ashabadiQA:  tell kilos ashabadi has 120 badsector in sda3 but the fsck command did not fix bad sector details: http://pastebin.com/DjQJCbex . any guidance?05:23
QAashabadi: Righto, I'll tell Kilos on freenode05:23
RemonShaiashabadi, vaw..... i'm back05:39
ashabadisorry wrong channel :P05:40
ashabadiwelcome back RemonShai05:40
ashabadigood to see you are up...05:40
ashabadiyour name is off unconventional pattern :)05:40
RemonShaiashabadi, যেমন.........?05:41
ashabadiকখনও এমন নাম শুনিনি তাই বললাম আর কিছু না :)05:41
RemonShaiহাহহাহাহহাহাহাহহা........ অনেকে তাই বলে?05:42
Kiloshelloooo bd peeps09:49
pavlushkaHello abhra , its been quite a while, :)12:33
Kiloshi pavlushka abhra a nd others12:33
Kilosyou ok pavlushka ?12:33
Kiloshi tareq 12:33
pavlushkaKilos: I am fine, thanks.12:34
Kilosmissed  you yesterday12:34
pavlushkaI missed you too, :p12:34
Kiloswell thats good12:35
tareqhello Kilos12:35
pavlushkatareq, run "/msg nickserv identify your_password"12:36
pavlushkaand Hello tareq , :)12:36
tareqএটা সবসময় লিখতে হয়12:36
pavlushkatareq: না, আপনি এটা settings এ server configuration এ set করে নিতে পারেন, প্রতিবার login এর সময় আপনা থেকে যেন command টা run করে।12:39
=== pavlushka_ is now known as pavlushka
pavlushka-ChanServ- Information on #ubuntu-bd:13:06
Kilosdid you get anything pavlushka ?13:07
Kilosor must you use a different command13:07
pavlushkaKilos: yes I must, :)13:08
Kilostry /msg chanserv13:08
Kilosi have never tried that13:08
abhrasorry. could not reply earlier. sleeping. :)13:27
pavlushkawow! Hello annasha !14:06
Kiloshi RemonShai 15:41
RemonShaihi....... Kilos15:58
Kiloswb pavlushka 16:09
pavlushkaKilos: Did I go somewhere?, ok I switched the line, got it.16:10
RemonShaiKilos me too....16:13
Kiloshaha RemonShai are you using a mobile device16:13
Kilosall your fancy posts16:14
RemonShaiKilos yes......16:14
RemonShaiKilos , when my Internet package  data getting low, I use it on mobile....16:16
pavlushkaRemonShai: clever16:16
Kilosah ok16:16
RemonShaipavlushka, Tehran16:16
Kilosyeah mobiles seem to use less for some reason hey16:16
RemonShaipavlushkasorry.... yeh16:17
RemonShaipavlushka, miss text16:18
RemonShaipavlushka & KilosI want my default unity again on ubuntu, how can I do it...?16:19
Kiloswhat have you got there now16:19
pavlushkaRemonShai: আপনি এখন উবুন্টুতে কি ব্যবহার করছেন?16:21
RemonShainow I change it again and again... And I make my laptop ugly....16:21
pavlushkaRemonShai: আপনি এখন উবুন্টুতে কি ব্যবহার করছেন?16:21
RemonShaibut this is different to see...:(16:22
pavlushkaRemonShai: আর কি কি modify করসেন unity'র?16:22
RemonShaitheme change....16:23
pavlushkaRemonShai: run in terminal "sudo unity --reset"16:25
RemonShaiআমি এই কমান্ডটা-ই দিতে চাইছিলাম, একজনে আমাকে পাম মাইরা ফাটিয়ে দিছিলো। ***তার নাম কমু না।16:26
Kiloshi ashabadi 16:27
pavlushkaRemonShai: unity and lightdm is a pair for Ubuntu, you might also do in addition "sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm"16:27
ashabadihello Kilos16:27
ashabadipavlushka: RemonShai16:27
pavlushkaRemonShai: দেখেন আগে ঠিকমত run করে কি না, তারপরে জানাইয়েন16:27
pavlushkaHelllllo ashabadi 16:27
pavlushkabbl, gotta run16:28
RemonShaipavlushka, is this enough....?  I'll try that next morning, when my night Internet pack activate.... :)16:29
RemonShaiashabadi bro... pavlushka bro active now & my old friend Kilos too.....hahahhaha16:30
RemonShaiLoL..... 216:30
ashabadiKilos: /dev/sda3 is my /home partition16:32
ashabadihence already mounted and can't be unmounted by umount 16:33
ashabadialso e2fsck does not work16:33
Kiloslet me see what i did16:33
ashabadiI think I will make a bootable usb and run diagnosis from live environment16:33
ashabadithat way hard disks wont be mounted16:34
ashabadinow I have to search for usb stick....16:34
