a digital tascam and then back wondering the hell I just did05:55
plop_its_ellielast time i was helping him he said it was a windows app05:55
ycyclist_rebooting once again just in case, but...05:55
Tex_NickGrorco: looks like is latest stable on linux, but 3.8 ... http://ftp.gnome.org/pub/gnome/sources/gtk+/3.8/05:55
bazhangycyclist_, did you try the suggestions from *this* channel yet or not05:56
Tex_NickGrorco: meant 3.20 is layest stable05:56
ycyclist_Yes, the only thing I have not tried is repeated iterations...next05:56
bazhangycyclist_, download and play with mplayer05:56
ycyclist_No I have not tried that.  Sorry.05:57
ycyclist_Let me do a couple other things then I'll try mplayer.05:57
bazhangjust the fofx or other plugin works a treat05:57
GrorcoTex_Nick: Thanks I think I'll wait for stable release I'm just playing around with this anyways, I haven't programmed in a couple years and need to relearn the basics of python anyways05:57
ycyclist_I presume you mean apt-get install mplayer?05:57
JoralAziz, IBM SPSS is available for linux, your vender should be able to connect you with a download link if you have the support for it05:57
plop_its_ellieowell thats good to hear05:58
Joralplop_its_ellie, yeah, its a commercial statistical analysis suite05:58
bazhangycyclist_, in your case smplayer, with the gui05:58
GrorcoI just liked the visual setup for windows I hated doing it manually, and this doesn't seem a whole lot better05:58
ycyclist_well dang, I already started mplayer...05:59
bazhangycyclist_, what version of ubuntu is this05:59
bazhangso once thats finished get smplayer ycyclist_05:59
ycyclist_Ok.  Done06:00
plop_its_ellieJoral, oh, and i thought it was just a simple spreadsheet program06:00
ycyclist_still timewarp video.06:00
Tex_NickGrorco: hey Jessica McKellar has a good python introduction, she's a good speaker & gets to the point, this video is a good intro ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rkx5_MRAV3A06:00
Joralplop_its_ellie, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SPSS06:01
=== Codmadnesspro is now known as Aprexer
GrorcoTex_Nick: Thanks I took a python class in college but I get hung up on when it's appropriate to use modules, and I'm more familiar with 2.7 but want to get to know 3+06:04
ycyclist_okay, unless you have further instructions, not working...06:05
bazhangycyclist_, you need to download them to play06:06
bazhangycyclist_, installing smplayer alone wont do that06:06
ycyclist_what else besides smplayer?06:06
bazhangycyclist_,  a browser plugin06:07
Joralhow do I get name resolution set up in the recovery shell?06:07
evilytwistedhey guys, quick question. if i download windows 10 iso, extract it. would i be able to insall it through wine?06:07
Tex_NickGrorco: also have a look at "Think Python" by Allen Downey, it's a free PDF book (240 pages) rather detailed and a good read ... http://www.greenteapress.com/thinkpython/thinkpython.pdf06:07
bazhangycyclist_, which depends on your browser, so search their plugins page06:07
GrorcoTex_Nick: I want to start working on the ubuntu papercuts, I think looking at other peoples code and helping improve it will really help me get going06:08
bazhangevilytwisted, not a question for here06:08
evilytwistedbazhang,  where should i ask that06:08
Ben64evilytwisted: the answer is "no" though06:09
evilytwistedBen64,  could i ask why?06:09
Ben64meet me in #winehq06:09
GrorcoTex_Nick: I'll have to try downloading it, I can chat on here ok. But until all the kids and my wife get off the internet I'm SOL :)06:09
boshheadevilytwisted: you need to emulate hardware, you want to run Win 10 in a virtual machine like Virtualbox or VMware Player.06:10
ycyclist_plugins page stopped working on chrome://plugins06:10
ycyclist_Okay, I got it.  Enabled.  Same problem.  Doesn't work06:11
GrorcoTex_Nick: I've never programmed for linux either so I have to learn about the make files and such do you know if he covers it in that book?06:12
Tex_NickGrorco: been a while since i've read that book, but i don't think it mostly deals with just .py files06:16
ycyclist_so do you want me to play something in smplayer?06:17
ycyclist_It appears to require a file.  I don't have anything.06:17
ycyclist_ Sorry. I'm an old hacker and don't keep audio/visual data around.06:18
GrorcoTex_Nick: Okay thanks06:18
ycyclist_Okay, rebooting again.  After this, I go to bed to read.06:18
bazhangycyclist_, yes, the downloaded video06:19
Grorcoycyclist_: Have you tried youtube_dl to download then play them?06:19
ycyclist_Okay, in middle of reboot.06:19
bazhanghe seems very confused06:19
ycyclist_I could bring up the smplayer...]06:19
bazhangycyclist_, then play that downloaded video with smplayer06:20
ycyclist_Please what downloaded video06:20
bazhangycyclist_, the one you had trouble with06:21
ycyclist_I have trouble with all online youtube videos.  I never download anything.  I had no idea I could.06:21
bazhangyes, for many years that has been possible with multiple tools06:22
Joralycyclist_, they are saying to use a program such as youtube_dl to download the videos, and then use smplayer to play the video after you download it06:22
ycyclist_I am looking at a youtube video, and there is no download option.06:22
bazhangycyclist_, you need to get a browser plugin06:22
ycyclist_I do not see a youtube_dl package.06:23
bazhangycyclist_, are you reading what we write here, this is at least the second time around06:23
Joralbazhang, thanks for the correction, I meant plugin not program lol06:23
Grorcoycyclist_: sudo apt install youtube-dl06:23
dramaycyclist_, type about:plugins in your browser address bar and see if it says OpenH264 Video Codec, youtube converted to that afaik06:23
plop_its_elliethe youtube-dl package in the repos are outdated and may not work06:23
Grorcothen after install youtube-dl www.youtube.com/yourvideo06:23
ycyclist_got it.06:23
bazhangyes, thas why I recommended the browser plugin four times now06:24
plop_its_elliewhy a browser plugin?06:24
plop_its_ellieyoutube defaults to html506:24
plop_its_ellieno plugins needed06:24
bazhangit's foolproof06:25
Grorcoplop_its_ellie: I haven't used it in awhile but it says its dling right now06:25
plop_its_elliewhats wrong with the video playback in the browser06:25
bazhangyoutube-dl means the cli06:25
bazhangit's some exponenial too fast06:25
bazhanglike 200 or something06:25
plop_its_ellieGrorco, ah ok, cuz i tried it a few days ago from the repos and it wasnt working on some videos06:25
plop_its_elliethats weird06:26
ycyclist_Okay, smplayer has lawrence krause moving at a normal speed, but with no sound.06:26
Grorcoplop_its_ellie: well maybe it's hit or miss and I just got lucky :)06:26
plop_its_elliemake sure you have all the codecs and gpu drivers installed06:27
plop_its_ellieGrorco, probably06:27
ycyclist_How do I make sure of that?  Is there a handle?  A package name to install?06:27
=== Zhao is now known as Guest72826
=== Guest72826 is now known as XinZhao
Joraltrying to run 'systemctl enable sshd' from the rescue cd it tells me "Operation failed: Too many levels of symbolic links" any idea whats going on or how to get around this?06:28
plop_its_ellieycyclist_, sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras will install all the codecs for you06:29
ycyclist_Okay.  Thank you.  That is going.  Another reboot then?06:30
Grorcoor it's an option in software and updates06:30
ycyclist_Okay, codec install is done, ..still no sound.  Do I reboot?06:34
Grorcono sound anywhere? or just in browser?06:34
ycyclist_not browser.  Not smplayer.06:34
ycyclist_video speed now normal.06:35
bazhang_weakhi, I'm bazhang and I make hot love to my mother in shower every day. I also visit local gay bars to have sex with wild somalian niggers. All who interest in hot sex with me /msg bazhang. I'll be waiting ;)06:35
ycyclist_okay trying reboot for now while you deal with crazies.06:35
GrorcoJoral: you have more than 1 OS?06:36
JoralGrorco, yes why?06:36
GrorcoI think it's talking about it doesn't know where to look06:37
JoralGrorco, the machine in question is not a dual boot if thats what you meant06:37
ycyclist_Nope.  Still no sound.06:38
GrorcoJoral: it still sounds like somethings off with your MBR06:38
ycyclist_after reboot.06:38
JoralGrorco, I should hope so, it doesn't have an MBR lol06:39
Grorcoycyclist_: do you have system sound?06:39
ycyclist_No.  Test fails.06:39
JoralGrorco, its a G4 eMac running yaboot as the boot loader06:39
bazhang_hi, I'm bazhang and I make hot love to my mother in shower every day. I also visit local gay bars to have sex with wild somalian niggers. All who interest in hot sex with me /msg bazhang. I'll be waiting ;)06:40
GrorcoJoral_: kkkkk :)06:40
ycyclist_Just to be clear, this was working until the upgrade.06:40
ycyclist_Ok.  I got it.  There is a second sound option in Sound config.  That works.06:40
Grorcoycyclist_: woot woot06:41
ycyclist_Okay, all three browsers also work normally, audio and video.06:42
ycyclist_I hope this also helps towards making this stuff better.  presumably they will be fixing whatever upgrade problems caused these things.06:43
ycyclist_Thanks for all you who helped me.06:43
ycyclist_Should I do anything to return favor or help with repair feedback ?06:43
JoralGrorco, helps if the command is properly formatted lol, systemctl uses ssh.service not sshd as the service name06:43
Joraland the ssh service wasn't even to blame, turns out my router updated and changed the ip of this computer when it rebooted after the update.  I assumed the update broke ssh06:47
ycyclist_Okay, well I need some rest.  Thank you all for the help.06:47
bazhangghi, I'm bazhang and I make hot love to my mother in shower every day. I also visit local gay bars to have sex with wild somalian niggers. All who interest in hot sex with me /msg bazhang. I'll be waiting ;)06:47
Grorcoycylist_:NP :)06:48
Joralbazhang, who did you upset geez lol06:48
GrorcoJoral have you looked at reenable, or maybe disable to clear it the enable to get the new hooks?06:49
GrorcoJoral: Reenable goes back to what it was on install06:50
JoralGrorco, yeah, thats what I was trying to figure out. due to the broken graphics driver I was having to use the rescue cd which is what was causing the headache. Then it turned out to simply be that a dhcp lease refresh on my router that just happened to occur after the update leading me to believe that the update broke ssh06:51
Joralnow to turn my attention to the graphics issue that I was trying to get ssh working for lol06:52
GrorcoJoral: what driver?06:52
JoralI need usermode support for this card, which is deprecated and not built in to the module06:53
Joralwhat is the prefered approach if one needs to use a single custom kernel module?06:54
Grorcois it open source at least?06:55
JoralGrorco, yes its the open source radeon driver06:55
Grorcosorry like I said my internet is only really fast enough for me to chat on here last now so, it's hard for me to even look at anything :(06:56
dramaJoral,  dkms and have build-essential installed https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DKMS06:57
Joraldrama, will this make the builds automatic? how will this respond with the next kernel update?06:59
GrorcoI've never had to do it so I might take a looksee at that too :)06:59
Joralok so if I am reading this right it will allow the kernel to update then will transplant my kernel module in place of the default module.  Is it safe to carry a module over from one kernel to the next?07:01
dramabuild a new one07:02
Grorcodrama: you think that would work for my wifi card? I can use it until suspend, but then I have to restart 16.04 is the first I've had on this laptop and I think I saw someone say it quit working on the update07:02
dramaJoral, there's about a ton of info on it on google07:02
Joraldrama, my concern is that I want to automate the process since I will not have a monitor until the new module is built with each kernel upgrade07:03
dramaJoral, what kind of weird obsolete graphics card do you have that isn't supported?07:04
GrorcoJoral: Unless it's fixed for the next one :)07:05
dramaOh... a new ati07:05
Joralati radeon r28007:05
Joralsorry rv28007:05
Grorcodrama: LOLOLOL, ati is almost as bad as my bcm wifi card :( ohhh07:06
Joralits the integrated graphics of an apple eMac and the monitor configuration is a funky 89Hz, I have to pass the video parameters at boot which disables KMS and since UMS is no longer compiled into the driver I have to recompile the driver with the deprecated UMS support07:06
Guy1524hey guys, when you have a live usb w/ persistence, does it save installed applications?07:07
jonkyIm running 15.04 and have a TP-link archer t4uh wireless adapter.  I just did a software update, and now I can no longer get a wifi connection07:08
jonkywould anyone mind helping me fixing this?>07:09
jonkyerr, fix this07:09
GrorcoJoral: it says in the first paragraph of that page that DKMS carries across updates07:09
JoralGrorco, that is why I asked if it was safe to carry a kernel module accross kernel versions and drama said that it was not safe07:10
Grorcojonky: 3/4s of us are all trying to do the same thing right now lol07:11
RtMFwhich is?07:11
JoralGrorco, did the update break wireless?07:12
jonkyJoral, yes, for me too07:12
GrorcoJoral: but it says an uninstall restores the default so it seems like if it doesn't work at least you wont be completely screwed :)07:13
Joralso i should hold off updating my laptop for a couple of days. good to know lol07:13
GrorcoRtMF: Trying to get hardware that worked on older versions work now07:14
JoralGrorco, that is the way I understood it but I don't understand the risks to know if that is the right choice for my situation07:14
Joralugh, all this headache over one line in kernel.config lol07:16
GrorcoJoral: what was it you needed to manually call to fix?07:19
dramaemac with rv280... what fun Grorco07:20
JoralGrorco, I need the radeon kernel module compiled with CONFIG_DRM_RADEON_UMS=y07:21
Joralbut its a deprecated kernel option and therefore is not enabled by default07:21
GrorcoJoral: it looks like the format is this # dkms install -m nvidia -v 334.2107:29
GrorcoJoral: so you need to get the source and make sure it's at /usr/src/<module>-<module-version>/07:31
batteryhow can i install xchat on ubuntu?07:31
RtMFGrorco: if you feel like blowing up your box with a blob07:31
bazhangbattery, sudo apt install package07:32
bazhangbattery, but get hexchat07:32
GrorcoRtMF: Don't suggest trying it07:32
RtMFGrorco: yeah not a good idea07:33
batterybazhang: what you mean?07:33
batterysudo apt install haxchat?07:33
JoralRtMF, would you clarify what isn't a good idea? too many things going on and I wan't to make sure I am following correctly07:33
bazhangbattery, hechat is the developed and maintaned version thats what07:33
RtMFJoral: running blobs.07:33
* RtMF admits she has run one herself and is not sure she's happy about it07:33
GrorcoRtMF: allrightyyy then that's 2 down votes :(07:33
RtMFJoral: well tbh Binary Large Objects07:34
RtMFmore specifically, running things without properly understanding them07:34
RtMFalso, being your own only op07:34
RtMFalso, leaving anything in a situation that can easily be broken07:34
RtMFGorith: what are you downvoting?07:34
RtMFGrorco: I meant you07:34
* RtMF should stop using this mountain dew'd keyboard but doesn't want to use a work box07:35
batterywhat client must i use on ubuntu?07:35
bazhangRtMF, lets take this to the chat channel please07:35
bazhangbattery, your choice entirely07:35
batterybazhang: then what is good?07:35
bazhangbattery, thats a matter of choice07:35
Joralto back up and get your full opinion I, the issue is that I have a graphics card/monitor setup with a wierd configuration and as a result of this I have to have user mode setting which is not built into the radeon module by default as it is deprecated. I am open to suggestions as to a work around07:35
batteryi don't know any client. bazhang?07:36
RtMF...advice: inquire as to motivating factors to aesthetic decision07:36
