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xubuntu52whello, how do I install solarized for terminal?13:07
DarkAceZtried updating before refreshing repos14:21
DarkAceZsilly "update manager"14:22
Adytzahello everyone15:02
Adytzai have installed xubuntu 16.04 on my hp pavilion ab002nq with Core i5 and nvidia 940 m and i have screen tearinging15:04
Adytzai searched everywhere on the net for a solution and tried diferent things but nothing worked15:04
Adytzadoes anybody have a real solution for this problem? any help would be greatly appreaciated, thanks in advance15:05
Ai9EiFaeit is obvious that the problem is due to the two graphics cards. whether it is possible in the BIOS to disable one of them?16:03
plpowerhi im from germany first time install xubuntu from live usb to usb 15GB16:21
plpowerproblem the installer ran into a screensaver16:21
plpowerthe time clock is turning whenm i hit the toppanel16:21
plpowerhow do i bring the install frame back on dektop16:22
plpoweri dont think install is done at that time16:23
plpowerthe installer window is simply disapeard16:25
plpowerok i turned the pc of and it has not installed complede16:32
Ai9EiFaehm. i do it with 1404 and work well16:49
pjotterHello all. I just installed Xubuntu 16.04. I'm experiencing a strange problem related to copy and past. Seems that sometimes, wehen I copy some text and try to past it into terminal or gauke (what I use), the copied text just vanishes and is replaced with a blank character.19:39
tmsbrgpjotter, maybe a stupid question on my part but do you use ctrl+shift+v when pasting into terminal? ctrl+v doesn't work for pasting20:10
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pjottertmsbrg: (Sorry to anser so late) I just use Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V. Also I use the rightclick context menus-> copy and paste.22:03
pjotterI'm still trying to find a way to solidly reproduce this bug because it's not so all the time. I just installed clipman and removed all history. Since then the problem has not been seen.. So maybe it did the trick?22:05
pjotterIt's strange. It may also be caused by myself misclicking on the contextmenu or something? Clicking copy instead of past or something? I do use wacom here and it wouldn't be the first time that something is going wrong because of that.22:10
pjotterBut it seems very solid now. I'm trying another reboot here. brb22:11
pjotterI wondering why some applications seem to have different themeing going on than others? (For instance software center and thunar) Does anyone know? (Using latest 16.04)22:22

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