Kilosyou have to run it from the system so it can make a file to save the info of badblocks for fsck to use in the future16:35
Kiloswhat does this command do?16:35
Kilossudo fsck -t ext4 -l bad-blocks-result /dev/sda116:35
Kilosthat should create the file to save the info isnt it16:36
ashabadisame as sda316:36
ashabadithat I shared earlier in pastebin16:36
Kilosi thought it would create a file in sda1 to save the badblocks results16:37
ashabadibad-blocks-result should be bad-blocks-result.txt?16:37
ashabadisda1 does not contain any bad sector16:37
ashabadisda3 does16:37
Kilosyes but i thought it would save the sda3 info in a file in sda116:38
ashabadibut in sda3 bad-blocks-result is a file with 0 byte size16:38
Kilossudo fsck -t ext4 -l bad-blocks-result /dev/sda1/bad-blocks-result.txt16:39
ashabadisame result16:40
ashabadias before16:40
Kilosthis is all above my knowledge, i thought it created the file for future reference16:40
Kilosoh my16:41
KilosResearcher- ping16:41
Kiloswe need someone more clever than me to eplain what we need to do now16:41
Kilosi just followed those commands and drive hasnt packed up again16:42
Kilosthe bad blocks thing should work similar to chkdsk in windows16:43
Kilosmark the bad sectors and not use them again16:43
Kiloswe need to find the creator of badblocks and ask him i think16:44
Kilosbut the good thing is we know what caused your problem now16:45
Kilosnow we try fix it16:45
ashabadilets try with .txt then16:51
ashabadiand see what happens16:51
ashabadiit will take another 6/7 hours I guess16:53
Kilosdidnt badblocks leave a result file in home or even in root folders16:54
ashabadi0 byte16:54
ashabadino information16:54
Kilosoh yes16:54
Kilossee if they give a tutorial here https://duckduckgo.com/?q=bad-blocks+tutorial+for+ubuntu&t=opera&ia=web16:57
ashabadiI'm going to run fsck from live disk next16:59
Kilosthe only prob with that is it doesnt create a save info file in the working system16:59
Kiloslook here too https://duckduckgo.com/?q=bad-blocks+tutorial+for+ubuntu&t=opera&ia=web17:00
Kilossomewhere there must be a good tutorial17:00
Kilosmaybe it has that 0b file there so if you run sudo touch /forcefsck and reboot then it will add the info17:02
Kilosthen at least its fsck running from your system17:02
pavlushkaRemonShai: command গুলো run করার জন্য internet এর দরকার নেই17:27
pavlushkawb ashabadi 17:27
ashabadithanks pavlushka17:27
pavlushkaশাহরিয়ার তারিক ভাই, আমি 17:28
pavlushkaঅভিভুত আপনার thanks পেয়ে, সত্যি17:29
pavlushkaএকটাই লাইন, মাঝে enter presses হয়ে গিয়েছিল, lol17:30
ashabadigood to know that you are entertained...17:30
pavlushkaশুধু wb এর জন্য আপনি thanks দিবেন, (normal) কিন্তু প্রস্তুত ছিলাম না, :p17:32
Kilosashabadi have you got 2 drives?17:32
Kilosbottom 1/4 is using badblocks17:32
ashabadiKilos: physical disk? only 1, have 4 partition though17:33
Kilosi think i remember gparted also can mark bad blocks17:33
Kiloslet me keep searching17:33
ashabadiKilos: for the time being hold on searching17:36
ashabadiI will run fsck with gpated live disk if necessary17:36
ashabadigparted has dedicated live disk for such issues...17:36
ashabadiif it does not work then I shall come back and try finding solution17:36
Kilosgood luck17:37
ashabadithat article is for Ubuntu desktop.. I've kubuntu desktop17:38
ashabadino disk utility :(17:38
Kilosyou can install it17:38
ashabadii have bitter experience in mixing de apps17:38
Kilosthen start it by typing in disks in launcher17:38
ashabadignome apps in kde environment17:39
Kilosthe kde disk tool isnt as good 17:39
ashabadionce I installed gnome apps in laptop, and for no reason my wifi stopped working in kde17:39
Kilosi dont know about 16.04 but on 14.04 it hasnt caused any hassles17:40
ashabadiI am talking about 10* era17:40