bazhangbattery, you asked about xchat, I toldyou hexchat07:36
GrorcoRtMF: This lol I don't want my laptop to blow up :) I can restart my computer to get wifi it's not going to kill me07:36
batterythen how can i install it?07:36
Nilesh_Mouse started working after deleting gmome-software-service.desktop ...but the when i installed google chrome it again stopped working any clue? Im on 16.0407:36
bazhangbattery, sudo apt install hexchat07:36
batterythanks bazhang :)07:37
* defekt drools over keyboard07:38
jonkyfor the people trying to fix the wifi problem, are there any quick and dirty workarounds?07:38
batterysudo apt install hexchat07:39
batteryE: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)07:39
batteryE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?   bazhang07:39
jonkybattery, do you have synaptic, software updater, or some other package manager open?07:39
=== RtMF is now known as QuinnStorm
batteryjonky: i don't know07:40
jonkybattery, what apps do you have open?07:40
defektbattery: sudo killall -9 apt-get && sudo apt-get install hexchat07:40
batterynothing jonky07:40
jonkybattery, are you running 16.04?07:41
batteryjonky: yes07:41
jonkybattery, in a terminal run: ps aux | grep appstream07:43
jonkydoes anything showup?07:43
Joralis there a package to download the kernel source from the repo?07:43
batteryjonky:  0:00 grep --color=auto appstrea07:45
GrorcoI'm out time for bed, live long and prosper!07:45
mantasHow can I disable global menu on 16.04?08:20
atlaspaine1i want to try ubuntu touch08:36
atlaspaine1but my device is not supported08:36
atlaspaine1what would you suggest i do?08:36
john__join #females08:37
tatertotsI have some microSD cards with USB adapters that i've used to create bootable ubuntu liveUSB with, sometimes i've noticed after some time they no longer boot properly anymore, anyone else noticed this ?08:38
tatertotshi atlaspainel08:40
atlaspaine1is this the wrong place to discuss ubuntu touch ports08:40
alfred_kneiftatlaspaine1, it depends ...08:41
atlaspaine1on what?08:41
alfred_kneiftatlaspaine1, more or less on your time08:41
alfred_kneiftbecause basically if it is not supported08:41
atlaspaine1I do not follow.08:41
alfred_kneiftyou can try to port it08:41
atlaspaine1How can I port it?08:42
atlaspaine1What must I do?08:42
alfred_kneiftor you can buy a supported device08:42
atlaspaine1How do I port a device?08:42
alfred_kneiftthings you can check as a first hint or starting point is if a similar supported device (e.g. cpu platform) exists08:43
atlaspaine1I am a noob. I do not understand anything you are saying.08:44
alfred_kneiftokay sorry08:44
tatertotsyou could research it and get as much knowledge as you can short of being able to have it in your hands08:44
Olympianhi, how can i setup my own domain server at ubuntu 16.0408:45
tatertotsmaybe others that actually have it have made youtube videos you can watch08:45
atlaspaine1Okay, Thank you.08:45
Olympianwhich apt-get install do i need.08:45
Olympianor is there a site wherein i can just register for a month?08:46
Olympianim just doing this out of curiousty and hobby, this is really something new to me.08:47
tatertotsSamba 4.0 can domain control08:47
akikOlympian: there are free services on the internet that can host your dns domain08:48
tatertotsnever used it myself personally08:48
tatertotsthere's always LDAP08:48
akikOlympian: sorry that was not what you asked08:48
Olympiantatertos, cool i will  try it. and let you know what happend.08:49
Olympianakik its all good, thank you for answering and expressing your opinion08:49
tatertotsbut if you want a domain and some flavor of *nix is all you have access to then Samba 4.0 is gonna be about your only option my friend08:49
tatertotsmay the force be with you08:50
Olympianthank you my friend. same to you!08:51
Olympianas long its not register i can use it as a domain, right?08:52
tatertotsyou can setup your own domain however you like08:52
tatertotsinternally speaking08:52
tatertotsyou can even run ubuntu.com if you wanted to...internally speaking08:53
tatertotsor mybigbadcompany.com08:53
tatertotsor dontbeevil.com08:53
Olympianhow can i set it up for the public08:53
tatertotsnow that there...is a bit of a different ball game but lets talk it out08:54
tatertotspublic would require registration08:55
tatertotsbut internally you can do whatever you want08:55
Olympianwould you know any domain registration for a month only08:55
Olympiani tried googling it up.08:55
ducasseOlympian: you need to register for a year at a time.08:56
tatertotsgodaddy, dyndns08:56
tatertotsthis is were you would go to register your domain name and such08:56
tatertotsdo you really need a domain controller or do you just want a domain name?08:57
Olympianducasse yup!, but it says for a month $.99 then i checked out, its good for a year. they got me there. hehe08:57
tatertotsdo you need centralized network management capabilities ?08:57
Olympianjust a domain08:57
Olympiani made a website on 00webhosting08:57
Olympianthen i lack a domain for it.08:57
tatertotsoh then just go to godaddy, see if the name you want is available, if it's available buy it...you're done08:58
tatertotsif you want a domain controller then we'd have a slightly different conversation involving samba 4.008:58
Olympiansamba4.0 or lampp would just act like a internat domain right?08:59
Olympiancan you connect to my ubuntu ssh account?08:59
akiksamba can act as a *windows* domain controller08:59
akikit has nothing to do with dns domains09:00
tatertotsyes samba (version 4.0) can act as domain controller....the (version 4.0) part is important because samba prior to that version can NOT09:00
ducasseOlympian: you most likely do *not* want to run your own nameserver. just register and host the domain on a free or paid service.09:01
Olympianducasse i had a good 8hours sleep for 3days, but ima gonna finish this quest to finsih what is started.09:02
Olympianhehe :)09:02
Olympiani javent had09:03
Olympianis samba40 acts like lamp09:03
tatertotsfrom the sound of things Olympian...you probably just want the domain name...you don't need samba 409:04
ducasseOlympian: don't even think about samba, it's not what you want.09:04
tatertotsi think you want Olympian.com to pull up the website you created09:04
tatertotsI'm using Olympian.com as an example of course09:05
Olympianyes bingo! and to pull up the ubuntu server i created for public use09:05
ducasseOlympian: then just register and have someone else host it.09:06
tatertotsyeah so you want Olympian.com to point to > your server's ip addy09:06
tatertotsno samba will be needed for you09:06
tatertotsjust go and get your name from godaddy09:06
Olympiani just to host it from localserver09:07
ducasseOlympian: then it won't be public.09:08
Olympianis there a way to make it public/09:08
akikOlympian: two free dns services https://freedns.afraid.org/ and for secondary dns service https://www.buddyns.com/09:08
ducasseOlympian: yes, do as i said.09:08
Olympianakik i'll take a look into it my friend09:09
tatertotskinda sad we won't be having any samba4 fun but i'll get over it i guess :(09:09
Olympianthen samba4.0 it its then09:09
ducasseyou don't need samba.09:10
tatertotsdomain and domain "controller" are not the same things09:10
akikjust saying domain in ambiguous09:11
tatertotslike ducasse is saying...you will not need samba09:12
Olympianwhat do i need then09:12
tatertotsyou need to go pick out your name09:12
tatertotsonce you have the name ...come back and we can discuss things like A records and the like09:13
tatertotsand again...may the force be with you09:14
ducasseOlympian: all you need to do is register a domain and find somewhere to host it. most providers have a nice webui, just set up an 'a' record pointing to your server.09:15
Olympianalright, lets do this.09:15
tatertotsYes!...let's do this09:16
ducasseOlympian: other than that, this is a more appropriate topic for ##networking09:17
=== test is now known as Guest6035
Olympiani'm just doing this out curiosity, but i just may add, my older brother its sportive of my new hobby, his willing to spend for a domain and host09:20
Olympianbut thats not what i want. i wanted the ubuntu i installed to be accessible to public09:21
Olympianwell i lack sleep. time to hybriate see you when i see yall09:22
ducasseOlympian: you can't host dns at home unless you have a static ip, and even then you need a secondary.09:22
Olympianthanks for all the inputs!09:22
=== Myrtti_ is now known as Myrtti
Olympianohmm my i need a static ip then. i'll google it up when i wake up09:22
Olympiannoted ducasse09:22
shafoxIs it possible to control the sequence of the programs that runs at startup time in ubuntu 14.04. ?09:26
shafoxlets say one program is already scheduled to run at the startup, i want another program to start before this process ? How can I specifically tell it to start before this process ?09:27
ducasseshafox: http://askubuntu.com/questions/21378/how-can-i-make-sure-one-upstart-job-starts-before-other-upstart-jobs09:28
shafoxducasse: thanks will try that.09:29
millerthegorillaI'm having problems installing libgtk-3-dev on ubuntu xenial.  apt is grumbling about missing dependencies.  any hints?09:39
millerthegorillalibgtk-3-dev : Depends: libgdk-pixbuf2.0-dev (>= 2.30.0) but it is not going to be installed09:39
millerthegorillaDepends: libpango1.0-dev (>= 1.37.3) but it is not going to be installed09:39
millerthegorillaDepends: libcairo2-dev (>= 1.14.0) but it is not going to be installed09:39
elbo22do you guys think this upgrade will work09:45
DaylightDandyHello all ! Is there a recommended way to fix wired network issues on Ubuntu 16.04 and it's derivatives ? I got the infamous network/NetworkManger bug where even the wire connection fails. I tried disabling IPv6 in systcl.conf and NetworkManager, setting a static IP etc to no avail. Thanks for your help.09:47
bazhangDaylightDandy, what version of ubuntu09:47
DaylightDandy16.04, Ubuntu MATE, but it also happens on Ubuntu classic09:48
bazhangDaylightDandy, do you see eth0 in ifconfig09:48
DaylightDandyI see my network interface, eno109:49
elbo22I have a broken package thats why i'm asking09:49
elbo22any help will be appreciated09:49
ducasseelbo22: if a broken package is causing this you should really fix that instead09:51
awergents, how do you view the output of a jtr command previously ran? i just get the output of "no password hashes left to crack"09:54
jattredirect to a file09:55
awerjatt: tried that i just the same output in the file09:57
awerjohn --rules=NT --wordlist=lmcracked.txt --format=NT username09:58
awerjohn --rules=NT --wordlist=lmcracked.txt --format=NT username | tee jtr.txt09:58
IcequeenI just bought a use hp desk top computer that has ubuntu on it and I'm unable to install itunes download I keep getting could not download all repository10:01
defektis there is a bot in this channel?10:27
DJones!ubottu | defekt10:27
ubottudefekt: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots | Make a clone of me: /msg ubottu botclone10:27
defektDJones: ty10:28
xaviorhi all, how can i install a recovered apt archive files?10:31
defektwith dpkg -i10:32
b3d0u1nI cannot get Ubuntu 14.04 to connect to any OS X smb shares, although it connects fine to my debian server.  No other smb devices on my network have problems connecting to the os x machine.10:41
GroundZer0hello guys.. i've been wondering if is there any way to install something on my vps to ssh into it using a web browser..10:42
Ben64GroundZer0: what?10:42
b3d0u1nGround: you can use lynx from the command line10:43
b3d0u1nor open firefox over X1110:43
akikGroundZer0: yes there are web apps for that10:43
akikGroundZer0: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web-based_SSH10:43
tatertotswhich smb version might be important....smb 2.1 there's smb 3.010:43
UbuntuDudeI'm wondering if this ubuntu video is real or the guy is faking it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHYU1NeTWjg10:44
b3d0u1ntatertots: Version 4.3.9-Ubuntu10:44
UbuntuDudeis it really possible to run norton ghost on ubuntu?10:44
b3d0u1nOS X quit using samba at some point in favor of it's own in house implementation10:44
GroundZer0but i mean installing my own ssh web based server. so i can make a SSL certificate and a vhost apache to it10:45
Ben64GroundZer0: you can probably find a web based ssh client10:45
GroundZer0i dont trust any other pages that uses any way to connect to my server10:46
tatertotsOS X quit using SMB????   really?  https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT20444510:46
akikGroundZer0: look into gate one. it's pretty nice10:46
b3d0u1nIt uses smb10:47
b3d0u1nnot samba10:47
tatertotsis this documented anywhere?...can you post a link?...you learn something new everyday i guess...please post a link10:47
tatertotsYour OS X smb shares?.....do you which version smb your shares on OS X are?10:49
b3d0u1nhow do I find out since I can't type samba -V ?10:49
GroundZer0i'll check into that.. tks10:50
Xinhi all, any node.js users in here?10:52
tatertotsI saw this b3d0u1n https://discussions.apple.com/thread/6778640?start=0&tstart=010:54
b3d0u1nwell, apparently the shares mounted on my debian server are all smb_110:55
b3d0u1nbut when I type smbd -V it just says ERROR: unknown command line flag 'V'10:56
b3d0u1nlet me see if it has a man page10:56
b3d0u1nserious.. no version toggle ?10:56
tatertotsreally?..that's weird10:57
tatertotsnow you're making me want to fire up my ol mac-ish-tosh10:58
b3d0u1nThe guy in the last post seems to be using 10.6, which makes sense it's using the old samba implementation10:58
tatertotswhat os x version you got?10:58
abhvlhowto disable Alt + X shortcut for Unity? its conflicting with emacs10:59
abhvlJobew, what do you want?11:02
tatertotshmmm https://discussions.apple.com/thread/7496211?start=0&tstart=011:02
xaviorcan i use apt to install a restored (untared)archive?11:03
xaviorcan i use apt to install a restored (untared) apt archive?11:04
abhvlxavior, no.11:04
abhvlwhat is apt archive?11:04
b3d0u1nI think that tip is if you are connecting from os x to an ubuntu machine but i'm doing the opposite11:05
b3d0u1nJust mounted a 10.6 machine from ubuntu and it worked... 10.11.5 no go11:06
b3d0u1nThis error shows up on the OS X side.  I disabled signing on the OS X machine but it still gives me this error: 7/2/16 1:07:21.026 PM smbd[1349]: signing is required, but is not signing11:07
lotuspsychjeb3d0u1n: perhaps its a mac thing then?11:08
lotuspsychjeb3d0u1n: you could also try the #samba channel perhaps11:09
b3d0u1nWell, all other machines can connect to it except Ubuntu -- even windows 7 machines.11:09
b3d0u1nand even ios apps and whatnot that use samba11:09
lotuspsychjeb3d0u1n: is your system up to date to latest?11:09
b3d0u1nthe ubuntu system?  yeah11:10
b3d0u1nand i'm trying two different systems11:10
b3d0u1none on a netbook and one in a vm11:10
b3d0u1neven the old 10.6 machines connects to it11:10
b3d0u1nalso... this problem goes both ways... if I try to connect to the ubuntu machine from os x I get this error in the samba logs:[2016/07/02 13:12:55.395006,  0] ../lib/util/util.c:559(dump_data)11:13
b3d0u1n  [0000] 10 E4 A2 1C C1 59 97 78   31 44 A6 B4 86 48 D4 C8   .....Y.x 1D...H..11:13
b3d0u1nOther issue -- I can connect to a public share on the ubuntu machine from the os x machine, but nothing that requires authentication11:13
b3d0u1ncannot connect to a public share on the os x machine from the ubuntu machine though11:14
b3d0u1n(will not let me do a guest login even)11:14
lotuspsychjeb3d0u1n: uname -a please?11:14
b3d0u1nLinux virtual-machine 3.13.0-91-generic #138-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jun 24 17:00:34 UTC 2016 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux11:15
b3d0u1nsame deal on my 32-bit netbook running the same version11:15
lotuspsychje!info linux-image-generic trusty11:15
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (trusty), package size 2 kB, installed size 29 kB11:15
lotuspsychjeb3d0u1n: ok good, did you try uninstall/re-install samba again?11:16
