Guest44795hi zaki05:01
Researcher-Good morning05:01
Researcher-hello Zaki05:01
Researcher-hi Guest05:01
Guest44795hi brb05:01
Researcher-morning Kilos06:25
Researcher-welcome back06:26
Kilosmorning Researcher- thank you06:26
Kilosi just woke up06:26
Kilosslept late today06:26
* Researcher- prepares a nice cup of coffee to Kilos06:26
Kiloshow are you06:26
Researcher-I am all fine all good, ty so much for asking06:27
Researcher-you tell, how is family and how is work06:27
Guest44795hi Kilos hi Researcher06:27
Kiloseverything fine here just cold with snow on the mountains and wind blowing over the snow to us06:27
Guest44795Researcher thanks for setting up my server06:27
Kiloshi Guest4479506:27
Guest44795hi Kilos06:28
Researcher-i love snow06:28
Kilostoo cold for old people06:29
Researcher-i wish some day ill visit za with my wife06:29
Researcher-did that herbal tea worked for you ?06:29
Researcher-did you tried06:29
Kilosnope still have the same flu06:29
Researcher-and tea ?06:29
Researcher-are you taking ?06:29
Kilosyes i drink what is called rooibos tea06:30
Kilosza herbal tea06:30
Researcher-but i gave you recepie if you remember06:30
Kilosyes i have it06:30
Researcher-i think you didnt tried it.06:30
Kiloslet me check06:30
Researcher-if you tried then i have plan B for you.06:30
Researcher-this time a different thing..06:31
Kilosthe one with honey and mint and pepper and ginger?06:31
Researcher-u remember now06:32
Kilosi have tried that for 3 days06:32
Kilosthis is the worst flu ever06:32
Kilosnormally flu dies in 3 or 4 days06:32
Researcher-so this means you dont have a throad related infections i.e not related to tonses06:32
Researcher-You must be having a weak amune and chest infection all together06:33
Kiloscough and runny nose doesnt want to clear up06:33
Researcher-so for you... this formuales will worked effectively and its yummy06:33
Kilosok ill try it06:33
Researcher-2 teaspon garlic and ginger paste add with chicken wings OR chicken necks OR both together, fried it till it get golden brown and it start sticking like burning ..06:34
Researcher-ADD salt and black papper ( black pepper as much as you can bear )06:35
Researcher-fried then well and add the water like 3 cups in 6 chicken wings or 8 necks or both in equivalent quantity06:35
Researcher-and no need to add any thing. boiled it till it leaves the bones ..06:36
Researcher-better to boiled it for 2-3 hours for the first time on a slow flame and covered pan06:36
Researcher-basically the chicken bones of wings and necks are miracally very strong06:36
Researcher-these both parst are more in excercise in chicken then any other body part06:37
Researcher-it will become a brown oe grey like soup which is the main key to success06:37
Researcher-prepare it and you can keep it even for one week without any risk06:38
Researcher-after putting in bowl add egg without yolk06:38
Researcher-this is really energetic soup06:38
Researcher-and too much strong to produce heat in your chest and melts the dried cough on the chest surface06:39
Researcher-at first it will give you lot of cough.. but you dont need to drink water untill tooo much necessary06:39
Researcher-believe me take it for 3 days and you will never leave it in your entire life06:39
Kilosok  ty ill start this today if we have chicken wings and necks06:40
Researcher-stop taking bread ... as it will mix with nosella/ the cough luquid which will go in your stomach after melt down, could become a reason of constipation06:40
Researcher-rice you can take with this delicious recepie06:40
Researcher-even you can add 2 teaspoon olive oil before taking it.06:40
Researcher-olive oil is also hot in nature .. so will be very effective you feel pain over your eyebrows on nose veins06:41
Researcher-great great06:42
Researcher-chicken wings and necks are the strongest part of chiken06:42
Researcher-because these parts are constantly in action for chicken06:43
Researcher-also they have very soft sleak layer of white meat which is the best of all.06:43
Researcher-i dont preffer any chicken part other then necks and wings06:43
Kilosi will try it06:44
Researcher-you may add carrot and capsicum to make it more amusing and foody06:44
Kiloswe have always used chicken soup when we have flu06:44
Kilosbut this is a bad one06:44
Researcher-i hope this wings and neck will clear your chest and throad and you will be fast like a chicken in few days06:45
Kiloslol ty06:45
Kilosso how are plans going to revive your loco06:46
Researcher-i had once this issue for six months .. it was a swanflu06:46
Kiloswe need to get guys here that are interested in helping06:46
Kilosoh yes sineflu06:46
Researcher-i am inviting06:46
Researcher-yeah swineflu but unfortunately 7 years back i was jobless and empty pockets06:47
Researcher-i even never got the lab test for it..06:47
Researcher-later with symptoms i came to know about this issue06:47
Researcher-so i took the same soup with capsicum carrot and honey as my daily diet06:48
Kilosthings are difficult when cash flow is low06:48
Researcher-and thanks to God i recovered without any medical treatment06:48
Researcher-actually i lefted my father home that time, otherwise i belong to a quite rich family06:48
Researcher-my father challeneged me to live on my own06:48