ashabadiafter that I no longer mix de if it isnt absolutely necessary17:41
Kilosi think things are  more stable but im scared to go 16.04 because there are still too many unfixed bugs17:41
Kilosand at least updates on 14.04 have slowed down now so not so much data use17:42
pavlushkaWelcome tareq 17:57
tareqhi pavlushka17:57
pavlushkapower down, awe, need to leave with a broken heart,:(18:00
pavlushkaWelcome AudaciousTUX !18:46
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: বলু18:47
AudaciousTUXki bulbo18:47
AudaciousTUXMBL pailam.   vaiyar puran MBL amar notun MBL hoi geche :318:48
pavlushkalol, congrats, wow18:48
pavlushkalooks like all quiet in the eastern front, !18:49
pavlushkaashabadi: your disk problem solved?18:50
pavlushkaashabadi: I am using a 80 GB hdd with only a few recoverable bad blocks for 8 years, boring.18:52
pavlushkaand now Kilos suffering the power cut, :(18:52
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: Has your :p a reason? 18:56
pavlushkajust asking18:57
pavlushkaSo RemonShai , welcome19:00
RemonShaipavlushka, thanks....19:01
RemonShaipavlushka,  for welcome :D19:02
pavlushkaRemonShai: আমি ভাবলাম, আপনার সমস্যা সমাধান হয়েছে, তা কি হল সেটার?19:03
RemonShaipavlushka, এখনো ট্রাই করি নাই। সকালে নেট প্যাকেজ কিনা লই।19:04
RemonShaiashabadi, AudaciousTUX, pavlushka, vaw... here everyone nocturnal...?19:09
pavlushkaWelcome zaki 19:54
zakihow are you all? :)19:59
RemonShaipavlushka, https://paste.ubuntu.com/18413631/20:03
pavlushkaRemonShai: do you have unity-tweak-tool installed in your system?20:35
pavlushkaRemonShai: "unity-tweak-tool"20:35
pavlushkathen run in terminal "sudo unity-tweak-tool --reset-unity", and report20:36
AudaciousTUX_hello from the pi side :v20:36
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: wow, congrats!20:36
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: See you on the other side of PI, :p20:37
AudaciousTUX_heat sink must :320:39
AudaciousTUX_gorom hoi jay20:39
AudaciousTUX_ektu age review banailam20:40
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: hmm, is it possible to add a heat-sink?20:40
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: I mean manually?20:41
AudaciousTUX_ei gorome jodio kono prob hoyna... tobuo pi amar jan pran... eto hot thakle problem :p20:41
AudaciousTUX_ummm manually bolte??20:41
AudaciousTUX_rasbir jonne alada heat sink paoa jay20:41
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: একটা heat sink কিনা, সেইটা just add কইরা দিলা20:42
zakigood to know.., some day i will use one20:42
pavlushkaashabadi_: ping20:42
pavlushkazaki: me too, :)20:42
AudaciousTUX_just processor er upre lagailei hoilo... cooling paste (nam thik moto janina) lagaya processor er upre bosai deya lage20:43
AudaciousTUX_jekono heat sink e hoibe20:43
AudaciousTUX_kintu eto picci size er heat sink kinai vala20:43
pavlushkaRemonShai: any result?20:44
zakiwhat it about?20:45
pavlushkazaki: RemonShai wants to restore the defaults in unity, he has done some modifications that he dont want anymore.20:47
AudaciousTUX_pi er review banaite giya 2 bar shock khailam... :3 20:47
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: shock is better than chhaka, :p20:48
AudaciousTUX_true dat... duitai khaichi... hagar hagar bar :')20:48
* pavlushka rolling on the ground laughing20:49
* pavlushka cant tell why he is laughing, For murad_takla or for the amount?20:50
AudaciousTUX_linux 2% market share cross korche20:55
AudaciousTUX_not bad :D20:55
RemonShaipavlushka ,  same case....!!! সমস্যাটা হইলো top panel গায়েব।20:56
RemonShaipavlushka   https://paste.ubuntu.com/18416198/21:00
pavlushkaAudacio17: রঙ্গে আস না?21:49
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: এ তো দেখি রঙ্গের ডিব্বা, স্বপ্ন হল সত্যি, ঈদের আগেই ঈদ22:39

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