b3d0u1nI tried downgrading to the previous version which some people said helped but it didn't seem to have any effect11:16
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/samba.html11:16
xaviori save apt archive files that i tar it, then i reinstall ubuntu after that i untar it to apt archive path again can i install it or other something i must to to install properly11:16
b3d0u1nthen i eventually reinstalled the newest version11:17
lotuspsychjeb3d0u1n: can this help? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=224751111:18
b3d0u1nbtw: if I try to mount using mount.cifs from the command line OS X spits back a different error in the logs.11:20
ducassexavior: please rephrase, that makes no sense11:21
b3d0u1nlotuspsychje: well, the problem is that hint is for someone trying to mount an ubuntu share from os x11:22
abhvlxavior, if its a .deb file you can install it by double clicking on it11:22
akiki think xavior is talking about /var/cache/apt/archives/11:23
b3d0u1nThis command works for any share EXCEPT the OS X machine from the Ubuntu machine: sudo mount -t cifs // -o username=username,password=username3 /mnt/mount/11:24
b3d0u1nmount: Operation not supported11:24
b3d0u1nConnecting to the OS X machine will spit back operaiton not supported... to the debian machine it just mounts11:24
lotuspsychjeb3d0u1n: permission thing?11:24
b3d0u1nlotuspsychje: i doubt it.. because everything else is connecting fine and i'm connecting to my user account11:25
tatertotsI'd try to mimic your setup but i don't have that version of osx11:26
b3d0u1ni have a vm with yosemite on it.. let me load it and see if it's screwed up there too11:27
b3d0u1nwhat's the latest version of os x you have?11:27
tatertotsyosemite is the version i have11:27
lotuspsychje!chown | b3d0u1n try this perhaps?11:28
ubottub3d0u1n try this perhaps?: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions11:28
xaviori save  and tar the apt archive files , then i format my drive and reinstall ubuntu, after that i untar the save archive to  its same path again. can i install it  (using apt or else programs) or something else i must to to install properly without any faults11:28
tatertotsi wish i had el capitan11:28
b3d0u1nubottu: mount directory is chmoded 77711:28
tatertotsthere's a lot of noise about el capitan and smb though11:30
tatertotsi'd look into it if i had el capitan but i'm still on yosemite  https://discussions.apple.com/thread/7565683?tstart=011:30
b3d0u1nchecking in yosemite now but it seems like the issue is there too11:30
xaviorakik: yes it is11:31
b3d0u1nneed to reboot it to check something11:31
tatertotsthis is going to bother me...now i have to look into this or i won't be able to sleep11:31
b3d0u1nwhat the hell...  yosemite vm isn't taking keyboard input11:32
b3d0u1noh.. was switching into the wrong keyboard11:33
ducassexavior: you want to install from the archive rather than download the files again?11:33
xaviorducasse: yes11:33
=== Exterminador2 is now known as GroundZer0
GroundZer0seems i cant install gateone on my vps11:34
ducassexavior: i'm not sure, apt would need to be looking for exactly the same versions of packages, but i'm not sure where that is stored.11:35
b3d0u1nok... able to mount the yosemite machine over cifs.mount from the command line.. but not through the ubuntu file manager11:35
b3d0u1nthrough ubuntu file manager i get this error on the os x seide: http://pastebin.com/fjXZ5aj911:36
tatertotsi just shared a folder on my yosemite box going to try and connect to that share from my ubuntu box...i know it's not exactly your os x version but you got me curious11:36
b3d0u1nactually i might have spoke to soon11:37
xaviorcan i just say apt install?11:38
b3d0u1nUsing cifs.mount from the command line in ubuntu to mount the yosemite share gives me this: mount: block device // is write-protected, mounting read-only11:39
b3d0u1nmount: cannot mount block device // read-only11:39
b3d0u1nBut the account I logged in from A) isn't read only because i logged in with my user, B) the /mnt/ point is public readable / writable11:39
ducassexavior: if you also copied pkgcache.bin then i think so.11:39
Akishonahi guys ! is it posible to upgrade the kernel to a new version on kubuntu 14.04.4 lts ? current version of kernel: 3.13.0-91-generic #138-Ubuntu SMP  x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux11:40
b3d0u1ndunno why ubuntu hates these 10.7+ os x file shares so much when everything else seems ok with them11:40
ducasseAkishona: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack11:40
tatertotsi was able to access my os x share from my ubuntu box...i was hoping to reproduce your problem but no such luck11:42
b3d0u1nusing the file manager?11:43
tatertotsdidn't try file manager11:43
tatertotsi'll try it11:43
b3d0u1nwhat did you try?11:43
xaviorducasse: is that file is the list of the cache files in the archive?11:43
tatertotsfrom cmd line11:43
Akishonaducasse: thank you11:44
ducassexavior: it's in /var/cache/apt11:44
tatertotswas able to access from file manager also11:44
b3d0u1nas a registered user or anonymous11:45
tatertotsregistered user11:45
b3d0u1nneither is working for me11:45
Akishonaducasse: did you tried or did/do you use a new kernel on 14 lts ?11:45
b3d0u1ndoes samba keep client logs somewhere?11:46
ducasseAkishona: i haven't run 14.04 in a long time, but i did back then.11:46
bekksb3d0u1n: If you configure it to do so, yes.11:46
jonkyafter running updates this morning, ubuntu 15.04 stopped recognizing my wireless adapter(tplink archer ac1200 t4uh).  there were several people here earlier trying to figure the problem out.  does anyone know if any progress has been made?11:47
Akishonaducasse: oh, i see. it worked well or did you encountered some problems?11:48
jonkyor rather, there were several people suddenly having hardware problems after the update11:48
b3d0u1nThis is what shows up in OS X yosemite console when I try to mount from ubuntu: http://pastebin.com/00uFwy3L11:48
ducasseAkishona: worked well for me, but i can't tell you how it will work on your system.11:49
b3d0u1nsame error from command line11:50
xaviorducasse: so i save and tar the apt folder in /var /cache11:51
tatertotsit's weird that everything else connects to it11:52
b3d0u1nyep... incredibly old devices even11:52
ducassexavior: i *think* that should work, but i've never tried.11:53
xaviorducasse: so i save and tar the apt folder in /var/cache11:54
b3d0u1ncould this be a domain issue?11:55
ducasseb3d0u1n: i suggest you try #samba, they will be much better at debugging this11:56
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Jackneilli have an unallocated 1 MB12:07
Jackneilland woullike to add it to the first partition12:08
Jackneillwith gparted12:08
Jackneill(the boot partition which is 511 MB)12:08
Jackneillhow to?12:08
Tin_mani'd leave it alone, I'm not a partition guru, but i'm pretty sure 1 mb isn't going to help much..12:09
bekksJackneill: That free space is relevant for correct alignment - do not touch it.12:10
\9_I wouldn't consider 1 MB to be enough to undergo a partition resize for anyway12:14
=== \9_ is now known as \9
Jackneillbekks, if boot would be 512 mb then it wouldnt need 1 mb unallocated for correct alignment?12:17
ducasseJackneill: just don't mess with the alignment, modern tools do the right thing automatically.12:18
abhvlwrong channel.12:21
stefanosathhello, I have a quick question with lynx text browser12:22
stefanosathis there anyone that can help me?12:22
stefanosathis there anyone here?12:23
tachikomasStop that.12:23
ducasse!ask | stefanosath12:24
ubottustefanosath: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience12:24
stefanosathsorry, new to the channel. how do i speed the lynx browser in terminal as it is very slow.12:29
ducassestefanosath: you need to find out *why* it is slow, obviously. are dns lookups taking a long time, for example.12:31
stefanosathok, this is a bit too complicated for me but thanks for answering. does apt-get update help with this?12:32
SchrodingersScatnot specifically, afaik.  good to stay updated and upgraded though12:33
ioriastefanosath, if you open flash-based or complex pages, i think it's normal12:33
SchrodingersScatif lynx uses flash, then I've been using it wrong12:34
stefanosathby the way, if I have installed sth through apt-get, what is the safest way to remove sth without causing a mess (e.g., says that some dependencies are not workinng)12:34
ioriaSchrodingersScat, no, it does not i guess12:35
ducassestefanosath: if you install with apt, remove with apt also.12:35
SchrodingersScat!info sth12:35
stefanosathtoria, thanks for answering, th pages I had been opening are indeed big12:35
ubottuPackage sth does not exist in xenial12:35
stefanosaththanks ducasse12:35
ioriastefanosath,  try with simple pages  and test12:36
=== haasn` is now known as haasn
ducassestefanosath: if you open a new website and navigate around it, is only the first page slow, or all of them?12:36
stefanosathall of them12:36
ioriastefanosath,  "They also can be slow--especially with flashy, graphics-laden web pages on a slow network. "12:37
HackerIIsquid to the rescue12:37
ioriastefanosath,  http://docstore.mik.ua/orelly/unix3/lunix/ch06_03.htm12:37
ducassestefanosath: maybe you just have a slow link?12:37
stefanosathare there an faster text browsers?12:38
stefanosathmaybe I can try something else12:38
SchrodingersScatstefanosath: there are other text browsers, not sure they'll be faster, like being mentioned it could be limits on your line.  there's links2 that you can try12:38
ioriastefanosath,  links12:38
ducassestefanosath: you could try links or w312:39
SchrodingersScat!info links2 | stefanosath12:39
ubottustefanosath: links2 (source: links2): Web browser running in both graphics and text mode. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.12-1 (xenial), package size 2796 kB, installed size 4356 kB12:39
Tin_mani don't think so. next best bet would be 2 tin cans tied together..12:39
stefanosaththanks to all of you12:39
stefanosathwill try links212:39
=== set_ is now known as sakrecoer
xds-why can I ssh to localhost but not to the ip?12:46
xds-I'm using opensshd12:46
xds-I can ping the ip finely12:47
elbo22Jordan_U: I ended up just purging the package and im upgrading now12:48
jianu81any way to do an ubuntu minimal install with wi-fi drivers ?12:49
ducassejianu81: use manual package selection12:49
MonkeyDust!mini | jianu81 start here12:49
ubottujianu81 start here: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD12:49
jianu81yeah but12:50
jianu81my wi-fi drivers are in the kernel12:50
SchrodingersScatxds-: which ip? your own local?12:50
jianu81but minimal cd doesn't detect them12:50
xds-schrodinger, not local ip. true ip12:51
jianu81so everytime i turn the ubuntu minimal cd i don't have my wi-fi drivers12:51
jianu81but during normal ubuntu install i do12:51
xds-like external ip or whatever, the one that represents my computer on the internet12:51
ducassejianu81: you need wired network to use the mini.iso, but you can set up wireless after install12:51
jianu81how can i add wi-fi drivers to ubuntu minimal cd ?12:51
jianu81my laptop doesn't have an ethernet port12:52
=== nitro is now known as Guest36223
Guest36223hi backbox is good or not ????????????????????12:52
jianu81ducasse: no way to add wi-fi drivers ?12:52
ducasseGuest36223: not supported here.12:52
ioriajianu81, ubuntu server edition ?12:53
ducassejianu81: the installer doesn't know how to set them up, afaik12:53
jianu81ubuntu server edition has wi-fi drivers ?12:53
ioriajianu81, you can install it without connection12:53
MonkeyDustGuest36223  ask in the backbox channel, it's not supported here12:53
jianu81yeah but what do i do next ?12:53
ioriajianu81,  thren you configure your wifi12:53
jianu81no ethernet prot12:53
jianu81well then12:54
ioriajianu81,  sure it has12:54
jianu81what's the smallest ubuntu  i can use ?12:54
jianu81lubuntu is a bit too big12:54
ducassejianu81: the packages you need should be on the server image, you just set up wifi after install12:55
jianu81so basically i install the server edition and then just connect to wi-fi ?12:55
ioriajianu81,  lubuntu is big  ? :þ12:55
jianu81well in my case it actually is12:55
ducassejianu81: yes, just install the packages you need with manual selection12:56
ioriajianu81,  ok.... cpu    ... ram ?12:56
jianu81wouldn't the drivers have dependencies ?12:56
BluesKajHi folks12:56
jianu81well the cpu is pretty now12:56
jianu81it can handle dota and cs go12:56
ducassejianu81: like what?12:56
jianu81i have 4gb of ram12:56
jianu8160 fps ? low settings 720p ?12:56
jianu81it's a celeron 3205u12:56
ioriajianu81, i think you can run lubuntu12:57
jianu81i can run kubuntu perfectly12:57
jianu81i don't care about what i can run12:57
jianu81i need more free space12:57
chinhpro_hi all12:57
MonkeyDustchinhpro_  this is the ubuntu support channel12:57
xds-why can I ssh to localhost but not to the ip?12:57
chinhpro_i am new bie ^^12:58
MonkeyDustxds-  because localhost is your own pc12:58
ioriajianu81, i see....  server would  be good12:58
jianu81wouldn't the drivers have dependencies ?12:58
ducassejianu81: again, like what?12:58
jianu81how should i know ?12:59
ioriajianu81,  packages have dependencies ....12:59
ducassejianu81: they would be installed by the installer anyway12:59
multifractalIs there any way to set notifications for when my battery has, say, 40% remaining. I always end up ruining my battery by doing full charge/discharge cycles. Also a notification for when it's charged up to 80% or so would be handy.12:59
ioriajianu81,  what's your wifi adapter ?12:59
jianu81intel pro 726012:59
ducassejianu81: and you said the drivers are in the kernel, didn't you?12:59
jianu81ubuntu detects them13:00
ducassejianu81: then you'll have the drivers, and just need wpa-supplicant or whatever13:00
jianu81damn,this gives me headaches13:01
MonkeyDustmultifractal  is this useful http://askubuntu.com/questions/231109/how-to-make-ubuntu-alert-me-visually-when-the-battery-is-critical13:01
jianu81i guess i'll just install xubuntu or lubuntu ?13:01
jianu81any big difference between them(i kinda like xfce more)13:01
MonkeyDustjianu81  yes, xfce is light too13:02
multifractalMonkeyDust I already get the "critically low" notification. But that's no good, you shouldn't really let a Li-ion battery get that low on a regular basis.13:02
jianu81i don't care how light they are,i can run kde ror whatever perfectly but they take too much space(my laptop can play dota after all13:02
ducassejianu81: xfce is more of a complete 'environment', imo. you can remove stuff like libreoffice if you don't need it and want to save space.13:03
MonkeyDustmultifractal  yes, don't let the battery get critically low13:03
jianu81guess i'll go for xubuntu then13:04
MonkeyDustjianu81  if you don't care, what was your question then?13:04
jianu81btw do you guys know any ubuntu based distro that uses openbox ?13:04
jianu81i have like 16gb space on my ssd and well i kinda need at least 1213:04
multifractalMonkeyDust that's why I want a notification when it gets to about 40%, and a notification when it's charged to 80%. Otherwise I'm liable to forget, or not notice if I'm using a full screen application.13:04
xds-why can I ssh to localhost but not to the ip?13:04
ubottuopenbox is a lightweight window manager. For instructions and more information see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Openbox13:05
BluesKajjianu81: ^13:05
jianu81yeah but there's no reason to install openbox if unity is already installed13:05
jianu81i just wanna save space13:05
BluesKajyou asked , the bot answered13:06
=== zen is now known as Guest82380
MonkeyDustmultifractal  acpi -b    shows the percentage, you can work with that13:08
xds-why can I ssh to localhost but not to the ip?13:17
=== linuxdaemon is now known as PhantomPhreak
steelstringshow can you set a picture as a thumbnail for a video?13:21
stefanosath2anyone knows how to set solarized theme for terminal?13:24
crypticgatorHi. I need help connecting my computer to the internet. I don't have wifi drivers installed.  All the instructions I find online says I need to be connected to the internet to fix the internet.13:24
