viewer|52160Hi every1!01:24
viewer|52160Needing help with downloading/configure Brother HL-2270DW to print wirelessly from 2 PC at different locations running Kubuntu 16.0401:26
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BluesKajHiyas all12:23
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user|33937is that kjubuntu good enough? Better than windows 10?12:24
user|33937isntall or not install? be or not to be?12:24
acheronukGood enough here, but in the end it's all down to opinion. What is good for one person may not be good for another12:25
BluesKajuser|33937:  try it to find out12:27
acheronuktry from a live session or in a virtual machine for a bit, if you have a computer capable of that12:28
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hikmetHi, is there an on-screen keyboard for plasma 5? i couldn't find in widgets15:53
soeehikmet: i think no16:19
soeeshoudl be in Plasma 7 i think16:19
soeemaybe related https://blog.martin-graesslin.com/blog/2016/05/virtual-keyboard-support-in-kwinwayland-5-7/16:20
hikmetoh, thanks soee16:26
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mauroacsBoa tarde19:50
mauroacsGood Afternoon19:51
mauroacsEstou aqui a procura de ajuda com a atualização manual do kubuntu 14.04 para o 16.04, via terminal, suas dependencias e diferenças estruturais.19:55
mauroacsTenho uma copia do repositorio da Ubuntu Loacal.19:55
mauroacsI am here looking for help with the manual update kubuntu 14:04 to 16:04, via terminal, its dependencies and structural differences.19:55
mauroacsI have a copy of the repository of Ubuntu loacal.19:55
EpilefHi, i have in my PC Kubuntu 14.04, but i want update to 16.04, what doing it? (sorry my poor english)20:19
FritigernEpilef: sudo do-release-upgrade20:20
EpilefOK, i try it. thanks!20:21
JohnDroidHi I updated my kde neon yesterday and today I cannot boot anymore. I did full disk encryption and at boot screen there is no input to enter the passphrase20:35
JohnDroidIn recovery mode it prints:20:35
JohnDroidBegin: Running /script/local-block/ ... done.20:37
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FritigernI'm a total and utter noob at packaging, but i am trying my had at it anyway. I've  used dpkg-deb to create a package and it will install. However, I don't know how to have the package create menu entries. Could someone show me how this is done?22:46
Fritigernwould it be as simple as including /usr/share/applications/kde4/<application_name>.desktop ?22:49
bpromptFritigern:   as in right-click menu entries?22:54
FritigernNo. I would have used the term service menu if i meant thaty22:54
chiknrubwhen will qt 5.6 available?22:55
chiknrubin xenial?22:56
chiknrubkonsole can't save sessions22:56
bpromptFritigern:   for global access, I think your path is correct, yes22:57

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