Researcher-also due to swine flue my weight reduced to 48 KG on a heaith of 6.1 feet06:49
Researcher-so he thought i am taking drugs06:49
Researcher-so he ask me to leave even i was in the wost time of my life06:49
Kilosshame man06:49
Researcher-my father was personnel secretary to ministry of defence of KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA06:50
Researcher-and he was a hitler type army guy... who once draw the line you cant pass it06:50
Researcher-so i took the challenge and i went back to home after 7 years on his funeral 3 months back06:50
Researcher-i escaped from the country where talent have no value06:51
Researcher-did lot of low level jobs to maintain my residence in abroad06:51
Researcher-now i am OMAN GAS as an I.T Admin / Finance Executive and secretary to chairman06:52
Kilosgreat, well done06:52
Researcher-i am married on my own and i did a great wedding, when my father saw my wedding pics on my facebook he was shocked to see me alive06:52
Researcher-and he was not able to recognized me06:52
Researcher-because i am 108 kg MAN now06:52
Researcher-he told to everyone that this was my son who left the money for his own destiny06:53
Researcher-he was showing me wedding picks to everyone.. and was telling i am proud that he did such a great way06:53
Researcher-unfortunately before i can speak to him he passed away06:54
Kilosshame man06:54
Kiloslife has funny twists and turns06:54
Researcher-may god forgive his sins and give him to heavens as HE gave me born otherwise i was just a piece of sperm somewhere in toilets06:54
Researcher-when i left home my childhood love left me, we bother were with each other for 18 years06:55
Researcher-she said what you have and how you will manage now without your family support and home06:55
Researcher-i went through those days i slept on flat straight roads .. i used to have my own waterbed06:56
Researcher-3-3 days i used to live on tea and biscuits and there was no way i can find06:56
Researcher-i even didnt pick up my phone charger from home, i was wearing one tshirt and jeans even i didnt had a cold cloth over06:57
Researcher-but i took the challege and ask to God that you runs this entire galaxy plant humans and you give everyone and why dont me..06:58
Researcher-i even went on bus and i pretend to checker that i lost my purse, that good guy dropped me 3 hours away from my home on an unknow place where all low level poor people used to live.. i started my life from there06:58
Kilosyou have done well, so walk proud06:59
Researcher-Kilos to feel better but not proud on this land...06:59
Kilosand guide other youngsters to success07:00
Researcher-because what i have earn is useless if i dont hold the hand of someone in trouble07:00
Researcher-i do07:00
Kilosyes but many countries are in trouble07:00
Kilosthe world is sick07:00
Researcher-i helped lot of guys even till my last penny of salary.. i spend on tution fees of some relative children, i sponcer the,07:00
Kilosonly a few still walk the straight path07:01
Researcher-sometime my wife complain why you waste your money, because she dont know what happened in me...07:01
Kilosyou should sit her down and tell her the whole story07:01
Researcher-Kilos the straight path is very very difficult but there is no holes, dips, roundabouts07:02
Kilosyes thats why most take detours07:02
Researcher-yeah i thought some time, but i stop that she might get sad07:02
Kilosshe will love you more07:02
Researcher-yeah some day ill tell her every thing... she wanted to see my parent house that day ill tell her.07:03
Researcher-when i bought my first smart phone, from my owned money, i cant tell you how happy to see the internet back in my hand07:03
Researcher-then for 1st laptop it took me months07:03
Researcher-and even i preffered these two instead taking shelter on rent07:04
Kilosi wish you everything of the best. not many have the strength to achieve success after such a hard start07:04
Researcher-i was still staying at Gods house because i found a free wifi near to it.07:04
Researcher-thanks you i were never knew i can get this07:04
Researcher-even when i came abroad the employer cheater on contract and gave me a very less salary.. but i said to my self i am not a QUITTER07:05
Researcher-now i dont earn tooo much, but it is enough to survive good07:05
Researcher-i happy on what i have07:05
Researcher-and God blessed me with every thing.07:06
Kilosyou also worked hard for it07:06
Researcher-money castles cars, every things will remain here, only a good soul will left07:06
Kilosthats what most dont understand07:07
Kilosnothing from this life can go with you07:07
Researcher-actually kilos i were also not familiar with the truth of life, until i went on the biggest universities of this world07:07
Researcher-the biggest universities of the world is ROADS07:08
Kiloskeep your path clean with God , thats all that counts07:08
Researcher-what we learn from ROADS we cant learn from any university07:08
Researcher-i used to wait long long for the buses and today i pass the same places at the speed of 12007:09
Researcher-but i still kept my old things, my jeans my tshirt and a broken wallet07:09
Kilosreminders of the hard times07:10
Researcher-yes a lesson from the hard times which kept me in order ...07:10
Researcher-this is my desipline07:11
Researcher-thanks bro07:13