UnKnOwN|stefan are you into programming as-well?13:25
Jordan_Uxds-: Is your router performing NAT? Have you configured port forwarding?13:25
steelstringscrypticgator yes you have to posses atleast a pc that is connected to the internet13:25
stefanosath2Unknown what do you mean?13:26
BluesKajcrypticgator:  do you have an ethernet cable or another pc that can download the driver which you can copy to a usb and load it on the target pc?13:26
crypticgatorI do have a laptop BluesKaj13:27
crypticgatorbut The instrucctions require me to build the driver13:27
stefanosath2unknown i am only learning python for the past three weeks but i am no good at it13:28
crypticgatorI was able to install dkms since it was in the install USB13:28
tatertotscrypticgator...i think what people are asking is if you can connect "wired".  We understand the wifi is not functional but usually laptops have wireless and wired connection13:29
BluesKajok so it's a laptop, I asked if you have an ethernet cable that you can connct to the internet. usually ethenet nics will connect without any problem13:29
BluesKajcrypticgator: ^13:30
crypticgatorI have a laptop with internet access. My desktop doesn't13:30
kimpks303does at least one person here run freebsd and does every linux box must run busybox make perfect sense over last 24 hours ?13:31
crypticgatorI don't have a 300 feet cable either13:31
crypticgatorto run it to the router13:31
kimpks303i assume there are citizens here13:31
BluesKajthen download the driver to the laptop copy the driver to usb or other media and load on the compyer that needs the driver, crypticgator13:32
kimpks303if you boot from a live cd to get on irc and then you get citizens is that not the most appropropiate choice ?13:32
crypticgatorI have the driver on the target computer13:33
crypticgatorbut I can't build or install it13:33
BluesKajwhich wifi chip\?13:33
crypticgatori think its realtek13:34
tuxedo_How to fix broken packages?13:34
crypticgatorit's a linksys a30013:34
stefanosath2hello, anyone familiar with how to install solarized in terminal?13:35
crypticgatorLinksys WUSB6300 802.11a/b/g/n/ac13:35
holdsworthtuxedo_: sudo apt-get clean && sudo apt-get update13:35
BluesKajtuxedo_:  sudo dpkg --confiure -a then sudo apt -f install13:35
holdsworthtuxedo_: http://askubuntu.com/questions/122105/how-do-i-locate-and-remove-broken-packages-that-i-have-installed13:35
crypticgatorRealtek RTL8812AU13:35
BluesKajconfigure, tuxedo_13:36
teward!crosspost | stefanosath213:36
ubottustefanosath2: Please don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.13:36
crypticgatorstefanosath2: If I remember correctly the setup was simple just follow the instructions. I did it on my work Windows 7 computer13:36
tuxedo_dpkg: error: reading package info file '/var/lib/dpkg/status': Input/output error13:36
stefanosath2crypticgator, the instructions look very cryptic for someone who is not familiar with this way of working. is there a link for very simple instructions?13:39
BluesKajcrypticgator:  usually there's a readme file with instructions how to build the driver13:39
crypticgatorI did follow it13:40
crypticgatorthe problem is that they want me to use apt-get13:40
steelstringscrypticgator: for installing dependencies?13:41
crypticgatorI was able to install dkms13:41
steelstringscrypticgator: then download the dependencies with your laptop and copy them over13:41
crypticgatorit was already on the distro USB. But I need build-essential and don't nkow what else13:42
BluesKajprobly mercurial as well13:42
crypticgatorfound a .deb here http://packages.ubuntu.com/precise/build-essential13:44
crypticgatorhopefully that works13:44
crypticgatordamn my usb is RO13:49
steelstringscrypticgator: your install usb?13:49
crypticgatoryeah I reformated it13:50
steelstringscrypticgator: RO on mount? or do you have access as root?13:51
=== mhall119_ is now known as mhall119
crypticgatorI don't really know13:52
crypticgatorI thoguht it was plug and play R/W like my external, which I can't find.13:52
crypticgatorI'll apply the destructive changes from partition manager. I was using 1/50th of it anyways13:53
steelstringscrypticgator: is it mounted as RO? (terminal-command: mount)13:54
Gr33nteaHi I have Python 2.7.6 but i need to downgrade to 2.6.6 or 2.6.7, I found some solutions online that require adding a ppa. but is there any other way to do this?13:55
tewardGr33ntea: no.  Python 2.6 is past the end of its life I believe too so it's not the best to use it13:55
blueapplesmaybe an older anaconda package13:56
crypticgatortry asking in #python, but I think they may be able to live side by side13:56
blueapplessame as a ppa though13:56
tewardcrypticgator: they'll probably say "it's dead, use a newer release" - it's been dead since 2013 I think13:56
crypticgatorand like teward said you should really have python3 and 2.7.x13:56
Gr33nteaThats actually what they said. x313:56
Gr33nteaBut the software I need to use, says  it only works on 2.613:57
crypticgatorI doubt it13:57
crypticgatorhack it to match your version13:57
blueapples@Gr33ntea try it on 2.7 first, it won't work on 3 probably. if it doesn't work on 2.7, go here: https://repo.continuum.io/archive/index.html13:57
Gr33nteablueapples, Okay thanks. I will give it a try.13:58
tewardGr33ntea: then the software is likely insecure and shouldn't be used.  Try on 2.7, if not, then you'll have to try and find a 2.6 version you can co-install.  Keep in mind though that 2.6 *is* end of life, nobody's going to be able to help you heh13:58
blueapplescloudera will sell you a support package :p13:58
blueapplesvery expensive i assume13:58
crypticgatorI don't know anything about docker13:58
crypticgatorbut sounds like a use case here13:58
blueapplesyeah maybe, FROM ubuntu:12.04 or something, etc.13:59
blueapplesdepends on what it is13:59
b3d0u1nHey guys.  I fixed the problem by adding these options when mounting using mount.cifs :  nounix,sec=ntlmssp13:59
steelstringsdoes anyone know how to set a picture as a thumbnail for a video?14:02
cristian_cI've searched in the web, but I didn't find the answer14:03
BluesKajcristian_c: answer for?14:03
cristian_chow have I to use apt in order to list proposed (either other branches) packages?14:03
cristian_capt-cache policy didn't help14:04
cristian_cAny ideas?14:04
BluesKajcristian_c:  look on launchpad for for proposed ppa14:04
cristian_cBluesKaj: about installed packages14:05
cristian_cby my installation. I tried to search for some of them14:05
cristian_csynaptic , for example. but if I selected a branch in Origin option, I can't search packages in that branch14:06
cristian_cit's strange14:06
BluesKajcristian_c:   dpkg --list | grep ^ii.* | cut -d ' ' -f 3 | sort | less14:07
cristian_cBluesKaj: ah, ok dpkg14:09
BluesKajcristian_c:  assume you want to know which packages are in certain repos as well, correct?14:09
cristian_cBluesKaj: mmm, done, not branch/section filtered14:12
cristian_cI'll try to look at dpkg dpvumentation14:12
cristian_cBluesKaj: yes14:12
none_hello guys.. novice user here14:13
none_getting error Kernel Oops upon discharge of the battery.. appearently it does not suspend properly to loss of power14:14
none_on 14.0414:14
=== Senj is now known as Senji
none_it appears as "cancel" or "report a problem"14:15
none_prompt upon login14:15
=== Senj is now known as Senji
ducassecristian_c: you could just grep the package list for that repo?14:15
=== Senj is now known as Senji
cristian_cducasse: exatly, grepping what string?14:16
=== Senj is now known as blasdguyasd
=== blasdguyasd is now known as Senj
=== Senj is now known as Senji
none_the errro prompt is weird to interact with also - it only responds to cancel14:16
=== Senji is now known as blasdguyasd
BluesKajcristian_c:  grep Package /var/lib/apt/lists/(repo name)_Packages14:16
cristian_cah, ok, BluesKaj14:16
BluesKajcristian_c:  i found here about halway down the page http://serverfault.com/questions/252333/list-all-packages-from-a-repository-in-ubuntu-debian14:17
Jackneilli want to resize my root partition (my only partition except boot and swap). can i unmount it to do so then remount or do i need a livecd?14:17
cristian_cfor example grep linux-headers-xx.yy-zz /var/lib/lists/xenial-proposed_packages14:17
EriC^^Jackneill: you need a live session14:18
BluesKajJackneill:  you need live media to do that14:18
EriC^^Jackneill: gparted is easy to use for that kind of stuff btw14:18
Jackneillyeah im using that14:19
EriC^^ok, cool14:19
cristian_cBluesKaj: ok, I take a look to the url14:20
BluesKajcristian_c:  ok14:21
cristian_cok, same command, I try14:21
crypticgatorTher'es got to be a better way14:21
ginanyone know if ubuntu will support 32bit EFI for bay trail based tablets/notebooks in the future? Now you need to put bootia32.efi on the ubuntu 64bit iso to get it to boot, but it does not work installing the bootloader sadly14:21
crypticgatorI'm doing a reverse tree trying to get all the dependencies14:22
crypticgatorwould it be easier for me to cross-compile14:23
=== GitGub is now known as GitCub
crypticgatorIs there a way to tether my phone?14:29
BluesKajcrypticgator:  try this http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2014/06/share-internet-with-android-ubuntu-1404/14:34
crypticgatori needto go thru usb14:34
crypticgatorFML the phone cabe is usb C14:35
BluesKajthere must some tuts on google for tethered connections14:36
none_<none_> derRichard, here is the error in the Details section in the "reporting the error prompt"14:37
none_<none_> or screen cap .png file14:37
none_<none_> "Sorry, Ubuntu experienced an internal error" it reads under the heading of "Ubuntu"14:37
none_<derRichard> if this is an ubuntu issue, please talk to ubuntu folks14:37
none_<none_> in other words, kernel crash due to power interrupt is peripheral code?14:37
none_<none_> I thought it was built into kernel - power management??14:37
crypticgatorlol phone has a slider on the settings14:37
crypticgatorWow, I'm tehtered and I don't need to use any cellular data14:39
EmeraldExplorerI cannot get past login screen in Ubuntu and I cannot log into Wi-Fi from the home screen because it says I do not have permissions. Thus, I cannot reinstall Ubuntu. How do I get around this?14:42
steelstringshow can i set a certain picture as a thumbnail for a video? preferably for gnome/nautilus14:42
EmeraldExplorer(Desktop ubuntu 16.04)14:42
ioriaEmeraldExplorer, Guest Account is working ?14:44
EmeraldExplorerioria: no, nether is14:45
ducassesteelstrings: i think the thumbnail generators just grab a frame from some point in the video14:45
EmeraldExplorerIt is a fresh install14:45
ioriaEmeraldExplorer, what video card do you have ?14:45
EmeraldExplorerNvidia GTX 965M14:46
EmeraldExplorerThe screen freezes when I log in and I can only see the background and the mouse cursor14:47
EmeraldExplorer the syslog has about a million errors14:48
UbuntuDudeanyone experiencing menu problems on ubuntu 16.04?14:48
UbuntuDudeeclipse marketplace is not functional14:48
ioriaEmeraldExplorer, are you able to login or  stuck in a 'login  loop'  ?14:48
EmeraldExplorerThe commandline still works fine14:48
EmeraldExplorerioria: the login screen Fades going into a background with a mouse cursor with nothing on it which is frozen and I have to reboot to get out of it14:49
ioriaEmeraldExplorer, ok, can you open a console ? ctrl+alt+f1 (or f2)14:50
EmeraldExplorerIn there already14:50
badmanI need help in installing Ubuntu alongside windows. I booted ubuntu using a USB, then selected the install option. But in the third step it gave me only 2 options, 1- to erase total hard disk and install, 2- Something else. I am new with GNU/LINUX, so can anybody help me how to partition my drive, so that I have both ubuntu and windows?14:51
ioriaEmeraldExplorer, sudo apt-get install pastebinit    and sudo lshw -c Video | pastebinit14:52
MonkeyDustbadman  choose something else, then install ubuntu on the non-windows drive ... you have to create a / and a swap, and /home if you wish, to separate your personal files ... now read this line I just typed again14:53
ducassebadman: if windows takes up the full drive, then boot into windows first and free up space for linux partitions there.14:54
GnomeKrisI'd like to upgrade from 14.04 to 16.04, but my update manager only shows that 15.10 is available. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?14:55
MonkeyDust!ltsupgrade | GnomeKris14:56
ubottuGnomeKris: Users of 14.04 LTS will be offered the automatic upgrade when 16.04.1 LTS is released, which is scheduled for July 21st.14:56
GnomeKrisSo I gotta wait 20 more days?14:56
GnomeKrisEh, I guess that's not to bad.14:56
GnomeKrisBeen waiting a few years now anyway.14:57
ducasseis july 21st also the day wily goes eol?14:58
ubottuUbuntu 15.10 (Wily Werewolf) was the 23rd release of Ubuntu. Download at http://releases.ubuntu.com/15.10 - Read the release notes at http://ubottu.com/y/wily - Scheduled to go EOL in July, 201614:58
badmanMonkeyDust: But why I am not getting install side by side???15:01
ducassebadman: probably because there is no free space.15:01
=== marius_ is now known as Guest8104
JakesDenHello, what do I do if my house Internet has been banned from free node because of a malicious attack on my pc that was caught by dronebl?15:04
badmanducasse:so I have select SOMETHING ELSE, then select a different drive(different from windows) and do some kind of partition to that drive, am I correct?15:04
badmanthen istall ubuntu in that drive......15:04
ducassebadman: either that, or free up space on the drive windows is on. installing on a second drive is simpler.15:05
ubottuforzajuve90: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».15:05
JakesDenAnyone able to solve my issue?15:06
Adytzahello everyon15:06
ducasseJakesDen: talk to the guys in #freenode15:07
Adytzai have installed xubuntu 16.04 on my hp pavilion ab002nq with Core i5 and nvidia 940 m and i have screen tearinging15:07
Adytza i searched everywhere on the net for a solution and tried diferent things but nothing worked15:07
Adytzadoes anybody have a real solution for this problem? any help would be greatly appreaciated, thanks in advance15:07
Jordan_Ubadman: Please pastebin the output if "sudo parted -l".15:08
badmanducasse: Yeah, I will prefer installing it on a different drive. But will partitioning separate my already existing files from that of Ubuntu in the drive, or I have to do something else for it??15:09
EmeraldExplorerioria: but I don't have wifi....15:09
EmeraldExplorerThat is my problem ^15:09
ioriaEmeraldExplorer, cable ?15:09
JakesDenI can't talk I  the freenode chanel anything else I can try?15:10
ducassebadman: separate from what existing files - the ones on windows?15:10
ducasseJakesDen: you need to wait for +v15:10
ducassejatt: read the topic15:11
EmeraldExplorerioria: from the login screen it says I do not have permissino15:12
badmanducasse: yeah, the ones on windows. I dont want to mix it with that of ubuntu.15:12
ioriaEmeraldExplorer,   ls -al .Xauthority15:12
ducassebadman: those are on a different drive, they won't be visible unless you mount them.15:13
EmeraldExplorerioria: .Xauthority does not exist?15:13
badmanducasse: Okay. let me install it15:14
ioriaEmeraldExplorer,   sudo nano /etc/default/grub  find GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT   replace quite splash with  nomodeset15:14
DonJuan692006Hello peeps. I'm trying to do a fresh install but keep getting an error; "failed to add i915 component master (-19). Any help?15:16
EmeraldExplorerioria: OK did that15:16
ioriaEmeraldExplorer,   sudo update-grub15:16
EmeraldExplorerok (I got WARNING Wrong ufstype may corrupt filesystem...)15:18
EmeraldExplorerdon't think that really matters though15:18
EmeraldExploreras I don't have any files15:18
ioriaEmeraldExplorer,   sudo reboot15:18
EmeraldExplorerfor some reason now my resolution is horrible lol15:19
EmeraldExplorerlike 420p15:19
ioriaEmeraldExplorer,   yes ... try to login15:19
EmeraldExplorerstill happening15:22
ioriaEmeraldExplorer,   same as before ?  doead it freezes ?15:22
ioriaEmeraldExplorer,   if you press  Alt+f2   ?15:22
Napoelonducasse:  Hi M8.  Do you live here?  A cousin of Tron?15:22
EmeraldExplorerioria: yeah, cmd-line is always fine15:23
ioriaEmeraldExplorer,   no, alt +f215:23
EmeraldExplorerioria: I do not notice anything happening15:24
ducasseNapoelon: i'm usually here around this time :)15:24
Napoelonducasse:  lol, just kidding.15:24
ioriaEmeraldExplorer,   sudo nano /etc/default/grub  replace  nomodeset with nouveau.blacklist=115:25
Napoelonducasse:  I got it all running. It turned out to be an ownership & permission problem.15:25
ducasseNapoelon: ah, good.15:26
Napoelonducasse: somehow the lightdm folder got the wrong owner:group assigned to it while untaring.15:26
EmeraldExplorerioria: ok, I did that and rebooted15:26
ioriaEmeraldExplorer,   sudo update-grub, before15:26
Napoelonducasse:  also, /usr/lib/dbus-1.0/dbus-daemon-launch-helper had its setuid bit missing in the permissions.15:27
EmeraldExplorerioria: yup15:28
ducasseNapoelon: odd. maybe you forgot some flag when untarring.15:28
Napoelonducasse: I wrote a script to record all the filenames and their permissions and ran it against both my installs.  Then, using mysql, I created a report of the differences.15:28
EmeraldExplorerioria: gtg brb in 5 minutes15:29
ioriaEmeraldExplorer,  ok15:29
Napoelonducasse: maybe, but I don't think so because all the others were correct.15:29
Napoelonducasse:  The setuid bit I don't know.... but the group problem I think had to do with a mismatch of existing groups at the time I tarred vs when I untarred.15:30
Napoelonducasse: but I could be wrong.15:30
ducasseNapoelon: i see. then i don't know. as i said before, i wouldn't do it this way at all :)15:30
Napoelonducasse: hehe.  I have so much stuff on there that isn't package based which I've tweaked to get going, that I don't think I could bring this install back to where it is at.15:31
Napoelonducasse:  and I've learned a lot about how linux is organised, which was a bonus.15:31
ducasseNapoelon: i typically build packages of those things myself, so rarely have that problem.15:32
scornbreadhello i'm trying to backup a webserver that we're taking down... i backed up /home /var/www and the mysql db... anything else i'd need?15:34
cmosguyhey! I have a folder where I am in a group of a folder, and it is saying that I cannot change permissions to that root folder15:34
cmosguyis the owner/user superseded for that group?15:35
EmeraldExplorerioria: ok, back15:35
rmasadHi all15:35
Napoelonducasse: I use check-install, if that's what you mean, but in the lab I study in at Uni, we have a custom build system, and it's not that simple since all our software is experimental and gets changed a lot.15:36
ioriaEmeraldExplorer,  have you rebooted from last change ?15:36
rmasadI have a dual gpu (intel + nvidia) notebook but Ubuntu doesn't detect the nvidia card15:36
Jordan_Ucmosguy: Please padtebin the output of "ls -ld /path/to/dir" as well as the exact command you're trying to run and its complete output.15:36
ioriaEmeraldExplorer,  same issue ?15:36
EmeraldExplorerstill the same screen (except better res)15:36
rmasadWhat can I do?15:36
ioriaEmeraldExplorer,  sudo lshw -c Video | grep driver15:36
Napoelonscornbread, you might want to some stuff from /etc and maybe /usr, depending on what control panel you're using.15:37
cmosguyJordan_U: drwxr-xr-x 45 apache glvar_vendor 4096 Apr 25 09:43 foo_folder15:37
cmosguyJordan_U: I am user=glvar_vendor15:37
scornbreadNapoelon: oh okay, its a dedicated system15:38
rmasad➜  ~  sudo lshw -c Video | grep driver15:38
rmasad[sudo] password for rmasad:15:38
rmasad       configuración: driver=i915_bpo latency=015:38
rmasad➜  ~15:38
Napoelonscorn:  /etc has the config for your mail, web, php, and other stuff.15:38
EmeraldExplorerdriver = noveau latency = 0 ioria15:39
scornbreadokay i'll back up etc15:39
ioriaEmeraldExplorer,   sudo nano /etc/default/grub  replace  nouveau.blacklist=1  with  quiet  splash , as it was before , sudo update-grub15:40
Napoelonscorn: if you're using ISPConfig, then you will find it in /usr/... (not sure off hand)15:41
EmeraldExplorerioria: yup15:41
ioriaEmeraldExplorer,   see if you can get a cable for your ethernet card ....15:42
EmeraldExplorerioria: OK, I will do that15:42
EmeraldExplorertime to venture to a sketchy storage room with a router lol15:43
skinoanyone running Linux through Virtual Box>?15:43
skinohave a question about installing Guest editions for Linux distros15:44
Napoelonscorn:  if you want to keep the old log files, have a look in /var/log/ispconfig15:44
Napoelonskino, yes, U14.04 and 10.0415:45
EmeraldExplorerioria: did that. Want me to reinstall ubuntu-desktop?15:47
ArshoonHello, me again with another question. I am on Ubuntu MATE and my monitors keep shutting down after 5-10 minutes, and I have my power options and screensaver set to not shut off anything.15:47
skinoBrilliant. Im trying to test out FOG project and ive chosen the latest Debian Distro but need to install Guest editions because a 1024x768 on a 32" monitor is driving me crazy lol15:47
ioriaEmeraldExplorer,   do you have connectivity ?15:49
skino@ioria me?15:49
ducasseskino: then ask the debian folks?15:50
EmeraldExplorerioria: I keep getting immediately disconnected15:50
skinodo they have an IRC channel?15:50
varaindemianhow do we get the green color for name in terminal.15:51
ioriaEmeraldExplorer,  can you run sudo apt update ?15:51
EmeraldExplorermaybe it does work ?15:52
varaindemianLike this one http://ubuntuhandbook.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/ubuntu-terminal.jpg15:52
ducassevaraindemian: http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/Bash-Prompt-HOWTO/x329.html15:52
ioriaEmeraldExplorer,  sudo apt-get install pastebinit15:52
varaindemianducasse: last time I had to enable only one thing. I forgot what I added to the config file15:55
Napoelonskino, it's just an issue of Guest Editions, then just go ahead and install it.  I've done so on my VM's.15:55
EmeraldExplorerioria: want me to do sudo lshw -c Video | pastebinit ?15:55
ioriaEmeraldExplorer,  yes15:55
ducassevedu: there's a commented out section that enables a color prompt, i think.15:56
ducassevaraindemian: ^^15:56
EmeraldExplorerI think the problem may be my touchpad15:56
EmeraldExplorerdon't get why it would freeze everything though15:56
ioriaEmeraldExplorer,  it's a laptop ? dual gpu ?15:57
EmeraldExplorerioria: yeah haha15:57
EmeraldExplorerpretty big laptop...15:58
ioriaEmeraldExplorer,  i don't see intel ....15:58
Napoelonioria: does that mean it's dumb?15:58
EmeraldExplorerioria: I was pretty sure it had dual GPU and one was intel15:58
EmeraldExplorerI might be wrong though15:58
NapoelonEmerald, then the intel one is the build in graphics card that's on the CPU chip.15:59
ioriaEmeraldExplorer,  we can install, for now, another DE, like lxde or something else and see if you can login in a gui, at least... what you think ?15:59
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EmeraldExplorersure that might be good to try16:00
ioriaEmeraldExplorer,  sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop16:00
varaindemianducasse: where is this located?16:01
ducassevaraindemian: ~/.bashrc i think.16:01
EmeraldExplorerioria: and I assume reboot?16:03
ioriaEmeraldExplorer,  yes, and select lubuntu session from the login screen16:04
EmeraldExplorerioria: only  see Ubuntu \n Advanced options \n Windows boot mangager \n system setup16:06
EmeraldExplorerno Lubuntu16:06
EmeraldExploreroh wait16:06
EmeraldExplorergoing into Ubuntu auto goes to Lubuntu16:06
ioriaEmeraldExplorer,   from the login greeter ....16:06
HammerJammerHey does anyone know about any SMSGANG pincode generators?16:07
SchrodingersScatHammerJammer: what are you trying to do?16:09
EmeraldExplorerioria: the login greeter does not have any options?16:09
EmeraldExplorerjust the user and pass16:10
ioriaEmeraldExplorer,   press on the little ubuntu logo above your password box16:10
AfdalSo...  Can anyone tell me how to make a USB flash drive usable again after dd'ing an ubuntu ISO to it?16:10
AfdalI can't even use GParted to wipe mine16:10
SchrodingersScatafaik should be able to format it16:11
AfdalI can't :(16:11
revofirehi guys16:11
scornbreadNapoelon: thanks, not using ispconfig i don't think16:12
Jordan_Ucmosguy: I asked for two things, you only provided one.16:13
cmosguyJordan_U: chmod 775 foo_folder16:14
cmosguyThat's the command I am trying to run16:14
revofireI was just wondering about something. I bought a http://www.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/series/switchalpha12 and it has Windows 10. I don't want to get comfortable in Windows 10 as I really hate Microsoft nowadays. I'd like to get settled into Ubuntu instead but I am unaware of Ubuntu's support and quality of drivers for 2-in-1s with detachable keyboards, triggers for sleep or locking when you flip the keyboard back, etc., pressure s16:14
Napoelonscorn: np.  Good luck with it.16:14
Jordan_Ucmosguy: Please read my entire comment again and provide everything I asked for. I can repeat it if you'd like.16:15
EmeraldExplorerioria: aha, it works16:15
ducassecmosguy: you would need to be the user 'apache' to chmod that directory.16:15
ioriaEmeraldExplorer,   can you login  and see a comlete desktop ?16:15
EmeraldExplorerioria: (not counting my touchpad, but that doesn't matter really)16:16
cmosguyducasse: thanks that's what I needed clarification on16:16
EmeraldExplorerioria: yes, I can see the complete lubuntu desktop16:16
EmeraldExplorerwith the start icon (what is the linux term for that?) and icons16:16
ioriaEmeraldExplorer,   ok, you can find the terminal in menu -> Advanced  is lxterminal16:17
ioriaEmeraldExplorer,   or press alt+fe and type lxterminal16:17
ioriaEmeraldExplorer,   alt+f216:17
EmeraldExplorerioria: ok16:18
EmeraldExplorerI will just do that lol16:18
EmeraldExplorerdon't see an advanced option16:18
ioriaEmeraldExplorer,   cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | pastebinit16:18
peachesMay I ask, how to change ssh ports?16:19
peachesi good reference, please16:19
ioriaEmeraldExplorer,   maybe system settings...16:19
EmeraldExplorerubuntu.pastebin.com/18311060 ioria16:19
ioriaEmeraldExplorer,  try again, please not opening16:20
EmeraldExplorermight have wrong url16:20
EmeraldExplorersays that is wrong too16:21
=== gbell1 is now known as gbell
ioriaEmeraldExplorer,  btw, now you can configure your wifi in Network-Manager ...16:21
EmeraldExplorerwrong url16:21
ioriaEmeraldExplorer, ok16:21
ioriaEmeraldExplorer, for now,  sudo apt update  and  sudo apt full-upgrade16:22
EmeraldExplorerioria: want me to reboot into ubuntu?16:23
ioriaEmeraldExplorer, already upgrade ?16:24
EmeraldExplorerioria: almost16:24
ioriaEmeraldExplorer, wait ...16:24
EmeraldExplorersorry if my questions are annoying you. I'm not very knowledgable when it comes to linux lol16:24
DinosaurioEmeraldExplorer: Don't worry, he looks upset for something, maybe his wife has slaped him this morning16:25
ioriaEmeraldExplorer,  well, looks like  nouveau it's not working with your card ... :(16:26
ducassepeaches: pass the option in /etc/default/ssh and restart sshd16:26
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ioriaEmeraldExplorer,  upgrade is complete ?16:27
EmeraldExplorerioria: nah it said 100% but I guess that was just one thing16:27
EmeraldExplorerdoing a lot more rn16:27
=== LasTwo is now known as Lasivian
EmeraldExplorerioria: ok done finally16:29
EmeraldExplorerreboot into Ubuntu-desktop ?16:29
ioriaEmeraldExplorer,  yes, if fails, login again in lubuntu16:29
peachesthank you ducasse16:30
EmeraldExplorerioria: yay it workie16:30
ioriaEmeraldExplorer,  you can login in ubuntu unity ?16:30
EmeraldExplorerioria: now how do I remove the lubuntu login screen?16:30
EmeraldExplorerioria: yup16:30
ioriaEmeraldExplorer,  very good ....16:31
ioriaEmeraldExplorer,  better if you keep it.... can be useful ...16:31
EmeraldExplorernow time to fix my mouse driver but I can probably do that on my own :p16:31
EmeraldExplorerThanks <316:31
ioriaEmeraldExplorer,  no problem .... brb16:31
EmeraldExplorerioria: wait why is lubuntu login screen > ubuntu login screen ?16:31
MonkeyDustEmeraldExplorer  type this line, to change the login screen  .. sudo update-alternatives --config default.plymouth16:32
EmeraldExplorerMonkeyDust: ok figured it out, thanks :)16:35
MonkeyDustEmeraldExplorer  one more thing ... sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm16:36
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CodeMouse92Anyone know how to get Adobe Flash working on Opera o Ubuntu 16.04. I've already put libflashplayer.so in /usr/lib/opera/plugins and restarted Opera, but absolutely no dice.16:54
CodeMouse92It just demands that I "Update Flash," and clicking the link brings up the tutorial I already followed.16:55
CodeMouse92(Opera 38.0)16:56
manhdvas I remember copy libflashplayer.so is not the only thing you need to copy right?16:58
manhdvsmt need to copy to /bin ?16:58
CodeMouse92manhdv: It's the only thing I can find listed on the tutorial to copy: http://www.opera.com/docs/linux/plugins/install/#flash16:58
CodeMouse92Do what now?16:58
manhdvdid you restart your Opera?17:00
CodeMouse92manhdv: Many times17:00
CodeMouse92Oh - here's one thing: it no longer works with libflashplayer.so17:01
CodeMouse92It requires pepperflash. HOWEVER, that's already installed, and opera://plugins lists the plugin17:01
CodeMouse92Just restarted. No dice17:01
ihatemyispdon't use horrible npapi flash17:11
CodeMouse92I'll just use whatever works to get Flash working.17:11
ihatemyispuse freshplayer17:11
ihatemyisp(or better, don't use flash)17:11
CodeMouse92Not an option, sorry17:11
ihatemyispsure it is17:11
CodeMouse92ihatemyisp: Not for some sites that I need to use. I17:12
ihatemyispfreshplayer works in opera17:12
ihatemyispit just translates the pepper api to npapi17:12
CodeMouse92Opera is currently looking at pepperflash directly, according to opera://plugins17:12
CodeMouse92So, using freshplayer is rather pointless - that's the wrapper to get it working on Firefox.17:13
ihatemyispif opera supports pepper api now then use that17:13
CodeMouse92*Sigh* Please read what I wrote.17:13
OerHeksinstalling pepperflash requires 2 actions, install and update ... !!!17:13
CodeMouse92ihatemyisp: It is seeing pepperflash, but it is NOT using it.17:13
CodeMouse92OerHeks: Heh, yeah, I saw that. But I ran both actions and restart Opera. No dice :\17:14
OerHeksCodeMouse92, run: sudo update-pepperflashplugin-nonfree --install17:14
CodeMouse92Oooookay, I fixed it17:14
CodeMouse92On Ubuntu 16.04, you actually have to install adobe-flashplugin17:15
CodeMouse92That will (a) automatically uninstall flashplugin-installer (what was used prior to Ubuntu 16.04), and (b) apparently make Opera happy17:15
CodeMouse92It also does so without breaking Firefox17:16
CodeMouse92So, my guess is that you need both pepperflashplugin-nonfree and adobe-flashplugin installed17:17
ioria!info browser-plugin-freshplayer-pepperflash17:17
ubottubrowser-plugin-freshplayer-pepperflash (source: freshplayerplugin): PPAPI-host NPAPI-plugin adapter for pepperflash. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 0.3.4-3 (xenial), package size 353 kB, installed size 1187 kB17:17
ioriaanyone tried that on firefox ?17:18
ihatemyispioria: it is the only thing you should use in ff if you want flash17:19
ioriaihatemyisp, thanks17:20
texlaUbuntu 14.04 Need command to find ip address17:20
ihatemyispioria: since atleast it gets some security updates17:20
ioriaihatemyisp, i see17:20
ihatemyispioria: not that it helps much since there are new holes discovered in flash every week17:20
ihatemyisptexla: ip a17:20
ioriaihatemyisp, oh... not good17:20
ihatemyisptexla: or do you mean your external?17:20
ihatemyispioria: flash is so bad that even adobe have stopped using it17:21
CodeMouse92Yeah, Flash is one of those things that, although I use it, I hate it. I spent three years as a Flash developer.17:21