Researcher-sorry i went off topic07:13
Kilosno problem07:13
Kilosits good to discuss these things07:13
Kilosthere is no topic here07:13
Kilosthe topic bar above shows nothing07:14
Researcher-ty so much07:14
Researcher-brb my boss is calling ill be back07:14
Kilosi must go sort things outside as well, but will be in and out all day07:14
Researcher-take your time bro07:16
Researcher-i am planning to revive this place again07:16
Kiloswe can work together and even get pavel and those guys to work with us here too07:25
Researcher-yeah sure bro07:25
Researcher-why not.07:25
Kilosrevise all of asia as a target07:25
Researcher-from asia i have lot of friends all over the world07:26
Kilosi started with pavel07:26
Researcher-because i am on more the 10 irc networks since last 16 years07:26
Researcher-this is nice.07:26
Kilosmy whole aim is to promote ubuntu and get things working like when ubuntu started07:27
Researcher-i am planning to raise one informatiove page, which can bring users here07:27
Kilospeople have lost the way07:27
Researcher-Kilos the ubuntu variants divided the ubuntu users07:27
Researcher-backtrack did a lot of damage07:28
Kilostodays people think facebook is the ultimate07:28
Researcher-no no07:28
Researcher-facebook is rubbish07:28
Kilosin za we have all the variants and even other linux users07:28
Researcher-but we ca integrate irc chat via webchat applet as an facebook aap07:28
Kilosi hate facebook07:29
Researcher-well i found in effective way as the reunion of school friends..07:29
Researcher-it help me a lot finding them07:29
Kilosbut if there is a way to pull people back to the irc way thats good i suppose07:29
Kilosyes it has its uses07:30
Researcher-well, webchat irc can do the trick07:30
Kiloswe need to do what i did with the afica group07:31
Researcher-i can do that07:31
Kilosall linux users are welcome07:32
Kilosi dont see any reason why we should be separated07:32
Researcher-but the prob is with the access to official domain name07:32
Researcher-yes good approach07:33
Kilosi run the africa group as an ubuntu platform but everyone is welcome to join in07:33
Kilosthat is one of mankinds weaknesses07:34
Kiloseveryone has their own little groups all over07:34
Kiloswe must stand strong as a linux community, and not look down on others who choose different linux systems07:35
Researcher-totally agree you07:36
Researcher-Kilos see this07:36
Researcher-Ubuntu Linux Meetups07:36
Researcher-Meet-ups across Pakistan.07:36
Researcher-Members across Pakistan are being encouraged to organize Launch Parties and Ubuntu Meetups upon suitability.07:36
Researcher-Fouad Riaz Bajwa07:36
Researcher-Ubuntu Linux Across Public and Academic Sectors07:36
Researcher-Supporting Governments to introduce Ubuntu Linux throughout government offices and public sector schools in Pakistan07:36
Researcher-Progress has been made and details have been shared with Canonical Ltd.07:36
Researcher-Fouad Riaz Bajwa07:36
Researcher-Seminar Series07:36
Researcher-Planning Seminars to introduce various FOSS Models and Ubuntu-Linux for 201107:36
Researcher-Official partner for ICOSST'2010 in December. Participated and gave lecture at UET Lahore Open Source Conference Event.07:36
Researcher-Getting Started07:36
Kilospeople fight and argue over nonsense07:36
Researcher-most of the positions by Fouad riaz bajwa07:37
Researcher-and never got active since 2007 here07:37
Kilosyes why/07:37
Kiloswhat drove people apart07:37
Researcher-actually KBs, less activity and less attension07:38
Kilosthe main point is, to let people believe again in growing ubuntu and of course all linux platforms07:38
Kilosthe enemy is microsoft not linux07:39
Researcher-microsoft is a hellll07:39
Kiloswhy do we bicker about small things07:39
Kiloswe must all unite07:39
Researcher-actually without op this channel looks abandon07:40
Researcher-Kilos is possible to request an op access for a bot here in channl07:41
Researcher-i will design an interesting bot with linux newses07:41
Kilosfind the owner and ask him to hand over admin rights07:41
Researcher-thats the issue07:41
Kilosyes ill get help asking for bots etc when i get back from frm work07:41
Researcher-no problem07:42
Researcher-i am ready to prepare bots for this channel07:42
Kilosthe logbot is here07:42
Researcher-take your time bro07:42
Researcher-Kilos : sorry to disturb you .. look here07:43
Researcher--ChanServ- Information on #ubuntu-pk:07:43
Researcher--ChanServ- Founder    : UbuntuIrcCouncil07:43
Kilosi will ask the irc council07:44
Researcher-it is under council they took back from loco-team lead ...07:44
Kilosi will see if i can see whats going on07:44
Researcher-may be they took measures on my concerns07:44
Researcher-sure bro07:44
Kilosyes we must try find what the issues were and how we can resolve them07:44
Researcher-sure sir.07:45
Kilosill be back later07:45
Researcher-sure bro07:45
Researcher-take your time07:45
Kilosim back09:28
Kilostry find the date and reason the council rmoved it please, because councils change every 2 years and everyone is always busy so with facts and dates i can push the new council09:42
Kilosand not have them say they havent time to go search in archives09:42
Kilosmaybe even council nick names involved at the time10:44
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