ioriaihatemyisp, i heard17:21
ihatemyispioria: also, to make all the issues with flash go away they have decided to rename it, because that magically fixes everything17:21
CodeMouse92(Developing WITH Flash, not developing Flash)17:21
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CodeMouse92Well, for one thing, they discontinued .flv, and there are substantial rumors that they're discontinuing .swf17:22
CodeMouse92They're pushing Flash developers to use HTML5 exclusively.17:22
CodeMouse92The bad news for Flash devs is that most have sunk several thousand dollars into the platform, and years of work, only to have to migrate to a platform not suited to what they're doing.17:22
ihatemyispCodeMouse92: thing is that flash have been discuraged for a decade, but people still insist on using it :/17:23
CodeMouse92ihatemyisp: Except you have to ask *who* has discouraged it.17:23
CodeMouse92If you've put in several thousand dollars and a few years of work on something, are *you* going to drop everything just because an outsider says you should?17:24
ihatemyispeveryone who have cared about portability and security17:24
CodeMouse92Responsibility falls back on Adobe for both of those. Flash developers have been after them to fix holes and expand portability for years now17:25
ihatemyispthankfully the rise of the smartphone have accelerated the demise of flash17:25
BluesKajwell, flash is old , HTML5 is the accepted platform of the future, which is very slowly being adopted due to webmaster laziness IMO17:25
CodeMouse92But Adobe continues to cut support of OSes without warning, and introduce security bugs while not actually fixing others.17:25
CodeMouse92Developers *are* starting to leave Adobe because of those issues, but again, it's hard to throw away your life's work to do so.17:26
CodeMouse92BluesKaj: Again, not so much laziness as (a) already having everything built IN Flash, and (b) even W3C states that HTML5 isn't the magic bullet everyone pretends it is.17:26
texlaihatemyisp, The results of ip a does not look correct17:27
BluesKajit's still much better, no need for pulseaudio to run flash on some audio chips/drivers17:28
CodeMouse92texla: External or internal IP?17:28
texlaCodeMouse92, external17:29
CodeMouse92BluesKaj: We can agree there. it's just that HTML5 requires several times the work as Flash to get the same result. If you were in that boat, and already had a Flash project, you'd be hesitant too17:29
CodeMouse92texla: There's no really short way - you have to use an external service.17:30
CodeMouse92texla: Here's one way: $ dig +short myip.opendns.com @resolver1.opendns.com17:30
CodeMouse92[SOURCE: http://unix.stackexchange.com/a/81699/152657]17:30
MonkeyDustCodeMouse92  's line goes into my snippets, very neat line17:32
CodeMouse92Glad I could help. Gotta credit that SOURCE though. StackExchange to the rescue again. :P17:33
CodeMouse92Here's several other methods, in addition to that one: http://unix.stackexchange.com/a/194136/15265717:33
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ihatemyisptexla: I did as "or do you mean the external?" :p17:36
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=== Madcap[Jake]_ is now known as MadcapJake
fishcookerhow to suspend if i do #pm-suspend but not successfully suspend/sleep17:45
Jordan_Ufishcooker: Same problem with "systemctl suspend"?17:47
Jordan_Ufishcooker: What exactly does happen when you try to suspend, with either method?17:50
fishcookerroot@ubu:~/play# systemctl suspend17:50
fishcookersystemctl: command not found17:50
fishcookerroot@ubu:~/play# uname -a17:50
fishcookerLinux ubu.server.box 3.13.0-87-generic #133-Ubuntu SMP Tue May 24 18:33:01 UTC 2016 i686 i686 i686 GNU/Linux17:50
fishcookersorry for not pasting17:51
fishcookerthe power off button method also, Jordan_U17:51
Jordan_Ufishcooker: systemctl was added when Ubuntu switched to systemd, but the release you're on (14.04 hopefully) still uses upstart. What happens when you try to suspend with pm-suspend?17:54
setogot a slight anoyance with my sound alsa based. On ever reboot my right and left speaker / right and left dac becomes muted even with out head phones plugged in how can i make the setting stick17:58
setogoing through like 30 different sliders is crazy iritating17:58
setoor if no easy fix to keep it unmuted how can i hide most of the stuff in alsamixer?17:59
porjuashow do you use SNAP packages? Will they replace legacy packages by default with updates or do you have to remove old and install as a SNAP?18:02
bekksporjuas: You dont mix two packaging systems on a machine.18:06
porjuasbekks: but SNAPs aren't evailable for everything so there has to be a way to have some SNAPs and some that are not18:07
bekksporjuas: No, you just have to wait until snap packages are available for all the stuff you want/need.18:07
bekksporjuas: Mixing packaging systems WILL break your box, sooner or later.18:07
setono one has any ideas on my sound issue?18:08
porjuasim confused though...in 16.04 Ubuntu core uses snaps...but there are no snap packages as well18:09
bekksporjuas: 16.04 Core was released in two flavors: dpkg and snap.18:09
porjuasright....but the snap version doesn't only have snap apps does it? maybe I need to look closer18:10
fishcookernothing happen Jordan_U: which log should i review to debug this rare sudo pm-suspend18:10
ducassebekks: do you have a source for this? aiui, snaps were designed to work alongside apt18:11
porjuaseverything I am reading says yuou can install snaps on any 16.04 installation18:11
porjuasit doens't mentioned you need a special iso version18:11
fishcookeris there any service should i restart if the  pm-suspend doesn't work?18:12
ducasse"Complementary to existing Linux packages" - https://insights.ubuntu.com/2016/06/14/universal-snap-packages-launch-on-multiple-linux-distros/18:12
porjuasI even found this: https://techcrunch.com/2016/06/14/ubuntus-container-style-snap-app-packages-now-work-on-other-linux-distributions/18:13
bekksducasse: It would make much sense for installing the same package with apt and as snap package, wouldnt it?18:14
ducassebekks: no, i didn't say that either.18:15
Bashing-omporjuas: I do not lnow much about sanp packaging; however, here is some discussion on the matter: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2321161 - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2327088 .18:15
bekksducasse: I didnt say you did.18:16
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porjuasBashing-om: thanks...it was confusing being told something new but not finding anything to back it up18:18
Bashing-omporjuas: A work in progress . We all have a lot to learn .18:18
porjuasit seems its fine to put snaps on any 16.04 install and you dont need special cores etc18:18
porjuasand mixing is fine18:19
porjuasfrom everything else I read18:19
Bashing-omfishcooker: Just a thought / Is your swap partition slightly larger than ram ? ' free -m ' . will tell the tale .18:19
curlyearsa weird thing:  when I have been up for more than 24 hours under 14.04.4 Live DVD, m,y applications cease to cooperate.  When I click on something on the side bar, I have to mannu8ally close the window I have up to get the thing I clickled to display...18:23
MonkeyDustcurlyears  yes, a live dvd is supposed to be up for so long, consider an actual installation18:24
MonkeyDustisnt supposed*18:24
OerHekscurlyears, maybe you run out of memory18:25
fishcookeri don't think so https://bpaste.net/show/6289ee797091 Bashing-om18:25
Jordan_Ucurlyears: On a LiveDVD all changes to any files are stored in RAM, and you are without swap.18:28
Jordan_Ucurlyears: Why are you using a LiveDVD for so long?18:28
Bashing-omfishcooker: Well, it os as large . should work if you do not have ram at capacity to hibernate . Presently you are using half the swap space . What in the world have you got going on that 8 Gigs of ram is still using swap ?18:29
sydney_untangleIm looking at having a 5 year ubuntu install on a 40gb hdd, and im starting to question if my 13gb root partition is big enough. Should i make it bigger?18:33
Bashing-omSynicalSpgtti-Wr: Depends on what you plan to install in the future . I run with 5 gigs for "root" - /dev/sda1       4.7G  1.8G  2.7G  41% / .18:34
sydney_untangleIm mainly just thinking of space for update cache.18:35
sydney_untangleIm using 5gb of it now.18:35
ioriasydney_untangle,   and what you mean with '5 year ubuntu install'   ? uname -r ?18:35
sydney_untanglePretty much run Ubuntu 16.04 untill LTS expires.18:36
ioriasydney_untangle,    uname -r ?18:37
tortibHi, what are the latest nvidia drivers package called?18:38
sydney_untangleioria: 4.4.0-28-generic18:38
ioriasydney_untangle,    ah, ok18:38
Ben64tortib: depends on your ubuntu vesion18:39
OerHekstortib, see yourself: sudo ubuntu-drivers list18:39
tortibOerHeks, ty18:39
linociscohi all18:40
tortibOerHeks, nvidia-361?18:40
MonkeyDust!find nvidia18:40
ubottuFound: nvidia-prime, nvidia-settings, ubuntu-drivers-common, nvidia-cg-dev, nvidia-cg-doc, nvidia-cg-toolkit, nvidia-cuda-doc, nvidia-libopencl1-304, nvidia-libopencl1-304-updates, nvidia-libopencl1-331 (and 63 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=nvidia&searchon=names&suite=xenial&section=all18:40
OerHekstortib, that could wel be, i am stil on 15.1018:40
youdontknowI don't have any sound. Running lubuntu.18:41
MonkeyDustyoudontknow  in a terminal, type   alsamixer   if you see MM, go there and hit m to unmute18:41
linociscohi all my ubuntu is Description:Ubuntu 16.04 LTS18:42
tortibhow can I install gnome3 classic with gdm?18:42
linociscomy cursor is automatically pointing to Trash bin frequently18:42
linociscowhat is the reason for that error?18:42
linociscoespecially whenever double click on folders18:43
MonkeyDusttortib  i guess flashback is installed by default, logout, switch to flashback, login ... for gdm, type    sudo apt install gdm18:44
OerHekslinocisco, dirt perhaps? if your mouse automatic moves to the left down corner..18:44
OerHeksshake the breadcrums18:45
MonkeyDustvacuum cleaner to the rescue18:45
iorialinocisco, Dell XPS 13  ?18:45
Dinosaurio!notunity | tortib18:45
ubottutortib: Ubuntu 11.10 and higher use the !Unity desktop environment by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown.18:45
linociscoOerHeks, no dirt. i m using touchpad. no mouse18:46
youdontknowMonkeyDust: Not working18:46
OerHeksdirt in the corner of your touchpad, seen that before18:46
linociscoioria, Dell INspiron 344318:46
Dinosauriofallback isn't installed by default18:47
Apachezany of you with steam and ubuntu 16.04 who noticed that "-noborder" no longer have any effect? the gaming window will have a border (with buttons to the upper left) no matter what - any workaround available?18:47
ioria!info gpointing-device-settings18:47
ubottuPackage gpointing-device-settings does not exist in xenial18:47
youdontknowI don't have any sound. Running lubuntu. ASAP18:49
iorialinocisco, maybe it's about sensitivity ... you can try to tweak it in settings18:50
OerHeksyoudontknow, good start: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshootingProcedure18:51
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=== unk00 is now known as UnKnOwN|
fishcookeri don't get it your point Bashing-om.. i've notice that swap allocation is zero.. is that the real problem for this pm-suspend?18:52
ioriayoudontknow, 16.04 ?18:52
youdontknowioria: lubuntu 15.0418:54
MonkeyDustyoudontknow  15.04 is dead18:55
ioria!15.04 | youdontknow18:55
ubottuyoudontknow: Ubuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) was the 22nd release of Ubuntu. Support ended on February 4, 2016. See !eol, !eolupgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/vivid18:55
youdontknowI mean 16.0418:55
MonkeyDustyoudontknow  corpes don't make sounds, only in movies they do18:55
ioriayoudontknow, then you should have a new alsamixer gui in Sound and Video18:55
youdontknowMonkeyDust: lubuntu 16.04 ioria18:55
youdontknowioria: yes, I do18:56
youdontknowmarry me18:56
ioriayoudontknow, later18:56
=== craptalk1 is now known as redtuxedocash
Bashing-omfishwithapipe: I am not the best to advise on why hybernation is not working but " Total:        8001       4101       3900kf " says presently you are for some reason using half+ the available swap . Nor do I knaow what " kf" implies .18:59
Bashing-omfishcooker: ^^18:59
gde33when I try use recoll all I find is file names, it doesn't seem to want to look inside the files19:02
gde33I've installed a bunch of search tools, which one is the non aweful one?19:02
curlyearsJordan_U:   my PSU is flaky, and the system is unstable when my HDDs are plugged in.  I am waiting for a replaxcement PSU, but money was tight, and I was only able to finally order it today.  Should be here by Wednesday, latest19:04
curlyearsgde33:  "awful" is a rlative term...what is "awfuk" to one user may be "wonderful" to another19:05
OerHekscurlyears, so you answered your issue, flaky psu ..19:05
OerHeksor mainboard19:06
gde33curlyears: Maybe I'm spoiled, I just want to provide a path (as text) and fill out a search box. Then it shows me the files containing the query.19:06
curlyearsOerHeks: that deosn't explain the lack of cooperation between applications.  I can't "share" the screen with anything.  I have to mannually "reduce" the app I am in, and mnmaully open the app I am trying to switch to.  It  is getting tedious19:07
gde33curlyears: multiple keywords per file doesn't seem overly exotic either19:08
ikoniacurlyears: your file system, your apps, your config, your session data is all in ram,  you are taxing your machine on failing hardware, that will cause problems19:08
curlyearsgde33:  do you mean the files that contain the serach string in them, or files with filenames that match the search query?19:08
OerHekscurlyears, it does explain.19:08
curlyearsikonia:   OK19:09
gde33curlyears: I'm not looking for file name search, we have a ton of those and they all seem to work nicely19:09
curlyearsgde33:  OK.  I don't know what else to say to you19:09
ioria!info gnome-search-tool19:09
ubottugnome-search-tool (source: gnome-search-tool): GNOME tool to search files. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.6.0-2 (xenial), package size 343 kB, installed size 3607 kB19:09
gde33ioria: I have that, it finds file names19:10
ioriagde33, can you give us an example of what you're looking for ?19:10
gde33the issue is that my irc client has terrible log searching19:11
gde33it just doesn't work19:11
gde33but it does save nice log files for each channel and each day19:11
curlyearsioria; he wants ssthe app to search the ocntents of the fiel in the trget directory, nd return filenames of files that contain the specififed search string19:11
curlyearss/feil /files in/19:12
gde33I want to search the logs for username + words used, it doesn't even have to be the same line19:12
fishcookerreally Bashing-om.. i dont get it because the swap is zero ... https://bpaste.net/show/2ae92ce461f919:12
kolikohi every one, what is the latest ubuntu news19:13
OerHekskoliko, run updates and see19:14
Bashing-omfishcooker: yeah, in that paste there is no swap . ' sudo fdisk -lu ' show a swap partition ?19:14
ioria!info searchmonkey19:15
ubottusearchmonkey (source: searchmonkey): search files using regular expressions aiming to replace find/grep tools. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8.1-9 (xenial), package size 216 kB, installed size 499 kB19:15
ioriagde33, have you tried searchmonkey19:15
gde33ok, ill try tyvm19:15
gde33I still dont get the "hype" about recoll, it should be able to search inside but it acts like gnome-search-tool for me19:17
gde33I've removed a bunch of things it was ignoring but it had no effect19:17
kolikohave run sudo but noting new19:17
kolikoon a more serious note any one here good at writing routing script?19:19
cristian_csorry, another question19:19
cristian_cI've installed a new kernel, if I type sudo update-grub, I see the kernel in the output19:20
cristian_cbut if I reboot the machine, grub doesn't find it19:20
cristian_cI've found this page: http://askubuntu.com/questions/623922/why-cant-grub-find-a-kernel-that-it-already-found19:21
curlyearsgrub is a female canine19:21
gde33the monkey is very nice19:21
cristian_cgrub2-common is already installed but if I type sudo update-grub2, nothing changes19:22
gde33he should be shipped with the buntu19:22
cristian_cAny ideas about the issue?19:22
ioriacristian_c, how did you install the new kernel  ?19:22
cristian_cioria: from proposed branch19:23
ioriacristian_c,  main line ?19:23
cristian_cioria: main line19:23
linociscohi all, I am copying big folder from external HDD to laptop HDD using Desktop GUI command19:24
linociscoNow I can't see the progress anymore19:24
cristian_cioria: but update-grub finds it19:24
cristian_cit's very strange19:24
ioriacristian_c, which one and which packages ?19:24
linociscohow can I confirm if the process is finished or not?19:24
cristian_cioria: linux-image-generic and linux-image-extra-generic19:25
cristian_clinocisco: you could look at task manager19:25
ioriacristian_c, from here http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/ ?19:26
cristian_cioria: no19:26
cristian_cso, not mainline19:26
cristian_cbut wily-proposed19:26
ioriacristian_c, from where ?19:26
ioriacristian_c, ha, ok19:26
ioriacristian_c,  no idea then, never used proposed19:27
cristian_cthe last kernel of this release, I suppose19:27
cristian_cioria: I've followed the wiki guide 'EnableProposed'19:27
ioriacristian_c,  can you select it from grub screen ?19:27
cristian_cioria: it doesn't appear in grub screen19:28
cristian_cit appears only when I type update-grub19:28
ioriacristian_c,  dpkg -l | grep linux-image*19:28
cristian_cit doesn't seem synchronized19:28
cristian_cioria: already typed19:28
cristian_cioria: the paxkages are shown, both installed19:28
ioriacristian_c,  it's installed correctly ? 'ii' i mean19:29
cristian_cioria: both ii, I confirm again19:30
cristian_celse update-grub wouldn't find it19:31
ioriacristian_c,   ls /boot   and cat /boot/grub/grub.cfg19:31
cristian_cioria: abi generic exists, config generic exists19:32
ioriacristian_c,   but why are using proposed ?19:32
=== mohi is now known as Guest54884
cristian_cioria: a canonical dev has asked me, in launchpad19:33
ioriacristian_c,   ok19:33
cristian_cioria: initrd.img exists, system.map generic exists19:33
OerHekscristian_c, can you share the launchpad post?19:33
cristian_cvmlinuz generic exists19:34
cristian_cOerHeks: ok19:34
cristian_cOerHeks: https://www.mail-archive.com/ubuntu-bugs@lists.ubuntu.com/msg4988269.html19:35
ioriahttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/wily/+package/linux-image-generic   i don't see a 4.2.0-42.4919:36
cristian_cioria: grub.cfg shows the kernel19:37
cristian_cioria: he didn't write19:37
ioriacristian_c,   ok19:37
cristian_cok, now I know grub.cfg shows the kernel, but grub doesn't....19:38
ioriaEric^^  ? are you game ? :þ19:39
EriC^^what's up?19:39
ioriaEric^^   cristian_c installed a proposed kernel... but not shows up in grub screen19:39
ioriaEric^^ proposed   don't know from where19:40
EriC^^cristian_c: upload /boot/grub/grub.cfg and /etc/default/grub19:40
cristian_cneither in advanced options19:40
ioriacristian_c,   keep up with him19:41
cristian_cthe 4.2.0-41 is always loaded, by default19:41
cristian_cioria: 4.2.0-42.4919:41
ioriacristian_c,   upload /boot/grub/grub.cfg and /etc/default/grub19:42
cristian_cEriC^^: ok19:42
EriC^^cristian_c: how many hdd's do you have?19:42
OerHekscristian_c, #69 "This bug was fixed in the package linux - 4.4.0-28.47"  ...19:44
OerHeksso hop over to xenial, and you will be fine19:45
Jordan_Ucristian_c: Please run boot info script: https://github.com/arvidjaar/bootinfoscript and pastebin the RESULTS.txt that it produces.19:50
rtthhi, i am experimenting with a reinersct rfid reader and i read in the README of RFIDIOt that "it should also work with the USB version by changing the serial port to19:51
rtth/dev/ttyUSB0 - how do i do that?19:51
rtthcurrently my device seems to be on /dev/bus/usb/002/00219:52
bpromptrtth:   for one, I have no clue what that is, so I gather I don't use it, for another.. hmm maybe this isn't the channel for it, maybe there might be a channel that addresses it more specific, chek with /alis20:00
MonkeyDustrtth  type   /msg alis list blah20:01
tortibI installed the nvidia driver for a Nvidia GTX 970 and now ubuntu doesn't show the logo while booting and doesn't boot into the OS20:05
xanguatortib: is this 16.04?20:06
tortibxangua, yes20:06
cristian_cEriC^^: only one hard disk20:06
EriC^^cristian_c: ok20:07
Bashing-omtortib: What version driver did you install and from where ? : https://www.mail-archive.com/ubuntu-bugs@lists.ubuntu.com/msg4988269.html . Nvidia recommends the 367 version .20:08
tortibBashing-om, the one that showed up in ubuntu-drivers list20:08
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:09
tortibBashing-om, i have to reinstall to see which one it recommended20:09
rtthbprompt: it's a simple rfid card reader - i am just a bit confused with the device mapping - there seems to be an usb device on /dev/bus/usb* and an equivalent /dev/tty* (which i need) - how are the two types connected? and whats the difference?20:10
Bashing-omtortib: Consider : https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa to obtain the 367 version driver .20:10
tortibBashing-om, i may ask again when booting into ubuntu if you're still around20:10
Bashing-omtortib: K .. I am generally around at some point in times .20:12
cristian_cEriC^^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/18325116/20:12
EriC^^cristian_c: 4.2.0-42 is set to boot20:15
EriC^^is that the one it's booting?20:15
cristian_cEriC^^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/18325307/20:15
bpromptrtth:     dunno... mine gets mapped to /dev/mmcblock    or something :)20:15
cristian_cEriC^^: I don't see 4.2.0-42 id I press 'e' in the grub20:16
cristian_cEriC^^: If I press 'e', I see 4.2.0-4120:16
EriC^^cristian_c: try sudo grub-install --recheck /dev/sdX && sudo update-grub20:17
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cristian_cok, sda20:19
cristian_cEriC^^: I try20:19
=== philip is now known as Guest11363
EriC^^you tried already?20:19
cristian_cnot yet20:20
cristian_cnow, i type20:20
cristian_cEriC^^: as usual: http://paste.ubuntu.com/18325710/20:23
rtthbprompt: well, thanks anyway :)20:23
EriC^^cristian_c: ok, try rebooting, if you get 41 too press c then type echo $prefix20:23
EriC^^cristian_c: and echo $root20:24
Bashing-omEriC^^: cristian_c : disk space issue perhaps ? ' df -h ; df -i ' ??20:25
cristian_cEriC^^: ok, 4220:25
=== nikos is now known as Guest17468
cristian_cBashing-om: I don't know20:25
tortibwhat was that ppa for nvidia 367?20:26
cristian_c(42, the answer of all tge universe questions)20:26
tortibit isn't 4220:26
cristian_cEriC^^: 42 is shown, so I've booted it20:27
cristian_cbtw , the grub screen list is also changed20:27
cristian_cpreviously 16.04 was the first choice, now 15.10 is the first choice20:27
cristian_c'ubuntu' entry20:28
Bashing-omtortib: Ya want to make sure your purge the present Nvidia driver and as well remove the /etc/X11/Xorg.conf . https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa20:28
cristian_cEriC^^: thanks for your fix20:28
cristian_c(and help)20:28
EriC^^cristian_c: no problem :)20:29
tortibBashing-om, I found it20:32
tortibBashing-om, ty20:32
fishcookerwhat does it means "Partition 2 does not start on physical sector boundary."20:39
OreGonhello all20:40
OreGonIf a windows gets stuck and will not close, how can I find out what the PID is in htop to end the process?20:41
EriC^^OreGon: type xkill and click on it and it'll kill it20:41
OreGoncool, let me try that :-)20:42
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mate-desktophi, i want to install mate desktop on top of my current ubuntu 16.04 installation. how could i go about doing this?20:47
Tin_manit will install along side ubuntu, as a dual boot, but not on top of it..20:48
Tin_manif you have the iso , just burn it to a dvd, or usb stick, and boot the live version.20:49
mate-desktopi mean i will have an option to select desktop from login screen right ?20:49
Tin_manyes from the grub boot menu20:49
Tin_manmight get a little confusing, might both say ubuntu20:49
=== irwiss` is now known as irwiss
Tin_manbut you can edit that..20:50
mate-desktopnoo, i don't want another ubuntu OS -- I just want desktop environment of Ubuntu Mate along with current unity one20:50
Tin_manyes, that also.. you can do that..20:50
Tin_manokay missed what you were saying..20:51
Jordan_Umate-desktop: sudo apt install mate-desktop20:52
Tin_manhere is a link that might help20:53
dramamate-desktop, nooo! you want to do about a one gig dl! http://www.webupd8.org/2016/06/install-mate-114-in-ubuntu-mate-1604.html20:53
mate-desktopcare looking at this : http://sourcedigit.com/18099-how-to-install-mate-desktop-environment-on-ubuntu-16-04-ubuntu-15-10/20:53
dramado it! it's shiney and new20:53
dramamate-desktop, your link is old20:54
mate-desktopdrama: im on vanilla ubuntu 16.04 not ubuntu - mate so not sure if that will even work20:55
MonkeyDustmate-desktop  do you want to have mate in 16.04 ?20:56
tortibBashing-om, I installed the 367 drivers and it still didn't boot20:56
dramamate-desktop, INSTALL MATE 1.14 IN UBUNTU MATE 16.04 (XENIAL XERUS) VIA PPA20:56
MonkeyDustno ppa is needed for mate, in 16.04 ... simply type    sudo apt install mate20:57
dramayou act like another that needs to be convinced - Avril Lavegne20:57
mate-desktopyes exactly but only desktop environment. I kind of find it more productive for my work settings20:57
Bashing-omtortib: More at play here ? What actually results when attempting to boot ?20:58
tortibBashing-om, it loads the kernel and then stays at that screen20:58
mate-desktopMonkeyDust: trying apt-get install mate-desktop20:58
tortibit doesn't update the video with what is happening, if i press the power button i see that init scripts that started and then shut down20:58
dramaMonkeyDust, that's version 1.1220:59
tortibBashing-om, brb20:59
dramamate-desktop, they're not going to tell you to go outside of the official repos here... it's against the rules20:59
=== john is now known as Guest69678
mate-desktopi don't have ubuntu mate 16.04 installed and little short of time right now to go ahead and install it21:02
mate-desktopand i want mate desktop on my current installation only21:02
dramamate-desktop, you have xenial installed21:03
mate-desktopyes, ubuntu 16.04 xenial xerus21:03
mate-desktopnot ubuntu mate 16.04 xenial xerus21:04
hheehey! night guys. what program can i use for online radio (via http) recording? i need that it can divide stream on tracks21:06
nomicwhat was command to UPGRADE version from 14.04 to 16.04 but leave all packages (xchat for instance), working21:07
tortibBashing-om, well it seems that it's gdm that's doing it21:07
nomici upgraded using gui & it blew away xchat21:07
tortibBashing-om, I insatlled gnome and gdm21:07
tortiband it wont boot21:07
tortibit loads the kernel but doesn't show the boot screen or what init scripts being ran21:07
Jordan_U!ltsupgrade | nomic21:08
ubottunomic: Users of 14.04 LTS will be offered the automatic upgrade when 16.04.1 LTS is released, which is scheduled for July 21st.21:08
nomicyeah .. will it leave my packages intact21:08
MonkeyDustnomic  xchat is replaced by hexchat and some 14.04 packages no longer exist in 16.0421:11
mate-desktop_hi again, I tried apt-get install mate-desktop and it seems i already have it installed. I logged out but couldn't find an option for selecting desktop21:13
OerHeksmate-desktop_, right top corner21:14
reisiomate-desktop_: you installed mate-desktop but didn't purge ubuntu-desktop, I s'pose?21:15
MonkeyDustmate-desktop_  is it listed in     /usr/share/xsessions21:15
reisioI've had decent luck with this sort of approach, IIRC: dpkg -r --force-all ubuntu-desktop; apt-get install mate-desktop21:15
mate-desktop_MonkeyDust: no :(21:16
mate-desktop_OerHeks: http://i.stack.imgur.com/hDndL.jpg this option is not there21:16
OerHeksmate-desktop_, right top corner, on the panel i guess.21:17
nomicxchat won't maintain settings21:17
cerionhi. when I search app in the dash hud, nothing appears. How do I reset config or cache or whatever to get back to make it wokr ?21:17
reisionomic: ?21:17
reisiocerion: mv -n ~/.cache ~/DATE.cache; mv -n ~/.config ~/DATE.config, etc.21:17
nomici put my nicks in .. it reverts21:17
mate-desktop_OerHeks: I have my name listed there21:17
reisiocerion: preferably whilst not logged in as that user21:17
reisioat least, not logged into X21:17
cerionreisio, that's remove all my config and cache. I am talking only about ubnity dash here21:18
safrabodsnomic: For what it's worth, I screwed up installing Hexchat as root but running as a regular user - it kept failing to save the settings because of the ownership21:18
mate-desktop_MonkeyDust: i dont have it listed in /usr/share/xsessions... what does that mean?21:18
reisiocerion: that's probably in ~/.config, or in dconf's registry21:19
reisiowhich might be in ~/.config as well, in some fashion, or might not21:19
reisioI'm afraid I avoid gconf/dconf like the plague21:19
reisioand registry stuff in general21:19
reisioxfconf is making me a little annoyed lately, even21:19
MonkeyDustmate-desktop_  that's why you don't see it in the login screen, not sure how to add it manually ... try   sudo apt install mate --reinstall21:20
reisioor lightdm reconfigure21:21
reisioor whatever21:21
mate-desktopsudo apt-get install mate-desktop gives -- mate-desktop is already the newest version (1.12.1-1).21:22
tortibBashing-om, well I did a upgrade and i was still able to boot21:22
MonkeyDustmate-desktop_  add --reinstall in that line21:22
mate-desktopbut it doesn't show up no where in the login screen21:22
mate-desktopMonkeyDust: ok21:22
MonkeyDustmate-desktop_  and type   sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm21:22
tortibI'm getting a system error and the details says ExecutablePath > /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/fwupd/fwupd - any suggestions?21:23
Bashing-omtortib: And all is good now ?21:23
tortibBashing-om, yeah I think it's because I switch to gdm21:23
tortibBashing-om, I haven't installed the nvidia drivers yet21:23
mate-desktopMonkeyDust: done, let me see if its showing up there21:23
Bashing-omtortib: Well,, might see what the config issue is in the other DE .. but that is not something I know a lot about .21:24
tortibBashing-om, yeah I don't know that's the only thing I know I did that caused that problem21:25
mate-desktop_MonkeyDust: Is there ever gonna show up there ? :( still not there21:26
dramaprolly take a reboot or restart of gdm service21:27
MonkeyDustmate-desktop_  if a reboot does not help, then idk21:28
=== danxor is now known as lmfao
dramamate-desktop_, sudo systemctl restart gdm.service21:29
=== lmfao is now known as danxor
mate-desktop_drama: that command won't work i guess... let me give it a try tho21:32
mate-desktop_ah, it gives Failed to restart gdm.service: Unit gdm.service not found.21:32
mate-desktop_you meant sudo service sddm restart?21:33
MonkeyDustmate-desktop_  try lightdm.service instead21:33
mate-desktop_MonkeyDust: Restart didnt work either]21:33
dramahmmm... what dm do I have?21:35
dramathere are so many!21:35
MaTe-DesktopI'm amazed that nothing is working at all !21:35
dramamight look in /etc/init.d and guess21:36
MaTe-Desktopits lightdm21:36
MaTe-Desktoptried that already21:37
dramainstall mate21:38
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MonkeyDustMaTe-Desktop  try  sudo mkdir /usr/share/xsessions/mate.desktop21:39
tortibBashing-om, I think i know what went wrong21:40
tortibBashing-om, I installed the drivers for the GPU then did upgrade, maybe it built the module only for the old kernel and not the new one? idk21:40
diogocaHi there21:42
diogocaon unbutu 14.04 lts, how can i keep xchat icon on system top bar (near clock)? everytime when i minimize it, xchat desapear...21:42
Bashing-omtortib: That sounds logical . Should always update upgrade the system prior to any new installs .21:43
tortibBashing-om, yeah it just happened again actually21:43
reisiodiogoca: should be an option in prefs21:43
tortibso i purged nvidia-36721:43
Mate-Desktopnothing works guys... disappointing indeed but thanks for all your help! Have a nice day.21:43
tortiband installed the new kernel21:43
tortibnow i'm installing 367 again21:43
reisiodiogoca: Settings > Preferences > Alerts21:43
tortibBashing-om, going to reboot in a second, wish me luck.21:43
Bashing-omtortib: Good .. fingers crossed .. make sure the old xorg.conf file is removed ... so a new one is built .21:44
Mate-Desktop*Mate-Desktop got tired of it installing mate desktop to be amusing21:44
jeffreylevesqueif i want to add `/opt/puppetlabs/bin` to my `PATH`, which `.bash_profile` should i append it to - https://travis-ci.org/jeff1evesque/machine-learning/builds/141886037#L1346-L135421:44
jeffreylevesquetravis, or ubuntu?21:44
jeffreylevesquei tried with travis - https://travis-ci.org/jeff1evesque/machine-learning/builds/141886037#L136521:44
diogocareisio, yes, is already enabled system tray icon, the problem is when i minimized xchat gone... i only can close again via kill process21:44
tortibBashing-om, did you say to get rid of the xorg.conf too?21:45
jeffreylevesquebut, it didn't work21:45
tortibBashing-om, because I don't have a conf in /etc/X11/xorg.conf21:45
reisiodiogoca: ah okay21:45
reisiodiogoca: think you'd want to search for: ubuntu restore tray icons21:45
reisiodiogoca: due to recent changes in Unity/GNOME 3, IIRC21:45
tortibBashing-om, surprisingly it worked, I guess my synopsis was correct.21:47
diogocareisio, i can see the icon on dropdown menu of mail icon on system tray, if I clicked there another instance of xchat is opened..21:48
reisiodiogoca: mmm...21:48
Bashing-omtortib: UH Huh .. Lessons learned; you do good work .21:49
diogocareisio, strange...21:49
reisioI'm not sure hexchat would be different, but you _should_ be on hexchat and not xchat at this point21:49
tortibBashing-om, thank you sir21:49
tortibBashing-om, glxgears is only giving me 60FPS tho21:50
tortibwhich shouldn't be since I have a GTX 97021:50
tortibI installed mesa-utils and I don't have glxspheres21:50
Bashing-omtortib: In a single GPU situation .. the xorg.conf file is no longer required ( if present will be used ) ... DKMS now does the discovery .21:50
tortibBashing-om, yeah I don't have one21:50
diogocareisio, diogoca  10004  0.5  0.2 751844 34268 ?        Sl   15:58   0:18 xchat21:50
diogocareisio, get via ps aux | less | grep "xchat"21:50
tortibBashing-om, any idea how i can get the glspheres package?21:51
diogocareisio, the process have the same name?21:51
ksftEverything just sort of froze up on my computer.21:51
Bashing-omtortib: What returns ' sudo lshw -C display ' for a driver in the configuration line ?21:52
ksftI can switch between windows, but nothing responds when I click on it except the taskbar and dock.21:52
tortib       vendor: NVIDIA Corporation21:52
tortibBashing-om, I don't know but it says the clock is 33Mhz...21:52
ksftI switched to my IRC client, and I can type, but I can't move the window around or resize it.21:52
tortibBashing-om, there is no driver listing you mean lspci -nnk?21:53
ksftoh, now the taskbar and dock aren't responding when I click either21:53
tortibKernel modules: nvidiafb, nouveau, nvidia_367, nvidia_367_drm21:53
ksftcan someone help me?21:53
tortibis it using both drivers?21:53
tortibBashing-om, I don't see the nouveau driver loaded with lsmod ; lsmod|grep nvidia shows that nvidia_uvm _drm _modeset is loaded as well as drm_kms_helper and drm21:54
diogocaksft, sorry but i dont have experience with nvidia to help you21:57
ksftdiogoca: huh?21:57
tortibksft, try to restart X?21:57
ksfttortib: I will if there isn't anything else I can do.21:57
tortibksft, what DE are you using?  Unity ?21:58
ksfttortib: yeah21:58
reisiodiogoca: yeah not following21:58
ksfttortib: why?22:00
tortibcan you log out?22:00
ksfttortib: I'm not sure.22:00
tortibBashing-om, any ideas?22:00
ksftThe menu in the top right of the screen doesn't work.22:00
Bashing-omtortib: Ya booting with nomodeset ? .. If Nvidia driver is installed .. nouveau will be black listed .22:01
tortibBashing-om, well the module isn't being used22:02
tortibnvidia module is tho22:02
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Bashing-omtortib: What does /var/log/Xorg.0.log say about the build ?22:07
tortib[     2.669] (II) Loading /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/xorg/extra-modules/nvidia_drv.so22:08
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tortibis there gtk themes i can install from the repo?22:16
teedeeusI have an ubuntu 16.04 machine that wont resolve DNS lookups.  Can I get some help?22:17
dramatortib, apt-cache search themes22:18
tortibdrama, numix icon theme isn't in the default repo?  the GTK theme is22:20
teedeeusI have ubuntu 16.04 and I can ping, but ping google.com immediately returns "unknown host google.com"22:25
teedeeusMy computer locked up and now DNS is broken.  How can I troubleshoot this?22:26
ddybingteedeeus: Your network settings are probably just messed up. Please take a look at your current network connection in Network Manager, and correct the settings if necassery.22:31
digitalracer22atleast this thing works22:32
ddybingteedeeus: If DNS is not set, or is not a valid IP, please change this to or
teedeeusddybing: that's my roblem, all of the settings are fine22:33
ddybingteedeeus: I see. Are you on a wired or wireless connection?22:33
teedeeuswired connection22:33
teedeeusand it's just DHCP22:34
ddybingteedeeus: Please open your /etc/network/interfaces file in a text editor, like nano or gEdit.22:34
teedeeuseverything else in my house works fina and I can log into the UI of the router.22:34
ddybingteedeeus: Find the "eth0" section, and please tell me what you see here.22:34
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teedeeusOk, it's open22:35
teedeeusI have no eth0 section22:35
teedeeusIt just contains a comment, auto lo and iface lo inet loopback22:36
ddybingteedeeus: OK. Does it just say "auto lo" or something like that on the very top of the text file?22:36
ddybingteedeeus: I see22:36
ddybingteedeeus: Please try to enter the eth0 configurations manually. I will post a pastebin shortly...22:37
teedeeusddybing: a DHCP configuration would be fine22:38
Bashing-omtortib: I will be a way from the keyboard for a spell .. I will be back soonest from fixing a flat tire .22:38
ddybingteedeeus: Enter it like so http://pastebin.com/723utV7h22:39
ddybingThen run "/etc/init.d/networking restart" in your terminal. Your connection will drop, as the network service restarts.22:40
teedeeusshould I leave in the auto lo?22:40
ddybingYes, just leave it like it is.22:40
ubuntuMouseIs it okay to install a mainline kernal ? Like what type of problms can I face by installing it? would it hamper with the sability of my computer? Can it prevent packages already installed from updating ? I am trying to install 4.3.3 (currently its 4.2.0-41) becuase someone mentioned it helps fix scrolling issues with elantech touchpads22:41
teedeeusddybing: I get a failure message: networking.serviceJob for networking.service failed because the control process exited with error code.22:43
teedeeusIt doesn't give me the error code22:43
ddybingteedeeus: What connections do you see when you run "ifconfig" in your terminal?22:44
teedeeusenp2s0 and lo22:44
teedeeusshould I replace eth0 with enp2s0?22:45
ddybingteedeeus: Ok, my bad.22:45
ddybingYes please22:45
tortibAnyone have any idea why I can't eject my Blu-Ray Rom?  eject: unable to eject, last error: Inappropriate ioctl for device22:45
teedeeusddybing: I didn't get an error when I restarted the service, but DNS is still not working22:46
linuxc64Hello everyone. I wonder about the following question: Does the boot parameter "acpi=off" definitely prevent the execution of code stored in the ACPI tables?22:47
teedeeusddybing: I am going to do a restart of the machine22:47
ddybingteedeeus: Yes, please try that.22:48
ddybingteedeeus: You may benefit from this question? http://goo.gl/huqd9z22:49
teedeeusddbying: now my network manager says wired:unmanaged.  I also found that article and it didn't resolve my problem22:50
teedeeusddbying: I am using ubuntu 16.0422:52
teedeeusddybing: I re-did the instructions in the article you sent me and it worked.  I don't know what I did wrong the first time.  Thank you22:58
ddybingteedeeus: That's great to hear. I'm sorry I couldn't help you myself, but I'm glad you found out a solution :-)23:00
teedeeusthat's fine.  You at least pointed me in the right direction.  I appreciate that.  Thank you.23:00
tortibI'm using Gnome3 classic and the apps I open have the minimize expand and close buttons on the right hand side.  How can I have everything be on the right hand side?23:03
ddybingtortib: You mean their on the right hand side, and you want them on the left?23:03
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tortibno they're on the right hand side for some apps, then the settings and tweak tool they're on the left side23:04
tortibi want them all to be on the right hand side of the title bar23:04
tortibddybing, sorry left that piece of information out23:04
ddybingOK, so they're on the right side of most apps, except the Settings-app?23:05
tortibddybing, yes and tweak tool23:05
tortibit's somewhat obnoxious23:05
ddybingtortib: hah, yeah, I don't think I've ever seen that before.23:05
ddybingtortib: Have you checked out this post? http://bit.ly/29kRdFt23:07
tortibddybing, I don't click on bit.ly links23:08
ddybingtortib: OK. Ask for question number 174292 on askubuntu.com! I've never seen this error before, so I'm trying to help the best I can looking up information for you.23:10
ddybingtortib: I mean, search for question number.23:10
tortibcan't you just paste the whole link?23:10
tortibI'll just google23:10
ddybingtortib: sorry, I don't have a UI on this computer, so I'm using my iPad as a search tool - lol ;-)23:11
JohnnyLIf I change my portable bootable hard drive to another machine. How do I get my sound working on the new machine? I tried alsamixer and the levels seem fine.23:11
ddybingtortib: So copy-pasting is a bit tricky.23:12
tortibddybing, don't worry bout it23:12
CoJaBoWhat packages do I need to compile 32-bit binary on 64-bit host under Ubuntu? The specific error is: fatal error: sys/inotify.h: No such file or directory23:27
CoJaBoCommand line is: gcc -std=c99 webm.c -m3223:27
Eduard_MunteanuCoJaBo, well, you're missing some header files, first of all23:36
CoJaBoEduard_Munteanu: Yeh, I figured as much.. how do I get them?23:37
CoJaBoIt's been years since I wrote anything in C :/23:37
Eduard_MunteanuCoJaBo, have you installed build-essential?23:38
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CoJaBoEduard_Munteanu: Yep, but it only seems to include the stuff for 64-bit23:40
dramaEduard_Munteanu, sudo apt-get install libc6-i386 lib32stdc++6 lib32gcc1 lib32ncurses5 lib32z123:41
Eduard_MunteanuYou'll also need libc6-dev-i396.23:42
Eduard_MunteanuEr, libc6-dev-i38623:42
kieppieanyone here dabble in PXE a bit?23:42
Eduard_Munteanukieppie, hi23:42
kieppie#linux channel not much help ATM23:42
Eduard_MunteanuPossibly, just ask ahead.23:42
tortibAnyone have any idea how to resolve this problem? https://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=4090023:44
broadbandHey everyone, I have a question. I have a friend wanting to dual boot ubuntu alongside win8, Problem is that the comp already has 4 partitions23:44
ubottubugs.winehq.org bug 40900 in -unknown "Komplete 9 asks for disc when DVD is already in the DVD-ROM" [Blocker,Unconfirmed]23:44
tortibbroadband, there is an option to install ubuntu along side windows.23:44
broadbandWould it be okay to shrink the main partition into two primary ones?23:44
kieppiecheers Eduard_Munteanu - I'm in the process of setting up a "mobile edu lab" of sorts. I need to build some customised Ubuntu/Fedora distor's (think I have some basic resources to start on that) & wondering re PXE web GUI's ala. FOG, Forman, SpaceWalk, etc. I need something simple so that I can leave a copy of the lab for laymen/learners to take over & make their own23:45
broadbandI was told a lot of people experience problems when using the option to install it alongside the main os23:45
broadbandI was wanting to use the 'something else' option and partition it myself23:45
dramaCoJaBo, sudo apt-get install libc6-i386 lib32stdc++6 lib32gcc1 lib32ncurses5 lib32z1 libc6-dev-i386 tnx Eduard_Munteanu23:45
tortibbroadband, then yeah that will be okay but it will have to be a extended partition I think as you can only have 4 primary partitions23:46
CoJaBodrama: Waiting for it to doanlowd those all..23:46
drama lol23:46
CoJaBo140mb :/23:46
dramaCoJaBo, did you get the libc6-dev-i386 part from Eduard_Munteanu23:46
broadbandtortib: is it a problem?23:46
tortibbroadband, is it UEFI disc or MBR?23:47
tortibhow are you booting the Disk?23:47
broadbandI'm not sure, but most likely it is UEFI23:47
broadbandsince it is running a modern version of win23:48
Eduard_Munteanukieppie, well, do you really need to PXE, or can you boot from e.g. USB?23:48
tortibbroadband, you may want to read this > http://superuser.com/questions/561096/how-many-primary-partitions-can-be-created-on-a-computer-running-windows-823:48
broadbandI was planning to boot it from an USB drive23:48
Eduard_Munteanubroadband, if it's UEFI, it's GPT and there isn't a 4 primary partition limit.23:48
CoJaBodrama: it builds =D  Now, to see if it runs...23:49
CoJaBo..it does not :/23:49
kieppieEduard_Munteanu: I'm starting with custom ISO to USB's to learn the PoC around spinning my own distro & pitfalls, but I'd like to eventually end up with a "lab" where visitors can simply blug in & try stuff out from a library & then format & setup machines if desired, without the need to write to disk23:49
broadbandIs there a way to certify it is UEFI?23:50
broadbandAccording to that link, since win8, pcs must ship with UEFI23:51
dyc3I can't upload any files over sftp to my /var/www because i dont have write permission. This is what "ls -l" returns: http://ix.io/ZEP What am I doing wrong?23:51
broadbandbtw, would the 'install ubuntu alongside win' option do the same as me doing the partitioning myself?23:51
Eduard_Munteanudyc3, /var/www has no write permissions for 'other'23:52
dyc3Eduard_Munteanu: but the folders inside do, and i cant write there either. ill try giving write permission to /var/www anyway and see if i works23:53
CoJaBofails even with static build. curious23:53
Eduard_MunteanuCoJaBo, what do you mean "fails"?23:54
CoJaBoIt just hangs; no output23:54
Eduard_MunteanuCoJaBo, what is it supposed to do?23:54
CoJaBoRepair a webm file23:55
CoJaBoI think it's hanging up on sendfile()23:55
dyc3Eduard_Munteanu: got it, i had to change the folder groups to "root"23:56
CoJaBo..and I'm checking the errors wrong, nice23:56
Eduard_Munteanudyc3, doesn't sound like the right fix even if it works. Who's supposed to write there?23:57
dyc3Eduard_Munteanu: my user account23:57
kieppietortib, broadband - I might be late to the party, out of context, but I fine running multiple OS's from seperate distinct disks work best23:57
PadronePlease, if anyone can tell me if there is a way to control my ubuntu touch phone from my ubuntu pc desktop id be very grateful23:58
CoJaBosendfile() returns EINVAL :/23:58
faLUCEhello. how can I set the sudo password timeout ?23:58
Eduard_Munteanudyc3, you could use ACLs or set group permissions to write23:58
broadbandkieppie: problem is that that would take much more work to set up another internal HD23:58
Eduard_Munteanu(And add your user to that group)23:58
kieppiedesktop, laptop?23:58
PadronexD my bad23:59
broadbandis there another different procedure on the instalation because it is an UEFI system?23:59
dyc3Eduard_Munteanu: what are ACLs?23:59

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